"It's a dumb idea," said Amber.

"No, it isn't," Derek argued. "Is it, Kathy?"

"It's a dumb idea," I said.

"Jeez, you two - it'll just be a video. Hits, girl, you want hits, don't you?"

Amber rolled her eyes. "Like anyone will see it."

"God, yes, they will so," Derek insisted. "Look, just go to YouTube and search." He turned to the computer on Amber's desk. A moment later, a video started to play. "Look," he said, "four hundred fifteen thousand hits. That's just in a month."

"What the hell?" exclaimed Amber. "Sexy nympho lesbian makeout session?"

"Well, that was just the first on the list," Derek said. "Look, there are others. They all have high hits."

"That's not all they have," I muttered.

"If you haven't noticed, Derek, honey, Kathy and I are straight."

"So?" he objected. "That's only going to make the vid more popular and easier to find. You'll be a hotter item."

"Straight girls kissing?" Amber rolled her eyes again.

"Straight girls making out," Derek said. "Yeah. It'll be great. C'mon, we'll put it up there for a couple of weeks and see how it does. What's it gonna cost you?"

"Self-respect?" she said. "Job offers?"

"Eh, it wouldn't be a big deal," I said. "It might be fun to see what happens."

Amber frowned at me. "You want to make out? On camera?"

I shook my head. "Nope, but I'm sure I could make it look like I do." I leaned across and kissed her full on the lips. "See, it isn't that painful."

She shrugged. "You're both insane, but okay, I guess I'd be willing to see how it looks. You're not posting anything unless I say it's okay, though."

Derek nodded. "Sure."


He opened his backpack and took out a small camcorder. "Right now?"

"Jesus," Amber said. "Okay, what the hell."

Derek positioned himself across the room from the couch and pointed the camcorder at us. The red recording light came on immediately. "Whenever you're ready," he said.

Amber scowled at him, then turned to me, her eyebrows still furrowed.

"Er, I think you're supposed to look like you're enjoying it?" I suggested.

"Yeah, I guess," she said, relaxing. "Okay, action, or whatever?"

I shuffled closer, then leaned towards her. She did the same, and touched her lips to mine. Her mouth was closed, but after a moment I felt her part her lips. I did the same, and we kissed, quite gently. It wasn't bad. I mean, it wasn't like a hot kiss with a guy, but it wasn't revolting. I closed my eyes.

"This is weird," she said, pulling back. I opened my eyes to see her wiping her lips, absently.

"Don't stop," objected Derek. "Just keep going. I'm gonna have to edit out everything so far, let's get some video."

Amber relaxed her expression again and moved close. I closed my eyes as we kissed, our lips moving slowly together.

After what seemed like a long time, Derek interrupted us. "Uhh, girls, this is like watching one of you kiss a tree. Touch a little. Use some tongue. Kissing's supposed to be sexy, you know?"

We both glared at him, but he was right. Amber turned her eyes to me, and I returned her look, with resignation. I shrugged. "Let's try again," I said.

This time we started the same way, but after a few seconds I lifted my left hand and rested it on her neck. She brushed hair out of her eyes, then touched my hip, letting her fingers spread out. I probed gently with my tongue, feeling hers against mine.

In spite of what we were doing - or, at least, in spite of who I was doing it with - I felt a little rush of warmth. Kissing Amber wasn't unpleasant. It wasn't something I'd be likely to choose to do, but I could tolerate this session. I held her shoulder and moved my mouth in time with hers.

Amber's right hand moved up from my hips to my waist in a caress. I opened my mouth wider, curling my tongue down, feeling hers respond.

At least knew what she was doing. It's surprising how many guys don't know how to kiss - or aren't willing to accept that there might be something to kissing other than trying to plug your throat with his tongue.

I moved the fingers of my left hand along the back of her neck as she stroked my waist. Then I ran them back, over her shoulder. Her skin was smooth and warm to my touch.

Derek was making some strange gestures. After a moment, Amber noticed.

"What?" she said, sitting up and looking straight at him.

"Don't keep talking to the camera!" Derek whined. "I'm gonna have to edit out so much."

"What were you trying to tell me?" Amber asked again.

"Touch her!" he said. "You know, touch her somewhere else. You don't look like you're getting into this. Touch her boob."

"You're sick," she said. "God."

We kissed again. After a moment, Amber's hand moved, up my waist to my ribs and back down. I stroked her upper arm and caressed her neck as she kept up this movement. Then I felt her lift her fingers up, under my arm, and draw them across my bra. Her touch felt nervous, jerky, and soon her hand resumed its smaller motion on my waist.

