It's great seeing Brian again. I haven't seen him for several years, though we stayed in touch until recently. I think I was 15 when we last met. I think that was the only time, in fact, at a gathering of nerds plus me. I don't know if I would have classed as a nerd (or nerdette) then, or even if I do now, but most everyone else was either a nerd or the wife of one. Brian had brought his pretty young wife and their two kids.

We knew each other then from the bulletin boards, and that's how we've stayed in touch. Or did, until I left town for college. Very occasionally I've encountered across him on an Internet Relay Chat channel. One of the less racy ones that I sometimes visit, not a cybersex channel.

Anyway, he was planning to be in town for the weekend, so I invited him over. I found an excuse to keep my boyfriend away. Rich wouldn't understand that Brian and I are just good friends. His jealousy would be annoying.

Brian arrived in the early evening. He seemed a little taken aback to see me. I guess he was remembering the skinny little fifteen year-old. (I'm still slender, but have grown several inches taller in the last four years. I was barely needing a bra then, certainly not a C-cup.) Still, he was content to leave his car in the apartment lot and let me drive.

Now we're sitting with some friends of mine, drinking coffee. We've eaten a light meal, and I'd like something to drink, but this place is too familiar both to college kids and cops, and the bartender insists on ID. Still, the food is good, and cheap, which is why we found my friends here. Fortunately, this isn't one of Rich's favorite places, so we're not likely to meet him.

When I leave for the ladies room, Angie, one of my friends, accompanies me. She wants to know if Brian and I have anything between us, or if she could take him off my hands for the night. No way, I tell her, I haven't seen him in years, hands off. She gives me an annoyed look.

Warned, I decline when the other girls leave for a bar which would serve us. Instead, I take Brian back to my apartment and grab beer from the fridge. We drink a few while we talk. I'm relaxed and comfortable in his company.


My handle on the bulletin boards was, variously, "white rabbit", "little rabbit", just "rabbit", "little bunny", and "little buns". The last seemed to be the one which stuck; I hated it at first, but finally grew to like it. Brian was "grizzly bear" and variants, "grizbear", "grizbare", "grizzle" and "griddle" - this from some bad puns and slightly lewd messages about "little buns on the griddle".

Back when I was sixteen and seventeen we had a lot of fun making up suggestive situations and mildly erotic encounters between bunny and grizzle. I've missed that since I came here.

I ask Brian if he has tried cybersex, since I know he uses Internet Relay Chat. He says not, he uses IRC only to keep up with the current events from a couple of newsgroups. I ask him if he'd like to watch over my shoulder. Why not, he says, and we head to the computer in the bedroom.

Look over my shoulder is literal, there's only one chair, but as I start up the computer and get connected, he massages my shoulders, which feels great. I lean back into his hands. I'm tempted just to ask him to do this and to hell with IRC, but I promised...

So I find a channel where I'm bound to be hit on, log on as "lilbuns" and within a few minutes I'm engaged in virtual oral sex. Having an audience, I keep careful control of myself, but when I'm through I feel nicely warm and turned on. I disconnect the modem and put my hands over Brian's on my shoulders. They're so strong and comforting. I ask him what he thought to the experience. Interesting, he says, perhaps I'll try it sometime.


I stand up and face him. I hug him and thank him for coming to see me. I reach up to give him a quick kiss, but it doesn't turn out that way. Somehow we stayed connected, and are still savoring each other. I wasn't planning on this, but it feels good. It's okay, we don't need to go any further. I'm enjoying the taste of him, the roughness of his tongue, and the prickling in my breasts as I hold him close.

I slide my hands under his tee shirt and feel the smooth, dry skin of his back. I squeeze his shoulderblades, aware of the muscles underneath. I brush my teeth over his lips and tongue, basking in the sweet warmth flowing into me. He caresses my hair, holding my face against his, devouring me.


He drops his hands to my back and strokes my shoulders as the intensity grows. He grips my shoulders as he mashes his lips into mine, and I stroke his back with my fingernails. I feel him release my left shoulder, then I feel the blouse's zipper sliding open, and his hand on my bare back. I feel the strength in his fingers as he kneads my shoulder muscles. He pulls my blouse out of my skirt, and I don't resist as he pulls it over my head. I unfasten his shirt, and step out of my shoes. He slips off his shirt and shoes.

