Only three days into this vacation, and Logan was already hating it. He wasn't even sure exactly how he'd agreed to it, or whose idea it was. His sister Maddy's, most likely, but he was sure she hadn't intended to bring him along. She'd never liked having her little bro hanging around. Nor did her friend Riley, who'd joined her on the trip. Between the two of them they belittled and tormented him all day long, shooed him away from anything interesting and generally made his life hell. He was sure it was his Mom's stipulation to have him there, to make it less likely the girls would be bringing boys back to the cabin. And having him out of the house too had nothing to do with his Mom's motivation. Nothing at all to do with giving her the chance to go out of town to visit a recently-single male friend.


And none of them knew they'd have no internet. His mom conveniently hadn't mentioned that. Not even Maddy knew. She screamed at him to set up a hotspot or something. Literally screamed. Even Riley had looked uncomfortable. But cell coverage was terrible. If he walked up the hill a little he could get a signal, but no internet, and too far away to reach the cabin with wifi.

Maddy and he both had tablets, and they both had movies stored on them. Riley only had her phone.

Of course the idea was that Maddy would drive the group around sightseeing, and there were woods and streams and a path that Logan could use to run every day, but that still left evenings. And when Maddy left alone on the third day, he and Riley were stranded. "She's gone to see her boyfriend," Riley informed him. "She'll be back tomorrow."

"Oh, fucking great," he said.

"Language, Loogie." Riley sneered. "Don't try talking like a grown up."

"Jesus, give it a rest." He sighed. "She isn't here to impress."

Riley glared at him, then stormed out. Logan shook his head in annoyance, then left for his morning run..

When he returned, Riley was sitting in the tiny kitchen, hair damp from the shower, in a tight gunmetal grey crop top and light grey drawstring shorts, drinking coffee. Logan helped himself to a cup without asking. He started to leave for his room, then turned back. "Why'd she go? Does she think I won't tell Mom."

Riley was watching him with narrowed eyes. "She said to tell you, 'Hustler.'"

"Oh, jeez," he said. "Will she never let that go?"

"What's that about?"

"Do you really want to know, or do you just want another thing to beat me up with?"

She frowned. "I won't say anything about it."

"Even to Maddy?"


He shook his head. "No."

"Don't be an idiot," she snapped. "If I promise to say nothing and she brings up the subject, I wouldn't be able to answer her and she'd know that you told me. I wont tell her anything you say, okay?"

Logan considered it. "Fine." It wasn't as if she could do him any harm than his sister already could. "A teacher saw me reading Hustler at school. She sent a note to Mom."

"Let me guess - she sent it with Maddy?"

"Bingo," he agreed. "Maddy opened it, read it, and has never given it to Mom. She has it hidden somewhere I can't find."

He moved back to the small table and sat, sipping his coffee. "What about you? You're stuck here for two days without any transport."

"It sucks," she agreed.

"What does she have on you?"

Riley shrugged. "Nothing. She just left. Said she'd be back tomorrow, call her if there were any problems."

"So call her," Logan said. "Leaving you alone's a problem."

"Think she'll give a shit about that?" Riley asked. "I shouldn't have come."

"Makes two of us."

She looked up from her coffee. "You don't have one here, do you? A Hustler?"

He barked a laugh. "Branded for life, I am. No."

She shrugged. "I just wondered... I don't have anything to do." Her expression brightened. "Oh! Can you get into Maddy's tablet? She has some... a movie we were watching."

"You want her porn collection? No way."

"Why not?" Her expression had turned hostile.

"Why would you think I would even know her password?"

"Because you're smart, L..." she caught herself. "You know things. You'd want blackmail material on her."

"Maybe I'm not an asshole like she is," he retorted. "And maybe if I had her password I'd already have blackmailed her."

Riley watched him closely through narrowed eyes. The magenta tips of her damp black hair swayed around her neck. "No, you wouldn't. You'd wait until you found something she couldn't deny by wiping the tablet. I guess you haven't found it yet."

"She doesn't often let it out of her sight," he admitted.

Her eyes burned into him. "So you do know the password?"

He sighed. "Yeah, I know it. But still, no way."

"Why?" Riley may have been much shorter than Logan, and slight compared to his runner's build, but she looked like she was about to leap at him, fists flying.

"Because she doesn't know I know, and I'm not having her find out from you."

She glared for a moment longer. Perhaps she realized that she wouldn't convince him of peaceful intentions by screaming at him, and she slouched. "If I promise not to tell?"

"What's that worth?"

"Nothing you'd trust, probably," she replied, ruefully. "But I promise."

"Cross your heart and..."

Riley rolled her eyes. "Please."

Logan found himself grinning. "You're right." He gave it some thought. "One movie. Ninety minutes, and you let it lock again. Promise me that, too, and I'll do it."


He shrugged. "It will show me I can trust you in that one thing."

