I couldn't immediately place the voice, though it had a musical quality that seemed familiar. The phone had been ringing as I returned from my Friday lunch, and I had barely managed to catch it before it rang over to my voicemail.

"Alec, are you in the middle of anything?"

"No," I replied. "Just getting back in from lunch".

"Great," she said. "I don't know if you remember me, but this is Tracy, Kimberley's mom."

"Oh, I certainly do." I had spent a couple of hours in her company the previous weekend, when I took my daughter Sarah to Kimberley's fifth birthday party. The party was catered at the Party Palace, but there were several young girls and no other parents, and Tracy appreciated my acting as kid-spotter and -rounder-upper. "Are you fully recovered from last weekend?"

"Yes, I think so," she said. "It's partly because of that I'm calling. Sarah and Kimberley are very close at the preschool, and Kim has been pestering me to let Sarah sleep over. I've been putting her off by telling her that she's too young, but after her birthday she decided she was a 'big girl'. I asked the school for your work number so that I could talk to you about it. I hope you don't mind."

"Well, I know that she would have a good time with you." Indeed, meeting Tracy had been a pleasure. She seemed very young to be as efficient as she was, but was gentle and attentive with the kids. I remember thinking how much Jennifer would have liked her, and how happy she would have been with our daughter's choice of friends. "I'm fine with the idea if you are."

"Well, I'm certainly willing to try, as long as I can have a number to reach you if Sarah isn't happy. Is she doing anything tonight? Is that too short notice?"

"No, that would be fine," I replied, "though I'll need to take her home to pick up some things. Give me your address and I'll bring her over."


Six thirty found me parking outside an attractive mid-sized house in the suburbs. I took Sarah and her bag inside. While Sarah and Kimberley ran off to Kimberley's room, I accepted a soft drink from Tracy.

"I didn't think about this when you called," I said, "but I should have warned you I won't be able to reciprocate. Since I'm a single parent - well, I'd probably be even more uncomfortable about looking after someone else's daughter than they would entrusting her to a single dad."

"I understand," she replied. "Don't feel that you have to have Kimberley over. I offered to do this because I want to."

"Thanks," I said. "I appreciate what you're doing. Sarah has it tough, just being around me all the time. This is going to be really good for her."

"She doesn't have any brothers or sisters?" asked Tracy. "When I've seen you arrive at the school in your minivan, I've always assumed Sarah was part of a large family."

"I should have traded the van in years ago." I wondered whether to stop there. Most people prefer to avoid hearing painful answers, but Tracy had an attentive expression, and I continued. "Buying the van was one of the last things Jennifer and I did together, and we were so proud of it. We had planned to have three kids. The van was a kind of promise to ourselves that we really meant it. Sarah was six months old when we bought it."

I didn't say anything for a while. Tracy was perceptive enough not to break the silence. Her eyes were fixed on my face, waiting for me. We could hear the two girls laughing in Kimberley's room. "On the evening of the day we bought it, Jennifer was sick. She thought it was fatigue from dealing with car salesmen. When it didn't clear up, she went to the doctor. It was already too late. It would probably have been too late if they had found it when Sarah was born. She died just before Sarah's first birthday."

My eyes had become damp. Tracy brought a box of tissues over and sat beside me on the couch. She rested her hand on the back of my wrist, but didn't speak. I wiped my eyes. "I'm sorry, I don't usually talk about this. I shouldn't have said anything."

"Don't apologize. I didn't know I was asking about a painful subject, but I'm glad you told me. Most people I know would have avoided saying anything."

"I usually do, too. Most people I know don't want to hear anything."

"Isn't that the truth." She was silent for a moment. "You really miss her, don't you?"

I nodded. "I think I always will. It's... strange, really. It doesn't hurt anymore. Well, sometimes. What does hurt... what hurts is that she didn't hear Sarah's first word, or see her stumbling about, trying to walk. She'd have loved to be here, listening to her playing with her best friend." I had to take another tissue. "And Sarah - for a long time she kept asking me to buy her a baby sister. What hurts now isn't my loss, it's knowing what Sarah and Jennifer lost."

