4 - 1. Misdirection

"I'm breaking my own rule, here," said Sophie. She checked in the mirror again, smudged her lipstick with a finger, decided she didn't like the effect and began to wipe it clear.

"I think we're going to be breaking a lot of rules," commented the golden-haired girl. "Do you have a washcloth? Dampen it and run it through your hair. It will muss it and make it look like you've been getting sweaty. Which rule in particular?"

"The one about not sleeping with Ben's partners. It's not so much a rule as a "ewww"."

"That's what you think about me, is it? Eww?" The blonde tweaked her mascara in the mirror.

"Not so much, Rose," Sophie replied. "Since I've never really thought of you as his partner, or his anything, really, you don't trigger the "eww" factor. That's a first, though."

The blonde smirked at her in the mirror. "We've never been partners. Just occasional fuck-buddies," she said. "I helped him. We had fun. I'm not planning on becoming your partner, either. And I don't see what the deal would be anyway. He's not really your brother."

"I'm not sure if he's even my step-brother," Sophie replied. "By the time dad became my stepdad, he'd already been Ben's ex-stepdad for one full marriage. How's this?"

"Good. Comb it out with your fingers," Rose said. "Oh, and..." She reached down to Sophie's jean shorts and unsnapped the waist button. The shorts were still held closed by the zipper. "Fasten it later if you want. For now it's an oversight."

Sophie looked in the mirror and grinned. "That works."


The doorbell rang just after three thirty. Sophie and Rose gave each other an approving look over, then Rose sat on the couch while Sophie headed for the door.

She changed her mind, and ran back into her room for a moment. Returning, she dropped a bra into the corner of the couch.

"Nice touch," the blonde commented as Sophie unlocked the door.

"Hey, Lucas," Sophie cried, with an abundance of cheer. "Glad you could come! Come in!"

The visitor was a little over her own height - without her heels, at least - with dark brown hair and brown eyes. A well-kept short beard turned what was probably a pleasant enough face into fashion catalog material. "Take a seat," said Sophie. "Sorry I was slow getting to the door. I was a little distracted."

"We'd have been a lot more distracted in five minutes," muttered Rose from behind her.

"Shh," Sophie whispered, turning to give the girl a black look.

"I could come back another time, if you prefer," Lucas said. "You didn't need to invite me at all."

"No, please stay," Sophie responded. "Please do sit." This time, he complied, taking the easy chair beside the unlit fireplace. "I really haven't had much chance to spend time with you, and I've been looking forward to the chance to get to know you."

"I'll bet," came the voice from behind.

Sophie turned again and hissed, "Hush!" Then she sat beside Rose.

"I don't blame you," the girl murmured.

Sophie sighed. "The peanut gallery here is my friend Rose. Rose, this is Lucas, Chloe's partner. He T.A.'s my English class, but I've only really met him a couple of times with Chloe. He was going to be at a loose end after today's class was cancelled, so I invited him over."

"Is partner more or less permanent than boyfriend in this case," asked Rose in a whisper that was probably just audible to Lucas, her eyes roaming his body.

Sophie ignored her. "Tell us about yourself," she ordered.

"Third year. English language and lit," he said. "I run, I cycle some. I yell at people on the internet. I own a german shepherd, who's the sweetest dog you've ever met, but she's with my mother."

"You look like you should be on a sports scholarship," said Rose.

As the other girl spoke, Sophie felt a finger brushing along her panty line. Rose had her right hand against her waist, a couple of fingers extended to explore, even while her eyes were fixed on Lucas. There was no way he would have missed it. Sophie allowed herself to show a flash of surprise and tugged her jean shorts closed, fastening the catch.

Lucas's eyes widened, but he smiled at the blonde girl. "I wrestled in high school, but didn't get a scholarship. I don't think I'd have wanted to keep it up."