"I guess that's fair," she said after a moment. "So you'll do it?"

Logan nodded and Riley headed to the room she shared with Maddy and returned with his sister's tablet. He keyed in the password - it was the phone number of an ex of hers - and handed the unlocked device to the girl, who gave him a short but genuine smile.

"Be sure to keep hitting the screen before the video starts," he said, "or it will go back to sleep."

She nodded and took the tablet back to her room. Logan poured himself another coffee.


As he drank his coffee, he started to imagine what Riley would be doing in the room, watching porn. He may not have had the life experience to be sure, but he could make a guess, and he found himself getting hard. Rising from the table, he grabbed his things from his room and locked himself in the shower.

If the cabin had one bright spot it was that the shower was a comfortable size, and enough hot water that all three guests could bathe without using it up. Logan stood for a while under the hot spray. He tried not to think about what his sister's unpleasant but very hot friend might be doing.

Riley was tall for a girl, though Logan overtopped her by a head, and slender, with grey-blue eyes. Her face was narrow, with a pointed chin, straight nose, and lips that turned upward in amusement if she wasn't looking at him. She wore her hair in a bob cut, usually black, but occasionally tipped, as it was that day, with a bright color, or highlighted with a metallic sheen.

Outdoors, she usually wore a medium length or crop top with narrow straps, showing the straps of her bra. Indoors - yes, he'd noticed, he couldn't help it - she rarely wore a bra. Logan would never admit that he found the shape and motion of her tee fascinating.

He always tried to avoid letting his interest show. They hated each other, after all. But the idea of that sensual body responding to an erotic video - a video he'd set up for her - just wouldn't let him rest. He'd... well, he'd seen one or two videos himself, and a girl getting horny turned him on. He became hard, and stayed that way until he soaped up his erection and solved the problem in the way of all men.

Thus relieved, Logan rinsed and towelled off, dressed, and sat at the table in the kitchen. No sounds carried from the bedroom. After the ninety minutes had passed, he knocked on the door and waited for Riley to invite him to enter.

She was lying face down on the bed, a pillow under her chest, with the tablet propped at the head. Her complexion may have been slightly more pink than normal. She paused the video. "Time's up," he said.

"I'm not done," Riley complained. "I need another half hour."

"Tough," Logan said, reaching for the tablet, but she grabbed it and held it tightly. "You promised," he demanded.

She shook her head. "Why are you being so petty?"

"Why are you being so mean?" he countered.

"How is wanting to keep the player longer mean?"

"Not just that," he argued. "These last few days. You and Maddy both. You call me Loogie. You insult me at every turn. You act like I'm twelve. I can drive, for God's sake. Maddy and I are both over the age of consent, and neither of us is at drinking age. I can legally do anything she can."

"Not true," she said. "You're not old enough to vote."

"See, you're doing it again!" he scowled. "Though okay, I guess that's true. But the point is, I'm not a little kid. Maddy, she's always going to think I am, and she's always been on my case. Why are you?"

She watched him for a while. "Because you're Maddy's kid brother, I guess," she said, quietly. "And maybe... maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just going along with her. Maybe I'm being unfair. Reset?"

"Not if I can't trust your promise," he countered.

Riley pouted, but she held the tablet out to him. It had gone into sleep mode anyway, so he set it aside.

After a regretful glance at the device, she looked up at him. "Maybe you're right," she said again. "Thanks for letting me use it."

Logan shrugged. "I'll unlock it again later, if you want," he offered.

"It was about to get interesting again," Riley said, looking up at him with a lopsided grin. "If I'd known I was running out of time, I might have skipped ahead a little."

"Well, the player will save your position," he said. "You can watch the rest later."

"I will," she said. "Thanks." She looked around the room, then lifted herself to a sitting position and glanced up at him. "Let's go for a walk."

He didn't try to hide his surprise. "Uh..."

"If we're going to reset, we should try to talk," she said, "and I need a change of scenery."

"Uh," he said again, master of scintillating conversation. "Right. Okay. Will you stop calling me Loogie?"

"Sure, Logan," she agreed, and stood.

"You might want a jacket," he suggested, as she headed to the door.

She shrugged. "I don't plan to be out long. Besides, you were out in a tee shirt."

"I was running," he replied.

She walked through the door without picking up a coat. "You do a lot of that."

Logan followed her out. "Mmhmm. I'm in JV track and basketball. Varsity next year."

"You've always looked like you stay in shape."

"I do," he agreed. "What about you?"

She grinned. "Nothing the school would consider a sport." She crossed her arms over her belly, holding off the cool of the morning. "So, I guess... I hear you two yell at each other," she said, then paused a moment before continuing. "I went along with her because you were both being asses, so why would I have any sympathy for you? Maddy's my friend. But I don't think I recall you ever starting anything."

