5 - Loose Ends

Rose was dressed to kill. Low, square-necked red mini-dress with narrow straps, and a bra with plenty of uplift. Heels that made her little shorter than Ben's own six foot. He found himself staring at her nose every time he tried to glance into her eyes. Her gold-blonde hair curled around her shoulders, a few strands free in the casual disarray that probably took a full afternoon at the hairdresser.

When Ben commented about the hot outfit, she'd said, with a grin, "Yeah, I have a date later."

Yeah, right. As if she hadn't been the one pressuring him to come to this party.

Not that he'd had any objection, either to the party or to Rose bringing him as a date. But it wasn't an engineering function. It was hosted by a local software company for the computer science department. Rose had picked up a couple of tickets from a grad student she knew at the golf club. Probably someone who wanted a date. Hell, likely someone she'd dated, or was dating, or would date. She was hardly Ben's girlfriend. They'd spent a few energetic nights together, but neither had any interest in a relationship.

Which is why it felt a little out of place that she'd insisted on this party, with Rose wearing an expensive party dress with expensive party hair and expensive party heels, and Ben in a suit and tie. He could understand CS undergrads dressing up for a potential major employer, but he'd have been happy in an open-necked shirt. There were plenty of casually-dressed couples and individuals present.

The party was being held at one of the better local hotels. It shared a lavish lakeside complex with one of the divisions of the software company and a high-end hibachi restaurant. The taxi dropped them by the lighted walkway down to a huge koi pond. There was a wooden bridge to the hibachi, with the party registration desk on this side of the pond, then a short walk either through the hotel or around the pond to the conference suite, transformed for the evening into a dance area.

Even though the semester was ending and there were only a couple of weeks before Christmas, the weather was mild, and the doors of the suite were open. Rose held Ben's arm as they walked along the path, which clearly wasn't designed for heels.

"Please tell me my dress isn't riding up," Rose murmured to Ben, as she leaned against him.

He leaned back and stared at her ass for a moment, then said, "Nope, it's fine."

"That's good," she said, "since I'm not wearing anything under it."

Ben stumbled. Then he looked up at his date's eyes... well, her nose, first... to find she was giving him an insolent grin. "Just one thing before we go in," she said.

"What's that?"

"Play hard to get," she said. "Make her work for it."

"Make who work for what?" Ben asked, confused.

Rose just grinned again and moved on. He was forced to stay beside her or risk them both becoming casualties of women's unsuitable footwear.


The party was fully catered, with drinks and food provided. Rose asked Ben to get her a margarita. He had to take both of their IDs to the bar to get the margarita and a bourbon and water for himself. He asked if she wanted food yet. She shook her head, scanning the room as if looking for someone.

Apparently satisfied, she turned back to Ben and held his arm, possessively, wedging his upper arm against her bra. Ben frowned. It was totally unlike Rose to act the girlfriend at all, let alone the needy type.

As he opened his mouth to ask her what was up, movement nearby caught his eye.

"Excuse me, aren't you Ben?"

He turned at the low, female voice. The young woman was already close enough to be within his personal space. She had long black hair with dark, intense eyes in a tanned complexion. Her dress was black, ankle-length, but parted around the upper thigh of one leg, which ended in a medium-heeled sandal. She must have been close to Rose's height - or to what Rose's height would have been without the extreme heels.

The newcomer's dress's neckline plunged almost to the wide black leather belt at her waist. The gap was wide enough and the front of the dress narrow enough that both the front and side views revealed the perfectly tanned surface of her breasts, which were almost as close to his left arm as Rose's were to his right.

"That's right," Ben said. "And you are?"

"Holly," the woman said.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

"Not yet," Holly replied, her sultry tone implying he should want to. She glanced up at Rose with a flicker of hostility, then smiled at Ben. "We have some mutual friends."

She glanced at Rose again for an instant, then back to Ben. "Since your... friend... isn't dancing," she said, "I came to ask if you would dance with me." Turning her eyes to Rose again, she added, "You don't mind, do you?" but then looked at Ben, without waiting for her answer.

Rose gave one anyway. In a flat tone, she announced, "I don't mind. I might question his taste, but I don't own him."

Releasing his arm, Rose moved a half-step back. The evening's what-the-fuck-ness spiked, and Ben almost felt dizzy as the dark-haired woman took his arm and began to lead him away.

He looked back at Rose, and thought he saw her wink briefly before she began to glower at him with his new dance partner.