Tongue extended, I drew my lips slightly back from hers. She stroked my tongue with hers, and we both moved our faces slightly, tongues dancing between us. I felt her explore my left breast again, lightly, then drop her hand back to my waist.

I squeezed her shoulder, then lowered my left hand slightly, to her ribs, and stroked her breast with my thumb. Her bra was rough, but yielded slightly to my touch.

Drawing back my tongue, I closed my lips against hers again, and our lips moved together, gently.

Soon she drew back again and stared at Derek. "I want to see what you've gotten."

"We're not done yet," he said.

"I want to see what you have so far," Amber demanded. "Can your camera show us?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, it can."

He poked a few buttons, then turned the camera round so we could see the small viewscreen. Derek's shooting style was horrible. He zoomed in and out, rapidly. He zoomed in way too far. He didn't hold the camera steady, and you could only see our mouths, not even our faces. I had no doubt that backing up at least to where we could see Amber's blond wisps against her cheek would have been sexier. But guys don't seem to think that way.

It wasn't just Derek, though. We were clearly clumsy, and we laughed at some of our more unconvincing antics. Our artlessness gave the video a natural feel. We didn't look like actresses performing for the camera. In fact, what we were doing looked quite cute.

"Okay," Amber said. "I have to admit. It's pretty hot."

I nodded.

"So, carry on from where you were?" suggested Derek.

This time I approached her with lips parted and tongue slightly extended. She did the same, and our tongues met. I moved mine around, feeling her respond to the pressure.

Lowering my left hand again, I caressed the side of her right breast for several seconds before returning my fingers to the back of her neck. A moment later I felt her palm slide over my left breast again, briefly.

I noticed Derek gesturing again. He had his left arm extended, and his hand was making a wide squeezing motion. Amber saw him, and sat up quickly.

"That's enough!" she said, sharply. "Jesus, Derek, no, we are not groping for your benefit."

"You're supposed to be making out, remember?" he said.

"Yeah, well. You're creeping me out. You don't even care about the camera, do you? You're just perving out on watching us. Give me that disk."

"That's a five dollar DVD!"

"So sue me," she said. "I don't trust you with it."

Reluctantly he removed the disk and dropped it into her outstretched hand. Then he dumped his camera in his backpack and left in a huff.

Amber relaxed and leaned against the back of the couch. "That was getting too weird."

"Yeah," I agreed. "Still... the video was pretty hot."

"It was, wasn't it?" She thought for a moment. "You still want to do it? Without him?"

I frowned. "How do we do that? My dad has a camera, but I don't want him shooting us."

"Got a tripod?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"We'll just set it up to cover us," she said. "It will look like a hidden camera." She winked at me. "Very sexy."

I laughed. "Yeah, okay," I said. "Wanna come over tomorrow? My parents will be out all day, so we can use my room without them interrupting."

"Sure," she said.


Even now, I don't really know why we decided to go ahead with the video. It didn't seem like something I'd really want in the public eye. I mean, my parents would be able to see it. If it was anonymous, well, what would be the point? And someone might recognize us.

But maybe if it was fun and sexy and something we could be proud of, maybe it would be worth the effort. It cost nothing to try.


My hair always looks better right after being washed - rich, dark brown, and soft. Since it's so long - almost down to the small of my back - having it look good makes a difference to my appearance. Amber showed up on my doorstep at ten a.m., while I was drying it. I answered the door in my robe and led her up to my room.

"Mind if I use your shower?" she asked.

I nodded. "Sure."

While she was showering, I set the camera up on the tripod, finished drying my hair, and dressed in tee shirt and jeans. Amber emerged, toweling her hair, in white cotton blouse and jeans.

I looked her over for a moment. "Why not lose the bra?" I suggested. I wasn't wearing one under my thin white tee. At 32C I filled out a tee shirt adequately. My nipples showed slightly, but not embarrassingly so. Amber was the same size as me, and I figured the blouse would also work well without a bra.

"It will look hotter," I said, when she frowned at me. "We'll still be decent. We'll just, you know, jiggle a little when touched."

"I'm beginning to think you're as big a perv as Derek," she said, but returned to the bathroom to change.

After she was done, I made her sit in the chair by the mirror while I worked the dryer, brushing out and shaping her fine golden hair.

Amber examined the camcorder on its tripod, checking the view. "How long will this run?"

