I'd been babysitting for the Harrises since Jeff was four, which would be about three years. They had needed my services more since his older brother, Connor, had left for college, but as I was in my senior year, I was often unavailable, so they made other arrangements.

This night, though, they wanted me. They were going to be out until after midnight, and their regular babysitter couldn't stay so late. I, on the other hand, had my own car, and permission from my parents to stay out late, if they knew where I was.

I wished them a good evening, and settled down with the television. At age seven, Jeff didn't need much attention, just following around occasionally, to be sure he didn't get into trouble. With his toys, the TV and on occasional short book for me to read, he was just fine.

We had run through a couple of his video tapes, and I was settling in for a long, boring evening, when the front door opened. Startled, I looked around... as Connor, Jeff's older brother, walked into the room.

"Oh, hi," he said, with a surprised look. "Where are they?"

"Hey, Connor," I replied. "They're at a dinner. Black-tie, a big deal. They didn't tell you?"

He shrugged. "I didn't call," he said. "Hi Cathy." His eyes roved my body. "You're looking good."

"You, too. I like the long hair."

"My mother won't," he said, and I knew he was right. His parents were very straight-laced people. They weren't especially happy with me, I knew that. I was merely available. I'd changed from my normal wear of tube top and shorts to a more conservative outfit, for me, since his mother had made critical comments about my dress. Gold sleeveless top, with bra, and short but modest skirt. In spite of her reactionary outlook, she was pleasant enough, and paid well on those times she needed me for Jeff. So I really didn't want to upset her.

Connor's dad was less inflexible than his wife, and had watched with obvious interest as my body had taken shape over the last few years. He was probably disappointed with today's attire.

And Connor. I'd always liked Connor. I didn't have much chance to spend time with him before he left home, he was a year above me at high school, and absent from the house most times when I babysat. But I'd always felt that he liked me too, and I'd wanted an opportunity to try to get close to him.


Sitting in the center of the sofa, I patted the space on my left, and was pleased when Connor sat there, instead of taking one of the chairs.

"Why'd you come home?" I asked.

"Mom's birthday tomorrow," he said. "I figured I'd surprise her."

"I'm sure you will. You surprised me. Nice surprise, though."

He grinned at me. "Likewise."

"So, if you have five hours to kill, are you gonna stay, or go see friends?"

"None here," he said. "They're pretty much all away from home, now."

"Well, if this happens again," I said, "give me a call. I'll be here another year yet. Unless I'm babysitting Jeff, of course. I hope you think of me as a friend."

"I do, and I will."

"I'd like that," I said, and reached between us to squeeze his hand.

"So would I." He lifted his arm and laid it along the couch, behind me.

Soon, Jeff's video finished, and I had him climb onto the couch while I read him a book. That gave me the opportunity to snuggle closer to Connor, and I gave him a quick smile when he lowered his arm from the back of the couch to my shoulders. His fingers stroked the skin of my upper arm while I read.

Now that I had Connor's arm around me, I didn't need an excuse, so when Jeff's book was done, I made him go play with his toys, while I pressed my right hand against Connor's and leaned my head back against his shoulder.

"Aren't you going to kiss me?" I whispered, while Jeff's attention was on his Lego construction.

"Dunno," he answered quietly, grinning. "What's in it for me."

I smiled and pretended to scowl. "You might even like it for what it is," I murmured. "As for what's in it, well, you never know until you try." I reached my left hand behind his head and dragged him close. "Now kiss me, dammit."

He touched his lips to mine, then immediately pulled back. "Such language from a schoolkid! And my baby brother in the room, too."

"Like he'd care even if could hear us. Now kiss me, or it won't be my language you'll be worrying about, it'll be my elbow in your balls."

"Oh, well, if you put it like that..." He kissed me full on the lips, playfully, and his hand squeezed my shoulder. Then his left hand slid around my neck and held me against him, while he kissed me until I gasped for breath, grabbing his long hair to pull his face away.

"Oh, you want to stop now, do you?" he said.

"No," I said, and kissed him again. This time his response was powerful and sensuous. I tingled with the beginnings of arousal.


