4 - 2. Redirection

Ben opened the door and stepped back. The girl on the doorstep looked at him curiously. When he didn't say a word, her expression grew more wary, but she came inside.

His gaze started at her feet and rose slowly. Black ankle boots, black stockings and a black faux leather skirt, laced closed at the side. Studded navel, well below the base of her top, which was also black faux leather. It was unzipped far enough to show well-shaped breasts. Small silver cross at her neck, and small studs beneath her lower lip, one on either side. Another stud in the left side of her nose.

Her eyes were a dark chocolate below narrow dark eyebrows, but her hair was a dusty rose, with strands of a paler pink and a darker rose. She continued to watch him nervously, until finally he said, "Welcome."

"Uh, thanks," she said, in a soft but intense alto. "You are Ben?"

He inclined his head.

"Man, you're creeping me out. Why am I here?" she asked.

"You are here because I invited you."

"Why did you invite me?"

"For your understanding," Ben replied.

"Listen, I thought I was here for drinks or something. You wanted to talk about a book. That was the message I got from Sophie."

"Correct. A book we both know." He nodded towards a rolltop desk against the back wall. "I unlocked the desk for you."

The girl stalked over to the desk, while Ben followed along. She rolled the cover up, and her breath caught as she saw the objects on display.

"You can't mean... Oh God, that book?"

"I know what you need, little girl," he said, "and I know exactly how to give it to you." He leaned past her to slide a leather handle off the desk. The handle ended in dozens of fine leather tails.

The girl's breathing had sped up. "I never said I wanted..."

"I didn't say you wanted them either. I said you needed them, and no one else is going to show you how much you need them."

"But Lucas..." she stammered.

"Doesn't know," Ben said, "and you don't want him to know, do you, little girl?"

"I'm not a little girl," she snapped. "I'm Chloe! And I'm going to call him! He should be here already."

"You think he's coming to rescue you, little girl?"

He slowly twirled the tails of the flogger he held. The girl couldn't keep her eyes off it, even while she was punching up her boyfriend's phone number.

The phone rang. She quivered with tension. The phone kept ringing, then clicked into a prerecorded message. "Shit," she said. "I'm going to him. I'm leaving."

"The door is right where it was when you came in," said Ben, fondly stroking the leather in his hand.

She stood frozen in place for several seconds. "What do you want from me?"

"What I want... no, what I require, little girl, is first, that you call me Sir."

The girl's eyes were panicked. "You can't be serious." She glanced back at the collection of items in the desk. Black padded cuffs with velcro fasteners. Two neat coils of rope, one red, one purple. A long-handled crop. A wooden paddle. An old-fashioned hairbrush. A black blindfold. "I can't..."

Her breathing was shallow. Her phone pinged as she looked back over to Ben. She glanced down at the text, and her face lost its color.

She stared at the phone for a full minute, her breathing ragged. Then she gulped and looked up. "What should I do, Sir?" she asked.


Ben extended the flogger to brush Chloe's navel, catching the small involuntary shudder as the leather tails touched her skin. Then he walked around her in a circle, the flogger trailing over her.

"Nice hair," he said from behind her.

"Thank you, Sir," she replied.

"Goth cotton candy," he continued. "Maybe I should call you Cotton. Or Candy. Would you like that, Candy?"

"You ca..." she began, hotly, then clamped down on what she was about to say. As Ben finished his orbit of her body, eyebrows raised, she said, "Yes, Sir."

He lifted the flogger and lightly caressed the exposed upper side of her breasts with it. Chloe closed her eyes for a moment, her breathing rapid.

"Which of these do you like?" He waved the tip of the flogger at the various devices in the desk.

"None of them," Chloe said, with distaste.

He drew the leather tails over her belly. "None of them...?" with a slight lift to his tone.

"None of them, Sir," she said, sounding aggrieved.

"Which of them should I use?" he asked.

She shuddered as she spoke. "All of them, Sir."

"All and more, maybe," Ben mused. "If you're naughty, Candy. Now take these." He indicated the crop, paddle and hairbrush.

She picked them up as if they were radioactive.

Ben took the blindfold and the cuffs. After a moment, he added the purple rope to his collection. Then, using the flogger to point the way, he guided her to the bedroom.


"Set them down there." Ben indicated a chair against the wall. "Then lean forward, with your hands on the bed."

