From the air-conditioned bus to the Houston furnace was always a shock. No sooner had Lilian set foot on the sidewalk than her glasses had steamed over in the humidity, blinding her. The time was twenty-oh-three, brilliant hotel lighting turning the sky into rich black velvet, yet still it was barely below one hundred degrees, and a hundred percent humidity.

The air was heavy with cicada-song, and, as infuriating as the Texas climate could be, Lilian welcomed the change; the constant cacophony and rich scent of magnolia reminding her that she was half a continent away from San Francisco, and the emptiness of home.

She peered over the top of her glasses as the driver lifted down her travel case, then she took the case to wheel in to the lobby for the streamlined flight crew check-in.

Her life was lived in hotels like this - and that, too, was good.

It was in a place much like this that she had first met Brad. Of course, she had known better than to trust a pilot, but his easy smile and obvious interest in her had lowered her defenses. She'd slept with him on the day they met, and was engaged to him within six months. Though they saw little of each other, both travelling constantly, working for rival airlines, based in different cities, she'd been convinced that theirs was a relationship that would survive the pressures of the job.

Then came the anonymous email. The woman who had sent it hadn't wanted to identify herself, being a co-worker of Brad, but she hated to see another flight attendant being wronged as badly as her fiancé was treating Lilian.

She hadn't believed it until she confronted Brad. His first denials didn't ring true, and the email had been quite specific, naming a woman in St. Paul, which was one of his regular routes. Eventually, he admitted that he'd had an affair. He promised it was all over, but the damage was done. Their relationship was at its lowest point, and Lilian was beginning to wonder if she could even believe his confession.

So this trip was more welcome than ever. She would have chance to think, to clear her head, to decide whether her engagement was worth salvaging. She wished that she knew who had sent the email, so that she could contact her directly. She was no longer certain that she wanted to be Mrs. Bradley Farrel. If she had just a hint that her intuition was right, and there were other women...

Lilian had expected to feel empty, but what she felt was furious. She had thought that Brad was hers. All of the kind words, and believable promises - and whenever he came to mind, she imagined him fucking his girl in St. Paul. Why was she even thinking about taking him back after that?

Music drifted down the hallway as she waited for the elevator. Old movie standards. Karen must be at the piano. Lilian's heart felt a little lighter, and she decided that she wasn't going to go out to get drunk, which she'd intended, she'd stay here and listen to the auburn-haired pianist's next set. And get drunk here, instead.

She'd certainly have to change. Airline rules about drinking in uniform were strict. Other than that - by her choice, this was a long layover, and she could let off some steam.

Not going out meant that she was in no hurry. She took a shower, and changed into a fuchsia silk blouse and black skirt, complementing her dark curls and olive skin. Maybe she wouldn't get drunk after all. Maybe she'd find a good-looking businessman... she saw her lips curl wickedly as she applied high-gloss lipstick. That would serve the asshole right.


The darkened bar was crowded. Lilian managed to find a table, but it looked like it might be a while before one of the overworked waitresses would get to her. She was looking at the bar, wondering whether to go order her first drink, when a voice from behind her left shoulder surprised her.

"What are you having?"

"Daiquiri, please," Lilian said, looking up into sea-green eyes framed by rich, red-brown hair. "Oh, Karen! You're not a waitress!"

The woman squeezed her shoulder. "That's okay. May I join you?"

"Of course, chica!" said Lilian, and Karen left for the bar.


Lilian had been a regular at this hotel for as long as she had been working. Houston was a frequent layover point, and from the beginning she'd enjoyed listening to the pianist who usually covered weekday evenings in the bar.

On one visit, there had been a karaoke night, and Lilian had taken the mike. As a choir singer in her early days, and a music minor at college, she had studied voice, and knew that she could sing well. Later, Karen had introduced herself, and asked if Lilian would be willing to sing with her. After that, they'd formed a casual friendship, and occasionally Lilian would sing when she was in town and Karen was at the piano.


Now Karen was heading back, elegant in a long, flame-orange dress. She took the chair beside Lilian at the table. "It's good to see you," she said. "How are you doing?"

Lilian grinned ruefully. "I'll be better when my drink arrives. How are you?"

"Fine," said Karen. "Want to tell me about it?"

"Personal issues," responded Lilian. Seeing a waitress threading her way towards them, she added, "Looks like the medicine's here."

