So I'd always liked Ashley. I'd known her since junior high, and by our senior year of high school we'd grown friendly. Not quite best friends - in her case that was Joanne - but I found myself drawn to her, admiring her fine ash-blonde hair, which she wore almost to her waist, and the intelligence that shone from her pale blue eyes.

My own hair was dark, also straight but half the length of hers, and I wore glasses with heavy rectangular frames over dark brown eyes. I didn't think I was unattractive, but beside Ashley - let's say I would have had some excuse for jealousy, if she'd had any arrogance about her looks. As it was, I just thought she was really cool.

After the rumors started, she seemed even more interesting. No, intriguing would be a better word. Then Joanne avoided her, and Ashley was downcast, but her mood seemed lighter in my company, and I was able to spend more time with her.

Art was a class we shared, and we usually sat together. When our teacher informed us that we'd be working on a project on Impressionism, Ashley whispered to me that she'd heard that an impressionist exhibition had just opened downtown.

"I'd like to see that," I told her.

"Oh, yeah, Lara?" she replied. "So would I."

"You wanna go? This weekend?"

She nodded. "Sure, sounds great."


I cycled to Ashley's house close to noon on Saturday. She lived close to the park-and-ride, so we rode there in the balmy spring air, locked our bikes up and took the train downtown.

The beauty of some of the paintings took my breath away. A few I recognized from our books, though most I'd never seen before.

Ashley was as taken with the paintings as I was. We stood before a large canvas of a bridge over a river. The suggestion of movement in the grass was so strong it seemed to ripple.

"It's so open, isn't it?" she said. "I can smell the clean air and feel the sun behind me."

"Yeah," I said. Then, on impulse, I slipped my hand into hers, squeezing her palm briefly. "Thanks for bringing me."

Ashley gave me a startled glance, then returned the pressure. She grinned. "You invited me, I think."

"Then I'm glad I did," I said, with a laugh.

She made no move to draw away from me, and we kept up a comfortable grip as we walked, hand-in-hand, to each new painting.

I released her hand when we arrived at a Manet. The painting was dark, compelling, but without any pastoral softness. Ashley's expression was similarly dark, as though something had upset her.

I take her arm, but she turned away, giving me a look of disappointment. My heart sank. "Sorry," I mumbled.

"Yeah, so am I," she said. "Did you set this up with Joanne?"

"What?" I yelped. "What are you talking about?"

She looked at me with an unreadable expression. Then she looked down at the floor said in a small voice, "Oh, crap. I think I just did something stupid."

"What's going on, Ashley?" I asked, quietly.

She sighed. "Let's get coffee."


We carried two cappuccinos - far too expensive, but with a delicious scent of cinnamon - to a corner table.

"So, what's up?" I asked again.

"You heard about Joanne?" she said.

"Not really," I replied. "I know something went on between you."

"Ah." She was silent for a moment. "I let myself get quite close to her. Too close. I thought she felt the same. Then everything went wrong, and suddenly it's 'Ashley likes girls,' and 'Ashley tried to rape her friend.' And everyone's making me into a joke."

"Oh, god," I said. "I didn't hear that. Well, not all of it."

"What did you hear?" she asked.

"Well, umm," I was suddenly glad that the coffee bar was dark, because I felt my face warm. "I heard 'Ashley likes girls.' Not in a negative way, though. Not really."

"So back there, I suddenly had the feeling that you were coming onto me so you could turn around and mock me at school."

"Oh, Ashley, I'm sorry," I whispered. "Look, what I heard - I wasn't looking to take advantage of you, not at all. It just made you interesting. Like, we wouldn't need to spend the whole day talking about guys. If I was coming onto you, I guess it's because it seemed... natural." My face felt like it was burning. "I like you, that's all. It's got nothing - nothing to do with Joanne or any stupid talk."

She glanced up at me, then back down to the table. "Then I'm really sorry, Lara," she said. "Now I feel terrible. I've insulted you."

"Look, it's okay," I said. I reached across the table to touch the back of her hand. "I'm not insulted. Just a bit embarrassed at having to say anything... why would she say you tried to rape her? You didn't...?"

Ashley looked up. Her hair had fallen forward while her head was bowed, and now shaded her eyes. "Uh, well," she began, then faltered. I raised my eyebrows, and after a moment she continued. "I kissed her," she said. "She seemed to like it. Well, she really got into it. We both did. And then..." she cleared her throat. "And then I fondled her boob. Just barely touched her, really. She pulled away and ran. Next thing I know, I'm a rapist." She shrugged. "What can I say?"

"Sounds like she panicked, to me," I said. I slipped my fingers between hers. She resisted for a moment, then accepted my touch, and stroked my fingers with her thumb. "Sounds like she was enjoying herself, and got scared away by epic passion." Then I looked at Ashley over the top of my glasses and added, mischievously, "And if you were that close, it sounds like she passed up a great opportunity..."

Ashley laughed, and finally relaxed. "Oh, you think?"

"Oh, I dunno," I said, and grinned. "That's outside my experience. I'm just having a fun afternoon with a good friend." I stood, and held my hand out to her. "Shall we?"


We held hands for the remainder of the visit, and for most of the train journey back to the suburbs. Ashley asked if I wanted to come over and make notes of our trip for the upcoming project, so I followed her back to her house.

She found a notebook and pencil, and we sat at her kitchen table and jotted down everything we could remember; artist names, moods, styles, how they affected us.

After an hour or so we had exhausted any additional comments.

"I guess I'd better go," I said, standing.

"Yeah, okay," said Ashley, pushing back her chair. "Thanks for coming, Lara."

We both stood for a moment, looking uncomfortably at each other. I had a sense of nervous anticipation in my belly.

"You know," I said, "if this were a date, this would be the point where I'd be thinking, 'Is he gonna try to kiss me?' and 'Am I gonna let him?' while we stood around in embarrassment."

"Yeah," said Ashley, with a quick, shy grin. "So... umm... is this a date?"

"Do you want it to be?" I asked. I could feel my heartbeat.

"I think so," she said. "I mean, yeah, if you do. Umm, do you?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I guess I do. So..."

We moved closer, and I put my hands on her hips. Our lips met, firmly but briefly.

"I hope that was just practice," I whispered.

"I don't want for you to panic and run," Ashley said.

Pressing my parted lips to hers, I drew her close. Backing off for a second, I said, "That's not going to happen," then kissed her again.

She still held back. I guess I did, too, moving my lips slowly against hers, holding her close, my hands just lightly touching her hips. Even so, I enjoyed it. She was soft against me, and tasted good.

We broke and hugged. I nibbled her earlobe. "I've never kissed a girl before," I said.

Ashley's breath tickled my ear. "Do you like it?"

"Mmm," I murmured, then touched my mouth back to hers. Our lips parted further, and I held her close. I felt her tongue dart between my lips, and chased it with my own. My chest tingled.

