3 - 2. Blossoming

In spite of her words, Heather wasn't homophobic. Sophie believed that, or at least she wanted to believe that. The framework she was in, which was probably the framework she'd grown up in, wouldn't tolerate her being attracted to women. But then, neither would it tolerate the sex games she'd played the previous day. She was consciously trying to push through her conditioning. Maybe she could push far enough through to recognize who she was.

Rose had seen it. Ben had either seen it or trusted Rose's interpretation. Sophie had seen it herself in flashes. She didn't think Heather had seen it - didn't think that she'd figured out why her cheeks colored and she got a flash of lust when she thought about women in an erotic setting.

If Heather did understand her feelings, she'd either be trying harder to break free of her conditioning, or turning inward to self-hate. And given her progress already, the second seemed unlikely.

This would be a lot to hang onto a single insight - when the girl's pupils had widened involuntarily - but there had been other confirmation. The glances at Sophie's chest after the lap dance. The ease with which she accepted Sophie's compromise for an activity that terrified her. Even the willingness to hold hands. Plus, as she figured, there's no way Ben would scam the poor girl if he didn't think the setup would succeed, and that meant that Rose, who knew her well, had seen what Heather hid from herself.

Sophie considered that if the dare gave Heather nothing more than a little boundary stretching, it would still be worthwhile. Casual Girl! Saving the world, one seduction at a time! I should wear a fucking cape.


Her target arrived precisely at three, and spent the requisite few minutes gazing around at the condo. "But you are a student, right? And you don't even share?"

"Moonlighting as a call girl pays well," Sophie said.

Heather's eyes went wide behind her gold-framed glasses. "What?" She seemed close to panic. "Really?"

"Oh, crap," Sophie said. "No! No, I'm not a call girl. God, I'm sorry, hon, you don't know me well enough to know my sense of humor. No, the truth is less interesting." She frowned for a moment. "Actually it's quite interesting, but it's too long a story for now. I guarantee there's no whoring involved." She paused again. "Well, not exactly, and not on my part. Can we move on before I dig myself a bigger hole?"

Her guest's eyebrows were raised high. She still looked at Sophie curiously as she said, "Okay, but you have to promise to tell me the story sometime."

"Alright," Sophie said. "And I'm being rude. May I take your jacket?"

Heather smiled and slipped it off. She wore a dress again. This time it was a much more casual lightweight teal knit, with loafers and white hose. She carried a tribal mosaic tote.

"We were drinking wine last night," Sophie said. "I have more, if you want it, or I could make us both frozen margaritas. Five minutes. Would you like that?"

"Sure," said Heather. "I'll try that." She followed Sophie as she hung up her jacket, and then into the kitchen, where Sophie started pouring liquids into the blender.

"No boyfriend?" Sophie asked as the ice maker growled.

Heather shook her head. "I had one before I came here. It didn't work out."

Conversation was suspended when Sophie pushed the start button on the blender. While it pulverized the ice, she sliced a lime, used it to wet the rim of two glasses, then spun them in a thin layer of sea salt.

Satisfied with the blender's progress, she filled the two glasses directly from it, then set the blender with the remaining mix in the fridge.

"Why was that?"

It had been a long enough break in the conversation that Heather asked, "Why was what?"

"Why didn't things work out, with your boyfriend?"

"Oh, that." She sipped her margarita through the salt. "He wanted me to go all the way. I... almost let him. But I didn't. This drink is so sour and so salty! I think I like it."

Sophie grinned. "Not sure? Have you never had margarita?"

"Yes, but it was... milder, I guess. Maybe sweeter. I prefer this."

"Why didn't you want to go all the way? Religious reasons?"

"No," Heather replied. "Well, partly, maybe. I just didn't want to. I liked him fine. I just had never really... well, I mean, we kissed, and maybe touched a little, but it never felt right. Anyway, he was very gracious about me saying no. But after that we drifted apart, and I broke it off officially before coming here."

"Did you like kissing him? You seemed to give Stephen a pretty good workout yesterday."

"It was okay," Heather replied. "I've kissed others. I like kissing when I'm getting to know a boy,, but then they always want to grope, and it turns me off. I like Stephen just fine, so kissing him was good."

Sophie grinned. "I think it did more for him than for you. Did you see his face?"

Heather blushed. "I wasn't really paying attention."

"So," Sophie said. "Will you be able to kiss me? For the dare?"

"I said I would," Heather retorted, then took a large sip of her margarita.

"Let's try," Sophie suggested. "So we know what to expect from the dare. If you really hate it, we should just move on and find a way to tell our friends it's done."