"I think I'd like to see you... wrestle," Rose said, with the barest hint of a pause before the last word. Her fingers now being excluded from Sophie's waistband, she moved her arm around the taller girl's back, slipping her fingers inside the base of her crop top and idly brushing them against the bottom of her breast. Sophie affected not to notice. "Are you planning to be a writer?"

"Hope so," Lucas replied, "though I don't know if I will ever make a living at it. I've sold a couple of short stories. The total income might buy me a decent meal - if I don't supersize it."

The blonde girl laughed. "I think Sophie's the one with secure job prospects, but she has to work hard. I don't think I'd want the trade-off."

"I do," Sophie agreed, with a sigh. "I don't have much time to party." She turned to grin at Rose. "So I just have to make up for lost time when I do."

Rose leaned her head toward her and kissed the base of her neck. Sophie didn't need to pretend to quiver. She kissed the blonde girl's forehead, then leaned back into her encircling arm, still ignoring the fingers stroking her boob.

"You do make up for it," Rose breathed.

"You should join us sometime," Sophie said. "And Chloe too, of course," she added quickly.

"Sure, more the merrier," murmured Rose. Then she raised her voice to a normal speaking level. "Hey, hostess, you haven't offered him a drink."

"Oh! You're right!" exclaimed Sophie. She began to stand, then glanced down as if she'd just then noticed Rose's touch on her breast, scowled briefly, and eased herself out of Rose's hold. "What can I get you?" she asked Lucas.

"She makes great margaritas," Rose said. "Her ex told me."

"My ex?" Sophie turned on the girl. "Heather is not my ex!"

Rose grinned at her and lifted a hand to caress her cheek. "The outrage tells a different story," she retorted. "So does the look in poor little Heather's eyes."

Sophie sighed, then turned away, standing. "Would you like a margarita?" she asked her other guest, politely. "Or I have scotch, bourbon, mixers, vodka..."

"I'll take a margarita," he said, his eyes roving between both girls.

"I will, too," stated Rose. "I'll help," she added, and followed Sophie into the kitchen.


Sophie left the connecting door open. She gave the blonde girl a quick kiss on the brow, silently, to let her know they were on the same page, and that her complaints were purely for show. Then she said, just loudly enough to carry, "God, don't do that. You know I'm still turned on."

"Can't help it," Rose replied. "Make-out-us interruptus."

"Behave," Sophie said. "We're not alone." She shoveled ice into the blender, then eyeballed the spirits.

The shorter girl sighed dramatically, then said, "Mmmm. You know, you have lovely boobs."

"Rose!" Sophie yelped. She pushed the blender, and they both waited for it to turn the ice to slush.

"Alright, enough now," Sophie said, when the blender was silent, making herself sound winded. "I won't be able to pour these."

Rose made a disappointed sound. Then, as soon as Sophie had finished filling a second glass, she took both and made her way back to the living room.

Sophie grinned as she watched the girl's ass. Her normal purposeful stride was replaced by a deliberate sway, and her tight denim shorts hid nothing of the movement of her lean muscles. She poured her own glass, then set the blender in the fridge.

When she returned to the living room, she saw Rose perched on the arm of Lucas's chair. The pose gave him a great view of her long, lean legs, and he was taking advantage of it. His grin as he turned to Sophie seemed almost guilty.

"I don't think the chair is built for two," Sophie said.

Rose pouted. She stood, tugging an imaginary crease out of her tight shorts, and straightening her short tee. Then she brightened. "It is if I sit beside him, I'm sure." She turned to Lucas. "Make room?"

Somewhat to Sophie's surprise, he did, and Rose nestled against him, his arm behind her back. She reached behind her and moved it further out so that she could lean back against it, and took a sip of her drink.

Sophie was unable to completely suppress a grin at the pair as she sipped her own drink.

"Good margarita," said Lucas, after a moment. His voice seemed a trifle strained.

"Her ex was right," agreed Rose, with a smirk at Sophie.

"So not an ex!" Sophie griped.

"You're not still with her," the blonde girl observed. "Hence, ex."