I wiped my eyes again, then looked at Tracy and grinned weakly. "I'm sorry. Perhaps one day I'll tell you about their last few weeks together. I don't think you have a big enough box of tissues here, though."

"I always thought 'sensitive nineties men' were a myth." She was teasing, not mocking. She squeezed my wrist and dropped my hand. She gestured at my glass. "Can I get you something a little stronger?"

"And I thought 'sensitive nineties women' were equally fictional." I grinned a little more convincingly. "Sure. Whatever you're having."

She poured us each a good sized shot of bourbon, handed me one and sat back down beside me. She leaned back into the corner of the couch, away from me, but watching me intently. "I would like to hear that part of the story some time. When you feel able to tell it."

"That may not be very soon," I said, "but I think I'd like to take you up on that. It's a time I've never talked about, or even thought much about. I try to tell Sarah as much as I can about Jennifer, and one day I'll have to talk to her about it. She needs to know just how much her mom loved her."

Tracy nodded slightly and sipped at her drink. "I have somewhat the opposite problem to you," she said.

I raised an eyebrow slightly, and she continued. "I'm almost envious. Not of your loss, or your pain, of course. Of your memories, and of having something worthwhile to share with your daughter." She sipped her drink again, and I noticed that most of it had gone. She shivered slightly. "My husband, Bob, left on a business trip two years ago with his secretary, and didn't come back. Except to collect his things." She swirled what's left of her drink around, and stared at the glass. "That wasn't really a big deal. We'd been strangers living in the same house for a year or two before that. Since about the time Kim was born."

She looked back up at me. Her eyes were hard. "What was... is hard to deal with is why and how. He said he was bored with us." I must have looked as startled as I felt. I could possibly have imagined Tracy being many things, but boring wouldn't be anywhere on the list. She responded to my puzzlement. "Those were his exact words. I have my own ideas, but that's what he said, and I'll always wonder whether it was true. Worse was how he did it."

She leaned over and put her glass down on the coffee table. It wasn't quite empty. "When he told me that he wasn't coming back, I was concerned for Kimberley. I didn't want her to be hurt by a custody battle, or by divided loyalties with joint custody. Still, I planned to agree to joint custody, because I didn't want her to miss her dad."

She looked away as she continued. "He didn't want anything to do with her. 'She's part of my old life,' he said. Which meant she was one of the boring things he was leaving behind. How in hell," she enunciated each word distinctly, "do you tell a three-year-old kid that her dad doesn't want her anymore?"

I shook my head and let out an epithet. She smiled tightly.

"Well, that was the point where I decided that I'd retain the most expensive divorce lawyer I could find. He didn't know what hit him. His airhead secretary left him and her job behind when she saw what was coming down. Funny, in the end I think she was smarter than he was." She reached for her drink again. "I don't regret it, and I'm long past being bitter. It can still make me angry when I think about it. You didn't notice, did you?" Some humor returned to her smile as she looked at me. "I still have trouble with Kim, though. She doesn't ask about him anymore, but she often talks about her friends' families, and wishes there were more than just a mom to play with. That's why I really wanted to have Sarah come over. If it's okay with you, I'd like to do that more often."

"See if you survive the night, first," I told her. "If you do, if you want... I could leave her all weekend. You can call me in the morning and let me know.

"Okay," she said. She finished her drink and put the glass down. "Do you have anything else to do this evening? Perhaps you'd like to stay with us for a time. I was going to take the girls for pizza."

That sounded much better than going home and watching HBO. "Sure, that sounds good."

"Well then, keep an eye on the youngsters while I go get changed."

I wasn't sure why she needed to change. She was dressed casually but attractively in a light skirt and sweater. Tall and slender, with small high breasts, she looked quite lovely. When she returned, she was wearing an embroidered black silk blouse, jeans so tight they had to be made of shrink-wrap, and cowboy boots. She had let her hair down and reworked her makeup; tasteful, but alluring; quite seductive. The overall effect was stunningly sexy.