Heather took another large sip of her drink. She was way ahead of Sophie in margarita consumption. "Fine," she said. "But I still don't want to lie about the dare."

"Right, but we have options. Like if you hate it, we cut down to the original time. Twenty minutes is just Ben being controlling. Or maybe we say making out is just lying together without kissing or fondling."

"Fondling?" Heather's eyes grew wide. "No one said anything about fondling."

"It's usually part of making out," Sophie said, "but it doesn't have to be. Not touching some for twenty minutes might be hard, but we'll play it by ear. You have to know you can tell me to stop, okay?"

Heather took another sip of her drink. Then Sophie gently took it out of her hand. "Don't get drunk, now, or I might take advantage of you."

She set both drinks down, then moved up close, taking the waist of Heather's dress in her hands. Heather backed into a counter and gave Sophie an anxious look.

Moving closer, until her belly brushed against Heather's, Sophie kissed each of the girl's eyelids gently before planting a small peck on her lips. She drew back, gave Heather a chance to breathe, then kissed her lips again.

After maybe a half-dozen pecks, the girl relaxed a touch. Her lips parted slightly and softened. Each peck took a few seconds longer. Then she leaned back, preventing Sophie's next kiss from landing. "See," she said, in a quiet voice, "I can do it."

"Maybe," the taller girl replied. "You're still fighting it, though. Do try to relax some."

She raised her hand to the back of Heather's neck, cupped her head gently, non-threateningly, then lightly touched her lips to the girl's. After several seconds, the pressure of Heather's lips on hers became a little greater, and after a few seconds more, her body seemed to lose some of its tension. Her lips parted, and moved slightly in response to the motions of Sophie's.

"See, that's better," Sophie murmured a moment later. "Did you hate that?"

Heather shook her head. "Not really."

"Try one thing more," suggested Sophie. "See if you can put aside who we are. Who I am. Kiss me like you kissed Stephen yesterday. Maybe you didn't feel any passion, but kissing like that is probably going to help you find some."

"Okay," said her companion.

Sophie's lips connected again, and after a moment's resistance, Heather's lips parted and her tongue met Sophie's. She ground her lips against Sophie's, and her chest pressed closer to hers. Sophie held her head, pressing the girl's face to her own, and licked the tip of her tongue.

Heather was breathing a little harder when they separated. Sophie didn't think that she had been with Stephen. Maybe she did feel a little passion after all. More importantly, the girl's barriers had lowered sufficiently that she stood a chance of not withdrawing completely.

"That was good, sweetie," Sophie said. "I won't push any further. Do you think you'll be okay?"

"Yeah, I think so," Heather replied.

"You're planning to take a few clothes off?" Sophie asked. She took the blender out of the fridge and topped up their drinks.

The girl nodded. "My tee shirt is in my bag," she said. "Where should I leave my dress and shoes?"

"Follow me," Sophie replied, taking their drinks to the bedroom. "The bathroom is right there. Bring your clothes back out. I can fold them over a chair for you."


While Heather was changing, Sophie took off her slippers and shorts. Other than those, she was already dressed as specified on the card: panties, no bra and optional tee shirt. The tee she wore was her shortest crop top, and her tan panties had a narrow lace waistband.

Heather emerged from the bathroom with pink cheeks. Her tee was white, and while it was not as short as Sophie's, it still exposed her navel. Her panties, though...

"Dinosaurs?" Sophie asked with a grin, as she took the girl's clothes from her.

"You made such a big deal about my pink underwear. I thought I'd give you something else to make fun of."

Sophie carefully laid the clothing one piece at a time of the back of a chair. "I won't make fun of them! They're adorable!" She lowered her voice. "But so were the hot pink panties."

Heather sighed and shook her head.

Sophie moved close to the girl and lightly squeezed her unresponsive arms. "Sweetie, I'm not going to say this is your last chance to back out, because you can always say stop, but are you really sure you want to start?"

Heather's eyes were looking down. She glanced up for a second into Sophie's and gave a quick nod. "Yeah," she said.

"Then let's get comfortable," Sophie said.


"You lie down and I'll set up a timer," Sophie said, taking out her phone. "It's three twenty-five. So twenty minutes would run until four oh-five, right?"

"Sure," Heather said. Then, "Hey, wait! No it doesn't!"

"Can't blame me for trying," Sophie said, with a chuckle. "Guess it would be easier to use the timer rather than the clock anyway. I'm going to set it for twenty-three minutes, to give us time to get settled in, okay?"

"That's okay," Heather said. She was lying on her back in the center of the bed, head turned to the side to watch Sophie.

