"One for dinner, sir?" asked the pretty young hostess.

"No, thanks, I ate already," I replied, and headed over to the tall chairs against the wooden bar, where I ordered a beer.

Drinking slowly, I reviewed the evening. About as expected, though disappointing all the same. I wasn't sure how many more of Marla's games I could take. Or wanted to, anymore.

There had been a time when I'd thought, this is it. She's the one. But perhaps I made it too obvious, because that was when she seemed to change, to become manipulative. We would meet on her schedule. We would sleep together on her schedule. We would see her friends, and live by...

"Where's herself?" came a voice beside my ear. I jumped, and looked around. The hostess was leaning back against the bar. I hadn't even noticed her arrive, so wrapped up I'd been in thoughts of Marla.

She had an amused smile, glancing sideways at me, while her face was still towards the door. "I haven't seen you in here alone before," she added. Her voice was rich and deep, not in keeping with her demure look and tied-back red-gold hair.

It was true that Marla and I ate here regularly, but I couldn't recall ever noticing the hostess. Marla took all of my attention when she was around, and I was savoring the freedom of being here alone, even though I had been hoping to spend the night at her place. Not on her schedule, today, I'd figured, resentfully, when she begged off inviting me over, and I'd headed to the bar instead.

"Headache," I replied, shortly, though in fact she'd told me she wanted an early night for an important meeting the next day.

The girl made a wry grin, then headed over to welcome a group of patrons. After they were seated, she came back over. "You're looking a little lost without her," she said.

"Yeah, well, maybe I need to practice more. Being without her," I replied. "Seems that it's the only way I get to make my own rules."

"You live around here?" she asked.


"I figured that's why you're here so often."

"Partly," I admitted, "but you have the best hamburgers around."

She nodded. "Yeah, but lousy beer."

I considered the glass in my hand. Okay, but there hadn't been much of a selection. I said as much.

"Right," she said. "When the restaurant closes, we go over to the Mad Hatter's." She checked her watch. "In about five minutes, in fact. Wanna come?"

"Sure," I said. I certainly wasn't doing anything else.

"'Scuse me," she said, and went to seat another couple, the last of the evening, as it turned out.

After changing the floor sign from "Please wait to be seated" to "Restaurant closed", she returned. "Okay, meet me around the back in five minutes."

I sipped my beer. She was right, it wasn't very good, and I left half the glass. Perhaps the drinks would be better at this Mad Hatter's.


There was a small group of people outside the back door, and as I approached, the girl joined them. Her thick pink sweater looked uncomfortable in the outdoor heat.

"Hey," she said, as she saw me.

"How far is this place?" I asked. "I don't have a car."

"We walk," she said. "It's only a half-block."

"Who's your friend, Luce?" asked one of the other girls, turning back to us as we left the parking lot.

She turned to me, her look of embarrassment tinged with amusement as she realized she didn't know my name.

"Joe," I said. "You're Luce?"

"Lucy," she corrected. "These jerks just call me Luce." She waved affectionately at the small group before us.

"Hey, Luce, I call it like I see it," said a tall guy. "But when are you gonna be loose with me?"

"You couldn't handle me, Ray, and you know it," she retorted. "Your pacemaker would give out."

The insult was flagrantly bogus; Ray looked to be in his early twenties, younger than me. Nevertheless, I did a quick mental double-take - the implication didn't fit my image of this demure teenager walking beside me.

"Nothing wrong with my heart," said Ray. "Ditch this guy and let me show you where my feelings are."

"I know exactly where your feelings are," she said, "they're three feet from your brain, like most guys. And leave Joe alone, he's pining for lost opportunities."

"Like you'd know anything about that, Luce," said the guy walking with Ray. "You ain't never missed an opportunity in your life."

"And you'll never get one, will you, Frank?"

The good-natured innuendo continued until we arrived at the bar. Ray led us around the back, where there was a small beer garden, and we sat around a table outside.

After a waitress took our order, Lucy excused herself, and she and two other girls headed inside, leaving me with Frank, Ray and a young woman, Carol.

She was still absent when the waitress returned, and I paid for all the drinks. Frank tried to refuse, but I figured they were being very gracious allowing me to join them, the least I could do was stand the first round.

I was halfway through my beer - much better than that at Lucy's bar - when she and her companions returned.

At least, I say Lucy returned, but the woman who emerged from the bar carrying her pink sweater was not the same one who had left me ten minutes earlier.

She had unpinned her hair and shaken it out. Fiery curls lay against her breastbone and partway down her back. Her eyes were dark, and her lips red.

Her figure had been hidden by the sweater. Now I saw that she was narrow-waisted, black pants tight as a second skin over her hips, tight, low-cut, U-neck white tube top exposing a couple of inches of belly, hugging full breasts which shimmied as she walked.

She sat close beside me, dumped the sweater and her purse on a nearby chair and sighed. "I feel human now. They keep the bar so cold... hey, thanks for the beer."

"No problem," I said. I revised my opinion of her age upwards. I'd been concerned that she might be underage for drinking, but she seemed now to be out of her teens by a couple of years.