"Wow," I said. "are you really someone's mother?"

She blushed slightly and smiled. "It isn't often I go out with anyone other than Kim. I thought I'd wear something attractive."

Attractive - well, that was perhaps an understatement. "May I ask you something? You act like you've been a mother all your life, but you look too young to have a five-year-old. How old are you?"

She colored again. "I'm twenty-seven." She looked no more than her early twenties in that outfit. She made my twenty-nine seem positively old. "Kim was born just after I graduated, so I've been a mom for my whole working life."

I shook my head and smiled. "You've been through a lot. You should look ten years older than you are, not five years younger."

"It's the exercise of chasing a five-year-old around the house. And clean living, of course."

"Of course," I echoed.

"As if there's ever opportunity for anything else," she grinned. "Shall we collect the kids?"

The girls were excited about going to eat pizza, and doubly so that I was coming with them. Sarah said that was "cool".

At the pizza restaurant I sat with Tracy keeping a distant but careful eye on the kids. The girls wouldn't stay with us, of course, wanting to play every game in the kids' section.

I enjoyed Tracy's company immensely. She was a very intelligent woman. Again I was struck by the difference between how young she appeared, and how mature she acted. She was a project lead engineer for her company, and there had been recent talk about moving her into management, which would make her the youngest manager in the company.

She attributed that success partly to having to survive effectively as a single parent even when her husband was at home, and having become more focused and far more determined through working with her divorce attorney. "When I want something now," she said, "I will rarely take no for answer, and then only if it is the best answer." As if to belie that point, she flushed slightly and looked down at her food.

One of the waitresses, refilling our drinks, complimented us on our well-behaved kids, and asked if they were twins. Tracy was sipping her soft drink, so I replied.

"No, the fair-haired one is almost six months older than the other." Then I put my arm behind Tracy, and squeezed her shoulder possessively. "Isn't she a wonder?"

Tracy almost choked on her drink, and after a coughing fit had to ask for another. I took my arm away and gathered up napkins for her. The waitress didn't know what to make of the situation, and went to get her a new glass. After she left, Tracy hit me hard on the leg. "That was mean," she said, but her eyes were bright with amusement.

After the waitress had brought her replacement drink, and order was restored, Tracy asked if I'd like to pick up a video on the way home, and watch it while the kids played. I told her that sounded very enjoyable.

Tracy smiled. "I remember dating being dinner and a movie. Is pizza and a video the nineties version, or just the single parents' version?"

"Are we dating?" I was genuinely curious. I was enjoying being with her, but somehow hadn't seen this as a date.

Tracy turned bright red. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking aloud."

"If you don't stop blushing, I'm not going to believe all these stories about you being determined and assertive. If you want this to be a date, it's a date. Frankly, I think that's the nicest idea I've heard in a long time."

Tracy smiled shyly. "Thank you," she said. "I may try to be an aggressive b... umm, person at times, but I don't have much practice with any kind of personal relationships. In some things I'm as shy as I was at nineteen."

I reached down and covered her hand with mine. "That's nothing to be ashamed of," I said. "If I really did think you were aggressive, I'd think you were faking the blushes because you know they make you look even more adorable."

She turned her hand over and gripped mine tightly, and we sat hand in hand until we decided it was time to collect the kids and leave.

We stopped by the video rental store and picked up movies for the kids and ourselves. I cringed when Sarah wanted a Barney tape, but Kimberley talked her into getting Winnie-the-Pooh instead. For ourselves we wanted something light, and we took "Four Weddings and a Funeral" away with us.


Back at her house, Tracy set the kids video up, and took me into the bedroom, where there was another TV and VCR in a small sitting area with a couch and table. She went back out to brew coffee for us.

When she returned, I asked her about the house. "It seems like a big place to manage with one income and a kid. How do you survive?"

She raised an eyebrow. "I told you, I had a good lawyer. Bob had plenty of money before we were married. I think he'll have the sense to get a pre-nup next time."

She sat beside me on the couch. "I've wondered about moving. This house is too big for the two of us, but I've always liked it, and moving is such a wrench. I don't even know when I'd find the time. Besides, who knows, one day I may need a bigger house again."