There's a light in his eyes as our lips meet again. He strokes my back, and I squeeze his sides. He reaches up and unfastens my bra before I realize what he's doing. Well, having his hands on me sounds good right now. I slip the straps over my shoulders and lean back as his eyes widen. He strokes my breasts, watching my nipples harden. He squeezes them as I fasten my mouth to his again.

He puts his hands under my arms and guides me to the bed. He pushes me back onto it, lowering me gently, lips still moving against mine.

He strokes my breasts and moves his mouth down, circling my left nipple with his tongue. The glow within me is getting stronger as I get increasingly aroused. Still, this is far enough. I don't want to spoil anything, and the thought of him cheating on his wife (I wish I could remember her name) and family, and me betraying Rich - well, I just don't want to. I'm sure he'll understand. Meanwhile, this feels wonderful.

He transfers his attentions to my right breast, and I sigh as those little tensions within me make me almost unbearably aroused. He fondles my left breast while he laps my right nipple, and I close my eyes and immerse myself in the emotional high.

I barely notice him unhooking my skirt. I don't realize what he's doing until I feel his hand stroking my pussy. My eyes open in shock, but damn, this feels so fine. I could tell him to stop right now. I know I could. Let me just feel this a little longer, though...

He slides my skirt off, and kisses my stomach. He pulls my panties down, and I have to tell him now. I can't... I can't let this go on. Please, I say, but the word stop sticks in my throat. Please, I say again, and he strokes the lips of my pussy and kisses my thighs. Please, I say, as his tongue strokes me and I catch fire.


Oh God, I didn't want this. Did I? I don't know what I wanted, or what I was trying to avoid, all I want now is his tongue sending me higher as he strokes and strokes and,

oh God, I shouldn't have had anything to drink, and,

oh, I shouldn't have shown him that cybersex, and,

oh, I shouldn't have let him put his hands on me, and,

oh God, I wanted his hands on me, and,

oh, he brushed my clit

OH - I feel that all through my body

OH - I'm shuddering as he

OHHH squeezes my ass and HHHHH

OHHHH flicks with his tongue and



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - and I slide into ecstasy, pulsing inside as his tongue slides around and drains the will from my body. I try to relax, breathing heavily, as Brian's tongue keeps me aloft.


Finally I reach down and lift his head away from me. I want you, he says, and I nod, not trusting my voice. I reach down for the condoms, thinking vaguely, insanely, that I'll need to get more so Rich doesn't notice any missing, while Brian takes off the rest of his clothes.

He lies beside me and plays with my breasts. I reach down and unroll the condom onto him, stroking his hard cock. I climb onto him, impaling myself on his erection as I crouch. I am still wildly aroused, and before we start to move, I squeeze myself against his shaft. Sliding up and down slowly pushes me right back to the edge, and I come almost immediately. Brian's eyes are wide as he feels me coming around him.

I lie down along him, and we start to move. I'm so excited by the feel of him inside me, and turned on so strongly from our earlier activity that I seem to come almost constantly. Brian obviously likes the feeling. Each time I come, he stops moving to enjoy the sensations. When he finally seems ready for his own climax I'm sweating. I lift myself slightly on my arms and he fastens his mouth on my right breast.

We grind against each other, and he grimaces and gasps as we tear his orgasm out of him. I keep up the pace, he grabs my ass and pulls me against him. He sucks hard on my nipple and I come again, gloriously, and collapse on him.


We finally disengage. I lie gasping as he disposes of the condom. Damn you, I say when he returns. How can I go back to my boyfriend after that? Feeling guilty? he asks. No, I say, not now, but it's never like that. He grins a little nervously. I don't know what came over me, he says, I wasn't planning to seduce you. I wasn't planning to be seduced, I answer, but now we've succumbed, you are going to spend the weekend in bed with me, when you're not doing whatever the hell it is you came to town for.

He smiles openly, and leans in to kiss me. I stroke his cock. "Little buns" is very glad that her virtual relationship with "grizzly bear" has been consummated in the real world, and just as soon as she can lick some energy back into him, she's going to give him the ride of his life.