He shrugged. "Can't say I don't. She winds me up. Sometimes I snap." He thought for a moment. "I don't think I've ever been rude to you without provocation, though. Have I?"

She shook her head. "Don't think so."

They walked in silence for a moment. Riley squeezed her arms more tightly against her. It tugged on her shirt, accentuating her breasts. Or maybe her nipples had become better defined by the chill in the air. Either way, Logan tried to study the ground ahead of him instead of staring.

"So, how's Pam?" she asked.

"We broke up, months ago," he replied.

"I'm sorry," she said. It didn't sound sincere. "Anyone else?"

"Not since Pam," he said.


"Yeah, there was Marie. Why do you ask?"

She straightened, and lowered her arms, slipping her thumbs into her pockets as she walked. "I guess..." she paused, finding words. "I'm trying to clear the image Maddy has instilled in me. You've dated. I'm sure you've done... adult stuff with them. Knowing that helps me overcome the mind games."

Logan's laugh was harsh. "So if I didn't fuck them I'm still a kid?" He intended the word to be harsh, but it sounded forced and unnatural. He wasn't doing himself any favors. "Then I guess you'll have to stay with the mind games, 'cause I didn't."

Riley looked up in surprise. "Why not? It's not like you're trying to be a saint."

"Why do you say that?"

She gave him a wry grin. "You know about Maddy's porn collection, and you don't seem at all to have a problem with it."

"True." Logan returned the grin briefly, then shrugged. "Why? Because it takes two."

"You wanted to?"

He shrugged. "Maybe. I wanted to do more than we did. How far we'd have gone, I'll never know. I might have thought it would be stupid. And I might have done it anyway. I've heard that's the way it goes."

"True enough," she agreed. "But they didn't want to get close?"

He shook his head. "Marie liked to kiss. I liked that. Pam... she didn't like to do anything physical, even kiss."

"Touching?" she asked.

Logan laughed. "What is this, a perv questionnaire?"

"You don't have to tell me," she said.

"It's okay," he replied. "No, no touching. Definitely not with Pam. A little with Marie. I wanted to touch her boobs, but she wouldn't let me." he found his face warming. "Does that get me out of kid territory?"

The breeze picked up for a second, and Riley shivered. "You don't need to convince me. And you really don't need to tell me anything that makes you uncomfortable. I'm sorry, though."

"Sorry for...?"

"Sorry she wouldn't let you," she replied. "There's nothing wrong with wanting to fondle your girlfriend, and most girls like it, in the right circumstances. Maybe she was scared she'd like it too much."

"You think?" Logan considered that. "You think she didn't trust me?

"Maybe she didn't trust herself," she answered. "If you're kissing, and things are getting intense, maybe you're too aroused to be able to handle the feelings. It was kissing that made you want to touch her, right? So maybe it made her want more, too, and that scared her."

"Maybe," he allowed.

They were over halfway around the wooded loop, moving back towards the cabin. "So you tried, I guess? I mean, it wasn't," she extended her hands before her and waggled her fingers, "'Hey, Marie, can I squeeze your jugs?'"

"Jesus, no," he yelped.

"You tried to touch her and she pushed your hands away?"

"I could touch her back or her sides, but if I moved my hands closer she'd stop them and draw away."

"And there was no one else but those two? That's a shame."

Logan shrugged. "So does that mean you can't reclassify me as an adult?"

Riley looked up at him sharply, but laughed when she saw that he was grinning. "I told you. You've got nothing to prove." After a moment she added, "Maybe you and I could try to be a little closer, to make up for all of the past hostility. Would you be okay with that?"

"Yeah," he replied. "I'd like that."

She tilted her head to one side and looked at him. While she did, she didn't notice uneven ground and stumbled. He reached out to catch her, but she righted herself. Then she glanced back at him, but paid attention to the ground. "In that case... I'm cold. If you beat me back to the cabin, you can warm me up by playing with my boobs."

Without waiting for him to react, she started sprinting. It took him a second to process what she'd said, and he didn't know that he'd even have chosen to race without arguing about what the hell she was thinking, but it was a challenge, and he responded automatically. She had a good head start, but he was a runner, and after the last couple of days, he was used to the footing here, which was a bigger advantage than his training. He passed her with about a third of the distance remaining, then turned to watch her, his heart racing with more than the effort of the run.

Riley's breasts bobbed inside her tight tee as she slowed before the door, breathing hard. "I didn't expect you to be quite so eager," she grumbled. "You're fast!"

"Uh, what?" he responded. "Why were we racing? You can't have meant what you said."

She pushed past the bewildered Logan, and opened the door. "You mean you don't want to play with my boobs?"

"W...why?" he stammered.

"I was warm from the movie before we went out. I want to get that glow back. You can discover what you missed. Not with the right person, okay, but I think it would still be fun, for both of us."

"But... we're not dating. And what about Carl?"

