Floyd and I started dating just before the Christmas vacation. Nothing serious, barely even what you'd call dating, but I was surprised how much I missed him while I was home.

We had at least exchanged phone numbers, and I spent a few hours in total on the phone to him, listening to his gentle voice, picturing his face, dark eyes and heavy eyebrows, curly brown hair brushing his shoulders.

Returning to school, I was nervous. Leaving hadn't seemed like a big deal, Floyd and I weren't that close, but now I worried that he wouldn't want to see me. Would have found another girl at home. Or maybe just that he only wanted the same casual friendship that he'd had.

He was already moved back into the dorm when I arrived, and I knocked on his door. A few moments later, it opened, and his smile grew wide on seeing me.

"Bree! It's great to see you."

I felt that he meant it as he ushered me in to his room. Inside, I stood facing him, still not sure what to do.

Tentatively he held his arms towards me. I took his hands in mine, looking into his eyes... then suddenly we were hugging each other tightly.

"I've missed you," I said into his shoulder.

"I've missed you, Bree," he replied. "I feel like I wasted so much time last semester, when I could have been getting to know you."

Stepping back, I took his right hand in my left. "Then let's not wasted any more," I said. Taking off my glasses, I set them on his desk, then pulled him close and kissed him.

We'd kissed before, but not like this, and by the time we separated, my heart was pounding and there was an exciting tingly feeling in my stomach.

Removing my sweater, because the room suddenly seemed too hot, I sat on the bed and patted the space beside me. Floyd sat, and we wrapped our arms back around each other. I kissed his face and his earlobe before joining my lips to his, meeting his tongue with mine.

His hands slipped under my tee shirt, feeling good against my skin. Soon they roamed my back, and I felt him working on the catch of my bra. The thought of his hands on my breasts intensified the thrill in my stomach, but I was afraid of losing perspective, and I took his arms and moved them away.

"Not yet," I whispered. "Besides, I don't want your roommate walking in on us."

"True," said Floyd, "though I haven't seen him yet."

Then I stood, pulling my clothing back together. "I have things to do this afternoon. Why don't we go get pizza later?"

"Sure," he said, obviously regretting my interrupting our embrace.

As was I.


I changed before we went out, into a low necked green top which brought out the red in my long hair. Floyd couldn't keep his eyes off me at the pizza joint, which suited me just fine.

I hugged his arm as we left. "My place?" I whispered in his ear, and he nodded eagerly.

My room was much like his, but my roommate, Nina, had effectively moved out towards the end of the previous semester. Her boyfriend had an apartment off-campus; she'd moved in with him, coming by the dorm only to pick up messages. In exchange for intercepting calls from her parents, I had the privacy of a double room to myself.

After I'd brewed coffee, we sat side-by-side for a time on the bed to talk. But when we put our empty cups down we kissed, and were soon holding each other tightly.

I ran my hands over his back, beneath his tee shirt, then stroked his chest, pinching his nipples. Floyd's hands explored, at first avoiding my bra, then emboldened by my touch, feeling for the catch...

I took his arms again. His eyes betrayed their disappointment, then the confusion as I moved his hands to the my chest. "It's here," I said, releasing him as his fingers brushed the catch at the front, and the disappointment was replaced with an eager, hungry look as he freed and touched my breasts.

When he lifted my shirt, I raised my arms willingly for him to remove it, then slipped out of my bra. His eyes were big and soft as he watched his hands fondle my breasts. Then I pulled his shirt off him, and he continued to squeeze and play with them as our lips moved together.

When he lowered his mouth to my breasts, I sighed in excited contentment, and let him unhook my pants. Then, though, I took his hands and held them.

"Listen, Floyd," I said softly, "I don't want to go too far. Or, at least... maybe I want to more than I should. But Floyd..."

"Yeah?" he responded quietly.

"I'm... I've never gone this far before. I want for everything to be right, you know?"

He nodded. "When it's right, Bree, I hope I'm the one it's right with."

"So do I," I said. Then I took off my pants and climbed into bed. "C'mon. As long as you understand... no, you can take your jeans off too," I said, as he started to climb in with me. "If you like."

He climbed into bed in his underwear. He tried to hide the evidence of his arousal, but his boxers were tight with his erection. Besides, when we held each other, I could feel it constantly against my stomach and my thighs.

A couple of times I touched his cock through his underwear, and I let his hand roam between my legs as we kissed, but only briefly.

After a time, he whispered to me, "Bree?"


"If, when you're ready, it is with me... it will be my first time, too."