"We were never together," Sophie countered. "Just like you and I were never together."

"Exactly!" Rose exclaimed, as if her point was proven. She stared at Sophie and licked her lips, her chest swelling as she breathed deeply. Then she turned to Lucas. "You know, you should sit with us, instead." She stood, taking his hand.

Lucas looked more startled than uncomfortable as he allowed himself to be led to the couch.

"Scoot over," the blonde instructed Sophie, who moved onto the right-most cushion. Then Rose sat beside her, depositing Lucas on her left. "Now I get both of you," she announced.

"And what are you going to do with us?" Sophie asked, sardonically.

In response, the girl leaned close, pushing Sophie slightly forward to get her lips against her ears. "You already know what I want to do with you," she whispered - not quite quietly enough to be completely private. Then Sophie felt Rose's arm snake around her back and under her arm, fingers closing on her right nipple.

Sophie let out a soft moan. "Don't do that," she objected, her voice strained. "You know what it's doing to me."

Instead of releasing her, Rose twisted her nipple, and Sophie arched her back, her butt lifting from the sofa. She lifted the girl's fingers from her breast and groaned as she settled back into place.

Rose turned her head to the left, and asked, conspiratorially, "Doesn't she squirm nicely?"

"She does," agreed Lucas, in the first indication that he was intrigued by their play.

"And she has the most amazing breasts," she added. "Look!" She grabbed Sophie's tee and tried to lift it.

Sophie reacted instantly, holding her tee down, then pushing the girl's hand away. So, redirecting her attack, Rose got her hands on the front of Sophie's tee and squeezed.

Sophie moaned and tried to fight her hands off, still holding her tee shirt hem. "Don't..." she pleaded.

"I'll stop if you promise to kiss me," the blonde said. "Give me one good kiss."

Sophie waited several seconds before nodding agreement. The girls slowly backed away from each other in a cautious stand-down.

"Sit on my lap," instructed Rose.

"That wasn't part of the deal," groused Sophie.

"Yeah, but you want to," insisted Rose, "and you agreed to a good kiss."

With a resigned sigh, Sophie turned in her place, extended one leg over Rose's thighs and lifted herself onto her lap. "'Scuse," she said to Lucas in apology. She didn't need to have bothered, from the expression he wore. He was fascinated by the interplay, and his eyes were wide. He gave her a grin and raised his glass in salute before taking a sip.

It was the first time she and Rose had kissed since the dare, but they ground their lips and tongues against each other as though they'd been practising in a high state of arousal all day. Rose kept her promise not to touch Sophie's breasts, but even so, they were both short of breath when they finally separated.

"Now kiss Lucas," the blonde instructed.

"What?" Sophie yelped.

"He's been a perfect gentleman while we've been fooling around," Rose insisted. "He deserves a kiss, too. It's just a kiss," she added dismissively.

Sophie gave Lucas a questioning look. He tried to look nonchalant, giving a "doesn't matter to me," shrug, but she could see that his eyes were not at all disinterested. "Okay," she said. Then she grinned. "I like this plan. I haven't kissed a guy with a beard in months. A good looking beard really turns me on."

Lucas's eyebrows rose at that, but he didn't back out.

Well, he was warned, thought Sophie.

She leaned over, her legs still gripping Rose's thighs, her hand on the girl's hip for support, and touched her lips to his.

Lucas was slow to respond, but he parted his lips and stroked her tongue with his own. She leaned closer, breathing heavily into the kiss, and finding him doing the same.

She felt the button on her jean shorts snap, then the zipper ease, and Rose's fingers began to explore her pussy. She groaned in genuine arousal, and whether Lucas understood the reason or not, he responded to her excitement, and the kiss grew more intense. His hands moved to her shoulders, drawing her closer.

She saw the other girl take his right hand, lifting it from Sophie's left shoulder. A moment later, she felt it being pushed up inside her top. It stretched wide, covering her breast, and began to squeeze. At first gently, then more firmly, he played with her, making his own deliberate choice to fuel her erotic drive.

