1 - 1. The Girlfriend

Ethan had barely touched his beer when Ben's girlfriend arrived. The young woman was tall. Ethan guessed maybe a little over his own five ten, in her heels. She was lean rather than slender, her thighs and upper arms having the muscles of a runner. Her hair was perfectly straight, a glossy golden sheet down below her chin, but angled sharply upward towards the back, exposing her shoulders and most of her neck.

Her lips formed a smile, though whether polite or mocking was masked by large dark glasses. Her skin was a rich honey. The shadows formed by her open violet silk shirt were too dark to give any hint of whether her coloring was natural or tan.

The shirt was long, and unfastened again from just above her navel to the hem, and her tight jeans must have been molded in place. The high-heeled sandals which added to her height were a shiny black, the nails of the toes within them painted a deep purple.

Ethan felt underdressed.

It could have been worse. He'd just played nine holes, and he wore long shorts and a navy golf polo. If he hadn't, he'd probably be wearing a tee shirt and comfortable shorts. As Ben was.

The blonde girl glanced at Ben as she sat beside him, setting down her frozen margarita and reaching across the table to Ethan, who took the offered hand in his. "I'm Sophie," she said.

"Ethan," he said. "Good to meet you."

"Same," she replied. Her grip was light, but it lingered too long, and her fingers slid along his when she ended the handshake. His classmate seemed oblivious to the flirtatious touch. In fact, he seemed to have little interest in the girl at all, eyes down as he gulped half of his beer, resuming his talk about college ball with Ethan as if she wasn't there.

Ben had hailed him as he'd stowed his clubs in his car, and offered to stand him a drink at the clubhouse. He hadn't said anything about his girlfriend showing up, and it seemed he was annoyed that she had. Which was no excuse to ignore her.

Sophie turned partly towards Ben, frowning at his rudeness, but Ethan had the odd impression her eyes behind the dark glasses were on him.

Whether or not that was the case, he felt uncomfortable at leaving her out of the conversation, and tried to change the topic to include her, asking what sports she was interested in.

"Tennis, athletics," she offered. "I'm not much for team sports. Except for the horizontal kind," she added, her lips curling slightly upward. "But it seems to be off-season for those." She gave a tiny shake of her head towards Ben, who rolled his eyes.

"Ah." Ethan didn't want to know what was going on there. "Any other interests?"

"I'm pre-med. I don't have time for interests. Ask me after semester."

"I hear that," Ethan acknowledged.

The girl lifted off her dark glasses and folded them carefully. Her eyes were a surprising blue, which implied that her skin tone was due to time in the sun. She unfastened a pocket in her shirt to hold the glasses. It was held with the same oversized button as those of the full-length placket, and opening it shifted the shadows in her cleavage. Ethan's eyes naturally followed the movement, but, realizing that he was staring, he glanced away quickly, to find Ben watching him with a blank expression.

When Sophie lowered her hand, he looked back to find her studying him, a slight smirk on her lips. Maybe it was his imagination, but he was sure that the shirt had one more button unfastened than it had had a moment earlier. Her eyebrow twitched before she turned to Ben, who finally acknowledged her with desultory conversation.

Not really listening to them bicker, Ethan took another sip of his beer. As he did, he felt something touch his foot. He shifted it automatically out of the way, but the contact returned a few seconds later, and he realized that his companion's girlfriend was playing footsie with him. Avoiding her, if she were determined to pursue the game, would be embarrassing - and why should he care if she was coming on to him? When he didn't move his foot, Sophie's eyes briefly met his, and her eyebrow twitched again.

At the same time, she seemed to be becoming increasingly frustrated with Ben, arguing with him in low tones. When he flagged a waitress for another beer - for himself only, since Sophie and Ethan both had almost full glasses - she asked if he'd been pregaming.

"Maybe one or two," he admitted, with a slight slur.

This surprised Ethan, who hadn't noticed that his acquaintance was at all tipsy.

"Shit," breathed Sophie. "You know how you get when you..."

The waitress returned with Ben's beer, and he shrugged, indifferent to her complaint.