The waitress set glasses before them. Karen touched her hand and she nodded and left. "On the house," she said. "You will be singing tonight, right?"

"Oh, Karen," said Lilian, "that isn't why I'm here. I just want to relax."

"Come on, you know you enjoy it," said her friend. "We have a big crowd for you tonight. Our scheduled act cancelled."

"I wondered why you were here on Saturday," said Lilian.

Karen nodded. "Yeah, I was free. I didn't really want to come in, but ... now you're here, so I'm glad I did. Did you listen to the CD?"

The last time Lilian was passing through, Karen had been considering covering some songs from the Scissor Sisters CD, and had suggested that they might work well for Lilian.

"Yes, but I think I'd want to practice. Maybe we could try one when the bar is empty?"

Karen looked at her watch, and stood. "I'm up. Listen, I don't know if I'll be here next time you're in town."

"Why not?"

"I'll tell you about it later," she said. "Can I call on you? It may be our last chance."

Lilian grinned. "Oh, why not?"


Karen's repertoire was varied. Mainly oldies, standards, but not all conventional piano songs. She did have the hotel's baby grand piano, but beside it she had a stacked electric keyboard and synthesizer, and a drum machine, for more contemporary songs. She claimed to be able to judge audience reaction to know what she should include in a set, and Lilian didn't doubt her.

She also had a good voice. She didn't need Lilian's help, but together the two could give more depth to a performance than Karen alone.

Lilian had almost finished her drink when Karen called for her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a friend of mine, who's going to finish this last set with me. Her name is Liliana Perez. Some of you may have seen her here before. Lilian, please join me. Can we get her another drink?"

There was a little polite applause as Lilian made her way forward. A waitress brought her a replacement daiquiri as she started her first song. The audience's reception was enthusiastic, and grew with each standard they performed.

Karen took a manila folder and handed it to Lilian, who knew it contained her lyrics sheets. So far she hadn't needed them.

"We're going to try it," Karen whispered, then squeezed past Lilian to take her seat at the electric keyboards. "You'll be fine."

They had to switch mikes, and Lilian was still moving the other mike into position when Karen announced that they were trying something new, covering the Scissor Sisters' "Lovers in the Back Seat."

Starting the drum machine, she picked up the bass line on synth, then the accompaniment when Lilian started singing. Though it seemed a simple song, she'd arranged it to work well with Lilian's voice, and when Karen joined in with the almost-monotonic backing vocals, the sound was so perfect it gave Lilian a chill. She rested a hand on her friend's shoulder, and grinned as she sang.

The sexy lyrics also fit the atmosphere the duo created, and the effect wasn't lost on the audience, who cheered loudly enough that Karen took a special bow before moving back to the piano.

"Last one, folks," she said. "Killing me softly with his song."

As she sang the old Roberta Flack standard, Lilian let her voice soar, emulating the gentle passion of the original. She poured everything she'd been feeling that day - anger, freedom, the elation of the last song - all of it into her performance. It felt wonderful.

Apparently the audience thought so, too. Lilian found her face flush at the response. Karen stood and took her hand to applause and some whistling.

When the noise didn't die down, Karen looked at her and shrugged. "What else do we know?"

"I'm out of ideas," Lilian said. "I never imagined we'd need an encore." She lifted the mike. "That's all we have," she said. "We haven't prepared any... wait..."

Aside from the mike, she spoke directly to Karen. "I know. Something I've heard you play before. Not too fast, okay?" Then she took the mike again.

Looking directly at Karen, she spoke into the mike. "Ya played it for her, now play it for me." Her friend's lips curled into a grin, and she turned back to the piano. "If she can stand it, so can I," Lilian continued. "Play it."

Of course, Karen launched into "As Time Goes By." Lilian had never heard her sing the words; the version she played was too complex and would have been difficult to use to accompany herself. But for the two of the together, it was ideal. Lilian controlled her breathing to develop the richest tone she could.

She watched her friend during the non-vocal verse, as Karen's expertise came to the fore, then rested her right hand on the redhead's shoulder as she sang the final chorus.

After the last flourish on the piano, Karen looked up, her eyes bright, then reached across to squeeze Lilian's hand briefly before standing, to enthusiastic applause.

Lilian picked up what was left of her drink and moved off to the side. A moment later, her friend joined her.