Taking hold of Lucas's shoulders, she lifted her right knee, setting it between his legs, then after she followed up with her left knee, she moved the right again to encompass his thighs and lowered herself to his lap.

Slowly moving against him, she encouraged his reactions, and his left hand also found its way under her shirt. He squeezed both breasts together, while Rose's finger continued to explore her sex, turning the arousal that had been largely feigned, or at least no more than pleasingly sensuous, into a dark hunger.

Lucas seemed to sense this and respond in kind. His breathing was heavy, and his fingers pinched her nipples hard, causing Sophie to moan into his mouth.

She backed away, panting, seeing a lust in his eyes that matched hers. She leaned forward and licked his lips, tonguing the edge of his beard. Then she lifted herself against his body, tugged up her shirt, and murmured, "Kiss these, too."

Lucas's eyes instantly widened and his breath caught, but he obliged, and she groaned in true pleasure. After a moment, she tugged her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. That excited him further, and he suckled each breast in turn, fingers working on the other, as Sophie wrapped her arms around his head, holding his face against them.

Stepping back for a moment, she left Lucas's lap, and Rose's questing finger. Then she leaned forwards, unfastened his golf shirt and lifted it over his head. He offered no resistance, and Sophie ran her fingers through his light chest hair. She kissed him again as she slid her jean shorts down her legs, leaving her underwear in place. Then she moved back to the couch.

This time she squeezed in on his left side, rather than sitting on his lap. Rose understood the reason for the position, and left the couch for a moment, returning with condoms and tissues that the girls had prepared. She unfastened his pants, and had soon teased an impressively erect cock out of Lucas's underwear.

The blonde unrolled a condom over Lucas's shaft, carefully, then began to work, suckling the tip and making the man groan.

Sophie took his right hand in hers, then pressed his finger between her legs, guiding it inside her. He added a second, and Sophie ground her hips against his hand, driving herself towards orgasm as Rose was doing to Lucas. Her mouth was still joined to his, and they both moaned.

Sophie lowered her own hand to her sex and began to caress her clit, but seeing this, Rose pushed her fingers away and stroked it for her, her fingers inside her friend's panties, even as she bounced her head against Lucas's hard cock.

The man began to pant. He pushed Sophie's lips away and lowered his face to her right breast. Grasping her arms in his hands, he drew her breasts to his face and suckled hard.

Sophie's back began to arch, and she cried out, completely unable to prevent what was about to happen. Her thighs tensed, and she whimpered, then exploded inside, her body quivering.

Rose bobbed her head firmly for a moment longer, then stopped, milking Lucas's shaft as he spurted into the condom.


"Just a kiss," Sophie breathed, as though she hadn't intended from the start to overwhelm any resistance he might have.

She squatted in his lap, careful not to dislodge the condom, and gave him a languid kiss, which she was pleased to find he responded to, if feebly.

Then she leaned forward and nibbled his earlobe. "I hope you're not one of those guys who falls asleep after coming," she murmured, "because I think my friend needs for you to get her naked and eat her out. Right, Rose?"

"I couldn't have said it better," the blonde girl replied.

"I need to clean up," said Lucas. "But how could I say no to that?"


Lucas returned wearing a towel, which amused Sophie, but she made no comment. She intercepted him and nibbled his ear, then held out an arm to Rose, guiding them both to the bedroom, then drawing them together. "I can tell you that she's an elite kisser.You won't be disappointed. I'm sure she won't be."

The blonde girl tried to catch her as she backed away, but Sophie shook her head. "I'm not going to distract you. You deserve some focus. I want to see your climax shake the house apart." She grinned. "Don't worry, I have an orgasmic destruction rider on my insurance."

Rose laughed, then took Lucas's hands and drew him down to kiss her.

He made short work of getting her naked, then eased her back onto the bed, still wearing his towel, and lowered his head to her thighs. Sophie watched him penetrate her with his tongue, her friend's breasts rising higher as his attentions took root.

