Just before my last year of high school, my mom had the chance at a promotion. It was a great opportunity, but required a lot of traveling. For me to stay in school would have meant I'd need my own car, and I'd be living alone for much of the time. Neither of us liked the idea.

Enter my sister, to the rescue. Christina had finished her freshman year and was looking for accommodation and checking out roommates. Her college was quite a way from us, but in the same county. I could move in with her to finish school.

It was an ideal arrangement. Mom's new job meant she could afford a nice apartment for us, and Christy found one close to the school where I'd be spending my last year.

Christy and I have always been close. A lot of girls find their kid sisters an embarrassment, but Christina always included me. I spent most evenings and weekends with Christy's friends, rather than friends from school. I preferred them to those of my age, who seemed very young. For their part, they accepted me as a peer. Mostly...

Being away from home - well, away from my mother - there was one thing that distressed me for a time. Sometimes Christy would bring a guy back to spend the night. I didn't always meet them, but I did hear them. Naturally, her lovers wouldn't be something I'd talk to our mom about, but I wasn't sure whether I should say anything to Christy.

I guess I'd known that it was something that would happen before I moved in with her, but it's one thing to be pretty sure that your sister isn't a virgin, and another to hear her moaning as her bedsprings grind. Most of the time it felt like she was my age, but on those nights she seemed far more than two years ahead of me in experience.

She brought the subject up, eventually. After what sounded to be a particularly adventurous night, she asked me if she'd kept me awake.

I shook my head. "I've learned to ignore the naughty noises."

She grinned at my comment. "Naughty noises?"

"Sloppy sounds," I added.

Christy laughed. "Passionate pursuits?"

"Pursuits isn't a sound," I objected. "Umm... passionate pleas?"

"Pleas?" she objected. "I do not. Well... maybe sometimes." She thought for a moment. "Bumpy bedpost? No, wait a moment... bodacious bumping."

I chuckled at her. "Sexy sounds."

"You've had sounds. You can't use it again. Hey, seriously, Caitlin, does it bother you?"

"No," I said. "Well, I mean, I guess it made me feel a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times, but no. Except that I don't know whether to pretend like I think you had a quiet evening watching TV, or to say 'Hey, morning, Christy! Should we call the foundation repair people?'"

"Say whatever you like," she replied. "I just don't want to make you feel bad."

"I don't," I said. "And if it bothers you to ask... no, I'm not jealous."

"That's good. And I don't think the foundation is in any danger."

"With what you all were doing last night, sister, I wouldn't be so sure," I drawled.


Christy's closest friends were a group of four other sophomores. Kelsey, Scott, Justin and Paige, but pretty much as soon as I'd moved in with her, the clique expanded to include me. The six of us did most everything together. Movies, ice skating, watching hockey, eating fast food, talking politics at the coffee shop, watching a DVD (always out our place, since we had the only apartment big enough) - you'd often find a group of at least four of us together.

I had a feeling that Christy had dated Scott for a time. And perhaps still did. The one time I did feel slightly jealous of her was when I thought I heard him in Christy's bedroom in the small hours one morning. I didn't see Christy before I had to leave for school, and didn't want to ask. They did seem very comfortable with each other when we were all together, so if they were occasional bedmates, Scott must have been very casual about it, since Christy didn't hide her relationships. She never tried to add her lovers to the group, but sometimes she'd leave us for a date. It made me feel good that the group accepted me even when Christy wasn't around.

Since Scott and Christy were close, I always felt "safe" with him myself. I felt comfortable playing around with him, though not with Justin. Christy called what I did "heavy flirting". I'd sneak right up to him from behind, then lean against him, my body in contact with his, and rest my head on his shoulder. Sometimes I'd hug him around the waist, nuzzle his ear or play with his earlobe.

"Don't do that," he'd whisper.

"Why?" I'd breathe into his ear.

"Because there are people around."

He was quieter than Justin, and easy to embarrass... and seemed to like my games, even as he griped. But it was just play. I wasn't trying to steal him away from Christy, or the group.


