The pick-up attempt was clumsy and transparent, but the tall young man had a sincere, friendly look, and she decided to see where it led. She wasn't looking for a relationship, but five weeks away from her boyfriend had her feeling a little lonely and sorry for herself.

"Is this yours?" he had asked, holding up a strange brown vegetable.

"No," she answered. "I don't even know what it is."

"Same here," he said, frowning.

She appreciated the way he left her an easy out; she could smile and walk away, the conversation ended. She decided not to.

"Let's find where it belongs, and then we'll know what it is," she suggested. "Does it look like one of those?" She pointed at a pile of similar objects.

"Yes, it does," he responded. "I guess it's a jicama."

She grinned. "Heecama," she corrected him. "It's crunchy, like a raw potato, but slightly sweet, not bitter. I've eaten them at salad bars. I guess I've never seen one from the outside."

"Sounds nice. Should I try it?" He brandished the newly discovered jicama.

"Try it in a salad bar first," she suggested. "Don't go to the trouble of preparing it until you know you like it. They have them at 'The Salad Bowl' across the street."

"I'll do that," he replied. "A salad sounds good right now, in fact. Would you like to join me?"

She hesitated briefly. Bruce wouldn't like her dating other guys - but eating salad didn't really count as a date, did it? And it wasn't as if she were being unfaithful, so...

"Okay," she said.

"Great," he replied. "I'm David."

"Amanda," she stated. She held out her hand, then felt stupid, but he took it in stride, gripping her hand in a firm, dry clasp; taking perhaps just a little too long to release it.

She found herself warming to him readily.


They ate their salads, complete with jicama, enjoying the companionship. David, like Amanda, was a freshman, though taking completely different classes. He was an arts major, completely different from the geeks who seemed to comprise most of her male companions in the sciences.

It seemed only natural to stay together for a time after the meal. They went to a rock & roll bar to see a new local band. David bought drinks; beer for himself, white wine for Amanda. She felt warm in his presence.

The tension between guilt - Bruce was never far from her thoughts - and the dawning glow of affection filled her with a strange thrill. She relished the stimulation. Towards the end of the set, she dragged David to his feet to dance, and took the opportunity to hang on to him for a slow dance, pressing her face into his chest.


He walked her back to her dorm. She began to worry that she may have led him to expect too much. She was not prepared for what he did.

At the door, he kissed her gently on her forehead, and asked: "May I see you again?"

She had expected to have to refuse his advances; instead, she found herself terribly disappointed that he was leaving.

"Would you like coffee first?" she asked in a small voice.

He sensed her disappointment. He kissed her again, on the mouth. She held the kiss for a moment, then disengaged.

"Let's get inside and sit down. You're too tall for me to kiss standing up."

He grinned; she unlocked her door and led him in.


Amanda's furniture consisted of a comfortable chair, a couple of wooden chairs, and her bed. She felt self-conscious about leading him to the bed, but there wasn't any other option. She seated him on the bed; his left arm lay across her shoulders as she sat beside him.

She stroked his left hand with her own. "I hope you don't think I'm leading you on. I don't want things to go too far." She felt as awkward as she sounded. "I have a... a boyfriend, but I've really enjoyed being with you. I didn't want you to leave until we'd... you know, cuddled a little, got to know each other better. I hope you don't mind."

He shook his head and smiled; his hand gripped her shoulder gently as she leaned in to kiss him.

Placing her palms against his chest, she pressed against him. As he responded, sliding his lips over hers, she kneaded the muscles of his chest, slipped her hands beneath his arms and slid them round to his back. Their kiss rapidly took on a life of its own, each drawing on the other's hunger. She felt an irrational surge of desire.

Amanda's short denim skirt-suit had a low-V-cut shirt. Not having a bra that would suit the cut, she wore the top without one. Now she felt her nipples hardening, rubbing against the denim.

Eventually, heart-poundingly aroused, she pulled away. "Damn," she said, "perhaps just kissing is going too far."

"You mean it? You want to stop?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" she retorted. "If Bruce had ever kissed me like that, I probably wouldn't still be..." She aborted her comment and her face turned a bright red.

Deeply embarrassed, she leaned forwards and hid her face in her hands. "God, I can't believe I said that. I guess it's a Freudian slip. You can tell what has been on my mind."