Somehow the confession warmed me. I hugged him.

"Would you like to stay the night?" I asked. "Just to sleep. I'm not ready to let you go just yet."

"I'd like that," Floyd said, and later - much later - I fell asleep curled up with him.


The following evening we repeated our explorations. We undressed each other down to our underwear, and embraced, standing, his shaft pressing against me through the last too layers of clothing.

In bed, I lay on top of him, my breasts squeezed between us as we kissed. Floyd's hands slipped into my panties, kneading my ass, pressing me against him, as my sex responded in heat and moisture. His fingers ventured further between my lex, stroking my labia, and I gasped as they slipped inside.

"Mmm," I said, as the thrill grew in my stomach. Then I bit his earlobe. "Enough," I whispered. I shuddered as his fingers traced one final circle inside me, then withdrew. Lifting myself to my elbows, I pressed my left breast to his face, and our frustrations diminished as he sucked my nipple.

I slept against his back, my right arm over him, holding myself close.


This became my favorite sleeping position as over the next few weeks we spent about half of our nights together. Floyd tested my limits a few times - testing my resolve, too, as I wanted for him to give me pleasure - but he respected my requests for him to back off.

And this was how I fell asleep on Sunday, the day before Valentine's day. We'd planned to go together to a Valentine's party the following day, and of course I'd gotten him a card - the first Valentine's card I'd bought in a few years. As I drifted off to sleep, I was thinking of him, of how comfortable I felt with him.

Perhaps that was why I woke, no more than thirty minutes later. I think I'd been dreaming of Floyd, and I woke to find that I had wrapped my legs around his thigh, and was slowly, regularly, squeezing myself against him. I was mildly aroused. I had still been turned on when I fell asleep, and I was still comfortably warm.

The only annoyance was my panties, pulling at me, and preventing the feel of his skin against mine. Moving carefully, so that I didn't wake him, I slipped them off and pressed myself back into the position I had been in, the skin of his leg smooth against my pussy.

I kept up the slow movement, feeling wonderfully snug against Floyd. My arousal was pleasant, just helping me to feel especially close to him, and for several minutes I basked in its glow.

Then I kissed his neck, and as he grunted in his sleep, I nibbled gently on his earlobe. His right hand reached back to my waist, stroking my bare skin, and as it slid down over my ass he began to wake up.

His touch added to the warmth I felt, and I didn't pull away. My heart had sped up and my breathing was deeper, but still I felt in control, just enjoying the emotional high.


Maybe I'd misjudged how awake Floyd was, or maybe my lips still being by his ear as my breathing became heavy turned him on and woke him up. But suddenly his grip on my butt became tight, and he began to press his leg against me in sync with my movements. And the pleasant spark of my arousal became a flame.

I could have stopped. For a period of maybe a second or two, I could have drawn back... I think. After that, the emotional surge kept me glued to him, pushing harder and faster as my instincts led me to my own hidden treasure.

"Oh, God," I said, as my need spiraled out of control, "what's happening?" Then, "Ohhh!" as a wave of delicious promise hit me.

I planted kisses all over Floyd's neck and cheek. As he turned his face towards me, I kissed his lips, but couldn't stay connected as I started gasping. Instead, I held tightly to his chest as I squeezed my pussy ever more firmly against his thigh.

"Oh! Oh!" I cried, with each growing cycle of pleasure. Then, the waves merging into a shifting, growing peak, I panted, "Ah!-Ah!-Ah!--AH!---OHHHHHH!"

My body trembled as the tingling crest broke over me, shuddering sensations of delight flowing from the center of my orgasm into every part of my body.

"Ohhhhh!" I moaned again, kissing Floyd's lips, holding myself almost still against him now, just the press of his body against mine enough to recharge my hypersensitive clit.

I ran my hand over his body as I slowly came down from my climax. His underwear was damp over his rock-hard erection, and his cock twitched as I stroked it, but I released it and ran my palm firmly over his stomach.

My heart was beating strongly, my breathing slowing only gradually.

"Did you enjoy that?" Floyd asked quietly.

"Are you kidding?" I retorted. "I didn't know that would happen. I thought it needed more... direct stimulus."

"Like this?" he asked, sliding his hand further back, round my thigh and running his finger over my labia.

"Be careful, Floyd," I said, "you don't know how good that feels."

As I said it, I realized it did feel good, and my arousal was again growing as I slid my pussy against his leg.

I slipped my hand into his underwear, and stroked the hardness within. With his free hand, Floyd tugged at the waistband of his boxers, releasing his cock as I stroked it.