Jeff dropped the Legos he was holding with a crash, making me jump. I broke from Connor and looked over to his brother, but he was already working on his next project.

I relaxed, and looked back up at Connor. "Any more objections?"

He shook his head, and as we kissed again, the fingers of his right hand worked their way around under my arm. They felt around the edge of my bra, then pressed inside. I bit his lip and kissed him harder.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jeff watching us, and I pulled away from Connor. I moved my arm to hide Connor's probing hand, and Jeff turned back to his toys as Connor touched my nipple.

"Naughty," I whispered.

A moment later, Connor withdrew his hand and sat up.

"I'm cold," he said, loudly. "Aren't you cold, Cathy?"

I looked at him, puzzled. It was cool in the air-conditioning, but hardly uncomfortable. "Cold?"

"Cold," he said, definitely, and winked at me. "I think I should go get a blanket to keep us warm."

"Oh, I see. Yes, I mean. Yeah, it is kinda cool in here."

Connor left, returning a few moments later with a thin, dark sheet. Sitting, he handed me an edge, and I pulled the sheet up to my neck.

A moment later, Connor's right hand slid up my back and started working on my bra strap. I turned and kissed him as the catch gave way, and his left hand stroked my stomach and traced my breast as he leaned into the kiss.

He kneaded my right breast as we kissed, gently fingering my nipple, then pinching as I closed my teeth on his tongue. He switched his attention to my right breast, as I broke away and kissed his cheek.

"Just a moment," I whispered, and leaned away from him. Pulling my left shoulder strap down my arm, I wriggled out of its hold, then repeated the effort with the right strap. I pulled the bra out from under my top. Then I rolled it up and stuffed it against the couch, behind me.

Connor renewed his fondling, and our tongues met as he slid his palm from one nipple to the other. They had become hard, and the raw stimulation funneled straight into my groin. I was becoming wet as my breathing became heavy.

"God," I said, breaking away. "I need to breathe."

In response, Connor lowered his head under the sheet. His hair brushed my breast, and tickled my stomach as his lips closed on my nipple. His lips and tongue stoked passion into my left breast while his hand did the same to my right.

"Where's Connor?" piped a little voice.

"He's... cold," I said. "He's staying warm."

"I'm not cold," said Jeff.

"I'm getting pretty warm now, too," I said.

"You sound funny. Are you sick?"

"No, I feel just great, thanks Jeff."

"Then read this to me."

He brought me another book, and climbed onto the couch as Connor's hand closed on my knee and slid up my thigh. I felt fingers against my pussy, outside my panties, then under the thin nylon. Connor rubbed my bush, then I relaxed my legs to allow his fingers to enter.

My breath caught as his fingers moved inside me. I started reading Jeff his book as Connor stroked warmth into me.

At first I tried to concentrate on the book, but I was missing the experience. So I relaxed into the feeling, still reading with half of my attention.

I thought I could simply enjoy the sensations, but about halfway through the book, I knew I was going to come. I tried desperately to hold off, but Connor was relentless. Just a couple of pages before the end, I told Jeff I'd have to finish the book in a moment.

"No, now," he said.

I tried to keep going, but Connor must have picked up on why I'd said what I had. He bit down on my nipple, and the sudden arousal took me by storm. I bit my tongue as I tried to keep from crying out, my whole body shuddering. I desperately tried to hold on to sanity, fighting to get the last few words out as Jeff looked strangely up at me.


Connor pulled my clothing back together before he emerged from the sheet. "That was wicked," I whispered to him. "Let's put your brother to bed so we can do it again."

So we put Jeff through his bedtime ritual. Both of us gave him a hug, then we left him and returned to our couch. Without the need for a sheet, Connor's hands went right up my top, and his lips crushed mine. He was lifting my top when the door opened.

Jeff stood there, looking from one of us to the other.

"Hi, Jeff," said Connor, rapidly disengaging.

Jeff's face was serious. "Are you guys gonna do sex?"

"W-what?" asked Connor.

"Well, if you're gonna do sex, can you be quiet? Last time you kept me awake all night."

He turned and left the room. Connor sat, ruby-faced, looking at the open door.