Accepting the inevitable, Ben caught up to Holly and led her onto the dance floor, disco colors flashing all around. Not sure what she would be wanting, he offered her a dance hold, and she stepped into his arms, proving to be a very capable partner.

After turning her a few times, he spun her close, and asked, "What was all that back there?"

"I wanted to dance," she said.

"What about Rose?" he asked, then waited for a few more turns before she was close enough to reply.

"I've heard about her," she said. "She clings. I figured if I wasn't aggressive, she'd not give me the chance."

Ben wanted to say, "Rose? She's not like that, at all," but he sensed that there was more taking place here than he yet understood.

The song ended, and Ben started to turn back, but Holly held onto him, turning him back to face her. "One more," she said.

Ben shrugged. "Okay."

He turned back toward Rose, who had her arms folded and was glaring at the two of them. Then he led Holly into the next few steps and ignored what was going on behind him.

After the dance, Holly allowed Ben to leave the dance floor, keeping her hand in his arm. When they returned to where Ben had been standing, his whiskey was where it had been, but there was an empty margarita glass and no Rose.

"Maybe she went to the bathroom?" Ben suggested.

Holly shrugged, clearly not caring.

The next ten minutes were uncomfortable, as Ben and Holly both kept looking around to see if Rose was in sight. They tried to make small talk, but it was uneasy. Finally, Holly said, "I don't think she's coming back."

"I think you're right," agreed Ben.

The young woman studied him for a moment, then smiled. "Then I guess I get to keep you for a while," she said. "Get me a Sprite, then another dance?"

"Just Sprite?" asked Ben. "Nothing stronger?"

Holly gave him a wry look. "I'm underage." A touch of amusement returned to her expression as she added, "For drinking, that is."

"Alright," he said. He picked up a Sprite and another bourbon.

Small talk was easier after dancing again. Holly was a CS major and was at the party as a normal student invitee, though she was evasive about who their mutual friends were.

Rose hadn't returned. Holly clearly had an entirely false understanding of her friendship with Ben, or she wouldn't have made the outrageous claim that she was clingy. Rose was manipulative, but not in the way Holly understood it.

Except that Rose had been acting clingy, and she had hinted that there was something going on. "Make her work for it," she'd said. Right after telling him she wasn't wearing underwear, which she must have intended to provoke smutty thoughts, which would then transfer to "her", whoever "she" was.

Ben was pretty sure, now, to whom Rose had been referring. He didn't think she'd be back.

And - damn. She'd even said, "I have a date later." That was probably the literal truth. She knew that she'd be leaving in a huff - except that the huff was a fake.

Ben chuckled to himself. Some other guy was going to be the one to discover that she wasn't wearing anything under the dress. He wished them both well, and wondered if Rose had any hustle planned for the poor guy, or just wanted to get laid. Or even just go out on a pleasant date.

Well, in that dress, probably not the last. Especially without panties.

"Why are you brooding?" asked Holly.

"Just wondering where Rose went off to," Ben said. Might as well keep up the charade.

"Forget her," the girl said. "If she can't even let you go for two dances, you're better off without her."

"She left before eating, too," Ben said. "Did you have dinner, yet?"


They put together a light meal from the open buffet and had another drink before dancing again.

For all of Holly's hostility towards Rose, Ben found her likeable, and was seriously in lust with her dress. The vertical fabric of the top was narrow, forming the wide, deep neckline. From any angle he could see her breasts quivering pleasantly when she was in his arms. How they stayed confined without a bra, he didn't know. If there was a sewn-in support, he didn't see any sign of it, and he kept expecting a boob to spring free when she spun.

He just might have turned her a little faster than normal to see if that would happen.

And when she stepped forward with either foot, the center slit broke around her leg, giving a great view of her long, slender thighs. He still didn't know what had inspired Holly to pursue him, but - gift horse, teeth, whatever.

"Make her work for it."

For whose benefit? His? Holly's? Rose's?

After a few more dances, Holly's face glowed. Smiling, she suggested cooling off with a walk through the grounds, taking Ben's arm and leading him from the dance floor.

The outside air had cooled a little, but it was still pleasant. The hibachi may have closed, or at least taken their last set of diners, because there were very few patrons around the wooden bridge. Holly and Ben crossed, stopping to watch the fish beneath the walkway. The water wasn't completely clear, but he could see the enormous fish, and vaguely discern the rocks beneath them.