Riley's eyes narrowed in displeasure. "That's been over for a while." She made a clear effort to shrug off the recollection, then gave a slight grin. "Just touching through clothes. And not if it makes you uncomfortable."

"I still don't understand why..." His words trailed away. He didn't know why he was arguing. He didn't know what he was arguing about.

"So we can get closer," she said. "Just a little more intimate. More than we would be otherwise, to help us get past screaming at each other. No kissing, no going too far, just enjoying each other's company."

She opened the door to her room, and Logan followed her inside. "By fondling your boobs," he said.

"For a start," she agreed. "Watching the video turned me on. You could help me feel that again, and if you find me at all sexy, you're going to have an easier time not hating me."

Logan didn't say "I already do," or "I already don't," both of which were true. "You really want to do this?" he asked, instead.

"I do," she answered. "Do you?"

"Yeah," he replied, the word sounding unsteady to his ears.

Riley lay down on her back and patted the bed beside her. Logan lay face down. His erection had been rekindled, and he felt the need to hide it beneath him. The girl rolled slightly towards him, then reached for his left hand. "It isn't like we'll be hurting anyone," she said, "though Maddy would be all kinds of pissed."

He let out a nervous laugh as she guided his hand to her left breast. "It's sounding better all the time,"

With a sense of wonder he explored. Her body beneath the thin tee seemed to offer almost no resistance to his touch, light and delicate, and yet also resilient. He'd always noticed - though tried not to be noticed noticing - that she filled out the tight tees she wore enough for the shirt to quiver as she moved, but he'd always considered her breasts to be fairly small. Under his fingers the one he touched seemed more substantial. He caressed both sides.

"What are you thinking?" Riley asked.

"That it's softer than it looks," he responded.

"Cup it with your whole hand and squeeze." When he did that, she smiled. "That's nice." After a pause, she added, "Maybe we can pretend a few things that your next girlfriend will like to do for real."

Without taking his hand from her thin shirt, he rolled his eyes. "If she lets me."

"Not everyone's an uptight grump," she responded.

"Obviously not," he said, with a more positive squeeze.

"Mmm," Riley offered. "Don't pinch my nipple. Not yet."

"I wasn't planning to," he said.

"You should plan to," she said. "When she's aroused, having her nipple pinched is exciting. I'm still cold from the walk." He squeezed the firm softness again. Her breathing was slow and deep. "Not as cold as I was," she murmured.

"She?" he asked, puzzled.

"Your girlfriend," Riley said, "whoever she turns out to be. "You might find playing with her breasts exciting, but likely it's even more so for her, which is good for both of you. I can show you a few things to try."

"Alright," he said. "I thought you were turning into crazy third person... uh, person."

"Switch to the other," she suggested. It was a little more awkward, stretching his arm over her belly, "She likes you to pay attention to both, even if she prefers one over the other. Both turn her on." Then, "Mmm, yeah," she breathed. Something in her tone made Logan's erection swell further, and he wriggled slightly to keep it from becoming uncomfortable.

"Do you prefer one over the other?" he asked.

"Maybe, a little," she said.


"You tell me."

"Hell, I dunno," he said, still squeezing. "I suppose I have to keep going until I figure it out."

Her breath huffed out in a quiet gasp, then she breathed deeply. "You can tease her before focusing on her nipple," she said. "After, too, of course, but before lets her know what's coming, and builds the anticipation. Circle your fingers around her nipple, barely touching... avoid her areola if you can. Or start further out, and get closer, backing off before you touch it."

"How do I do that when I can't see it?" Logan complained, lightly drawing a circle around her right breast.

"If you haven't gotten her naked, you'll have to guess," she said, tartly. "Or if you've gotten her naked in the past you can picture them." Her chest seemed to quiver slightly at his touch. "I'm not taking my shirt off for you to practise." Her eyes caught his for a moment. They seemed very dark. "Besides, you're doing fine."

Then she looked away again, down to his hand on her chest. "If you think she's ready for you to pay close attention to her nipple, then try pinching it lightly, or," she moved her fingers to her left breast and demonstrated her meaning, "roll it lightly between finger and thumb.'

He did those, lightly pinching her nipple, then rolling his fingers against it, noticing as he did that she squeezed her left breast before lowering her hand back to her side.

"You can try pinching much harder now," she said.

"How hard?" asked Logan, unsure if she meant herself, now, or the hypothetical girlfriend, but he pinched her nipple anyway, more firmly.

"Harder," she said, and again, "harder," as he pinched again. "Mmmh, yeah," she gasped as he pinched a third time. "Don't overdo it, though. It's erotic as hell, but it can easily hurt. And don't forget to tease her other nipple before you do that one."

Taking that as an instruction, Logan switched back to her left breast, his cock uncomfortably hard beneath him. Her chest moved up and down faster than it had as he teased her breast and then pinched her nipple.

