Tim recalled the conversation as though it had happened yesterday.

"Jesus," Paul had said. "Man, I just don't get you. You let a golden opportunity slip right through your fingers."

Walter, the third member of the group, had nodded a knowing agreement.

"Opportunity for what?" Tim had asked.

"Are you kidding? I have told you about the time Carolyn invited me in, right?"

"Many times," Tim had said, but his friend wouldn't be stopped.

"Man, we left a trail of clothes from the front door to her bed."

"I kinda doubt that's why she invited me over."

Paul had shaken his head. "What do you think, Walter?"

"You know what I think. She had me even before she left home. Told her parents she was going to show me the house. What she showed me was a whole lot more interesting."

"With her parents in the house?" Tim had been incredulous.

Walter had shrugged. "I guess they don't hear too good."

"Just one night, then?" Tim had asked. "Both of you?"

"He doesn't understand," Paul had said.

"What I understand is that I can't skip an important rehearsal for the slim chance of a single night of passion."

"No," Walter had agreed with Paul, "he doesn't."


But, Tim felt, he had understood. Enough to be intimidated by Carolyn's invitation. Enough to regret constantly that he had lacked the courage to discover for himself what she'd had in mind.

As now, as he watched her browsing the rows of DVDs, in the video store where he worked evenings. Her amber curls, just visible above the shelf, reminded him of her presence.

To be fair to himself, he still wasn't as convinced as his friends had been that sex had been on Carolyn's mind when she asked him to help her set up her VCR. Even though Paul claimed her pretext with him was even flimsier. Nor was he convinced that he could have been content with a one-night stand, as his friends professed to be.

But certainly there was reason to regret what might have been.


For a time, he had tried to maneuver himself into a position where she might repeat her invitation, but it wasn't likely she would ask again. If Tim was to spend time alone with her, he'd have to ask her out. The feeling that Carolyn would know he was trying to recover his lost opportunity compounded the intimidation factor, and again he had trouble summoning the courage to act.

And then it was too late, as Carolyn acquired a steady boyfriend, a guy with a neat, close-cropped beard and short sandy hair, a few years older than Tim. He would see them together in the video store, the boyfriend's arm possessively around Carolyn's narrow waist.

Each time he saw them, Tim suffered a brief pang of lust and jealousy, which was not helped by Carolyn's disconcertingly direct look, or her habit of playfully touching Tim's fingers, out of view of her boyfriend, when she paid for her videos.


Then, a couple of months ago, Carolyn had appeared alone at the video store. Since then, Tim realized, he hadn't seen...

He was startled by a touch on the back of his hand. Tim had been leaning against the register, looking away from the counter, lost in his own thoughts.

"Still daydreaming your life away, Tim?"

Carolyn's soft, well-remembered voice made him shiver. That, and the gentle touch of her finger on his hand.

"Oh, hi, Carolyn."

Her intense blue eyes caught his, and he felt a tingle of excitement, as always, through his stomach and groin. Regretting his choice of loose string-belted slacks, he moved closer to the counter, to hide the effect her sudden proximity was having on him.

"Is this good?" she asked, setting a copy of "Pi" on the counter.

"Good? Yeah, I think so. Very good. But weird, it may not be to your taste. It's in black and white, too."

She shrugged. "Sounds interesting."

"You have DVD now?" asked Tim. "You were only setting up video last year."

"Since last week," she said. "I've just finished setting it up."

"Sure, that's great. Uhh... you should have asked me, I'd have helped with it. Would you like me to check it over?"

Carolyn frowned. "No," she said, after a pause, "I'm happy with it." As Tim's heart sank, she tapped the DVD case adding, "But would you like to come watch this with me? What time do you get off?"

"Just over an hour. After eleven. Would that be too late?"

She shook her head. "No, that would be fine. I'm a night owl."


The last hour of work crawled. When the store finally closed, Tim wasted no time finishing up, then leapt into his car, roaring off through the parking lot as his co-workers left the building.