The feel of him between my fingers turned me on more, and another orgasm began to form within me. I moved more strongly against him, then with my fingers I spread the fluid that was forming on his cock over it, stroking, squeezing, and finally grasping him in my hand and shaking.

His shaft hardened even more in my grip, and as he groaned, I felt his fingers penetrate my pussy and stroke firmly within.

"Oh, Floyd," I cried, as he propelled me over the edge. "Ohhhhh!" I pressed myself against him as I came, loving the feeling of my release.

When he said, "Stop, Bree, stop," I didn't react immediately; still lost in my own joy I didn't stop the motion of my hand against his shaft. Then I felt it twitch, and his words penetrated. I stopped moving, but still held him.

"Oh, God," he groaned. "Too late." His cock kicked in my hand, sticky fluid bathing my fingers... and the sheets. The damage being done, I stroked his slippery shaft, and was rewarded with groans as his cock kept pulsing in my hand.

His shaft begin to soften as it slowed and stopped its movements, and I released him as he pulled away from me and rolled over onto his back.

"We made a mess," he said.

"We did, didn't we."

He turned to face me, and I felt his hand slide down my stomach to my pussy. "It isn't fair," he said, "because if I do this, you don't make a mess."

His fingers slid inside me, and his lips covered mine. I tried to ask him to stop, but his thumb stroked my sensitized clit, and I closed my eyes with the rush of feeling, and wrapped my arms around him instead.

Soon he had me moaning in eager pleasure, at which point he released my lips, and kissed my breasts. He sucked hard as I came, calling his name.

He released my breast, but kept his fingers inside me as he lay back. His eyes held mine as I continued to sigh in pleasure, and I brushed the hair back from my face to see him more clearly.

"Look at the mess you made," I said, when my breathing had returned to normal.

"I made? You had no responsibility?"

"Maybe just a little," I admitted. "I'll clean it up tomorrow. I'm sure Nina won't mind if we use her bed for the rest of the night."


The next day, Valentine's day, we exchanged cards and gifts, and a long, intense kiss, before Floyd headed to his classes and I to the laundry. We didn't see each other until the party.

All day I found myself reliving the previous night's experience. There was an excited tingle in my stomach throughout even my most boring classes, and I kept recalling how we'd both given each other pleasure. And wondering whether just holding him at night was enough anymore.

Someone had gotten some cheap champagne at the party, and Floyd and I shared a plastic cup of the fizzy wine. Not enough to get drunk, but enough to feel a little warmth. Which reminded me again of the warmth of my arousal...

Putting my hands on Floyd's shoulders, I pulled him down so that I could reach his ear with my lips. My glasses bumped his head, becoming dislodged on my nose, and I giggled as I straightened them.

"Floyd?" I said into his ear. "Let's do it tonight."

"Do what?" he asked. Stupidly, to my ear, but then he may not have been obsessing about his feelings all day as I had.

"You know, let's... let's go all the way. Make love."

"Bree, are you sure?"

"You'd better believe it," I said. "Can you get rubbers?"

"Yeah, there's a machine... or there's a grocery on the way back."

"Whatever. Just... Floyd?"


"Get plenty."

His look was bemused as we left the party, which no longer held much interest for us.


In my room, Floyd suddenly seemed as shy as I was scared.

"So," I said, as we faced each other, not touching.

"So," he repeated. Then, "Are you really sure about this, Bree?" he asked.

Sure, yes, I was. Ready? I didn't know. But there was only one way to find out. I took off my glasses and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure."

Taking his hands, I leaned my head back, my lips meeting his as he lowered his face to mine. His kiss betrayed his nervousness. I released his hands and hugged him, resting my face on his shoulder. "You scared, Floyd?"

"A little," he admitted. "You?"

I nodded.

"I want you, Bree," he whispered.

"I want you too, Floyd," I said, and kissed him again.

This time our desire won out, and I licked his tongue as it passed my lips, then wrapped my arms around his neck as our kiss quickened my pulse.

Stepping back from him finally, I unfastened my top, and while his eyes followed my movements hungrily I slipped it off. After unfastening my bra, I let him slide the straps down my arms, then kissed him again while he fondled my breasts.

Unfastening his pants, I let them fall, and gently touched his erection. When I stepped back, he pulled off his tee shirt and took off his shoes, socks and pants, then lay down.