That was the situation during the first semester. Over Christmas, something changed.

Christy started dating Justin.

By dating, this time, I don't mean the hot-and-heavy "leap into bed a few times and it's over" relationships that Christy seemed to favor. If they were having sex, it wasn't at our apartment. In fact, I didn't feel the walls shake or hear the sloppy sounds at all. Though she was often not home when I went to sleep, so perhaps she was testing the limits of a different bed.

No, I mean dating in the sense of seeing each other, doing things together to the exclusion of the rest of our group. Casually enough that at first we barely noticed it. They would leave together or arrive together. Or just not join us.

A few weeks into the semester, I'd invited everyone around to watch a movie, and they all showed, including Christy and Justin. Those two, though, were obviously more interested in each other than in the movie. When it was over, Christy leaned over to me and touched my elbow.

"We're heading over to Justin's for a while," she whispered. "Don't wait up."

After they left, conversation flagged. Paige and Kelsey waited another five minutes or so and left. Scott stood, too.

"Are you leaving too?" I asked, disappointed.

"Just clearing around," he said, picking up coke glasses and the popcorn bowl. "I don't need to leave yet, unless you want me to go."

I followed him through to the kitchen. As he set the dishes down in the sink I moved up behind him and pinned him there, my hands on his waist, and nuzzled his neck.

"So, what's up?" I asked.


"With the other girls." I breathed into his ear, and felt him shiver. "Did they leave in a huff?"

"Don't do that," he said.

"Don't do what? Don't ask questions?"

"No, you know what you shouldn't be doing."

"I do? And why would I want to stop?"

"Because there's no-one around," he answered.

"That's not your usual reason," I chuckled. "Don't you like it?"

"That's not the point."

"Don't you like me, then?" I pouted.

"Of course I do." He reached back and touched my hip.

"Then answer my question, and maybe, maybe I'll leave your ear alone."

"What did you ask again?"

"Aww, did I distract you too much?" I giggled right into his ear. "The girls. Why did they leave?"

"I think they felt uncomfortable," he said, gently squeezing my hip. "This thing with Christy and Justin. It sets up a... a tension, you know? When some of your friends get close, you feel left out."

"Are they jealous?"

"I don't think so... at least, not in the sense that either of them were looking to seduce him. But it's, like, he belonged to everyone, now he just belongs to Christy. So yeah, in that sense, maybe they're jealous."

"Are you jealous?"

He twisted his head around slightly towards me. "No, Caitlin, he's not my type."

I took my left hand from his waist for long enough to smack him on the leg. "Idiot. You know what I mean. Are you jealous of him being with Christy?"

"No, I'm not," he said, simply.

"I thought you and she had a thing..."

"We did, once," he admitted. "That was last year."

"Scott, last year ended two weeks ago." (Exaggerating to make my point... it was actually a couple of months.)

"Last academic year. We haven't dated since last spring."

"Maybe just once or twice?"

"No," he said. "Why are you asking?"

I sighed. "I thought I heard you in her room."

"Ah, now who's jealous?" he laughed.

"As if!" I exclaimed. "Why would I be jealous? You don't even like me."

"Yes, I do, I said so already."

"You wouldn't keep telling me to go away if you liked me."

He laughed. "I'm not telling you to go away." He squeezed my hip again.

"I'll call Paige and Kelsey, and say, 'Here, take Scott as a consolation prize, since you can't have Justin. I'm sure you can find a use for him.'"

"I don't think that would help. It isn't Justin they want. Or me. It's the group."

"Yeah," I said. "I understand."

"What's happened has... disturbed the dynamic of the group," he said.

I breathed into his ear. "Aww... I just want to disturb your dynamic."

"You said you'd stop doing that."

"I lied," I said. "And besides, I only said might... do you really want me to stop?"

"Well, it's..." he paused. "How would you feel if I did the same kinds of things to you?"