On reaching the far side of the pond, Holly loosened her grip on Ben's arm, then slid her fingers down to his hand, twining them with his. Holding hands, they walked around the pond to the path that separated the pond from the larger lake.

The fencing around the lake curved out to an observation area. Reaching it, Holly leaned against the fence, then moved the hand she was holding around her back, passing it off to her other hand, positioning Ben behind her.

He leaned forward and rested against her back, his hands on her waist.

"Nice view," she said.

The far bank of the lake was less than a quarter mile away, but the street lights from the housing development reflected from the smooth water. The sounds of the party were muted here.

"That's not the only nice view," Ben said, leaning over her shoulder.

"Maybe you could see more of that view," Holly suggested.

"Maybe I'd like to," Ben agreed.

He moved his left hand to the girl's upper arm and caressed it with his palm. Then he moved it forward, still stroking her arm, but extending his middle finger into the gap between the top of her dress and her body, letting it run down the side of her breast.

When Holly made no move to stop him, he moved his hand further around, into the gap, and began to squeeze her breast, feeling the silk softness of her beneath his fingers.

The girl's breathing became deeper. She shivered when he slid a finger and thumb further into the top, then gasped as he pinched her nipple.

He could sense her growing excitement as he continued to toy with her breast. She leaned back against his chest, her breath shuddering occasionally.

Maybe it was time to do something about Rose's advice.

He rolled her nipple lightly between finger and thumb. Holly made a sound of pleasure, deep in her throat. Then he turned his face toward her, his lips brushing her ear.

"Why the sudden interest in me?" Ben whispered, making the girl shiver.

"Why shouldn't I be interested?" Holly countered.

"You knew about me before we met," Ben said. "You had already decided to be interested." He pinched harder.

"Really?" Holly griped. "You want to play detective now?"

Ben pinched her nipple again. She gasped and writhed against him. "I know I have movie star looks and a magnetic personality, not to mention being the hottest guy on campus, but I've never had anyone show up out of nowhere, insult my date, then drive her away and replace her. I'd like to know what's going on."

He ran his thumb over the upper side of Holly's breast as she sighed unevenly.

"Last week, I was out with some friends when you were flirting with a couple of women at a sports bar," she said. "You know Chloe?"

Ben nodded, holding her earlobe lightly in his teeth.

"She says she never dated you."

"That's true," Ben murmured in her ear, making her breath catch.

"Man, I saw the way she looked at you. Then someone else said she'd heard you were good in bed. As good as you think you are, maybe. But that girl Rose had her claws in you now, and no one else would have the chance to find out. She said you wouldn't go home with either of the women you were flirting with, and you didn't."

"Hmm," replied Ben. He remembered them. He'd struck out with them, but telling her that would spoil her story.

"So I figured maybe I could do us both a favor. And I wanted to know what could fascinate Chloe and at the same time turn her face such an interesting shade of white."

Ben laughed, then tweaked her nipple again. The quivering of her breast beneath his palm made his cock tingle. "You'll have to ask her that," he said.

"I did," replied Holly. "She isn't talking."

Holly seemed disappointed when he released her. Then he ran his hand down her bare waist and over her hips. Moving his fingers against her thigh he pulled her dress to the side, exposing its central slit.

He worked his fingers into the gap. Her breath caught as his fingertips slid to the top of her thigh. Still leaning forward against her shoulder, he could sense when her eyes widened as his touch moved over the front of her underwear and began to stroke.

Her panties were narrow and smooth. They felt like they hugged her skin, with no seams or lace. They were soft enough for him to feel the cleanly shaven contours beneath, and he stroked the lips of her sex. As he did, her breathing became heavy, and soon her panties were slick to the touch.

Ben lowered his lips to the base of her neck. The girl's breathing sped up when he kissed it, rubbing his tongue against her skin.

He lifted his fingers slightly, to feel the nub of her clit between his index and middle finger. Then he stroked firmly.

Holly began to pant. She reached behind her to find Ben's hips, then held his body to hers as she began to rock against his fingers, her ass grinding into the front of his pants.

The girl's breathing became more excited, with a quick, voiced, "uh!" at the beginning of each exhalation. Ben continued to stroke, and she squirmed as he leaned against her back.

He stopped moving his fingers. Holly groaned and tried to push herself against them.

Ben ran his tongue from her neck to her earlobe, then whispered directly into her ear.