Throughout the exchange, the girl's foot rested against the top of Ethan's. That had to have been a conscious act, not drawing back or pressing harder in her frustration. That implied that her annoyance must have been at least partly feigned, which was odd. Ben's disregard warranted genuine anger.

"I just don't understand you," she said to Ben, at last. "Sometimes you act as if we've never boned. Your lack of enthusiasm is, like, the whale in the room."

As Ben frowned, apparently trying to puzzle out that comment, Sophie turned to Ethan. "If your girlfriend were to make it clear to you that she really, really wants you to go down on her, would you make her happy, or would you give her excuses and get drunk?"

Ben spluttered. "Sophie, you can't just..."

She shrugged, ignoring him, watching Ethan, who grinned. "I'm between girlfriends, so I can't answer that," he said.

Sophie pursed her lips. "Well, if you were with someone, then. What would you do?"

Ethan sighed. She was forcing him to take sides, and the question was a no-brainer. "I'd give her what she wants." He gave Ben an apologetic shrug. "To be honest, I'd like to meet a girl who was that clear in her demands."

She nodded, satisfied.

He felt the need to add, "Besides, it's good for both parties."

"Not helping, bro," interjected Ben.

"Different strokes," he said, dismissively.

The girl's amused expression stayed on him, and he felt her foot starting to rub slowly against his, instead of just resting on it, making her flirtation even more clear. He felt himself start to get hard. He took a sip of his beer as Sophie sipped her margarita.

Setting her drink down, she rested her chin on her knuckles. "So, what do you do?"

Ethan tried hard to keep his eyes from drifting down as she leaned forward. Distracted, it took him a moment to realize she'd changed the topic. "Oh, uh, I'm majoring in biology."

"Not an engineer, then?" she asked. "I thought you had a class with Ben."

"Yeah, for his biotech," he acknowledged. "Biology side, though, not engineering side."

Ben seemed completely uninterested in their chat. He caught the waitress's eye and ordered another beer. Sophie glared at him, then turned back to Ethan. Her foot drew away, and he thought she was done toying with him, but a moment later it returned. She'd slipped her shoe off, and her toes stroked his ankle through his cotton sock..

He raised an eyebrow, but her expression didn't change in the slightest as her toes moved higher, brushing the hairs of his calf, above the sock.

Ben clearly had no notion of what she was doing. Could he tell from their body language, though? Ethan schooled himself to hide any expression as he sipped his beer. The girl across from him could have been playing poker. Ben surely couldn't see her face, but even so, she was keeping her expression tightly closed. Except perhaps for the intensity of her blue eyes, which were fixed on Ethan.

If Ben did know what was happening, would he even care?

And how should he, Ethan, feel about what Sophie was doing? He figured that would depend on what she was trying to accomplish. If she was trying to make Ben jealous, maybe he'd prefer not to be part of it. But that didn't seem likely, as carefully as she was hiding her actions. So why was she teasing him while her boyfriend was around? Either this was a one-time game, in which case he'd shrug and walk away after the evening, or she'd find an excuse to follow up by getting his number or giving him hers. Either way, Ben's behavior seemed to be pushing her away, and he didn't deserve much consideration.

He saw Sophie grip the table as she repositioned herself slightly. A moment later she'd lifted her foot to stroke his bare thigh. He felt his shaft swelling, constrained by his underwear, as her toes slipped inside the leg of his shorts.

Ethan didn't think that her leg would stretch further, but she wriggled slightly, and he felt her foot against his thigh, her toes exploring the bulge in his clothing. Her eyebrow may have twitched again, but her expression still didn't change, and he hoped that his didn't, either.

Sophie was still stroking Ethan's upper thigh when Ben rose quickly, announced that he needed to piss, and began to push past her. The wandering foot withdrew instantly and she leaned back to let him pass, glaring at him. As soon as he vanished into the restroom hallway, Sophie slipped out of her seat, bending down to adjust the shoe she'd quickly slipped over her foot, and said, "C'mon, let's go."

Ethan blinked, then rose as she took his hand, hurrying him out of the bar.

"What about Ben?" he asked, stopping as they stepped outside.