"It's a new tape," I said. "Two hours, and I've left the charger hooked up."

She pushed the record button and skipped over to the bed. "Sit down," she instructed me, and we sat together staring at the camera. Then she returned to check the result and rewound the tape, pronouncing it good.

"You know," she said, "if we're really going for hot, we should take off our jeans. Is your underwear okay for the camera?"

"Now who's the perv?" I said, and she laughed. "No... no," I said. "What we should do is keep our jeans on, but take them off after a few minutes."

"Oh, yeah," she agreed, "that would be sexy."

"So we're ready?"

"Uh-huh," she said. "I guess so. Do you want to start recording?"

I nodded, and she positioned herself on the bed, sitting up with her legs to the right. I checked the view one more time, pushed the record button, and made my way back, sitting a foot away from her, on her left, with my legs out to my left side.

We held each other's eyes as we moved closer, and our lips met in a series of short kisses. For a time, the only movement was our faces together and apart, lips meshing and parting with gentle sucking sounds. Then I lifted my left hand to her shoulder, and felt hers touch my waist.

Drawing my face back slightly, I extended my tongue, feeling hers press against it, our lips almost touching. I caressed her tongue with mine, moving my head in a small circular motion.

When she withdrew her tongue we kissed again in that same easy rhythm, touching and separating. Occasionally I'd feel her tongue dart between my lips, remaining there when we drew back, and I'd kiss it before returning to her lips.

For a few minutes that's all we did, except for my fingers moving against the back of her neck, and hers stroking my waist. Then we closed the small gap between our mouths again, and moved our lips against each other's.

Amber moved her hand up to my ribs and back down, while I slid mine along to her shoulder and back to her neck.

She drew back a couple of inches, and extended her tongue. I chased it with mine, pushing it against hers, toying with the contact, licking the edge of it. Then I moved in and sucked the tip briefly before returning to pushing my tongue against hers.

I felt her fingers roam up over my left breast before returning to my waist. Without my bra, her touch was light and smooth against me, and she didn't have the nervousness she'd had the previous day.

Her fingers made another pass over my breast before she resumed caressing my waist.

I drew back my tongue and moved my lips to hers, sucking her upper lip for a second. She responded by kissing my lower lip, then tilting her head to the side so that our lips made full contact. I traced my fingers down over her right breast.

When she stroked my left boob again I felt myself smile. The touch was quite pleasant, soft, her thumb grazing my nipple. I made a small noise in my throat as I leaned closer, chasing her tongue with mine.

Drawing back several inches, I held her eyes in what I hoped was a sultry gaze, then ran my left hand down her side to unfasten her jeans. I used both hands to unzip them, after which she took over, easing herself out of them and dropping them on the floor.

When she started to unfasten mine, she kissed me again, short, individual touches of our lips. I caressed her breast lightly before working myself out of my jeans.

We still maintained our distance, in panties and shirts. I wrapped both arms around her neck and kissed her repeatedly. She stroked my upper arms, responding with apparent enthusiasm. Then she dropped her right hand to my ass, her thumb moving against my hip as she gripped. I ran my left hand down to cup her breast, giving one soft squeeze before I dropped it to her waist and moved it against her.

Moving back, Amber extended the tip of her tongue, and I touched it with the tip of mine, pressing lightly. I felt her right hand drift up to my breast, but instead of making a quick pass over it, she cupped it and stroked me, moving very slightly, before moving her fingers higher to touch my neck. She opened her hand against my neck, holding me gently.

Pushing my head forward, I touched her lips firmly, and dodged back. She grinned and did the same. After a little of this pecking, I poked out my tongue, and she kissed it several times, drawing back after each. Then she licked my tongue, and we played tongue-tag for a while.

"Do you think we have enough video, yet?" I asked. "Seems like we've been doing this for a long time."

She smirked. "Getting bored, are you?"

"Just thinking that anyone watching will get bored, I guess."

"I dunno," she replied. "We're editing this out, right? Umm, I figure that what would make it hotter is if we don't cut until it looks like we're horny for each other. Stop recording there and let them guess the outcome."

"You don't think we look that way now?"

"Well, there's horny and there's horny," she said. "I'm sure we look good, but if this is all there is, it will probably look like two girls kissing then going home, rather than two girls kissing then whoa."

"So we gotta look like whoa?" I grinned. "Okay."

I kissed her again. After a few short kisses, I left my lips in place against hers for a time. Then we broke and rejoined, mouths moving together. Her tongue penetrated me, and I sucked it before pushing it back with mine.