"Who told you that Rose was a possessive tyrant?" he asked.

"Dammit, Ben," Holly said, hoarsely. "Another girl. She's a friend of Chloe's. She knows you, but I don't know her. She told me I'd never tempt you away from your girlfriend."

Ben drew his finger over the line of Holly's clit. She made a strangled sound. "What's this person's name?" he asked.

"Stephanie?" Holly said. "No, that's not right. Sofia? Sophie?" She nodded, sharply. "That was it, I think. Sophie."

Ben grinned, though Holly probably couldn't see. The other shoe had dropped. He'd been pretty sure that was the case, but he'd wanted to be certain.

Moving his fingers higher, he slipped them into her panties, then lowered them to find her clit. Sliding his fingers against it he began to caress it lightly. Holly gasped, then began to thrust her hips rapidly against Ben's fingers.

Lightly he pinched her clit between his first two fingers. Holly moaned. Quickly Ben slipped his right hand inside the gap of her dress and squeezed her breast firmly.

Holly's body tensed against him, and she grasped the fence as she panted, bucking her hips against Ben's touch. She was racing towards release when he lifted his fingers from her sex, moving them to the side and sliding the waistband of her panties over her left hip. She groaned at the loss of contact.

"Take them off," he ordered.

Giving him an annoyed look, the dark-haired girl seemed to be about to protest, but then tightened her lips and lifted her dress, to move both sides of her panties down, sliding them down her thighs until they fell to her footwear. Ben stooped quickly, holding them as she stepped out of them, then stuffed them in his pocket.

Then he moved his left hand back to her sex, pushing a finger inside her as he gripped her pussy and began to rock his wrist.

Holly moaned and bucked against his hands, while trying not to move her upper body, supporting herself with her hands on the fence.

Ben's right hand cupped her breast again, her nipple wedged between his thumb and the knuckle of his index finger. He squeezed, pinching her erect nipple. Holly's body twitched against him, then continued to move vigorously against his fingers.

Her jaw clenched and her breath caught. She seemed to be holding her breath against the sound she made. "Nng! Nng! Nnng!"

And then the dam burst. Holly panted rapidly, her movements convulsive. Ben found his fingers in her sex supporting some of her weight as her arms gave way. He squeezed her against his body to hold her in place as she quivered for several seconds.

Gradually her strength returned, and she held herself up again, her breathing slowing, though with a slight sobbing catch.

Ben's left hand was damp as he eased his finger out of her. He released her breast, letting her stand unsupported.

Holly turned to face him, tugging the front of her dress over her breasts. Her breathing was close to normal, though her voice shook a little as she spoke, glancing down at her top. "Damn, I can't go back inside now."

"Why not?" asked Ben.

"You've broken the glue. I can't stay in this dress without holding it closed."

"Your boobs were glued in?" Ben asked.

"How do you think they stayed in place?" she griped. "I need to either get to the bathroom and stick myself back together, or get home."

"My place?" Ben asked, with a grin.

"Duh," she replied, returning the grin. "Obviously."

"I'll call a cab."


Ben kept his hand on Holly's thigh during the trip home, inside the slit of her dress, high enough to be a constant reminder to her that her panties were in his pocket. The young woman's eyes were bright. Sophie must have pulled off an epic sales job.

Most of the apartment balconies were decorated for Christmas. As a ground floor apartment, his had a small patio rather than a balcony, and he had twinkling colored light strings running from the balcony of his upstairs neighbor to a pair of small trees just beyond the stonework.

Holding the girl's hand, Ben led Holly around the building, into the more attractive patio entrance. The living room drapes were open, and the room glowed in the changing colors of the outdoor lights. Ben didn't turn on the room lights. Instead, he tossed his jacket onto a chair, then, firmly gripping Holly's waist, maneuvered her into the corner beside the door. Pressing himself to her, he forced her against the wall, even as she craned her neck to meet his lips with her own.

Holly's tongue was instantly pressed into his mouth, against his tongue, and her breathing was heavy. As they kissed, Ben pushed the slit of her skirt to the side with his left hand, finding her right leg and lifting it around him.

Holly immediately curled her foot around his back, and when he lifted her right leg, she did the same with her right foot, being held up by his hands under her thighs and the friction of the wall, her body being trapped between Ben's and the corner.