"Inspired choice," Karen said.

"Desperation, not inspiration," Lilian replied, grinning. "I should teach you some Spanish songs. Then we'd have plenty of material."

"Except that we'll probably not have another chance," Karen said.

"So you said. Why is that?"

"This probably isn't a good place to talk," said Karen, as a small group of patrons approached to congratulate them.

"Want to come up to my room?" Lilian asked.

"Sure, what number? Shall I bring a bottle?"


Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on Lilian's door. She opened it to find Karen with a bottle of chablis and two real glasses. "I figure," she said, "if one isn't enough, we can always call room service."

Lilian laughed. "You looking for a party, bonita? We should go out."

"Nah, I'm fine here," said Karen, "but we deserve it. We wowed them tonight." She took a bottle opener from her purse and started threading it into the cork. "I wish I could take you with me."

"To where? What's going on?"

Karen poured the wine, and handed Lilian a glass. "I'm going to Austin. Probably. I'm not completely certain yet, but I think so."

"Why?" Lilian sat on the side of the bed. Karen picked up the other glass, then sat beside her.

"The chance to play my own music," she said. "Don't get me wrong, I like doing this, but it isn't my passion. It isn't the kind of music that I want to create."

"You write?"

"Yeah," said Karen.

"So, what's stopping you?"

"The opportunity I have would replace this job, and let me work in my own songs. But this isn't all I do. I'd be giving up my other gigs. It takes time to get established, you know?" She took a swallow of wine. "But there's a guy, a friend, who's putting together a band there. He wants a good keyboard player. With that, maybe I can make ends meet, and take it from there."

"Well, you're good enough," Lilian said. "If you write as well as you play, you'd be brilliant. You deserve to be doing what you want, but I know it's a risky business."

Karen looked up and grinned at her. "You're no help."

Lilian shrugged, and returned the grin.

"So what got you so fired up today? You were great."

Lilian scowled. Then she kicked off her shoes, rearranged the pillows on the bed, and climbed up to sit with her back to the headboard. She slid over to the right, patting the left pillow to invite Karen to join her.

Her friend took off her own shoes and moved alongside her, her arm brushing Lilian's.

"I got a good mad on," she said. "My fiancé has been cheating on me. I'm taking a few days to decide whether I want him back."

"I didn't know you were engaged," Karen said.

"Yeah, couple of months now."

"Maybe you need to stay mad," Karen said, grinning. "You had so much - intensity tonight. Really turned me on."

"Well, that's why," Lilian responded.

There was nowhere to put her glass down. "Hold this a moment," she said, handing it to Karen. Then she slid off the bed, dragged the small room table over, then returned her place, close beside Karen, who'd taken the opportunity to top up her drink. After handing the glass back, Karen leaned back, her arm wedged firmly against Lilian's.

"I'm thinking of dumping my boyfriend too," said Karen. "I know he's cheated on me. I just can't prove it. Of course, he denies it."

"Yeah," said Lilian. Then she grimaced. "Men."

"He doesn't inspire me like yours, though."

"You don't need it," Lilian said. "I always love your playing."

Karen's fingers brushed the side of Lilian's hand. Lilian stretched out a finger to hook one of Karen's, then took another sip of her wine. She could feel a pleasant buzz from the drink, and it felt good to have someone to share it with.

Setting her drink down, she moved away slightly, to give herself room to roll onto her left side to face Karen. "I could still come to see you in Austin," she said. "We fly there. Maybe you'd let me sing one of your new songs."

Her friend set her own drink down and turned onto her right side. "That would be awesome. Your voice and my music - especially if you sing like today - now that would turn me on."

"You really like my voice, huh?"

Karen extended her left arm, hooked a ringlet of Lilian's dark hair, drawing it forward so that it fell across her face. "Yeah, it's almost your best feature."

Lilian caught the lock of hair, pulling it back out of her face. "Hey, chica," she said, "are you flirting with me?"

"Would it upset you if I were?"

"I - I think if I didn't have this nice warm feeling from the wine, it might."

"Then maybe you need to drink a little more, to help you make up your mind," Karen said, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Good plan," said Lilian. She rolled right, picked up her glass and drained the last inch or so of her drink. Then turned back to face her friend. "Now, where were we?"

Karen reached out to take Lilian's fingers between her own. "You were going to ask me what I think is your best feature."

