Lynn didn't see them arrive. They were sitting at a table arguing when she saw them. The girl appeared to be keeping up a monologue. The guy had a resigned look on his face. Lynn wasn't sure if they were there for the dance lesson, or just to drink. Or quarrel.

Lynn picked up a Dr. Pepper from the bar, and headed to the dance floor. Setting her drink down, she picked up the mike, and turned on her accent.

"Cowgirls and cowboys, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Billie's Dancin', Dinin' and Drinkin', the best little dancehall in Texas. Ahm Lynn, and Ahm gonna teach y'all the Texas Two-Step. If you're here for lessons, would y'all please step up here?"

Eight couples left their tables and headed to the dance floor. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon. The combative couple was among them; the girl now casting malevolent looks at Lynn, who decided that whatever her date saw in her, however perfectly sculpted her features, she didn't like the sharp-tongued young woman. Her companion, though ...

He was a little under six feet, lean, with dusty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He had glanced at Lynn a few times, and she had been startled by the intensity of his gaze. He was talking, apparently getting a rare word in as they arrived at the dance floor.

"But Sam, this was your idea. You pushed me into coming here. I'm not going to leave now, I'm going to enjoy myself."

Sam? She didn't look like any Samantha that Lynn could imagine. A Samantha should be firm, gentle, intelligent. This one was a vixen, cruel and selfish.

Which was unfair. Lynn knew that she was being unreasonably judgmental, but that was the opinion she'd formed.

Lynn began the lesson with some individual practice steps. It seemed that everyone was a novice at the two-step, though some seemed to have previous dancing experience. Samantha and her beau caught on quickly; Lynn suspected they were somewhat experienced.

When it came time to coordinate steps as couples, Lynn turned to Samantha. "May I borrow your man?" Without waiting for an answer, she took his arm and turned him to the center of the room.

"Now, face your partner," she said. "Men, put your hand on your lady's waist. What's your name, feller?"

"Luke," replied her temporary partner.

"Luke. That's a good cowboy name. Now, yew jest put your hand right here. Men, if your lady is wearin' jeans, you can hook your thumb through the belt loop." She placed Luke's right hand on her hip, guiding the thumb into her belt loop. "If she isn't, or if you want to get that little bit closer, put your hand on her waist." She unhooked Luke's hand and laid it against her waist. "That's right here, gentlemen. If I see your hands wandering too far from here, your partner has my permission to cut off your ... beer." The other couples laughed. She looked at Luke. "On the other hand, cowboy, yew can put your hands wherever yew like." Everyone laughed again. Everyone but Sam.

She continued the demonstration, showing them the lady's response, left hand on his shoulder, then her right hand clasping his left. She released Luke to his girlfriend, and each couple tried the steps of the dance.

When everyone seemed comfortable, she stopped them and called Luke back to the center.

"Now we're going to put the steps to music, and you'll be ready for the two-step," she said. She and Luke formed the hold. "Not so far apart, cowboy, this isn't a contest to see who has the longest arms. We're supposed to dance together." She pulled him close to her, then raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. "Luke, didn't you read the sign on the door? It says no guns."

Luke looked at her, confused, then as everyone started laughing, recognizing the old Mae West joke, he turned red, but grinned.

She started slow country music, and they stepped around. After a couple of false starts, Luke took to the footwork easily, and they danced through half of the song before Lynn released him to allow everyone to try.

The couples spent the next twenty minutes practicing to different songs until the steps were fluid. Even Samantha was doing well, though her face was stone.

At the end of that time, Lynn called a break. "After a rest, we'll start some twirls, then we'll work on the Cotton-Eye Joe some. There are much fancier Western dances, and if you ever come back for an advanced class, we'll get into them, but a real Texan can two-step to anything."


During the break, Lynn saw Sam and Luke's war of words restart. She thought they would leave at one point, when Sam stood up and grabbed her purse, but Luke talked her out of it. At one point, as she sipped a new Dr. Pepper, she caught the words "the floozy with the boobs". She figured Sam was talking about her, and suppressed a grin.


After the break, she had everyone step to two more songs to warm up, then she called Luke up. She cleared the floor, then took Luke in the familiar hold, placing his hand into the hollow of her waist.