She complied, then said, "Please don't."

"Please don't what, Candy?"

"Please don't spank me." After a brief pause she added, "Sir."

Ben added the items he was carrying to the chair, then moved behind the girl. "Of course I'm going to spank you, Candy," he said.

He lifted the back of her skirt. There was a small gap between her black panties and the support bands of her stockings. He caressed the bare skin there, then ran his fingers over her ass soothingly, stroking both cheeks, before drawing his hand back and delivering a sharp slap to her right cheek.

The girl let out a soft cry of pain, then again when he slapped the left cheek. She held herself rigid, but her breathing quickened.

Ben repeated the slaps, keeping his hand pliant. His palm stung when he moved away. The girl's cheeks were flushed.

"Stand up, Candy," he said, "but stay where you are. It's time you were suitably dressed."

"I'm dressed fine," she objected.

Ben picked up the cuffs.

"I don't need those!" she objected. "I won't move! ... Sir."

Without speaking, Ben drew her left hand behind her, and fastened the cuff. Then he cuffed her right hand, finally lifting her hands and binding the cuffs together, so that her arms and hands were clear of her lower back.

Then he began to tug at the laces of her skirt.

"Oh, Sir!" Her eyes were large. "Please don't take my clothes off!"

"Candy," he said, in a reasonable tone, "how can I give you what you need with this leather in the way?"

He took his time with the laces, unfastening the knots with care, then pulling the laces back well beyond what would be needed to slip the skirt off. The girl's eyes watched his fingers in horrified fascination until the faux leather finally fell to the floor.

Then he gathered up the blindfold.

"No! I need to see!" she wailed as he wrapped it around her head, carefully fastening it so that her vision was completely obscured, but disturbing her hair as little as possible.

He held her arms and eased her forward so that her chest lay on the bed, her butt in the air. Then he took the sides of her panties and began to draw them down.

"Oh, Sir! No!" she cried as she felt them move over her hips. "You can't!"

He caressed her smooth ass. "I can't?"

"You mustn't, Sir! Shouldn't," she added.

"I've read the book, Candy," he said. "You want to be a medieval fantasy heroine, yielding to masters for the greater good." He took the paddle and tapped her very lightly on the rump, watching it ripple. "You want to model yourself on a woman who gets a thrill from being whipped bloody, and paraded naked in diamonds through the highest of society - and you worry about losing your panties." He tapped her again just to see her butt shake briefly. "That's so disappointing."

So saying, he brought the paddle sharply down against the center of her right ass cheek.

With no visible or audible clue as to when the strike would land, the girl jerked violently on the bed, crying out. Ben smacked her several more times with the paddle, switching cheeks and varying locations to avoid building too much pain at any point.

Chloe still jumped with every blow, grunting rather than crying when the wood struck her, and groaning between.

The girl's butt cheeks were pink when he set the paddle down. He lowered his face to lightly kiss each cheek and she squirmed, letting out a long breath. Then he crouched, unlaced her boots and had her step out of boots and skirt, drawing her panties all the way down so that they would come off, too.


Ben lifted her by the thighs and scooted her onto the bed, then rolled her onto her back. "Knees up," he instructed.

"Yes, Sir," said Chloe instantly, drawing her ankles to her backside.

He uncoiled the soft purple rope, laying its center over her belly, then proceeded to tie each leg in that position, so that she could kneel and part her legs, but not stand or move.

When her legs were firmly trussed, he took the flogger and spun it against her navel, then drew it down over her shaved sex, lightly tickling her with the tails. She wriggled and breathed faster.

Setting the flogger aside, he leaned forward and ran his lips down the same path. As he approached her pussy, Chloe pressed her legs together and tried to draw back. "Sir! You mustn't! Not there, Sir!"

"I mustn't?" Ben asked. "Will you stop me?" He parted her knees. "Do I need to spread your legs with a bar, little girl?"

She panted, writhing on the bed as he ran lips and tongue over her sex, which glistened with intense arousal.

"Nooo..." she moaned between rapid breaths.

After lightly tonguing her clit for a few seconds, Ben drew back. Lifting his fingers to her top, he gripped the zipper and drew it down.

"Oh! No, Sir! They're not for you!"

"You are my toy, Candy," he said. "I get to play with you however I want."

