"You're nuts," Sandy volunteered, in her usual diplomatic way. "You could have any single man at the office. Most of the married ones, too, come to that. Why Sean? You do know he's gay, don't you?"

We were sitting at the bar in the club near our office. I've known Sandy since before either of us started work for the company. Since then Sandy became a sales manager, and I was hired in more recently as a network administrator. We tried to get together about once a week to solve all the world's problems. Sandy's solution always seemed to be the same.

"Crap," I retorted. "You think any man who doesn't make a pass at you is gay. Besides, even if he is, I'd like to get to know him. Not every relationship has to end in bed, you know."

"No, you're right, a rug on the floor is just fine. Even the kitchen table, if you put the knives away first. Did I ever tell you..."

"I don't want to hear it," I interrupted, covering my ears in mock frustration. "I won't believe it, and if I do, I'll wish I didn't."

"You have no sense of adventure," she said, grinning. "That's why you want a guy who isn't interested in women, instead of Richard."

"I think you're wrong about Sean. He's just a nice, shy guy. And you know very well that Richard's married."

"That doesn't stop him looking at you like you were the chef's special."

That was true. I hid a smile. It wasn't that I especially wanted Richard's attentions; apart from the fact that he was married, I worked too closely with him. No, this was just a traditional argument between Sandy and me.

I like to dress attractively. I try very hard to turn business wear into a sensual statement. I wear suits with short, tight skirts; generally with black or off-black hose. Jackets which button below the chest, expanding sharply above. Or which zip at the front, unzipped enough to create deep shadows. Stark lines and appealing shapes. I never wear bows or frills, at least on the outside.

Sandy's argument with me was, as she put it, "You dress to kill, but you won't even take prisoners." In her eyes, I didn't take sufficient advantage of the desire men had for me. I should avail myself of more opportunities. As she did. Which was a little unfair; I wasn't averse to an occasional dalliance, but tended to be very selective.

She did have a point: why, with all the men who flirted with me, was I only interested in the one who wouldn't?

I really didn't have a good answer for that. Perhaps because that in itself made him different. Perhaps it was the intelligence in his eyes, his quietness, his sincerity - he was not impolite or anti-social, just a little distant.

"Well, I don't care what course Richard thinks I am, I'm not on the menu."

She lowered her voice to a husky drawl. "Why don't you suggest he tries a different restaurant?"

She pursed her lips and feigned innocence. I almost choked on my drink.

"Sandy, you are incorrigible. And if you hurt his sweet wife, I'll never forgive you."

"If he can't keep his pants on, it's better that she finds out early, don't you think?"

I shook my head and busied myself with my drink.


Fortunately, either Sandy struck out with Richard, or didn't seriously pursue him. I didn't get a straight answer from her, but Richard seemed for a time at least to stop flirting with me, so perhaps he'd had the opportunity to consider the consequences. Meanwhile, my interest in Sean was not being returned. Not that he rejected me, more that he didn't seem to notice that I was paying any attention to him. He was unfailingly pleasant, but completely unresponsive to my hints. I stopped short of asking him out, because I felt that a rejection would be a barrier between us; right now, at least I had communication to work with.

And it wasn't as if this was a desperate need on my part. He was simply the only one at the office I had any interest in. My social life wasn't on hold. I drifted through a relationship with an old friend; we'd never considered dating, and were both somewhat surprised when we found ourselves in bed together. That lasted about a week before we both decided we preferred the old relationship.


Just a few days later we were in the middle of a network upgrade at the office. I was working late trying to get a head start on several workstations before the next day's major effort. Sean's office was on my list.

I thought I was alone in the building, so when I walked unannounced into his office, we both received a shock. For the first time since I'd met him, he seemed agitated. He pulled his legs under his desk; from my angle of view, I could see a conspicuous bulge in his pants that he was trying to hide. He grabbed his mouse and tried to minimize the browser window, but didn't succeed before I had a pretty good idea of what he was looking at: a page of what appeared to be an erotic story.

"Oh," I began, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize there was anyone here." I realized I was blushing slightly.