I moved my lips back along her cheek. "Seems I do," I said. "Seems like I like it a lot."

Ashley laughed softly, then fixed her mouth to mine. Her lips parted wide, moving against mine as she sought my tongue with her own. I tugged her closer, then moved my hands to her waist, kneading and massaging as I pressed my belly to hers. Her hands roamed my back, to my neck. The I felt her fingers burrow into my hair, gripping and twisting to move my face against hers.

My heart beat a stronger rhythm that pulsed in my neck, under my chin, and set up a pleasant resonance of arousal within me. I used my grip on her waist to press her hips against mine and swayed against her. As my tongue fought with Ashley's, she scrunched my hair between her fingers, rocking my face against hers - and I felt my glasses slip down my nose, and wedge themselves between us.

She released me, laughing, as I untangled hair from my glasses and set them aside. By the ragged quality of her laughter, Ashley was as out of breath as I was, and her expression as I held my arms back out to her was delighted.

Taking her earlobe in my teeth, I tugged it gently, then whispered into her ear, "I've never been turned on by a girl before, either."

"You've got me pretty fired up, too, you know," she replied, as I stroked her waist.

"Good," I said, and moved my lips back to hers.

Extending my fingers, I caressed her waist and lower back with ny fingernails as our lips moved - more slowly this time, but with every ounce of our earlier intensity. Her hands slid around my waist, pressing into the small of my back, holding me against her hips. I ran my fingers lower, down over her jeans, kneading her butt.

Then I reached behind me to take her right hand. I stroked her fingers for a moment, then moved it to my left breast.

That seemed to startle Ashley, and for a time she just explored it gently with her fingers, but soon she fitted her hand snugly around my breast and started to squeeze.

When her thumb rubbed the apex of my bra, my nipple was hard inside it. The fabric was uncomfortable, but her attentions were still stoking the fire within me. I moved my jaw against hers more quickly, attacking her tongue with mine, and she responded in kind, kneading my breast and rocking her hips while her left hand gripped my ass.

I moved my hands back to her waist, then slid them up and down her side, lifting her tee further with each stroke, until it rode up against her bra. Then I could caress her smooth bare back from the waistband of her jeans to her bra strap with my fingers and nails, making her wriggle and bite down on my tongue.

Her breathing was rough, and the warmth in my sex was becoming demanding as my body responded to her hand on my breast. I moved my hands between us, stroking her stomach, working them up towards her chest...

There was a rumbling sound, and Ashley immediately bounced backwards, away from me, wide-eyed. A second later I recognized the noise as the garage door opening. "God. Mom's home," whispered Ashley, as she tugged her tee shirt back into place.

I shook my hair out, ran my fingers through it, and straightened my top. "How's my face?" I asked, hoarsely. "I need a mirror, and tissues..."

"You're fine," Ashley said, giving me a harried glance. "You've been bike riding, that's all. How am I?"

"Same, I guess," I offered, then took a couple of deep breaths to relax as the kitchen door opened.

The woman who entered was a little shorter than Ashley, with graying hair but the same light blue eyes.

"Hi Mom," said Ashley. "This is my friend Lara. Are there more groceries to bring in?"

"Hello Mrs. Reid," I said, and scurried out into the garage to help, and to avoid Ashley's mother's scrutiny.


We played it cool at school. So cool that for a time I wondered if I'd said too much. "Never been turned on by a girl before." Every time I remembered saying that I felt my face burning. Did I really need to be so direct? "You make me feel good" would have been fine. Maybe then she'd want me to feel good again.

Then a couple of things happened that made me reconsider. The first was in art class on Wednesday, when our teacher officially gave us the assignment, telling us we'd be working in pairs. Ashley immediately raised her hand and asked to be partnered with me, since we'd already made preliminary notes together from the weekend's trip.

The other was right after school on the same day, when Ashley found me to make plans for us to get together the next weekend to work on the project. I saw Joanne with her friends, and from the way she looked at us, she seemed to sense that there was some chemistry between us. There was no hostility in her expression; it seemed more a look of regret. I think I was right about her running away. She was scared of her feelings. And she had missed her opportunity.

Any remaining doubts I had were swept away moments after arriving at Ashley's early Saturday afternoon. We'd planned to walk to the library to make notes on the lives of the Impressionists. As soon as Ashley had closed the front door behind me, she whisked me into her bedroom, took my hands in hers and drew me close.

Our lips moved together, tongues darting, and I dropped her hands to wrap my arms around her, hugging her close as we kissed.

When we separated, breathless, I asked, "So, are we going to go out? Or are we just going to make out?"

"We should leave soon," Ashley said. "Mom's still here. This afternoon she's leaving to visit my aunt. Maybe we could find, oh, a minute or two then?"

I grinned. "Okay. What time is she due back?"

"It's a two hundred mile drive. Not until tomorrow night." She frowned. "Alternatively..."

She checked herself briefly in the mirror, then skipped to the door. "Hey, Mom," she yelled as she opened it, "would it be okay if Lara stays over, so we can keep working on our project? She can sleep on the couch."

"The couch? Let her have the spare room." Mrs. Reid's voice came from near the door, and I quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped off some smeared makeup. With humor in her voice, she added, "No wild parties. No boys."

"Jeez, Mom, there won't be anyone else. No parties. Definitely no boys."

"Well, then." Mrs. Reid's face appeared in the doorway. "As long as it's okay with her parents."

"They won't mind," I said. "Same restrictions, I'm sure. Yeah, I'll go pick up my things after we're done at the library."


After wishing Ashley's mom a safe trip, we headed for the library. No need for the chaste three-foot separation we'd maintained at school, but by unspoken agreement, no hand-holding. Too high a risk of running into friends or relatives.

We found a huge amount of reference material, and we each took a group of artists, making notes about their biographies and styles, then spent some time looking together through a couple of books of annotated photos of paintings. These included several of the works we'd seen the previous weekend, so we could add to our descriptions of those.

By 4:30 we decided we'd had enough, and headed to Ashley's, where I collected my bike and rode home to collect items for an overnight stay.


When I returned with my toiletries and clothes in my backpack, Ashley was in her bedroom drying her hair, which was wet from the shower, and she'd switched to an embroidered black button blouse and black raw silk drawstring capri pants. I took the dryer from her and set it aside. Then I put my finger under her chin and drew her close for a slow, satisfying kiss.

Releasing her, I picked up the dryer again, and started brushing out her silky hair. She sighed and stretched before relaxing into her chair, smiling at me in the mirror.

"Your parents said okay, I take it?" she asked.

"Mom's rules were: no drugs, no booze, no boys."

"That won't be a hard pledge to keep," she said.

"I should have gotten a shower before I came back," I said. "I didn't think about it until seeing you, but all that time at the library, and on the bike..."