"You can try pulling on the nipple, too, or twist it. See what she likes." He did, eliciting a shiver from Riley. "And when you've got her topless, you'll be able to do the same with your mouth. Tease with your tongue, suck her nipple, stretch it, lap at it, it's all good, even better than fingers."

Logan grunted understanding, and toyed with both of her nipples. They became hard to his touch, standing out against her taut grey tee, riding high as she breathed deeply, the muscles of her belly tensing.

Eventually, breathing deeply, Riley moved his hand from her right breast and set it on her belly.

"You doing okay?" she asked.

"Mm-hmm," Logan reassured her. "You?"

"Oh yeah," she answered. She lifted his hand and traced his fingers over her smooth skin. When she released it, he kept up the motion. "Can you tell?"

"Can I tell if you're... aroused, you mean?"

She nodded.

"Yeah." Logan let his fingertips wander over her right breast before returning to her belly. She twitched beneath his touch. "You react when I touch you. Your face seems slightly pinker. And... your shirt looks, uh, tighter. Is that possible?"

She laughed. "Mm-hmm." She squeezed her left breast. "They feel like they've swelled slightly, and my nipples are harder. They're more sensitive now." She lowered her hand again. "What about you?"

"Well, uh," he felt his face reddening. "My shirt isn't any tighter."

She laughed again, her eyes sparkling. "I'm sure it isn't. Imagine how much more aroused your girlfriend will be, when you're kissing her at the same time."

"On her mouth or her boobs?" he asked.

Riley shivered. "Both. And what you're doing right now is good, too. It's nicely teasing. It keeps her wanting more."

"More... like...?"

Riley watched him for a moment before answering. "I'm pretty she's ready for you to slip your fingers inside her panties."

Logan said, "Glurk," or something similarly profound.

"We're not doing that, of course," she said. She took a deep breath, then added, "but you could touch my pants, and I can show you what she likes. If you want."

"Okay," he said, after a moment. "Where?" Riley frowned at him, and he clarified, "I mean, I don't know where is okay..."

"It's all okay if you touch through clothes, and if you'll stop if I tell you to. You will, right?"

He nodded. "Of course."

Riley picked up his hand, ran a nail over the front of his middle finger, which gave him a surprising shiver, then set it down on the front of her pants.

Logan explored with a light touch at first, then a little more firmly as he tried to feel her shape under her clothing. He could feel the outline of the edge of her panties, Within those bounds, her sex was an indistinct vertical crease, and he ran his fingers along it.

"She likes you touching her there," Riley said. "It's making her wet. Slide your fingers up and down. Outside is okay. Slightly inside is good, too, if there are no pants in the way."


"For now," she answered. "You're teasing. When she's ready, your fingers can go deeper and higher, One or two. If she's let you go this far, she's probably going to want that, too, but the more you tease her, the more she craves it."

Logan slid his fingers up and down the crease, the pants sliding with his fingers, moving freely against the smooth surface of her underwear within. Riley seemed more relaxed as he moved his fingers than she had when he was teasing her breasts, but her lips were slightly parted and her lower lip twitched as she breathed out.

"Even without going inside," she said, quietly, "you can make things pretty intense for her. Go higher."

He frowned, and moved his fingers to what felt like the top of the crease of her sex. "Here?"

"Higher," she whispered. He moved his finger an inch or so higher. "Press there," she said in a whisper. "Mmh, yeah, right there. If you move your fingers around, do you feel anything?"

Logan moved his fingers around. Maybe there was a firmer feel right at the center, He pressed his fingers against it and moved them around. "Here?" he asked.

Riley breathed out sharply and nodded without speaking. He kept moving his fingers, exploring the bump in the center.

"Mmh..." the girl gasped, and he eased the pressure. "It's okay," she breathed, her voice sounding more husky than it had. "If you circle your fingers around there, or rub up and down, she's going to like it."

He resumed rubbing with a tight circular motion. The firm center seemed easier to find than it had. The muscles of Riley's belly contracted, then she relaxed again.

Logan stopped circling and began to stroke the firm center with two fingers. The girl's belly tensed again, and she parted her thighs a little.

"She'll like this?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," Riley replied. "You're really turning her on now."

He eased up on the pressure, but kept stroking. Her nipples stood out against the tight grey top, and she blew each breath out through rounded lips.

The sensitive bump was definitely more distinct than it had been. He pressed a finger to either side, and started sliding them up and down. Riley's belly tightened under his hand. He pressed harder, and her hips began to rock slowly. A soft sound began to accompany each of her slow breaths.

Up to this point Logan had been becoming aroused by what he had been doing; talking with Riley about sex, fondling her breasts and touching her bare skin. His cock had swollen, pressing into the mattress beneath him.

But when she began to move against his hand, and to make those small sounds, he became aware of how turned on Riley was becoming. He'd known she was enjoying the touch, but now her response was overtly sexual. And he was the one driving that response in her. Suddenly his erection became hard, and painfully bent into the wrong direction by his face-down position.

