Gina wanted her furniture. Specifically, she wanted her computer chair and stereo, neither of which she had taken with her to college. Since I had business near her college, I loaded the car with what she needed and drove.

Taking care of my customer visit took most of Friday, and it was almost six by I arrived at Gina's house. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Dad."

"Hi Gina. You want your belongings?"

"Sure. Carl!" she shouted into another room. A thin long-haired boy about her age came out. He wore blue jeans, a black tee shirt bearing the logo of a heavy-metal band, and a pair of tennis shoes which had seen better days.

"Dad, this is Carl," said Gina. "He'll help you bring everything in."

Between us we carried Gina's possessions into her room, avoiding piles of books on the floor and other girls in the hallways. Gina shared the house with three other girls, but there seemed to be more than that around.

Carl took it upon himself to set up the stereo, while I went in search of my daughter.

"Thanks, Dad," she said, when I found her. "Listen, you're not leaving tonight, are you?"

I shook my head. "No, I've got a room reserved at a motel. Haven't checked in yet."

"Then would you mind if we visited tomorrow? A friend of Carl's is having a party tonight, and I'd like to go."

"Not a place to take your dad?" I joked.

Gina wasn't sure what to make of that.

"No, it's fine, Gina," I assured her. "I can look after myself. Tell me where I should eat, though."

"Uhhh... let me think."

"Perelli's," said a voice from the sofa. A blond girl sat there, watching us absently.

"Yeah, Perelli's would be good. I'll need to draw you a map."

"I'm hungry," said the girl on the sofa. "Why don't I take him?"

"You sure?" asked Gina.

The girl stood, running her hand through straight hair cut evenly at chin level. She wore a pale blue tee shirt with a low V-neck, tight enough to mold to her full breasts, and thin enough to show that there was nothing underneath, nipples clearly outlined. Her pants were the same thin blue fabric, and likewise looked two sizes too small, despite her slender build. The effect was more like a leotard than a two-piece casual outfit. "Yeah, I'm sure," she said.

"Dad, this is Kara," said Gina.

"Hi Kara," I nodded, "I'm Dean."

She smiled at me briefly. "We'll drop your car at the motel and take mine," she said.

"Okay," I said, and bade Gina goodnight.


Kara came into the motel while I registered, standing beside me at the reception counter. Her presence was an agreeable distraction, though I was sure she noticed how my eyes kept being drawn to her neckline.

Taking the key, I left the motel with her, leaving my bags in the car while we went to the restaurant. She had a small convertible, which she drove quickly and efficiently. I was completely lost when we arrived at Perelli's.

The food was cheap and good, and obviously popular with students. I may have been the oldest customer by ten or fifteen years.

"You know Gina well?" I asked her while we ate.

"Yeah, I guess," she said. "She's my best friend. We study together. We're in mostly the same classes."

"But you didn't go to the party with her."

"Those are Carl's friends, not hers."

"Is she dating Carl?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"What's he like?" I asked.

"It isn't for me to judge," she said, acidly, "and I hope you're not going to quiz me about his suitability for your daughter."

"No, that isn't what I meant." Though perhaps it was...

"She likes him." She paused for a moment. "What the hell, he's nineteen. Other than that, he's fine."

"You don't like nineteen-year-olds? How old are you?"

"Nineteen. Same as Gine and Carl. I just don't go much for guys my age. Mostly they suck. They're like kids."

"It's true that teenage girls seem more mature than boys."

She smiled as if I'd said something significant.

I paid for both our meals. Kara objected, but seemed pleased when I insisted. I told her I appreciated her keeping me company.

"You tired?" she asked as I filled in the credit card slip.

I frowned. "Not particularly."

"There's a bar in the strip across from your motel. They have live bands, usually pretty good. Why don't we go get a beer?"

"Sure," I said. "I haven't seen a live band in... let me just say I think musical styles have changed since then."

"They won't do jitterbug," she said as we stood.

"Hey, I'm not that old."

"I know," she said, and surprised me by taking my hand.


She dropped her car in the motel lot, then, holding my hand again, led me across the street and into a wall of smoke, colored light and discordant sound.