"You're welcome to use mine," Ashley replied.

"Yeah? I think I'll do that," I said.

So when her hair was dry, I handed back the dryer and brush, then gave her another languorous kiss. I grinned as she pouted when I stepped back, and took my backpack to the bathroom.

After I'd showered, I changed back into the lime green tight tee and blue jeans I'd brought, and rejoined Ashley in her bedroom. She insisted on drying my hair for me, too, brushing it out slowly as we talked.

"If you're hungry, Mom left some cash for food," Ashley said. "Uncle Toni's has good delivery pizza."

I ran my nails up her arm, then down, took her wrist and kissed the back of her hand. "I'm not really hungry, yet. Do you want to work on building an appetite first?"

"How would we do that?"

"I'm sure you can figure it out," I said. "Can you show me where the spare room is?"

I took my backpack to the room she pointed out, touched my face up very lightly, then found Ashley in the family room.

"Have you figured out how to work up an appetite?" I asked, sitting beside her on the couch.

"Run around the block?" she asked.

"Nope, not that."

"Oh, I know. Running naked through a forest, being chased by a pack of ravenous wolves?"

"You have a strange imagination," I said. "But then - naked in a forest... umm," I shook my head. "Wait, what were we talking about, again?"

She grinned. "This, I think," she said, then kissed me hard on the lips.

"Oh, yeah, that," I replied. "Is it time for that minute or two you promised me?"

"Maybe," she said. "Maybe even three or four."

Sliding her fingers behind my neck, she drew me close. Our lips parted on contact, and I rested my hands on her waist. Closing my eyes, I let my mouth move gently against hers, then stroked her cheek with my knuckle.

"Mmm," I said. "I've been looking forward to this all afternoon."

Ashley smiled playfully. "So have I."

"Why don't you call your pizza guy?" I suggested.

"Okay," she said, but moved her lips close to mine. "In a minute." Brief but enthusiastic kiss. "Or ten." Then she shuffled closer and glued her mouth to mine.

When she finally released me to make the call, I was feeling slightly out of breath, but very content. My chest had a warmth that was both exciting and relaxing. While she was on the phone, I folded up my glasses and set them on the end table. Then, when she'd hung up, I held out my arms and we held each other close, lips moving in counterpoint.

I explored her mouth with my tongue, meeting and circling hers. She had a contented expression on her face. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling.

Ashley's blouse wasn't tucked into her pants, and I trailed my fingers along the smooth skin above her waistband, caressing and grazing my fingernails over it. Her hands explored my back, lightly touching.

I kneaded her waist and stroked her back. Her skin was so silky, yet so vibrant. "I like the way you feel," I whispered into her ear.

She gently bit my earlobe. "Right now, I like the way I feel," she said. "You're making me feel pretty good."

"I'm glad," I said, drawing my lips across her cheek. When they brushed against hers, I pulled back, making her chase me. Then I let her get close, and kissed the tip of her tongue, before touching it with mine and pressing my face firmly to hers.

Our upper bodies rocked together slowly in time to the movements of our lips. The fingers of Ashley's left hand traced their way over my belly, and circled around my breast before resting against my neck, her thumb caressing my cheek.

After a minute or two, her fingers slid back down again, resting against the edge of my bra, barely moving.

Moving my lips slightly back from her face, I extended my tongue, meeting hers. She made a small, low sound. As our lips met again, I felt her thumb touch the other side of my breast, then her hand slid back down to my side, and under my tee, gripping my waist.

Wriggling a little closer, I sought her tongue, feeling a pleasant tension growing in my breasts as I rubbed my tongue against hers. Her mouth opened wider, moving faster.

Then she drew away from me, releasing my waist, but taking my hand in hers. Her face was slightly flushed, and her eyes bright. "Whoa," she breathed.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah." She smiled. "Yeah, very okay. I just need to catch my breath." She turned slightly away from me, so she could snuggle her back against me.

I stroked her waist with my free hand, then drew circles with my fingers over her belly. Very lightly I ran them higher, feeling a lacy, textured bra, and smooth, yielding flesh above. Ashley glanced back over her shoulder, a mischievous look in her eye, and I circled my fingers around once more before lifting them to stroke her neck.

Hooking my fingers under her chin, I turned her face back to mine, but no sooner had our lips met than we heard a car door slam. I sat back on the couch as Ashley rose to answer the doorbell, which rang just before she got to it.


"Do you want to watch a DVD?" Ashley asked, as she carried the wonderfully aromatic pie into the kitchen.

"Sure, why not?" I said.

"You choose. I'll get plastic plates. If you don't mind watching in my room. I thought it would be more cozy. If you want the big screen, I'll get real plates and TV trays."

"Cozy is good," I said, then put on my glasses and started hunting through the Reids' collection.

"So what are we watching?" Ashley asked a couple of minutes later, a plate in each hand.

I held up "The Emperor's New Groove."

She laughed. "Really?"

"Yeah," I said. "I haven't seen that movie since I was, like, ten."

"Okay, it's fine with me," she said. "Can you bring the drinks from the kitchen?"


Ashley started the movie while I arranged trays, napkins, forks and drinks. Her bed had a mound of soft pillows that we could relax into while we ate. The pizza was as good as it smelled, and I had to stop myself eating too much. I took the plates, trays and leftover pizza back through to the kitchen to remove the temptation.


Ashley turned to me when I sat back down on the bed and leaned back into the pillows. "So," she said, "do we wanna make out some more?"

"Is that a trick question?" I asked.


Gripping her waist, I pulled myself closer to her, feeling the pleasant rush of excitement in my chest. My face was a little higher than hers, and I pressed her down into her pillows, working my lips and tongue fiercely against hers. I felt her arms reach around me, as she snuggled her body closer to mine.

My heart was thumping when I broke for air. Ashley's eyes were bright, and her expression happy. "I thought we were watching the movie," I said.

"Seen it," she retorted, and launched herself at me. This time I gave way some, Ashley's kiss pushing me down, her hair drifting down over my face. Her hand was on my waist, kneading in time to her fervent kissing. I could feel her breasts rubbing against mine, our upper bodies moving to the rhythm of the kiss.

Then she rolled back, thumbing her hair back from her face again. She raised her eyebrows, then sat up, taking hold of my glasses and carefully removing them.

"Now how am I supposed to see the movie?" I asked.

Ashley held her hands before her, palms up, looking at them alternately. "Movie. Making out. Movie. Making out." Then she took the remote control and stabbed the off button.

"Yeah, yeah," I said. "Good call."

Lying down beside me again, Ashley rolled to face me, her eyes just inches from mine. The look of fondness she gave me made my heart skip, and she reached out her left hand to stroke my cheek.

