I've never been a fan of country music, but there was a song a few years ago that I thought could have been written for me. "Wandering Eyes", by Ronnie McDowell. "I love the ladies, but my heart always stays at home." I loved watching attractive women, letting my eyes and mind wander. I knew I would never be unfaithful to my wife, so why not enjoy fantasizing about the curvy young brunette in the elevator, or the supermarket cashier in the tight skirt?

Flirting was fun; I didn't hide my wedding ring, if a woman wanted to play suggestive word games or lean up against me at work, I was all for it.

I enjoyed the company of women, and I enjoyed the fantasy that it could be more. It had a nice, stimulating, edge to it. Added spice to my strictly monogamous physical relationship. If I was a little less than open with my wife about how desirable I find some women, well, it would have worried her unnecessarily.

I was happy to let these eyes do all the wandering they like, knowing that my heart was homebound.

Until Susan.


The first time we met, I was teaching an Internet class as a volunteer at the local library. I'd taught a couple that were quite successful, and I didn't expect this to be any different. I was wrong.

It was different partly because most of the members who were interested had signed up for the earlier classes, so this class was much smaller. One student, in fact.

Then, it was different because that student was Susan.

She was tall, with golden blond hair fanned out over her back. Her blue-gray eyes seemed permanently amused, often at her own mistakes. She had a melodic voice and an infectious laugh.

She wore a white blouse, a dark green medium-long slit skirt, which seemed so tight it should split as she walked, dark stockings and black shoes.

My wandering eyes didn't see most of this until later. What they noticed immediately was the dark halter-top bra, clearly visible under the thin blouse, which pushed her breasts against the fabric. They noticed how her blouse rippled when she laughed, and my wandering mind imagined how they would look flattened against my chest.

Regretfully dismissing the fantasy, I started teaching her about web browsing. With only one student, sitting beside her instructing her how to use the machine worked well. She was a quick learner, though she was completely unfamiliar with PCs, and was often frustrated with quirks I had learned to live with many years earlier.

I sat quietly, helping her in a calm voice, drinking in her perfume, watching her breathe. On a couple of occasions she caught my eye and gave me a gentle smile.

The class was supposed to last two hours; almost three passed before she left for another appointment. Before leaving, she asked for my phone number, as she wanted help selecting a computer for her home. I agreed willingly, and we exchanged numbers.

Feeling quite elated, I returned home. The few hours had made me feel quite aroused. I found an excuse to get the kids to bed early, then persuaded my surprised wife that we needed to do the same. We were soon bringing each other to a wonderful - if a little predictable - intimate experience.

Finding my joy in making love to my wife enhanced by my recent desire for Susan showed me again that my attraction to other women was no danger to our relationship.


Some days later, Susan called. I found that I was almost expecting her to be the caller when I answered the phone. I responded to her voice with a thrill in my chest. She wanted advice on buying a moderately priced PC from a local computer superstore. I advised her that my experience of the chain had been good, and she would benefit from the store's warranty.

She thanked me and asked if I would be willing to help her set up her new machine. Of course I agreed. I would go over to her house the following evening, after she had bought her new PC. I smiled to myself as I hung up the phone, feeling quite excited and pleased with myself.

At the appointed time, I showed up on her doorstep. She greeted me wearing a thin black tee shirt, shorts and sandals. Her hair was held back with a grip, falling in a narrow tail.

She was pleased to see me, and excited to show off her new purchase. She had set up the computer on a desk in her bedroom, the printer beside it. She hadn't hooked up cables, so I did that while she made us coffee.

As I finished hooking everything together, she returned with two cappuccinos, complete with steamed milk.

"You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble," I said. The coffee was wonderful.

"It's worth it," she replied. "I couldn't have done this without your help."

"I haven't done anything yet. Shall we see if it works?"

I showed her where all the power switches were and she powered everything up. Everything came up flawlessly; the store had installed the operating system and the applications she wanted. They had even configured the printer correctly. All that remained was to set up the Internet access; we called my service provider's 24-hour number and set up a two-week free trial account.

