"Hey, Lisa, do you think my boobs are too big?"

"Now that's a hell of a topic of conversation," I said, turning to face my roommate. She sat on my left on the couch, wine glass in hand.

"Hey, I'm serious," she complained. "It's, like, all guys ever seem to think about."

"That why you broke up with Mike?" I asked. The breakup was the reason Carter and I were drinking together. Part wake, part celebration, she said. She'd been wanting her freedom back for a while.

"Nah," she replied, then added, "well, maybe. A little. I'd talk to him, he'd talk to my breasts."

I looked her over. She was wearing her baby blue tee, with no bra, exposing several inches of firm flesh above her baggy gray sweat pants.

"Well, if I was a guy..." I began. "Hell, I'm not, and I still think you look hot. I don't see the problem."

She flashed me a smile, her large dark eyes twinkling. She leaned forward to set her glass down, then tugged at her top to even up the gap. "See, I told Mike I wanted to lose weight, 'cause my boobs were too big, and he was horrified."

"Girl," I said, "you've got no weight to lose, and I think they're fine. They're no bigger than mine."

"Yeah, but you're, what, five-nine?" she said. "I'm five-four. And I think they're bigger anyway."

"No, they're not," I argued. "Now, if they were like that girl's in the movie..."

We were both slightly buzzed. Neither of us were heavy drinkers, and we'd gotten through most of a bottle of chablis while we'd watched the DVD. The last sex scene had been... well, we'd both gone "Whoa!" when it was done, then laughed at ourselves. I don't know about Carter, but it had left me feeling pretty good about things. That must have been what had prompted her comments.

"Well, yeah," she said, "but these are all mine, and they're in the way."

"How do you figure that? They make you fall over?"

"No, they get in the way of relationships," she said. "Guy takes a look at them, goes 'Hey, you two! We gotta get her naked!'"

"Like that's ever been a challenge," I scoffed.

Carter scowled at me. "Hey, you wanna talk," she growled.

We had separate rooms, but not much in the way of secrets in the small apartment.

"Hey, we're not talking about me," I said. "I'm fine with mine."

"You would be," she said, still with her mock-scowl.

"Okay, look," I said, laughing at her. I fitted my right hand around my left breast, then, keeping the shape with my fingers, I reached for her.

Carter yelped and batted my hand away. "What are you doing?"

"Scientific experiment," I said, taking both of her hands in my left. This time she didn't resist as I measured myself again, then carefully set my fingers around her right breast.

She peered down at my hand. "See?" I said. "Perfect fit." I rotated my hand to demonstrate, my fingers sensing soft flesh under the fabric.

She freed her left hand and used it to move my right around. Then she lifted it and set it over her left breast. Again, I felt the softly-yielding skin beneath her thin tee. "Hmph," she said. "Probably because you're wearing that chainmail bra of yours."

"Chainmail?" I laughed.

"Whatever. It's hardly delicate."

"Well, I'm not taking it off to compare," I said.

"Not even as a 'scientific experiment?'" Carter pouted.

I lifted my hand from her, but she took it in her own and frowned. "Not yet," she said. "That was feeling pretty good - you know, after all the grabby-grabby."

I rolled my eyes, but laid my fingers back against her left breast, and stroked gently.

"Hold that thought," she said, a moment later, and leaned forwards. I thought she was reaching for her wine, but when she straightened, she dropped the remote control in her lap, took my hand and moved it back to her chest, on the right, this time, then started poking buttons on the remote, left-handed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, as she pressed the play button.

"Getting comfortable," she said, resting her head on my shoulder.

"This is pretty weird," I said, my fingers tracing around the pliant edge of her boob.

I recognized the beginning of the seduction scene, and felt my body temperature rise, knowing what was about to happen.

I had never quite released Carter's right hand after grabbing it earlier. Now I felt her absently moving her fingers against mine as the erotic tension rose on the screen. That little sense of affection, even from my roomie, really intensified the feelings that the movie sex was inducing.

When the scene was over, and Carter pressed the pause button, I found myself endeavoring to relax and not breathe too heavily. Turning to look at Carter, I saw that her face was flushed, and her eyes bright.

"Wow," I said.

"Uh-huh," she agreed, then looked down. I followed her gaze, and realized that I'd been rubbing her nipple with my thumb. I felt my face start to burn.

Carter looked at me with amused eyes. "Now this one's definitely bigger," she said.