"It's okay," he said, slightly breathlessly, "I wasn't doing anything important."

"I need to make a few configuration changes - should I come back later?"

"Now would be fine," he replied. "Do I need to leave?"

"No, that's okay." I didn't want to embarrass him by making him leave the camouflage of his desk, and seeing him like that made me want a small share of the fun. I laid my left hand over the back of his chair, and leaned over his right side to take the mouse. My breasts pressed down into his shoulder and grazed his cheek as I worked.

I could feel him tense, not daring to move, since every movement would rub against my breast. I could also see the bulge he was trying to hide swell slightly.

I figured that I had confirmed that he wasn't gay.

Finished, I drew back, and squeezed his shoulder before I left. "Thanks."

"No problem. Anytime." It seemed that he put a little more emphasis into the last word than was necessary.


Strange and tenuous as it was, it seemed that we had established a slight bond. He smiled at me occasionally, a "we share a secret" smile.

He would join me for lunch, of his own choice. If I brushed his foot with mine, he would be startled, but wouldn't withdraw. He wasn't even shy, as such. He just seemed nervous about getting closer to me.

I found out what was going on with him when I finally persuaded him to let me buy him a drink. We didn't go to the bar Sandy and I used; I didn't want to meet her. She had been giving me a hard time about neglecting my duty of helping her to seduce as large a percentage of the male population as possible. I was somewhat afraid she'd waltz over to us, and yell "what's he like in bed" into my ear.

So we found a quiet place.

"You seem to live at the office," I said. I had found him there late several times since the first.

"Yeah. I haven't really had anything to go home to. I can't afford to do much exciting."

"You're an engineer. You should be making plenty of money."

"I guess," he said. "My wife has a bottomless appetite for my salary."

God, did my heart sink. "Your wife?"

"Ex. Sorry. She got a heck of a deal, keeping our son and my money. She's getting married again soon, and the lawyers tell me I'll be able to stop paying child support after the court orders are all approved. Right now it seems that I'm working seventy percent for her, fifty percent for Uncle Sam, and living on what's left over."

I had to smile at the impossibility, but I could appreciate his predicament. "How long were you married?"

"Technically, about two years. In actuality, about six months."

"My God. What went wrong?"

He gave me a slight half-smile. "That's, uhhh, delicate ground."


"You don't beat about the bush, do you?"

"I just wanted you to know that you're not going to shock me. I'm a big girl." I saw his eyes flick down my jacket, but he bit back the obvious comment. "But if you'd prefer not to say more, that's okay."

"No, I'll... We seemed to be okay with sex at first. But it was always the same, until I made the mistake of suggesting something different. Hell, you'd think I was a child molester. Suddenly I was perverted, and even normal sex was almost off-limits. God only knows how she brought herself to sleep with me long enough to conceive."

"What did you ask of her?"

"Shit, I can't tell you... no, perhaps... let's just say 'Presidential style'".

"Pres... Oh, I see. That's all?"

Clearly relieved, he nodded. Obviously he was worried that, as his wife had, I might react with disgust to the idea of oral sex. Sandy would be amused. "That was it," he whispered.

I figured also that this had fueled his interest in erotic fiction - the need to know that his desires were normal.

"If that's the whole story, she sounds like a very repressed woman. You say she's remarrying?"

He shrugged. "As far as the whole story, she told me during the divorce she'd use my 'aberrations' to be sure I didn't get custody. Her lawyer must have persuaded her that I wasn't so abnormal, because it didn't come up. She still got sole custody."

"Poor kid," I said, "a neurotic in the making."

"I'll be glad when I'm out of it. And I'll be able to afford my own computer and Internet connection."

His self-deprecating grin as he referred to his prior embarrassment told me that we had passed a communication milestone. I reached out and squeezed his hand.

Much as I would have liked to have taken him home and shown him what his repressed ex had kept from him, I sensed that he still needed time. I kissed him briefly on the mouth when we parted; he seemed surprised and pleased.


We dated casually several more times. Sometimes I wasn't sure if we were heading towards becoming friends or lovers.