With everything working well, she sat down at the keyboard, and started the word processor. I watched her unashamedly as she concentrated on navigating menus and clicking keys. Her breasts shaped and tugged the tee shirt as she moved, her long, slender legs stretched out in front of her. I wanted to stroke her smooth thighs.

The printer whirred quietly and disgorged a single sheet of paper, which held the words "Thank you!" in a large, ornate font. Susan was as proud as a kid who had just passed her driver's test. I was touched by the gesture.

"I guess I should leave you to experiment," I said. "Please do call if you need any help."

"I will," she responded, rising from her chair. She turned and hugged me, which seemed to surprise her as much as it did me. "Thanks again," she said, releasing me. Her face was slightly flushed as she brushed a wisp of hair from her eyes. She walked me to the door, touching my arm as I left.

I realized that I was pleasantly aroused as I drove home. Unfortunately, my wife had suffered a long day between work and the kids, and wasn't in the mood to accommodate my amorous designs.

I fell asleep thinking of the bed in Susan's room, and how I would love to share it with her.


About a week later, Susan called to ask me for more help. I leapt at the chance to see her. I had been trying to think of a pretext to call her.

When I entered her house, she took both of my hands in hers, squeezed briefly and released me. "Thank you for coming."

"My pleasure," I replied, sincerely. "What's up?"

"Nothing, really. I just need help finding my way around the Internet. Now that I think that I understand most of this, I feel that I'm ready to learn more advanced ideas."

So she sat at the computer, while I guided her through some queries, and I had her bookmark some of my favorite sites. She picked up the concepts easily, and was enjoying herself.

Standing behind her, without really intending to, I started to massage her shoulders, something I did frequently for my wife. She was startled for a moment, then leaned back into my hands. Her responsiveness turned me on; I loved the feel of the yielding muscle as she sighed and relaxed.

After a moment, she reached again for the keyboard and continued to explore the net, still responding to my fingers on her shoulder. I gave her advice as she traveled the web, and she bookmarked several sites.

"Thanks for the back rub." She hugged me when I was reluctantly leaving.

"You're very welcome," I said, briefly returning the pressure.

Over the next few weeks we had several such encounters, on increasingly flimsy pretexts. I would give her a back rub each time, and we would hug when I left. I would leave excited, aroused, glowing inside. Each rendezvous added spice - and frequently, frustration - to my fairly tame marital relationship. More than ever, my "wandering eyes" were enjoyable and worthwhile.

I answered the phone, pleased to recognize Susan's voice.

"I wondered if I could buy some more help with coffee."

"You could buy whatever you want with the coffee you make," I replied. I thought for a moment. I had been using my work at the library to explain my frequent visits to Susan's place, and I felt that the excuse was wearing thin. My wife was planning to take the kids to her mothers for the weekend, though, so, "How about tomorrow morning?" I asked.

"That would be great," she said. "See you then."


After everyone had left on the following day, I headed over to Susan's. On a whim, I stopped by the grocery and picked up a bunch of mixed flowers.

Susan welcomed me with some surprise when she saw the flowers. She hugged me, then hurried off to find a vase, which she filled and carried to the bedroom, where she arranged the flowers next to the monitor.

She wore a pale pink woolly sweater, which hid her figure, but looked wonderfully soft, begging to be stroked and squeezed. Tight faded blue jeans were molded to her legs like a wetsuit. Her hair was loose, cascading over her shoulders and back, a few strands on each side curling sensuously under her chin, framing her delicate face. She wore a little makeup, thinning and enhancing her eyebrows, emphasizing her humor-filled eyes, and softening her cheeks.

When she went to brew coffee, I started up the web browser, and explored her eclectic collection of bookmarks. Predominantly art, poetry and literature, they included news, comedy, lingerie and swimwear and a couple of pages devoted to Jimi Hendrix.