"That doesn't count," I disagreed, drawing back.

"I think it's time we compared." With that, Carter launched herself at me, wrapping her arms around my back, tunneling her hands under my sweater and tee to get to my bra strap.

I wriggled in her embrace, not letting her take hold of the catch, finally pushing her back - but as I did, she tickled me and got past my guard again.

Managing to repel each attack, I gripped both of her hands in mine and pushed her away. "What's gotten into you?" I asked, laughing.

"I've got to know what's under that heavy sweater," she said.

"It isn't my sweater you're trying to take off," I objected.

"For comparison only," she insisted.


"C'mon, you've got to take the sweater off, at least," Carter said. "I'm burning up just looking at you."

"I'm fine," I said, though I really was far too hot.

"No you're not," she said. "C'mon, give."

She grabbed my sweater and started to lift. I shrugged and lifted my arms for her to pull it over my head.

Then the tugging stopped, and I felt her hands grab at my tee, lifting it to my shoulders, pinning me as I struggled to free myself from the sweater. I broke loose just in time to grab my bra strap before it fell away, and I refastened it while fending off a laughing Carter.

Tugging my tee back into place, I glared at her.

"I almost made it," she said, grinning and unrepentant. "Next time..."

"Bitch," I laughed. "There isn't going to be a next time."

After running my fingers through my now messed-up hair, I shook it into slightly better shape. Carter poured the last of the wine into our glasses, and leaned against me as we drank. I frowned at her.

"What's with all the lovey-dovey closeness?" I asked.

"Just feels good," she said. "Don't have to if you don't want."

She started moving away, and I caught her arm. She was right, it did feel good. "It's okay," I said. "I guess the closer you are the less the chance of a surprise attack."

She gave me her perkiest smile, and leaned back against my shoulder. When I finished my wine, she took my glass and set it with hers back down on the table. Then she lifted my right hand back to her right breast.


"Oh, c'mon," she cajoled. "I was enjoying this. It's a nice, relaxing feeling." She trailed her fingertips over my stomach. "Want me to demonstrate?"

"No," I replied, quickly. "That doesn't sound at all relaxing to me."

"That's because you're used to the grabby-grabby, too, am I right?"

"Maybe," I agreed. "I guess."

My left arm was trapped uncomfortably between us, so I moved it over Carter's shoulders as I let the fingers of my right hand explore the edge of the soft girl-place.

Carter started toying with the remote.

"Oh, don't play it again," I griped.

"Why not?"

I recalled my own feelings from last time, and the thrill I felt on seeing Carter's flushed face. "I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. This is cozy."

She twisted around to look at me. "Cozy?"

"Whatever. Close, friendly. Warm. I like it."

"Yeah, me too," she said, setting the remote down and making herself comfortable. She settled her left hand on my belly, fingernails occasionally moving slightly against my skin.

"Made me jealous, anyway," she said a few minutes later.

"What?" She'd completely lost me.

"The movie. It was never like that with Mike."

"Oh, we're back to that, are we?" I chuckled. "Just Mike, though?"

"Yeah, I've had better. It's an attitude thing."

"I know what you mean," I agreed. "It isn't technique - well, maybe a little, but it's affection and closeness and desire and foreplay and moving slowly and wanting and holding back until you can't hold back any longer..."

I felt Carter's body shake as she laughed gently. "Find me a guy who understands all that..." she said. "I'm getting turned on just thinking about it."

"There've been a couple," I said. "I never seem to keep them long."

"I guess there's more to a relationship than great sex," Carter said.

"There is?" I asked, brightly. "I'll take great sex over a relationship. If the sex isn't good, I don't want it to last."

I'd been caressing the underside of her right breast with two fingers, now I moved my thumb to the far side and squeezed gently.

"Point," she said. "You've been without a guy for longer than I had Mike. Why such a long gap?"

"Well, I needed a break after Jonny," I said. "Too much baggage. And then Ken asked me out again."

"Ken? Ken who's married?"

"Exactly. So I guess I'm in 'all guys are assholes' mode right now. I doubt it will last."

"Yeah," Carter agreed, "I know what you mean. That feels nice, by the way."


She lifted her right hand and stroked mine. "What you're doing. It's good." Then she pushed my thumb forward, to her nipple. "This was good, too, earlier. I wasn't complaining."

I frowned as I gently pinched her nipple. "I don't think I'd find that relaxing."

"I didn't say it was," she said, with amusement. "I said it felt good."

