"Strip bridge," she said.

"What?" asked Valerie.

"Strip bridge," repeated Melissa. "You know, like strip poker. When a pair wins a game, the other pair each removes an item of clothing."

Valerie rolled her eyes. She tired easily of Melissa's games. I decided to ignore her lead as Melissa flashed a quick smile at me.

"Sure," I said to Melissa. "But you and Valerie would have to partner. It wouldn't do to have just you and Greg get naked, or Valerie and me. Where's the challenge in that? Greg and I would sell our souls to win at that game."

"Why not Greg partnering Valerie, and you with me?" asked Melissa. "That would be interesting whatever the outcome."

Valerie shot her a hard look.

"You'll be suggesting a foursome of 'Twister' next," remarked Greg.

"Why not?" I countered.

"Because, for one thing, it would only be three," said Valerie. "You're not getting me tied in knots."

"That's not what you said last night," I joked. "You mean I bought all that rope for nothing?"

She rolled her eyes again. "Oh, God, Kyle, I think it's time we left."

Melissa gave me a long, sensuous, inviting look, head tilted sideways, as if to say it's time she left, don't you think?


I'd love to play 'Twister' with Melissa, I thought, as I drove us back to my apartment. Just the two of us. In swimsuits, perhaps, to give us something to look forward to. Or her in lingerie. I hoped Valerie hadn't seen how hard I'd become. Inside the apartment, I kissed her urgently, and started unfastening her clothing, giving me an excuse for my erection. And soon it wasn't an excuse, as I slipped inside her, sitting to taste her breast while we took each other to a place we knew well, but loved to revisit.

"Why do you flirt with her, Kyle?" Valerie asked as she lay against me, stroking my now-soft shaft. "You shouldn't encourage her. You know she wants you."

Oh, I wish, I thought. There was one time Melissa had worn a loose tee shirt, and had bent over to pour coffee. I saw a full, tanned breast in its entirety, and wanted so much to reach up and slip my hands up inside that shirt...

Recalling that time, I felt my cock unfold. Valerie's eyebrows rose, and her fondling became stronger. She climbed onto me before I was ready, but visualizing Melissa's breast within that tee shirt helped me become hard within her, and as she lowered her mouth to mine, I closed my eyes, picturing dark eyes, dark hair and tanned skin. Valerie's small, tight boobs were smooth against my palms, but the breasts I was squeezing in my mind were large and firm, and the hands holding my face to hers as our tongues slid together wore an imaginary wedding ring.

We stayed locked together, rolling and repositioning, through a host of Valerie's shivering peaks of passion, and as she tired, I imagined that look of pure sex that Melissa had given me, and pushed us both in a gasping crescendo to a time of shared glory.

"Wow," Valerie said, as she kissed my neck, "I wish we could do that more often."

I wish I could do that just once I thought, without needing imagination.


Valerie never stayed with me long. Our relationship had been on-again off-again for years, when not between the sheets we really had little in common, and Valerie would drift away to other guys. After a time we'd always seem to get back together, we'd seduce each other slowly, knowing that sex was inevitable, but letting our desire build to the point that it was also necessary. Then we'd wonder for a time how we ever separated, until a few weeks later the cycle would begin again.

So, inevitably, Valerie left me. Melissa took me under her wing, inviting me to the almost weekly games evenings she and Greg held. Sometimes we'd play bridge (she insisted on partnering me, while she found temporary partners for Greg), sometimes Clue, sometimes poker - not strip poker. One of our favorites was a dictionary-based game where someone would find a word in the dictionary, and everyone would write their definition. With the right group, that game was a hoot.

Melissa went one better; she prepared a list of words and definitions beforehand, and handed them out for us to use like random dictionary words. Except that her word list had a definite adult theme, and caused several red faces and a good deal of hilarity. Since she had disqualified herself from participating by producing the word lists, she sat beside me at the crowded table, and occasionally whispered lewd comments about the game in my ear. Each time she did, her breasts pressed against my arm, and I became quite sure she was trying to arouse me.


The next games night featured card games. Melissa seated me opposite her. At first I was sorry that she hadn't chosen to sit beside me, but as her eyes kept catching mine in a sultry gaze through her lashes, my disappointment was replaced with a low thrill. Sex by telepathy. The lust in her eyes was tangible, as was the response in my groin.

Her eyes held mine, but circumspectly; no-one else at the table would have seen our flirting. She looked away, but her foot brushed against me, and stayed pressed to mine. I moved my ankle against hers, and caught a twitch of a smile, though did not look around. We played footsie beneath the table for a few hands of poker.

She lay down her cards and stretched, lowering her hands to her lap. Catching my foot with her own, she drew it up to her, and without anyone noticing, slipped her hands under the tablecloth and untied my shoe, then removed it, and pulled on my sock. When my foot was bare, she stuffed my sock into my shoe and hung it on my toe. Not sure where she was going, but more than willing to find out, I lowered my foot to leave my shoe in reach, then stroked her leg with my toe.

