2 - 2. Enlightenment

Sophie had done her work well. The gray-haired girl seemed to hang on Ben's every word, including quizzing him over dinner about his architectural chakra plans.

This had, in fact, not been a real design. Ben was no architect, nor ever would be. Its only existence had been as a topic of a drunken conversation between Sophie, himself, and Beth, his girlfriend at the time. Beth was a Wiccan - though she preferred to call herself a witch - and one of his more interesting exes, as well as one of the few he'd remained on friendly terms with. It was Beth's influence that Sophie had based her play on, and Ben had spent some time googling concepts that Beth had shared with him.

Still, real or not, the idea had been interesting at the time and he remembered enough now that he could expand on it, outlining a design for an office with each floor based around one of the chakra points; how the floor's decor would be inspired by that point's color and mode, and how the activities on the floor would be related to its effects on the human spirit.

"Are they real, then?" Audrey asked. She'd split a piece of cheesecake with Ben, and they were drinking coffee.

Ben frowned. "Are what real?"

"Chakra points. Duh."

He shrugged, but then answered honestly. "I don't think so, but I don't think that's really the point. They're useful symbols. Like, the third eye is imaginary. But you think with your brain, so why shouldn't you consider that place at the front of your head to be the center of insight? Everyone knows the heart isn't literally where emotions form, but it responds to them, so in Western thought we've always associated emotions with the heart. That's true with the heart chakra, too. Desire and playfulness associate with the sacral chakra, because it's where you experience them. So it's a working symbology."

"Why is that useful?"

She seemed genuinely interested in Ben's answer, so he expanded on the idea. Perhaps this wasn't his precise belief, but it was one that fit. "Because once you've made the association, you can focus on the chakra to clear up the messy aspects of living. If you can clear the associated chakra, you can relax as you think about the related situations."

Audrey frowned pensively. "I don't even know where they are."

"You're still coming back for a nightcap, right?" Ben asked, then continued before she had the chance to answer. "I'll read your tarot, then give you a quick tour."

The girl's eyes sparkled behind her large glasses. "Oh, yeah. Let's do that."


Ben took Audrey's jacket as she entered the apartment, hanging it on a hook and leading her to the couch. She spent an obligatory couple of minutes looking around the apartment before sitting, while he poured gin and tonics. She didn't ask about the extravagance, which he was pleased about. He didn't want to interrupt their rapport with explanations.

Friendly ex Beth had even loaned him an accessory for the evening. A small brass-framed pyramid with three glass shelves, on which sat a number of attractive open geodes with exposed crystals of various colors. He had set it on the back of his neatly clear desk. It was the only decorative item in the room that suggested any connection with Audrey's interests, but it was sufficient.

"You can really read tarot?" she asked.

"I was taught by a witch," he replied, sitting across from her and setting two card boxes down on the coffee table between them. "I more or less remember the card meanings. The cards in each suit have related meanings, which helps. The numbering system is more or less common in how it affects the meaning of the suit. The major arcana speak for themselves - to a point. Though the reversed meaning isn't always the reverse of the upright. Besides, the meanings are only hints. The trick is to use the image to free your intuition, and read the person, not the cards."

The girl's cheeks seemed to have colored slightly. "So you're going to read me?"

Ben grinned as he tapped the tarot deck out of its box. "I'm going to try."

The deck was not as easy as a regular card deck for sleight of hand. He wouldn't want to try to perform an advanced illusion, but he'd practised shuffles and cuts and they worked well enough. He'd set up the deck with the three cards he'd selected at the top, so when he dealt them, he knew what to expect. As intended, they remained at the top through the false shuffle.

The first was the most important. Audrey turned it over to reveal two simply-drawn naked figures below a majestic figure, a divinity or an angel. Behind the figures were two trees, on one of which clung a snake.

"I know that card," she said. "The lovers."

"Mmhmm," agreed Ben, "but inverted. This represents the past. So you had a boyfriend," he glanced up, "or a girlfriend?" Audrey made a slight motion of her head. "A boyfriend, then, but you gave him up to go to college."

The girl frowned. "How do you figure that?"

"Inverted means ending, and the card has other clues - the snake and the apple are the story of Adam and Eve. And the story of the Fall might be disobedience, or it might be wisdom. The snake brings the knowledge of good and evil, as Prometheus brings the knowledge of fire. I feel that you ended the relationship for knowledge."