Carolyn must have heard him arrive. She was waiting at the top of the stairs to her third-floor apartment, wearing a soft pink top and slacks.

"It's good to see you again. Carolyn," said Tim. "You look great."

She chuckled as she led him through the door. "Thanks, but I'm dressed for comfort, not appearance. We night creatures appreciate relaxation.

"Can I get you a drink?" she continued. "Coffee? Soft drink? Beer?"

"Do you have Dr. Pepper?" he asked. "I'd better stay away from beer. I'm driving." Though, privately, Tim hoped that he wouldn't be driving soon.

Carolyn's big screen TV dominated the small living room, though the speakers of her surround-sound system were unobtrusive.

"I'm impressed," Tim commented.

"Chris got me started," said Carolyn.

"Chris being the wolfman?"

She frowned at him., then grinned. "The name does suit him."

"What happened to him? I haven't seen him in a while."

"We went our separate ways. He's a nice enough guy, but very conventional. No art in his soul."

Tim wanted to cry out, "I'm an artist. I'm a musician," but he held his silence.


After Tim had positioned himself in the couch set up for TV viewing, Carolyn started the DVD player, then sat close beside him. Tim laid his arm along the back of the sofa.

About halfway into the movie, Carolyn said quietly, "This would have driven Chris crazy. He would probably have left the room by now."

"I can't say I'd altogether blame him," responded Tim. "This is the second time I've seen it, and I don't know that I like it. I just find it... fascinating."

Carolyn nodded, her eyes fixed to the TV. Tim stroked his fingers against her shoulder, and she turned her head to flash him a quick smile.

Emboldened, Tim lowered his arm to lie along her shoulder, and his heart leapt as she wriggled further into his hold.


The movie ended to a moment of stunned silence for both Carolyn and Tim.

"That was intense," Carolyn commented after a while, as the strange rhythm of the film score accompanied the closing credits.

Then she turned to face Tim. "Thanks."

In answer, Tim drew her to him and kissed her clumsily on the mouth. After just a moment, she responded, parting her lips.

Carolyn's hands worked their way under his arms and around his back, and as his tongue probed between her lips, she met it with her own.

As Carolyn seemed to soften in his arms, Tim stroked her back, then fumbled for the edge of her top, slipping his hand under the soft fabric.

He stroked the smoothness of her waist, felt the line of her ribs, then moved his hands to her chest, touching the front of her bra. As he squeezed gently, the fabric yielded, and he felt the firmness of her breasts pressing against him.

His cock was rigid inside his loose pants as he felt behind her back to unfasten her bra strap...

And she pushed him away, taking his arms and moving his hands back to her waist.

Carolyn shook her head. "Not so fast."

Tim drew back. "I'm sorry," he said, "I thought... I mean I... wasn't meaning to upset you."

She shook her head again. "I'm not upset or offended. One thing I learned from Chris is that some things are better not rushed."

Leaning close, still holding his arms, she kissed him again, her face swaying against his as Tim's breathless need grew.

When Carolyn disengaged herself, she dropped his hands. Then, glancing down at his pants, she said, "Well, it looks like you were happy to see me." She touched the bulge in his pants, and Tim flinched as she stroked the underside of his shaft, thrilling him.

"You'd best go now," she said, to which Tim nodded reluctantly, and stood.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" he asked.

"Today, you mean? I plan to sleep through this morning. Then shopping."

"May I come?" asked Tim.

"If you like."

At the door they kissed again. When Carolyn finally, gently, pushed him away, Tim realized that he'd have to descend two flights of stairs with his pants stretched in the front. Fortunately no-one was around, though the apartment complex was still far from dormant.

On the stairs, moving stiffly, Tim considered the effect Carolyn was having on him. He was dismayed that she wouldn't let him go further. To feel the lush flesh beneath the crisp bra, and not to be able to sample, was frustrating, but it made him eager for more.

