As Alan stopped the car outside his house, I wondered for the thousandth time, how I had gotten myself into this situation. I didn't recall being more than slightly tipsy when I'd agreed to the arrangement. And at the time it had seemed to make perfect sense, sitting there in the bar...

Kristen had been a friend for a couple of months, after our first meeting at a bowling tournament. We were on opposing teams, but had struck up a conversation which led to an easy-going friendship. We occasionally got together for a drink after work, especially when one or other of our respective husbands had to work late.

At one of these meetings, over margaritas in our neighborhood sports bar, I'd made a comment about Kristen's husband, who was a hunk. Short, sandy curls and blue eyes suited perfectly his over six-foot frame. He'd been a football jock in college, and had obviously stayed in shape since. Kristen, a five-six curvy blond, had a lively sensuality which complemented his.

In contrast, I knew that my husband Mark and I seemed reserved. Both of us dark and slender, my height being just an inch shorter than his five-ten, I think our friends assumed we were too much alike for passion, though we'd long since proven to each other that we could be unrestrained in intimacy. I'd mentioned a few of our hot moments to Kristen.

"But if you ever need a break," I had said, "I'll take Alan off your hands for a few hours."

Kristen gave me a considering look, and I wondered if I had said something wrong, or if she had taken my tongue-in-cheek comment seriously. Looking away at last, she sipped her margarita.

"I wish you would," she said. "Try, at least."


"I'd like to know," she said, turning back to me. "I'd like to know just how much his promises mean. I know he finds you attractive, Emily..." this was news to me, and gave me a secret thrill, "... and it could be the perfect test."

"I can't believe you're serious," I said. "I could never do that. I'm happily married..."

"I don't mean you'd go to bed with him," she said, earnestly, "just get close enough to know which way he'll jump. Would you?"

Shaking my head, I refused, but over the course of the next few drinks she talked me around. It even began to sound like fun.

After that evening, she pushed us together, inviting Alan for a drink with us and fabricating an excuse to leave; calling me at work to pressure me into seeing him. And I did, casually, meeting him for lunch a few times, letting him drive me to the bowling lanes. He didn't hit on me, though the fire in his eyes began to make me wish he would.

Until he called one time, out of the blue, inviting me to a dance. Kristen had other plans, and she'd suggested I might like to go...

Well, of course she had. I could have cheerfully wrung her neck. Though I found the idea enticing.

I didn't tell Mark where I would be, just that I'd be out with friends, letting him assume it would be a bowling team event. Or whatever he wanted to think. I half-hoped that he'd quiz me about it, and object to my going, but he told me that worked out just fine, because he needed to make up time at the office.

So I took advantage of Mark's absence to squeeze into a short black crepe dress... low enough and tight enough to accentuate my small breasts. But I took a change of clothes so that I could return more casually dressed. Then I drove to Alan's.

Kristen was just leaving as I arrived. Grinning as she ran her eyes over my outfit, she winked at me. "If that doesn't start him drooling, I'll forever know where I stand."


Alan was a perfect gentleman, introducing me to his jock friends as "my wife's friend" or "my friend Emily". But when we danced he held me very close, his strong fingers firm against my ribs. We even slow-danced, couples around us kissing while my head rested against his shoulder, his cheek brushing my forehead. And I imagined that I could occasionally feel a firmness in his pants brushing against me.

He took my arm as we left, but I freed myself and held his hand instead as we waited for the valet to bring his car.

On the drive back to his house, I watched him as we talked, his alert eyes on the night-time traffic. His presence excited me, and for the first time, I began to think of the consequences of what I was doing. I was teasing a guy with the build of a football player. Would he allow me to stop when I wanted?

Yes, I thought, he would. He was gentle; he had been courteous as a date and a dance partner. He was no rapist. But was it fair to lead him on? Why not thank him for the evening and run?

Because I hadn't gotten the answer Kristen wanted? No, that was a cop-out. Because I wasn't ready to stop yet. Because when I made my joking comment to Kristen in the bar it was because I did find him sexy. As far as I'd come with this charade, let me have a few minutes of fun to remember.