Stepping back slightly, I turned him to face me. Then I moved close again, setting my hands on his waist, kissed his nose, and whispered "Why don't we find out?"

"That's not how I meant it," he said, then started laughing. "You're terrible."

"I'm your best nightmare," I agreed, and we laughed again.

He hugged me. "I really do like you, you know."

"You've said that three times, now. I still don't believe you."

He kissed my neck. "What will it take to convince you?"

"Ummm... a diamond or three? A weekend in Hawaii? Use your imagination."

"How about this?" He turned his head and kissed me briefly on the lips.

"Not even close," I said. "You'd kiss a perfect stranger like that."

He kissed me again, for maybe two seconds.

"Now I'm just skeptical."

This time he held me close and put some feeling into it. He was still holding back, though, and when I parted my lips to his, he drew back.

"I'm convinced," I grinned, "that you don't hate me. Again."

"Okay," he said. "If that's what it takes..."

He moved his right hand to my neck and drew my face to his. His lips parted to mine. His fingers stroked my neck as he kept up the pressure, pinning my face to his. His tongue touched mine, lightly, then more firmly as I responded to its probing. His left hand stroked my back, squeezing my breasts against his chest. I felt my heart pounding.

Gripping his waist tightly, I drew myself even closer, feeling the touch of his body against mine from my face down to my thighs. Eventually, his lips drew back from mine.

"Satisfied?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No," I answered. "I'm convinced. As for satisfied..."

This time I initiated it, closing my eyes and pressing my mouth to his. Our tongues met immediately. I leaned into him, kneading his waist, pulling him even more firmly against me. I could feel the pressure of his body between my legs... even more so as his hands wandered down to my ass and squeezed. I was feeling more than a little excited by his closeness...

I broke away. "OK," I said, a little breathless. "I guess I'm satisfied, too... as much as I can be without being Christy."

Scott frowned. "What do you mean?"

"That... I imagine... there's a level of satisfaction that you can get from a guy that goes beyond fooling around with a friend. So I'm told."

"Ah," he said.

"And... it occurs to me that you had that with Christy. And you weren't just fooling around."

"Well... we were," he said, "just... in a different way. It's how Christy is."

"And you?"

"N.. not really. It was... unusual."

Suddenly I did feel jealous. I knew it was silly, and I'd get over it, but right now I wanted to be alone.

"Want to get another movie... tomorrow, maybe?" I said. "With the others?"

"Sure," he said. "Here? Or my place?"

"Here," I replied. "If the girls and Christy come we'll need the space."


But they didn't, and Scott and I ended up watching the DVD together, sitting a safe distance apart on the couch.

He paused it partway through. "Caitlin? Is something wrong?"

I shook my head. "Why do you ask?"

"You're very... quiet."

I shrugged.

"Have I done something to upset you?"

"No," I insisted. "It isn't you."

"Then what is it? Who?"

"Oh, I've just felt a little down all day." I thought for a moment. "I guess... it isn't you. But it is about you. I feel cheated."

"Because of Christy? I'm sorry if it upset you, but... that was before we ever met. And I can't change what happened."

"No, not that," I replied. "Not... not exactly that. Because you're not still with her, really."

"OK, now I'm confused. You're jealous because I'm not going to bed with your sister?"

I frowned. "I said it wasn't exactly that, and I'm not jealous. See," I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts, "when you were still with her... when I thought you were still with her... I could fool around with you, but you'd know that's all it was, because you knew and I knew that you already had someone, and she was watching the whole thing. Except you don't."

"So, what's changed? She's not been more than a friend for as long as I've known you, and that's still true."

"But when I thought she was... you were safe."

"I was? I don't think I've ever been safe from you, Caitlin. Your games have always turned me on."

"Really?" I said. "Umm... oops."

He took my left hand with his right. I didn't resist. "I'm fine to be safe, if that's what you want. I enjoy it, and I like being with you."