"I hope so," I said seriously. "You deserve better than the rushing around a single mom must do. You're going to need more emotional support, too. I'm dreading Sarah's teen years, myself."

Tracy leaned against me. "Don't remind me," she said. She lifted my arm and draped it over her shoulder.

We enjoyed the movie, even with several kid-sized interruptions. Eventually we bundled the girls off to bed. After that, Tracy sat on the couch and leaned back against me, resting her head on my shoulder. I restarted the movie, and we watched the end.

When it was over, I squeezed Tracy's shoulder. "Thank you for a wonderful first date," I said. "Pizza and video it may have been, but I enjoyed myself more than I have in a long time."

She put her hand over mine. "I hope it isn't over quite yet." She tilted her head further back and parted her lips slightly. I lowered my face to hers, and our lips met. She swiveled around slightly and put her arms around me.

We sat together, kissing slowly but deeply. I ran my hands over her back, caressing the silk against her. It took a moment to realize that there was nothing beneath the silk. I was sure I had seen the outline of a bra strap under her shirt earlier. She must have slipped it off in the bathroom. The realizations both that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that she removed it especially for my embrace were powerful turn-ons, and I found myself responding.

I pulled her shirt gently out of her jeans, and ran my hands over her bare back. She unfastened my shirt.

After a moment, I pulled back. "I think I should leave." My voice sounded strained.

"Oh." There was disappointment in her face. She buried her face in my shoulder. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. It's because of your wife, isn't it?"

"No, that isn't it, at all." I was slightly surprised. "Actually, I was thinking last weekend how much Jennifer would have liked you. I think she'd approve of... of you and me becoming close."

"Then what is it? Don't you want me?"

"Oh, yes. I do. Very much. I just think... we may become... important to one another. I wouldn't want to jeopardize that by rushing anything. I don't want you ever to feel that I just wanted to jump into bed with you."

"You mean that? Do you think we may be together for more than just tonight?"

"I'd like to think so. You're a very lovely woman, and I have really enjoyed being with you. I would hate to spoil that."

She sighed. "Well, this is a pretty picture. I thought if I got you into bed, you'd be more likely to want to stay with me, and because you want to stay with me, you won't go to bed with me. Can we compromise? Make love to me and stay with me?"

I hugged her. "You could very easily talk me into it. There's another problem, though. I wasn't expecting to be seduced by a beautiful woman, and I'm not, umm, prepared".

She got up from the couch, reluctantly, and took my hand. She led me to the bed, and I stood as she dug around in the nightstand. After digging a moment, she pulled out an unopened box of condoms.

"I just hope these things don't have an expiry date."

I held her waist and kissed her. I unbuttoned her shirt. I put my hands under it, on her shoulders, and stroked my fingers down to her breasts. They were not as small as I had expected. They were perfect, works of art. Firm, cream-colored, silky smooth, with hard, dark nipples. One tiny brown freckle just above the left nipple. I caressed them as her tongue met mine.

I lowered myself to one knee, and stroked her back, drawing her breast into my mouth. She ran her hands over my head as I sucked and played with her nipple.

Still kissing that wonderful breast, I unfastened her jeans and pulled them down. I had to release her while she pulled her boots off and stepped out of her socks and jeans. I removed my outer clothes, and we stood. I held her to me, lips joined to hers, my hands on her ass, squeezing her to me. I was hard beneath my underwear, and she squirmed against me.

I lay down on the bed, on my back, and lifted her to lie on top of me. She lifted herself up, and I took a nipple into my mouth, and cupped and fondled the other with my hand. We writhed against each other, turned on by the feel of our bodies in contact.

I rolled over so that we were both lying on our sides. "I have to warn you," I said, "it has been over four years for me." Her dark eyes were wide, understanding. "I'm likely to be a disappointment to you at first."

"That's okay," she breathed. "we can keep trying."