Sandy, typically, thought I should drag him to bed and settle the issue. She seemed more serious-minded towards me than usual. I guessed that she saw that this relationship meant more to me than others had. I didn't know if she felt respect, jealousy, or pity, but she was subtly different with me.

It was a Saturday morning when I found him again reading erotica. This time I wasn't in his office. I saw his traffic on the network monitor, and knew he was in the building. Looking at some of the site names he was accessing, I had a pretty good idea what he was doing.

Occasionally, rarely, Sandy is right.

Being a weekend, I was not in a suit. I wore a beige thigh-length knit dress, which buttoned from chest to hem, cinched at the waist with a gold belt, over beige pantyhose. The dress was unbuttoned quite low, but I felt that I could make additional improvements.

I removed my bra, storing it in my desk. Refastening the belt higher and tighter accentuated my breasts, which clearly, individually, deformed the dress. Finally I unbuttoned it almost up to my waist, a deeply split skirt which swirled away from me as I moved.

I strode to Sean's door, knocked lightly and entered. He started to try to hide again. "Don't bother, it's just me," I said. "You know, you could lock the door if you don't want to be disturbed." So saying, I locked the door behind me.

As he fumbled to kill the web browser, I leaned over him from behind, lifting his hand away from the mouse. "Leave it. I'm inviting myself to join you."

Sean seemed to be trying hard not to notice the low top beside his face, or the softness brushing along his outstretched arm.

I rolled the spare office chair beside his. Lifting his right arm, I laid it over the back of the chair, then lowered myself against him, stretching my leg out against his.

"I don't know if you're serious or being sarcastic," he said.

"Quite serious. Why shouldn't I enjoy erotic stories just as much as you?"

He shrugged. I scrolled back to the top of the page. We read in close to silence. I leaned forward to scroll down occasionally, noticing that Sean was becoming more interested in the way my dress fit me than in the story. I stroked his thigh as we read.

The story was tasteful, but highly erotically charged. In spite of his discomfort, Sean's arousal was obvious; mine was much less apparent but equally intense. When we were close to the end, I started nuzzling his ear.

"Stop that! I can't concentrate."

Unfastening a button on my dress, I grinned. He groaned as I reached for the next button. "Read quickly," I said, slowly removing my belt.

While he was finishing the tale, I took his right hand in my left, placing it against my waist. When he was through, he turned to face me, reaching out with his other hand, which I directed to the next button.

While he unfastened me, I slid my face against his. Within moments our tongues slid together; moments after that he abandoned the buttons in his need to feel my breasts; he grasped them firmly and I pressed myself to him.

I finished unfastening my dress, letting it fall open. I tore at his pants, finally freeing his cock, which unfolded instantly. I felt the need within it. Extricating myself, I knelt in front of him.

"You don't need to do that," he said, voice hoarse.

"You idiot," I cried, only half in jest. "Haven't you listened to me at all? Of course I know I don't need to do this. I want to do this."

So saying, I slid the tip of my tongue around the head of his shaft. He quivered in my grasp. I licked him slowly, just with the tip of my tongue, tantalizing him. Slowly I would run my tongue up and down his length.

Tongue extended, I licked a tight circle on the underside of his shaft. As I kept up this motion, he gripped the seat of his chair, knuckles whitening. I eased off a little as his cock began to twitch.


A small drop of fluid formed on the tip. Wetting my finger with it, I gently stroked it into the head. Then, licking my lips, I lowered my mouth over his shaft, and, gently sucking, slid back off him until he popped noisily out. Slowly repeating this, I watched the rapt expression on his face. His eyes were closed and his breath was uneven.

I slid him slowly in and out again, then leaned back. It took a moment before he opened his eyes, a quizzical, almost panicked look in his face.

I looked into his eyes. "Unless you promise to take me home and make love to me, I' going to stop right now."

He replied shakily. "You can't blackmail me into doing what I desparately want to do."

I smiled, then, keeping my eyes fixed on his, I lowered his cock back onto my extended tongue, rhythmically stroking him.