Without changing the motion of his left hand, Logan wiggled enough to get his right hand beneath him, lifting his hips to reposition his hard shaft inside his underwear, so that it pointed up to his belly, then lay back down, sandwiching it in that much less uncomfortable position.

That accomplished, he again paid attention to the girl's response, the rhythmic tensing of muscles under her bare skin, the rise and fall of her breasts, erect nipples straining the fabric of her thin tee, her lips slightly parted as she breathed deeply, face slightly flushed - and all of these reactions growing as his fingers moved against her.

Logan pressed harder and rubbed faster. Riley's hips lifted from the bed, pressing her against his fingers, and she groaned, then took his hand in both of hers and lifted it away from her sex

"Enough," she said, softly. Reluctantly, Logan thought. She lowered his hand back to her belly, and he spread his fingers to rest lightly against her bare skin.

"Did you like doing that?" Riley asked.

"Yeah," Logan replied, surprised at how rough his voice sounded. "The way you reacted made me not want to stop."

"Yeah," she said.

"Did you?" he asked.

Riley laughed. "I think that was pretty obvious. I've missed this... sexy goofing off."

"Since breaking up?"

She frowned, and didn't speak for a moment. Logan thought she wasn't going to. Maybe it was too personal, though it didn't seem as much so as her interrogating him about his girlfriends. But she shook her head and answered. "Since before that, really. Months before. It was fun with other guys. Maybe in the early days it was fun with Carl. Towards the end it was all about... other things."

"Things?" he asked.

Riley took his hand in both of hers again, and deposited back on her left breast. "Things we won't talk about, since they involve getting naked."

He caressed her breast gently, then tightened his finger and thumb on her nipple and squeezed. "Is that why you broke up?"

She shuddered beneath his hand as he pinched. "Mmmhh..." Her breath caught before she continued, "More or less. He was... controlling. Demanding in bed, and then increasingly... mmhh..." Logan rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb. "Increasingly in everything else." She shook her head again. "I don't want to talk about him. I just want to have fun. If you're okay with it."

He shrugged, giving her boob another squeeze. "It still seems weird to me, but I guess I am."

"Would you like to feel me against you?" she asked after a time. "I think that would be exciting."

"Whatever you're comfortable with," he said.

"No kissing, and we keep our..."

"Clothes on," Logan said in unison with her.

Riley grinned. "Turn over onto your back."

"Well," he said, "there's... a thing..."

"Do I need to get off the bed to give you room?"

"It's not that," he said. "It's... I don't really want to turn over right now."

"Why?" She thought for a moment, then her lips quirked. "Oh! I think I can guess. Don't let it worry you." She pried him away from her body, rolling him to his left, and he had to shift to avoid falling off. His cock was constrained by his shorts, but there was a distinct bulge. She glanced down briefly, then back up, with a grin. "I think that tells me you're enjoying yourself."

"Yeah," he said, then she straddled him and lay down. He felt the soft pressure of her breasts against his chest.

"I need to catch my breath," she said, lying still against him.

Even squeezed between them, Logan's cock began to relax after a time. He breathed a sigh of relief. Riley's face was against his right shoulder, looking away from him. Lifting his head, he started to run his tongue over her right shoulder. She remained relaxed against him.

"Is it okay to do that?" he asked. "Does no kissing mean I can't kiss your neck, or is it just kissing on the mouth?"

In reply, she turned her head, pressed her lips just above his collarbone. The movement of her tongue as she kissed the skin sent tingles through him, making his cock twitch. Then she lay her head to the side again.

"Okay," he said, with a chuckle.

Logn kissed the right side of her neck, and she made a soft sound. "Mmm..." It felt contented, rather than aroused. He kissed as low down as he could reach, then kept paying attention to the smooth skin around it as she nestled.

Then he lay back for a while, relaxing as she did. She felt light against him. He would have expected a body on top of his to feel more of a burden, but it felt like she might float away. Only the pressure of her hips against his and the distinct softness of her breasts against his chest seemed to anchor her.

After a time, Logan lifted his fingers and ran them over the sides of her breasts. Squashed as they were against his chest, they felt shortened. but firm and supple as he caressed them lightly. He ran his hands down to her waist, bare below the crop top, and rested his fingers against it as he parted his lips and pressed them to the side of her neck. He drew his tongue around in circles before closing his lips around it and continued the movement, sucking lightly. As he did he felt her squeeze her body to his.

"Do you still think this is weird?" she asked, quietly.

"Mm-hmm," he said.

"Should we stop? I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Logan shook his head. "I don't think comfort has much to do with it, but this beats how things were between us a couple of hours ago."

She laughed, and her body shook against his. "Yeah, it does. Okay, though, just let me know if it's too weird."

