The curly-haired boy caught my eye as the presentation in the Lodge ended, and I wasn't entirely surprised to find him following me into the library.

I'd decided to look around the building before returning to the camp site. Ms. Daniels gave us pretty free rein within the camp boundaries. She was the leader of our school group, but there were other groups in the large campgrounds. We didn't see them except at occasional meals and events at the lodge.

The boy who followed me was a member of one of these other groups. A year or two older than me, probably, his party was all male, as ours was all female.

"Hi," he said, grinning. His eyes danced over my body, and I found myself responding, leaning back with my elbows on the counter-top, pushing up my breasts and tightening my stomach.

"Hi yourself," I replied. He seemed nervous, which was strange, because his body language while he was watching me had been alert and confident. I guessed his age at about seventeen, maybe a year or so more, tall, clear-skinned, but much too thin. His black curls softened his narrow, angular face.

"I have something to ask you," he continued.

"Okay," I said, feeling pleased with myself.

"Your teacher, is she single?"

"Oh, God, you can't be serious."

"No, no," he protested. "I'm not asking for myself. My camp leader... he's been watching her, but he won't do anything, it would get in the way of his duties - looking after us."

"He's a tyrant?"

"Not really, just thorough. He's a nice guy. A hell of a nice guy," he added, perhaps realizing that he was soliciting my help in some scheme involving the man. "He deserves a little rest and relaxation. And maybe while he's relaxing we can play around some more."

Lifting my palms to the counter top, I hoisted myself up onto it, then said, "Okay." I swung my feet while I looked down at... I didn't even know his name yet.

"I'm Chelsea. Who are you?"


"Well, Jason, Ms. Daniels is single, and she's cool. If your guy is as good as you say he is, we should get them together."

"Mr. Baker. Jack. And he is."

I patted the counter-top next to me, and Jason swung himself onto it as we began to plot.


The following day I concentrated on Ms. Daniels, getting her to focus on Mr. Baker. Not trying to convince her to go after him, just encourage her to notice him, and wait for nature to take its course.

Of course, the easiest way I could think to draw her attention to him was to act besotted with him. I talked to Ms. D. about the "dreamy" camp leader, wondering out loud whether I could spend some "quality time" with him away from his camping party. Ms. D. feigned being offended, but I had obviously steered her thoughts in the right direction.

Jason, meanwhile, was doing the same to his Mr. Baker. By lunchtime he'd managed a couple of separate ruses which required Jack to meet our Brenda Daniels, and the two did seem to be communicating well. I was impressed by Jason's ingenuity at getting them together.


Just after lunch, I sneaked away to meet Jason. We sat together on the counter-top in the library.

"Can you look through Ms. Daniel's pack?" he asked me.

I frowned. "Why?"

"Well, if we're going to push them together, we need to be sure at least one of them is... prepared."

"Oh. Right. And if they're not?"

"I'll slip a few rubbers into the pocket of his pack. Maybe he's carried a box before, it wouldn't be unusual to have a few slip out."

"It's weak," I said.

"I know, but I'm hoping that in the heat of the moment he won't think about it."

"You have the condoms?"

Jason pulled a big gray box from his pants pocket, and I turned bright red.

"Put that away," I said. "Someone may come in." Then, as he was putting it back into his pocket, I said, "No, give me a few. I should do the same with Ms. Daniels."

I took a handful of packages and stuffed them into my pocket, hoping my tight jeans wouldn't show their shapes too clearly. Then, my face still hot, I left the library and returned to the girls' tents.


Just before dinner, we met again.

"The sly devil has an almost-full box in his pack," he said. "I didn't have to do a thing. What about Ms. Daniels?"

I looked away from him, my face heating up again. "She has some." I cleared my throat. "Flavored."

"Oh." He thought for a second, then shook his head. "God. Well, I persuaded Mr. Baker to move his tent. Told him we needed more freedom and responsibility, that he could be within call of our campfire but could trust us to look after ourselves."

"So, where did he move?"

"Between our camps."

"Cool. Well, I think we're winning. I'm going to back off, and see what she does later."

"Follow her. I'll probably see you at his tent."

"Sure," I grinned.


After dinner in the Lodge, we built the obligatory campfire, but it was obvious that Ms. Daniels' heart wasn't in it, and she made us bed down early. I lay fully clothed in my sleeping bag, watching through the tent flap. I figured I knew what she was doing, and sure enough, after she extinguished her gas lamp, I saw her heading for Mr. Baker's camp with a small flashlight, and followed quietly.

I almost jumped out of my skin when someone touched my shoulder.

"Shhh!" came a quiet whisper.

"Damn, Jason, you almost killed me," I said, as he led me to a hiding place he'd made. Only fifty feet from the tent, it was hidden by heavy fern leaves. From it, we could clearly see Jack Baker's tent. Inside, Mr. Baker had a gas lamp turned low. Beyond the green glow of the tent was the bright yellow of the boys' campfire.