Toying with Carter's nipple gave me a different sensation than stroking her breast had done, especially as it began to swell. That drew my attention to what I was doing, as if it weren't just a passive activity. I was making my friend respond to my touch. It was a disturbingly pleasant idea.

When her nipple was hard, I moved away from it, cupping my palm around the side of her boob, caressing lightly.

The DVD blinked, and I realized that Carter had restarted her favorite scene. "Oh, gawd," I whispered.

"Close your eyes if it bothers you," she said. "I like the way it makes me feel."

"Don't you find those feelings... frustrating?" I asked, as the scene cut to the firelit bedroom.

I moved my left hand down to her side as she nestled close. "Frustration can feel good, too," she said. Then she took my left hand in hers, drawing it forward, so that my fingertips touched the side of her left breast, but her fingernails gently scratched my palm.

As the seduction scene started, I rubbed my thumb over Carter's right nipple again. She covered my right hand with hers, stroking it with her fingers. Then, when the guy on the screen started disrobing his partner, liplocked to her, I eased my left hand a little further forward, coaxing her left nipple to swell, until it matched the right.

As he passion on the TV became intense, I leaned my face a couple of inches forward, and blew into her ear, and was gratified when her whole body shuddered. She dug her fingernails into my palm as I nibbled her earlobe, toying with it until the couple on the screen reached their climax, and the scene started to fade.

Carter hit the pause, then reached behind her head to ruffle my hair.

"Was it good for you?" I whispered into her ear, then giggled.

"Mmm, still is," she replied, breathlessly, as my fingers still traced her nipples. "Maybe I... should go take care of something in private."

"Oh, no," I said. "You said you like being frustrated." I breathed into her ear again.

"I do," she replied, twisting to face me. She dropped my left hand, and it slid back from her breast. "I am. But if you're not going to let me get any relief," she drew her fingernails sharply across my exposed belly, making me shiver, "I want you to suffer, too."

"You think I'm not?" I squawked, grabbing her hands. "And, anyway, I'm not the one who keeps putting on the damn movie!"

She pushed back, getting her lips up to my ear. "Weren't you the one doing this?" She whispered, hoarsely, making me shiver. "And those weren't my hands all over me."

"Whose fault was that?" I laughed, as she struggled to free herself. She managed to get one hand out of my grip, placing it firmly on my waist, then sliding it upwards.

"It's not about blame," she growled. I felt her fingers slip under my bra strap. "It's about revenge."

Changing tactics, I freed my hands and drew her towards me, squashing her against me. I pried her wandering hand free, moving it behind me, and wrapped my arms around her to hold her so close that she couldn't get her hands between us.

Not that it helped, much, because she could still stroke my waist with her nails, making me squirm. I sucked her earlobe in retaliation, and she growled into my ear.

Her back was so smooth to my touch, but mine wasn't accessible to her because of the way I was sitting. I nuzzled her neck as I let my palms roam, lifting the tight tee as I stroked her shoulderblades. I felt her lips against my neck, too, and heard her labored breathing as they touched my ear.

I'm sure my own breathing was as heavy as hers. All this sensuous skin at my fingertips, the way she'd responded to my touch, the arousal from the movie sex, her lips on my ear and her hands on my waist... I ran the fingers of my right hand under her arm, caressing the smooth skin on her side.

"Mmm," she murmured, then I felt her kiss my neck and grip my waist. I turned my face towards her, my lips trailing across her cheek, then as I kissed her eyelids, I moved my fingers a little further.

As close as we were together, I couldn't get my hand between us, but the edge of her compressed breast was in reach, so I caressed it with my fingertips. Carter's eyes widened slightly, and she tried moving her own hands further up my body.

This time I didn't resist, relaxing my grip on her as her fingers slid over my bra, stroking and squeezing. Then her hands moved behind me, and I leaned forward slightly.

Carter's face was flushed, her eyes soft. I touched my mouth briefly to her parted lips as I covered her breast with my right hand and started to caress - feeling supple skin, this time, not her shirt. She groaned quietly as I drew my face higher, kissing the bridge of her nose and her eyelids.

She still hadn't finished unfastening my bra when I interrupted her by lifting her tee shirt over her head. When that was done, she practically clawed her way back under my tee shirt to do the same.