Amber's fingers stole back to my breast, cupping and gently squeezing, her thumb brushing my nipple. There was a tenderness to that touch that felt pretty good. When her tongue explored my mouth, I closed my lips around it, then drew back slightly, still sucking it into me, rubbing it with mine. The touch against my breast became more positive. Then she released me, withdrew her tongue, and smiled at me as she brushed a strand of hair out of my face in an affectionate gesture.

Cupping her breast, I squeezed, stroking her nipple with my thumb. Amber wrapped her arms around my neck and drew my ear to her lips.

"Now, that will look hot," she whispered, and I nodded.

Our tongues met again, extended, and we licked each other with enthusiasm. I held her, both hands against her ribs, under her arms, while she pressed her tongue firmly to mine, rocking her head to move it against me.

I drew my tongue back when she did, and touched her lips with mine, gently. Our mouths brushed against each other, without fully meeting, each of us chasing the other's lips.

I realized I was becoming pleasantly aroused. My heart was beating a little faster than normal, and it felt good. It would probably be looking good to the camera, too, as I would be showing some enthusiasm.

Amber's hands slid up my shoulders to grasp the sides of my head. She held me in place while she sucked my upper lip into her mouth. I felt my body tighten slightly as she did. Then she pressed her mouth to mine, still holding my head, and we kissed deeply.

Releasing me, she moved both hands to my waist, kneading my sides firmly. I brushed my left hand over her right breast, then caressed her ass, my right hand behind her neck, holding her close.

Her breathing seemed a little heavy as our kiss remained strong. Both of her hands slid up from my waist to cover my breasts, caress them, then return to my waist after a short squeeze.

I traced the fingers of my right hand down, around her neck to her chest, to the top of her blouse. Our lips still locked in a passionate kiss, I unfastened her top button, and then the next one down. I ran a finger inside the neck of her blouse to stroke the firm flesh at the very edge of her breast, before moving it back to her neck.

Amber broke our kiss, touching her lips to my cheek. I hugged her close. Her lips were close to my ear, and her breathing had definitely become heavier. Well, so was mine, and I liked the way I was feeling.

After catching her breath for a moment, Amber nibbled my ear, then pressed her lips firmly to mine, extending her tongue into my mouth and moving her lips rapidly with mine. My heart was beating strongly now as our faces moved against each other, rocking briskly to and fro.

I found myself almost automatically unfastening more buttons. Amber's blouse was half open, now, and I could see the inner edge of her breasts. Exploring with the fingers of my right hand, I caressed the firm flesh, while Amber made soft aroused sounds, her hands moving firmly against my waist.

Then those hands moved up to cup my breasts. Instead of a gentle touch, she squeezed firmly, lifting them and squashing them together. Her thumbs covered my nipples as she squeezed, and our kiss echoed my growing arousal as well as hers.

Up to this point, we'd been sitting about a foot apart on the bed. Now Amber lifted herself onto her knees to move closer. Her bare legs touched mine as she continued to give my boobs a workout. Damn, but was this going to look good on the video.

The way she was kneading, pressing her face against mine in time to her insistent motion, was really turning me on. My fingers moved back to her buttons. I wanted to unfasten her completely and get my fingers onto her breasts. Maybe my lips. That was an exciting thought. But then I realized that we'd have to abort the video if I got her topless.

So I didn't unfasten the next button. Instead, I took her hands in mine, and moved them to my shoulders. Now I could fondle her breasts, instead, and I squeezed them through the thin cotton, kneading with a firm, rotating motion.

Then, still squeezing her breasts, I backed my face away from hers, making her chase me. She groaned, watching me with wide, soft eyes.

I released her breasts as I let her lips catch mine, and took her hands in mine, twining my fingers into hers. Our chests touched and moved against each other as we kissed. Then I pushed forward, making her lie down, and I lowered myself to lie on top of her, my legs between hers.

Unease and desire warred in her face. I placed her hands against my breasts as I leaned forward to kiss her. Desire won out, and she squeezed rhythmically as we kissed.

And boy, did that feel good, with my pussy pressed to hers. I leaned on my elbows, stroking her face with my fingers, pushing her hair back behind her ears. I pressed my pussy more firmly to hers, and felt her increasing the pressure before relaxing.

Amber released my breasts and ran her fingers through my hair.

Gripping her waist, I licked her lips. Her tongue emerged to meet mine, and I slid my hands up, pressing hard against her ribs, sliding my palms up and down over the front of her blouse - stopping short of her breasts.

