I'd been infatuated with Vanessa for years. Since before she started dating my brother, back when the three of us spent most of our time together. She was Edwin's age, two years older than me, and I knew that I'd never be more to her than Ed's kid brother. Particularly when their hormones kicked in, and they found each other's company more interesting than mine.

We still spent time together after that, but never as much, and usually in the company of Vanessa's little sister, Virginia, a gawky, irritating brat who delighted in tormenting me. So I eventually lost interest in staying around them.

Throughout college, Vanessa and Ed had a rocky relationship. They split op several times, only to make up during vacations when they would see each other again. Perhaps it was all of those breakups which led them not to rush into marriage after college. They did eventually buy a condo together, but I was in my senior year of engineering school when they finally decided to tie the knot.

I think it was with the memory of our teenage threesome in mind that Ed asked me, rather than one of his friends, to be best man. And it was with pride - but still a little disappointment - that I drove up from college, rented tuxedo hanging in the back of the car, to the Friday rehearsal and dinner.

The rehearsal was due to start at four p.m., but after my long drive, I was about fifteen minutes late. As I pulled into the parking lot, a silver Toyota followed me in to take the space next to mine.

As I locked the car, I glanced at the woman who had been driving the Toyota. A slender redhead, in sunglasses, she seemed vaguely familiar. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

She caught up to me halfway to the church. "I hate being late," she said.

"You're here for the rehearsal?" I asked.

"Jesus, Russell," she said sharply, "I'm the maid of honor."

I stopped dead in my tracks. The woman turned to face me, a puzzled look on her face as she slipped off her sunglasses.

"Virginia?" I asked, incredulous.

She nodded slowly, apparently amused that I hadn't recognized her. Even without her sunglasses I was having trouble seeing any sign of the scrawny kid I once knew. She wore a lightweight one-piece dress, with mid-length skirt and sleeves, belted with gold. I felt badly underdressed in denim shirt and jeans. Mental arithmetic suggested she'd be nineteen, though she looked older than that. Even nineteen seemed surprising just of itself. Somehow I think I'd expected her to remain a skinny, freckled fifteen year-old for ever.

"You've changed," I said.

"That's good to know," she said with some sarcasm. "It seems you haven't. You're supposed to offer to escort me." With that, she tucked her left hand inside my right elbow and propelled me forward.

At the church, she moved forward to open the door. Too fast for me to react, she moved her hand from my arm, her fingers finding the ticklish spot on my waist. I yelped in shock.

Turning to find her grinning, I said, "Perhaps you haven't changed so much." I sighed. "I'm just glad I stopped at that last McDonalds before I reached town. I didn't want to arrive with a full bladder."

"That would have been entertaining," she commented, as she took my arm to enter the sanctuary.


After the dry run, which went about as well as such things usually do, I went back to my parents' house to change for dinner. Staying at home was a necessary evil. I love my mother dearly, but our relationship improves in proportion to the distance between us. I politely declined to share transportation, not wanting to tie myself down to my folks' movements.

Naturally, Vanessa's parents' seating plan set me beside Virginia. Both as an old friend - which was true, to a point - and as her counterpart in the coming ceremony, it would be expected. And I certainly didn't object to the arrangement as I would have at one time.

Dinner was good, if predictable. Chicken which looked like catered rubber chicken, but was in fact tender and tasty, with small vegetable servings. I caught up on Ginny's history since I'd left for college. She'd intended to take a year off before going on to college herself, but her retail job had become much more interesting than she'd expected, and she had stayed with it. At twenty (ok, I was close), she was an assistant manager, and she was being considered for buyer training.

After that, I talked about college, and how I still didn't know what I would be doing afterwards, nor where I'd be doing it.

Ginny looked at me thoughtfully. "And are you over her yet?"

I blinked. "Who?"

"My sister. Vanessa," she said.

"What's to be over?"

"Don't be disingenuous," she retorted, spearing the last of her green beans, "it doesn't suit you. You've been mooning after her for years."

"Have I?" I asked. "What can I say? I've always thought she was a good friend, and I'm very happy for Ed. That's all there is."