But as we arrived at his house, I wondered how I had gotten into this situation.


"Would you like to come in?" he asked.

"Sure," I said, not trusting myself to say more.

He opened the door, and I led the way inside. I heard him close the door, then felt his palms against my bare arms. I turned and rested my face against his shoulder as he drew me close.

"Thanks for taking me to the dance, Alan," I said. "But there was one thing we missed when everyone was slow-dancing."

"We did, didn't we." His deep voice was quiet, almost a whisper, but I sensed a hunger behind the words.

Turned my face towards his, I found his lips were right there, where mine expected them...

Relaxing into him as we kissed, I felt my stomach tingle with excitement. I met his questing tongue with mine, my hands on his shoulder-blades pulling him even closer, while his roamed my back, sliding firmly over my ass, squeezing me against the now indisputable hardness where my groin pressed into his.

His fingers sought the zipper at the back of my dress, and I gasped as I felt him start to slide it open. I had Kristen's answer, now. I could zip myself back up and leave...

But I wanted more, I wanted some time for me. Alan's hands stroked my bare back, then pressed forward under the fabric, his palms firm on my waist, my ribs... and I gently bit his tongue as he squeezed my breasts, my nipples responding to his touch.

I lowered my arms as he slid the straps over my shoulders, and in a moment my dress was a tiny bundle of black fabric on the floor. Kneading my breasts and kissing my upper lip, Alan was arousing me, making me wet. I chewed his tongue a little more.

Lowering his face to my breasts, he sucked while his hands made their way to my butt, caressing and squeezing. He lapped his tongue against my hardening nipples. I played with his hair.

His fingers pressed down inside my panties, and he stroked my ass. When he started to slide them forward, I tensed.

Reacting to my alarm, he pulled back and stood. His lips touched my ear. "I want you," he whispered.

I shook my head, pressed against his shoulder, no. My arms were raised, around his neck, and he stroked his hands up and down my sides. "I want you," he said again, kissing my ear. I shuddered.

"You try it," he said. "Say 'I want you'."

I shook my head again.

"Say it," he insisted.

"I want you," I said, tentatively.


"I want you." Saying the words released the excitement to flow through me, and I tingled as I became ever more wet. I turned my face and kissed his ear. "I want you," I whispered. Alan's fingers squeezed my breasts again as I sought his lips and kissed him breathlessly.

I slid my lips and tongue over his, then kissed his cheek and nibbled his earlobe. "God, I want you."

In a single movement, he picked me up, then carried me upstairs and laid me down on the bed. He kissed my neck and my breasts as he unfastened his jacket and shirt. When he stood to take them off, I reached for and unfastened his pants, letting them fall to the floor.

Climbing onto the bed in his underwear, Alan sucked my breasts as he peeled off my pantyhose. I held his head against me as his lips and tongue worked magic on my swollen nipples.

"What about Kristen?" I whispered.

"She won't be back tonight," he murmured, nuzzling my stomach with his lips, rubbing his chin against the edge of my panties.

Taking the top of my panties in his teeth, he drew them down, pressing his nose against me as he uncovered me. Then, pressing his lips against my wet pussy, he kissed me, moving his face around as he pulled my panties down my legs.

Having freed me of clothing, he parted my legs, pushing them up over his shoulders, and parted my pussy with his fingers, his warm tongue drifting over my aroused sex. I closed my eyes as he slipped his fingers inside me, alternately stroking, then expertly pressing me against his tongue to reinforce the delicious stimulation.

Following his rhythm, I slowly rocked my pelvis into his face, relaxing into the flow of hot delight. He licked my swelling clit, his tongue curling around, thrilling me.

The intensity of my response started to grow uncontrollably, and I gripped his head between my thighs and started thrusting against his mouth. He backed off, restraining my legs, and extending his tongue so that he could press against my clit.

"Don't stop," I gasped, "I'm coming. I need this. God, I need this."

"Relax a moment," he murmured. "You'll get there."

