The Stories

Erotic fiction written by me, Helen L.

I began my own site,, in 1998, and now have over forty erotic stories online, of varying length. Recently I have decided to split the stories from my own site, and have moved the content here.

I started writing as a response to the (mostly-)bad porn fiction I found. I heard a good description of what I consider the difference between porn and erotica recently: porn concentrates on the mechanics of sex, while erotica on the emotions.

I believe that many writers think that the more explicit the sexual content of a story, and the more and more varied sex that you can pack into it, the sexier it is. My own view is that the emotional content - even with very little actual sex - is far more erotic.

As I posted way back when I opened the original site: What turns me on is the passion that builds between two people. The passion that becomes a need to know one another in the most intimate way.

You'll find that my stories are generally about consenting heterosexual adults, and won't deviate far from this. If you're looking for explicit descriptions of varied sexual practices, you're probably in the wrong place.

My Journal

Begun in 1999, my journal was an exercise in interactive storytelling that changed and was changed by my life. As a writer of erotica, it was important to me that my diary did not shy away from my own experiences of love and sex, but documenting them and living them has always been something of a Heisenberg relationship.

Had blogs been popular when I began the journal, it likely would never have seen the light of day. Not only would I have felt that it would be lost in the crowd, but I've come to a recent realization that the chronological presentation is necessary to the progressive story. If I had used blogging software rather than develop my own scripts, it would have been ineffective.

I resumed updating the journal recently, after a hiatus of several years, though I may be a little more circumspect than I was in the early days.

To experience the journal in its original intent as progressive fiction / soap opera, I would recommend beginning at the beginning.

The Forum

This is a new (as of March, 2007) venture for me. From just after's inception into the early 2000s I did have an online BBS. It died to lack of software updates, but by then BBS spam was beginning to increase, and web forums were becoming a place for flame wars and bad behavior, so I have never felt the inclination to start a new one.

But I miss the interaction with readers, so I've decided to try again. I say it is a "new venture" because the environment for forum software has changed so radically since the late 1990s, and it will take a lot to convince me that this is a good idea.

I have added a forum for user stories, which is something else that I'm not sure is wise, but time will tell.

I chose a package (FUD) which supports threading, which I liked in my old "storyboard", and which has a fairly lightweight feel, unlike most popular forum packages. The forum software does require you to register, with a verifiable email address (due to the current load of forum spam), but you can provide as little or as much detail as you like from that point. Please don't give your name, age, gender, or anything else - unless you want to.

There are three forums: General, Story Feedback and User Stories. General is for chatting with me or other subscribers - but please, keep conversations related mostly to our shared interests. I don't want flames or political slogans.

Story Feedback is to comment either on my stories or on those posted in User Stories, while the latter is where aspiring writers of erotica can post their own tales.

In keeping with the tone of the rest of the site, I won't approve stories that I consider crude, degrading, obscene or unsuitable.


My collection of links was never very extensive, and most of what I've collected has gone offline over the years. These are some that are still around, or that I've recently discovered. Please post other recommendations to the General area of the forum