She whimpered as the zip came free and he drew the top to either side. Her breasts were pale and perfect, quivering in their freedom, her nipples wide and completely hard. She rolled on the bed in a vain attempt to free her hands, but they were solidly held.

"Tell me," he said, running a finger around each nipple, "why do you hide what you need from your boyfriend?"

"I don't... hide... nnngh..." she said.

"Are you contradicting me, Candy?" Ben asked. "Should I take a photo of you like this and send it to him? If you're not hiding anything, why would it matter?"

"Don't... don't... don't do that, Sir. I'm begging!"

"Yes, you are, Candy, but why?"

"He would own me, Sir! Please don't!"

Ben gave her right nipple a hard pinch. She cried out, her back arching. "Stop telling me what I mustn't do, little girl, and I won't have to."

"Y-y-yes, Sir," she slurred.

"Are you ever tempted to tell him?" Ben asked, in genuine curiosity.

She paused, getting her breathing under control. "I am, Sir," she said.

"Because you do have needs."

She groaned softly. "Yes, Sir, but he mustn't know."

"Very well, Candy," Ben said. "I'm going to free your hands for a moment. Don't try to hide yourself, or to do anything other than move them where I tell you."

"No, Sir," Chloe agreed.

He rolled her onto her knees and helped her crawl toward the head of the bed. Then he unbound the cuffs and opened the right one. Passing the straps of her top over her freed hands, he tossed it aside as she quivered in place. Then he moved her hands to the headboard, and had her hold two of the posts while he looped the chain of the cuffs behind another before refastening the right cuff.

Taking the flogger, he drew it down Chloe's back and over her bare butt. Her breathing sped up again. Circling the tails over her thighs, her butt and her back, he watched the girl's reactions. Her breasts shook beneath her as her anxious excitement grew.


He stepped off the bed and around to the foot, where Chloe's ass was within easy reach of the flogger. He gripped the tails, lining up his first strike, then drew his hand down repeatedly, swatting her butt over the whole surface in several directions. The girl cried out, then gasped rapidly at each stroke.

The flogger tails weren't hard. They wouldn't cause any bruising or damage. If it hadn't been for the spanking with his hand and the paddle, it would have felt like little more than an exhilarating massage.

On her reddened ass, now, he knew the pain would be exquisite to the limits of tolerance and beyond.

Chloe's breathing grew faster and more ragged. Her face was almost as red as her butt, and he could see tears running down to drip from her cheeks.

She whimpered when he finally stopped. He set the flogger aside, stepped quickly out of his pants and underwear and took a condom from the nightstand, unrolling it quickly over his hard cock. Then he climbed onto the bed and moved behind her.

The girl moaned, "No... no... no, Sir..." as he guided himself into her sex, which was completely slick with arousal, but her hips rocked as soon as he began to move against her.

Almost immediately she began to moan in an entirely different manner. Her climax hit her whole body. He felt her tense and contort. She gripped the headboard hard, lifting her head back, making a strangled sound. He felt her pulsing violently around his cock.

He didn't stop moving, instead waiting for her to begin to recover her breath, then reaching beneath her and pinching her right nipple hard. Chloe cried out and tensed around him, reaching a second powerful orgasm only a few seconds later.

It didn't take long for him to produce a third climax by squeezing her breasts. He could tell that the intensity of each orgrasm was waning as her strength faded, but she still moaned in passion.

After guiding her through one more, he allowed himself his own release, spending himself with sheer bliss into the condom, his ecstasy focused into that one moment.


Chloe tried to look sullen as she found her clothes and began to dress, but her flushed face radiated contented satisfaction.

Ben was putting his own pants back on. "You were a very good girl, Candy," he said. "If you had been naughtier, I might have needed to unlock other drawers in the desk."

Chloe gave him a hostile look, but her breath caught. "What if I'm... naughty again, Sir?" she asked.

"Then text me, little girl. Tell me Candy has been naughty, and I'll tell you what to do about it. I'm sure that naughty Candy will deserve the hairbrush, next time. Maybe even the crop. Or if she's been good, maybe I'll let her wear the nipple clamps."

Chloe's eyes darkened with hunger, and for a moment, Ben thought she'd beg to continue instead of leaving. But her eyes turned hostile again, and resentment was in her voice. "Very well, Sir," she said.

He was sure "Candy" would find herself being naughty quite soon.