"I will," he replied, then moved his lips down to the base of her neck.

She made another sound of contentment as Logan kissed her neck. He slid his lips along her shoulder, pushing the top's narrow strap out of the way when needed, kissing and lightly sucking every inch or two. She squeezed herself against him again, and again, more strongly, as he moved back, lips pressed below her ear, and then focusing on the base of her neck.

Riley turned her head and began to kiss his neck and shoulders, her tongue sending tiny jolts through him. He tried to emulate what she was doing by pressing his lips to the base of her neck, sucking slightly, and rubbing his tongue hard against her skin. He didn't know if it was as effective as what she was doing to him, but her body pressed more firmly to his in a slow rhythm.

"Am I doing this right?" Logan asked, surprised at how unsteady his own voice sounded.

She laughed. "There's no right or wrong."

"But you like it, right?" he insisted. "I mean, I like the way what you're doing feels."

She raised herself to her elbows, and turned her face to grin at him. Her boobs lifted most of the way off him and quivered as she repositioned herself.

"Logan," she said, "Get her topless and kiss her titties like that. You're going to totally own her."

His erection tried to push its way out of his underwear. He caressed the sides of her breasts, then slid his hands lower, below her chest, and stroked her nipples with his thumbs. "Would it own you?" he asked.

Riley's breath caught as she watched him. It was several seconds before she replied. "I'm not taking my top off."

"So it should be fine," he declared. "Through the shirt is okay, right? No owning."

Riley's eyes were intense as she watched him, though whether with excitement or apprehension he couldn't tell from her expression. She shrugged, then lifted herself to her elbows. "Knock yourself out."

Moving his hands under her arms, Logan slid her higher up his body, then lifted her enough to be able to move his lips to her breasts. She supported herself above him as he ran his tongue across the upper edge of both boobs.

Heeding her earlier advice, he drew his tongue around, pushing lightly against her yielding flesh through the thin tee, approaching but not touching her nipple. Her lips were parted, her breathing steady, but heavy.

Riley's thighs straddled his belly, and after he'd teased around her nipples for a while he felt them tighten, pressing her to him for a few seconds before relaxing. There was a slight rasp to her breath.

As she was supporting herself above him, he trailed his fingers down her side and out across her legs before sliding them back over her thighs and to her butt. Then, letting his palms rest against her butt, he lightly squeezed her against him.

Her thighs tightened again for a few seconds, and she exhaled quickly, then resumed her steady breathing.

The feel of her resilient breasts against his tongue was thrilling, but he wanted to feel it with his fingers, too. Leaving his left hand lightly against her butt, Logan moved his right to her left breast and began to squeeze gently. The movement of her thighs became regular, pressing her against him when she inhaled slowly, relaxing as she exhaled more sharply.

Riley was clearly enjoying what he was doing, and so was he, other than his erection being so hard it ached. The pain was worth the excited feeling in his belly. And she'd told him how to fuel her desire. Parting his lips, he trailed his tongue over her hard nipple, then closed his mouth around it and started sucking and moving his tongue as he'd been doing against her shoulder.

The effect was instant. Riley made a "Nngh..." sound in her throat, and shivered. Her thighs tensed and she pushed herself hard against his belly. He kept moving his lips and tongue, and she started breathing again, more quickly. Her hips moved, and she rocked lightly against him, breath catching as he pinched the nipple of her left breast.

Opening his mouth wide, Logan took in more of her breast. The girl atop him shuddered, making a soft moaning sound.

He was about to switch to working on her left nipple when she suddenly lowered herself, no longer lifting herself with her arms. Her right boob pressed to his face, and he continued to suckle as she wrapped her arms around his head and held him close to her, stretching her body out along his. He didn't have room now to get his right hand around her left breast, so he moved it back to her butt, using both hands to draw her against him as she slid her body against his.

Riley's breathing was less steady and faster. She made moans of pleasure into Logan's ear, her head turned so her breath tickled him. He wanted to take her top off, and thought she might be excited enough to let him, so he slid his hands up her sides, pushing the hem of her shirt higher. He couldn't lift it further while she was holding him so close to her, but he could wait. The idea of seeing her bare breast - and touching, and kissing - and owning - had him panting softly, a deep thrill settling into his stomach, making his cock tingle.

Then she moaned softly, and his arousal spiked with hers.

It was too much. Logan's traitorous cock objected to being constrained and held back for so long. He felt it twitch and tried hard to suppress what was heading his way, but couldn't. It tensed, then released, heat erupting to coat his underwear and shorts and leave him a sticky mess.

"Oh, damn," he groaned. Not that it didn't feel good. The tingling explosion, after the kind of stimulation that was the cause, was better than anything Logan had ever experienced in the shower. But he was a mess, and suddenly his acute embarrassment overwhelmed him. He released her sides and drew his face back from her breast.