The bar was crowded as well as noisy, but Kara saw some friends at a table, and liberated a couple of chairs for us. The seating was a tight squeeze.

She introduced me to her friends. I noticed she introduced me as "Dean", not as "Gina's dad". But then, perhaps they didn't know Gina.

Somehow, in the noise and crowds, the bar service was efficient, and Kara snagged us a couple of beers.

Turning to face me, she leaned towards me to be heard. The yielding firmness of her breasts pressed warmly into my upper arm. "What do you think?" she shouted to me.


"The band."

"They're okay. They're pretty good, actually."

"They're better after a few beers," she yelled, with a grin. And they were, though I think it was more the effect of getting accustomed to the music than the drink.

Eventually her friends stood to leave, and we figured it would be a good time to go. She grabbed my left hand again, to drag me through the crowds into the clear air.

"Strange," I said. "This is a busy intersection, but it suddenly seems peaceful."

She chuckled. Still holding my hand, she twisted around, trapping it under her left arm, then threading her right between us and around my waist. I could feel her ribs through her tee shirt, though the tips of my fingers lay against softer flesh...

I felt myself getting hard. My pants weren't tight enough to hide the effect she was having on me, and I tried to will myself to ignore her. She was my daughter's age, for God's sake.

In the motel parking lot, I took my small case from my car, and turned to thank her for keeping me company.

"You have coffee?" she asked.


"In the room. You have coffee? I don't want to drive yet, after drinking."

"Oh, yeah, good point. Sure."

She tucked her arm around my waist again, and I carried my case before me, awkwardly trying to hide the bulge in my pants.


I started the coffee brewing, and sat in the narrow-armed chair, thinking perhaps it would help me to distance myself from Kara.

It didn't work, as she perched on the arm of the chair, threading her legs between mine. She leaned against the back of the chair. I could smell faint perfume and musk within the smoky smell her clothes had picked up in the bar. Her breasts were inches from my chin, the low V of her tee shirt almost filling my vision.

With her free hand she fondled my ear.

"What are you doing?" I asked hoarsely.

Softly: "What do you think I'm doing?"

"Kara, I'm a happily married man."

"Not according to Gine."

"So, okay, I'm a married man."

"I know," she said, then she slid her hand around my neck and pulled my face to hers.

I resisted her kiss for maybe a second before letting myself go. When I did, she responded fiercely, hungrily, and my erection became painful within my pants. I stroked her back.

Pushing herself off the arm of the chair, she tangled herself up in me, grabbing my arms for support as I tried to hold her waist. Lips wide, she pressed her tongue into mine. I gripped her waist, then let my hands be drawn upwards, over her ribs and her back.

Pushing back from me for a moment, she took the bottom of her tee shirt, and in one smooth movement pulled it off, her breasts springing free as she slipped it over her head.

"Oh, God," I croaked as she pressed her lips back to mine. I stroked the smooth skin of her breasts, feeling the supple tissue within, then wrapped my hands around and squeezed.

After a moment, she released me, lifting herself higher, and I took an erect nipple between my lips, sucking as much of her boob into my mouth as I could, rubbing the back of my tongue against her nipple.

Her breasts were round and firm, with large dark nipples, which grew harder with my attentions. As I worked, she unfastened my shirt.

Pulling back from me, she kissed my neck and chest, tonguing my nipples. Then my stomach, which tickled, and as I squirmed with arousal, she unfastened my pants, and pried my cock from my underwear.

"God, Kara," I said, as she ran her fingernails along my hard shaft, "you don't know what you're doing to me."

"Oh, yes," she said evenly, looking into my eyes, "I think I do." Then she wrapped her lips around my cock, and I gasped with the intensity of the feeling as she rubbed with her tongue.

As she lowered her head, I leaned over to touch her, stroking her head, then stretching to slide my hands under her arms and over her breasts. I grabbed and squeezed them as she took my cock deep into her throat, thrilling every inch of my erection and setting fire to my senses.