"Last time?" I asked, in mock-indignation. It wasn't as though it was a surprise to me, we'd never have gotten to the point we were if Connor wasn't sexually active. Nor me, of course... But Jeff's knowledge was obviously a surprise to him.

"I think that perhaps we didn't fool him as well as we thought," he said.

I got up, tracked Jeff back to his room, and hugged him. "Good night, kiddo."

"I think we're okay now," I said to Connor when I returned. "So, are we going to?"

"Going to what?"

"Do sex?"

"Oh. Are we?"

"God, I hope so," I said and reached for him.

"So do I," he whispered, before our lips met.

This time he succeeded in lifting my top up over my breasts, his eyes locked to them as his fingers pinched my swollen nipples. Then he lowered his face, and I held his head to me to me as he sucked, exploring with his tongue.

Concerned about Jeff's reappearance, I stood, pulling my top back down. "Your room," I said. "We'll be quiet."

"Will we?"

"We'll try."


In Connor's room, we undressed each other slowly. He lay back on his small bed, and I took him slowly into me.

Sitting on his thighs, his shaft embedded within me, I squeezed his waist, and levered myself against him. He cupped my breasts in his hands, playing roughly with them as we moved.

As aroused as he had already made me, he soon had me climbing to climax. I stopped moving, cherishing the feel of him within me. So sensitized that I didn't need any extra stimulation, I felt that my clit had expanded right down onto his cock, and just the feel of his hardness against me was pushing me over the edge.

I breathed deeply, trying to relax, then lowered myself onto him. He raised his face to my breasts as I rested on my elbows. My pussy tightened with each lap of his tongue on my breast, and I knew I couldn't hold off any longer. Arousal was filling me, burning into my clit and expanding out into my whole body. Trying to be quiet, I gasped, breath hissing as I closed my eyes.

"I'm coming." My voice was hoarse, desperate. "I can't help it. Are you ready?"

"Next time," he whispered into my breast, as I slipped into pleasure.

My erotic throbbing increased my awareness of his erection within me, and I sighed with the added stimulation as he finally started to move, slowly. Pulling my breast from his mouth, I kissed his face and his lips as my breathless passion ran its course.


I collapsed against him, and he played with the edges of my boobs.

"Do you want on top?" I asked.

"Sure," he said, and we rolled over in the narrow bed, giggling as we nearly fell out, but finally succeeding in switching places without disconnecting. He lifted himself on his arms, and I sighed as his cock pressed hard inside me.

I rocked my pelvis against him, afraid to move too strongly - the bedsprings creaked, even with this small motion. Connor's breathing was soon heavy, and I knew he was going to be able to join me, as my own climax was fast approaching. I hooked my legs behind him, drawing him deeper into me. "Wow," he breathed, then lowered himself along me, and we squeezed together, rhythmically, getting faster - and louder - as our lips met.

I squeezed the powerful muscles of his back as he grunted, bucking harder against me. His restraint broke, and his cock quivering within me drove me into my own crest. "Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm", I sighed, my tongue entwined with his as we rolled together in passion.

I ran my hands over his body as my orgasm waned. "All night?" I said.


"Jeff said last time you did sex, you kept him awake all night."

"Well, kids, you know how their sense of time is. It can't have been more than a couple of hours."

"That's cool," I said. "You think you can keep me entertained until midnight?"

"We can try," he grinned.


We didn't make it quite that far. At eleven-thirty or so I started to doze, and woke with a start at about fifteen minutes after midnight. I rolled off Connor, and shook him awake.

"Connor, wake up, your parents will be home soon."

I threw my clothes on and straightened my hair while Connor dressed.

"I'll make coffee," he said. "Let's let them find us in the kitchen, they'll think we've been sitting there talking."

Which we did. Arriving at one a.m., Connor's parents were surprised and pleased to find him home, then paid and thanked me. Connor walked me to the door.

Out of sight of his parents, we kissed briefly. "Call me," I said, and he promised to do so.

I drove home, still in a glow from our lovemaking, and it wasn't until I undressed for bed that I realized I'd left my bra on the Harris's couch.