"You're on the other side of the room again, cowboy," she said. "C'mon, pretend you like me." She wriggled a little as she drew him closer. "Mmm ... that's ... much better," she said, huskily, and there was laughter around.

Then a thump as Samantha shoved at a chair, grabbed her purse, and stomped towards the exit. "Oh, shit," said Lynn, and turned off the microphone.

"Sam," called Luke, but she didn't turn, and he didn't make any move to follow.

"Oh, man, I'm sorry," said Lynn. "I didn't mean for that to happen."

"It's okay," replied Luke, quietly. "I've been expecting this for a while. I think she was waiting until she could make the most dramatic exit."

"Damn, I'm really sorry, Luke."

He muttered something obscene.

"I don't think she'd let you right now," said Lynn.

Luke grinned ruefully. "Hell, what else is new? I'm just disappointed that I don't have a partner for your class."

"Don't let that worry you," said Lynn, then she turned the microphone back on. "All part of the service, gentlemen. If you're needing a break from your woman, just call me before the next class. We'll work something out."

The laughter was uneasy but genuine.

"Luke here is gonna partner me for the rest of the class." A few cheers. "Who knows, maybe later I'll teach him to rodeo." Whistles and applause.


In the right hands, Luke was a good dancer, picking up the two-step turns and twirls readily. Lynn asked if he had danced before.

"Not the two-step, but Sam and I have been ballroom dancing for a while."

"That would explain it. You're good."

"Thanks. So are you."

Soon after, Lynn called a halt, and prepared everyone for the "Cotton-Eye Joe". She dragged Luke along to demonstrate, complete with the obligatory words in the chorus: "Bull-Shit" with a leg swing. Everyone joined energetically in the line and the chorus.

When they had exhausted themselves, Lynn called a halt.

"Thank y'all for being here this afternoon. Please, sit down, relax, have dinner and drinks, and enjoy an evenin's dancing at Billie's."

The other couples thanked her. Some left, others took tables and ordered beer.

"I guess I should go now," said Luke. "Thanks for the lesson. Maybe I could sign up for the advanced classes sometime."

"Are you going to be able to patch things up with your girlfriend?"

Luke shook his head. "No, that's over. This was brewing for a while. I think she did me a favor."

"So what are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing, I guess."

"Well, why not stick around? Regular evening dancing will be starting soon. I'll be happy to work with you some more."

"I'd like that," he said. So would I, she thought.


At some point in the evening, Luke detached himself and stared at Lynn.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I think you're a fraud," he said. He was grinning.

"What do you mean?"

"Your accent. You're no cowgirl. You put your Texas talk on when you want to."

"No, cowboy, you're wrong," she said, drawling again. "I wuz jest raised in the wrong town. We learn to compromise in Dallas, since it's full of Yankees and other foreigners. If I'd been born in Fort Worth, I'd be talking right all the time."

"You're really from here?"

"Third generation. I guess that makes me the foreigner, right? Where are you from, Luke?"

"Are you sure you really want to know?"

"I think you just told me. You're a Yankee."

"I guess," said Luke. "I'm from New York."

"Damn, you hide your accent better than I do," said Lynn, grinning.

"Upstate, not city."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" she asked, but continued immediately when he looked offended, "No, I know what it means. Well, you do the two-step well for a Yankee."

He grinned. "Well, I guess you waltz well for a Texan."

She returned the smile and put her arms on his waist. "I guess that makes us even."

"Pity we can't tango to country music."

"That's one dance I don't do well," said Lynn. "Like you say, not much chance to practice in places like this."

He put his hands on her shoulder. "I'd like to help," he said. "I can even take you to a place where we could practice in peace."

"And where would that place be, Mr. Yankee?" Lynn asked, though as she pulled him close she knew from the feel of his body where it was.

"My place."

She lifted her face and slid her lips against his. "And are we going to tango fully clothed?"

She felt his response distinctly this time.

"Not for long, I hope."

She kissed him again. "Let's go."


They didn't speak in the car. Lynn felt a rising excitement. She had never before committed to a sexual encounter in the open. Before kissing, even. She hadn't expected things to move so quickly, but now it wasn't quick enough.