"I feel like a voyeur," I whispered to Jason. "Should we be doing this?"

"I just want to know how it turns out," he replied. "Whether our efforts were successful."

"I think you want to see more than that," I countered, and felt him shrug in the darkness beside me.

"Perhaps," he whispered. "Don't you?"

I nodded.


The night was turning cool under the clear sky, and I only had a thin cardigan against it. "I'm going back to the camp for a couple of blankets," I said. "I'll be right back."

When I returned with blankets and safety pins, Mr. Baker was outside his tent brewing some coffee. I had to wait until he was back inside before taking the opportunity to scamper to Jason's hideout. There, I lay one blanket on the ground in the ferns, and when Jason sat, I settled myself on the ground between his legs. Between us, we wrapped the other blanket around ourselves like an oversized poncho, pinning the sides together to hold it in place.

Inside the tent, our leaders' voices were relaxed and friendly. So much so that we suspected they were fortifying Mr. Baker's coffee... Jason had found a fifth of bourbon in his pack, and we guessed that they were using it to make the coffee more acceptable.

As I leaned back against Jason, he laid his hands on my hips. I tilted my head back to look at him, and nuzzled my nose into his neck. He chuckled quietly as I kissed his ear. Then I turned my face to his, expectantly, and parted my lips as he closed the gap between us.

We sought one another clumsily at first, in the dark, but soon our lips meshed and moved together. Jason's hands slipped under my cardigan, against my waist, and squeezed. I smiled and pressed my mouth more firmly into his as his hands started to roam, stroking my stomach, catching the edge of my bra.


Finally I released his lips and leaned back against him. Brenda and Jack's voices were audible. As we listened, I felt Jason's fingers tracing my bra strap.

"You've made an impression with my girls," came Ms. Daniels' soft voice. I couldn't hear the reply, only Mr. Baker's low tones, then Ms. D. again, "One of them was wondering whether you might still be available in four or five years."

"How old is she?" This time Mr. Baker's voice was audible.

"Same as all the others," said Ms. D. "Fifteen going on twenty-eight."

As Mr. Baker laughed, Jason's fingers froze in place on my back. "You're fifteen?" he asked hoarsely.

Twisting my head around to face him, I touched his lips with mine. "No," I said, and kissed him. His lips parted further as my tongue sought his, and his palms resumed their caresses of my skin as the energy of our kiss grew.

I pulled back and kissed his earlobe. "I'm not fifteen," I whispered directly into his ear. "I'm thirty-four C".

Covering his lips with mine again, I prevented any further questions, and a few moments later felt him fumbling with my bra strap. The catch yielded, and my excitement grew with his as he ran his hands over my breasts, squeezing them gently.

I drew back from his lips, and leaned back against his chest. I covered his hands on my breasts with mine. "That feels good," I said, as he stroked my nipples.


The couple inside the tent had lowered their voices, though we could hear both of them laughing quietly. Then there was a pause, some scuffling noises, and the light dimmed and went out.

With no light inside the tent, the boys' campfire on the other side shone through, making distinct though slightly flickering silhouettes on the canvas on our side. We clearly saw Mr. Baker sitting back down on the right side of Ms. Daniels as the glow from the gas mantle dwindled to nothing. Then their arms were around one another and their faces merged into a single shadow.

"It worked," whispered Jason, forgetting for a moment to work on my nipples. "I think we should go now."

I shook my head. This time I was the one who didn't want to leave. Not when things were getting interesting... both in the tent and out here. I swiveled my head round and kissed his neck, finding his lips as he turned to meet mine. I sucked his lips and tongue as he caressed my boobs.

A shuffling noise prompted me to look back at the tent. The shadow had broken back up into two individuals, Ms. Daniels on the left, and as I watched, she lifted her sweater over her head. She shook out her hair, and as she turned back to Jack Baker her pointed breasts were distinctly visible.

"Oh, God," breathed Jason, as Mr. Baker's hands covered her breasts and their faces joined again. Her arms wound around his neck and the motion of the shadows made it clear they were really getting into the kiss. So much so that it was exciting me, making the stimulation from Jason's hands on my nipples even more of a thrill.

When the shadows separated again, and Mr. Baker's shade took a nipple into its mouth, Jason groaned. I turned to kiss him, and we devoured each other, both excited beyond reason by the results of our experiment.

Finally releasing his hands, I unfastened my jeans, and wriggled slightly out of them. Then I took Jason's hand and pressed it down inside my panties. He groaned again, but started working a finger inside me as I pressed my tongue against his.


We broke to observe the tent. It seemed that Mr. Baker had removed his sweat shirt, but beyond that not much had changed, they were touching and kissing constantly. Then, as we watched, Mr. Baker lay back, and Ms. Daniels lay along him, working herself out of her pants. Jason stifled another groan as her breasts swung over Jack Baker's face, then their shadows merged.