I stripped to my panties, but didn't join him. Instead, I stood beside the bed. Floyd got the hint, and pulled my panties down, then rubbed my pussy with his palm. I parted my legs, and he slowly worked his fingers inside, and as he explored and my arousal grew, I leaned forwards, hands on the bed, and kissed him.

Sucking his tongue, I sighed. Excitement was rapidly filling my belly, and I was so wet his fingers were slipping easily around. I took his hand, and guided his fingers to my clit, my body involuntarily tightening my sex and pushing my pussy against him.

Groaning, I closed my eyes. Just a little more of his wonderful attentions and I would be there... I grabbed his hand and pulled it away from me. Damn, but it was hard to do.

Climbing onto the bed, I slipped the waistband of his underwear over his cock, then pulled it down and over his feet. Taking his erection in my hand, I stroked him gently.

"We've never seen each other naked before," I said. "I like what I see."

"So do I," he replied. "I like what I'm feeling, too."

"I hope you like what you're going to feel," I said. "Pass me one of the rubbers."

He opened a package and gave me the condom. I unrolled it slowly over his shaft, then stroked him through the sheath. He seemed to harden still more as I held him.

"Careful, Bree," he said, his voice a little strained. "I'm not going to be much use to you if you keep that up much longer."

"I'm sure you could still be of use," I said, but released him. Then I knelt over his waist, and lowered myself onto his thighs.

This was it. The cause of my uneasiness and my arousal. After this... I could never again tell a lover he was my first. Was it worth this one experience, however wonderful its potential, to lose my virginity? When I could wait for that perfect mate to give myself to?

And wait, perhaps for years, not able to enjoy sex, always holding out for the right time. Frustrated. And why shouldn't this be the right time anyway, and Floyd the right man? He was more than special to me. The Valentine cards we'd exchanged talked of love; we hadn't, directly, but I was sure he'd taken as much care choosing my card as I had his.

If I were to make love to Floyd, I wouldn't lose my freedom to seek the perfect time, I'd gain the freedom to make any time perfect. I'd be free to give love to Floyd - or another - at my choice. Though I didn't think there'd be another. Not for some time.

I wanted Floyd.

I wanted Floyd from the depth of my soul.

I held his cock against me, pressing it against my clitoris. The muscles of my thighs and butt seemed to tense of their own accord, pushing me against him, and I became even wetter. My release began to build within me, and I gasped and pushed his shaft down and inside.

As I wriggled onto him, the stimulus didn't let up. I worked my way over his erection, feeling him slide into my tight space, exciting me further as he filled me, knowing that soon I was going to come.

Taking Floyd's hands, I laced my fingers through his as he started to rock gently into me. I tilted my pelvis in time with his, the sensations inside my body changing as his cock moved inside me, pressure building in my clit.

The tingling in my stomach and groin became a demanding rush, and I groaned as the process begun with Floyd's fingers inside me neared completion, unrestrained arousal flowing into me from my swollen clit. I moved his hands to my breasts, covering them with my own as he squeezed and fondled.

And then I was there, right on the edge, hanging by a thread for a moment, then careening into turbulent release, gasping as my senses were overturned by throbbing pleasure.

I wanted to taste him, so I lowered myself quickly, twisting to get my legs out behind me, and I lay along him, my mouth glued to his as my body continued to spasm.

Suddenly, Floyd groaned, and started moving powerfully against me. I felt his cock shudder inside me, then quake in a powerful rhythm.

His climax felt so good to me I didn't want to relinquish my own, and I held him tightly, banging my pelvis down hard against his, our bodies bouncing against the bed, a spark of feeling telling me that I could relive my high, and soon I felt myself hurtling towards a second orgasm.

I bounced Floyd's body mercilessly into the bed, as he grabbed my ass and forced himself harder against me. Then I recognized the feeling of reaching that point where my climax was going to happen whatever my actions, and I stopped moving, lifting myself slightly as I pressed my pussy against him.

"Kiss my boob," I said, and he sucked my nipple into his mouth as I again reached the precipice. I cried out with the strong wave of emotion as my erotic contractions resumed. "Push," I demanded, squeezing my groin into his, and he held tightly to my ass, the pressure of his body against my clit keeping me high with pleasure.


Retrieving the condom was painful and almost catastrophic. Floyd kept apologizing for catching my hair in the rubber.

"It's okay," I said, when he finally succeeded. "We'll have plenty of chances to practice."

He looked at me with an impudent grin.

When he returned to bed, I wrapped my arms around him. "Happy Valentine's day, Floyd."

He grinned again. "Yeah. Happy Valentine's day, Bree." He kissed my ear. "Lover."