When they arrived at Luke's apartment, she waited for him to close the door behind them, then grabbed his shirt and pulled his face to hers. As they kissed she pulled his shirt out of his pants and grabbed his bare waist. Breathing heavily, he unfastened her blouse, tearing off two buttons in his haste. He reached behind and unhooked her bra, slid the straps over her shoulders and squeezed her breasts. She let the bra fall, and he released her mouth and sucked her nipples, clawing at her belt buckle.

Her jeans fell to the floor, and his hand was inside her panties, stroking, as she unfastened his pants. She felt him slip her panties off, holding her ass as he suckled her breasts. As she freed his cock, she felt his hand slide into her from behind, and she gasped. She held his cock as he compressed her clit, stroking the moistness inside.

"Bed," she gasped. "Or wherever is the closest."

He led the way as they staggered to the bedroom, fighting free of underwear. He sat on the bed, patted the sheets beside him, but instead of lying down, she positioned herself in his lap, her back against his chest. She guided his long cock into her, and he held her breasts as she squeezed down into him. They pushed against each other, slowly, firmly, both groaning with passion. Lynn felt intense delight welling up inside her, joy reaching in from her groin, from her breasts. She turned her head to the right, as far as she could, and met his mouth as he reached forwards. They bucked faster as he squeezed her against him, and she felt the rush of gratification bearing down on her.

Grunting, mouth still locked to his, she felt the relentless onset of orgasm. She reached behind her head, touching his hair, then locking her hands behind his neck, not letting his mouth leave hers as she gasped for breath. Giving him permission to seek his own release. She teetered on the edge, tingling throughout her body. She came, whimpering against him, her cries muffled by his mouth. She had to stop moving for a moment, overwhelmed. Luke groaned, then moved harder against her, compensating. Her senses overloaded, rationality lost, she gripped his neck with her nails, feeling his explosion within her.

She had to break from his kiss, as she gasped for breath. She felt heat in her breasts and face, her forehead damp with sweat. She stroked the back of his head as she continued to feel his cock brushing her sensitive clit. She drew his face back to her, then removed her hands, covering his as he fondled her breasts. They kissed languorously as they drifted back into reality.


Lynn rolled off him and lay on her back. Luke positioned himself alongside her, trailing his tongue over her hard nipples. Then his fingers slid down between her legs, stroking her pussy.

"Ooohhhh." The sound escaped as the sharp edge of arousal bit into her. His delicate probing filled her with warmth. She relaxed, closing her eyes, yielding control of her body, her involuntary responses triggered by his lips and fingers.

He released her. She felt him moving on the bed, then his tongue circled her pussy. Hungry with anticipation, she stroked his head. His tongue slipped inside her, and she started rocking her hips, squeezing her pussy against his chin.

He responded by tonguing her clit firmly, pushing her stimulation to the limit and beyond. She gasped in pain, but didn't hold him back, as the discomfort turned to enjoyment. Propelled beyond the point of no return, she grabbed his hair, holding him in place as he completed his wonderful task. Her head buzzed, pressure behind her eyes, then her being throbbed with delight as she came.


When Luke released himself and lay back on the bed, Lynn nestled against him. He caressed her breasts.

"So, you like big-boobed floozies?" she asked.

"You heard that?"

"Uh-hunh. What else did she call me?"

"Nothing I'd repeat in the presence of a lady," replied Luke.

"Thanks for the compliment, cowboy."

She slid her hand down his belly and stroked his cock. He cupped her breast as she stretched her face to his. Their lips mashed together, tongues exploring.

As they devoured each other, she felt his shaft slowly swelling. She pulled away from him, turning over on the bed, and took him into her mouth. Dragging her teeth gently along his length, she felt him come alive, hardening. He groaned with pleasure as she swayed her head up and down, stroking his cock against the roof of her mouth.

She released him. Straddling him, she lowered herself onto his now-hard erection, stretching her legs behind his head. Taking his arms, she pulled him into a sitting position, holding him upright with her hands behind his neck. His face was level with her breasts, and he took her nipples alternately into his mouth as she rocked slowly against him.

When she felt arousal becoming too intense, she stopped moving. She wanted him to share in her pleasure. She slid off him, and as he laid back, she lay on top of him, allowing his cock to penetrate slowly, rhythmically squeezing herself against him until he was completely inside her.