"I don't think I..." Audrey began, then her voice trailed into silence. A moment later, she signed. "Maybe."

He continued with the remaining two cards, claiming that her greatest desire in the present was to find her own path, and to craft a future of strength and independence, all of which he knew would appeal to her.

Audrey's eyes kept flicking to his during the reading. Sophie's preparation seemed to have done her work. She seemed intrigued with him, and the widening of her pupils spoke of a growing attraction.

When the reading was over, she sat back in contemplation for a time. Then she asked, "What's the other box?"

"I just wanted to show you these," Ben said, sliding the cards out. "They were a gift from the witch."

He shuffled out a few cards, face up, and slid them across to Audrey to example. They were also tarot cards, but an beautiful set of images, quite different from the conventional cards. The major arcana were exquisite illustrations of women and men, and even the minor arcana were elegant works of character art.

"This witch," Audrey said, "was she a girlfriend?"

Ben grinned. "Now you're reading me," he said.

The girl returned the smile. "I figured. These cards are lovely."

Ben nodded and gathered them up, stacking them on the bottom of the deck. "One other thing she taught me was a reading without a reading. She would turn over a single card to represent what I was feeling at the time, leaving me to interpret it myself. Do you want to try?"

He gave the cards a false shuffle as he asked.

Audrey nodded, and Ben dealt a single card onto the table, setting the deck down as she turned the card over.

Again, "The Lovers" showed on the face. This time the illustration was a young woman gazing into the eyes of a taller young man.

Audrey's cheeks flushed a deeper pink, though she clearly was trying not to let her reaction show. Her chest rose as her breathing deepened.

"You seem to have an affinity for that card," Ben remarked. "Not inverted this time."

"Right," Audrey said, meeting his eyes.

"It's for you to interpret, this time," said Ben. "I won't give my opinion. But the background of the cards can be useful for insight, so it might help to know what the image represents. The artist has her work on the web, and I know that this one is of Hades and Persephone. I don't know what to take from that. Don't get carried off into the underworld, perhaps?"

The girl thought about that for a moment. She had recovered her composure. The flush had left her cheeks and her breathing was normal. "Nah," she replied. "It means that I should look for a deity for a lover."

"Good luck with that," Ben said, with a chuckle.. He picked up the card, returned it to the deck, and put the deck carefully back into its box. "You won't see me playing poker with this deck."

"You can play poker with tarot cards?" Audrey had her eyebrows raised as she took a sip of her drink.

Ben shrugged. "I don't know. I'm sure you can. I know you can play strip tarot."

The girl chuckled. "More knowledge from the witch?"

"I think perhaps I'll decline to answer that," he replied, with a grin. "So do you still want a tour of the chakra points?"

"Sure," Audrey replied.

"The best way I know to share the understanding is to share the experience," Ben said, "but it requires physical closeness. Are you okay with that?"

Audrey gave him an uneasy look. Her blue-gray eyes - darker than her hair, but with barely more hue - blinked at him from behind her large glasses. "I... guess so?"

"If it's too much, we can always drop back to strip tarot," joked Ben.

The girl laughed. His comment seemed to have eased her tension. "Only if you use the pretty deck," she said. "No, it's okay. I'll try it."

"I'll need to change," he stated. "I can't sit cross-legged in these jeans. Can you, in that skirt?"

Audrey assured him she could, and he left the room.


After trading his tee shirt and jeans for tan pajamas in lightweight cotton, Ben returned to the living room. He refilled their drinks, pushed the coffee table aside, then assumed a cross-legged easy pose. He indicated that Audrey should sit facing him.

She took a large swallow of her drink, then took the same pose, moving closer to Ben at his instruction.

"Try to keep looking into my eyes," he said. "We'll need to facilitate the sharing. I want you to sit in my lap, but we will try to match our breathing first. Oh, and you might want to take your glasses off," he said as her eyes widened at his comment.

Audrey removed her glasses. He took them from her and set them on the coffee table. Then he held her eyes. They each rested hands on knees, finding a slow breathing rhythm that was comfortable for both.

"Set your hands on my shoulders and move forwards," Ben murmured. "Feet beside me."

He moved his feet forward, knees to the side, and helped ease her into his lap. "Get comfortable," he said, still holding her gaze. "Knees up, or feet behind my back, whatever works. The closer our chakras are, the easier it is to share energy."

"But you said they're not real," she complained, in a low voice.