Lucas slid a pair of fingers inside the girl, moving them gently at first, but soon pounding his fingers into her sex as she writhed in passion. His tongue rubbed rapidly against her clit, and she gasped in arousal.

The sight of her friend being taken like this was too much for Sophie to ignore. She grasped her breast with her left hand, slid the fingers of her right between her legs and moaned as she masturbated.

Then she decided that she wanted to be part of the action. She climbed onto the bed beside her friend and covered her mouth with her own, kissing her savagely and unexpectedly. Her left hand moved to Rose's breasts, but her right remained between her own legs.

Almost immediately she felt herself about to climax. As it rolled through her, her body shook, and seemed to provide the impetus her friend needed to come.

Rose's thighs lifted from the bed. Lucas grasped her hips, to hold to his mouth, and her back arched, then shivered back down to the bed as she whimpered.

The girls kissed, the erotic charge between them intense, as they both returned from the pulsing high of orgasm, Lucas forgotten for the moment.

That is, until Sophie felt his fingers penetrate the panties she still wore and curl around her clit, rubbing lightly but expertly. Surprised at the strength of her reaction, she moaned into the kiss she was still sharing with Rose.

Prompted by Sophie's cries, her friend pushed her away to latch her lips and tongue onto Sophie's breast and suckle her as Lucas fingered her into another orgasm.


Sophie more or less dragged Lucas onto the bed to lie between them, losing his towel in the process, and all three kissed and touched for a while.

After a time, Lucas said, "Go on, you two should do it."

"Do it?" Rose said, with mock outrage. "The most beautiful act a girl can share with another girl, and you say "do it?" Because you want to watch some girl on girl action?"

"Fucking right, I do," he said with a grin. "I want to see you make each other come so hard..."

"Well, alright then," Rose said. "I want to make her come so hard."

"The feeling is mutual," Sophie agreed. She rolled over Lucas's body, pausing to finally remove her damp panties, to squat on Rose's right leg, wedging her right knee under the girl's ass. Rose eased herself forward until her sex was pressed firmly against Sophie's, supporting herself on her elbow.

"You good?" asked Sophie.

"Oh, yeah," Rose breathed.

Lucas watched them in fascination and Sophie ran her fingers over her friend's belly, then down over her sex. She pressed firmly and circled Rose's clitoral mound.

"Oh God," Rose groaned. Her back lifted from the bed for a moment, erect nipples lifting as her chest heaved. She began to rock her hips against Sophie, who responded in kind, but kept circling her sex.

Their bodies pressed against Lucas's side as they bounced on the bed. He continued to watch, his expression becoming more animated, until he rolled to his side and began to caress Rose's breasts.

The girl panted as her body rocked against Sophie's. When Lucas rolled further and started to kiss her, the intensity of her motion increased, and Sophie heard her moaning grow louder, even stifled by the kiss.

Then Rose pushed him away. Hoarsely, she said, "Do her! Suck on her breasts!"

Lucas turned around and succeeded in getting his face to Sophie's chest, which was a stretch for him. She felt an immediate surge of stimulation that ran like a shock of lightning to her clit. She groaned and grasped Rose's ass to pull her even more firmly to herself as they ground together.

Rose cried out, "Oh God, yes!" and as she did, Sophie felt Lucas's finger get between them, then press against her clit just as she'd pressed Rose's a few minutes earlier. She gasped as her orgasm overtook her, knocking her hard into pulsing pleasure.


Sophie eased her body off Rose's with a sigh. Then she grinned at Lucas and ran the tip of her finger over his engorged shaft. "Looks like you want to play with us again," she said.

Lucas grinned as she started to unroll a condom onto him. Rose lay on her side, watching them.

Sophie suckled the tip of the condom until Lucas's eyes lost focus and his breathing grew heavy. Then she licked and sucked all around, before drawing her lips up the underside, suckling in a line back to the head.