I closed my mouth over him, sucking harder and starting to move my head regularly, not letting up between strokes. I tasted more saltiness as the muscles at the base of his shaft seemed to tense. Gradually increasing the pace, I had him struggling to hold back. I saw in his face when he was going to come; as his cock quivered tightly, I scrubbed crazily with my tongue, propelling him strongly into release.

Holding him my mouth, I felt the contractions rock his shaft and fire his body. Salty heat filled my mouth; I swallowed, still shaking my head against his sensitive hardness.

As the first powerful spasms subsided I played more gently, flicking and rubbing with my tongue, stretching out his release, occasionally making him jump.

Finally he pried my face away and kissed it. After caressing my breasts for a moment, he pulled my dress closed. "So, your place or mine?"

"You have an apartment?" I asked; when he nodded I answered, "Mine, then. My place is small, but it's a house."


Back home, we didn't waste time. I took him to the bedroom and started undressing him.

"Not even coffee?" he asked, plaintively, taking over the job of removing his clothes. "Not, 'welcome to my house, let's cuddle for a while'?"

"We can do that later", I said, unbuttoning my dress. "I want to welcome you between my legs." I climbed onto my small bed.

"I'm not sure that I can, yet," he began, but the bulge in his underwear gave the lie to his apology. "Oh," he said, removing his boxers, "I guess I get to make good on my promise."

"You certainly do," I said, climbing under the sheet, which I held for him. We began devouring one another urgently, our hands and tongues exploring.

Need and anticipation had conspired to make me wet. I pushed Sean flat and lay along him, pressing my tongue between his teeth. I reached for his shaft and wriggled onto it without disconnecting from his mouth. He gasped as he felt his cock slide inside me; recovering, he grabbed my butt, compressing himself into me; it was my turn to gasp as I felt his shaft slide deep within my belly.

As we moved, I pressed myself down onto his shaft, feeling him brushing my sensitive clit, stroking excitement and tingling delight into a growing medley of sensory pleasure.

Without warning I felt the change approaching; too late to head it off if I wanted to, the urgency so strong. Lifting myself to press my clit more firmly against him, I was breathing heavily, fulfillment welling up in me.

Eyes closed, I felt Sean's mouth close around my breast; the contractions his rough suckling caused stretched the erotic tension to breaking point. I sobbed slightly as the stimulation of my clit suddenly became so intense that it hurt; then with a palpable snap I felt the wash of emotion as the chaos of orgasm filled my being.

Sean held my breasts in his palms as I lowered myself along him, seeking his mouth. Squeezing, he kept me stimulated as my orgasm waned; before it was over I felt the delicious tension start to build, and I was breathing heavily, still locked to his mouth as he brought me back to the brink.

I was swimming in a sea of pleasure, never quite recovering from the previous climax before the next arrived, when Sean's movements let me know that he was almost ready to come. He was holding my ass and driving into me. I pressed down hard and tightened myself around him. I tried hard to suppress a newly building release within myself, only succeeding in increasing my response intolerably, so that before he could come, my body rebelled and I shrieked as I was consumed yet again.

My passion served to trigger Sean's response, and his body stiffened as he joined me in passion.


I lay along him, feeling his warmth. Occasionally I would kiss his forehead, or he would run his fingers through my hair or stroke the edge of my boobs.

Eventually I rolled off him and propped myself on my elbow. I reached out and touched his face.

"Welcome to my house, Sean."

"Do you greet all your visitors this way?"

"Of course not. Sometimes I offer them coffee first."

He smiled, and we kissed briefly.

"Now would you like coffee?" I asked.


Sean was uncomfortable sitting around naked, so I loaned him a terry-cloth robe. I told him he looked like a short-skirted Caesar. I wore a short black negligee, which didn't seem to help his concentration. In spite of that, we spent a pleasant afternoon relaxing; talking, occasionally touching; generally recovering the energy we both expected to need later.

Later, I looked for something to cook. "I wasn't expecting company - I don't have very much to eat in the house."

"Why not let me take you somewhere?"

"Sure. But let me pay, you're the one who can't afford an Internet account."