"Let me take care of you for a while, first." I kissed her and rolled her onto her back. I positioned myself over her, and gradually moved down, kissing her neck, her breasts and her stomach. Then I slid further down and kissed her thighs.

I peeled her panties back, and stroked her pussy with my fingers. I planted small kisses around and on it. I positioned her knees high, legs apart, and opened her up just a little with my fingers. I kissed her lips and licked gently with the tip of my tongue. I pulled the panties the rest of the way off. As I opened her up further I went in deeper with my tongue.

When I knew that she was wet enough, I got two fingers inside her, and started stroking rhythmically. I ran my tongue around and inside, rubbing with my tongue wherever she responded best. She was breathing unevenly, excitedly, but still quite relaxed.

I kept this light treatment up for several minutes, as she slowly got more turned on. When she started moving slightly, tensing her muscles and pressing into my face, I began to brush up close to, and finally just on, her clitoris. As I stroked it, she responded more earnestly, moving faster and breathing louder.

I flicked my tongue against her clit, gently and quickly, and she gasped. I curled my tongue around her and sawed with it. She started tensing and relaxing regularly. I started flapping my tongue against her when I felt her tense, and she would shiver slightly.

I gingerly put my lips around her clit, and squeezed gently. She stiffened, and started panting. I rubbed with my tongue as well, and I heard her make quiet sobbing sounds as I felt her come. I stroked her gently with my tongue as she kept coming. I could feel her heartbeat pounding against my lips.

Finally I released her. She drew me back to her. She threw her arms around my shoulders and held me tight. With her mouth up to my ear, she whispered, "No-one has ever done that to me before. That was wonderful."

And her husband thought she was boring?

She whispered to me again. "I want you inside me, but will you let me do that to you, later?"

I nodded dumbly. "You have to ask? Just the thought makes me tingle."

She pulled her head back, and I saw her broad smile. "No, I didn't think I had to ask. I wanted to make you a promise, because right now I do want you inside me, while I'm still all warmed up by what you just did."

She rolled off me and opened the condom box. She relieved me of my underwear, and stroked my cock. "Oh. Never mind the expiry date, I hope these stretch far enough"

She straddled me while she opened the small package. She unrolled the condom onto me with long, firm strokes of her hands, which I felt all the way up to my eyeballs. I exhaled and tried to relax. It would be embarrassing if I came before I was inside her.

She slowly engulfed my cock, and remained squatting against me. I started rocking gently. I really didn't want to disappoint her, though, and I knew that if I started moving I'd come almost immediately. Instead I reached under her butt and pressed in on my shaft, pushing it against her clit. She shuddered, and I rubbed my cock into her. This didn't do much for me, but it started Tracy gasping on the road to another climax.

Before she crested, she lay down along me, and I started thrusting against her. She came before I did, which I wouldn't have believed possible. My own orgasm wasn't particularly strong, it was too quick for that, but as the first in years and inside a partner I was dangerously fond of, it felt absolutely magnificent.

We relaxed against each other and kissed deeply. I had to lift her off me to remove the condom, she was so reluctant to move. As it was I barely managed before it would have collapsed and defeated its own purpose.

We lay side by side, holding hands like teenagers, slowly coming back down to earth.

"It's nice to know all the parts still work," I commented.

"Still?" she replied. "I think some of mine were working for the first time. Bob didn't make me feel like that even on honeymoon."

I probably shouldn't ask this, I thought, but there's an implication there that I can't ignore. "Surely, there have been others? It can't have been all bad?"

She lay motionless and silent, and I started to think I'd made a major blunder. Eventually, though, she spoke, quietly. "I'm not sure how you're going to react to this. Apart from my husband, I have never made love to anyone. Just you, now."

I was overwhelmed. Since Jennifer, my sex life had been non-existent, but that was different. Jennifer and I had parted on very loving, if heartbreaking, terms. I had not wanted to replace her. Tracy was an attractive, sexy, lively young woman, coming out of a none-too-exciting marriage. She must have had plenty of offers of intimate relationships.

Besides, Jennifer and I both had our share of sexual encounters before we met each other. The experience we'd picked up on the way had been an important part of our loving. It was hard for me to imagine someone as full of life as Tracy having been celibate before or after her marriage.