Taking her right hand, I lifted it to my mouth and sucked her middle finger, keeping my eyes fixed on hers. She seemed to shiver slightly, the corners of her mouth twitching into a smile, then her left hand drifted back down over my arm, and back up under it, her fingers gently stroking my right breast. I sucked her finger harder, rubbing my tongue against it.

Then Ashley's hand dropped back to my waist. I moved my hand to the small of her back, held her close, and joined my lips to hers.

We kissed slowly this time, mouths wide open, tongues in almost constant contact. Her hand caressed my waist, while mine stroked hers. For several minutes we kept up these languid movements. Slow, but very satisfying, and intensely personal.

Ashley agreed, apparently, because when I finally released her lips, she whispered, "That was nice."

"Yeah," I replied, and moved close for another round. This time, though, I rolled her partway onto her back, so that I could touch her stomach. As I ran my fingertips over her, making circles around her belly button, she made a small sound of pleasure. Encouraged, I unfastened her lowest button, and then the next, giving me more space to caress. Her eyes were open, and held mine, soft with contentment.

When I had four buttons open, my fingers could reach the underside of her bra, and I felt it between fingers and thumb, squeezing just very lightly. Ashley's left hand explored under my tee, running over my side and back.

I released her lips, and she returned my smile. Then I kissed her cheek and her neck. "Mmm," she said, softly, as I ran my tongue over the underside of her chin.

When I lowered my lips to the base of her neck, I brought my right hand up to unfasten her top button. Then I could explore her upper chest with my lips and tongue.

Another button, and I had access to the cleft between her breasts. I traced the contours of the edge of both breasts with my fingers, and kissed her chest above and against the edge of the swelling of her breasts.

Ashley's hand left my side, and stroked the back of my head, her fingers working their way into my hair.

One more button. I lowered my lips to the top of her left breast. Her black lacy bra was a half cup, the upper part of her breasts revealed to my exploring lips. I ran my fingers around the edge of the cup, then moved my hand back underneath, pushing it higher as the upper surface of her breast quivered against my lips.

When I lifted my lips from Ashley's skin, her eyes were merry, and she responded eagerly to my kiss. The warmth in my chest had spread throughout my body, my belly glowed, and as I moved closer to her, she pressed herself against me, from stomach down to toes, her feet brushing against mine.

Our lips joined, and as I stroked her hair, she untangled her fingers from mine, and lowered her hand to my breast. Her fingers and thumb spread out around, squeezing in time to the slow movements of our mouths and tongues.

I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and rubbed it with mine. After I released it, she did the same, squeezing my breast harder. I could feel my nipple becoming firm against my bra.

When she pinched my nipple, I shuddered, and she immediately released my breast and dropped her hand back to my side.

"You don't need to stop," I murmured, releasing her lips.

"I thought I might be hurting you," she replied.

"Nuh-uh," I said. "It felt fine."

Ashley lifted her hand from my waist to run it through my hair. "Was I turning you on?"

"Oh, yeah," I breathed.

"You're okay with that?" she asked.

"Well, duh!" I said, caressing her waist. "Yes!"

"Good," she replied. "Hey, it was a serious question. I'm so turned on right now that I don't know if I'd recognize if you wanted to slow down... or stop..."

I brushed my lips against hers. "Babe," I whispered, "I'm loving every minute of it."


She parted her lips, and I extended my tongue, meeting hers just within her lips. I lapped mine against it, and as she pressed her tongue to mine she groaned.

Holding her body tightly against me, I kissed her with passion. Her tongue entered my mouth, and I closed my teeth around it. I ran my hand down over her ass and squeezed in time to our kiss, feeling her thighs pressed to mine.

I tried to get my hand inside her pants to fondle her ass, but they were tied too tightly, so I backed slightly away from her, slipped my hand between us and tugged on the string until the knot came loose. Then I moved my fingers back over her waist, over her back, and down inside her loosened waistband to squeeze her butt.

Ashley rolled all the way onto her back, so that I was lying on top of her, and she gripped my ass as she parted her thighs slightly, moving my hips as our faces rocked together.

She grunted, though, and pushed me away. "Ow," she said. "I think - yeah, your belt buckle."

"I need to take off my belt?" I asked, reaching for it.

"Yeah... well, no," she replied. "Even if you do, those jeans are way too tight. Not fair, fondling my butt when I can't get close to yours. Just take 'em off."

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, yeah?"

"I'll loan you some pajamas if you're embarrassed," she said, with a quick eyeroll.

"Nah, it's fine," I said, unfastening my jeans. I dragged them off - she was right, they were kinda tight - and dropped them over the side of the bed. Then I lay back down, my left leg sandwiched between her thighs, pressing against her.

Ashley ran her palms over my ass, and I moved against her slowly with the pressure of her hands against me. We were both a little breathless as we kissed each other's faces and lapped our tongues against the other's. I pressed my mouth against hers, lips parted wide, and she squeezed my ass hard, moving me against her.

My excitement built, my breathing becoming heavy, and I drew my mouth back from hers, stretching out, nuzzling her neck. After I'd relaxed some I kissed her neck, nibbled her earlobes, and ran my tongue under her chin.

Grabbing her butt firmly, I slid my body lower against hers, my mouth at the base of her neck, where I ran my tongue around in circles before kissing the top edge of her breast. I could feel the soft mound against my chin, rippling as I moved my mouth around, kissing and licking. Ashley's left hand slid higher under my tee.

Then I moved my kisses lower, to the exposed upper part of her breast, sucking and nibbling. I released her ass to use my hand to cup the underside of her bra, pushing it against my lips.

Instead of just nuzzling, this time I started kneading her breast with my hand as I kissed, squeezing the quivering flesh against my tongue. I glanced up to see Ashley's blue eyes watching intently, lips parted.

Pushing her bra up with my fingers, I hooked my thumb over the lip, pulling it down to reveal the edge of her nipple. I closed my mouth around it, sucking, and tugged a little more, until I could tongue the tip of her nipple. Ashley shivered slightly.

Her nipple became firm as I toyed with it, and I felt her fingers playing over my own bra.

I moved my hand from the underside of her bra, running my fingers quickly up the shoulder strap to the top, hooking them under, and pulling the strap down over her arm. I tugged it further, and the cup peeled back from her breast. I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth, rubbing it with my tongue as I wrapped my hand around her breast to squeeze.

I glanced up at Ashley again. Her expression was unreadable, but the way she started kneading my breast left no doubt about how she was feeling.

Using my left hand to circle and shape her boob, I sucked her nipple hard, while I moved my right hand back to her ass, caressing and squeezing her firm muscles.

Her body pressed up into mine, and she moaned slightly as I worked on her nipple. She released my breast, and I felt both of her hands slide around my back, beneath my tee. Her fingers worked under my bra strap for a moment, then I felt the freed catch scrape against my back. Both of Ashley's hands moved forward, fingers sliding over my freed breasts, toying with my nipples.