"No, actually, I can't, but that's okay."

She contradicted him. "No, it isn't. I'd prefer to tell you the rest of the story than have you assume anything. I promised Bruce that I would... well, you know. When the time was right. And I will; I want to. I love him. It just hasn't felt right. He pushes too hard and doesn't give enough. If he had kissed me like that, I think I would have done anything he wanted."

"You want your first time with him to be special. I understand that."

"Not..." Her face was flaming again. "Not just with him. For both of us, it will be our first time. So he understands why it's important to me." She giggled. "Doesn't stop the poor guy getting frustrated."

"I bet."

"Are you going to get frustrated if we only kiss and cuddle?"

"Probably. A little. I understand."

"Good." Then, grinning mischievously, "On both counts."


She pulled his face back to hers and their lips met again. They moved more slowly, this time, sharing deeply. Less urgent, but more complete.

Amanda was again aware of her nipples against the heavy cloth. A warmth was growing in her face and breasts. She may not love this man the way she loved Bruce, yet in a strange way she felt intimate with him, dangerously, excitingly so, in a way she had yet to feel with Bruce, even when he had his hands and lips all over her.

Thinking about this made her consider David's hands on her; she started, guiltily, and broke their kiss. Laying her head against his shoulder, she stroked his chest. As thin as he was, he was powerfully muscled. Lean - that was the word. Not thin.

"Do you work out?"

"Basketball," he replied.

"I should have guessed."

Opening the top three buttons of his shirt, she played with the few hairs on his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair, then lifted her head and nibbled her earlobe. His breath in her ear made her shiver; she turned again to face him, locking her mouth to his.

She felt his hands brush the edge of her breasts. Laying her hands over his, she moved them away, then interlaced her fingers with his.

The fire within her chest grew stronger, and she found herself wanting those strong hands back. She placed his hands on her waist, then slowly, deliberately, unfastened her shirt, pulling it over his hands. It still hung closed; as his hands slid up her waist and over her back, her excitement grew with his as he realized his exploration was not hampered by a bra strap.


Amanda separated her lips from his, resting her arms on his shoulders. She looked into David's eyes, seeing her desire reflected in them. His hands still stroked her back, her shirt now hanging slightly open.

He edged his hands higher and forward, opening her shirt and brushing the edge of her breasts. He couldn't hold her gaze, his sight trapped by her small, firm breasts. Amanda smiled as his eyes softened.

He stroked her fingers along her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples gently. Their faces drew together as he pressed his palms against her breasts. Their tongues met before their lips; Amanda's heart pounding as David's strong hands stimulated her breasts.

Amanda was surprised that she had let things go so far. It was more than desire or attraction. The thought that she was betraying Bruce was morbidly exciting. Being with someone else was far more arousing than she had expected. And the knowledge that she would not commit the ultimate betrayal, that there was a definite limit to what she could permit, gave her a freedom within those bounds. She would call a halt soon. She would. In the meantime, she pulled her face from his, unfastened the remaining buttons of his shirt, and took it off. She held out her arms for him to do the same, then lay back onto the bed, drawing him with her.

David kissed her ear and her neck. She squeezed his shoulders as he lowered his lips to her breasts. Kneading with his tongue and hands together, his attentions drove the erotic tension in her to new levels.


Placing his hands under her arms, he pulled her up onto the bed, and lay beside her. Amanda's hand behind his neck drew his face back to hers; as their lips joined he stroked her back, holding her against him, breasts squeezed against his chest.

Rolling onto his back, he lifted her onto him. She stretched against his long, powerful body, kissing his eyes, ears, neck... he gripped her back, strong fingers massaging, relaxing her even as she tensed in excitement. Laying her head against his shoulder, she rested in his soothing caresses, feeling a tingle where his body touched hers.

Aroused, glowing, she lifted herself, arms beside David's head. Her breasts formed firm points, hardened nipples brushing his chin. Needing no encouragement, he fastened his mouth on each breast in turn, tweaking and stretching her nipples with his tongue.

Hg cupped her ass in his hands, squeezing, pressing her against him. Amanda's knees were on either side of his waist; the light pressure against her crotch a constant reminder of her arousal.

