2 - 3. Interlude - II

Sophie refilled her coffee cup, then took it back to the table in Ben's small, elegant kitchen. She sat across from him, in her casual default - short crop top and shorts. He, the slacker, was still in his pajamas, though it looked like he'd at least showered before she arrived.

The coffee was still too hot to sip comfortably. "I'm glad it went well."

"She's different," Ben said. "I like her. I think I was good for her, though I know that wasn't your goal."

Sophie shrugged. "Let's say it doesn't make me unhappy. She's become a good friend, to be honest. Are you and she done now?"

"I guess," he said. "She said she might want a recharge on the spiritual crap once in a while. I'd be okay with that."

"You couldn't try to talk her into showing some gratitude in my direction?"

Ben laughed. "I see. Your charms failed you?"

She grunted. "She's too straight for her own good. For my good, anyway."

"You want to fuck a girl who already fucked me?"

Sophie wrinkled her eyebrows. "Ewww. You have a point." She laughed, and added sardonically, "I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for my next girl-on-girl fix."

"I'll keep my eyes open," Ben replied.

"You'd better. You owe me."

"Wait, I thought you were repaying me for Ethan."

"As if!" replied Sophie. "Audrey was a long-term project! I started with her well before your hunky friend caught your eye."

"Well, I appreciate all your hard work," he said.

"What I don't get," said Sophie, between sips of her now-drinkable coffee, "is how you didn't scare her away when she sat in your lap."

"Why's that?" Ben asked.

"There is no way," replied Sophie, "that you had a girl like Audrey sitting in your lap without going hard. And the size of your erection is legendary, as you've said yourself."

"I never have!" he objected. "And I can control myself better than that! She wouldn't have felt a thing."

"So it's less legendary than you claim?" Sophie offered, with a laugh.

"I didn't say that," he objected, "but I'm telling you, I didn't get hard. Not until I wanted to," Ben argued.

Sophie stood. Taking both her own coffee cup and Ben's by the handle, she dragged the lightweight table away from him. Then she set the cups down, smirking at Ben's confusion, and closed the gap between them to lower herself onto his upper thighs, facing him.

She gripped his shoulders lightly. "Are you telling me that if I sit here for, say, the next half hour, that you're not going to get hard?" She rocked her hips toward him, then wriggled in his lap.

Ben temporized. "Well..."

"In that top she was wearing... I'm sure you noticed she had no bra."

"Neither do you," he observed.

"Of course you noticed that, perv," she said. "But you didn't answer my question. Am I making you hard? Should I check?"

Ben's eyes flickered in surprise for a moment, then he said, "No need for that, you know damn well you are."

Sophie pressed down on his shoulders as she lifted herself. Her breasts drifted within a half inch of his face as she rose, and she deliberately let her body brush his as she turned away. Ben lifted a hand to run a finger over her belly. "Of course I do," she said, with a grin, "because you're a perv of a big brother."

"Says the sister who flaunts her curves in my face," Ben said, returning the grin.

Sophie drank the rest of her coffee. "Just ensuring I stay foremost in your mind, so you will remember to find me a nice boy-toy. Or a nice girl-toy. Or a not-so-nice toy."

"Like I could ever forget you. Love you, sis," he called as she picked up her bag and headed for the door.

"You too," she replied as she left.