"I'm finding that I understand you less all the time," I say. "You say you are, no, you are a very confident, self-assured woman. I know that that's true, but you blush at the mention of anything personal. You're gorgeous, you're intelligent, you have a... well, I didn't need to see you naked to know that you have a great body. You dress like someone who knows just how attractive she is. In that shirt and jeans this evening, well, you were stunning. You're the definition of sensual. You tell me your husband was bored with you, and now you tell me you haven't been dating. It doesn't add up."

"I guess it looks that way. Do you want me to try to explain?"

I looked at her expectantly, and she sighed and continued.

"I was terminally shy. Embarrassingly so. Bob and I married when I started college, and for a while I think he was my only friend. The problem was, I think, that's what he wanted, someone who was totally dependent on him.

"He had family money, and wanted me to get out of college, or else do something non-technical, something womanly," she made this sound like a mild epithet, "for four years, then stay home and wait on him. Instead, I didn't use his money, I worked my way through college, and worked damned hard on gaining some confidence and maturity. Coming to the end of college I started to believe I could really make my own way in the world.

"I think that's why he got me pregnant when he did. I hadn't planned for Kim, and I still don't know how he talked me into it, but I think he saw a baby as a way to keep me home. Instead, I went to work as early as I could, and started to achieve something with my life.

"I didn't say Bob was bored with me. I said he said he was bored with me. Frankly, I think he was threatened by me. The secretary he took up with was a sweet young clueless thing, a couple of years out of high school. A lot like me, when we married."

I was nodding in agreement. This made far more sense than his leaving through boredom. "And the... the sex, and dating?" I asked.

"I am still a little shy in relationships. There hasn't been as much opportunity to grow there as there has been in other areas. Dating's difficult for a single mother, but it isn't impossible. I've dated, I just haven't slept with anyone.

"Bob never had any interest in learning about sex, or in experimenting. I think he really felt that if he enjoyed it, that was it. It was okay for me, but I realized when I was still at college that it wasn't anything to write home about. I occasionally managed to... to come before he finished. I think if I'd suggested paying some extra attention to me because he might be through too quickly, like you did," she squeezed my hand, "he'd have just been puzzled. He wouldn't have seen the problem.

"After we separated, I decided that I simply wasn't interested in running the risk of sex being meaningless. It wasn't that I felt a great need to avoid it, just that I wasn't really interested until someone very special came along. Tonight... tonight, someone did. See, that's what you get for trying to embarrass me with words like 'sensual' and 'gorgeous'." She squeezed my hand again as she said it.

"I guess I'd better avoid that mistake again."

She rolled over to face me. "Oh, no, you can make it whenever you like. You made me feel very special, too."

We kissed, and held each other close. Knowing that she had saved the delights of her body for me was quite a rush. And quite intimidating, too.

"With a resolution like that," I said, "you can't have been planning to jump into bed with someone on your first date. Why... me?"

"Lots of reasons. I enjoyed your company last weekend. I guess when Kimberley kept nagging at me about Sarah I was hoping that perhaps you were a single parent. I felt very guilty about that when you told me about your wife. I'm really sorry."

"You weren't to know, and I am legitimately single. Please don't let it upset you."

"Then when you told me about her, you so obviously did - do - love her. You love Sarah. You're obviously capable of giving real love, and it's something that's an important part of your life. The thing that clinched it, though... it's silly, really. You told me that being on a date with me was the nicest idea you'd heard in a long time. It was so... genuine, such an enchanting thing to say, and you weren't saying it to get into my pants. Suddenly that was exactly where I wanted you. I kept thinking how it would feel for you to put your hands all over me. The wonder is I wasn't red as a beet the whole evening."

"Did the reality measure up?"

"More than," she said quietly. "I'm not good at fantasizing about anything I haven't experienced. I hope you'll help educate me. I'll be a willing student."

I smiled and held her to me. That was an assignment I'd be happy to accept.