Lowering herself to her elbows, she pressed her breasts firmly into his face. He kneaded them roughly with his mouth.

Breathing heavily, her face to the side, Amanda noticed the photo of Bruce on her nightstand. He seemed to be looking directly at her, watching her taking pleasure from another. She shivered, eyes closed, as guilt again added to her stimulation.

She felt David's hands exploring her butt. Then he released her and unfastened her skirt. She knew she was getting close now to needing to back away, but she wasn't ready to quit yet. She rolled away from him and slipped off her skirt and hose.

"These stay," she cautioned him, straightening her underwear. He nodded. "Let's make you more comfortable, though." She unclipped his belt buckle and unfastened his jeans. She stroked the rear of his boxers. "These stay, too.


Clad in underwear only they held each other, rolling around, kissing, caressing. Lying along him, Amanda felt David's hands slide from her thighs onto her ass, inside her panties. Squeezing and pressing in on her cheeks, he slowly moved his hands lower, inside her thighs, close to her pussy. She felt his hardness stroke her thighs, close, so close to her moist sex.

His fingers stroked the edge of her pussy, and she felt herself get wetter. Lifting her face, she looked into his eyes. He drew his hand back, certain that she was planning to call time, but she shook her head slightly and smiled. "Don't stop."

She moved up to allow his tongue access to her nipples, and he sucked on her breasts as he explored her pussy with his finger. Just slightly inside the warmth, gently stroking, feeling how wet she was. She sighed as she felt the exquisite tension forming in her body, radiating into her from her sex. She moved slowly, pushing herself against his stomach, stimulated from the pressure, from his finger, from his mouth around her breast...

Abruptly she pulled away and lay facing him. She looked at him for a moment, wanting release, knowing that allowing him to bring her there was more than she would ever be able to justify to herself, but almost desperate not to end this now. David stroked her hair, thinking that their time was over. Reaching up, she kissed his fingers, then moved his hand back down to her stomach.

She put her hand around the back of his neck and kissed his eyes as his fingers slid down her panties and sought entrance. Soon she was breathing heavily, as he slowly stroked fire into her. As pleasure began to build in her, she closed her eyes and caressed his face, his chest, his back, his ass...

Her hand was stroking his butt, inside his underwear, when she slid it round to the front. She brushed against his cock, then explored it with her fingers. Her conscious mind being in the grip of desire, arousal and pleasure, she was slow to react to what she was feeling, but when she did, her mind was in turmoil.

What she was touching was big. Much bigger than Bruce's cock, which she had held a few times. This was considerably wider, and at least a couple of inches longer.

Amanda had read, and intellectually believed, that size was of no consequence, but here she was, on the way to orgasm, inches away from the potential to experience something she may never find again. She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes, trying to drive away the realization that she wanted David's cock inside her, wanted desperately to make love to him.


Amanda felt David moving around on the bed. Her eyes still closed, she felt him withdrawing his fingers, then a gentle, moist, somehow thrilling sensation. She opened her eyes; although she knew what he was doing, still her heart skipped as she saw his head between her legs. He nuzzled and licked, tickling and delighting, adding to her confusion. She looked over at Bruce's photo again, confronting his imagined despair with her growing need. She reached out, trying to lay the frame flat. It fell to the floor and shattered.

David looked up at the noise.

"It was nothing," she said. She willed him to continue. Lowering his head to his delicious task, he started to remove her underwear, which he had earlier only slid down slightly. Remembering her admonition, he stopped and looked at her for permission.

"Oh, God, yes," she gasped. He pulled her panties off, parted her legs, and tormented her with pleasure.

Hooking her legs over his shoulders, she pulled his face into her. He grabbed her butt and kept up the pressure with his hands. He was working directly on her clit, each powerful stroke of his tongue a hot knife of pleasure in her groin.

Amanda gripped the bed, groaning softly as waves of joy overwhelmed her; each taking her closer to release, but holding her back in wonderful frustration.