After playing the next hand, she drew my foot back again, took it in her hand, and pressed it between her thighs. This was not a comfortable position, but I followed her guidance, stroking her thighs and working my way towards her sex. As I pressed her hose against her pussy, she wriggled slightly, holding me firmly against her.

Unexpectedly, she excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned, I touched her legs with my toe, finding them smooth and unencumbered by pantyhose. Responding to her occasional flirting glances, I moved my leg covertly so that my toe caressed her thighs, then as I pressed it against her pussy, I felt dry, wiry hair. She glanced into my eyes and raised her eyebrows, then grabbed my foot between her thighs, using her grip to stroke my toe against her pussy.

With her hands, she levered my toe against and then inside her. After some twisting and arranging, I felt her moistness surrounding my toe, pressing and slowly moving against me. I stroked slowly against her, occasional glimpses of raw pleasure showing on her face when she let her guard down, though I tried not to look at her, tried to keep enough of my mind on the game while my toe explored her delights.

Her poker play suffered, and I daresay mine did, too. When she tightened herself around my toe, I pulled back, and when she relaxed, I pressed, making her gasp. Her lips were set in a tight line as she tried to suppress the small groaning sounds I could sometimes here. Her forehead became flushed.

"Are you alright, dear?" asked Greg.

"Fine," she said, hoarsely. "Just a little warm."

He shrugged and got back to the game. Melissa squeezed my foot, trying to draw me in, and I kept pulling back, then, as her look pleaded with me for release, I slid back in, stroking upwards firmly. Her eyes became wide, and she let out a moan which she turned into a cough, as I kept pushing against her.

She clenched around my toe, breathing quickly and quietly through her nose. I felt her tighten, almost pushing me out, then as she gasped again, I felt her spasm hard against me, twitching, shuddering around my toe, her brow now moist with pleasure and effort.

She pushed my foot away, visibly short of breath, studying her cards and working hard to appear calm, while I tried to put my sock and shoe back on without being noticed.

After the poker game everyone filed out of the living room to leave. Melissa hooked a finger into my belt to hold me back, and as soon as the room had cleared she grabbed my face and kissed me hard. I responded with my hands on her waist, meeting her tongue with mine. Then she broke away, whispered "come back next week", and left the room. I wiped off the lipstick she had left and followed.


"I have something special for you, Kyle", said Melissa as she greeted me. As Greg was standing beside her, it was obviously something he was aware of, yet the way she said it excited me. Something was going on...

She led me to a table in the den. It was set up against a connecting door, with a screen at the back to close off the entrance. A chessboard and pieces were set up on it, facing into the screen.

"Where does your opponent sit?" I asked.

"There is no opponent," she replied, "it's a chess problem."

I looked again. I had thought it was a game in progress, but I realized it was a staged chess problem. "Oh, I see. You want me to solve it?"

"That's the idea," she said, and guided me into the chair. "Be sure to study it until you're sure you're done," she added, then left the room with Greg.

It was a strange puzzle. Not a problem at all, really, because every move was constrained. White only had one legal move, and when it was made, black had only one move, again white could only make a single move, and it resulted in checkmate. There were no options, it was an automatic win for white.

I wondered what I had missed. Melissa had told me to be sure I was through...

I jumped as something brushed my leg, then stroked my thighs. I realized why Melissa had set the table in such a strange location. After sneaking around to behind the table, in the open entrance, she had crawled under it, and was completely hidden by the long tablecloth.

I felt her unzip my jeans and open the front. Excitement welled through me as she pried my shaft from my underwear and ran her fingernails down its length. It expanded willingly in her hands as she played with my balls and scratched me gently. I winced as she dug her nails gently into my foreskin, but my erection continued to harden.

Warm moistness drifted along the underside of my cock, and my breath caught as I thrilled to the feel of her tongue. She kept teasing me, slowly, so slowly drawing her tongue along me. I closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure to own my senses.

I felt the warmth around the end of my cock, then a raw rasping as she stroked with her tongue. She moved her lips down, and the warmth engulfed me, then after sucking for a moment, she returned to tonguing the underside of my shaft gently, frustrating me.

She released me, and a moment later I felt her sucking on the base of my cock, then finding different points to suck, each time scrubbing with her tongue. I was overheated, my brow was damp, and my whole body tingled as she slowly made her way back to the head. She kissed the end, and took me into her mouth briefly again, then sucked the sensitive spot below the tip, tonguing me viciously.

I gasped, then heard a voice from behind me. "Are you going to join us, Kyle?"

I couldn't resist it. "Sure," I said, "I think I'll be coming soon." I heard a snuffling sound under the table, as Melissa giggled quietly, then felt her take my erection back into her mouth, chewing with her lips. God, that felt good. I gripped the table, white-knuckled.

"Are you okay?" came the voice again. "You're looking a little sick."

"I feel fine, Greg," I said. "Perhaps I have a touch of what Melissa was suffering last week."