"That doesn't mean the symbolism can't function," Ben replied, moving his hands to the girl's lower back. "Energy is just thought, Sharing is closeness. But using the chakras... you'll see, I think. Breathe... Oh," he added, "and don't move. The goal isn't to bring in outside sensation, but to visualize the chakra, and the flow of energy."

Audrey nodded, and after a moment, her breathing resumed the slow pace they'd established.

Ben matched her pace. Even though he'd advised her not to move, the pressure of her body against his changed slightly with each breath. Over time, the slight motion would have a sensual effect, amplified by their eyes holding each other.

He moved his right hand lower, fingers lightly circling the base of her spine, not quite touching her ass, and not pressing firmly enough for her to be uncomfortable with the touch. "This is the root chakra," he said, softly. "Just barely inside, where your spine ends." He moved his hand back to join the other on her lower back and matched her breathing for several seconds before continuing. Lowering his voice until it was little more than a whisper, he continued. "Think of energy flowing into you through it, grounding you. It is the red at the edge of the rainbow. It is connected to the needs of survival, of food, and of water. It joins you to nature. Your well-being requires the chakra to be clear. Visualize it, relax it. Can you sense the location?"

Audrey was silent for a while, then, languidly, murmured, "mm-hmm. I do."

After their breathing was solidly in sync again for several seconds, Ben added, "Now imagine that I'm connecting to my root chakra, and sharing its energy with you. When you can feel that, return it to me. The feedback strengthens us both."

Another minute passed before Audrey murmured, "I feel it." She held his gaze steadily now, without any trace of self-consciousness.

Ben nodded slightly. Though he believed that the effect was only in the mind, it felt real to him, too. This was what Beth had shown him, though he was certain she did believe in the external spirituality of the experience.

Moving the fingers of his right hand again, he circled them lightly just above the waistline of Audrey's skirt. "The sacral chakra is deep inside," he said. "Imagine the point further forward of this, almost at the front, where the butterflies of arousal and excitement make their home. It is orange, and it is linked to play, to creation, to joy and to desire." He kept circling his fingers, the most delicate of touches against the skin, for several seconds, until the pupils of her eyes widened as she sought the place within her, closely connected to her sex. Then he returned his hand to its resting place and breathed with her, watching her.

"Feel the flow of energy into your core, feeding the positive emotions of pleasure and desire," he said at last. "The flow comes from my sacral chakra, the center of my pleasure and desire. Take it and feed it back to me." He felt her give the tiniest shiver, her eyes darkening further. He had no need to ask whether she felt anything, and didn't disturb her sensations with words.

She relaxed slightly when he moved his fingers again, touching her just inside the hem of her shirt. "Far forward is your navel chakra," he said. "Just behind the very center of your belly button. It is yellow. It is the center of your will. Your power and your drive are here, giving you the means to answer your first two chakras. Your need for food becomes your desire for food, and your need for pleasure becomes desire for pleasure, to find satisfaction and reach for more. Feel the energy building, charging your drive with the energy of my navel chakra, my will, the desire of my senses for satisfaction."

Again, her eyes seemed to darken, as if they were losing focus..

"You're not falling asleep, are you?" Ben asked.

Her body shook slightly as she chuckled. "No," she mumbled, her voice sounding deeper than it had earlier, "not at all."

He slipped his fingers out from inside her shirt and moved them over her wrap, feeling smooth skin beneath his touch, until he stopped at her upper back. "Your heart chakra is in the center of your chest, just to the right of your heart," he said. "Its color is green. It is the center of emotion, where the feelings of the first three chakra points merge with the spirit of the upper three. Love is here, and compassion, affection, balance. It brings warmth and connection to the desire and the need for pleasure, which leads to greater pleasure and filling of your spirit." After a few breaths, he said, "The energy flowing into you is from my emotions, my heart chakra. Let your emotions grow, feeling them in harmony with your needs and desires, and let them flow back."

More matched breathing, more intimate eye contact. Though the pace of Audrey's breathing hadn't changed, her chest seemed to lift further than it had.

Ben raised his fingers to the base of her neck. Briefly tracing them around, just above her shoulders, he said, "Your throat chakra, deep within, is blue. It's the center of communications and also of the purity of your body's functions, resisting disease and increasing your health." After his hand was again on her back, he added, "Let the energy flow in, and back, so that our communication can inspire each other."