She moaned louder, dimly aware that her room had paper-thin walls. "Ahhh," as David's tongue flapped against her clit. "Aaahh." He kept lapping as her response grew stronger. "AAAhh." He sucked on her swollen clit, squeezing it roughly between lips and tongue. "Ahh - Ahh - Ahh -"

David stopped moving, holding her clit firmly but steadily. Amanda cried out in frustration, bucking against his face, mentally imploring him to finish the job. Her whole body tingled with need. Her skin was flushed, adrenaline making her shaky. "OHHH." She cried out again, feeling herself on the edge of glory, unable to cross the threshold.

Then David sucked hard, chewing with lips and tongue, bobbing his head up and down. From frustration, Amanda suddenly found herself trying to hold back a tornado of stimulation, overloading her senses as she was forced savagely into climax.

She cried out again as her body shuddered in ecstatic release. She continued to gasp in sensory meltdown, time expanding as David kept her body aloft; finally sobbing gently as her head began to clear, still shakily responding to his tongue, lazily drawn over her sensitive clit.

Before she was completely through, she made her decision. She knew that whatever she could feel for Bruce, she would never experience passion like this. And - she cursed herself again for succumbing to the temptation to touch David's cock - there was something else she would not have a chance to experience without David.

She rolled away. startling him. Bending over her nightstand - incidentally (and unknowingly) making David's pulse race - she said, "Bruce left these here for when I changed my mind."

Her hand shook as she handed him a box of condoms.

"I just did," she said.


David looked into her eyes. "Are you sure?"

Amanda nodded. As he opened the box, she relieved him of his underwear. She stroked his cock, eyeing it with a combination of desire and nervousness. It didn't seem possible that it could fit. The thought of losing her virginity to that seemed ambitious...

But what a glorious ambition. She ached to feel it inside her. David sighed with pleasure as she lowered her face to it, sampling it with her tongue.

She took the condom, unrolling it over him as he lay back, eyes closed. She licked the outside, sucking hard on the head, feeling the long shaft twitch in her hand.

Then she was astride him, holding him in her hand, rubbing him against her wet pussy. Carefully, slowly, she lowered herself onto him.

There were a couple of uncomfortable moments. Her recent sensual delight left her well-lubricated; it also left her wildly aroused. Having him inside her felt so satisfying and hinted at such promise, that she tried to rush, which was painful. Moving around on what she had managed to accommodate allowed her to slowly take in more; it also brought her close to losing control.

Eventually she was resting on his hips, flushed and panting. She marveled at the feel of him, deep within her. Tightening herself around him, she felt her sensitized sex respond involuntarily. She gasped as her muscles contracted in orgasm.

David lifted himself to a sitting position, holding her hips and sucking her breasts. Gently he brought her to climax after climax. Amanda felt that she had no will of her own, so completely was she dependent on these new feelings.

When David lay back, she stretched out along him, face flushed and beaded with moisture. She fixed her mouth on his as they moved together. He held her ass, forcing her hard against him as they bounced, faster and harder, the cheap dorm bed rattling and knocking. The stimulation was extreme, and she fought to hold back with what little control was left to her, to wait for David's release.

In that she failed; she had to release his mouth and cry out as he drove her into a soaring, overwhelming climax. That seemed to propel David into his own climb to glory; she was still sobbing with pleasure as he gasped, his cock pulsing rapidly within her, the sensation rekindling her release and driving her to new heights.

They threw themselves wholeheartedly into prolonging their shared pleasure, kissing, squeezing, the bed clattering as they bounced around.

David coaxed Amanda gently to one final orgasm before he needed to withdraw, which she permitted with great reluctance.

As they held each other, David spoke quietly. "You've changed your mind once today. I'm hoping perhaps you'll do it again. Can I see you again?"

"I'm in no state to answer that," she said sleepily. "Right now I don't want you ever to leave. Ask me tomorrow." She fell asleep, still tangled up in him. David was contentedly trapped for the night.


They woke late for classes, threw on clothes and left together. As she closed the door, Amanda looked with a twinge of regret at the empty place on her nightstand and the broken glass beside it.

Turning from the door, she saw Carol, her next door neighbor, studying them. She seemed to look at Amanda with a new sense of respect.

"Either you just came out of your shell in a big way," said Carol, "or a sorority borrowed your room for an orgy last night."

Amanda blushed. "Hi, Carol. This is David." As her neighbor turned an appraising look on her companion, she took his hand, adding, "My boyfriend."

David squeezed her hand as she led him away.