The girl shrugged. He heard her mutter something, perhaps "Who gives a fuck?" Then her face turned towards him, a light breeze wisping her hair over her lips. The evening was fully dark now, but the club parking lot was brightly lit. Sophie reached up and brushed the strand of hair back, then shrugged. "My condo is close."

"But..." He realized he sounded stupid, and shut up.

"Good for both, you said, right?"

"You want me to..." Ethan began. His erection was straining his briefs. Twisting slightly to try to hide it, he stumbled, shifting his feet in the gravel on the ground to avoid falling.

Sophie smirked at his discomfort, then squeezed his hand and tugged him forward. "Come on," she said.

He allowed himself to be dragged away from the clubhouse, but frowned. "This can't be the way to your apartment."

She shook her head. "I need to take care of something first," she said, leading him over to the rough, and to the far side of a large oak. The parking lot lights were still bright to the eye, but didn't provide much illumination here, and the tree masked them completely. The grass around the tree glowed in the light of the rising moon.

Sophie pushed him back against the tree, glanced around the course, then sank into a crouch. Ethan's eyes widened as she unfastened his belt buckle and pulled his shorts down.

He gulped as the girl stretched and pulled down the waistband of his underpants, Ethan's fully erect cock springing free. Then he suppressed a groan as her fingers ran over the head of his shaft, the silky feel of her caress showing that there had already been a drop of fluid at the tip.

Sophie's lips closed over him, and her tongue rubbed hard, making his breath catch before she began to slurp slowly.

Excitement built rapidly in his belly, fueled in part by the guilt he felt that she was Ben's girlfriend, not his. He gasped as he felt his climax approach, then groaned as she drew back, holding his shaft by the base, finger and thumb of her left hand curled around it.

From the alacrity with which Sophie had dragged him out to the tree and gotten him out of his pants, and the brazen way she had fondled him with her foot, he'd have guessed that she would have been impatient to finish him, but that wasn't the case. Instead, she tormented him, running her tongue slowly along the underside of his shaft, circling the tip, always backing off when his excitement grew. She knew how to make him need release, but denied it to him.

Cupping his balls in her right hand, she took his erection into her mouth, rubbing her tongue rapidly against it, then bobbing her head slowly, until his arousal grew so intense that he didn't think he could possibly avoid orgasm. He threaded his right fingers into her hair, encouraging her motion, groaning as it seemed that the outcome was inevitable.

Perhaps it was, or perhaps Sophie simply chose that moment to let him yield to his lust. She bounced her head rapidly. Ethan cried out as his cock twitched and tensed. Then she moved her face away, but lightly held the tip between the finger and thumb of her right hand, moving them rapidly up and down.

Then, as he released her hair and gripped the bark of the tree behind him, she squeezed and pumped his shaft. He spurted hard, the orgasmic contractions almost painful in their power. Pale fluid spattered on the grass several feet away, glistening in the moonlight as he gasped.

When Sophie couldn't coax anything more from him, he leaned away from her, his body feeling more drained than if he'd played a full eighteen. "God," he breathed.

Pulling his briefs back up, she tucked his shaft, now losing its rigidity, into them, then sat back to allow him to finish getting his underwear and shorts in order. Ethan found himself again wondering how the hell his classmate could ignore his girlfriend's libido.

"Is your car here?" Sophie asked, standing.

Ethan nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak.

Apparently she could see his response well enough in the moonlight, because she said, "Okay. Drive me home. It's only a block, but you don't want your car to be locked in."

He nodded again, and they moved back to the parking lot, the unsteadiness in his limbs wearing off after a few steps.

Arriving at his car, he looked around in case Ben was watching, then entered quickly, ducking inside as Sophie opened the passenger door. She told him where to go, and he nodded and drove off.


When Ethan pulled up outside her condo just a minute later, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. It was in an expensive-looking row, backing up onto the golf course.

"High rent area," he mused, out loud.

Sophie shrugged. "It's quiet and convenient." She exited the car, key in hand, and opened the door for Ethan to enter.