"Oh, I was?"

"Uh-huh," said Karen. "And I was going to look lasciviously over your body, like this... and say, 'Your sense of humor.'"

Lilian laughed.

"Or maybe I was just going to do this," Karen said, drawing Lilian's fingers to her face. She closed her lips over the middle finger and ran her tongue over it, which was a pleasing sensation.

"So I was right," Lilian said. "You are flirting with me."

"Uh-huh," agreed Karen, kissing her finger. "The way I figure, neither of us have much reason to trust guys right now. And you have a pressing need for payback."

Lilian was glad she was pleasantly tipsy, because she was certain that the feelings she was having now should be making her uncomfortable. "What about you, chica?" she asked. "What do you want?"

"Just what I've wanted since we met," Karen replied. "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Her friend's frankness gave Lilian a gratifying thrill. She drew Karen's fingers towards her own face, taking the tip of her middle finger between her lips. "Do you think you're going to get it?" she asked.

Karen's eyes were wide, the pupils soft and dark. "I'm a lot more hopeful than I would have been a couple of hours ago," she said.

Lilian freed her right hand, set it behind Karen's neck, and drew her close. Her lips an inch from the other's, she whispered, "How about now?"

Karen reached out to remove Lilian's glasses, then stroked her cheek. "If I don't," she said, her voice unsteady, "I'm going to write a special song, just for you. And you won't want to sing it."

"We can't have that, can we?" replied Lilian, edging her face closer, to meet Karen's parted lips with her own.

The shock of finding that she hadn't backed away, and was kissing another woman, lasted just a few seconds, before the excitement of novelty and arousal kicked in. Then she parted her own lips, pressing her mouth firmly to Karen's.

She caressed Karen's neck as they kissed, while her friend's fingers played with her hair. Eventually, she drew back.


Karen turned away to place Lilian's glasses on the nightstand. "You didn't know if you were going to go through with it, did you?" she asked. "You've never kissed a girl before?"

"Nuh-uh. I take it you have?"

"Yeah," Karen said. "Girls taste better."

"And... beyond kissing?"

"Uh-huh," Karen acknowledged.

"Beyond... beyond?"


"And you want to..."

The other woman nodded. "Uh-huh," she whispered, then drew Lilian's mouth back to hers.

"Umph," complained Lilian, but she relaxed into the kiss.

Karen's free hand explored Lilian's bare arms, then ran over her back, drawing her closer. Lilian's fingers rested on Karen's neck for a while, but soon she gave into the need for touch, and squeezed her friends arm, at which point Karen pressed her body firmly against Lilian's.

Lilian felt the other woman drawing her closer, then push away with an annoyed snort. "Wait," Karen said, then stood, unfastened her dress, and let it fall to the floor. In bra and panties, she rejoined Lilian on the bed. "Damn thing is too tight," she complained, then cupped her palm behind Lilian's head and drew her mouth to her own.

With soft skin now beneath her hand, Lilian felt butterflies in her stomach. She hadn't expected the touch of a girl to be so - stimulating. So hard to draw back from ... if she were to want to.

Pushing herself back, Lilian studied her friend. Green eyes, auburn hair, and a heart-melting smile. Karen ... wanted her. Did she feel the same? She was aroused. Very much so. If it had been a guy who'd gotten her this excited, she'd know exactly what her pounding heart meant.

There was no deception in Karen. She'd made it clear where she wanted the night to go. She hadn't hidden the fact that she had been with other women, or that she had a current boyfriend. Guys would tell you what they thought you wanted to hear, rather than the truth. Or they'd wheedle, hoping to wear you down, hoping you wouldn't say no until you were too turned on to refuse. Karen had given her the chance to turn away, and she could still take it. She could.

Reaching out, she touched Karen's lips. Immediately she felt the woman's tongue rub her fingertip, making her body tingle. How different from Brad and his drive to be inside her. Not that she objected to that - God, he could feel good - but there was no delicacy with him.

And again, the image of him with the girl in St. Paul came to mind. She even imagined she knew what her rival looked like. Blond hair and big boobs, giggling as they got it on...

"What's the matter?" Karen's concern was evident in her voice.

Lilian laughed. "Nothing," she said. Her seething was quenched instantly in the comparison between Brad's betrayal and this woman's sensitivity. She trailed her fingers over Karen's neck, down her chest, along the edge of her breasts... then behind her back, drawing her close.