She turned to her friend. "You or me? You have a quarter to toss?"

Rose made a show of examining herself to demonstrate there was nowhere she could hide a coin.

"Rock, paper, scissors," Sophie instructed. "Right now."

Rose's scissors beat Sophie's paper, so she took to her hands and knees before Lucas, who grinned in anticipation.

Before he could accept the blonde girl's invitation, a phone rang. All three looked around. "Fuck, it's me," said Lucas. "It's probably Chloe... fuck. I'm supposed to go with her to see some guy."

"Well, if you need to go, you need to go," said Sophie. "I'm sure Rose and I can keep each other entertained." She slid a finger between the other girl's legs and began to stroke her sex. Rose made soft sighs of pleasure, and her breasts quivered beneath her.

"I'll send her a text," he said, as the phone stopped ringing. He climbed off the bed, his wrapped cock reaching for the sky, to retrieve his phone from his pants. Then he sat back and began to text.

"I'm going to make sure you stay ready for my friend," Sophie said, and lowered her face to his cock. He groaned as he pushed keys.

"She will be there already," Lucas said. "I'm going to tell her I'm not feeling good, so I'm staying in bed."

"Part of that is true," Sophie said, holding his shaft as she came up for air. "Will she believe you?"

"Probably not," Lucas admitted. He wove the fingers of one hand into Sophie's hair as she resumed her work, texting with the other.

After a couple of minutes, he tossed the phone onto the nightstand. Sophie was holding the base of his shaft and bouncing her head up and down rapidly. Lucas groaned and held her in place.

"Hey guy," called Rose. "C'mon. I need you inside me."

"Yeah," he said. "Just a few more seconds... damn, you're both so good..."

Sophie drew back a little and suckled rapidly and noisily on the head of his shaft, making him squirm. Then she released him. "My friend wants you to fuck her. It would be rude to keep her waiting."

Without another word, Lucas moved over to where Rose still waited on all fours. Lifting himself to his knees, he eased his shaft beneath her and into her sex. They began to move, not fast at first, but with Rose pushing back against him hard so that he worked his way deeply into her. She groaned, her hips slowly bearing down on his cock.

Holding her hips firmly, Lucas picked up the pace. His groin slapped noisily at her butt. Sophie felt the sight and sound erotic. She moved up beside Lucas and kissed his cheek. He immediately turned his face for a full-on kiss, and she obliged, feeling the power of his arousal in the movements of his lips and tongue and the deep, deep sounds he made.

She slipped a finger between her thighs and serviced her own passion, so that she was groaning into the kiss. Rose was gasping with each slap of their bodies, and that was turning Sophie on, too.

She didn't want to push herself too far, so she stopped touching herself, and instead moved her fingers to Rose's sex. She pressed firmly against the girl's clit, and Rose's voice rose sharply.

"Don't stop... fuck, don't stop," pleaded Rose, then. "Oh God, Oh God." She tensed, and her body bowed downwards. Lucas's jaw was set and his eyes closed as Rose whimpered, then lowered head to the bed, breathing rapidly.

Lucas withdrew gingerly, his expression still a grimace. He relaxed once he was completely out, and his face began to lose its tension. "You tightened up so much at the end that I almost lost it," he said.

The blonde girl sank all the way onto the bed. "Blame the cutie beside you," she said. "She knew just how to touch me. God, that was amazing."


"My turn now?" asked Sophie.

"I'd blow my load before I could even get inside you," he said. "I need a moment. Do you think you could bring our drinks through?"

"Yeah, and would you like me to make you a sandwich?"

Lucas held up his hands placatingly. "I'm not mobile, yet. And..." he gestured at Rose's prostrate form. "I don't think she's going to be moving very far. Please?"

Sophie rolled her eyes, then grinned and flounced away. She returned with fresh drinks from the blender. "I wasn't sure whose was whose, so I brought more."