When she closed the door behind them, Ethan lowered his face to hers, but she stepped back. "Better not," she said. She stroked his face with the fingers of her right hand, then curled her middle finger to set between his lips. "I'm okay with what we're doing, since Ben's being an ass, but I'm so turned on right now that kissing would lead to... regrets."

His stomach lurched at her words, but he shrugged. "Okay." He sucked her finger and saw her give a slight shudder. "I know what I signed up for."

Sophie drew her finger back and took his hand again. He glanced around the living room as she led him to a door. "Hell of a place you have, for a student."

"Long story," she replied, pushing open the door, which led to a bedroom. It wasn't huge, but the full-sized bed looked too small. She kicked off her shoes and unfastened her jeans, standing beside the bed.

Ethan lifted her shirt and tongued her belly button. She didn't demur. Nor did she object to him squeezing her butt as he pried her jeans and panties down to her thighs. Then he guided her to sit on the edge of the bed as he tugged the jeans by their cuffs. As tight as they were, they still slipped off smoothly.

He took a pillow from the head of the bed and tossed it behind her, against the wall. Sophie moved back and lowered herself to it, sideways on the bed, raising her knees so that her feet were on the bed. Ethan kicked off his shoes, then lowered himself to his knees. He ran the fingers of his right hand up her thigh and began to caress her sex.

His fingers found her as wet as her words had led him to expect. Two fingers glided over the sides of her pussy, spreading the slick feeling, as he lowered his face and tongued her left thigh.

The sound of Sophie's breathing grew louder as Ethan ran his tongue up the inside of her thigh, kissing, and occasionally drawing his teeth over her pale skin. He saw her toes curl as he switched to teasing her right thigh, his fingers lightly pinching the top of her sex.

She moaned slightly, her thighs tensing, as his fingers found the bulge of her clitoral hood and pressed against it, then circled. He drew back his face and studied her sex, observing her responses as his fingers explored.

Moving away, he raided another pillow from the head of the bed and pushed it up against her. Sophie lifted her hips so that he could slide it beneath her. Then, his hands on her knees, he lowered his face to draw his tongue up her sex.

Sophie moaned again as Ethan's tongue roamed her labia. He moved his hands under her legs to squeeze her inner thighs, then slipped them higher, cupping her buttocks.

Lifting her, he pressed his tongue deeper, making it as stiff as he was able. He bobbed his head, penetrating her, then kept up the motion until he had to relax his tongue. Sophie's breathing was heavy, and when he glanced up to gauge her reaction, she was unbuttoning her shirt, her face turned to the ceiling.

Ethan returned to running his tongue along and into her folds. When he glanced up again, he saw that her fingers had worked open the buttons down to her belly, then pulled the right lapel until the shirt slipped off her shoulder. Beneath it was a black demi-cup bra.

Pressing his tongue higher, Ethan felt her thighs tense as he approached her clit. She groaned as his tongue found the sensitive core, the sound turning into moans as he lapped at it.

Backing off, he felt her shiver and her thighs relax. Her body shifted slightly, and when he lifted his eyes he saw that her right hand was covering and squeezing her bra.

Moving his right hand out from under her butt, he pressed his middle finger into her, squeezing the folds of her sex between tongue and finger, moving both around. Then he lifted his finger, pushing it upwards as his tongue found and caressed her clit again, and her hips lifted from the pillow as she gasped.

Ethan moved his tongue away from the most sensitive place, drawing it over her sex, but left his finger in place, pressing up against the inside of her sex. Sophie panted softly.

Lifting his face from her, he withdrew his middle finger and added his index finger, sliding them up and beginning to caress the wall of her sex. Her smooth belly tensed with his motion.

Looking up again he saw that her right thumb was inside the cup, fingers squeezing the bra against it. Her face was still turned to the ceiling.

Placing his left thumb on the upper bulge of her sex, he squeezed as his fingers moved inside her. Sophie writhed on the bed, panting loudly. Her hips rose, pressing her sex to his thumb until he drew it back.

Then Ethan lowered his face again and began to circle her clit with his tongue, pressing up with the fingers inside her. Her hips moved, pressing her sex to his face in a rhythm. Squeezing her butt with his left hand to aid the motion, he began to lap his tongue against her clit.