I was looking at the swimwear page, imagining how she would look in the showcased lime green one-piece, when Susan returned with the coffee.

"Just peeking at your private collections," I said. "Did you order any of these?"

She flushed. "I would tell you to mind your own business, except that I wanted to ask you about that. Is it safe to give them my credit card number online?"

Drinking her excellent coffee, I explained about secure transactions and the opportunities for fraud, together with the protections offered by the credit card issuers; that she should never use a debit card online, but that secure transactions and credit cards were well protected.

"Okay, then," she said, "I want to order something."

"From here?" I asked.

"No," she replied. She leaned across me to take the mouse. Her arm was around my back, as she supported herself on the chair. A gentle pressure against my upper right arm hinted at what was beneath the soft wool, and a faint fragrance caressed my senses. Her closeness excited me.

She selected the lingerie bookmark. "Here," she said, navigating efficiently through a couple of links to a page featuring a pair of pajamas, of a demure cut, but a far from demure cloth. The model's breasts were veiled but clearly visible, and the conservative style implied sensuality. I felt myself grow hard as I imagined Susan in them.

I moved aside so that she could place an order, finishing my coffee, trying not to think about her wearing the pajamas. She fiddled with her wallet and credit cards, finally completing the transaction, sighing as if an ordeal had ended. She drank her coffee and pressed "print" as the confirmation was displayed, then stretched and stood.

Standing facing me, she asked, "What do you think?"


"Will they suit me?"

"I'm trying not to."

"Silly," she said. She reached out and traced a pattern on my chest. "I'll just have to model them for you when they arrive."

I rested my hands on her shoulders. "I think that would be extremely dangerous."

She rested her hands on my waist. "I like dangerous," she said.


My heart was pounding fiercely as her bright eyes were locked to mine. With butterflies in my stomach, I drew her close to me. Her hands tightened on my waist, pulling me closer.

Her lips parted; I responded almost involuntarily, as we joined in a hungry kiss. I slid my hand to her neck and caressed it, holding her face to mine.

Our lips separated, and I held her face to my shoulder. This was the time to say goodbye, before we would regret the consequences. Instead, I thought of my empty house and the passion of Susan's kiss. "I like dangerous too," I whispered into her ear.

I ran my hands down that lovely, soft, sweater and stroked her smooth, firm, butt. Sliding them back up under the sweater, I held her waist. She drew her head back and sought my mouth again, eyes closed.

I stroked her waist as our tongues danced. Excitement welled up into me, and I knew that this was beyond dangerous. This was deadly.

My hands explored the small of her back as I held her to me. She freed my tee shirt from my jeans and ran her hands up to my shoulderblades. I followed suit a moment later - and realized that she was not wearing a bra.

I almost panicked as I realized how close I was to touching her wonderful breasts. My erection instantly became painfully hard. I slid my hands back down, though I was desperately tempted to reach for those forbidden fruits.

Instead, I held her narrow waist firmly between my hands, pressing her against me. She kneaded my back as she pulled me into her; our mouths opened wide as we devoured one another.

Aching to touch more of her smooth skin, I slipped my hands down her back into her waistband, only to be thwarted by the tightness of her jeans, until Susan drew her arms back, and...

There comes sometimes in an encounter between a couple a moment when reality shifts. Before that moment, they may be very close, taking pleasure in one another, but able to part and go their separate ways when necessary. After it, they know that they will soon be experiencing each other in the most intimate way possible. That knowledge, that commitment that we were about to become lovers, came to us...

... as Susan drew back her hands and unfastened her jeans. She rested her hands on my hips, her eyes searching mine for the awareness that I, too, knew what we had just done.

Finding that understanding in me, she lay her head on my shoulder and stretched her arms up against my back as I slipped my hands inside her panties to caress her butt.

When she lifted her head to kiss me again, I didn't restrain my need. I slid my hands up her sides to her breasts. She sighed as I cupped and stroked them, then turned up the heat, nibbling my lips and tongue.