The question was, why was she behaving so differently to those nights with Walter and Paul? Not that he had any right to expect Carolyn to jump into bed with him, but did it mean that she didn't want him, or did she really prefer, as she said, to let their relationship grow first?

As the foot of the stairway a thought came to him, and he laughed aloud. Hadn't he told Paul that he wasn't interested in a one-night stand? So it wasn't strictly true, but he was surely more interested in something longer term. Seeing her tomorrow - alright, today - already surpassed the time either of his friends' affairs had lasted.

Tim strode across the parking lot not caring who saw him.

In the car, his elation led to a new realization - that he was looking forward to spending time with Carolyn just to be with her, not simply because he wanted her. All these months, his desire had been rooted in lust, induced by thoughts of what he may have let slip away from him. Now, he realized, he wanted to get to know her.

But from now on, he'd be wearing tight jeans.


Carolyn was five minutes late to their rendezvous, and Tim was becoming despondent, thinking she wouldn't show, when he saw her. His heart leapt at the sight of the trim-waisted figure in the lime green top and short skirt.

He stood as she approached, her eyes smiling into his, and impulsively, grabbed her shoulders, kissing her firmly on the lips.

Carolyn responded immediately, and he savored her taste and her perfume. Then he released her, and put his arm around her, hand on her waist. As Carolyn's arm circled behind him, Tim felt a surge of affection for her.

They stayed a couple of hours in the mall, eating fast food, window shopping, buying a couple of albums. Carolyn asked if Tim recommended any music, and he offered to loan her some CDs to see what she liked.

They saw a few of Carolyn's friends, male and female. Tim sensed each looking him over, feeling a possessive pride when Carolyn introduced him as a friend.

"Do you need to get to work?" she asked as they were tiring.

"No," he answered. "I'm off today."

"You want to come back to my place?"

"Why not mine? I can get those CDs for you."

"Sure," she said.


Tim's apartment was relatively tidy, for him. He'd even washed the dishes, not with any thought of needing to make the place presentable, but in the light-hearted mood of that morning he'd cleared around as a way of passing the time before leaving for the mall.

He did have to clear a sheaf of handwritten music score off the couch for Carolyn to sit.

"What it that?" she asked.

"Something I'm working on."

"Could you play it? I'd like to hear it."

"It isn't finished," Tim objected, and followed with other excuses, but eventually agreed.

Tim played the piece on his electronic piano. It was a very dark work, not gloomy so much at twisted, with hints of evil and depravity. At least, that's how Tim saw it.

And indeed, when he was finished, Carolyn was looking quite concerned. "Is that you?" she asked.

"You mean, do I have the darkness in me that I tried to put into the music? No. That isn't me."

"Then where does it come from?"

Tim was silent for a moment. "From possibilities," he said at last. "It isn't me, it's what I could be."

Carolyn still frowned.

"Have you ever read 'Silence of the Lambs'?" Tim asked, and when Carolyn nodded, he continued. "Is Thomas Harris a serial killer? How did he create such perfect evil without being evil himself?"

Carolyn nodded. "Yeah, I can see the comparison."

"People expect that of writers. But if an artist paints a disturbing picture, or a composer writes threatening music, they're ready to lock us away."

"I wasn't wanting to do that," Carolyn said, defensively.

"I know. But you were uneasy, and it's understandable. I just want you to know that I'm not what I write, any more than Harris."

Carolyn nodded.

"Besides, I won't be working on that piece for a while, and that's your fault." Tim grinned.

"And how do you figure that?"

"I can't connect to that place, that possibility, right now. I'm too far from it."

"Why's that my fault?" Carolyn asked.

"You know I've always been attracted to you." It was a statement, not a question. "I'd always assumed that it was a physical thing.