Higher again, and this time he lifted his hand from her completely, then touched her forehead. "This is the pineal chakra, or the third eye. It is indigo." He returned his hand to hold her back lightly. "Your wisdom, your intellect, your intuition, your dreams and your imagination, they all proceed from the third eye chakra. Your heart and your communication need the clarity of this chakra, and if you keep it clear with meditation your schoolwork will be easy, but don't forget that you need your heart and your sacral chakra to balance your intellect."

Finally he touched the top of her head, surprised at how soft the gray hair was. The color was clearly not natural, but still, the gray made him think of age and dryness. This was luxuriant and rich. He pressed his fingers down, so that she could tell where they were, but stopped just short of touching her scalp. "And this is the crown chakra, which is violet. It is the seat of your consciousness, and connects to the consciousness of the universe, or the divine. Every conscious being shares this connection, As you feel my energy flow into you, you can sense my consciousness, my own crown chakra as the source of the energy. You connect to me, and we both connect to the infinite."

Both hands against Audrey's back again, he held her eyes, breathing with her for a minute. Then he caressed her lower back for a moment before asking, "How do you feel?"

Audrey contemplated the question for at least half a minute. "Alive," she said at last. "Awake. I felt something at every step. I'm not sure it was what I was supposed to feel, but I feel more aware." Her cheeks colored slightly. "Of myself, I mean."

"There's no particular way you're supposed to feel," Ben said. "Just be more in touch with yourself. You can meditate, too. You don't need a partner to explore your own consciousness.

"Yeah, but I'm sure there is more that you can do with a partner," Audrey said.

"There is," Ben agreed. "Close your eyes. I'll show you one."

He drew back a couple of inches. "Lean your head slightly forward," he murmured. When he did, he gently lowered his forehead to meet hers. "With your third eye, you can connect to your partner's third eye. Through that you can sense your partner's thoughts and emotions."

"That would be telepathy," Audrey observed, quietly.

Ben chuckled, feeling her forehead against his. "No, it's intuition," he said. "With our bodies connected like this, you can imagine what I'm feeling." He ran his fingers down her back to her skirt's waistband. "Our sacral chakras are so close, in this position. I can sense the flow between them. There's a charge there. Am I wrong?"

"No," the girl replied after a moment, her voice rough.

"Stay with the feeling there, for a moment," Ben said. "Feel the intellectual stimulation of your third eye become the stimulation of your sensuality."

As Audrey remained motionless in his lap, he lifted her hands from his shoulders, lowering them to rest gently on his waist. Then he lifted his fingers to her face, curling them below her ears, thumbs on her cheekbones, holding her head in position as he lifted his own, touching her forehead with his lips.

Ben kissed her forehead slowly but with an intensity of movement of his lip and tongue that he would generally apply to a partner's mouth, or to an erogenous zone. The girl seemed to quiver slightly in his lap.

As he continued kissing her third eye chakra point, he heard her breathing strengthen, and her body seemed to shift slightly between his thighs. Her fingers tightened slightly on his waist.

A while later, without moving his lips from Audrey's forehead, he whispered, "How does this feel?"

"I think you know," she replied, her own voice little more than a breath.

"Do you want to join our sacral chakras?" he asked.

"Join?" Audrey's expression clouded slightly. Ben remained silent, letting her reach understanding. Her eyes widened. "Y-you mean... join?" A moment later she nodded slightly. "Yes. Yes, I think so."

"Leave your shirt on," Ben murmured. "Just grant me access."

Audrey nodded again, then slid reluctantly off him and began to unfasten her skirt. As she did, he leaned back, reaching for the small drawer in the side of the coffee table. After retrieving a condom packet, he set it aside, then slipped his pajama pants and underwear down his legs.

Carefully opening the condom onto his hard cock, he caught Audrey's glance at what he was doing. She seemed both nervous and excited. Her cheeks were flushed as she lowered herself into easy pose before him.

"As before," he whispered. "Match our breathing, first."

She held his eyes, visibly trying to calm her breathing until Ben motioned her to come closer.

Setting her hands on Ben's shoulders, Audrey slid into his lap, lifting herself as he held his shaft in position, then slowly lowering herself onto him. Though she seemed quite wet, it took a couple of minutes of slow back-and-forth before she was completely in place; Ben pausing her occasionally until their breathing realigned.

Audrey's eyes were wide and dark as they held his.