My heart was racing as he kept slowly licking. Relax? No way. What he was doing was... I cried out as my growing passion sensitized my clit still further, each stroke an exquisite stab of pleasure. Higher, and closer...

And as I came, he took my clit in his mouth, sucking and scrubbing with his tongue, so that the power of my orgasm kept growing for a time, before finally allowing me to recover.


"Wow," I breathed, as Alan lay alongside me. "What do you do for an encore?"

I tasted myself on his lips as we kissed, then, rolling him onto his back, I pulled his underwear away from his long, hard, shaft. I wanted him inside me.

Wordlessly, he passed me a condom, and I bent over his impressive cock as I opened the package. First, though... I lowered my mouth over him, sucking quickly as I watched his reaction. I felt his erection becoming distinctly harder, and his eyes lost a little of their focus. I would have liked to have kept going, but... maybe later. I unrolled the condom over him, and licked the rubber to lubricate it. And sucked the end, just for a little longer, tantalizing him.

Then I squatted over his thighs, and held him, pushing his cock inside me as I lowered myself down. As wet as I was, as much as I was stimulated, he slid inside easily. Far inside, a solid presence deep within me. For a moment I flashed on what I was doing. Not my husband, not my Mark. My friend's husband. My lover. The thrill, the excitement, coupled with the pressure against my overstimulated clit, and I came, gasping, before we had even started to move.

Feeling my contractions pulsing around his cock, Alan looked surprised, then pressed his thumb against my pussy, and I sighed as the extra stimulation took me further.

Then we started moving, his heavy presence within me keeping me aloft. After another climax, still squatting against him, I lowered myself, and he sucked my nipples as he led me into another crest.

Occasionally he would stop moving, marshalling his control as he resisted his own need to come, and we continued to couple, my body drifting in and out of orgasm, but never out of enraptured excitement. We rolled over, his body on mine, driving into me in powerful strokes. Then back, where I would lay panting along him, pressing myself into his body as my tongue wrestled with his, or would lift myself on my elbows so he could suck my boobs, my sensitive clit squeezed against his solid erection. And all this time he stayed hard, expertly sidestepping his own need for climax to bring me high after ecstatic high.

"Wait," he said, seeking another timeout... but I didn't want to. I wanted to feel him come inside me, so I increased my movements, rocking hard against him, panting with the stimulation. A moment later he gasped. I lifted my breast to his mouth, and he groaned as he massaged my nipple with his tongue. I felt his cock shudder within me, its powerful movements helping with my own rise, and I found myself coming too, my pulsing sex bound to his by more than shared pleasure.


When we were through, I collapsed on him, drained, finally sliding off him, pulse still racing, aglow with passionate exhaustion.

I lay against his naked body, his face and chest damp with perspiration, his fingers playing with my breasts.

"You like my boobs?" I asked. "I'd think they would be disappointing after Kristen's."

He shrugged. "You know what they say. Size doesn't matter. They're lovely."

"Thank you," I said, and kissed his ear. His attentions reminded me of Mark's obsession with my breasts. I'd always had the impression that Mark would have preferred them a little bigger... perhaps more like Kristen's. I wondered how he'd react to that bundle of sexual energy. Maybe I could practice being like her with Alan...

"Damn," I said, rolling away from him. "I need to call home."

Wondering what excuse I could use, I punched in my home number, but Mark didn't pick up, and I spoke to the answering machine. I said I had been partying with a friend and was in no state to come home. I'd be home in the morning.

Well, it was true.


Snuggling up to Alan, I felt his fingers resume their exploration of my breasts, and I opened my mouth onto his. Soon my exhaustion was giving way to excitement, and from his response, I figured his was, too.

I disentangled myself. Taking his soft cock in my hand, I stroked and squeezed it, then opened my mouth and brushed the head against my tongue. The skin beneath my hand seemed to tighten as his erection slowly grew. I licked the surface of his shaft with my tongue pressed hard against his skin, caressing him as he became hard.

I nuzzled and kissed his balls, cupping them in my hand, gently playing with them as I sucked my way back up his shaft. Then I took him into my mouth, sliding my lips far down, his erection nudging the back of my throat.