"Oh, and phone on do not disturb," Sophie muttered. She propped the phone where she could see its face, then climbed onto the bed, knelt with one knee on either side of Heather's right leg, and slowly lowered herself onto the girl. "Will this be okay? I think it's the most comfortable."

"It's okay," Heather replied.

"Then I guess it's time," Sophie murmured, and lowered her face to Heather's.

She began to kiss the girl, not with a long joining, but with a series of connections in a slow rhythm, breaking about every three seconds. Heather began to anticipate the meetings of their lips, parting hers in time. The intensity of their last kiss in the kitchen was absent, but she seemed to respond to the motion, her body relaxing. She breathed lightly around the kisses.

Sophie moved her hands to Heather's waist, with a very gentle touch, barely more than a suggestion of contact. Each time she approached the girl's lips, she changed the direction very slightly. Her partner responded to each movement, adjusting her own position. With her chest against Heather's, their breasts were squeezed lightly together, tee shirts flat between them.

She sensed a growing willingness in Heather's reciprocation. Perhaps it was her own mild arousal that she was feeling, but she didn't think so. She believed that she could feel the muscles in the girl's upper body preparing for each contact, with little tensions that changed how firmly her face met Sophie's.

"Put your arms around me," Sophie whispered.

"Okay," Heather replied, and slipped her arms around Sophie's back in a light hug.

Three minutes had passed, according to a quick glance at the phone. Heather seemed to be losing some of her reservations. Sophie's hands began to explore, moving down to her hips and up her side. Not moving to anywhere that the shy girl might find objectionable or that might be pushing too far, but enough that's she'd feel a caressing touch. Heather's arms around Sophie tightened a little.

Sophie curled her body backwards slightly, putting pressure on the hip that was nestled against Heather's groin. Her tee shirt filled out as her breasts lost their constraint. She tilted her neck forward so that Heather could still reach her lips, but then moved back, forcing the girl to chase her lips, allowing only a brush of contact. Her partner breathed more heavily as her frustration rose at the lack of contract, and Sophie knew that she was actively seeking the stimulation of their kisses.

Instead of giving that to her, Sophie lowered her head to Heather's neck, letting her body press down on the girl's again. Then she began to kiss the junction of her neck and shoulder, moving her lips and tongue around, making Heather shiver. She held her hips, using this as leverage to shift her body against her partner's, feeling the roll of her breasts against Heather's. When she breathed into her ear and kissed her earlobe, the girl's breathing became sharper.

Lifting her head, Sophie met Heather's lips again, in the same three second rhythm. There was a qualitative change in the girl's response, though. She seemed to be trying to prolong each individual kiss, not relinquishing it willingly. Sophie began to extend her tongue every time their lips met, and Heather touched hers to it. Her chest rose further against Sophie's with each breath.

Releasing her hips, Sophie moved her hands against the girl's sides with a firmer touch, allowing her to keep making the small motions of her body against Heather's. Her fingers slid well up inside her shirt. They maintained a virtuous distance from her breasts, but her own breasts moved against those pressing softly against her.

Almost six minutes. Sophie lifted her shoulders from the bed, her lips parted and her own breathing slightly uneven, and gazed down at her partner. Heather's eyes had softened with nascent lust. It was probably an unfamiliar feeling, and Sophie didn't want her to panic if she came to recognize it. She lowered her face to brush her lips lightly against the girl's, and Heather quivered.

Then she moved her left hand from Heather's waist, and rolled away from her chest, supporting herself on her elbow. The girl's arms fell away from her back. "Would you like to pause the timer for a moment?"

"Sure," Heather whispered.

Sophie leaned to the right, stretching to hit the pause button. As she levered herself back into position she saw Heather's eyes taking in every detail of her body against the girl's.

She ran her finger over Heather'scheek and left arm. "Is it my imagination, or are you hating this less than you expected?" she asked, softly.

"Maybe," Heather admitted.

"I like kissing you," Sophie stated.

"It's okay," Heather said.

"Just okay?"

"It's nice, but it's making me very nervous, somehow," Heather replied.

"Do you like to feel my body against you?"

"Y... yeah, but it makes me more nervous."

"Why, do you think?" Sophie ran a finger down from her shoulder to her waist, stroking the very edge of her breast.

"I feel like I want to touch you." She halted for a second, then continued."No, I feel like I need to touch you, but the thought scares me."

"It's alright if you touch, sweetie," said Sophie.

"Where and how? How do I know what's okay?"

In reply, Sophie reached for Heather's left hand. She kissed her fingertips, then carefully curled it around her right breast.