She began to undress me. When I needed to move my hands for her to remove my tee shirt, I lifted her sweater over her head.

Her breasts were large and firm, and I ran my fingertips over her erect nipples. I took her right breast into my mouth, sucking and playing with the nipple as I ran my hands back down into her underwear. After kneading her ass for a few moments I pulled down, sliding her panties and jeans to the floor.


Susan stepped out of her pants and unfastened mine. She freed my hard shaft, running her fingernails along the underside.

Naked, we stood together. I stroked her hair and held her against me. I relished the feel of her breasts' soft pressure against my chest, while she rubbed herself slowly along the length of my cock.

I guided her to the bed, where I worked on her breasts with my hands and mouth. I licked her left nipple slowly while I stroked her belly.

Sliding my hand lower, I cupped her pussy, pressing in with my palm. She rocked against it. When I slipped a finger between her labia I felt a warm, welcoming moistness. I explored further, keeping up the pressure of my palm as her breathing turned heavy.

I wanted her so much I could have come just thinking about it. Instead, I stroked her belly with my chin, turned on by Susan's moan of anticipation as she understood what I was doing.

I moved my hand aside, leaving my fingers inside her, pressing my chin between her thighs. Squeezing her between my fingers and my chin, I rubbed. She lifted her back, then settled back down to deep breathing. Her head was resting on a pillow, her eyes watching me, but unfocused.

I parted her labia. "Mmm," I said, looking inside her. Lowering my mouth to her pussy, I kissed, exploring her labia with my tongue. I felt her tense with anticipation and desire each time my tongue brushed her clit. Soon I focused all my energy on her clit.

"I want you," she called out between labored breaths, "I want you inside me."

"Soon," I murmured, tongue still probing her clitoris. I drew her clit back into my mouth and kneaded it with my lips. She groaned and rocked her hips against me. I tightened my lips and sucked. She resisted for a moment, then started shaking herself against me.

Releasing her clit, I tongued it gently. She shivered and pushed her hips against my face. She made a frustrated sound. I kept up the slow stroking.

I opened her pussy lips wide and scrubbed hard at her clit with my tongue. She gasped and arched her back. She cried out, "Oh! Oh God! Yes!"

Sucking on her clit, I pulled it back into my mouth and shook my head. Her cries grew frenzied. I stopped my efforts, just holding pressure on her. She gasped, her muscles tensing. I redoubled the effort on her clit. Her whole body shuddered as she came, her cries becoming long sobs as I slowed the pace slightly, timing my efforts to coincide with the spasms that shook her.

I brought her down slowly, but didn't let up. Soon she was breathing heavily. I lapped at her gently, and she started to moan. I stroked her clit a little more, then pulled away. She sighed and held out her arms. I lowered myself into her. She took my stiff cock into her easily. As I moved against her she closed her eyes and breathed heavily.


I felt that I had been waiting for this moment for months. Excitement welled up within me. I felt her along the whole length of my shaft, a glorious tingling stimulation. I thrust harder and she squirmed beneath me. I felt her balance shift as she wrapped her legs around me. She pulled me harder into her. Her breath was coming fast.

I was reaching orgasm. I tried to slow down, but Susan didn't play fair. She dragged me into her relentlessly, and I lost control. When I felt myself coming, we slammed into each other. I gasped as I came, shooting into her. She was panting heavily. I grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled against her. She cried out as she came. I felt her sex pulsing around my sensitive cock.

Seeking her mouth, I fastened mine to it. We breathed together as I brought my hands back up, squeezing her breasts.

When I was through, I started to relax. She pulled her face from mine briefly. "Don't stop," she gasped. She kissed the side of my mouth, then joined with me again, her tongue exploring even before our lips met. She tightened her arms around me, squashing my hands against her breasts. Her face was damp with sweat. I felt her tense, then she broke our kiss and groaned heavily. Her nails dug into my back and I felt her body shake.