Her anger seemed to have triggered a well of emotion, and she found herself responding physically to the desire that her kiss was feeding. She needed to be closer to Karen, and that need fueled the breathless urgency of her kiss.

Rolling onto her back freed Lilian's left arm to help position Karen against her. She gripped the woman's waist as she edged closer. Fingers unfastened Lilian's pants and drew them off, legs fit between hers, and Karen was where Brad always wanted to be - but softer, gentler, her milky-white skin contrasting Lilian's olive complexion.

Then those fingers went to work on her blouse, parting it as they reached the top. Karen's lips left hers, travelling down her neck, over her shoulders - and Lilian felt her bra strap being drawn down, then the thrilling sensation of Karen's palm cupping her breast.

She ran her fingernails over Karen's smooth back. Without disconnecting from her lips, Karen worked her blouse free, then peeled her bra away, before lowering her face to Lilian's nipples.

Lilian's arousal wanted - demanded - Karen's mouth on her breasts, and she ran her fingers through her friend's red hair as she sucked, every movement stimulating Lilian's sex. She sighed with pleasure, and smiled as she realized that yes, she really did want to enjoy this woman.

The decision gave new impetus to the feeling in her sex. She hooked her hands under Karen's arms, lifting her back to kiss her on the mouth. Karen seemed to sense her new desire, hunting Lilian's tongue with her own, parting her lips wide as she pressed her face to Lilian's.

Lacing her fingers between her friend's, Lilian used the grip to roll Karen onto her back, easing herself down on top of her. She reached behind her back to unfasten her own bra, shucked it off and dropped it to the floor. She squeezed her companion's waist, then let her hands roam over Karen's body, caressing with firm pressure.

Sliding her hands higher, she squeezed Karen's breasts, then hooked her fingers into the strapless bra and teased it down far enough to fit her palms inside and knead the soft flesh there. Karen gasped and pressed her mouth even more firmly to Lilian's.

Lilian felt her friend taker a firm grip of her hips, wriggling into position so that her thigh was pressed insistenyl against Lilian's sex - a pleasant erotic pressure that became delicious as Karen used her grip to move her body against hers.

In response, Lilian pressed her own leg more firmly against her friend.

They kept moving against each other as Lilian forced her hands under the redhead's back to unfasten her bra. She lifted her body off her friend's to free the garment and see what it had held - lovely, rounded breasts with firmly erect nipples.

Lowering herself again, she glanced down to see her boobs sandwiched against Karen's, then stroked the edges of her friend's breasts with her fingertips. As she did, she felt Karen release her hips and slide her panties down. Wriggling out of them, she felt Karen working her own underwear off.

Naked now, she felt Karen's pussy damp against her thigh. She slid her body faster, and Karen moaned, then broke from her lips, breathing heavily as she kissed Lilian's earlobe.

"Oh, God, Lilian," she said. "I have so much wanted you to do this to me."

"Feels pretty good to me, too, chica," responded Lilian.

"I knew it would," Karen said, gripping Lilian's shoulders to hold her close.

Karen started moving quickly, rubbing her sex against Lilian's thigh. Then Lilian felt her arch her back against her.

"Oh!" Karen cried. She started panting, her breathing becoming more labored, until, "Aah! Aah! Oh God! Oh... Lilian! AAAAAH!"

Her back arched further, and Lilian pressed more firmly against her sex as she came.

"Mmh!" Karen groaned. "Mmh! God, you feel so good."

Karen's climax fed Lilian's own arousal, but she wasn't ready for her own yet. Still, moving against Karen was getting her closer, and felt very good. She could enjoy this for a long time...

Karen had different ideas, however. After her breathing had become more steady, she rolled Lilian onto her back, lowered her lips to her breasts, and then trailed them down her stomach until her chin pressed against Lilian's pussy.

Further still, and her tongue brushed Lilian's clit, making her gasp at the sudden stimulation. Karen explored further with her tongue, and it all felt good, but the sensations whenever she returned to her clit were overwhelming.

Soon Lilian knew that it was close to her time. The fire in her belly had become an inferno. She looked down at the red hair trailing on her stomach, her friend's face between her thighs, rich green eyes watching hers. She felt her muscles tense involuntarily.