"I'm eternally in your debt," said Lucas. He sat up and took a couple of large sips.

He didn't seem to be as nervous at protecting his erection as he had been, so apparently the danger of spontaneous load-blowing was past. Sophie took a good swallow of her own drink, then pushed him down onto the bed.

Lowering herself onto his body, Sophie kissed him, then nestled in place, not taking him into her yet. His eyes travelled over her naked figure. She grinned and kissed him again, feeling his fingers rise to stroke the edges of her breasts.

Still connected to his mouth, she lifted her hips and eased him inside her, then stretched, pushing him deep.

Unlike the high intensity doggie style fuck that Rose had wanted, Sophie took him in a slow, sensual rise, her lips connected to his. He kept his movements inside her slow, but as time progressed they moved further, so that his cock travelled far out as well as deeply into her.

Sophie felt a touch on her back, then Rose was straddling her thighs. She reached across for her own drink, tossed back a large portion, then lowered herself onto Sophie's back, squeezing her breasts against her, her sex pressed to the taller girl's ass, and joined the rhythm of the other two.

Sophie broke her lips away from Lucas's, then turned her face, meeting Rose's mouth with her own. The blonde girl's arousal fed her own, and both of them groaned into the shared kiss.

Turning back had twisted her chest higher. Lucas took the opportunity to grasp her breast and begin to fondle. Sophie smiled and lifted her shoulders higher so that he could get better access. Then she rolled the other way, trapping his hand, while she found his other hand and lifted it to the chest of the girl lying on her back, so as she kissed Rose, Lucas was groping both of them.

Rose made aroused sounds into the kiss, and her hips moved further, pressing her sex against Sophie's ass. Sophie reached behind her, found Rose's thighs, then eased her fingers between them and a couple of inches inside her.

When Sophie's lips left Rose's, returning to kiss Lucas's, the blonde girl's hips were moving strongly against Sophie, and she moaned in pleasure. The sound made Sophie's heart race, and she picked up the pace, pushing herself hard against Lucas, feeling the width of him deep within her.

Soon all three of them were panting. Sophie broke first. When she recognized her climax approaching it was already too late to postpone it. "God," she said, "I'm going to come."

Her words seemed to excite Lucas, who pushed even harder, leaving her no recourse but to let the orgasm blossom within her, around Lucas's presence inside her. She felt her sex quake hard as he drove into her, then he was tensing, too, and his shaft pulsed strongly within her.

She pressed strongly against Rose's sex, and a moment later felt the girl on her back shudder, then soft lips kissed Sophie's neck in affectionate excitement.


Sophie had to persuade Rose to ease off her. Her friend didn't want to, but when it became a choice between leaving voluntarily and Sophie rolling her over to squash her, she reluctantly dismounted. Then Sophie freed Lucas, who withdrew very carefully before leaving to dispose of the condom.


"You know we've probably fucked up a perfectly good relationship," Rose said, while Lucas was out cleaning up.

"Between who?" Sophie asked. "You and me?"

Her friend laughed, making her breasts ripple intriguingly. "No, Lucas and his girlfriend."

"If he's going to ignore her to fuck a relative stranger and a complete stranger, it can't have been a great relationship in any case."

"True, but we did some pretty heavy encouraging."

"Are you feeling guilty?"

"Nuh-uh." Rose shook her head. "I'm wondering who else we can turn our sights on. This has been a blast."

"Mmf," agreed Sophie. "Way too long since I've had a good three-way, and you're doing a lot to keep things entertaining."

"Seems to me you and I have some serious chemistry, and this is one way we can work it out without any danger of it ever becoming a relationship."

"I like the way you think, girl," said Sophie.

"What was that?" came from the doorway to the bathroom.

"Just girl talk," said Rose.

"Yeah, we're just deciding how best to make use of your body," added Sophie. "I hope you've got plenty of stamina. If you need to rest up for a while, you can watch Rose and me making out."

"I could go for that," said Lucas.

"Me too," added Rose.