She rolled away from me. "I'm still wound up. I'd like to relax with you. Would you like to take a bath?"

I wasn't sure how relaxing that would be, but I agreed.

She had a large whirlpool bath, with plenty of room for both of us. She made the water hot. She sat in front of me in the bath, between my legs, facing away from me and leaning back. I spent most of the time soaping and stroking her lovely smooth breasts.

She was right; it was relaxing. At the same time, it was stimulating. I felt comfortable with her. We talked about raising kids, office politics, the problems of managing a working life around the preschool's schedule. We were more like a long-married couple than two people who barely knew each other seven hours ago. We even talked about money. I found myself figuring the size of her child support payment, and comparing it to my income, deducting the marriage penalty... I got quite a shock when I realized what I was doing. We talked, and touched, until the water grew too cold, then we added hot water and shared some more. The conversation finally flagged, not because we had run out of things to say, but because we both realized that we were cozy in each other's company without needing words.

Cozy, perhaps, and relaxed, but I was still turned on. I cupped her boobs and squeezed gently, and my erection, which had slowly been developing, became noticeable. She felt it and squirmed against me, moving so that my cock nestled against her pussy. She held it and rubbed it against herself, gently.

She asked me to sit on the back of the bath. She set a washcloth beside me, and started kissing my shaft. She put her mouth over the head, and started sliding it up and down. She obviously hadn't learned that teasing and frustrating a lover would intensify his response, but what she did felt just fine. She used the back of her tongue against the underside of my cock to give me thrills that spread throughout my body. She crouched in the water while she worked, her eyes fixed on mine. Her breasts were just touching the surface of the water, which shimmered around them as she moved. She didn't change the pace of her movements, and before long I was unable to hold back, spurting into her mouth. She still didn't slow down, or react, other than to pick up the washcloth and use it to keep her face clear.

She kept sucking until I finally lifted her away. She used the washcloth to wipe her face and my sticky shaft, and dumped it on the floor. Then we both collapsed in the bathwater and held each other.

When the water cooled again, we got out, toweled off, and headed for bed. We hadn't spoken of whether I would spend the night or go home to bed. We didn't need to. Beneath the sheets, her body against mine was warm and soft. She kissed me sensuously, bade me good night, and curled up against me.


The sun was barely up when Tracy woke me early next morning. She had brought coffee. She put the cup on the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed in a white lacy nightgown.

"I thought we might want some more time together before the girls wake", she said, stroking my hair as I slowly woke.

I grunted agreement and reached for the coffee. After I had drunk half the cup, I asked her a question. She had to ask me to repeat it, my voice didn't seem to have started working.

"How can you look so good at this time of the morning?"

She smiled and leaned down to kiss me. I flinched a little, knowing how bad I must look. I excused myself to the bathroom, patting her shoulder on the way.

I found some toothpaste and made a valiant effort at cleaning my teeth with my finger, and gargled mouthwash for reassurance. I washed my face with cold water. When I returned to bed I began to feel that perhaps I wouldn't regret living through the day.

Tracy intercepted me and put her arms round my waist. "Not a morning person, are you?"

"Is it even morning yet?"

As she held me, life started flowing back into me. Or at least, into part of me.

"It looks to me like you're beginning to wake up," she said, looking down.

"You have me at a disadvantage," I said, stroking her arms through the nightgown.

"I'm sure you can find a way to solve that problem."

So I untied her belt. She was wearing nothing under the gown. I slipped it off and ran my hands over her breasts. Her lips met mine, and we kissed slowly, but with increasing depth as I cupped and squeezed her breasts. She reached down and stroked me. My cock was certainly having no trouble waking.

We climbed under the sheets and explored with our hands. I ran my left palm over her pussy. I licked my fingers and slid them inside. They didn't really need the moisture, she was already wet. She closed her legs to grip my fingers tightly, and shivered as I moved my hands. I wanted to try for something different, though.