When she released me, I relaxed my grip on her breasts. Her breathing slowed. She caught her breath. "Oh, God," she said again. "Oh, my."

Lifting myself off her, I lay beside her, toying with her breasts. "'Oh, my' is right," I said. "What came over us?"

"I know what came over me," she replied, "or who came over me. Very satisfying it was, too." Then, narrowing her eyes, "Come on, we knew what we were doing. We're both mature adults."

"Yes, but I'm a happily married mature adult." I realized that I was whining. "Don't get me wrong, I wanted this. I've wanted this for a long time. I just - I've always believed that I would never actually be unfaithful to my wife. It's going to take some getting used to."

"Don't take too long about it," she demanded. "I want more before you go."

"No worries there," I responded. "It's too late for any regrets. When I'm recovered, of course. You wore me out."

"If it helps," she said, I don't want to own you; just to borrow you once in a while would be fine."

I think I dozed for a while; exertion became fatigue, and the day seems to lose an hour.


I was roused from my dazed state by Susan's hair tickling my stomach. She was kneeling over my legs. When I jumped, she looked up at me. "Good," she said, "I didn't want to start without your full attention."

She lowered her head and slowly ran her tongue over the length of my cock. I felt it respond, unfolding in her hand. "Looks like I have your attention after all." She interspersed her words with jabs from her tongue, holding my shaft like a microphone.

"Mmm," she said, sucking the head. "It knows my voice." As I felt her breath on me, my erection hardened. She stroked it with her fingernails, lubricating it with her tongue. As she worked, she kept talking, the vibrations and movement keeping up an erotic rhythm.

She occasionally looked up with tongue extended, probing for sensitive points, twinkling mischief in her eyes. Then she would fasten her mouth on the head, lapping strongly with her tongue, which threatened to overwhelm my senses.

She curled her tongue and painted circles on the underside of my cock. Each movement sent a thrill from my thighs to my fingertips. I was short of breath, adrenaline tingling my chest.

She lubricated a fingertip with the fluid which had gathered at the tip of my cock, rubbing it around the head. Meanwhile she tickled the hair on my balls with her tongue.

Holding my erection between finger and thumb, she pressed it against the back of her tongue and slid it around. I groaned as the sudden stimulus made my cock twitch.

Sensing that I was right on the edge, she engulfed my cock with her mouth, slowly sliding it in and out, lightly dragging her teeth along it. I felt my cock tense. Then she shook her head rapidly up and down. Her hair was flying free, her breasts bouncing against my legs. I tried to resist a moment longer, only to find the need intensifying by the second. My shaft started convulsing. Susan didn't back away as I came, but scrubbed mercilessly on my cock, drawing out my pleasure.

When she finally let me go, I was rapidly going limp. My balls ached slightly. She lay against me. I rolled onto my side to face her and stroked her ass. We kissed; she tasted salty.

"You realize," I spoke softly into her ear, "you have just made me useless for anything else today?"

"We'll see," she said, nibbling my earlobe.


We kissed and fondled one another for a while, then, at Susan's suggestion, we took a shower. We soaped each other all over. Of course, I decided that her boobs needed extra attention, tasting them between soapings.

Kissing her mouth, I ran my hand down her stomach and over her pussy. As I stroked her labia she closed her teeth on my tongue. I slid a finger inside her. She squirmed against me, wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me closer.

Freeing my face, I kissed her breasts again, then lowered myself to the shower floor. She parted her legs as I opened her labia, sliding my tongue inside.

I could not penetrate far from that angle, but the novelty and excitement helped turn her on and soon she was panting. She pressed my head against her. I sucked on her clit. She squealed as she came, trying to keep her balance. The muscles in her thighs quivered with the effort.

When she relaxed, I stood and soaped her down one more time. We washed and dried each other, then kissed, naked and damp. I squeezed her ass, and as I felt her warm breasts flattened against my chest, I felt my overworked cock begin to respond.