I squeezed his hand and shuffled a little closer. "You do?" I fluttered my eyelashes at him. "Maybe I need to have you prove it to me again. After the movie."

Scott rolled his eyes and restarted the player. I closed the distance between us and moved his arm around my back.


When the movie was over, I killed the TV with the remote, then reached across him to take his left hand in my right.

"I... uhh..." I started.

"You...?" he prompted after a long delay.

"I feel very nervous, now."

In response, he held me close and kissed my eyelids.

"I understand," he whispered.

I nodded and kissed his lips briefly. He kissed my nose and eyes again, then leaned back, away from me.

After a few moments, I released his hand, reached for his face, and drew it close...

I slid closer to him as our lips moved together. I stroked his waist with my right hand, and my breathing quickened as his tongue met mine.

Eventually I broke away. "So," I said, mischievously, "I turn you on, do I?"

"Can't you tell?"

His response was too serious... as our kiss had been turning. I pushed him back on the couch. "Well, now I know..." I grinned. "Maybe I want to see you suffer."

I lifted his tee shirt and ran my fingers over his belly. Then I lay down on top of him, exploring his ribs with my fingertips. He tried to kiss me, but I avoided him, planting small kisses on his neck and ears.

Lowering my face slightly, I pried his tee shirt up further, and rubbed my nose against his nipples. Then I tongued them, watching his face.

After a couple of minutes of this, he hooked his hands under my arms and dragged me back face to face with him. He kissed my neck, then growled into my ear and sucked my earlobe, making me shiver.

"Mmm," I said. "Two can play at that game," and I bit his earlobe, not too hard, but...

"Ow," he said, then took my head, steered my face towards him and planted a big kiss on my lips.

I drew back and tickled his ribs. Tried to, anyway. "Damn, you're not ticklish," I complained. Then I nuzzled his nipples again. As I kissed them roughly I kept pushing his tee shirt up, and his arms back, forcing him to take it off.

I sat on him, running my fingers over his ribs and chest. Scott's hands went around my waist, his fingers exploring under my tight tee.

I lay back down along the length of his body, caressing him roughly. Then I pressed my mouth to his, and parted his lips with mine. Scott's hands ran over my ass, squeezing, and back up to my waist, and higher, under my tee.

His hands explored my back and my sides, lifting my tee. He tugged at it to get it over my head, and I extended my arms for him to do that.

I pushed my body against his, working his tongue with mine as his hands explored my back and my butt, squeezing me to him.

Then I felt his fingers against my bra strap, trying to unfasten it. I reached behind me to move them away. "Let's not do something we might regret," I whispered, breaking free for a moment.

Scott looked disappointed, but nodded.

Then I sat up and looked at him. "In fact... I wouldn't want Christy to come home and find us like this."

I stood quickly, making myself a little dizzy, and handed Scott his shirt. He looked even more disappointed, and started to put it on.

"No," I said, touching his hand. "Just don't leave it here."

I picked up my shirt and led him through to my bedroom. "I think we'll be more comfortable here," I said, closing the door.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped between the sheets. Scott followed suit. "Don't take this the wrong way," I whispered, unfastening my pants.

"What's that?" he asked.

"These pants are uncomfortable," I said, easing myself out of them. "Just... keep those roving hands under control." I pushed the pants out onto the floor.

"Okay," he chuckled.

Freed, I launched myself at him, kissing his lips briefly before moving my mouth to his cheek and ears. I nibbled his earlobes and blew in his ear as his lips explored my neck.

Scott's hands slid over my back, and to my side, kneading my waist and stroking my hips.

Finding my lips with his, he pressed his mouth against me, and I responded, lips moving with his, following the small movements of his head as we sought ever better contact. His tongue entered my mouth, and I played with it.

This time I let the kiss last, exciting me. From the way Scott's hands were working on my waist and up to my ribs, it was exciting him, too. Finally, feeling it was becoming more intense than playful, I broke away, then attacked his chest with my lips and tongue as I caught my breath.

Scott ran his fingers through my hair as I tongued his nipples.