Jason's finger inside me was becoming an intense pleasure. Of course, I'd done the same to myself, and I recognized the feelings... but not the passion. Whether it was Jason or the erotic scene we were witnessing, I was not prepared for the depth of my arousal. I tightened myself around his finger and gloried in the heat that grew inside me.

I pushed him away for a moment, slipped out of my jeans and panties and crouched, legs parted, while I guided his hand back to my pussy. His finger slipped in easily this time, and I leaned back against him as he used his hands on my pussy and breasts to hold me against his body. The glow in my belly strengthened.

In the tent, there was a slight commotion, then the shadow of Ms. Daniels drew back, doing something with her hands. I realized she was unwrapping a condom, and putting it... oh, my God. That's what I was seeing. Jason must have been as turned on by the scene as I was, because his grip became stronger, and his touch made me breathe heavily.

Unrolling the condom onto Mr. Baker, Ms. Daniels positioned herself over him. We could see his shaft entering her as she eased herself down, breasts bouncing. She leaned forwards, and the shadow of her breast met the shadow of Mr. Baker's mouth.

I turned back to Jason and kissed him, my own excitement becoming too much to handle, and as his finger squeezed firmly against my clit, I moaned, arousal welling up inside me, filling me... and I teetered on the edge for a moment, feeling nothing but Jason's tongue on mine, his breath mixing with mine, his hand on my breast, his finger focusing the power of my pleasure...

And I came, my cries muffled by our kiss, my body's response nothing I could have prepared for. The sudden heat, too much with the warm blanket over us, made me break out in a slight sweat. I rocked my pelvis against his hand, gripping his finger tightly as I pressed back against him, drawing out my intimate delight.

Relaxing, I pulled myself away from him, then I unpinned the blanket and dropped it as I slipped off my cardigan and bra. In the dim light I saw Jason's eyes fixed to my breasts. Pushing him back onto the blanket in the ferns, I lay against him, and covered us with the other.


Locking my mouth onto his, I grabbed his belt and began freeing his pants. He cupped my breasts in his hands, squeezing hard as our kiss grew urgent.

Unzipping his pants, I pushed them down, and pushed my hands down into his underwear, peeling them away from him. I took his shaft in my left hand as he kicked his pants off. It was hard and wide, and I couldn't imagine it fitting inside me.

I reached for my jeans, and panicked for a moment when I couldn't find them. I threw off the blanket, using the dim light to find and recover my jeans. While Jason's eyes took in my nudity, I fished a condom from my pocket, opened it and unrolled it over his impressive member.

Pulling the blanket up to my neck like a cloak, I lowered myself onto him, holding his shaft to guide it inside. The unfamiliar pressure as he slowly entered me was scary but thrilling. Would he be able to tell that I'd never done this before? Would he care?

I leaned down over him, as I'd seen Ms. Daniels do, letting my nipple brush his lips. He took my breast eagerly, suckling. The stimulation made me tighten around his cock, an electrifying presence against my clit, and I pressed myself against him and sighed with pleasure.

Then I lowered myself completely onto him, pulling the blanket over us, and kissed his lips as we lay there, joined. Jason started moving gently against me, and I followed his rhythm, my hips rocking against his. My clit was still sensitized from before, and every movement was a sensual delight.


Jason was breathing heavily, and I knew he wanted to come. "Shh," I whispered, and stopped moving. There was a regular sound from outside, and it took a moment to recognize it as a woman's low moan. "She's having a good time," I murmured.

"Sure sounds like it," replied Jason, hoarsely, as the moans became clearer, though still subdued.

Ms. Daniels and Mr. Baker must have had plenty of practice in erotic control, because she moaned for several minutes, where I know I would have had to let myself go before that point. Even just listening to her was turning me on so completely that I nearly came. And Jason... he was breathing heavily, and whimpering when I wouldn't let him move.

Then Ms. D's cries turned urgent and fast, and she cried out in ecstasy. By unspoken agreement Jason and I drove into each other. "Oh, Chelsea," he said, breaking our kiss. "Oh, God, Chelsea." I pushed his head to my chest. "Suck," I demanded.

As he fastened his lips to my engorged nipple, the extra stimulation galvanized my body into a throbbing release, and I shuddered as I came, desperately stifling my cries. Jason gasped harshly, mouth still fastened to my breast, and I felt his cock jerk within me, its pulsing adding to my own joyful stimulation.

I pressed against him, holding him deep within me as I pulled my breast from his mouth. He still wore his shirt, and I took the time to unfasten and open it, so that when I lay back down, my breasts rubbed against the hair of his chest. I was still tingling in the last moments of my climax as our mouths met and our tongues joined.

From Jason's clumsy attempts to withdraw without losing the condom, I figured he wasn't much more experienced than me. He seemed a little embarrassed when he finally succeeded.

"It's okay," I whispered, "we have plenty more to practice with before dawn."

"Mmmm", he said, stroking my breasts.

I drew myself up and breathed into his ear. "But next, I want to try one of the flavored ones I stole from Ms. D."

Jason made a strangled sound.