"Today, I realized that," he paused for a moment, hoping he wouldn't sound trite, "that I really like you. Not your body. That is," he amended, unable to keep his eyes from roaming over her tight top, "not just your body. I like spending time with you. You make me feel too good to contact my dark side, I guess."

Carolyn's eyes sparkled. "So. We should stop seeing each other so you can create?"

Tim took her hand. "How about, instead, I start a new piece? From a different possibility?" He drew her close. "One that might even become real." As her face approached his, he added, "I think I can already feel it taking shape."

"I hope so," she breathed before their lips merged.


His arms around Carolyn, Tim stroked her back as their kiss grew in passion, running his hands down to knead her waist and butt. She held him tightly to her.

Suddenly, she detached herself, sat back, and pulled her top over her head, exposing her thin white bra. She pressed herself back against him, hands working at the buttons of his shirt as they kissed breathlessly.

Tim reached behind her, fighting with her bra clasp as she ran her hands over his chest. Finally it parted, and he pulled the straps over her shoulders.

Running his hands over her full breasts, he felt her nipples change shape beneath his fingers. As they hardened, he rubbed with his thumbs, and Carolyn closed her teeth on his tongue.

Detaching his lips from Carolyn's, Tim lowered his face to her breasts. He ran his tongue over her left nipple, then sucked it back into his mouth, kneading her breast with his hand as he worked his lips and tongue.

Carolyn was making sighs of pleasure, stroking Tim's neck in encouragement. After a time she took his face between her hands and moved it to her right breast.

Tim continued to suck on one nipple while pinching the other, rubbing it between finger and thumb. Alternately sucking hard then flapping his tongue, he could sense her excitement growing.

He fumbled at her skirt, trying to find the fastener, resorting instead to running his right hand up her thigh as he continued to squeeze her breast with his left.

Carolyn pulled away from him, then kissed his face and neck, her nipples grazing him. Gripping his waist, she lowered her face to his chest.

After nuzzling his stomach, she looked up at him. "You're wearing the wrong pants. I could gauge the effect better yesterday."

"Believe me, there's plenty of effect," Tim said.

Carolyn ran a hand firmly over the front of his jeans. "So it seems. But I think I need to check for myself."

Kissing his stomach, she unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans. Without the jeans' restraint, Tim's cock tried to push through his underwear.

"Yes, I'd say things are looking good," said Carolyn. He felt her fingers penetrate his shorts, touching his shaft as she pried it free. "Oh, I'd say things were looking very good."

Carolyn's head was still resting on his stomach as she ran her fingers over his cock. Tim stroked her hair, willing her to do what he hoped she would do next...

And he felt the moistness of her tongue play over the head of his cock.


Tim couldn't believe this was really happening. He closed his eyes as the erotic sensations danced around the tip of his shaft, then felt the stimulation increase as her lips closed over it. She did something with her tongue that drove a rush of excitement into his belly, and he sighed.

Then she released him. "Like that?" she said.

"I thought you said you could tell," said Tim, hoarsely.

"Oh, I can," she grinned. Then she slid off the couch and crouched before him. "And I can tell you'd like some more."

"You'd better believe it," said Tim, eagerly.

Carolyn held his eyes as she lowered herself to her task. With her fingers gripping the base of his cock, she ran the tip of her tongue over the underside of his shaft. He shuddered at the sensation.

She rolled her head around, moving his cock further back on her tongue, until her lips surrounded it, then sucked. Slowly she worked him further and further inside, constantly moving her tongue against him, stroking and holding his balls. Tim felt the whole length of his erection was on fire, rapid waves of heat rolling deep inside him from the steady rubbing of her tongue.

The pressure in Tim's cock seemed to keep growing, though he had been hard before she started, it seemed to him that he had become harder, that his shaft was being pushed from the inside. That it was trying to continue to swell beyond its limits, even as the tingling within it grew beyond his ability to contain it.