Sophie bucked against his face, moans rising to a crescendo. He kept up the pace and her body tensed, then quivered in place. She cried out, and his fingers and tongue felt her sex pulse in climax.

He continued to lap until her hips lowered to the pillow, then changed to a slow caress. He withdrew his fingers, but his tongue continued to move against her until she sighed, relaxing.


Ethan lifted himself upright as Sophie shuffled further back onto the pillow against the wall. She wriggled off the pillow under her butt, then tossed it to the head of the bed. Her violet shirt's right lapel and her right bra strap were off her shoulder, the right cup of her bra exposed and displaced, revealing most of the upper part of a dark pink, stippled circle.

Shrugging the shirt back over her shoulder, she tugged down the hem. Her long shirt not being fastened, this did nothing to hide her sex, but Ethan respected her attempt at modesty, and avoided staring.Then she shifted around to lie lengthwise on the bed, turning onto her left side to face Ethan. She looked up at him, holding his gaze. "I want to taste."

It took him a moment to register her request, then he held his right hand toward her lips.

The girl pouted and shook her head. "Stick out your tongue. Let me share the experience."

Intrigued, he did. Sophie reached out to grasp the side of his shirt, under his left arm, then drew him towards her, until he was close enough for her to move her face forward and close her lips on the tip of his tongue.

She sucked the tip, then released it, only to take in more. He felt her tongue touch his as she tasted.

The event behind the tree on the course had drained him sufficiently that even going down on her hadn't made him hard. But feeling her tongue on his made his cock stir, especially when her thumb stretched out from where she was holding his shirt and began to stroke his chest.

Ethan rested his hand on her waist. As her tongue continued to stroke his, his touch moved higher, until his fingers were against her ribs.

"Tasted enough?" he asked, his voice sounding rough to his ears, when Sophie released his tongue.

She shook her head. "Uh-uh," she replied, tugging on his shirt and parting her lips again. She took in a little more of his tongue, and he felt his cock unfurl more. His fingers moved down, along the upper edge of her bra through the shirt. He lightly pulled on it, the still-loose strap allowing it to slide lower. Moving his thumb over the silk, he sensed the change in skin texture beneath his thumb as it brushed against the edge of her nipple.

Sophie parted her lips, extending her tongue to run along Ethan's. Her breathing seemed heavier, and he pressed his tongue against hers. She flicked her tongue against his, and he drew his along hers. She groaned, then caught his tongue again and suckled.

Ethan's arousal intensified so quickly that he felt a moment's vertigo. His shorts were too tight. Stretching his thumb to the right, he caught the soft lapel of Sophie's shirt, then drew it left, over her nipple. He stroked the firm, exposed core with his thumb as the girl's tongue moved against his, then moved his other fingers inside her shirt to pinch her nipple.

Sophie groaned deep in her throat, then parted her lips, releasing his tongue. She appeared to be about to say something, but Ethan slipped the fingers of his right hand between her lips.

She accepted his offering, her lips and tongue exploring his fingers, which made his belly tingle. His own lips freed, he moved them to where his left hand firmly rolled her nipple, running his tongue lightly over her upper breast, then replacing his fingers with his mouth and sucked her nipple deep inside, working his tongue hard against it.

He felt Sophie shiver, her teeth closing on his fingers. He cupped her breast with his left hand, squeezing as his lips and tongue moved.

Sophie's hand moved to his head, stroking his hair for a moment before grasping it to pull him ungently away from her breast and up to her face.

Ethan drew his fingers out of her mouth and extended his tongue, thinking she wanted to suck it again. She did part her lips and move her mouth over it, but continued forwards until they met his, burying his tongue deep in her mouth as she began the kiss.

He felt her moan into his mouth as the kiss grew instantly intense. Then her hands were at his waist, grasping for his belt buckle.

In seconds she had his belt and shorts unfastened and was tugging them down. Ethan helped, freeing himself from the constraints of his underwear, feeling himself extend fully, growing completely hard as he climbed onto the bed. As he did, Sophie rolled to the side, took something from a drawer in her nightstand, then tossed him a small packet.