After cheesecake and coffee we endured the speeches. Virginia kept tugging my arm for me to lower my head, keeping up an almost constant pithy commentary. Her low voice against my ear made me shiver, and her musky perfume stayed with me. I added a few observations of my own while Ed was speaking, twisting several of his comments into sexual innuendo. I could tell that Virginia was having difficulty suppressing laughter.

When dinner was over, Ed and Vanessa invited Virginia and me for a drink. "Fine with me," I said, "but she's underage."

Virginia kicked my shin. "Alright," I said, "maybe she'll pass for twenty-one, if she stops acting like a pre-teen." She smiled sweetly at me, and held my arm as I limped through the restaurant.


The bar was smoky, and none of us had much to say. I guess it was enough just to be together, as we'd so often been in the past. I found myself gazing at Vanessa's profile, her dark hair, thin eyebrows, the lift to the tip of her nose. There was more maturity in her expression now, but I knew the face so well - how often had looked at her, thinking she was so perfect?

I felt was a tug on my shirt sleeve, and looked around into the flashing green eyes of her sister. Ginny was irritated, obviously annoyed with me, but for the first time I realized how much like Vanessa she looked. Her face was thinner, more angular, but she had the same thin eyebrows, now pointed into a scowl, the same turned-up nose. Her coloring was so different it masked the similarity in structure. Bright red hair and yellow flecks in her eyes combined to make her anger with me seem more fierce.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You're besotted with her," she muttered. "You can't keep your eyes off her. Don't give me that crap about being happy for your brother."

"No, you've read me wrong," I whispered, earnestly. Feeling the need to explain myself, I shifted my chair close to Ginny's. Vanessa and Ed were pretty much absorbed in each other, but I kept my voice low.

"Yes," I said, "I was watching her. I was remembering how I used to feel, and I think you're right. I just now realized how much I've changed, because she doesn't affect me at all. I'll be glad to have her as a sister-in-law. Beyond that..." I shrugged. "There isn't a beyond that. Not any more."

"Mmm." Ginny didn't seem mollified.

"Look, she has eyes only for Ed," I whispered, "and I feel good about that. Doesn't that say something?"

"Maybe," Ginny agreed, reluctantly.

"I'd better go," I said, raising my voice. "Big day, tomorrow, remember?"

Ed and Vanessa looked around and grinned at me.

"Yeah, I should do the same," said Ginny, and we stood.

"Thanks for coming," said Vanessa, and the sisters hugged.

I walked Ginny to her car. After spending most of the day - after my drive - with her, it was odd to see her drive away. I drove home, knowing that something had changed within me, but not being quite certain what.


Tuxedo and all, I was dressed and out of my parents' house while my mother was still wandering about trying to figure out what she was doing. I hoped she wouldn't be late, but I knew if I stayed I'd make matters worse. So I went over to Ed's to help him get ready, and to pick up the ring.

Ed was alone in the condo. "Where's Vanessa?" I asked.

"With her mom," he replied. "She went back last night. If she'd stayed here, I'd see her before the wedding, and apparently that's unlucky."

I shook my head. It made no sense to me, but if it gave them a better chance of a good start at marriage, I guess it was worth one night's separation.

Their honeymoon wasn't due to start until the next day. They would spend their wedding night in the bridal suite at the hotel where they were holding the reception. So before we went to the church, we went to the hotel.

Using Ed's increasing nervousness as an excuse, I picked up his room keys for him. The receptionist gave me two card keys, but I slipped one into my pocket, and when I returned to Ed, I only gave him one of them.

Then back home, to travel with our parents to the church. My mother was surprisingly close to ready, and only a little coaxing from Dad and Ed was needed to get us to the church with a comfortable margin.

I waited outside for the limos carrying Vanessa, her parents, and the bridesmaids. There were two. Vanessa and her father emerged from the first, then her mother followed, with the bridesmaids in the second vehicle.

Seeing Virginia in her bridesmaid's dress was almost as much of a shock as learning her identity had been the day before. Obviously, she and Vanessa had selected the outfits for Virginia's colors. She was in green and gold again, but shimmering green satin with gold trim.

"You can stop staring now," she muttered, as I fell into step beside her.

"You look lovely," I said.