"The account isn't the problem," he said. "I can't afford the computer to use with it. I won't argue about the check, as long as you give me chance to pay another time."

"I hope you don't plan to keep a tally."

"No, just dropping the hint that I hope there will be another time."

"You know," I said, "I think there just might be. I'm going to get a shower before we go."

He grinned. "May I watch?"

"Not unless you join me."

So he did. My shower was too small for two, but somehow we managed, spending so much time soaping each other down that the water started running cold, and we had to get out in a hurry.

As I dried my hair, Sean knelt on the bathroom floor tasting my boobs. "Making sure they're not still soapy," he said.

"You're distracting me," I complained.

"I sure hope so."

He started squeezing my butt as he sucked my breasts. My nipples were hard, and I was feeling warm. I felt his fingers exploring, stroking the edge of my pussy.

He lowered his face, kissing my belly. His chin stroked my hair, and I wanted more.

"Oh, God, if you start that I'm really going to get distracted."

"We're in no hurry. May I distract you some more?"

"I guess so," I said, trying to sound indifferent.

He looked up at me, concern on his face. Or hurt, perhaps. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be selfish."

I realized he'd taken it as the same kind of rejection his wife gave him. "Oh, you idiot. That was teasing. Just the thought of your tongue inside me is making me shiver. Come on."

I dragged him back into the bedroom, and lay on my back, legs apart. He went to work directly, nuzzling my pussy, sending little thrills into me. He was too rough, working on my clit before I was able to take the stimulation, but I didn't want to break his stride, and I gritted my teeth until the knife-edge pain became hot pleasure as my clit peeked out of hiding, wanting more.

Each time he stroked me I felt a tingle of electric arousal, which didn't decrease, but built up, layer on layer until my whole body seemed caught up in the building joy, surf on an incoming tide of delight. As I started to gasp, I pushed him away.

"Come here," I said, and centered myself on the bed. It took a moment before he realized what I wanted, and a little longer to get comfortably positioned, but as he picked up with his tongue, I took his hard cock into my mouth, sucking hard. I could feel him tense each time I stroked it, and his pleasure turned me on.

He started to suck my clit, and I almost lost control. It was incandescent with sensation, driving me higher. I gasped, trying to keep my attention on his cock. He sucked hard, prodding my clit with his tongue, and I sailed over the edge, panting, not able to breathe adequately with my mouth closed on him.

I took as much of him as I could into my mouth, and rubbed hard with my tongue. I heard muffled groans, then felt the heat in the back of my throat as his cock pulsed. I almost gagged before I could swallow, then, gasping, I scoured his shaft with my tongue and the back of my throat, sending the heat that was throbbing into me back into him.

We drew on each other until spent. I pushed him off me before he could get any ideas about making me come again. I needed a break.


Sean dressed quickly. He needed to get home to change. Clad only in panties, I put my arms about his neck. "Why don't you bring toothbrush, shaving things, lots of vitamins..."

He kissed my nose. "I take it you're not going to let me leave tonight?"

"Tonight? You'll be lucky if I let you leave for work on Monday."

He stroked my breasts. "No, I think I'll be luckier if you keep me home."

After he left, I picked out a dress that I'd never had the courage to wear before. A gift from Sandy, it would probably have been sold as a negligée if it were not a solid, bright red. The neckline was a deep V, barely covering my nipples. Red gauze ran between the concealed bra cups, giving more support than apparent; I wouldn't fall out of it, but it didn't leave much to the imagination.

Off-black sheers drew attention to my long legs beneath the short skirt. I donned a pair of high evening shoes, open with thin black strands.

I had finished applying makeup and was attaching long, crystal earrings when Sean returned. His jaw dropped when he saw me.

"Good," I said. "That's the reaction I was looking for."

He shook his head, bemused, as I slipped on a small black jacket. At this late time I couldn't make a reservation at most of the best restaurants. I had managed to reserve a table at a hotel restaurant on the edge of the arts district. I drove us there in my convertible, top open.

We ate, then joined the throng drifting between the various bars and clubs. My outfit attracted a lot of attention, not only Sean's; he seemed especially pleased as I hung on to him in the face of some outrageous flirting.