As I kept sucking I kneaded her ass, holding her against me. Her legs parted, my stomach between her thighs, and I pressed my knees against the bed to move my body against hers.

I flapped my tongue against Ashley's hard, rubbery nipple, and heard her breath catch. Pinching it firmly between finger and thumb, I pressed my tongue hard against it, shaking my head to rub it roughly, still slowly pressing myself against her lower body. She moaned and pinched my nipples.

Then I backed away, kissing her breast more gently, running my tongue over it, and then moved myself back up along her, my face close to hers. I lifted her strap back over her shoulder and patted the cup back in place over her boob. Her eyes were soft. "Ooh, baby," she whispered, lowering her hands to my waist, and I smiled at her.

We kissed lightly, laughing. She sucked my upper lip for a moment, then I did the same to hers. Our tongues met occasionally, and I could feel her breath tickle my face. We lay like this for several minutes, my hands on her shoulders, hers roaming my back and my sides.

Then our mouths joined, and Ashley sped up her movements, her mouth forcing mine into quick response. I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach, a quick welling up of excitement. My heart raced as she first held me to her, then moved her hands to squeeze my breasts.

Then she released me. She sat upright as I rolled away from her. She brushed her hair back from her face, then smiled at me and shrugged out of her blouse.

Sitting up, I reached inside the left short sleeve of my tee to pull my bra strap over my arm. Then I drew the bra out of my right sleeve and dropped it on the floor. I tugged my tee shirt into place and hooked my hair back from my face.

Ashley took my hands in hers, lacing her fingers between mine, and kissed my lips softly. I touched her tongue lightly, and she backed away, our tongues still touching, circling, until she covered my lips with hers again. I sighed with pleasure, and she gently bit down on my tongue before releasing me.

Freeing my hands, she pushed me down on the bed, and knelt between my legs. Then she stroked my stomach, sliding her hands over my tee, her eyes fixed on mine. I hooked my hands behind my head and watched her.

She circled her hands higher, until her fingers were running over my breasts, sliding the fabric of my tee shirt against my nipples. Then she gently grasped and kneaded my breasts, cupping them in her palm, sliding her thumb over my nipples, which hardened to her touch.

Every movement created a delightful tension inside me, my body sending pulses of sensation down to the warmth in my sex. Her hands kept circling and squeezing, her grip firm. She kneaded my breasts, pinching my nipples, which formed hard points in my tee shirt. I smiled as my arousal grew.

"Like that?" she asked.

"Babe," I replied, "you can do that for just as long as you like."

She grinned. "I would, but I think I want to kiss you some more."

"Well, then, c'mere," I said, holding my arms out to her, and I took hold of her to guide her face to mine. She lowered her body along mine, her right hand still caressing my left breast, brushing my hardened nipple as we kissed.

Stroking her bare waist with my nails, I ran my fingers from her bra strap down to her panties. Her unfastened pants had slid slightly down, and I pushed them further away as I gripped her butt, squeezing her to me.

I tried to push her pants all the way down, but I couldn't reach far enough, so I raised my knees, lifting my feet up beside her thighs. Hooking my toes into the waistband of her pants, I forced them down towards her knees.

With my knees lifted to lever against her pants, my sex was pressed against her body. I could feel Ashley's body moving against me as we kissed, her jaw rocking against mine. She opened her mouth wide, pushing her tongue against mine, while at the same time squeezing my nipple tightly through my tee. Her touch sent a thrill into my groin, and realized I was becoming wet.

I couldn't suppress a slight moan at the sensation, and the sound seemed to excite Ashley. She pressed herself more tightly to me, running her left hand down to my ass to hold me to her.

She moved her knees forward slightly, getting purchase against the bed to rock her body against mine. Chasing her mouth with mine as she moved, I felt her belly sliding against mine, and I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her back. But her pants had gotten folded back on themselves, and I wasn't having much luck getting them further off.

For a time I stopped trying. With my thighs wrapped around Ashley's, my toes still wedged into her pants, the movement of her body against mine, my panties pressed against my sex, was delicious, especially as she tightened her hand around my breast, squeezing in time to her movement.

I chased her tongue with mine and squeezed her waist. I could feel blood pulsing in my sex, echoing the pounding of my heart. My breath caught as she squeezed my nipple, and I resumed my effort to draw her pants down over her ankles.

Thinking I could feel them finally slipping free, I pushed hard with my feet. But instead of shifting her pants, I dislodged her knees, and Ashley collapsed against me, giggling.

"Alright, alright," she laughed, and shucked off her pants. "Happy now?" she asked, as she lay back down. Her face was lower on my chest, and she touched her lips to the hard outline of my left nipple within my tee.

"Oh, yeah," I said, watching her. "I'm happy."

She cupped my boob again with her hand, rubbing her lips against my nipple, kissing it through the fabric. I could just reach her left breast with my right hand, so I did, stroking the outside of her bra, pressing in just slightly.

Ashley wriggled just a little higher, which let me cup my hand over her bra, and I squeezed gently. She was moving slightly as she rubbed her mouth against my breast, and I squeezed in time to that motion, caressing her scalp and neck with my left hand.

I felt her hand slide down to my waist, then slide up under my tee. She stroked my breast, then wrapped her fingers around it, moving it so that my nipple brushed her lips.

Then, still kneading with her fingers, she worked my tee higher, until my nipple was exposed. She licked my nipple, then closed her lips over it and sucked gently.

"How's that?" she whispered.

"It feels nice," I said.

"Yeah, I liked it when you kissed mine," she said. "A lot." She covered my nipple with her mouth and sucked hard, pressing her face against my breast and rolling it around. "It was really turning me on," she added, releasing me.

"Yeah, well, that seems to be working on me, too," I said.

"Good," she whispered, and sucked harder.

I stroked her face in encouragement, and drew circles on the exposed part of her left breast with my fingers, before sliding them inside her bra and caressing.

Ashley's movements were more pronounced as she rocked her head against my breast, and her body was sliding slightly against mine. I took my fingers out of her bra to set both hands against her ribs, caressing.

She switched to my right breast, sucking and caressing. She was lighting a fire in my belly. She knew she was turning me on, but I wondered if she realized just how much she was doing so. I found myself pushing up with my legs so that the movements of her body against mine brushed against my sensitized sex.

The catch of her bra was in easy reach, so I unfastened it, and slipped my hands down inside the loosened fabric to caress the edges of her breasts. That served to encourage her, and she took to working alternately at each breast, sucking sensitive nipples and making me groan with arousal.

I lifted her face from my breast and turned it so that her mouth met mine. Then I got my hands on her ribs and lifted her body so that our faces were level, and kissed her hard. She responded with passion. I pulled her shoulder straps down, sliding them down her unresisting arms, then squeezed both breasts, using my grip to slide her body against mine, pinching her nipples.