She lifted herself to look at him, her breasts stroking his chest. He cupped and squeezed them as they moved together. As he squeezed her nipples, her resolve to wait until he was ready shattered, and she lay back down along him, pushing herself forcefully against him. He responded, grabbing her ass and crashing into her as she climaxed. Still coming, she rolled over, dragging Luke with her. He quickened the pace, his face glowing as she sensed he was finally able to come again, and she helped him along by squeezing his butt. She kissed his ear, biting his earlobe.

Feeling him tense, she threw herself into her effort, wrapping her legs around his butt, kissing his neck. She hugged him tightly, and as he came she felt herself ready to respond in kind. She gripped him, gritting her teeth, then "Don't stop," she whispered in his ear. She groaned as the power started to build, breathing shallowly, gasping for breath as she reached the top. She crested, and as passion overwhelmed her, she sought his mouth, their tongues joined as they held on to the intimacy of sexual release for as long as possible.


In the afterglow of love, she caressed his hair. "Mister, I don't think I can teach you anything about rodeo."

He grinned. "I'd still like that tango, though."

"Yeah, tomorrow. If you'll let me stay. Of course, I'll have to sleep naked."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Lynn left the room to retrieve her purse, which she had dropped with most of her clothes by the door. In it was the toothbrush she always carried; she may not have any clothes to sleep in, but that wasn't important if she could brush her teeth.

When they returned to bed, she nuzzled his neck, and fell asleep against him


A harsh ringing interrupted Lynn's sleep. She grabbed at the nightstand for her alarm clock, but it wasn't there. There was a phone, and she picked it up.

"Hello?" she said, groggily.

There was a slight pause, then a click as the remote party hung up.

"Who was it? " came a muffled voice, startling her.

"Wrong number," she grunted. Memories of last night's love-making had started to filter through. She turned back to Luke and snuggled against him.

She next woke to a loud bang as the door was flung open. Samantha stood there, an expression of horrified hatred darkening her face.

Luke grabbed for the sheet, which was down at his waist, and pulled it up to cover Lynn's breasts.

"Oh, my God," said Samantha. Lynn couldn't help smirking. Then Samantha strode across to a closet and opened it wide. As she dug through the clothes, Lynn felt apprehensive. She rolled away from Luke, and reached for her purse. She held it open, hiding herself with it, when Samantha pulled out a baseball bat. She swung it against a picture on the wall, smashing the glass. The picture fell to the floor.

"So, Luke, shall I break your head or hers first?"

"Sam, please ..." began Luke.

Lynn interrupted. "Now, Miss Samantha, don't yew know it ain't wise to get a Taixun gal all riled up?"

"Why?" sneered Samantha. "What will you do."

Lynn drew her hand from her purse, and had the satisfaction of seeing Samantha's face drain of color as she saw the stainless steel .38.

"Jest in case yew don't know, the law says if you're gonna hurt me, Ah can shoot yew. Now, Ah don't rightly care if yew leave here on two legs or on four, but since Ah don't really want fer this bullet to go through yew and into someone worthwhile, Ah'd jest as soon you left on two. So, drop the billy club."

Samantha looked at her for a moment, gauging her. Lynn snapped off the safety, and Samantha gingerly lowered the bat on the floor.

"How'd she get in, Luke?"

"She has a key."

"Do you want her to keep it?"

"Not after this."

"Yew heard the man, Miss Samantha. Your key."

Samantha took her keyring, pried off a key, and threw it on the floor beside Luke.

"Now," said Lynn, "Git."


"My God," exclaimed Luke, as Samantha slammed the front door. "Is that loaded?"

"Wouldn't be much good otherwise," answered Lynn. She checked the safety and set the gun back in her purse. "I do have a permit."

"Would you have used it?"

"I wouldn't make a threat if I was unwilling to follow through," she said. "Have you seen what a baseball bat will do?"

"No," he replied.

"I have," she said. "If your Sam had, she wouldn't be waving one about like a cheerleader's baton."

"I don't think she's my Sam anymore. If she ever was."