He lifted her a few inches, so that Holly's face was above his, lowered to continue the kiss as his was turned upward. Then he lifted her higher, using the wall to keep her in place as he repositioned himself. He lifted her left leg over his right shoulder, then her right over his left. Moving closer, he supported her weight completely on his shoulders, then raised her dress up above her hips, the slit now giving him complete access to her sex.

Ben's hands held the girl's hips, keeping her in position as he pressed his tongue into her, then began to bounce her body on his shoulders, his nose and lips rubbing against her pussy.

Holly began panting, and her hips rocked, thrusting her sex against his face. Her hands gripped his hair as she rode his shoulders, and her panting grew faster and more excited.

She began to cry out softly with each breath, but the cries became louder and more uneven. Then her thighs gripped his neck, and she shook herself against him before stiffening. She made a strangled sound, then moaned as she came, her sex quivering against his tongue, his face moist with her arousal.

After Holly's moans had subsided, Ben carefully unhooked her from his shoulders, lowering her to the ground. Her dress bunched against his hands as he held her waist, supporting her as she swayed on unsteady feet. He slipped his hand around the small of her back, the dress still crumpled against his arm, turning to lead her to his bedroom.

Away from the living room the twinkling colors were mostly hidden. Entering his room, Ben instructed the home center to bring the lights to ten percent. Soft music began to play as he eased her against the bed. Holly's eyes stayed on him while he grabbed a small package from his nightstand, and she unhooked his belt when he faced her and began to unwrap the condom.

Holly yanked Ben's pants and underwear over his hips, then continued to drag them down. As hard as he'd become, that was painful, but the discomfort was brief as his shaft sprang free. He began to fit the condom in place, then found the girl's hands on his shoulders, having abandoned his pants above his knees, pulling his face to hers. Her kiss was ravenous, driving his cock more rigid as he unrolled the condom over it.

Gripping the girl's ass, Ben lifted her enough to be able to press into her, hampered by her need to keep her mouth pressed to his, her tongue penetrating and contesting with his own. She groaned into the kiss as he pressed home.

Holly locked her legs behind Ben's thighs as he lowered her ass back to the bed. He raised her crumpled dress, and she reluctantly backed away far enough to allow him to tug it over her head. Then he licked his fingers, and, as Holly wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body to his, he squeezed his hand between his chest and hers and pinched her left nipple hard.

Holly's legs tightened against him, and her hips rocked as she moaned. Ben continued to pinch and tug on her nipple for a time, then moved both hands back to her ass, using his grip to slam himself into her. The girl's obvious excitement grew with their motion, and he found himself hurtling towards his own release, which he wanted to postpone.

Holding her as stationary as he could, Ben sought to overcome the rocking hips. Focusing on his impending climax, he succeeded in pushing it aside for a critical few seconds, which he figured would give him several more minutes before the need to come became too unstoppable. He suckled her tongue, then bit it lightly, feeling her body jerk against his as he did.

Gripping her butt, Ben moved further and faster against Holly's body, and her moans into the kiss told him she was close to another climax. After a few more moments of him driving hard into her, her breath caught and held and he felt her stiffen. She broke the kiss and gasped as her sex tightened forcefully around his shaft, then spasmed around him. She lowered her face to his shoulder and panted softly.

Ben could still feel the girl twitching around his shaft as she eased back and looked into his eyes. Hers were dark and soft with desire. She glanced down and chuckled.

"You're still overdressed," Holly said, her voice hoarse. Ben still wore his shirt and tie, though both were disheveled, and his pants were still at his knees. She started to unfasten his shirt with unsteady fingers.

Ben loosened his tie, then pulled it free and tossed it onto the bed. Holly was still working on the same button she had started with as he finished unfastening his shirt, taking over from her before she tore the button off. Then, gripping the condom, he eased himself back from her and stepped out of his pants and underwear.

Taking Holly's hands, he pulled her to her feet, then turned her to face the bed. He leaned her forward and parted her legs. She supported herself with her hands on the bed as he stepped forward, his cock between her legs. Sliding his right hand around her thigh, he parted the folds of her sex with his fingers, and guided himself into her.

Holly groaned as he slipped inside her. She was slick with arousal, and Ben's shaft penetrated deeply before he took her hips in his hands and began to move.

Ben kept his movements slow and smooth for a time. Holly moaned in pleasure, but without the edge of desperation she'd had before her orgasm.