Heather gasped as if she were about to hyperventilate. Sophie lifted the hand from her breast and set it on her waist. "It's okay if you don't want to, too. I just want you to know that I would be fine with it. More than fine."

She caressed the girl's face again, then moved in to kiss her. This time she left her mouth joined to Heather's, moving only to feel the connection between them deepen. After a few moments, Heather's hand moved from her waist to cup her right breast. She didn't squeeze or move it, just let it rest there.

The girl's breathing was decidedly heavy when they separated.

"Oh, damn," breathed Sophie. "I forgot to start the timer."

"I think I won't mind if we go a little over," Heather admitted.

Sophie grinned, then stretched out over her again to push the resume button on the phone. Then, moving back to Heather's right, she nestled against her with her right leg over Heather's, and her face approached her partner's.

She resumed the rhythm, kissing and releasing. Heather's face lifted at each release, trying to prolong contact. Her tee shirt was temptingly close, and temptingly untouched, and temptingly full of a gently-quivering breast. Sophie avoided touching it, for the moment. Instead, she squeezed her waist, running her fingers down to the girl's hip and drawing her against her leg. Not strongly, but enough to feel pressure against her upper thigh.

Heather squirmed in her hold and groaned slightly.

Twelve minutes by the clock. More than half the time had passed, and she had eight left to persuade Heather that she needed more.

Releasing her lips, Sophie ran her tongue under Heather's chin. She felt the girl catch her breath, then lie back, her chest rising and falling beneath Sophie's.

Moving her lips to the base of Heather's neck, she kissed it, then breathed into her ear, causing her to shiver. "Do you like this?" Sophie asked.

Heather nodded, her hands caressing Sophie's back.

Sophie's lips explored the underside of Heather's chin, down to the high neckline of her tee shirt, then back over her jaw. When they brushed over Heather's, the girl latched on immediately, pressing her mouth to Sophie's and groaning with the intensity of her feelings.

Resuming the rhythm, Sophie lifted her body against the girl's. Her thigh, wedged between Heather's, pressed down as her body rocked. Her hands squeezed Heather's waist as the rhythm came to involve more of their bodies.

Fifteen minutes, and Heather began to moan softly into each kiss.

Sophie pressed her body more firmly into Heather's, so she didn't need the support of her grip on the girl's waist, and freed her right hand. She caressed Heather's side, then ran her palm smoothly over her breast. Heather gasped at the touch, but responded even more strongly to each kiss as Sophie's stroking became more frequent.

Cupping the girl's left breast, Sophie began to squeeze gently with each kiss, while Heather pressed her body into Sophie's each time she did.

Seventeen minutes.

"I want to kiss your breast," Sophie whispered.

Heather stiffened.

"Just through the tee," Sophie assured her.

Heather didn't seem to relax, but she nodded.

Sophie kissed her lips again, but Heather barely responded. Sophie wondered if she'd hit a landmine - but the girl had given her permission, and now it would probably be stranger to avoid her breast than take advantage of her acceptance. So she slid slowly down Heather's body, kissing her in a rough line down from her left shoulder, over the tee, over the edge of her breast, which rose below her lips as she moved, then to the nipple.

Licking around the boundaries of her nipple made Heather squirm and breathe faster. Then Sophie parted her lips over the small central bump in the tee shirt fabric, lowered them to the yielding surface, and began to suckle and back away with the same rhythm. Suckle - pause - suckle - pause.

Heather began to pant, and on each pause she groaned and her chest rose. Her thighs were tensing beneath Sophie, who held her waist again, encouraging the motion. Her nipple became firm between Sophie's lips, her arousal seeming to climb exponentially with each wave.

Eighteen minutes. Would it be enough?

Heather's arms wrapped around Sophie's head, and she pressed her breast into Sophie's face, further with each approach, the tee shirt seeming tighter every time.

Sophie's left hand left the girl's waist and slid up her belly, under the tee shirt, pushing the garment out of the way until it found Heather's right breast and began to squeeze. Sophie shuddered and pressed herself higher.

Then Sophie felt the hands that were holding her head close suddenly push away. "I need to stop," Heather croaked. "Please, Sophie."

"I'm sorry," Sophie said, instantly. "I'm sorry. Did I push too far?" She drew back quickly, straightening Heather's top. The damp shirt had molded itself to the girl's left breast, and she tugged at it a little more to try to make the effect less obvious.

"It's not your fault," Heather said. "It's mine."

"No, sweetie," said Sophie. "Not your fault. You did nothing wrong. I told you..."

The timer on her phone began a gentle chiming. Twenty minutes had elapsed. She cursed and turned it off.

"I told you you could stop at any time," she finished.