Carolyn slowly backed all the way off, and released him. Then, watching his eyes through her lashes, she teased him with the end of her tongue. Occasionally she would barely touch her teeth to his shaft, and he would jump as a spike of arousal drove into him.

Closing her lips over him again, she bobbed her head, not sucking hard, but moving regularly, slowly pushing him towards overload.

Trying to relax, to postpone coming for as long as possible, Tim groaned with effort. Carolyn stopped her movement, and pulled halfway back, opening her mouth, Tim's cock lying against her lower lip and teeth. He wanted to move. He wanted desperately to grab that little extra stimulation which would force him over the edge. Even without moving, just a little tightening of his muscles would do it, and only a superhuman effort kept teetering at the point where he could, barely, stop his body from overriding his control.

Then Carolyn closed her lips, sucking and rubbing with her tongue, and Tim cried out as she dragged his body into explosive climax, flooding his seed into her mouth.

For as long as his cock kept trembling, she kept moving, until finally Tim leaned his head back and let his body go limp.

Carolyn straddled his lap, her lips and tongue salty as Tim wearily returned her kiss. He gently squeezed her breasts as he felt his cock becoming limp.

Then she pulled back from him and picked up her bra.

"Don't go," he said, weakly.

"I have to," she answered. "Tomorrow?"

"I have an all-day rehearsal and then work. I won't be through until after eleven."

"Then my place, eleven-thirty," she said, easing herself back into her top.

"Okay," Tim said, pulling his pants back together. He walked her to the door, and found a reserve of passion as they kissed. Then he staggered to bed and collapsed.


Thoughts of Carolyn kept intruding during Tim's day. It wasn't that he had trouble concentrating during the rehearsal, more that the idle times were occupied with the events of the past two days.

After the previous evening, he was sure that Carolyn wasn't just leading him on. He couldn't be certain after the first night that she really wanted him, but she'd made that clear yesterday. And then left. Not that Tim had been capable of more, but she could have stayed.

And he'd missed her when she'd gone, and that mattered more to him than the chance for more intimacy.

He was inattentive at the store, daydreaming enough that his co-workers noticed. One had witnessed his intense expression when talking to Carolyn two days earlier, and made the connection; when Tim admitted that they were dating, he received mixed congratulations and good-natured insults. Everyone knew the yellow-haired lovely who had so obviously captured Tim.

Knowing where he was headed, the others pushed him out of the door at eleven, taking Tim's few duties, so he arrived early at Carolyn's.

Meeting him at her door in a long, heavy housecoat, she greeted him with a smile that made him weak at the knees.

"Here are the CDs I said I'd loan you," said Tim. "I guess we forgot about them yesterday."

"I wonder why that would be," said Carolyn. She took the cases from him, then kissed him warmly. "Beer?" she asked, releasing him. "Or wine? That might be nice."

"I can't," Tim began, "I'm ..."

Carolyn touched a finger to his lips. "Shh. Don't be silly. You know you're not going anywhere."

Tim's voice caught in his throat. "Okay... Whatever you're having, please."

Carolyn left him on the couch, returning a moment later with a bottle of Zinfandel and two glasses.

"Long day?" she asked, handing Tim a glass.

"Yeah," he said, as she sat beside him. "Difficult rehearsal, busy evening."

Carolyn nuzzled his neck and he draped his arm over her shoulders. Her hair was damp, scented slightly of herbal shampoo.

"So," she said, her lips close by his ear, You'll be wanting to go to bed soon?"

Tim's heart skipped. "Yes, but not because I'm tired."

"Good. Drink your wine slowly, it's the last relaxing you'll be doing for a while."

"Your telling me that doesn't help me to relax, you know."

He sipped some more of his wine. "Carolyn," he said, then after marshalling his thoughts, he continued, "there's something I should tell you, before we... uhhh... something I think I should tell you now. I've been thinking about you. A lot. I said I like time with you. It's more than that. I think I've fallen in love."

"So, now you know," she said.