"Don't sound so damn surprised," she said, sarcastically. But when I glanced at her, her face had reddened, and the corner of her mouth was turned up in a small smile as her eyes were fixed in front of her.

Several times through the service, I found myself looking over at Virginia. When she was turned away from the congregation, she would make faces at me, trying to make me laugh. I didn't, and I did remember my cue to hand the ring to Ed. And since everyone held their peace at the appropriate point, Ed and Vanessa were duly pronounced man and wife.

For the recessional, we formed back up into couples. Ginny must have been disappointed at my lack of response to her faces, because as I reached her side, she goosed me. My face went instantly stiff as I tried to hide my startled expression. The congregation wouldn't see what she had done, but muffled laughter from behind told me at least one groomsman / bridesmaid pair had seen. I couldn't look back to see if the minister had a straight face.

Virginia, of course, smiled innocently as we left the church.

Outside, I shook Ed's hand and kissed the bride, conscious as I did so of Ginny's green eyes burning into me.


At the reception, of course, it was my turn to speak. I started okay, as much as I hate speaking, but made the mistake of glancing at Virginia, who was pulling faces at me again. I survived that well enough, but when she drew her tongue over her upper lip, half-closed eyes fixed on mine, I stumbled, then completely lost my train of thought.

Flushed, I looked at my notes, decided to skip to the end, and recovered as best I could.

"Dammit, Ginny," I whispered to her after the speech, "you make it very hard."

"I do?" she asked, wide-eyed. Too late, I realized my error. "I thought Vanessa did that to you," she added.

"Oh, no," I groaned. "Does Vanessa do this to Ed, do you think?"

"Do what? Make it hard? I'd guess so, else why would they..."

"No," I interrupted. "Keep taking jabs at him. Making him feel like a total d... an idiot."

"That isn't her way," Ginny said. "Her sense of humor is different from mine."

"Lucky Ed," I said, and Ginny scowled at me.

The happy couple was playing games with champagne and wedding cake just a couple of feet from us.

"She looks so good in that dress," murmured Virginia, sounding a little regretful.

"No better than you do," I said. She frowned at me for a moment, looking for sincerity, probably, and finding it.

"Perhaps, but I couldn't wear that,"

"Why not?"

"Look at it. Not even a Wonderbra would make me the right shape."

Involuntarily I glanced down at Ginny's chest. While it was definitely not flat, she was right. Vanessa's low-cut wedding dress was definitely made for a woman of a different build. Realizing instantly what I was doing, I looked up to find Ginny watching me with amusement.

Now, having seen her point - oh, no, I'd better not say that - what could I possibly say now that wouldn't be insulting? And I had to say something, ignoring her would be rude. She'd trapped me quite deliberately, and that was probably the source of her amusement.

"Umm," I said, "so if it were you, you'd wear something less ostentatious. And look twice as good." I realized as I said it, it was true, at least from my point of view.

And, apparently, was the right thing to say. She smiled and took my arm. "I wouldn't trade with her anyway. Ed's personality doesn't appeal to me."

"What personality," I whispered, and she giggled.

Finally we were free from ceremony. Ginny stayed with me as we moved about to talk with our parents.

At a heavy tug on my arm, I looked down to see Ginny fighting with one of her shoes, using me for support. "Is something wrong?"

"It's nipping me. I need to sit for a moment."

"Come with me," I said, "I have a job to do. You can rest your feet and help."


"Where are we going?" she asked, in the elevator.

Taking the card key from my pocket, I said, "To the bridal suite. We have a bed to remake."

Ginny grinned. "Okay," she said.

In the room, Ginny sat on the bed to kick off her shoes and rub her feet. "That's better," she said, standing.

She moved to the other side of the bed to help me strip it. Then we folded the top sheet back on itself, and remade the bed with great care, so that it looked just as if the hotel staff had made if, and Ed and Vanessa wouldn't suspect that we'd short-sheeted them.

After we were done, I was admiring our handiwork when Ginny crept up behind me and mashed her hands against my waist, tickling.

"Aargh!" I yelped, giggling, before gaining enough control to reach her wrists and pry them away from me. "Unfair," I wailed, trying to keep her hands off me. Her arms were stronger than her slender build would imply.

"Why unfair," she said, as I twisted around to face her, still holding her arms.