"I didn't want to," Heather whimpered. "And I know you didn't want to."

"So, what's wrong, sweetie?"

"I just keep thinking... two girls in bed, acting shamefully. Maybe you don't think it's wrong. Maybe I don't really think it's wrong. But I've believed it for so long..."

So much for Casual Girl, thought Sophie to herself. The world isn't saved, and you've hurt the girl who was only trying to please you. And you fail at seduction.

"I'm really sorry," Sophie said again. "I shouldn't have tried to challenge your beliefs."

Heather leaped out of bed. "Shut up!" she yelled. "Don't say that! My beliefs suck. You're not the one who turned me into a bigot! I did that to myself!"

She glared at Sophie, who was looking up at her, stunned. "I didn't try to do what you wanted," Heather continued. "I tried to do what I wanted." She took a deep breath, then sat on the edge of the bed. "Maybe not at first, but you made me feel good, and I didn't want to stop. No one has ever made me feel like that. I didn't know I could feel like that. I want to feel it again. But only a whore or a Jezebel would go to bed with another woman."

"Is that really what you believe?" Sophie said, sitting up.

"No," Heather said, with resignation. "No, I don't, but I don't know how not to see it. There are books and movies and sermons that end with the terrible judgement for immorality for men who sleep with men, or women who sleep with women. They've preached this to me all my life."

Sophie had shuffled up behind her. "They being the church?"

Heather nodded.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," said Sophie. "I wish I'd realized."

"No way you could... Sophie? Would you hold me?"

Sophie slid right up to the girl. Moving one leg to each side of her, she pressed herself to her and wrapped her arms around Heather's belly, leaning her head on her shoulder.

"Of course, sweetie," she said.

"I'm glad you're with me," Heather said. "I'm sorry I f... fucked things up."

"You didn't. Not by your own fault," said Sophie.

"Sophie?" Heather asked, in a tiny voice.

"What, sweetie?"

"May I stay with you for a while?"

"Of course, Heather," Sophie said. "You can stay as long as you like. I'm going nowhere, and I don't think you should be alone right now."

Heather turned her face to give her a tiny smile. "Do you think I could get another of those margaritas?"

"Of course," Sophie said. "Let me up and I'll make us a fresh batch. You're not going to drink to try to solve your problems, I hope?"

Her companion shook her head. "I just like the taste, and they help me relax."


Sophie looked up to see Heather entering the kitchen as the blender ground the ice into the tart drink. She was pleased to see she still wore her tee shirt and dinosaurs.

They both sat at the bar in the kitchen, and saluted each other with the drinks.

"Thank you for letting me stay with you," Heather said. "I feel like you tried really hard to make me feel good."

"Yeah, I'm sorry it didn't work out," said Sophie, "for both of us. I really think you need to find yourself a girlfriend."

Heather started to cough. Her eyes were wide and her expression thunderstruck, even after the coughing fit passed. "... Girlfriend?" she said at last.

"Oh, sweetie, you really don't know, do you?"

There was real fear in Heather's voice and expression. "Don't know what?"

"You know that I'm bi, right?" said Sophie. "I'd as happily take Rose or Stephen to bed... except that Jasmine would kill me, of course."

Heather nodded.

"But for you, how do you think it is that your boyfriend didn't turn you on, but I did? And that you don't like boys to grope you, but I can make you moan by touching you right?"

Heather's eyes were still wide. "Yeah, because I like you, and you were trying to make me feel good..."

"Think about it, sweetie. Can you imagine a guy ever making you feel good... in that way, at least?"

Heather was silent for several seconds. Finally, she breathed, "Oh, Jesus," and it sounded more a prayer than an expletive. "Oh, Jesus."

"You've got to get yourself out of that terrible church, sweetie. It isn't just trying to make you hate other people. It's trying to make you hate people like you. It's trying to make you hate yourself."

She wondered if she'd gone too far. Heather needed to know, but maybe not so suddenly, when she was already fragile. Or maybe that was exactly when she could best find out, when she was already heavily questioning her indoctrination. Sophie sighed. Psychology was one branch of medicine she knew she'd never be able to consider.

Heather sat starting at her drink for several minutes. Then she said, "I think I knew. I think I did know, deep down. I think that's why I'm always so sc... sc..."

She burst into tears. Sophie immediately left her bar stool and stood behind the girl, wrapping her arms around her.

Sophie held Heather for several minutes, until the sobbing subsided. Then she stepped back and said, "come with me." She picked up the drinks, and set them in the living room on the table beside her recliner, then found a box of tissues and left that there, too. Then she sat back in the recliner, adjusted it to lie partway back, and held out her arms for Heather to join her.