Holly's breasts swayed beneath her as she moved against him. Ben moved his right hand around her hip, extending his middle finger, sliding it up her wet folds until he felt the edge of her hard clit. Instantly her sex became tight around him, and she began to make a small voiced gasp with each rapid breath. "Uh..uh..uh.."

The girl's excitement didn't lessen when Ben moved his finger away from her clit, but grew when he pinched her hard nipple. She moaned loudly and rocked her hips harder against him.

Ben moved both hands to her breasts, squeezing them firmly, using his hold to push himself into her. Holly moved her own hands onto his, so that he was supporting her weight. She held tightly to his hands as he grasped her breasts. Her long hair fell forward over a face glowing in the low light.

Panting heavily, Holly arched her back, lifting her face. Then she reached behind with her right hand, grabbing Ben's hair and tugging his face forward, twisting her neck to meet his mouth with her own.

The kiss was instantly intense, and Ben knew that attempting to delay his climax any longer was a lost cause. He groaned and felt the pressure build until his cock tensed inside her.

Either the groan or the feel of his impending orgasm was enough to push Holly to the edge. As Ben's cock exploded within her, Holly squealed, the sound muffled by the kiss, and he felt her body stiffen, then her sex pulse strongly around his shaft.

Holly's climax continued well past the time when Ben was fully spent. She returned her hands to the bed to support herself, sighing in pleasure as her sex occasionally twitched around him.

When Holly relaxed, he carefully withdrew, the girl collapsing to the bed as he headed to the bathroom.


Ben returned to find Holly lying on top of the bed. Her skin glowed with perspiration and arousal in the low light. Her pale round breasts quivered slightly. Her nipples were dark and narrow, still pointed and firm.

He climbed onto the bed and squatted on the girl's belly. She stroked his thighs, her eyes dark with desire. "So," he said, what was it your friend said? I may be as good as I think I am? Is it true?" Holly laughed. ""You're pretty full of yourself, so probably not. Which doesn't really say anything bad."

Ben's tie peeked out from under her back. He drew it out. "Except that I'm full of myself," he said.

"Well, yeah," Holly conceded. She narrowed her eyes as Ben pulled the tie out, then held onto it. "Except for that."

Holding the tie loosely, Ben took the girl's hands in his. He lifted them over her head, leaning forward, then held her wrists together as he deftly wrapped two turns of the tie around them and knotted it. Her eyebrows raised as he looped the tie around a post in the headboard. He pulled the slack out of the tie, but didn't add any more tension, then hooked the end over itself and pulled it back through. The knot would prevent Holly lowering her arms, but wouldn't be uncomfortable, and would be impossible to pull free without breaking the tie. It might be possible to slip out of the loop over her wrists, but he didn't think so, especially if she was distracted.

"I see," Holly said, her eyebrows raised in amused interest. "It's like that, is it? You'll ruin your tie."

Ben grinned. "I have others," he said. Raising his voice slightly, he instructed the home center to raise the lights to thirty percent. Holly smirked in amusement as he studied her body.

Her hair spread out against the pillow behind her, though several strands lay over her chest and neck. Her breasts were almost perfectly evenly tanned. Her nipples were narrow, dark red. He didn't think they were as pointed as they had been. He reached forward and pinched her left nipple, causing Holly to gasp sharply. The nipple felt softer than it had, but swelled at his touch, becoming more firm and pointed.

Her pussy was hairless and smooth. The top of her thighs had a pale band, with sharper tan lines than her breast.

"Like what you see?" asked Holly.

"Mm-hmm," replied Ben. Then he instructed the home center to kill the lights completely. There was still a very faint glow from the outside lights, reflecting most clearly from the sides of her breasts, which glowed faintly in changing colors.

He lay down on top of her, moving his face to her neck and kissing its lower edge. Holly shivered beneath him. Then he moved down her body.

Reaching her breasts, Ben sucked her right nipple erect, then took it none too gently between his teeth before tugging it. Holly grunted in pain but raised no objection. The change in her breathing suggested the sensation excited her. He switched to her left breast to avoid making her sore. As he did he moved his legs to the right, lowering his left hand to draw a finger against her clit. She hissed sharply as he lightly bit her left nipple.

Holly's body twisted under him as she tugged against the tie, presumably to push him away, but still she raised no protest. Her responses were automatic, but she wanted what he was doing. She wanted it so much that he was going to frustrate her, because he had no intention of letting her come until he could be inside her, and that wasn't going to be for several minutes.