Then I lifted her further, fitting my mouth around her left breast, and giving her the same treatment that she'd been giving me, except that I also grabbed her ass, squeezing it and moving her against me.

Ashley wrapped her arms around my head, groaning as we moved. I felt her pushing back against me as I squeezed her ass, and I heard her gasp as I switched to her right breast.

We were both breathing heavily when I released her. She lay on her side, looking at me as I shrugged out of my uncomfortably bunched tee and lay facing her.

"So how are you feeling now, Ashley?" I asked.

She brushed back her hair. "I'm feeling good," she said. "I like making out with you."

"Me too, babe," I said. "You're really turning me on."

"That feels good, too," she said. "Getting turned on is nice, but doing it to you makes me feel special."

"Yeah, I understand."

She eased closer to me to brush her lips against mine. We connected, and kissed oh-so-gently. For some reason that really made my heart race. She caught my hand and held it, and we stayed locked together for a long while. Then she slithered closer, and we wrapped our arms around each other and held each other close.

After exploring my side and ass for a while with her hands, she stroked and kneaded my breast, then I felt her push me onto my back, and when she'd rolled onto me, she had her hands on both breasts, squeezing and pinching, as her mouth opened wide, kissing me fiercely. Her body rocked against mine with the power of our kiss.

Running my hands over her, I squeezed her ass. My thigh was between hers, and I pulled her hard against me as we moved, my leg pressed to her groin.

She groaned, and kissed my neck, her breathing heavy. Then she dropped her mouth to my left nipple, and it was my turn to groan, as the stimulation reached down into my sex, pressed as it was against her rocking hip.

"Ooh, babe," I whispered, stroking her hair.

"You like that?" she asked, and sucked my nipple some more.

"Whoa, yeah, I do."

"I do too," she said. "Your breasts are so pretty, and so kissable. She buried her face to her work again, and I shivered with pleasure."

"Maybe," I breathed, "but it's my turn." I lifted her higher, and rolled slightly onto my side, so I could get my mouth to her breast while keeping my leg wedged firmly against her groin. I kissed and fondled, hearing Ashley's breathing getting heavy.

"You may think my boobs are kissable," I said, "but yours are so round and luscious... they feel so good under my tongue."

"And your tongue feels so good on them," she whispered, stroking my face.

I smiled, squeezed the sides of her breast, then lapped my tongue against the nipple. "Mmm," I heard her exclaim. I squeezed her breast further inside my mouth and rubbed the back of my tongue hard against it. Then, still sucking, I lowered my hands to her ass, squeezing it firmly, so that she was pressed firmly against my thigh, and used my grip to intensify the rhythmic rocking she was doing.

She ran her hands over my arms, then gripped them and groaned, as she eased further into the motion I'd established. I moved her over and sucked on her right breast.

"Ohhh," she moaned. "Oh, God, that feels so good."

"You're right," I whispered, "turning you on is extra exciting."

"Oh, yeah?" she groaned. "Well, I can play that game, too!"

Pulling her breast from my lips, she lowered her body to meet my mouth with hers, but as she did, she twisted her body to put all of her weight on my pussy. Gripping both breasts with her hands, she squeezed hard, rocking her body relentlessly against my sex.

I gasped with the sudden, intense stimulation. "Awww..." I moaned, excitement flowing from my sex throughout my body. "Oh, Ashley, babe..."

"See," she breathed. "You're mine to command!"

"Oh yeah?" I objected.

"Uh-huh," she said, then lowered her lips to my left breast, and sucked my nipple, shaking her head. My back arched, thighs tensing involuntarily.

I grabbed her ass and forced her back up against my body, to where I could catch her lips with mine. I rubbed my tongue against hers, and she moaned softly. I stroked her waist, then ran my fingernails up and down between her hips and the sides of her breasts.

Rolling over, I set her on her back, and kissed her neck. Running my hands up and down her sides, I squeezed her waist, then kissed and licked her throat. I took her hands in mine, and gently kissed her breasts. She lifted her head to watch me as I ran my tongue over her chest, up her breastbone, and kissed her neck again. Then I lay down on top of her and fastened my lips to hers.

"Oh, baby," she whispered, when I released her from the kiss. Then I released her hands and grabbed her hips, settling both of my legs between hers, gripping her ass, and squeezed her against me in a slow motion.

I kissed her again, sliding my body between her legs, and she responded hungrily, her tongue darting into my mouth. I backed my face away and played with her tongue. Her face showed excitement, and when I gently squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples she sighed.

Sliding down her body, I rotated my tongue about her left breast, then kissed it gently, my hands exploring her body.

"How's that, honey?" I asked.

"Amazing," she whispered.

"Just relax for a moment, babe. Feel."

"Oh, I'm feeling, Lara. I promise."

I covered her right breast with my lips, sucked gently and then flapped my tongue against her nipple.

"Oh!" she breathed. "I felt that!"

I slid down further. Covering her breasts with my palms, I fondled gently, while I ran my tongue over her stomach and kissed her belly button, still constantly sliding my body against hers, pressing my belly against her sex.

Ashley occasionally looked down at me, and her face was flushed and lips parted.

Working my way back up, I kissed her breasts again, then her lips. She sighed. "Had enough?" I whispered.

"Nuh-uh," she replied.

"I'm so glad you said that." I parted her lips with mine and extended my tongue into her mouth. As we kissed I wriggled to fit my body as completely as I could. My sex nestled against hers, and I could feel her nipples pressing into my breasts.

Without releasing her mouth I gripped her shoulders, and used my hold to rock my body against hers. The feel of our pussies rubbing together was intensely exciting. I backed my lips from hers and made her chase my tongue, still sliding against her.

Ashley slid her hands over my sides, gripping my waist as we moved, extending her tongue to meet mine. I lapped my tongue against hers. She withdrew her tongue and smiled, her eyes holding mine, then she released my waist to grip my head and force my lips back to hers.

Releasing her shoulders, I kept up the movement of my body against hers with my knees. Her hands were exploring again, as if she couldn't get enough of touching, and when I gripped her his, their rocking motion grew stronger. Her breathing was uneven.

So was mine.

I squeezed her ass, lifting her against me, and she repositioned her feet to lift her legs higher, pushing her groin more strongly against mine. Her thighs squeezed me as we moved.

With my fingernails I explored her waist and ribcage. She made a contented groan. I broke our kiss and rested my head on her shoulder. "Like that, babe?"

"Uh-huh," she breathed. So I did it some more, kissing and nibbling her earlobe, and she wriggled a little, and breathed heavily through parted lips.

Her hands slid to my ass, and kneaded it hard. "That's nice, too" I whispered into her ear, and she shivered. That seemed to make her press her hips more strongly against me, so I blew into her ear as I nibbled, and her breathing grew more rapid.