Once she had me far back inside her, she started bobbing her head, sliding me in and out, still rubbing her tongue against me. My body threatened to betray me, my cock tensing for release, but she seemed to sense what was happening, and quickly released me. My cock twitched as I relaxed, trying to will myself down from the precipice, and she looked up at me, a smile in her eyes, as the danger passed.

Lifting herself to meet my lips, she wrapped her arms around my head, pushing her tongue into my mouth as I kept kneading her breasts. Then she drew back.

"Ready for more?" she whispered.

I nodded weakly, and she lowered her face again.

This time she licked and nuzzled my shaft, nibbling at the most sensitive spots, running her tongue over the head. I closed my eyes as she held my cock in her hand, stroking it against the back of her tongue without closing her lips. Then she licked long strokes along its length, moist tingling turning me on.

Changing tack, she licked from the base of my cock to the tip, then closed her mouth over me and took me inside, only to release me and start the stroke with her tongue again. Each time she touched her lips to me, I jumped with arousal.

Then she stopped releasing me, instead keeping me inside her mouth as she slowly pushed her head down, taking my cock far into her. I flattened my palms against her breasts, circling my hands against her chest as she drew me into and out of her mouth.

Bobbing her head up and down, she started to speed up her movements. The thrill in my belly began to build towards release.

"Stop!" I whispered, sharply. "Kara, stop!"

"Why?" she asked, releasing me but tickling the head of my shaft with her tongue.

"Because... because it's going to get messy very soon."

"Isn't that the idea?" she said, and resumed her movements.

"Oh, jeez," I said as she bounced her head up and down, scrubbing with the back of her tongue. I felt the tension ripple along my cock, building unstoppably.

I squeezed her breasts hard and cried out as I came, powerful contractions shaking my body as my cock spurted into her mouth.

After a moment's pause, she moved again, forcing my body to keep up its effort, keeping the exquisite tremors high.

I finally had to lift her head from its task as the stimulation turned too painfully irritating to continue. Her eyes glowed as she looked into mine.

Standing, she put her hands on her breasts and massaged them. "Ouch," she said. "I think you got a little carried away with these."

"Sorry," I answered, "I did."

"I think you need to kiss them better."

"Okay," I said, and, standing, I kneaded her nipples gently with my lips and tongue.

"That's better," she said, kissing me briefly on the lips. Then, nonchalantly, she pulled down her pants and panties, and stepped out of them.

I groaned. "I thought you wanted coffee."

"No, I want you."

"There's not much chance of that," I said, "not for a while."

She stood against me. Kissing my ear, she pulled my shirt off. "Oh, I think we can figure something out."


Leading me to the bed, she climbed onto it, and I lay down beside her. We explored each other with fingers and tongues. I cupped her pussy, and as she parted her legs, I slipped my finger inside. "Mmmm," she said, and sucked my tongue.

She was already wet, and as I explored with my fingers she writhed against me, making small sounds of pleasure as she kissed my neck and ears.

Eventually her gentle noises became gasps of excitement. She bit my ear.

"Stop now," she whispered. "I want your tongue there."

"I don't know if I can," I said. "I've not... I wouldn't know what I was doing."

"You'll figure it out," she said, and drew her knees up as I rolled off her. She guided my face between her thighs, and used her fingers to part her labia. I found myself looking inside her, aroused by the view and her scent.

She guided me to her sensitive places, though I believe I could have found them from her reactions. Her clit was visible, and as I stroked it with my tongue she shivered.

"Ooh, yeah," she said, and I kept up the movement.

I stroked her thighs as I worked, then moved my hands to her ass, squeezing her to me as I pressed more strongly against her clit. She began to moan, and I knew I was succeeding in arousing her.

Her moans became louder, and she gripped my head between her thighs and moved herself against my tongue. When she released me, I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and shook my head. She cried out.

Then, "Suck," she said, roughly, and I pressed my mouth around her clit and sucked hard. I could feel her between my lips, and I scrubbed my tongue against her.

"Oh!" she called out. "OH!"

Then her body seemed to tense, her thighs tight against my head as she lifted her pelvis, pressing against me. I felt her quivering as she came, and I kept sucking and playing with her clit as she groaned slowly.


When she finally relaxed, I kissed her pussy and released her.