Finally he whispered into my ear. "If we don't leave soon, I will be too tired to succumb to my indecent desires."

I squeezed against him, feeling the hardness in his pants. "Well, we can't have you not able to suck... uh, succumb. Let's get you home."

He stroked my upper arms and shoulders, obviously not wanting to stop there. I didn't want him to stop, either. "God, I wish we were alone right now," I said. "Come on."

I put my jacket back on, and we walked back to the hotel where we had left my car. Sean's right arm on my waist slipped up inside my jacket, venturing where it shouldn't. I giggled, and pulled it away as we arrived.

On a whim, I left Sean at the car, pleading a need to use the bathroom. When I came out, I took his hand. "Come on, I got us a room." When he looked surprised, I said, "I didn't want to wait all that time, and end up cramped in my small bed. I splurged, OK? Don't expect me to make a habit of it."

Shaking his head, he followed me back into the hotel.


Up in the room, we faced each other. He put his hands on my arms. "This has been a glorious day. I haven't felt like this since... hell, I've never felt like this."

I answered by covering his mouth with mine, and we exchanged our feelings wordlessly, leisurely.

His hands brushed my breasts, through the dress. Taking the straps, he slid them over my shoulders, taking in the sight of the dress falling away from my breasts. I finished unfastening it as he gently stroked them.

For the first time, we approached the act of love without hurrying, deliberately, nurturing the passion. Slowly we undressed each other, until we stood together, naked. When I removed his underwear, he was erect, eager. I licked the head of his cock gently, then withdrew.

Lying down on top of the bed, he held his arms out for me, and I lay along him. We kissed again, then I lifted myself so that he could suckle my breasts. I felt his cock against me, but delayed taking him into me. His hands explored my boobs, my back, my ass.

I was wet, my body yearning for his, when I lifted myself away from his lips. I lowered myself onto him, squatting, feeling him filling my body. I held out my arms, and he sat up; I maneuvered my legs behind him, holding him against me. Supporting each other, we rocked back and forth, subtle erotic sensations slowly diffusing into me. He took my breast in his mouth; the sensations became more intense as I floated in passion with him.

Gently, gently, he took me higher; when he felt me shudder he raised his eyebrows in surprise, but kept sucking as I trembled in orgasm. As my climax had begun so gently, I was surprised by the intensity of the feeling as I throbbed against his hard shaft. My breath caught, then I had pulled his head from my breasts, joining my mouth to his, wanting to share the emotion.

I calmed, and let him lie back. Still sitting, I held his hands to my breasts, rocking against him, each movement thrilling my sensitized clit.

On the verge of another climax, I stopped moving, indulging in the sensation of his hardness filling me. I stroked my pussy, pressing my clit against him. He gasped as I tightened around him; I felt his cock quiver within me as he came, which triggered my own release.

Our gentle tremors waned, and I lay along him. We kissed as we again moved together, our motion growing steadily more lively. Soon we were slapping joyously against each other. He was still hard; I figured that his gentle climax had not left him depleted.

I pulled away from him, made him climb into bed and lie on his left side, and nestled against him, facing away, covering us with the sheets. Hooking my legs over his, I manipulated his cock against and into me. We twisted our legs together, pushing him further in. He grasped my right breast as he shook himself rapidly against me, a deluge of pure excitement within me. With my right hand I reached back and gripped his butt; with my left I rubbed the base of his cock, making him gasp. When I heard and felt him nearing fulfillment, I moved my hand to press my clit against him. Instantly my pussy tightened around him, I was overwhelmed with swelling joy, and I felt hot fluid spurt into me moments before I soared into delight.

We stayed locked together as his erection slowly waned, his hand caressing my breast as I fell asleep.


On Monday at the office, I sought out Sandy, closing the door and telling her that I had succeeded in seducing Sean. She looked at me and sighed. "Looks like you're out of circulation for a long time." As I frowned, she continued, "Dammit, girl, I can see it in your eyes. You're not going to be helping me out anytime soon."

Sometimes, against all the odds, Sandy is right.