Heather curled up in her arms, and Sophie passed her a tissue. After the girl been silent for a few minutes, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

Heather twisted around far enough to be able to see Sophie's face. Her eyes were dry now, her makeup slightly smeared. "I don't understand how I could not have understood," she said, softly.

"Conditioning," said Sophie, succinctly. "Not just your church. Everything around you is geared towards girls dating guys, becoming housewives and mothers and fitting into their roles. But it's especially hard when you're taught that not only do you have a role to fill, but you should hate anyone who doesn't fill their role in the expected way."

The girl in her arms nodded. "How I feel, I think... how I feel, is hopeful. I'm going to leave the church, of course. I think I've known I need to do that for a long time. I always feel so scared of being open, and I think it's because I couldn't be open."

Sophie nodded.

"That is going to take a long time to work through," Heather continued. "I know that. And I'm not even sure I can wrap my mind around what you're saying - but somehow, it's true. I can feel that it's true."

Sophie kissed the top of her head. Heather smiled, then reached for her drink, and Sophie took her own.

Heather took a second, larger sip of her drink, then coughed. Sophie set her drink down quickly, then took Heather's and did the same. The girl didn't go into a coughing fit, this time, but her cheeks turned fiery red.

"What is it, sweetie?" asked Sophie.

"How I really feel, right now?" Heather began. "How I feel is I am cushioned against your chest, against this thin shirt, and..." she took a breath, "and nothing underneath, and I'm remembering the lap dance, and God help me, I want to see them, and touch them, and kiss them. How did I not know? Oh, Jesus, how did I not know?"

Sophie laughed. "You can if you want," she said. "No obligation."

"I think I need to find a little balance first," Heather replied. She turned away from Sophie and leaned back against her. "They're very comfortable, though."

"I like feeling you against them too, sweetie," Sophie said.

Heather took her drink and sipped it slowly. "So, uh. To keep my mind off... things... why don't you tell me about this cozy place you have? Is it rented? How do you afford it?"

"I have a stepdad," Sophie began. "Technically, I think I should say I have an ex-stepdad. He's quite a bit older than my mom, and he's stupidly wealthy. I mean, the kind of rich that doesn't even make sense. For all his wealth and his, hmm, idiosyncrasies - which if he wasn't so rich you'd probably call shortcomings or even perversions - he's a nice guy. He loves women, and they love him. A lot of women love him.

"And he marries them. He marries them and divorces them a couple of years later. They know the deal, going in. They sign a prenup, but they get a large, pre-agreed settlement in the divorce. If they have kids, the kids get a trust fund that becomes theirs during college years. So he fell in love with my mom, and she fell in love right back, and she decided she would like a few years with him, and the money eased her broken heart when he left. Thing is, he never cheats on his wife. Until the day it's over, she can trust him. It's weird as hell, but it works."

"So you paid for this with a trust fund?" asked Heather.

"I bought the condo two years ago, using the trust fund income to cover the loan. When the fund came into my control this year, I paid it off. There's more than enough left for years of tuition, even at med school rates. And enough to buy into a partnership when I'm a real doctor. And so I call dad's idiosyncrasies idiosyncrasies, and not perversions."

"Wow," Heather said. "Must be nice."

"I don't usually tell people all the details," Sophie said, "or they'd have expectations of me - whether it's just that I should act like a rich brat or invest in their idea. I figure that you're dealing with enough reality right now that you'll take me at face value."

"Thank you," Heather said, with sincerity. She nestled against Sophie, then shivered.

"Are you still thinking about them?" Sophie asked in amusement.

"It's not just them," Heather said. "Being so close to you, now, after the way you made me feel earlier... and if I'm finally admitting the way I feel... I wasn't ready to stop. I wish I'd just stayed quiet."

Sophie caressed the girl's belly lightly. "You couldn't. I know that."


"Yes, sweetie?"

"May I kiss you?"

"Of course you may," she replied, and Heather turned her face to meet her lips.


The kiss began tentatively. Sophie could sense that the girl was nervous, but it was different than before. Earlier her fears had been about engaging in sensual activity. Now it would be the possibility of rejection, after putting a halt to the erotic progress earlier.

Sophie wanted to show that she accepted Heather completely, so she closed her eyes and groaned softly to show her appreciation of their renewed intimacy. When she did, she felt the girl shiver as her reservations fell away.

She caressed Heather's belly as their kisses grew more heated. Then she gently broke the kiss.

"Hey, Heather," Sophie said, softly.

"Yeah, sweetie?"