"Don't move," Ben whispered. "Move your mind instead. Seek the flows of energy. Move your hands, if you like. Just don't move your body."

"Okay," replied Audrey, uncertainly. "That seems weird."

"Trust me," he said.

"I... do," she answered, with a trace of surprise in her voice.

Ben held her eyes, leaning close enough to move his fingers over her back, with a light touch. Audrey did the same, her touch tentative.

For several minutes, they did nothing but match breathing and touch each other. Ben occasionally murmured a not-quite platitude about energy, which Audrey responded to. Ben responded more to her interest than the statement he made, though he took the statement as seriously as he could, particularly about the sacral chakra, because that directly affected the girl's arousal.

At the same time, he tried to step outside his own feelings of stimulation, to prolong his need for release. He felt that he was pretty good at holding back, but having his cock deep inside an exciting young woman wasn't something he could shrug off. His body wanted to move, to find release inside her. He had constantly to think himself out of getting more turned on.

"Will you kiss my forehead again?" the girl asked, after a time. "Third eye, I mean."

As Ben did so, Audrey's breathing became heavy. Her body seemed to tense occasionally. He moved back, looking into eyes soft with arousal.

It was hard to tell how much tighter she became around his cock, since they weren't moving, but there was a tension there that there hadn't been, and a new look of need in her eyes.

Slowly, Ben moved his fingers around her waist to her belly, lifting her shirt a couple of inches to allow his fingertips to trace her lower belly. As her eyes held his, her breathing deep, he slowly began unfastening the knotted side of her wrap.

He drew out the process, letting Audrey's anticipation build. Her eyes were wide as he freed the side, then slowly drew it around her body.

Though he was tempted to look down, he kept his eyes on Audrey's. Without observing directly, he could tell that, while small, her breasts were well-proportioned, with distinct points at the nipples. He lifted his fingers to caress the tips.

As he did, he felt her sex twitch around his cock. Audrey moaned softly, and he used her sounds as guidance as he lightly pinched her nipples. Her excitement had built enough now that he was sure he could push her over the edge with the right touch. Instead, he kept her just short of that point. Her eyes took on an almost pleading look, but he held back on stimulation, feeling her sex tighten around him, then relax to a stable tension as the girl made a gentle whimpering sound.

Whenever he brought her close, Ben focused on his own arousal, holding himself back. It would be too easy to fall into his own climax if he lost control of Audrey's. He didn't want that yet.

For many minutes he fed the girl's need, as she moaned softly. Then, with a special effort at holding himself back, he led her again to the edge, and allowed her to move beyond.

Audrey cried out. Her thighs tightened, pressing her body hard against his, and he felt the tension around his cock crest and break into intense pulsing. She panted, not attempting to match his breathing. Her hands tightened on his back, and she held herself to him.

The spasms of her sex around his went on for several seconds. Audrey moaned against his shoulder, even after they had mostly subsided.


Her eyes were bright when she leaned back and looked at him. "That's the first time that's ever happened to me," she whispered.

"First time you've had sex without moving?" Ben asked.

She shook her head. "First time I've climaxed."

"Really?" he asked. "Ever?"

"Well, with a partner," she amended. "But the other times... without... they were never like this."

Ben chuckled. "Then I hope it will be the first of many."

At that, Audrey frowned.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Well, is it going to take something like this for me to come?" she demanded. "How am I ever going to find a guy who'll put all this effort in for me?"

"Hmm," Ben responded. "My guess is that now that it's happened, you'll be able to find your happy place more easily. You know it's possible, now. But to be on the safe side..."

Audrey cocked her head at him, waiting for him to continue.

Instead of answering, he moved his hands to her hips and started to bounce her in his lap. Her eyes opened wide, and after a moment, she grinned.

"I see," she said. "Sure." Then she moved her face to his and they joined in a kiss that grew increasingly passionate as Audrey began to moan.


Ben managed to hold off through Audrey's next excited climax, as she squeezed herself to him and panted. Using a condom was at least a benefit in that respect - the reduced stimulation helped him to avoid coming.

He carefully slid out of her, still hard. Then he wrapped his arm around the girl's back and thighs, and stood, lifting her. Audrey laughed as he carried her to his room and dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed.

Her wrap still dangled from one shoulder. She slipped it off, made it into a soft bundle, rolled to her side and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Then she pointed at Ben's shirt and to the same chair. He took the hint, and his pajama top joined the wrap.