Karen rolled her tongue over her clit, and Lilian groaned, taken by the exquisite sensation. Then a little more ... and her body shuddered in ecstasy, and she moaned gently as she came.

When Karen finally let her return to earth, Lilian kissed her, tasting herself on the other's tongue.

"So, how was your first time with a girl?" Karen asked.

"Making love to a girl," Lilian said, "it seems okay." She saw the dismay in her friend's eyes, and grinned. "But making love to you, chica, that is very special."

Karen's face lit up, and she kissed Lilian again. "Now I know I'm ditching Brad. He never makes me feel this good. He may fly jets, but he isn't flying me again."

Lilian felt a sick chill descend on her. "Brad? A pilot?"

"Yeah, my loser boyfriend," Karen said, then seeing Lilian's face, added, "Why? What is it?"

"Brad Farrel?" She had trouble saying the words.

Now Karen looked panicked. "Oh, my... oh, Jesus... he isn't..."

Lilian nodded dumbly. "We just confirmed each other's suspicions," she said. Then she let her anger loose. "That BASTARD!" she yelled.

"I didn't know," Karen said. "Lilian, I swear I didn't..."

"Of course you didn't, chica," Lilian said. "You didn't even know I was engaged to a pilot. His layovers are here, the same as mine. Not so much of a coincidence. That... hijo de puta. I will tear off his testicles myself."

Karen laughed nervously. "Don't do that, hon," she said. "Don't get in trouble over him. Just forget him. Hey, I know."

Lilian looked at her with curiosity.

"We'll go out tomorrow and find a sympathy card for a funeral. Both of us sign it. Then he'll know what happened."

"I like it," Lilian said. "We'll do that and I'll forget him. He doesn't make me feel as good as you do, sister."

"Well, you know where to find me," Karen said.

"Austin, yes?"

Karen nodded vigorously. "Austin. Definitely."


"Yes, hon?"

"I seem to have gotten another mad on. I can't sing, so what should I do with the excess emotion I'm feeling?"

"Liliana, honey," Karen said, "I know just the thing."



Austin Lights, August 24, Austin, Texas

Pub band recruits from out of state

Local favorites on the pub circuit, Horny Toad, have made a daring move that might well signal great things ahead for them. While their popularity has grown, many fans, including this correspondent, have felt that they lack the power to carry off the intense and often dark lyrics of composer / keyboardist Karen Mallory. Her songs are brilliant and well-received, but Horny Toad's delivery has not done them justice.

Enter newly-recruited frontwoman, Liliana Perez. A newcomer both to the area, moving here from California, and to the music business, she seems an unusual choice. Yet her presence is undeniable. Her vocal range is impressive; she covers the band's slower ballads and Mallory's hard rocking numbers with equal ease. Her passion has made the band's one Spanish rocker, "Hijo de puta," co-authored by Perez and Mallory, into an instant favorite.

Having a sultry latina headlining is certainly not going to hurt the band's chances of making it big. With guitarist Steve Holder already the idol of the female fanbase, the two have an obvious chemistry that propels the band forward visually, emotionally, and musically.

This correspondent expects great things from the combo.


"Hey, Karen!"

"Yes, hon?" Karen wandered out of the kitchen in her small silk robe.

Still in her nightgown, her legs draped over the side of the couch, Lilian pushed her glasses back down to her nose and held up the paper. "Did you read this review?"

"Yeah. 'Obvious chemistry'? Should I be jealous?"

Lilian laughed. "Imagine how Steve's boyfriend feels. But it's all about me, like I've taken over, when you're the one who's been working her cute ass off to get the band where it is. Clint and Billy don't even get a mention."

Karen came over to sit on the couch, wedging herself against Lilian's legs. "That'll always happen. You'd better get used to being the public face of the Toad." She laughed. "Just don't let it go to your sultry latina head."

"As if."

"Remember that we all depend on each other," Karen continued, "whatever the audience thinks, and we'll be fine."

"Aye aye, Sir," replied Lilian.

"How do you feel about your ex inspiring our - what does she say, 'instant favorite?'"

"I like it. You know, I think we need to let that story 'accidentally slip' in our next interview."

Karen grinned. "Maybe we should do that."

"Hey, chica?" Lilian reached out and took her girlfriend's hand.

"Yes, hon?"

"Let's delay breakfast a little, okay?"