She was a good listener, and I found myself telling her of Marla, which was strange, because I really didn't feel like thinking about Marla in Lucy's presence. It was as though I needed to demonstrate that yes, I'd been around, I was capable and could keep a demanding girlfriend happy. When she wanted me to.

Lucy leaned forwards as she listened to me, her breasts occasionally grazing my arm. Each time it happened, I found my eyes drawn down to the low neckline, firm flesh held encased, darkening slightly where the fabric held her nipples.

"She sounds repressed," judged Lucy, "and you sound frustrated."

I started to defend Marla, then realized that I really didn't need to. "You may be right," I said. "I guess I wonder at times just how long this manipulation will last. If I'll ever get to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, instead of living to her rules."

She studied me for a moment with her eyes narrowed. "What will her rules say.." she began, then stopped, considering again.

"Her rules...?" I prompted.

She was silent for a moment longer, then pitched her voice low. "... if I come home with you and fuck you till your balls ache? And then fuck you some more?"

It felt like the end of the world. And maybe it was, the end of my total dependence on Marla's goodwill, and my sudden, urgent need of Lucy's body, Lucy's sex. I had known I wanted her. Now that I knew I could have her, there wasn't a part of me which didn't crave her desperately, didn't yearn for the fulfilment she promised.

"F..." I made a strangled sound, and she watched with amusement. I forced myself to be calm, and even to smile.

"I don't think she'd like that," I said.

"And you?"

"Let's go."

Lucy gave me a half smile. Then she stood. "Night, guys," she said to her colleagues. "Joe's walking home, so we're leaving now."

Ray looked directly at me, his arm now across the back of Carol's chair, and winked. Frank was more direct. "Don't you use him up too quickly," he called to Lucy, "you might want more later."

Lucy made a crude comment and led me out of the beer garden.

"Your car?" I asked her.

"Not unless it would get us to your place faster," she replied.


My hand was around her waist as we walked back to my apartment, against her smooth skin, taking advantage of her short top. When no-one was around, I would slide my hand up into the top, stroking her breast. She didn't object, and my cock strained at my pants in anticipation.

She turned my face around as I fumbled with my keys, and kissed me on the mouth. Breathless, I finally got the door open, and we stumbled inside, not releasing each other.

Inside, I gripped her waist as she leaned back against the wall, supporting herself as she pressed her tongue against mine. I squeezed the firm, silky flesh, then worked my hands up, beneath her top, and stroked the sides of her breasts.

She sucked my tongue as I covered her breasts with my palms, pressing her back against the wall as I squeezed my hands against her. I felt her move as she kicked off her shoes and wriggled out of her pants. Then I felt her unfastening my belt and pants, easing me out of my underwear.

She held my cock, squeezing gently as I continued to knead her breasts. I was so hard, and the thrill in my belly so intense that I felt that I might come just with the pressure of her fingers against me.

I lowered my face and took her left boob into my mouth. Her breasts were heavy against her slender frame, and her hard nipple was rough under my tongue. She sighed as I flicked my tongue against it.

Lowering my left hand, I stroked her pussy, finding it already damp. I eased my fingers inside. Lucy had her hands around my head, pressing me to her breast, and she rubbed the back of my head as I felt her tightening herself against my fingers.

Releasing her breast, I kissed her stomach, my right hand at her waist while I stroked her clit with my left. She groaned as I moved against her. Then I nuzzled her pussy with my nose.

"Do it," she whispered.

Squatting on the floor, I used both hands to hold her labia apart, and worked my tongue inside her, stroking her clit. Lucy immediately started rocking her hips against my face, moaning. She shuddered as I flicked her clit with my tongue, then sighed as I stroked it gently.

Making a half-circle with my tongue, I enveloped her clit and rasped my tongue against it. She started to cry out... "Ah! Ah! Ah!" with each movement, and grabbed my head, tangling her fingers in my hair painfully. I could sense from the tension in her fingers and the pitch of her cries that she was ready. I backed off slightly, repositioning my lips, and sucked hard, the nub of her clit between my lips.

Rubbing her clit with my tongue, I felt her tense and heard her groan, as my tongue pressed her quivering body, her warm juices against my lips.

Finally she pushed me away. She grabbed her purse, and after a moment's search threw a condom packet at me. I opened it and started to unroll the rubber over my cock, but she took over, stroking me as she pushed me back against the floor.

Her top had ridden back down, covering her breasts, and I still wore my tee shirt as she lowered herself down, squatting against my hips as I slid easily into her.

The brief interlude of bringing her on and the lesser sensitivity of the condom worked to help prevent me from coming as quickly as I'd feared, and I relished the growing excitement as she slammed down against my thighs, bringing herself close to climax in very little time.

She stopped moving as she tensed, I could feel her teetering on the edge... and I reached out and pressed against her pussy, stroking quickly, pushing her against my cock. She moaned as I felt the erotic contractions within her, and as she shook against my cock, I wanted my own release, so I pushed against her, and came with her, gasping myself as our joined sex sent pleasure throughout me.