Sophie grinned at the girl's adoption of her endearment. "You do know I'm not going to be your girlfriend, right? You won't fall in love with me just because I turn you on?"

She felt Heather shiver at that phrase. Then the girl shook her head. "I want to finish what we started. I want to make out with you. I want to allow myself to feel as good as you can make me feel. I wasn't expecting to stay here even this long, right?"

"Alright," Sophie said, and met Heather's parted lips.

As she stoked the girl's passion with her tongue, Heather began to writhe. Sophie ran her hands over her body, firmly this time, using the pressure of her palms against her hips or waist to move her against her own body. The girl continued to squirm against her, the kiss becoming ever more intense.

After a moment's pause for breath, they resumed. Heather took Sophie's hands from her waist and placed them on the front of her tee shirt. Sophie began first to caress her breasts, then to squeeze them. The girl rocked her hips against Sophie and groaned into the kiss as her arousal grew.

Lifting the girl's tee, Sophie saw her bare breasts, smaller than Sophie's own, but not by much, pale and silky smooth. Her nipples were an olive brown, and Sophie gripped them between finger and thumb, squeezing as her palms and fingers squeezed her breasts. Heather moaned noisily into the kiss, grinding herself against Sophie.

Sophie let her relax, this time. Heather gradually calmed against her, but her breathing remained rapid. "Did you like that?" she whispered into the girl's ear.

"Every second of it," Heather whispered in reply.

After they had rested for a moment longer, Sophie began to squeeze Heather's breasts again. She began to pant softly, then turned for another kiss. Only when she was moaning with excitement did Sophie release her breasts and let her recover

Running both hands down the girl's body, Sophie pushed her thighs down, then parted her legs. The fingers of her right hand glided over her panties, finding them slick with arousal. She pressed lightly as her fingers roamed, not touching the girl for long, in case she found the act too intimate or taboo. Heather's back arched slightly, but she raised no objection.

With her left hand inside Heather's tee, she played with the girl's left breast until she began to pant again, her back beginning to arch. Then she covered Heather's mouth with her own, using her tongue to drive her excitement skywards. Only when the girl was completely caught up in the kiss did she slide her right hand into her panties and circle her fingers in search of Heather's clit.

Her partner sobbed in startled need at the touch, her body writhing, her hips lifting away from Sophie's body. Then she whimpered as Sophie withdrew the touch and let her arousal subside.

"Hey, Heather?" Sophie whispered. "Why don't you take off my shirt?"

The girl let out a charged sigh, then turned, her breathing heavy, and tugged at the tee. Sophie raised her arms to let her take it off, and she stared wide-eyed at Sophie's breasts.

"Would you like to kiss them?"

Heather nodded and began to kiss and suckle at them. Her activity was inexpert, but enthusiastic, and Sophie encouraged her with moans, as she slipped her right hand back into the girl's tee and played with her nipples.

When Heather finally released her boobs, Sophie turned her onto her back again, then lifted the hem of her tee. She raised her arms to allow Sophie to take it off, then lay back down, her hands trying to reach Sophie, beneath her. They found Sophie's thighs and used her hold to press herself against her.

Sophie fondled Heather's left breast, while her right hand slipped down between her legs again. The girl's thighs tensed as she stroked her sex until Heather twisted her hips, arching her back.

She let Heather recover for a few moments, then whispered into her hear, "Do you want more?" Heather nodded, unable to speak.

Sophie lowered both hands to the dinosaur panties. Swiftly, she tugged them down Heather's thighs and off. She doubted the girl would object, but once done she was unlikely to ask for them to be restored. Then she began to caress her clit, this time without first kissing her or squeezing her breast. Heather's hips immediately rose, trying to grind her sex against Sophie's finger. She let her partner do that for a little time, her excited cries rising, then drew back again.

Each time she touched Heather's clit, the girl responded more quickly, and with more frustration when she let her go. If she joined her mouth to the girl's when she was writhing in ecstasy, she found she could safely take her a little further and frustrate her a little more, and the kiss would prolong her excitement.

Sophie let her partner rest for a while, her excited panting subsiding into heavy breathing, then moved her lips to her ear. "Your breasts are so beautiful," she whispered. "They need to be kissed."

Heather groaned, and Sophie rolled her onto her side and moved her higher, until she could close her lips on her nipple.

As she suckled, she lowered her right hand to Heather's sex and rubbed her clit rapidly but lightly. The girl's whole body seemed to go rigid, until Sophie backed off her clit, her tongue on Heather's nipple keeping her moaning with arousal.

She began to touch Heather's clit with a steady circular motion. Heather's body tensed and relaxed with the movement, but every tightening of her thighs was stronger than the last.