Then back up to his face, making him chase my mouth with his, and keeping our kisses shorter. I stroked his side with my fingers as I nuzzled his neck and breathed into his ear.

Scott's hands travelled lower on my back, then over my ass, squeezing.

"I thought I told you to control those hands," I murmured.

"Oh, I'm in complete control," he replied. "I know exactly where they are."

"Mmm," I responded. "So do I."

After a moment he released my ass and resumed stroking my back. I kissed him again, open-mouthed but briefly, then rolled off him to lie on my left side, facing him.

I stretched out my toes to stroke his feet. "So," I said, "am I still turning you on?"

"You know it," he grinned. He slid his fingertips down my side and over my belly, making me catch my breath.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

He nodded. "How about you?"

"Mmmm," I said, trailing my fingers along his arm. "It's yummy. Especially what you're doing now."

Scott laughed and ran his fingernail along the line of my panties. Whoo, yes, that turned me on very nicely. I did the same to him, then switched to using my mouth, kissing his belly button. He jumped as I moved, and I realized a few strands of hair had trailed across his stomach. So I shook my hair out and dragged it over him, with excitingly wriggly results.

Calling that unfair, he lay on his back and coaxed me to lie on top of him. He nibbled my ear, and whispered into it, making me shiver.

He sought my mouth with his again, and I responded... becoming slightly breathless. Then he did the fingernail thing again, this time on my waist, then running his nails underneath me, giving me an instant sensual charge.

So after a few more minutes of affectionate games with Scott, I was feeling very warm, moderately aroused, and wondering just how much further I could safely take him. Not wanting things to go too far has its own erotic appeal: the thrill of exploring risky territory. And if I hadn't already passed that point, the heat in my sex told me I was close.

And that turned me on, too.

I slid off Scott so he could keep caressing my belly.

"You're..." his voice cracked slightly. He tried again. "You're... avoiding the best feeling," he said.

"Umm," I responded, "I don't think that counts as fooling around, Scott."

"Not... not that," he said. He ran his fingers back over my waist, to my ribs, then stroked the edge of my bra. I felt the small pressure on my breast.

"Uhh..." I began, "I think... that... would be dangerous."

"Isn't that part of it?" he asked, softly, pressing a little harder against my bra. "I thought you liked dangerous. Else... what are we doing here?"

The slight touch on my breast wasn't turning me on, as such... but the promise it held... My heart was racing. I lifted his fingers off my bra, brought them to my lips and kissed them. Then I held his hand, still stroking his leg with my toes.

I held his eyes for several seconds. He squeezed my fingers.

"Alright," I said, in a small voice, and released his hand.

He ran his fingers over my forehead, pushing back some loose hair, then over my cheek, down my neck, and finally pushed my bra strap off my right shoulder. Then he traced his fingers along the loose strap to the cup, and inside.

My heart was pounding as he explored the shape of my breast. His fingers ran around, barely touching, circling my nipple. He moved his face close to mine to kiss me.

I returned the kiss briefly, but closed my mouth to his tongue. I was getting turned on as much by the thought of Scott fondling my breast as the touch itself, and there was enough passion in that without adding to it. As we kissed, his palm slid over my breast and grasped gently.

Releasing my lips, he kissed my cheek, then slid his face lower, to my neck, and down to the edge of my breast, which he kissed lightly, now kneading it with his fingers.

He released his hold, just grazing the top of my breast with his lips, and I felt his hand move behind me to the fastener. A few seconds later he was sliding the released strap down my arm, then peeling the cup away from my boob.

Then his fingers were working on the bottom of my breast, pushing it up, as he opened his mouth to take him my nipple. It had already swollen at his touch, but his tongue hardened it further, and he started to suck.

When he drew his lips away, his fingers kept working, rubbing my wet nipple. "How's this?" he asked, softly.

I couldn't trust myself to speak for a moment. Then, "It feels good," I finally managed.

"Too dangerous?"