Before I was through, Lucy leaned towards me, gripping my shoulder, and I worked her top up, freeing her breasts, which I squeezed as we rocked together. I soon felt my erection start to lose its solidity, but Lucy's eyes were closed and her beatific look showed she was close to orgasm, so I lifted my head just enough to reach her breasts, and sucked hard on her nipples as I pressed my thighs into hers.

She sighed and came again, shuddering against me.


I withdrew before it was too late, disposed of the condom, and led her to the bedroom. There I finally slipped off her top, and my hands and mouth explored her body.

"Does your shower have room for two?" she asked as I was kissing her boob.

I pulled myself away. "Dunno. Never tried."

There was room, and if there hadn't been, we'd have managed anyway. Soaping her down turned me on enough that I felt my cock begin to stir. Not enough to be useful, yet, but...

There was a small ledge in the shower, which I used for shampoo and shaving cream. I took everything from the ledge, opened the shower door, and threw it all in the bath. Lucy figured my purpose, and though it wasn't wide enough for her to sit, she could rest against it and part her legs.

I kissed her pussy, slowly opening and licking her labia, feeling the slippery warmth inside, different from the outside warmth of the water. I had to stop often for breath - the running water kept filling my mouth - but eventually I had teased her to the edge of orgasm, her hands on the ledge gripping it white-knuckled.

When I looked up at her face, her mouth was open and her forehead flushed, eyes rapturously bright looking down at me. "Yes," she breathed - as though I'd be likely to stop now - "Oh, yes."

I tickled her clit some more, the squeezed her ass as I sucked, shaking my face against her pussy. She shrieked as she came, gasping as I kept up my effort, and I could feel her body's pleasure throbbing within.

In the bedroom, having dried each other almost adequately, we lay on the bed, while she coaxed life into my shaft with her fingertips.

"Ooh," she said, "I think he wants to play some more."

Finding a condom of my own, I opened it and handed it to her. She took it, but rather than putting it on, she took my willing member, teasing with her tongue until it hardened further, slurping it back into her throat. I was far from being able to come, but I felt the thrill rise through my spine, and I stroked her wet head.

"More?" she asked.

"Not now," I said. "I want inside you."

"Yeah," she said. "Me too." She smoothed the condom down over my now-hard erection, then squatted over my knees.

"Sit up", she said. I did, and she rearranged herself to sit on my thighs, legs behind me, then eased herself forwards, pressing my cock down with her fingertips until I had successfully slipped inside her. Then she tightened her legs behind me, nestling her pelvis against mine.

Her head now higher than mine, I had to look up to kiss her. My hands squeezed her breasts rhythmically as we swayed, mouths locked together.

Savoring the closeness and slow-growing excitement, we rocked together. She drew her face back from mine eventually, her breathing heavy and eyes wide and dark. "Suck my boobs," she said, and as I bent my face to the task, she groaned and started bouncing in my lap. Tightening her legs around me, she worked herself against me, and I felt her pussy tighten, then start to twitch as she gasped in pleasure.

We kept up the rocking rhythm as long as we could keep coaxing her to orgasm. After a time, she rested her head on my shoulder, seeming spent. Every time she had come had excited me, but I wasn't ready for my own climb to release.

"Can't you come?" she asked, softly.

"It doesn't matter," I said. And it didn't, really, being inside her at each of her crests was incredible.

"Bullshit," she said, and climbed off me. She snagged my hair as she pulled off the condom, which she threw to the floor as I still winced with pain.

Then I lay back and closed my eyes as her mouth closed around my sensitive shaft. She eased me inside her, scrubbing with her tongue, rolling her mouth around my cock. As good as it had felt to have her tight, pulsing sex around me, this was better, as she stroked and worried at my erection, which hardened further in her erotic grasp.

At first I just felt intense arousal, then a tingling broke within my cock, and I gasped as my body shifted gears, approaching the point of commitment.

"I'm gonna come," I said, "Lucy. God, I'm gonna come, you'd better stop now."

She looked up at me, mouth covering the head of my cock, and shook her head, no. Instead, she worked me deep into her throat, wrapping my entire sex in powerful stimulation, as she still managed to knead my cock with the back of her throat.

She slid back off me slowly, gently dragging her teeth along my shaft, exquisite sharpness making me groan with pain and pleasure. Then she sucked, squeezing and manipulating my cock with her tongue, starting a steady, relentless rhythm of shaking her head.

My control overcome, my cock tensed, then started shooting hot fluid into her mouth. I felt the sticky warmth around me, but she didn't stop, even as my chest and limbs ached with pleasure.

She drew me out until the pleasure turned to discomfort, and I finally had to pry her head from my groin. Then she lay her naked body against mine.

"Breaking rules can be so much fun," she said.

"Breaking? Pulverizing, more like," I replied.


In the morning, I knew I couldn't keep up my almost-relationship with Marla. Not when this kind of experience could be mine, because I knew she and I would never come close to what Lucy could do to me. And maybe I'd never find another Lucy, but I was going to have fun trying.

And who knew...

"Can I see you again?" I asked. "Tonight?"

"Do your balls ache?"

"No," I lied.

She grinned, and ran her fingernail down my belly. "Then I guess I'm not yet finished with you, am I?"