Steadily I kept bobbing my head, not changing the rhythm as he continued to stiffen inside my mouth. His labored breathing eventually showed that I was succeeding in bringing him on. I stopped moving, and concentrated on the sensation of him within my mouth. I could feel his pulse in the head of his cock.

Feeling a touch on my thighs, I parted my legs to let him slip his fingers inside, and sighed as he stroked me from within. What I was doing to Alan had built my own arousal, and I was very wet.

Kneading his balls again, I sucked his shaft down into me, scrubbing my tongue along him. A moment later I felt a pressure against my clit, he had squeezed his thumb against my pussy, and was working me firmly between his thumb and fingers. I snuffled as the sudden thrill left me short of breath, and shook my head vigorously against his shaft, sucking hard on him.

He gasped, and I felt his cock tensing. I squeezed my tongue against him harder, and felt his cock shiver, then throb as he came, salty fluid filling my mouth.

His thumb pinched my clit, and I followed him into joy.


The night lasted long. I don't know if I really slept, or just spaced out while we were making love. I don't remember going to sleep, just waking up, his shaft deep inside me as we were moving in sync. I was already well on the way to orgasm, dreams slowly resolving into this powerful man who I was riding. At about the time I'd figured out what was happening, he gripped my ass, and I groaned as my release started to take wing.

"Oh..." I gasped into his ear, "oh, God, I'm ready."

"Let yourself go," he whispered, kneading my ass as he pushed harder into me. I kissed his ear and drifted back into my hallucinatory dream as my body shuddered in pleasure.

He stayed hard inside me as I descended into consciousness. "You didn't come?" I asked.

"Not yet," he whispered. "I will, but this feels too good to end quickly." He rocked very slowly, dragging comfortable stimulation against my sex. I nestled against him, resting my head on his shoulder, my breasts squeezed against him.

"I have a confession to make," I said. "This wasn't supposed to happen, but I'm glad it did."

"I'll say."

"No, I mean, it wasn't supposed to happen. Kristen just wanted to know if you'd stay faithful."

"Faithful?" His tone was puzzled, and I lifted my face to see his.

"She wanted to know if you'd sleep with another woman. I was supposed to back off before we went too far. I... uhh, I think this qualifies as too far."

"I don't understand. She knows what we're doing. She figured we'd be good together." He smiled crookedly. "I think we are."

I didn't know who to believe. Was he lying about her acquiescence? That wouldn't make sense, he had to know that if I believed Kristen knew, I would be less likely to hide our dalliance. But then, why would she lie to me, if she was encouraging him to seduce me?

Somewhere she was thinking about us - if Alan was telling me the truth - imagining me in bed with her husband. How would it be to know that he was making love to another woman? The idea that she knew about us, somehow it turned me on... and the small movements of his cock within me took on a new thrill. I tightened myself around him and rocked my pelvis against him.

His hands sought my breasts as I kissed him, and his breathing deepened.

Backing off a fraction of an inch, I said, "I want you with me, this time." He nodded and squeezed my boobs.

He cried out with me as our movements became frenzied, and we bounced together against the noisily-yielding mattress. The bed knocked loudly, and felt like it left the floor.

Then I was there, the thrill powerful enough that I had to lower myself from my arms. He held me tightly, thrusting into me, then I felt his cock quake within me as he came.


"So," I said, catching my breath. His cock was still hard, his width an erotic pressure deep inside, and I felt the delicious aftershocks of my orgasm still whenever either of us moved. "So, Kristen knows? Isn't that a little... unusual?"

"Not for us," he said, "we trade partners occasionally with other friends. We find that the variety keeps us from getting stale."

Rolling off Alan, I forced myself to wake. Gradually my thoughts became less fuzzy. I frowned at him, considering... then dressed quickly, not taking the time for a shower, kissing him before I left for home.

"Will I see you again?" he asked.

"Perhaps," I said, distractedly, hurried to the car, and headed for home, hoping that the suspicion that had begun to nag at me was baseless.

And found Kristen's car, parked brazenly in our driveway.