As soon as my shirt had joined Carter's on the couch, I held her hands, taking a moment to look at her. Carter's face was alive with excitement, and her wide nipples were erect on her pale breasts. I slid my hands up her arms, pushing her hands behind my back to carry on her task, and took her face between my palms, holding her eyes with mine for a moment before fastening my lips to hers.

Our kiss was so instantly full of passion that my own desire exploded in my chest. I fondled her breasts with both hands, feeling as I did the catch of my bra release, and Carter slipping the straps over my shoulders.

After she'd caressed my breasts for a moment, I drew my lips back from hers. "So, are they smaller than you expected?"

"Girl," she said, "I have far better things to do with them than measure them."

With that she lowered her face to my left breast, and I felt my sex pulse with excitement as she started to suckle.

What was it I'd said? "Moving slowly" and "holding back"? Screw that. I hooked my finger through the waistband of her sweat pants, pulling them and her panties down together. Carter wriggled to give me access without releasing my boob. Then my hand was on her thigh, caressing, moving higher...

My fingers slipped inside her easily, and she moaned and gripped my wrist between her legs as I explored. I pushed her face away from my breast so that I could suck hers instead, her fingers stroking my head, then moving down to fondle me more as I did so.

She drew my face to hers, and we kissed again, my heart thumping inside my chest. Carter's breathing was heavy, and she groaned from deep within as my fingers circled her clit. Her pelvis was moving firmly against my wrist.

"Carter," I said, breathlessly, breaking away from her lips. "What the fuck are we doing?"

"Whatever it is," she panted, "don't stop now."

Her reaction was making me burn with arousal. I wanted to give her more. I squeezed her breast, lowering my face to it, sucking and lapping at her nipple.

"Awww," she moaned, "mmm - mmmm," then hissed through her teeth as her body stiffened. She pulled my face up roughly to hers, fixing her mouth on mine as she groaned. I pinched her clit lightly, rubbing it between finger and thumb, and she gasped as her thighs went rigid.

Then, "Mmmm... mmmm...," as she climaxed. She moved her face back, resting her head on the back of the couch, her eyes closed as she cried out. I kept stroking her clit, feeling her sex pulsing, while she groaned softly, lips parted.

Eventually, she opened her eyes, her expression beatific as she watched me, still gasping in pleasure.

"What are we... doing?" she breathed. "I'd say you... were treating me to the best... the best feeling... the best sex in years. Now..." she grinned at me, still breathing heavily. "Now you... need to be naked."

I helped her take off my jeans and panties. Yes, it was something of a surprise to find myself inflamed with desire for another girl, but that didn't make the desire any less. I couldn't recall wanting any boyfriend as much as I wanted Carter right then.

She kissed my neck and my boobs, while playing gently with my sex, then trailed her lips down my body until she buried her face in my pussy. Her tongue and fingers probed me as she parted my thighs, fanning the flames in the depths of my belly.

Her tongue felt wonderful as she carried me towards orgasm - pushing me with determination, not slowly - but when I began to pant with excitement, she stopped her single-minded drive. She broke off to tantalize me, running her tongue around my body, just occasionally touching her tongue or fingers to my clit, making me cry out in frustrated anticipation.

Slowly, she turned my desire into insatiable need, and I'd begun to despair that she'd ever let me find satisfaction, as she rolled her tongue around my clit. Then I finally realized that this time she wasn't drawing back, and my almost-painful arousal was about to blossom.

I gripped the arm of the couch as Carter sucked hard on my clit. My back arched with the sudden, wild power of my approaching climax, and I cried out as it hit. Even then, she kept me aloft, her tongue and fingers teasing energy out of me.

When she finally let me go, I drew her up beside me on the couch, and took her hands in mine.

"I think I understand," I said.

"What's that?" she asked, softly.

"What you just did... everything I've ever wanted a guy to do, and he hasn't known how... everything he misses by being too fast or slow... everything he can't feel - you can do it to me, because you do know. You know what you've wanted in the past. And I can do it for you. I... uh..." I paused, embarrassed, "I guess I wasted the opportunity using fingers..."

She kissed me, hard and quickly, on my lips. "Lisa, it was wonderful. And... I'm good for a few more yet."

My heart swelled. So was I. Having a partner who wasn't spent after a single orgasm - it was an exciting thought, and I intended to take full advantage of the fact.

"So," I said, taking my gorgeous, naked girlfriend in my arms, drawing her close - and who cared whether my breasts were bigger, when they felt so good squeezed against hers? I nuzzled her ear. "Your place, or mine?"