Before starting on this story you might want to consider a few points:

  • I'm releasing each chapter on a weekly schedule. Unlike several other of my stories, this is not one that "got away from me" while I was writing. I intended it to be novel or novel+ length, with each chapter forming a separate story. Each chapter has its own structure and its own erotic content, and is designed to be read standalone, though the underlying story will be more enjoyable if read in sequence.
  • Though the story as a whole is complete, it builds on many stories that are part of an interconnected whole. See the thread "That Shared World" on the forums.
  • If you want to read the other relevant stories first and return to this (I'd strongly recommend doing this) the best order would be
    1. Bonds of Friendship
    2. Step-Something
    3. Breakout
    4. The Craft So Long To Lerne
    5. Entanglement
    6. Caffeine
    7. Mentor (i.e. this story)
    If this seems like an overwhelming amount of reading material, just consider it as having more erotic fiction to read. And I think the new story is as about half again as long as all the others combined, so if that amount of reading is daunting, "Mentor" may not be to your liking.

Chapter 1 - Intern

Chapter 2 - First Night

Chapter 3 - Sacrifice

Chapter 4 - The Booby Prize

Chapter 5 - The Toy Box

Chapter 6 - Mentor

Chapter 7 - Cayenne

Chapter 8 - Cha-Cha

Chapter 9 - Tribute

Chapter 10 - Sunshine

Chapter 11 - Rookie

Chapter 12 - Gratitude

Chapter 13 - Attire

Chapter 14 - Image

Chapter 15 - Spirits

Chapter 16 - Rules

Chapter 17 - Coda

Chapter 18 - Epilogue