"I'm okay," I said.

At that, Scott transferred his attentions to the other breast, sucking, kissing and fondling with his fingers.

"Still okay?" he asked.

"Mmmmm," I said.

"Turning you on?"

"Mmmmmmm," I said, again.

"Me too," he said, his voice slightly muffled as he nuzzled my nipple. Then he resumed sucking.

His actions were setting up an erotic tension in me, which seemed connected directly to the heat in my groin. When he finally lifted his head from the task and moved his face close to mine, my sex was tingling.

"Did that feel good?" he asked.

"Believe it," I breathed.

"And the danger factor?"

"I'll survive," I said, as he moved his lips close to mine.

He parted his lips slightly against mine, but kept pulling away, making me chase him as he lightly touched my right breast. I stroked his leg with my foot again.

Backing away, he lifted my bra, still hanging from my left shoulder. I slipped it off, and he rolled onto his right side, facing me.

"Like what you see?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He nodded, then started running his fingers up and down my side, from ribs to waist. His lips touched mine, making me chase his kiss again. I wrapped my right arm around his head and forced his face against mine.

"Mmm," I said, as he rubbed his tongue against mine.

Pulling away again, he touched his lips to my neck, then down my chest to my right breast. I ran my fingers through his hair as he nuzzled and kissed my boob. He sucked harder on the nipple, then returned his lips to mine as he rubbed my nipple between his fingers.

"Still okay?" he whispered, sucking my earlobe.

"You can stop asking," I said, though my pulse was racing. "I'm fine."

Back to my right breast went his face, then to my left. He kneaded them with one hand on each, sucking them alternately, breaking the pattern with kisses to my mouth. I tried to hold his lips to mine, but he managed to make me chase him, turning me on more all the time with his suckling, kisses to my neck and ear.

When he finally kissed me open-mouthed, I was breathless with the stimulation and the games, though I tried to mask it.

Even then he wasn't through. He rolled me to my back, kissing my throat, down between my breasts, down to my belly button. His fingers stroked my stomach as his mouth moved back up to my breasts. He sucked yet harder, drawing his fingernails across my belly, along the line of my panties. My arousal was intense now, and he wasn't letting up. I finally grabbed him and locked my lips to his, holding my body tightly against him, trying to slow the growth of my passion.

But holding him tight, my breasts squashed against his chest, was little better, and when Scott sucked on my upper lip I groaned with the growing erotic feeling.

His left hand stroked the edge of my right breast, flattened as it was against his chest, then slid down my side, to the small of my back, and down inside my panties to knead my ass.

Before I'd let him remove my bra, I realized, I'd already been very turned on. I'd already been in the danger zone. Where he'd taken me now... was to a place so far beyond that I couldn't return unaided. Because now, instead of being able to be content with a warm exciting glow, now my arousal wanted more. Demanded more.

I was far too turned on to ask him to let me recover.

I relaxed my hold and freed my lips. "Scott" I whispered, breathing heavily, "do you know what you're doing to me?"

In reply he pushed me gently onto my back, running his lips over my neck, his left hand still stroking my ass. He tongued both nipples, then looked up at me, stroking my right nipple with his lips. "I hope so," he said.

He ran the fingers of his right hand over my right breast, squeezing the nipple against his tongue again, then down, to my belly, drawing circles on the sensitive area below my belly button. Then he followed with his face, stroking my belly with his nose, kissing my belly button.

Moving his right hand around my hips, he slipped it into my panties, and squeezed my butt with both hands. Then his hands worked their way forwards, below my hips, and I felt the band of my panties sliding down. His left hand moved further, pushing them down, over my knees, over my feet...

He ran his hands over my now-naked body, moving his face back to watch me. He kneaded my hips, stroked my stomach and breasts, touched my neck, then brushed my lips against his as he trailed the fingers of his left hand back over my belly.

His fingers continued lower, over my pussy, and I felt a touch of panic... but my sex responded, and when he drew his finger over my labia I could feel that I was already wet. Gently he worked a finger inside me.