Moving my hands so firmly moved my body, and I felt my sex sliding against hers. I kissed her harder, hearing myself make small sounds in my throat.

Moving my hands to her ribcage, I held her tightly. Our mouths were locked together, our kiss hungry. I started to slide my body against hers in a slow rhythm. Her face tilted up as I moved forward, and down as I moved back, but our lips stayed connected, and our tongues met frequently.

Dropping my hands back to her waist, I squeezed her firmly, then forced my fingers between us, seeking the buttons of her blouse, still moving my body against her. The feel of my fingers against her stomach seemed to excite her, her kiss fierce as I forced my hands higher, fumbling each button open. I felt her hands slide down over my shoulders and beneath me, to start to caress the sides of my breasts.

Then I was done, and I extricated my hands, moving them over hers, to take her hands in mine.

Breaking our kiss, I lifted her right hand to my lips to suck her fingers. Amber's breathing was still heavy and had become slightly faster than normal. She freed her left hand from mine and brushed my hair back with a smile. When I released her right hand, she held my head and lifted her face to mine, her kiss instantly intense, and my heart raced.

She lowered her head back down to the bed, drawing me with her, then released me. Her hands ran over my back, then down to the edge of my breasts, where she stroked with her fingers for a moment, before continuing down.

Both of her hands slipped inside my tee. She moved them against me, in time to the motion of my body against hers, lifting the tee further each time, until it was bunched under my arms, caught under my breasts. When she took the edge and lifted it, I stretched my arms out to allow her to pull it over my head, and off, without interrupting the gentle sliding of our bodies. Then I fastened my lips back to hers.

Her hands found my bare breasts, covering them, cupping and squeezing. I ran mine over the side of her blouse, then took hold of the fabric and pulled it out from between us.

As I stroked the lovely soft girl-flesh, no longer hidden by her blouse, I felt her hook her legs over mine. She started to rock her pelvis in time to my sliding motion, pressing her pussy firmly against mine as I moved. She took my hands and held them, away from our joined bodies. I could feel the soft pressure of her breasts against mine, and the harder, delicious movement of her pussy against my clit.

I gasped, and pushed my tongue against hers. Then I lifted myself to thrust against her, picking up the pace of our movements.

We kissed more quickly, our mouths meeting and sliding apart noisily. I sucked her tongue and lips, and she did mine, each of us fighting to be the one doing the sucking. The battle sent ripples of stimulation into my sex.

Grabbing her right breast, I lowered my head to suck it, still gyrating my body against hers. She made faint moaning sounds as I sucked her nipple erect, and again when I moved to her left breast. Her hands were on my boobs, squeezing and pushing, and I squirmed with the thrilling feelings.

When I released her breast, she wrapped her arms around me and rolled me over. Now she was the one controlling the speed of our movements, and she pushed me harder. My arousal became intense. I lifted my arms behind my head, closing my eyes to experience the welling up of pleasure. I felt her mouth seeking mine, and parted my lips. Her tongue lapped in and out of me, then I did the same to her.

Amber was gasping for breath. I kneaded her breasts, feeling her shiver, then I reached down and squeezed her ass. She cried out, her movements becoming fast and erratic. Then she groaned, pressing hard against me, and I felt her lose control, her body quivering as she moaned loudly.

My climax was already close, and feeling Amber come was enough to push the sensation in my clit into overload. I rubbed myself against her, and my back arched as my sex became tighter and tighter - and then I erupted into my own glorious climax, and my moans joined hers as I pressed my body to her, sharing her passion.

I felt Amber begin to move, and she caressed my pussy with her own. Our lips met again, our kiss sharing the pleasure of our bodies until we both had descended from our passionate high.

When it was finally over, she rolled off me. "Oh, fuck," she said.

"I think we just did," I replied.

"Well, duh."

"Was it good for you?" I asked, with a giggle.

"Well, duh," she said, again. "That did not go according to plan."

"Mmm, no, it didn't. I think we got a little overenthusiastic."

"A little?" she yelped. "Straight girls making out for a video is one thing. Straight girls fucking - I think that's a contradiction in terms."

"I guess that today we're bi girls fucking," I said. "As for the video, if we edit it at the right point... damn, it will be hot. I want a full copy for myself, to watch on boring rainy days."

"Yeah," she agreed. She reached out and took my hand. "But if we're bi for the day," she added, "let's not waste time."

I rolled over to face her, and drew her face to mine.