Moving down further he lightly tongued her clit, then began to slowly lick, teasing her as her need grew. When she writhed against the restraint he felt himself begin to respond.

Holly was moaning. Her hips rocked, trying to press her smooth sex into Ben's face. He reached up and pinched her left nipple hard, making her back arch, lifting her taut breasts high, her bound wrists pulling against the tie. Her need was evident. But instead of allowing her to find release, Ben backed away, leaving her writhing. Then he moved back up her body, meeting her mouth with his own. Her kiss was urgent, and he felt his cock returning to life.

When Ben broke the kiss, Holly sighed.

"Let me come," she begged. "Let me come, and I'll admit my friend might be right about you."

Instead of a reply, Ben pinched her nipple again. Holly groaned, then tried to grind her sex against his thigh. He moved off her, then rolled her hips to the side, exposing her left butt cheek, which he slapped firmly.

"No cheating, or I'll have to bind your feet, too," Ben said.

"Nngggh!" Holly groaned, her chest rising from the bed. Her eyes looked hungrily into his.

"You liked that?" he demanded.

Holly didn't reply, but her chest rose again, and her gaze was intense.

Ben slapped her backside again. The girl squirmed on the bed, panting. He felt his cock stiffen further.

It wasn't that causing pain turned him on, but when a girl found pain multiplied her arousal, he was happy to be the instrument, and her erotic stimulation was exciting.

At least, that's what he told himself.

Besides, he'd read that ass slapping increased blood flow to the groin, improving sexual sensitivity.

He slapped her ass again, then reached for another condom.

Holly's dark eyes remained on his face as Ben worked the condom into place. Then he parted her thighs, lifting them as he knelt between them, easing himself forward until his wrapped cock reached her sex.

Slowly he eased his shaft into her, raising her legs to lie against his chest, her butt on his thighs as he pushed deep inside her. Holly tried to move, but he gripped her hips and held her in place. Her eyes were dark with need, and she groaned as he pressed home.

Ben still wasn't completely hard, and he'd had some trouble pushing into her, but feeling her warm passage around him helped stimulate his cock further, and he felt its tip sliding deeper as it came closer to rigidity.

Once he was in place, he ran a finger over her folds, up to the swollen nub of her clit. Her sex tightened around him, bringing a further response in his shaft. He circled her clit for a time, Holly's breathing growing ragged and her hips twisted in place.

Moving his fingers higher, he touched her mound, then pressed hard in a circling motion. Each circle made her sex tighten around him, the feeling together with Holly's growing excitement completing his erection. He felt the tip of his shaft pressing more deeply into her sex as he held her tightly against him, the movement of his fingers on her mound making her whimper.

Holly tried to rock her hips against his finger, and it was hard to hold her in place with his left hand. Besides, it was time to grant her what she sought.

Ben gripped her hips in both hands and began to drive into her. Holly's breath caught and she moaned. Her breasts rippled as her chest moved, firm nipples pointing at the ceiling. Her arms stretched the tie - he was pretty sure he'd never be wearing that again - and her face was twisted into a rictus. She looked almost as though she was in agony, but the excited whimpering sounds were reaching a peak, as her back began to arch.

Pressing his knee into the bed, Ben created a small space beneath Holly, enough that he could twist her body slightly and slap her backside. He couldn't spank her ass as firmly as he would have liked, but it didn't seem to matter. As soon as his fingers struck the firm flesh she yelped. Her sex tightened like a vice around his cock, then broke into rapid pulsing. "Ah!" she cried out, "Hnnnn!" Then in a groan, "Oh, Christ!"

Holly's expression transformed into one of delight, and she beamed up at Ben, who continued to move slowly against her as the pulsing around his cock waned.


Moving Holly's legs to the bed on either side of him, Ben leaned forward to lie on top of her. He eased his own legs out behind him, avoiding slipping out of her, and stretched out along her. With her hands still stretched over her head he had even more control than he would in normal missionary position, and that seemed to excite her. When he pressed his lips to hers, she responded enthusiastically to the kiss.

Ben ran his fingers over her sides as he began to move against her, finding places to touch that boosted her excitement. Holly sucked on his tongue, rocking her hips and breathing heavily. He could feel her firm breasts against his chest. Glancing down, he could see them flattened against him, quivering as he moved.

Holly didn't seem to be ready to surrender to exhaustion. Her last orgasm seemed to have enhanced her appetite, and she groaned into the kiss. Ben raised himself slightly from the bed, the girl's face lifting to maintain the kiss, and he tugged the pillow down to support her better.