So, apparently, did Susan; her eyebrows rose as my cock moved against her pussy. I broke the kiss. "Don't get your hopes up," I said, "it needs much more time to recuperate yet."

"Hmph," she retorted. "It probably just needs a little persuasion."


With that, she led me out of the bathroom, sat me down on the edge of the bed, and knelt down. She applied her persuasion with lips and tongue. Previously she had been gentle, using a delicate touch to prolong my pleasure while keeping me wildly aroused. This was different. This was raw stimulation; her lips over the head of my cock, tongue rubbing like crazy. She wanted me hard, and, somewhat to my surprise, she was getting me there.

She blew new life into tired nerves. As my cock began to stiffen, she shook her head up and down, pouring liquid fire into me. Soon my shaft was completely rigid; a bubble of need growing inside me.

Not letting me back onto the bed, she climbed into my lap. She positioned herself on my erection, her hands linked behind my head, wriggling and pushing until I was deep inside her. Then she fastened her lips on mine and bounced in my lap.

She lifted her knees to my shoulderblades, getting further onto my cock, and a better grip to pull me into her. I released her tongue to fasten my lips around her left nipple. She gripped the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her breast.

I thought she was going to come, but she pulled away from me. She climbed to hands and knees on the bed, legs parted. I knelt behind her, and smoothly slid the length of my shaft into her. I held her waist as I thrust into her.

As her warmth enveloped me, I could feel the ridged softness inside, rubbing against my cock. Reaching around her thigh, I stroked her pussy firmly with my fingers, sandwiching her between my fingers and my shaft. Her pussy tightened around me, sending warm thrills into me. I began to feel a pressure grow within me, a tension that would eventually lead to release.

The effect on Susan was more immediate. She started panting, her gasps growing louder. I thrust harder; she cried out as she came, and I felt her pussy pulsing around me.

The tension grew in me. I kept pushing, but she relaxed and pulled away from me. I tried to hide my disappointment as I slid out of her. I need not have been upset. As I lay back, she straddled me, lowering herself onto me. She lay along me, resting on her elbows so that I could fondle her breasts. She joined her lips to mine and started to move.

I felt her shudder and come very soon. I released her mouth and fastened my lips on her nipple. I held her ass and pushed faster against her, soon feeling her come again. Though she relaxed, I kept thrusting into her, feeling myself reaching my own peak. She recognized my need, and moved strongly against me. My breath was short, and I released her nipple. She immediately flattened herself against me and locked her lips on mine, our tongues crashing against each other.

Her face was damp with perspiration, flushed with exertion and pleasure. I gasped as I came within her. While I was still emptying myself into her, I felt her shudder again. The gentle pulsing of her climax added to the sensations of my overstimulated cock, and for a moment we seemed to lose our individualities and be a single being of shared joy.

We floated gently down. My overworked cock deflated and slipped out of her almost immediately. My balls and muscles ached. The moment of union stayed with us even through our exhaustion. We remained together, she lying along me, kissing now tenderly, touching constantly.


A bond had formed between us, against our better judgments. One we may never acknowledge, even to each other. Doing so would certainly destroy my marriage, and would interfere with Susan's future relationships. We could only part and hope that it would fade with time.

For myself, I would never again be able to trust my "wandering eyes" not to get me into trouble.

When we separated, I took another shower - alone - and dressed to go home. Susan had donned a tee shirt and her jeans. We looked into each other's eyes. I took her hands in mine.

"This has been wonderful," I said.

She nodded, then, "Is it over?"

I reached out and took her in my arms. We held each other for a time.

"I think we both know that it must be," I said. "Don't we?"

I felt her nodding agreement against my shoulder. We hugged for a while, savoring our time together.

I kissed her neck. She turned her face to mine, and our lips met. I stroked her hair as our kiss deepened. We held tightly to each other, wordlessly sharing our passions and desires.

Finally we separated. I took her hand in mine.

"Tomorrow?" I asked.

She smiled shyly and squeezed my hand, then brushed her hair from her eyes.

"Of course," she said.