He moved his finger slowly within me, but pressed his palm firmly against my pussy as he worked. My hips rocked to the slow rhythm he set up, and the heat in my belly grew.

His face was close to mine, and he was watching my reactions. My breathing was getting faster as I sought his mouth with my parted lips. I found him, and sank into the kiss.

Scott withdrew his finger, and I sighed... then ran my hands over his body, seeking the catch to his pants. I got him unfastened, then freed his erection and pushed his pants and underwear down. He finished the job, and was naked beside me.

Sliding close to him, I took his cock between my fingers. By wrapping my right leg around his left I managed to guide him just inside, where the touch of him sent ripples of pleasure into my clit. I rubbed the underside of his erection and my own arousal responded, seeking more. Scott's fingers circled my right breast, enhancing my response.

"You can't do that for very long," Scott whispered, "or..."

I understood. "I don't need to," I gasped. "I want you."

I withdrew my hand, and pressed close, feeling him slip inside.

This wouldn't be the first time I'd had sex; it would be... the third. But the first two times had been unsatisfactory and very painful. As Scott's cock slid into me, there was a little discomfort, but I was wet enough not to hurt, and turned on enough not to care.

After I'd taken him as far inside me as I could, I hugged his body close to mine and rolled him onto his back. There I rocked and pushed against him until his cock was deep inside me.

"I should have never let you take my bra," I whispered, kissing his ear.

"Well, I'm glad you did," he said, running his hands over my ass.

"This is what you wanted all along."

"Uh-huh," he agreed.

"Bastard," I said, biting his earlobe. He yelped. "You're going to have to make this the best sex I've ever had, or I'm going to hurt you a lot more than that."

"I promise to do my best." he said. "Uhh... not that I know how high a standard that is."

"High," I said. "Very high. Astronomical." I rocked my hips against his slowly. "Better than Christy gets." I kissed his lips. "If I told you how good sex with my last boyfriend was," I paused to catch my breath, "you'd get so jealous you'd wither up." Breathe again. "So I guess I'd better not."

"Now I know you're lying to me," he chuckled, "'cause even a cold shower couldn't make me wither up around a naked Caitlin"

Holding his arms for support, I pushed myself harder against him. "Just... aiming high," I said. "Oohhh..."

I drove my lips against his, sought out his tongue and sucked it hard. My breath was getting ragged, and I broke for air, then found his mouth again as my passion rose.

Scott drove me faster, gripping my hips as he ground into me. I lifted myself to my elbows, and he raised his head, finding my left nipple with his mouth.

Then he let go my hips, and moved his hands to my boobs, kneading and sucking. My sex was tensing with each movement now, and the stimulation of his tongue on my breasts felt wonderful to the point of overload.

"Oh, God, Scott," I breathed. "Oh, God, it's going to happen." My arms felt too shaky for support, so I lowered myself, and wrapped them around Scott's head as he released my breast. I kissed him breathlessly.

"It's going to happen to me," I whispered again, as my excitement spiralled. "Ohhh.... Ohhh.... Ohhhh, Scott... Ahhhh.... AWWWWW," I cried as my orgasm hit me. I couldn't control my cries as each glorious wave rolled through. I felt the pulsing of Scott's cock and the heat as he came within me, our bodies becoming a shared delight.


He brushed the hair back from my face as I lay quietly against him, still glowing within. "Any regrets about living dangerously?" he asked.

"Yes," I murmured. "I'm sorry we didn't do this a long time ago."

"That's okay," he said, "we can make up for lost time."

"Good," I replied, without moving. "I don't plan to let you get out of bed for the next six weeks."


Sometime during the night, Christy returned. Scott left early in the morning, and I didn't see my sister until late. When I did, she gave me an amused look. "So... Caitlin... do you think we need to call the foundation repair people?"

"Uhh... I don't know, sis. Ummm... Maybe so. I think I'm going to be giving it quite a workout."