I used my right hand to move her legs apart, and felt around for some sign of her G-spot. It didn't take long to find, and at this angle I could reach it fairly comfortably, so I started stroking firmly. Tracy looked very puzzled and a little uncomfortable. Then as she realized what she was feeling, her face took on a look of quiet amazement. She started moving against me, increasing the pressure. I put my mouth over her left breast and sucked the nipple in far enough to squeeze it with my tongue. She started panting, and came very quickly. She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me as though she had no control, seeking my tongue, still panting through her nose.

A few moments later she pushed me away and grabbed for a condom package. Her hands were shaking as she smoothed it over me. She lowered herself over my willing cock, and started moving. Quick, demanding. Hungry.

I raised myself on my arms so that I was half sitting, and suckled on her boobs. When I mouthed one, she squeezed the other herself. She came, writhing and gasping. I kept sucking her breast, and she climaxed again almost immediately.

My back was uncomfortable, so I lay flat again. She squirmed against me until she came again, then she lay down flat on me. Her face was moist with sweat, and her eyes glowed. Her lovely milky breasts shook as we thrust against each other. She sought my lips and worked on devouring me, breathing furiously through her nose. I grabbed her ass and pulled her against me with each stroke. She released my mouth, gasping strongly. I felt my cock tensing, I was going to come any moment. I squeezed her ass against me painfully hard, and she stiffened and came again, as I erupted within her.

As we slowly returned to earth, she asked "What was that? What did you do?"

I didn't answer. Instead, I held her hips and drove against her, forcing her into one more climax, with total surprise on her part. Then I slid out of her and disposed of the condom.

We both lay silent after I returned to bed. Tracy had a beatific smile on her face. She curled up against me, holding and stroking my arm.

Finally she said something that I thought I had misheard. I asked her to repeat it.

She interlaced her fingers with mine. "Move in with me."

My heart skipped a beat. It was what I wanted, but - "Isn't that a little sudden?"

"It's impulsive." Her head was flat against the bed, lower than the pillow, and she had to look up to meet my eyes. "But it's a good impulse. I know that we're right for each other. You know it too, don't you?"

I didn't know how to answer that. I think I did know it, but it was too early to admit something like that. There was too much passion between us, too much infatuation, to think clearly.

I lay silent for a while. Tracy waited, letting me think.

"I don't know," I said finally. "I know how I feel about you now, and I'm already having a hard imagining not wanting you to be part of my life. This is too soon, though, too new. I want you too much to be rational."

"Then move in temporarily," she said softly. "You can leave whenever you want. Until you decide you need to go, we can share the chores looking after the kids, and see how we feel about each other for a longer term relationship. You know the girls would love it."

I was still torn. I rolled over to face her and stroked her cheek. She kissed my fingertips.

There was a thump in the hallway, our only warning. We grabbed the sheet and covered up as running footsteps came right to the room. The door burst open and both of our girls rushed in, giggling. They saw me, and their reactions differed. Kimberley looked through suspicious, narrowed eyes, while Sarah ran right up to me.

"Daddy, can I stay here for longer?" gasped Sarah, while Kimberley, wary, asked "Are you my new dad?"

I took Sarah's hand while Tracy reached out to Kim.

"Sweetie, I think we will both be here for a long time."

Sarah bounded away, and persuaded her still uncertain friend to join her to play, while Tracy gave me a look of pure joy. Bodies hidden by the sheet, we held to each other tightly.


Kimberley's suspicions lasted just until she realized that she'd have Sarah to play with as long as we were around. They decided almost immediately that they weren't best friends anymore, they were sisters.

We waited three months before putting my house on the market, though I had made my decision in less than half of that time.

Sarah and Kimberley are so excited about being bridesmaids that it seems they never talk about anything else, and the day is still two months away. We're going to split the honeymoon into two sections; Tracy's mother will take the girls for the first half, then we'll pick them up and all four of us will spend the week at Disneyworld.

Both of the girls want a little sister, though we've managed to persuade them that a brother wouldn't be too bad. We're not waiting until the wedding to address this issue. We abandoned condoms last week, and if Tracy isn't pregnant by the honeymoon, it certainly won't be for lack of effort.

I truly believe that Jennifer would be happy for us.