"Because you're not ticklish," I said.

"Oh, but I am. You just never found where."

That could have been true. Skinny and flat-chested she'd been years before, she was still a girl, and I wasn't going to start feeling around for ticklish spots. Now the prospect was less intimidating.

Pushing her hands back to her side, I tickled her waist. No response at all, and in my maneuvering, I loosened my grip enough for her to free herself and tickle me again. I squirmed and recovered control, but she continued to resist.

At one point, my hand slipped in hers, and I dug my thumb into her ribcage, under her arm. Her eyes widened in shock, and I knew I'd found where she was ticklish. Immediately I turned the tables, tickling her ribcage as she wriggled in my grip, trying to free herself.

Eventually she pushed me away, laughing, and sat on the bed.

"Did I find it?" I asked.

"One of them," she said, recovering her breath.

"The others?"

"Best not to ask."

"Ah," I said. "How about this?" I bent down and grabbed her stockinged left ankle.

"No!" she yowled as I drew my fingers across the sole of her foot. "Oh, God, no!"

She tried to kick me, but I turned to block her foot. She writhed about so much that she fell back onto the bed, unable to keep herself upright. Rather than let her keep lashing out with her right leg, I grabbed it, too, wrapping my fingers around her ankles and tickling the soles of her feet with my thumbs, until she pounded on the bed and begged me to stop.

Dropping her feet, I helped her into a sitting position. "Why should I stop?" I asked.

She whooped, hands leaping for my waist. "Because it's my turn."

Instead of trying to detach her again, I went straight for her ribcage. Ginny wriggled in my grip, collapsing back onto the bed. I leaned forward, supporting myself on my elbows, fingers still in contact with her sides.

Ginny had stopped tickling, though her hands still rested on my waist. I looked into her face, lips slightly parted, her expression wide-eyed and apprehensive, and I realized suddenly that my cock was rigid, and that I desperately wanted her.

"Ginny," I croaked.

"Yes," she cried, answering what my eyes were asking. She lifted her face to mine, and we kissed fiercely as she rolled me onto the bed. Then, breaking away, she started kissing me all over my face, saying, "Yes!" between kisses, and fumbling at the buttons of my tux.

We tore at each other's clothing. Ginny's bridesmaid's dress wasn't designed to be easy to get into or out of, and I felt at least one button pop, though my nervous fingers were trying to unbutton her correctly. Her tongue was against the roof of my mouth when I finally succeeded in unfastening the last button, and drawing the sleeve over her arm.

She stood to step out of the dress, and I took the opportunity to complete her handiwork, dropping my clothing to the floor. As she sat on the bed, I reached behind her back to unhook her strapless bra.

Her breasts were small, as she'd intimated, but her rich red nipples hardened to my touch, and she covered my mouth with hers and we sank back into the bed as I kneaded them.

We were still on the edge of the bed, so I lifted her into the center, and lay alongside her. Ginny's breasts may have been small, but they were very sensitive to stimulation. "That's nice," she said as I sucked her nipples. "Mmm, that feels good. Now the other one..."

I discovered another ticklish zone just below her navel, and tantalized her by drawing my fingernail over it while I kissed her breasts. Then I drew off her underwear and she parted her legs. Slipping my finger inside, I found her very wet.

I gripped her pubic bone, fingers pressing from the inside, palm against her pussy, and shook my hand against her.

"Oh!" she said, "oohh" her face flushed, and her breathing heavy.

Soon she was moaning with each stroke of my fingers. Instead of shaking my hand against her, I was stroking her, slowly but firmly. From time to time she would tighten her thighs around my hand, and her moans would become intense. I knew that at any one of those moments I could make her come, but I didn't know if that's what she wanted, so I kept stroking slowly as she forced herself away from her peak.

She came so close, I felt her body tense, and she whimpered. It was all I could do not to press harder against her clit and give her the release she was so hungry for, but I held back, and she relaxed. This time she opened her eyes, and pried my underwear off me.

My cock was hard and ready. She stroked the tip with her finger, sending shivers into me, then parted her legs for me to lower myself into her.

She moved her hips against me even before I was fully inside. Her eyes shone with excitement, her lips parted but smiling as she panted.