Then she released her breast and fastened her mouth to Heather's. There was need and desperation in the girl's kiss, and it only rose with each stroke of Sophie's fingers. She moaned loudly as the intensity continued to grow.

Then Heather's body convulsed. She made a series of startled "UNH!" sounds into the kiss, every couple of seconds as her thighs spasmed, until after a few cries they began to fade.

Sophie slowly withdrew her finger, then broke the kiss. Heather finally looked up with an expression of alarm. "What happened?"

"You climaxed," Sophie said. "Was it good?"

"It was the most incredible feeling I've ever had." said Heather.

"Good," Sophie breathed. "Let's go back to bed. I want you to make me climax, too."

Heather gasped softly. "Oh, yes," she said. "Show me how."


In the bedroom, Sophie took the shorter woman into her arms and kissed her until both of them were panting. Then she slipped her panties off and lay down.

When Heather sat down beside her, Sophie showed her how she liked to be touched, Making her moan excited Heather, who began to pant softly. Sophie reached for her, and joined her mouth to the girl's without making her release her touch on Sophie's sex.

Then she drew her closer, and slid two fingers inside her. Heather began to moan. Sophie was excited enough by the earlier play, and by Heather's eagerness, that she knew she wasn't far from her own crest. When she was close, she extended her thumb and sought Heather's clit, using the gir's moans into their kiss to finesse her into coming at the same time.


Sophie rolled Heather onto her back and slid her body over the girl's again, like before. Then she licked her neck, making her shiver. "How do you like making love?" she whispered into her ear.

"Is that what we're doing?" Heather asked. "Are we... fucking, now?"

"For real," she murmured. "And between you and me, sweetie, even if you did have the hots for a guy, you won't find many who can make you come twice in short order, like you just did. Not unless he's very experienced or very familiar with your needs. I'm speaking from experience. If they finish before you, most won't even get you to one."

"I see," said the girl.

Sophe began kissing her, in the same rhythm as earlier. Heather responded to the kisses with an expression of contentment for a time. Slowly, without changing the pace, she began to show signs of eagerness, with heavier breathing and soft sighs, and with her hips pressing slightly against Sophie's.

Releasing her lips, Sophie kissed a line down to her left nipple and began to suckle, still keeping the three second activity. The girl's excitement grew. She cupped Sophie's left breast in her right hand and squeezed as Sophie kissed her breast.

Back to Heather's lips, and as the girl made sounds of pleasure, Sophie set her hand on Heather's ass, drawing her up as she pressed her thigh between the girl's.

Heather began to moan, and was soon panting with need. Sophie moved her mouth from hers and held her tightly as she bucked against her, grinding her sex on Heather's thigh as her own thigh pressed to Heather's.

Their cries rose together until Heather crested. Sophie let the girl's climax play out, then lifted herself onto her elbows. "Kiss my breasts," she instructed, hoarsely. Heather complied willingly, her eyes large and expression still lustful whenever she beheld Sophie's breasts.

Sophie felt her sex pushed into overdrive and pulse into delicious orgasm, then slowly collapsed onto her lover.


It was late at night as the two girls sat before Sophie's fireplace. They were both naked, but shared a sheet over their shoulders, drinking cocoa. It wasn't really cold enough for a fire, but they liked the intimacy.

Sophie said, "So it's generally a bad idea to have a casual date sleep over, but you've been through a lot of stress and potential changes today. If you would prefer to stay for comfort and leave in the morning I'd be okay with it."

Heather shook her head. "I can see why it isn't a good idea. You've been wonderful and special and I know falling for you would be a disaster. I appreciate the offer, but I have a lot I need to think about, and I'll do it at my place. Leaving the church is going to leave a big hole in my life, and cut me off from some friends."

"How many of those friends will still be friends when they find out you're gay?"

Heather sighed sharply. "Fair point. I'm going to need new friends."

Sophie smiled. "Well, you have one. And Ben, and Rose, and everyone who was there last night. I hope you'll play with us again. Innuendo intended. And if you'd like an occasional casual, uh, mentoring session between the sheets, I'm your mentor."

Heather laughed. "Thank you, sweetie. I'm not sure how much mentoring I would be able to take before I want to start staying the night but I'll bear it in mind. And I know you all will be friends. I do need to find a new church, though. There's a lot that I don't want to give up, including my faith."

"I understand that. I can't mentor you with that. I could give you a refresher course on why your current place isn't a good fit, though."

"I'm sure you can, Sophie," Heather said. "I'll bear it in mind if I ever find myself thinking of turning straight."