Ben studied the girl for a moment. Her breasts were firm, with narrow nipples, swollen with arousal. They were barely any darker than the pale skin around, and a perfect match to her small frame. He lowered himself onto her, mouth to her right breast, and she squirmed as he suckled. Then his right hand caressed her sex and she moaned.

She was as wet as he'd expect after two intense orgasms, and he explored the slick area with his fingers, finding her clit's hiding place and teasing the nub within, feeling it become firm to his fingers, and drawing louder moans from Audrey's throat. Her hips rocked, and her back began to arch as his fingers teased her almost to the turning point, then forsook her.

As Audrey groaned in need, he moved higher and slid his shaft into her with almost no resistance. Then he gripped her ass and began to thrust hard into her. His mouth covered hers and she responded, moaning into the kiss.

Ben felt her legs wrap around his back as they bounced against the bed. Audrey broke the kiss and gasped in near panic, then stiffened. He had guessed it wouldn't take her long to crest, as close as his fingers had brought her to release, but he hadn't expected her to be so nearly ready. He had no time for finesse, and he barely held himself in check as the girl arched her back beneath him, feet gripping his butt, grinding her sex against him. A moment later she was gasping in release, lips parted in a satisfied smile.

When she lowered her legs back to the bed, Ben moved his hands to her ass. Squeezing her against him, he rolled over, drawing Audrey with him, so that she lay atop him, still connected. Without waiting for her to recover from her climax, he took her hips and began to move her against him, sliding her sex along his cock.

The girl smiled, and picked up the motion. Her breathing was still heavy as she began to rock her hips, her breasts squeezed against his chest, her face nestled against his neck.

When Audrey's breathing slowly became lightly-voiced sighs of pleasure, Ben slid his hands up her sides, then lifted her from his chest. She rested on her elbows, her face above his, and licked her lips.

He turned to align his lips with hers, and Audrey responded to the motion by lowering her mouth to his. Soon his own grunts were joining her sighs within the kiss.

Sliding his hands beneath her chest, Ben began to squeeze her breasts. She groaned, and her hips moved more strongly against him. Her sighs took on a new intensity, and Ben pressed himself deeper into her with each stroke. He was holding back his own release, but it was an effort, and he knew that he couldn't postpone it much longer now.

He pinched Audrey's erect nipples, and she panted into the kiss, then moaned as her body began to curve into him. As she slid into climax, Ben released the last restraint on his need, and his cock began to pulse powerfully as he spent himself into the condom.


Audrey lay facing Ben on the bed. He felt the need to run his finger around her small but perfect breast, and she smiled.

"So you know you can climax now," he said. "Either that or you're the best faker I've ever had sex with."

"Ass," Audrey said with a chuckle. "You know they were real. But I still don't really know... they were all after the first one, when I was already deeply aroused. Can I get that way without you stimulating my chakra points?"

Ben licked a finger and stroked it along her sex. As she parted her legs slightly he caressed her labia, moving slowly upwards. "As long as your partner pays some attention to you, I'm sure you can," he said. "Tell you what. Visit me again tomorrow night, and we'll fuck without any spiritual trappings. Once you've come until you're exhausted, you can try spreading your learning for any guy you choose."

Audrey narrowed her eyes at him. "Clever," she said, after a moment. "But yes, dating would hold more ... nggh interest." Her breath caught as Ben's finger circled her clit. "If I need an occasional... ohhh! ... an occasional chakra reset...?"

He lowered his face to her left breast and ran his tongue around her nipple. It had softened some, but began to swell on contact. "Sure," he said, before parting his lips and suckling. The girl began to pant. "If you feel the need to have your chakra points tickled, I'd be happy to tickle them." He sucked her nipple into his mouth and stretched it with his lips. She shuddered. "On a non-exclusive basis."

"Mmh," Audrey acknowledged. "Oh, god, that feels so good."

Ben slipped his finger inside her, and pressed his thumb to her clitoral hood. Within a few moments she was rocking her hips against his touch.

Tonight had been a fun seduction. He'd enjoyed the whole chakra farce. But he was looking forward to tomorrow, too. He might not be able to make her climax until exhaustion, but he could certainly try.

He kept thrusting his fingers firmly into her, then pressed hard against her sex with his thumb, rubbing rapidly. Audrey's back arched and she cried out as he pushed her into orgasm.

Yeah, he could certainly try.