Then, lowering my face to hers, I kissed her lips, and she moaned deep in her throat. I pushed into her with all my strength, reaching for her shoulders to hold her body against mine. I felt her thighs tense, her body tightened around my cock, and the whimpering sounds she made told me she was close.

Pressing hard against her whole body, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, I held tightly to her arms and rammed into her. Ginny's whole body seemed to freeze. I kept up my movement, but she didn't respond, except that she seemed to become ever tighter around my cock. Then suddenly she shrieked, breaking contact with my mouth, and her voice quavered as she moaned, her whole body shaking.

She moved against me now, sharply, not controlled, and in a few seconds I felt myself soaring into my own climax. I came, exploding within her, dimly aware that Ginny's cries grew stronger as she led me through. And though she helped me to draw my orgasm out, and though hers had started before mine, she was still coming when I was spent, kissing my face in her passion.

She slowed her movements against me, still gasping as I squeezed myself into her. Finally she relaxed, and her head sank back into the pillow, centered in the fiery halo of her hair. Her smile and her eyes were bright.

"So," I said, "was it good for you?"

"Are you feeling jealous?" she asked, wryly.

"Hell, no," I said. "That was... amazing."

"Mister," she said, stroking my nose with my finger, "I wish you could feel what it was like on this side."

I lowered my lips to hers, and I pushed into her again as our tongues touched. Soon she was making quiet moaning noises, and I knew she would soon crest again. She arched her back to push against me, and I moved my hands to her ass, squeezing, mashing the cheeks of her ass together.

Before she came, she wrapped her arms around me, and rolled us both over, so she was lying on me. Then she lifted herself, so that I could get my lips to her swollen nipples. As I sucked hard, she arched back again, forcing herself against me, and I squeezed her ass hard, feeling her tighten around my cock.

She called out as she neared her peak, this time using my name. "Oh, Russ... Oh, Russ, oh God, Russ, oh, suck... hhh... and the other... ngggg..." then "Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! Ohhhhhh!" she came, grasping my head to her breasts, "Oh, Russ!" And hearing her use my name for her need made me a part of her pleasure.

She pulled my face from her breasts and kissed me wetly on the mouth.

"We'd better get out of here," I whispered.

"They've... gifts to open... things to do," said Ginny, breathlessly. "We have plenty of time." She kissed me again, stretching to press her body more firmly against mine.

The door opened.

Ginny must have seen my panicked look, because she looked over her shoulder and screamed. There had been no warning, the locking mechanism was completely silent - or below the level of Ginny's still-heavy breathing.

She leaped for the covers to hide herself, her small breasts quivering as she tried to get under the sheet. But we'd short-sheeted the bed, and it was several seconds before she abandoned the effort, and folded her arms over her breasts, her thighs pressed tightly together.

With slightly greater presence of mind, I grabbed a pillow and held it to my stomach, leaving Vanessa to stare at Virginia while she fought with the sheets.

"What the hell?" asked Vanessa.

"Uhh... hi, Sis," said Virginia. "I didn't expect you here yet."


Under Vanessa's hard stare, Virginia grabbed her bra, slipped it on hurriedly and climbed into the bridesmaid's dress, while I self-consciously held my pillow. Then her sister grabbed her arm and took her to the other side of the room. When they turned their backs, I took the opportunity to put my own clothes on.

The women were arguing in low, emotion-filled tones. I couldn't hear most of what they said, but the words "too much champagne" carried, followed by Ginny's vigorous denials, and "should be ashamed." A little later, one of them said "You know how I feel about him," but I couldn't be sure which of the two said it, nor whom she meant.

I stayed silent while their argument became more heated, then subsided. Virginia turned to give me a thoughtful look, then Vanessa turned around and frowned. Ginny looked me over, then winked at me, coming over to take my hand.

"How did you calm her down?" I whispered.

"I just reminded her of the time I did the same to her."

"You... walked in on Vanessa? While she was..."

"Uh-huh," said Ginny. "When we were sharing a room."

"Ed has never said anything."

"Ed wasn't there," she said with a sly grin.

"Ah." I chuckled.

"What are you going to do about the bed?" Vanessa broke in.