One more tour with my fingernails, and then I slipped my fingers and thumbs around her breasts, squeezing. With my elbows on the bed I worked my body ever more powerfully against her. I heard the bed creaking in time to our movements. Ashley was panting softly.

"How does being turned on feel now," I whispered into her ear.

She didn't answer, but her aroused groan excited me. I realized that my own breathing had become rapid. I sucked Ashley's earlobe and groaned into her ear.

I squeezed Ashley's boobs, and felt her thighs tighten further. The creaking of the bed grew louder.

Her hands left my ass and I felt her fingernails stroking me the way I had done to her. It was gentle, but distinct, and quite erotic.

"I like that," I whispered. Her fingernails rested on my waist, then she switched to her palms, sliding them around on my bare skin.

"Kiss me again," she asked between breaths. So I lifted my face from her ear, and she caught my lips immediately, groaning with passion. I eased my hands further between us, and pinched her nipples.

I moved back to look at her face. It was flushed, and her lips parted. "God, you're beautiful," I breathed.

She smiled briefly, then "You are," she said, breathlessly. "And it feels hot, being this turned on," answering my earlier question. "Making out with you is really, really hot."

"Babe," I said, my voice hoarse with my arousal, "I don't think we're making out anymore."

"What do you m..." I muffled her question by fixing my lips to hers. I kneaded her breasts and felt her moan into my mouth. When I pinched her nipples, her whole body seemed to respond to me.

I dropped my hands to her hips, gripping them and rocking my hips as my sex pressed against hers. Ashley moaned more loudly, her breathing erratic. Her hands started moving all over my body, fingers sliding over my hips, my rib cage, the sides of my breasts. Her excitement drove her, the bed knocking against the floor now. She moved her hands to the side of my head, gripping me as her impassioned kiss inflamed my arousal.

She pushed my face away as she caught her breath, panting, and ran her hands through my hair. Her lips were parted in a circle as she took rapid, shallow breaths. I brought my hands back to her breasts, squeezing hard, and her back arched against me. Her panting gave way to soft, excited cries, flooding me with warmth and desire, centered in my glowing sex. I realized I was moaning, too.

Covering her lips with mine again I tweaked her nipples. Her body shuddered, and she bit my tongue hard. I felt her back arching further as she groaned, the bed thumping now. "Oh.. oh.. oh.." she gasped when I released her lips.

Squeezing her left breast in my hand, I twisted my head to where I could reach it. I licked the nipple, then covered her breast with my mouth, sucking hard.

The effect was immediate. Her cries grew rapidly louder, her thighs gripping my body. She cried out. "Oh God! Oh God!"

I had known that I was turned way on. I could feel my sex was glowing with desire. But knowing what I was doing to Ashley, and what was about to happen to her, kicked my arousal into overload. My heart raced, and I couldn't catch my breath. I was panting through my nose as I kept sucking her boob.

She went rigid beneath me, and called out my name as she came. "Awww... Lara..."

I kept riding her, as she groaned. Her thighs relaxed and her back straightened. I was gasping with unfulfilled need, but I was losing my stimulation, and I wasn't ready.

"Whoa, Lara," Ashley said, breathlessly. "Hey, did it happen for you, too?"

"Nuh-uh," I managed. "It's okay."

"Bullshit," she said. I felt a hand slide under my stomach, and straight down inside my panties. She grabbed my pussy and squeezed, a finger slipping inside me.

"Oh God," I groaned, as she resumed rocking her hips. She guided my face to hers with her free hand, and as her tongue penetrated my mouth she pinched my nipple. My thighs tightened involuntarily around her hand.

"Mph! Mph! Mph!" I panted, then broke from Ashley's lips to breathe. "Aww! Aww! Aww!"

Then my arousal flowered, and my muscles strained. "Aww, Ashley! It's happening."

"Let it, baby," she murmured, rubbing her finger inside me.

My sex tensed, then erupted in pulsing pleasure. I gasped and kissed Ashley, still relishing her touch against the ardent sensitivity of my sex.


"What did you mean about 'not making out'?" Ashley asked as we lay facing each other.

"I think what we were doing would be called 'making love,' or 'having sex,'" I said. "Or 'fucking.' We weren't fooling around. Well, I wasn't, anyway. I wanted you, babe."

"I guess I still thought of it as fooling around," she said. "But it was fooling around with a purpose. I wanted to get you to where you couldn't say no to my advances. I think I almost got you, one time. I thought you were going over the top."

"Yeah," I laughed. "I almost did."

"Then you got me, damn you."

"You're disappointed?" I asked.

She grinned. "Uhh, no?" She traced a fingernail over my waist. "Do I seem disappointed?"

I laughed. "Nope."

She took my hand. "So... can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, of course, babe."

"This your first time?"

"It's..." I cleared my throat, "my first time with a girl."

"Were there... many?"

"Before you get jealous, it was never like this," I said. "What about you?"

She looked down. "First," she said, blushing.

"No need to be embarrassed," I said.

"I guess I wasn't expecting to have a first time at all," she said. "Certainly not before college."

"So..." I said, "after this past week, and... and this?" I stroked her hair back from her face. "Are we, like, going out now?"

"Do you want to? You're not gonna go back to boyfriends?"

"God, Ashley," I said, "do you think this was an experiment? That I'm just gonna see what it's like to go to bed with a girl, and then abandon you?"

"No, but do you really want a... a relationship, I guess? You haven't kept these boys around, have you?"

"Truth," I said. "I guess that's fair. But what I'm saying is, I'd like to be your girlfriend, but if that's gonna cause you problems, we could just, maybe, get together sometimes?"

"You really want for us to be girlfriends?"

I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers. "Yeah, I do. Look," I said, after a short pause, "if it's going to be a problem at school, we'll keep it hidden. For now, until we see how it goes. But if we do that, two things.

"One." I lifted my index finger, then licked it, and caressed her nipple with it. Ashley's eyes followed its movement, and she grinned. "If anyone finds out, and starts spreading rumors, we're going public. I'm not going to give anyone the chance to malign you like they did over Joanne.

"And two." I drew my hand back to lift my middle finger, then did the same, licking it and stroking her nipple with both fingers. "If anyone gives you a hard time, because they think you can't get a boyfriend, or because they're being bigots - you know that girls at school can be bitches. And guys. If the think you're different, they'll gang up on you. I'm saying they'll be ganging up on both of us. I'm not gonna let you down. Even if it means they all hate me, too."

Ashley lifted my hand from her boob and sucked on my fingers. Then she replied, sucking on a finger between each word. "You... are... such... an... incredible... doofus!" Then she snuggled close and put her arm around me. "But you're my doofus, and I'm loving that you care so much about my feelings."

"So are we?" I asked her. "Are you gonna have a doofus girlfriend?"

Ashley took a deep breath. "I wish to make an announcement! Lara is now my first lover and my first girlfriend!" In a quieter voice she added, "And I'm going to make love to her again, right now."