This time the snuffling was accompanied by a sharp pain as her teeth caught me, and I jumped. I heard Greg turn and leave as Melissa sucked hard, overcoming my attempt to stay calm, and the tingling in my cock spread out, through me, as my muscles went into spasm... and I came, powerfully, still trying to hold back, but no match for the erotic stimulation she continued to give me as she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, sucking and chewing until I had nothing within me. Even then, she kept moving; drained, my body's pulsing was painful, but I closed my eyes again to endure the wonderful torture until she finally released me.

I washed my face to cool me down, and hide the flush, and by the time I joined the other gamers, my breathing had returned to normal. Melissa entered the room a few moments later, giving me a surreptitious wink.

"Did you figure out the problem?" she asked me, as we sat to play.

"It's an interesting puzzle," I said, "but it seems to be impossible to lose."

"That's what I found intriguing," she said. "So, did you win?"

"I did," I replied.

When the party was over, Melissa asked Greg if he'd mind if she were to invite me over for the football game on Sunday.

"Sure," he said, "but I didn't think you would want to watch."

"I don't," she replied, "so while you and your friends are watching the game and boozing, Kyle can keep me entertained with a board game."


So the following Sunday, I was back on their doorstep. The football game had started, and Melissa led me back to the den. We set up the Monopoly board, and started to play. Hearing cheering from the living room, Melissa seemed to relax. "They're getting into it now. I don't think we'll be disturbed." Then she pushed her Monopoly money aside and drew six lines on a piece of paper, a group of four followed by a group of two. Hangman.

I guessed an E first, and she wrote an E in the last place. Then I guessed A. She shook her head. "Take off your shoe."


"Take off your shoe. We're using my rules. Each wrong answer, you forfeit a piece of clothing."

"Your husband is just down the hall."

"He'll stay there. It's a big game, they won't miss a moment."

I shrugged and removed a tennis shoe. Next I guessed I, which turned out to be the second letter of the first word.

By the time I knew the answer, I was down both shoes, both socks, and my shorts, and was sitting in my underwear and tee shirt. The words on the paper said "KISS ME".

"Do what it says," she said.

I leaned over the game table. Her lips parted before meeting mine, and she used them to pry my mouth open wide. She held her arms out towards me, and I moved around from the back of the table, knocking over the Monopoly game, and put my hands on her waist. She bit my tongue and slid her hands under my tee shirt.

"This isn't fair," I said, breaking away, my erection hard and obvious. "You've stripped me to my underwear, and didn't give me a chance to do the same to you."

"You couldn't," she said.

"I couldn't?"

"No. I'm not wearing any." She pressed her face against mine, slipping her hands inside the back of my underwear, squeezing my butt. Moments later she had pulled them off, causing me a moment's agony as she forced my hard shaft in the wrong direction. Then she pushed me into a squat, and straddled my knees.

Her short skirt was no encumbrance as she dragged me into her, my cock finding her already wet. Squeezing her legs against my back, she pulled herself against me; I held her ass while we wriggled around for the best penetration, then put my hands on her narrow waist as we started to press against each other.

She was obviously strongly aroused. She started to moan softly after just a moment. I moved my hands up her back... she was wearing a bra. I fought with the strap as she sucked my tongue. Then it was free, and I held her firm breasts, squeezing her hard nipples between finger and thumb. She moaned slightly louder, and I flattened my palms against her breasts as she held my back, squashing herself against me.

Releasing my mouth, she groaned. "Ohhhh...."

I shushed her. She bit my ear painfully as she bucked against me, grunting. "Nnnghhh... Nnnghhh... oh GOD!" I felt her start to tremble. I almost lost my balance as she lost control. Instead, I managed to lower her to the floor. I slipped out of her as her orgasm waned, and rolled her over onto her hands and knees. Entering her slowly from behind, trying not to let the stimulation overcome me, I gripped her thighs and pressed in.

She pressed back against me, and was soon breathing noisily. Releasing her thighs, I pushed her shirt up until her breasts were clear. They hung clear, full and heavy, and I reached up and squeezed, using my grip on her boobs to force myself harder against her. "Oh God," I heard her say, "I'm going to come again, oh God. AH!"

She started shaking herself against me, her whole body rippling with the effort. As her pussy tightened and shook against me, I was unable to hold back any longer, and I slammed into her as my cock started to twitch. She cried out, loud. I figured there was no way the guys in the other room wouldn't hear us, but I was too far gone in my own pleasure to care.

Melissa kept squeezing, the pulsing in her sex like a fast, irregular heartbeat against my sensitive cock, still groaning quietly as I gently kneaded her firm breasts. I heard the sound of the TV from the other room, and realized we had been masked by some event on the field, perhaps a touchdown.

When Melissa collapsed to the floor, I relaxed, lying on the carpet beside her. I rolled her back to study her breasts, and kissed them, in spite of the thin layer of sweat she had developed. Then I covered them up, and she put her arms around my head. "Don't worry," she said softly, "they'll be waiting for our next game."

Whatever that is.

I dressed, and we packed up the Monopoly. I hope she remembered to pick up the "hangman" paper, because I didn't.

When we entered the living room, the game had yielded to ads. Greg looked up. "Who won?" he asked.

"I did," said Melissa and I in unison.