Puzzled, Tim shook his head. "Know what?"

"What I've known for a long time. Why I knew it would be worth waiting, although I wanted you when you were first here."

"I've wanted you for a long time, Carolyn."

"And you've finally seen past it," she stated. "Do you think I don't know how you were looking at me? You wanted more than sex, you just didn't admit it."

After a time, Tim nodded, slowly. "I think you're right. I also think that I'm not going to stop feeling this way."

Carolyn stood, took the bottle and her glass in one hand, and held out the other to Tim. "Come on," she said, and led him through to the bedroom. Setting the items down, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Their kiss grew in urgency, and Tim reached for the cord of Carolyn's robe. She shook her head. "You first," she said.

Lifting his tee shirt over his head, she kissed his chest, nibbling on his nipples. Tim stepped out of his shoes, then let his pants fall. He was erect within his boxers.

"Your turn," he said.

Carolyn stepped back, then, eyes fixed on Tim's, she unfastened her belt. Easing the robe over her shoulders, she let it drop.

Tim's cock jumped as the robe fell to reveal Carolyn's complete nudity, nipples still soft on her round breasts, thin triangle of hair between her thighs.

She moved back to him and their lips joined. Tim's palms caressed her back, holding her closely, her breasts pushing against his chest. As he stroked her butt, he felt her jerking his underwear down.

Then her hand closed around his shaft, pumping gently, moving him against her pussy. His cock hardened still further as he felt it brush her pubic hair.

He lifted her onto the bed, then climbed up beside her, lying where he could kiss her breasts, working his fingers around her ass, between her thighs, to stroke her pussy. She sighed as his fingertips penetrated, finding her moist within.

He continued to suckle, sensing Carolyn's growing arousal. Her breath became heavy as he drew his fingers around. Sliding his fingers forward, he found the nub of her pleasure.

Fingers lubricated with her juices, he circled her clit, eliciting moans from Carolyn. She began to squeeze against his hand, and he felt that he could sense her heartbeat as her excitement became tangible.

Tim withdrew, and leaned over the bed to get a condom from his jeans.

"Nightstand. Drawer," gasped Carolyn, and he found opened boxes of rubbers. Grabbing the nearest, he tore open the packet. Carolyn's fingers helped smooth the latex over him, teasing his cock into further arousal.

Rolling Carolyn to her back, he kissed her on the mouth, probing again with his fingers, smothering her moans with his lips as he stroked her clit.

Then drew back. Repositioning himself between her legs, he crouched between her knees, kissing her belly button.

And down, his fingers leading the way, stroking her pussy, parting her labia, as his tongue stroked its way down. He licked between her moist lips, stroking firmly, feeling Carolyn's thighs tighten against his head in time to his movements.

Refocusing his efforts, he touched her clit with his tongue, first gently, then lapping firmly. Carolyn moaned, and started shaking her pussy against his face. Tim backed off, only to resume forcefully as soon as she relaxed.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-AH-AH!" Carolyn gasped as he shook his head, his tongue pressed firmly against her clit. "Oh! Oh! OH! Oh, God!"

Tim sucked hard, drawing her clit within his lips, stroking rapidly with his tongue.

"Oh!" cried Carolyn, her thighs squeezing his face, pelvis lifted several inches from the bed. "Oh! God! Tim! OHHHH!"

He felt the sudden tension within her, then the fluttering of her clit against his tongue as she came. Pressing with his tongue, feeling with his fingers the spasming within her, he kept up his effort until she relaxed against the bed.

Tim lifted from his crouch, then turned his attention to Carolyn's breasts. As he lowered himself, he felt her fingers take his cock. Moments later, it was sliding into warmth.

She lifted his face to hers, unperturbed by her own taste on his lips, and their tongues joined as they started to move.

He broke their kiss for a moment. "I'm not going to be able to hold back for long," he whispered.