"What a way to wake up," grumbled Lynn. She stretched and stood. Luke's eyes appreciatively tracked her progress to the bathroom. She started the shower and brushed her teeth. "Mmmm. Looks like a squeeze."

"What's that?" asked Luke.

"The shower. Looks like a tight fit for two."

"It can be done," he said.


It was an especially tight fit for Luke, since Lynn's teasing about his erection made it worse. When they emerged from the shower, he couldn't walk comfortably.

"We need to do something about that," said Lynn, eyeing him mock-critically.

They toweled off quickly. As Luke dried his hair, towel over his eyes, Lynn crouched, grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her tongue. He jumped, then stood, watching her, rapt look on his face.

"Now I really can't walk," he said as she released him and stood. She turned him towards the door and pushed.

He hobbled over to the bed and sat. She sat on his knees, facing him, then took hold of his cock and stroked her pussy with it. She slid over it so that it was less than an inch inside her. Then she squeezed her thighs, tightening around his shaft.

She felt herself growing moist as the tip of his cock brushed lightly against her. Luke cupped and fondled her breasts, and she leaned forwards to kiss him. Their tongues stroked together, but she didn't allow him any more entry, just squeezing herself around him.

Luke slid a hand down her stomach and brushed her pussy, gently rubbing her against his cock. She gasped as a sharp thrill pierced her. As he kept fondling, she felt the force of her arousal grow. She released his mouth, keeping her face a couple of inches from his, looking into his eyes. "Keep doing that," she whispered.

She sat almost completely still, just pushing slightly against his fingers, feeling the tip of his cock brush her clit. He returned her gaze, his eyes mirroring the deep well that was her growing joy. She tried to control her breathing as the moment approached, found herself panting shallowly through her nose.

Then it was upon her. Her mind buzzed with delight as her breath caught. She fought to keep her eyes open, rewarded with the elated look on Luke's face as he shared her ecstasy. She leaned forward again, their tongues mingling as the delicious spasms slowed.

As the intensity ebbed, Lynn slid forwards on Luke's lap, allowing his hard shaft to slide inside her. Her head higher than his, she kissed his upturned face, slipping her arms around his neck. Her breasts nestled on his shoulders. He held her ass, compressing himself into her. Her sensitized clit responded with warmth as they slowly rocked together.

Luke dropped his face to her breasts, suckling greedily, supporting her with his hands on her shoulderblades, holding her to him. She lifted her knees to his shoulders, pressing him further into her, and he moaned with the added stimulation. Still they rocked slowly.

Lynn felt another surge of orgasm approaching, and let it wash over her without changing pace. The feel of her climax moved Luke, though, and he started bucking against her. As her moment was passing, his began, and she felt his cock quake inside her, against her exquisitely sensitive clit. She held his face to her breasts, the warmth of his tongue still wonderful as she floated down from her high.

Still connected, they kissed again.

"Wow," said Luke, breaking away.

"You can say that again, cowboy," she breathed.

"I'd rather do that again," he retorted.

"Long as I'm here to help," said Lynn.


Releasing him to lie back, she slid off his thighs. The stimulation of his still fairly hard cock dragging against her clit made her gasp, then she lay alongside him, curled a leg over his, and kissed his neck.

"What about this tango, mister?" she asked.

"Er ... I lied. I don't know how."

Lynn chuckled. "I guessed as much. Would you like to partner me at lessons?"

"Sure, I'd like that. As long as we can dance our own version later."

Lynn nodded.

"Tell me something," murmured Luke. "What do you do for a living?"

"What would you imagine I do?"

"Well, I guess you're not a professional dance instructor."

"Right. That's one day a week, and I only do it because I like it."

"OK, then I'd guess a country singer, or a DJ. Or maybe you work at the rodeo."

Lynn grinned. "Nope."

"Then what?"

"Are you ready for this?"

"Sure," said Luke.

"I'm a CPA."

There was a moment of shocked silence, then Luke burst out laughing. "You're an accountant? I would never have guessed."

"Well, lover, as you can see, it's an exciting life."

They both laughed.

"Oh, and Luke," she said, "about those private dances?"


"I think we need more practice."

He rolled over to face her. She pressed her breasts against his chest as their lips joined, and they began their sensuous dance.