"We'll remake it," I offered. "It hasn't been used. Well," I felt myself turning red, "the sheets haven't."

Vanessa actually grinned at that. "God, you look a mess," she said to Ginny. "Let's get you cleaned up." She helped Virginia with her hair, and found a safety pin in her purse for the dress's missing button. But it wasn't good enough, Ginny still looked rumpled, and I wasn't in any better shape.

"Listen, guys," said Vanessa, at last, "I don't think this is where you want to be right now, and I'm damn sure you don't need to be at our parents." She opened her purse and took out a set of keys, removing one. "Why don't you look after our condo for a few days?"

Ginny hugged Vanessa. "Thanks, Sis."

"Yeah, thanks," I said, and hugged her, too.


Ginny and I left the hotel through a side door, and drove directly to the condo. Inside, she wrapped her arms around me, and I held her, my cock stiffening in anticipation.

"So," I whispered into her ear, "are you going to tell me where else you're ticklish?"

"Unh-uh," she said. "You'll have to find out for yourself."

"Okay," I said, and tickled her ribcage.

Backing her onto the couch, I started to undress her. Opening up her dress allowed me to tickle her stomach as I kissed her. Then I unwrapped her breasts, and suckled as my fingers explored for other ticklish spots. There was one between her thighs, and seemed slightly ticklish in the small of her back. She wriggled when I tickled behind her knees, but it didn't seem to excite her the way drawing my fingers over her stomach did.

I lowered my face to her stomach. She squirmed as I slid my fingernails over, then I circled my extended tongue over the same area, still tickling lightly with my fingers. After a moment, I pulled her panties off, still nuzzling and licking her stomach.

From the inside of her thighs, I ran my fingernails up to her hips, which didn't seem ticklish, but which seemed to turn her on as I approached her sex. I touched her pussy, still licking and kissing her stomach, then slowly worked my fingers inside her.

Two fingers of my right hand inside her, I stroked and pressed, while with my left hand I resumed tickling her stomach. She gasped and tilted her pelvis up into my hand. Then I lowered my face into her bush, nuzzling as I kept both hands moving against her.

Looking up into her face, I saw her lips make a circle as she blew her breath out, her eyes fixed on me. Her body was rocking steadily against my hand, and her nipples were hard on her small, perfect breasts.

Then I extended my tongue, running it over her pussy, and, using my fingers to open her up, inside her.

Ginny sighed as I rolled my head around. I pressed my lips firmly against her, sucking, then tickled her thighs with the fingers of both hands. She thrust herself against my mouth in a powerful rhythm, jumping occasionally as I tickled.

She was breathing heavily, now, in sharp, noisy, panting sounds. I stroked my fingernails lightly over her ass and her back, and she lifted herself further off the bed. Then I grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed, pressing my fingers between her cheeks and sucking hard on her clit.

"Aaahhh!" she cried out. "Oh, God, Russ, yes! Don't stop!"

I sucked harder, shaking my head, and felt her body spasm. "OHHHHHH!" she yelled as she came. "Ohhhhh! Russ, ohhhh!"

Her excitement was driving me crazy with arousal, and it was all I could do to keep from coming in my pants. When her body relaxed and her breathing slowed, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, dropping her onto the bed.

As I fumbled with my clothes, I realized the bed was rippling, and Ginny's eyes were wide and amused. Her voice still unsteady, she said, "We may have underestimated our siblings."

I nodded, stepping out of my underwear and lying down on the waterbed. Ginny climbed onto me, and my cock slid into the hot, slippery embrace of her sex.

Soon we were rolling with the bed's waves. Resisting the urge to come earlier helped me to keep from coming now, my cock just deliciously hard and stimulated each time Ginny climaxed. Kissing her mouth or suckling her lovely nipples helped push her into orgasm. Tickling her helped, too, and kept our lovemaking fun, even at its most demanding.

When I was ready, I waited until Ginny was working towards another crest, then grabbed her ass and thrust into her, and we came together, noisily, joyfully.


We were careful with Ed's and Vanessa's belongings, except for the bed, which we tried hard to wear out. We didn't succeed before I had to return to college. Ginny plans to move out of her parents' house before the end of this semester, so I figure we'll soon be trying to wear out hers, instead.