"Oh yeah," I whispered, as she covered my lips with hers.

Her hands caressed my body, and drew me close. Her breasts pressed against mine, and her kiss was inviting. I felt her touch drift over my waist, down over my ass, stopping and circling a while.

Then she pulled back. "You know," she said, "we don't need these." She wriggled out of her panties.

Even though this time we were specifically setting out to have sex rather than "make out," taking our underwear off reminded me of what was ahead, and I felt a thrill in my belly.

"Guess that's true," I said, stripped mine off, and dropped them on the floor.

We kissed and fondled each other, then Ashley rolled me onto my back and gently lay down on top of me, wedging her thigh between my legs, and started to move against me.

For a long time, we just moved and kissed, my arousal growing steadily.

She kissed my neck, her hand kneading my left breast. I was feeling comfortably turned-on. Not in any immediate need of erotic satisfaction, but approaching that place where desire becomes need; where being turned on is no longer sufficient; and where attraction yields to lust. "I love your body," she whispered.

I chuckled. "Where did that come from?"

"Hey, I do!" she insisted. "You look so sexy, and feel so good."

"That seems so strange to me," I said, "because I'm so ordinary and you are so beautiful. Especially this wonderful white hair and your amazing eyes. But your boobs are so perfect, and your skin is so fine..."

"Then I guess it works out pretty well," she said. "Because these are the boobs I want to play with."

With that, she slid herself down to focus on my breasts.

My boobs are much less of a mouthful than her lovely, rounded ones, but that hadn't seemed to disappoint her. And I guess it meant that she could cover more of them when she opened her mouth to massage my breast with her lips and tongue. Whatever, she liked kissing them, and I liked for them to be kissed.

After she had switched between them a couple of times, I realized that my sex was wet, and that my butt and thighs kept tensing to push my pussy against her belly.

I reached down and stroked her hair in encouragement, and she rewarded me by scrubbing my nipple against her tongue, then pinching it and scrubbing again. "Mmm, babe," I whispered, and she looked up at me and grinned.

She slid to the side to work on my right breast exclusively for a while, and her belly moved from my groin. But a moment later her right hand took its place, cupping and squeezing my pussy. My arousal drove me to tighten my thighs around her hand every few seconds, and she responded both with her lips on my breast and her hand squeezing my pussy.

Her hand slid up and down, warmth flooding into my clit, and I felt fingers penetrating my sex. That was probably when I passed that place where being turned on isn't enough, and Ashley drove me there with a vengeance. I caught my breath as her suckling seemed to create a resonance with the stimulation in my clitoris, and I shuddered at the immediacy of the erotic sensation.

Releasing my breast, she rested her head on her hand, and watched my face as she fondled my pussy. My lips were parted, and my breathing a little heavy. I moved my groin against her hand, each push escalating my arousal a little further.

She lifted her lips to mine, but as soon as we started kissing she started stroking my clit, and I groaned with the sudden wave of feeling. I wrapped my arms around her head, and thrust my sex against her hand.

She led me further along the path of need, my senses demanding release. Then she moved her lips to my ear. "Now do I own your body, lover?" she whispered.

"Oh, babe," I groaned. "I'm yours." I tilted my pelvis into her touch. Just a moment longer and I'd be all the way there...

But instead of bringing me off, she withdrew her hand and lay back along my body, squeezing both breasts as she kissed my nipples erect. Then she lowered herself further, kissing my chest, my belly, my belly button, drawing her tongue around while still fondling my breasts.

While she worked she moved her body against mine. But without her hand present, she was stoking my need without bringing me closer to satisfaction.

Then she released my breasts and gripped my hips, her tongue drifting around my belly. Her fingers extended over my ass, caressing and encouraging as I still rocked against her.

Lower still, and her chin grazed my pussy, then pressed against it. I tugged a pillow under my head, so I could watch her.

And yet lower, to places I wouldn't have imagined she'd go, as her lips and chin brushed my moist labia. Her fingers, too, pressed against my pussy, caressing.

Parting my labia with her fingers, she extended her tongue, and I felt it inside my sex. The wave of feeling this time was a tsunami - it rose to a peak, but didn't drop back down. The sensation reached my chest, and I gasped.

Fingers still massaging the sides of my pussy, she started nodding her head, her tongue pushing me ever higher as I pressed my sex against her face. My breathing was labored, and my cheeks burned.

Then her tongue found my clit. I closed my eyes, then violently pushed the pillow back, so that I could stretch my neck backwards. "Ohhh," I groaned.

Ashley's tongue on my clitoris was like a fire inside my sex. I thrust hard against her as she licked me. She shook her head, and I gasped and cried out, then she sucked my clit into her mouth, and I felt her tongue rubbing against it. "Aww!"

My back arched, hips straining painfully, and she sucked again, shaking her face. My arousal hit meltdown, and passionate pleasure flowed out into my body as I came.

She stroked my overstimulated sex gently, drawing out the delicious feelings within me, as climbed back up against me and kissed me.

"Your first time?" I breathed. "So how do you learn to do something like that?"

"Guesswork?" she answered. "Movies? - that Mom doesn't know I've seen. I've read things. And, well, I guess... I know what feels good to me down there."

"Yeah... well, I can tell you it was amazing."

Ashley's face flushed pink. "Thanks, I'm glad."

"So now you've gotta guide me through giving you the same treatment."

Her smile was broad. "Oh, baby."


We didn't have to get our project finished immediately, which was fortunate, really. We spent an hour on our preliminary essays on Sunday morning, after breakfast, but then we got distracted, and had to finish them over a couple of evenings during the week. Under Ashley's mom's supervision, we could focus on work a little more efficiently.

Ashley checked on her mother's return time mid-morning, which allowed us to plan our day, spending the last hour sharing a shower so we'd be clean and proper for Mrs. Reid's return home.

I collected all of my scattered clothes and packed them, of course. But I forgot one thing. Ashley's mom noticed that the spare bed hadn't been used. So I said we were up so late talking that I decided just to sleep on the couch anyway. I hope my face didn't turn as red as it felt.

We're keeping our relationship hush-hush for now. Not only because of the harrassment we'd get at school, but because even if our parents were okay with it, they'd be wary about the time we spend together. They'd be right to be.

But we're both committed to not letting secrecy come between us. Lying to Mrs. Reid about sleeping on the couch was wrong, and felt bad. If we find we're having to lie or act badly to stay together, we're going to admit to being romantically attached, and take the consequences.

I feel sorry for Joanne. She has made her peace with Ashley, and seems to have managed to quell the rumors she started, but she seems very disappointed to have lost her as best friend. And, I suspect, now that she has gotten over her shock at her own feelings, she realizes how much more she could have been. But that possibility is walled off from her.

Her loss became my gain.