"That's okay," Carolyn replied, "I don't need for you to. Mmmmm," she said as their lips joined again, and she started moaning.

Carolyn's legs tightened behind Tim's butt, and she pushed him faster and harder. Tim felt the dam about to burst within him as she pulled her face from his. Her arms around his back tightened, and her panting sobs filled his ear as he flew into throbbing release. Then Carolyn was with him, crying out as she came, and they kept pushing each other firmly into shared ecstasy.


Weary, but happier than he ever remembered being, Tim lay beside his lover, who had her head propped up on a fist, watching him, while the fingers of her other hand drew patterns in the hair of his chest. Carolyn was obviously more awake than he felt.

"You're tense," she said.

"Nothing to worry about," replied Tim, drowsily. "Daytime stress, is all."

"Bullshit, it's nothing to worry about," she said. "Turn over. I'm going to give you a massage."

"Do I have to stay awake while you do it?" Tim asked, yawning.

"Not at all. It should help you sleep."

Tim smiled, and rolled over, moving as Carolyn instructed, until she was satisfied with his position. She left the bed, returning with a bottle of oil. His face turned to the side, Tim could see her from the corner of his eye, squatting over him, breasts bobbing as she oiled her hands. He felt the rough hair of her pussy against his legs as she leant down to begin work.

At first, it was painful, as she stretched and kneaded the muscles in his shoulders, and he couldn't possibly have slept through the work. But within a few minutes, as the tension started to leave him, even the occasional discomfort was not disturbing. Ever conscious of the naked body of his lover against him, Tim dozed.

When he woke, he was aware of a fleeing erotic fantasy. It seemed that there had been several, in succession, but he couldn't remember them. His cock tingled gently, as if he had been partly erect.

Carolyn was waking him to turn over onto his back. He felt luxuriously relaxed, a slight glow in his shoulders and butt where the tension had been.

As he rolled over, Carolyn straddled his stomach, lowering her face to kiss him sensuously on the lips. "Is that part of the massage?" Tim asked.

"An essential part," she whispered.

He watched her for a while, as she stretched the muscles in his neck and upper chest, then he drifted back to sleep.

He became vaguely aware of a feeling even more pleasurable than the glow of his relaxed muscles. He didn't want to wake, but it demanded at least a little attention, and he slipped into a half-dreaming, half-awake state, where his dream-fantasy was the memory of Carolyn's lips on his cock.

The fantasy wasn't real, but the feeling was, a tingling in his erect shaft. Tim opened one eye, and saw Carolyn sitting beside him, running an oiled finger up and down his erection. She caught his open eye and smiled at him.

Still drifting, he was vaguely aware when she unrolled a condom over him, and of the weight of her body against his. He floated with her, moving automatically, gently. He woke further only when Carolyn came, moaning into his ear. He stroked her back as she sucked his earlobe, and rocked with her until she came again, with no apparent effort on her part, just a breathless cry as he felt her sex contract around him.

Tim had no idea how long they had been making love, or even whether it was Carolyn's first orgasm which woke him. She seemed to slip from climax to climax just as he had moved from fantasy to fantasy in his dreams. Sometimes when she came, she would say his name, "Oh, Tim!" and that would excite him almost as much as the feel of the warmth surrounding his cock.

Waking completely, he felt the fire grow in his belly. Carolyn seemed to sense the change in him, and kissed him fiercely, coming again as she did so. Then she lifted herself so that he could suck her breasts.

Her nipples hardened to his tongue, and his arousal grew in waves with his movements. He squeezed Carolyn's ass, then suddenly felt himself propelled towards climax. He moaned with the strength of the sensation, and Carolyn gasped as she thrust herself against him until they came in perfect synchronization, each calling out the other's name.


They lay facing each other, spent, Tim relaxed and warm from the massage, glowing from sex, on an emotional high. He stroked Carolyn's cheek again as her eyes still held his.

"Hey," she said. "I love you, Tim."