Ethan lost no time unwrapping the condom and slipping it on. Then he squatted before her sex. The girl's fingers pressed his shaft down to meet her, then she slid her body lower, her thighs raised as she impaled herself on it.

Even with the condom, Ethan slid easily into her slick passage. He gripped her hips, hands under her thighs, and thrust into her.

Sophie moaned loudly, her hips rolling as she moved with him. Then she lifted her shoulders enough to be able to stretch her right arm to his head. Grasping his hair, she pulled, forcing him to lower his body to hers, then fastened her lips to his as she bucked against him.

He kissed her hard, gripping her shoulders as they made the bed thump against the floor. Sophie's back started to arch, then she broke the kiss, tilting her head back, though her arms tightened against him, nails digging deeply into his back. Her sex gripped his cock, and her back arched so far that her trapped shirt stretched tightly over her breasts, the groan in her throat becoming a whimper.

Then she quivered. Her sex pulsed around his tightly-held shaft, and her hips twitched against him as she gasped for breath. "Oh, fuck," she groaned, her chest beginning to rise and fall again. Her body was still lifted against his, lithe against him as she continued to murmur, "oh, fuck."


Ethan remained inside her as Sophie's body eased back down to the bed

"Jesus," she breathed. Then a moment later, "Did you come?"

Ethan shook his head, and she grinned weakly and pushed him off her. "Good," she said, sitting up and unfastening her shirt. She tossed it to the floor, then unhooked her bra. His eyes drank in the sight of her breasts swaying as she freed them, nipples wide, dark and erect, pale skin on the undersides putting to rest the question of her coloring. She dropped the bra also over the side of the bed, then turned around to kneel on the mattress, facing the head, thighs apart, before leaning forward to hold the headboard.

He knelt behind her, knowing what she expected. As he moved close, Sophie released the bed long enough to guide his shaft into her sex. He held her hips as he pressed all the way inside her, then began to move.

Ethan kept the pace steady as he judged the stroke of his hips against hers, moving back as far as he could without risking slipping out of her, then plunging deep, feeling her warmth surround him.

Sophie groaned softly as her butt squeezed into his belly. Her breasts swayed beneath her, their resilience making them dance, out of sync with her hips. He leaned toward her, anchoring himself by gripping her waist, then eased his right hand forward to caress her breast

Excitement growing in his groin, Ethan moved his right hand back along Sophie's skin, then around her thigh, extending his fingers until he found the core of the girl's pleasure, hunting for and then pressing against the protective hood, feeling the firm bud within.

His fingers circled, his touch pressing her against his plunging cock. As Sophie groaned, he felt her passage tighten steadily around him, spiking his own arousal, and their immediate shared need accelerated their movements. The bed began to bump against the floor, the girl holding the headboard for support as she slammed herself back into him.

Sophie cried out, and Ethan felt her sex spasm around him. He didn't slow his pace, pulling his right hand back to her waist so that he could increase the power of his movements, while his partner's cries showed that she was no less excited after her sudden climax.

Leaning forward, he slid his right hand back up her body. This time he didn't caress her breast, he cupped it, squeezing firmly, then pinched her nipple hard.

Sophie's sex tensed so much it felt as though it was trying to eject him. He pushed on, forcing his movements as deep into her as he could, and the girl squealed as the tension gave way to pulsing around him.

That was enough to push Ethan's excitement beyond his capacity to restrain - not that he had any further interest in holding back. He exploded within her, his groans joining Sophie's as they shared their bodies' pleasure.


"Can I call you?" Ethan asked, as he sat on the bed after disposing of the condom.

Sophie hesitated. She reached for her phone, but shook her head. "I'll send you my number, but better not. Things are complicated enough."

Ethan sighed. "Yeah, I understand." He gave her his number as her fingers pressed phone keys. "I hope this was okay."

The girl seemed to understand everything he meant by the comment. She pressed send, set her phone down, then gave him a warm smile. "Fuck, yeah," she said. "You?"

He laughed. "Just let me know if you need another break from Ben."

He dressed quickly. Sophie's naked body was rolled slightly towards him. He took a lingering look, which seemed to please her, then returned her smile and left.