He was higher enough above her that her breasts were no longer sandwiched against him. Her swollen nipples grazed his chest, and as he pushed harder into Holly, her breasts swung up and down, quivering at each extreme. She tilted her hips to meet his thrusts.

Holly's legs wrapped around him, and he felt her feet holding his thighs. Her moans were rising in intensity, and he kept up the pace, the girl bucking against him as he thrust.

She didn't end the kiss as she came, groaning, her body stiffening. He pushed into her, then held the position, feeling Holly quiver around him for several seconds until she began to relax. Only then did she press her head back into the pillow, her lips parting from his, her eyes full of arousal as she panted, smiling.

Her feet caressed the back of Ben's legs, which he took to mean there was affection in her lust. He wasn't expecting Holly to fall in love with him, but strong emotions made sex more enticing, and may well bring her back to his bed. Which he thought he might want.

He began to move slowly against her. Instead of resuming the kiss, though, he moved her hands under her lower back, and lifted her, raising her breasts towards his face. Leaning down, he fastened his lips to her left breast and suckled as he moved his cock in deep, then out as far as he could without slipping out of her.

Holly made a sound of pleasure deep in her throat. "Mmmmm...." and he continued to suckle, her nipple hard against his tongue. He lapped at it, then sucked it between his lips.

After a time, her hips began to rock with his movements, her movements gentle. She made soft sounds of delight as she moved. He switched to suckling her right breast, letting her passion rise slowly.

Holly arched her back to press her breast more firmly against his lips, and Ben took the invitation and suckled more. Her sex became tighter around him, and he felt his own passion climb. He moved faster, soon slamming hard into her on each stroke. Holly's legs gripped his thighs as the movements of her hips matched his.

Releasing her breast, he lay back down along her body, resting his chin on her shoulder. Holly's breasts rolled against his chest, and she began to pant.

Feeling himself begin to climb towards release, Ben kissed her, lightly biting her tongue. She groaned, and he knew her need was rising with his own.

Fitting his hands between his body and the girl's, Ben squeezed her breasts hard. She broke the kiss and panted rapidly.

Ben pinched her nipples, and Holly's body tensed. Her sex tightened around his cock, the feel of her propelling him towards climax. Then the girl quivered, moaning as she came, her hips lifted from the bed.

He drove hard into her for a moment longer, feeling her orgasm surrounding his shaft. Excitement surged through him, overwhelming the tension in his cock, and he began to spurt within her, his own passionate groans blending with Holly's, as she slowly sank back to the bed.

Their lips joined again. They both sighed into the kiss. When he pulled away, driven by the need to withdraw before a condom disaster, her eyes clearly showed warm desire.

Ben carefully extricated himself, then took himself to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When he returned, he unfastened the tie from the bedpost, and Holly lowered her arms to her belly.

When he tried to untie her wrists, he discovered that her stretching and twisting had tightened the knot beyond his ability to release. He sighed, then headed back to the bathroom, returning with a small pair of nail scissors.

"You're going to ruin your tie," Holly stated.

He lifted the end, showing her how twisted the cloth was. "It's ruined already," he said, then snipped the knot until it loosened and freed her hands. He was aware of her amused gaze throughout.

"What are you going to do for the next girl?" Holly asked.

"Like I said, I have other ties," Ben replied. "Besides, the tie was just convenient. I have some soft rope."

"I see," she said. She appeared a little piqued for a moment. Perhaps she didn't like the implications of Ben being prepared. Then her face relaxed into an uneasy grin. "Would you like to tie me up with rope next time?"

"Do you want there to be a next time?" Ben asked.

Holly shivered slightly. "Maybe," she said. She seemed genuinely uncertain, not making an ironic comment. "Maybe I understand why Chloe's so nervous around you."

"I wouldn't want to speculate," Ben stated.

"Yeah, well," Holly said. "Can I call you when I've thought about it? Will I need to avoid that Rose woman?"

"Yes, and no," Ben replied, with a laugh. "You may have a slightly mistaken impression of Rose. Trust me when I say she isn't an obstacle." Then he added, "Hey, it's almost Christmas. If you want, bring your friend Ivy along."

"My friend..." The girl frowned in puzzlement, then grinned, and rolled her eyes. "Okay, you got me. As if I've never heard that before."