"See," she said weakly, "you did just fine." Then she ran her fingers along my hard shaft. "And I'm guessing you enjoyed it, too."

"Damn right I did," I breathed. Turning her on so completely had been a profoundly erotic experience. I wanted more.

As if reading my mind, she pushed me onto my back and lay along me, her breasts squashed against my chest. I ran my hands over her smooth body.

Taking my erection in her hand, she pressed it inside her, then wriggled. I felt warmth enveloping my cock. I knew I wouldn't be ready to come for a time, but this felt great. And perhaps I'd be able to bring Kara back to boiling point, now that I knew how good that would feel.

She didn't take long. Her breathing became heavy, and her eyes softened as she came, gasping quietly. I felt her shuddering around my cock.

Then she lifted herself to her elbows, freeing her breasts, which I sucked greedily, helping her to another climax.

We rolled over, still connected, and she came while we lay on our sides, with her legs hooked around mine, and then again with Kara on her back, legs locked behind my ass as I thrust into her.

While I lay on my back, she sat up. She guided my thumb to her clit, and I pressed against it, squeezing her against my shaft. Without moving, she sighed, then sucked her breath in through her teeth as she came.

I could almost have been jealous of the amount of enjoyment she got from our union, except that her pleasure felt almost as good to me as it must have to her.


She lifted herself off me and turned over, motioning for me to lie down on her back. Again, she used her hand to manipulate me inside her, and we rocked together. She lifted her shoulders to allow me to cover her breasts with my hands, then she laid her hands on mine, relaxing back against the bed, squashing my palms against her chest. I kneaded her breasts gently as we moved.

For a long time we were satisfied just to be holding each other, connected in erotic embrace, but barely moving, then Kara's heavy breathing signaled another approaching climax.

She raised her ass, pulling her legs in slightly, allowing me to get more deeply inside her. Reluctantly, I released her breasts, lifting myself on my hands, letting me push further in. She rocked against me as I moved powerfully into her, and the strangled sounds she started to make clued me in to the strength of her pending climax.

Sure enough, as I thrust into her, she started to moan, then cried out, "Oh, God! Oh, God, it's going to happen! Oh! OH!" And her cries kept rising, exciting me enough to stimulate me into my own release. I pushed harder as her body tensed, and she shrieked as her orgasm took her.

With a few more strokes I found myself on the edge of my own climax, and groaned as I came, still feeling her body shivering around me, Kara making whimpering gasps as we shared our high.

Spent, we finally separated. Kara rolled on her side to face me, and I played with her gorgeous breasts as we shared a last, tender kiss.


In the morning, we shared a shower and its consequences, then I checked out of the motel and drove to Gina's house. Kara was there before me.

"There wasn't much point in taking my car to the motel, was there?"

"Well, I knew that, but you might have taken some convincing."

I shook my head. I had figured that she had my seduction in mind well before I knew about it, but it was strange to hear confirmation.

She sat me in the living room. Slightly clearer of books than the previous day, and certainly emptier of students, but still untidy. "I'll get Gine," she said.

A few minutes later, Gina came into the room. A father should never have to see his daughter dressed like that. She wore a skimpy white negligee, the top hiding nothing, and barely long enough to reach her thin white panties.

"Jeez, Gina, I'm sure you didn't own clothes like that at home."

"No, it was a gift."

I shuddered. "Do you think you could put a robe on, or something?"

She shrugged and left, returning in a robe not much longer than the negligee, but at least it was opaque.

Behind her, Carl walked into the room, bleary-eyed, bare-chested, still fastening the belt of his jeans.

I took Gina by the elbow and led her out of the room, into the kitchen.

"Jesus, Gina, what are you doing? Your mother would have a fit."

She looked at me, her eyes challenging. "Kara didn't come home last night, Dad, and today she's wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Seems to me we both have secrets to keep."

I sighed and shrugged, conceding the point. "Just be careful, okay?"

She kissed me on the cheek. "I always am, Dad."

"By the way," she added, "I think Kara likes you. She wants to know if you're planning to visit for the whole weekend."

I thought for a moment about what was waiting for me at home.

"Hell, why not?" I said.