She began to disengage, sensing something amiss. "What is it?" she asked, breathlessly.

His face heated. "I, uh, I need clean underwear," he said.

She chuckled as she rolled off him. Her fingers absently pulled her tee back into place. "Maybe it would be better to take a break for a moment anyway."

Logan nodded, then went to the bathroom and washed up, getting clean clothes and dropping his shorts and underwear into the washer. He didn't start it. He might need to add more.


He returned to sit on the side of the bed. Riley was lying on her side, amusement in her smile.

"Problem solved?" she asked.

"In less pain, at least," he agreed.

Riley raised a sardonic eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Well, duh," Logan replied. "Still embarrassed as hell, though. Sorry."

"Why?" she demanded, head tilting slightly. "Nothing to be embarrassed about." She patted the bed beside her.

He frowned. "You wanted to get your glow back. I spoiled that."

Riley returned his frown, then lifted a hand and started counting. "One. The idea was we could get closer, not press you into service to satisfy my feelings. Two. I did get my glow back. Three. I got more glow than I'd bargained for. Four. You didn't spoil anything. Now lie down, unless you want to stop?"

There was a slight hesitation in her voice, as if she wasn't sure if he would agree. Logan grinned at her. "Fine," he said. "I can hardly claim I hated it, can I?" He swivelled around on the edge of the bed, then lay down, facing her.

Riley shuffled forward until her body touched his, thighs in light contact with his, breasts against his chest. Without any affectionate interaction, an arm draped over him, face against his shoulder or any such, the intrusion into his personal space felt less casual and more erotic. His enervated cock didn't twitch, but he still felt a tingling, and knew it would have done if it could.

Logan's right hand was trapped between his ribs and the bed. He felt the hem of her tee brush against it. He didn't know what to do with his left arm. If it was behind him he'd probably overbalance and roll off the narrow bed. After a moment he moved it around her to rest against her back. She didn't seem to mind.

"So," he said, eventually, then cleared his throat and tried again. "More glow - more aroused than you wanted?"

Her body shook against him as she laughed. "More than I'd intended. More than I was ready for. You are totally going to own her."

"You think?" Logan wriggled to free his right hand, moving it higher, and found that he could extend his thumb just far enough to touch the girl's left nipple. She raised her eyebrows briefly, but made no objection as he began to circle the thumb against the very tip.

"Mm-hmm," she confirmed. "Are you sure you've never done that before?"

"I think I'd know," he said, wryly. Her nipple seemed to be changing under his thumb, becoming wider and harder. A moment later, he asked, "So, if she's ready to, umm, go all the way? Will she want to be on top or on the bottom?"

Riley shrugged. The nipple slid against his thumb, then returned to its former position. "Top, bottom, maybe she prefers missionary, maybe it's mood. Carl," her face wrinkled in annoyance for a moment, "said that he dated a girl who thought anything other than missionary was a sin."

Logan frowned. "If she had a problem with sin, wouldn't any sex be sin?"

The girl shrugged again. "I guess she thought it was less sinful. Carl said she wasn't hard to get into bed. Just not very imaginative. Or responsive." She breathed in deeply, her swelling nipple pressing more firmly against his thumb, then breathed out slowly.

"So most girls like to, hmm, mix it up?"

"I guess," Riley replied. "I do." Logan's thumb described a few more circles before she continued. "I guess I usually prefer to be on top. It's easier to pop."

"Pop?" Logan repeated.

She rolled her eyes. "You have to know what I mean. You're not that innocent. Reach orgasm. Climax. Come."

He grinned. "I figured. I wasn't sure." Her nipple was wide and hard now, like an oversized eraser. It rocked slightly as he circled his thumb against it.

"But it isn't all about coming. If the guy is on top, there's..." She leaned back a moment. The pressure against Logan's thumb vanished. "I'll show you."

Disengaging, Riley rolled onto her back, motioning Logan atop her. He complied, easing himself down, legs between hers.

"You're heavier than me," Riley said. "You're bigger and stronger than me. If I didn't want to be here, and you didn't want to let me leave, I'd be in trouble, right?"

Logan began to rise, but Riley put a hand on his arm. "No, don't. I mean if I couldn't trust you, I'd be in trouble. I do, but that's the point. To be here involves risk and trust. Both can be turn ons. The missionary position involves giving up some control. It can take longer to..." she lifted her hands to make air quotes, saying "... pop ..." in a self-deprecating tone, then continued normally, "but when I do it can be... especially intense." She shivered slightly. "Do what you were doing a moment ago," she suggested. "I liked that."

He brought his right hand up and extended his thumb between his chest and Riley's and stroked her nipple. "This?"

"Mmh..." she breathed. "And if he can last a long time, maybe we can try both, and more, and..."

"Pop pop pop?" Logan suggested.

Riley shook beneath him as she giggled. "Exactly," she said. "But, you know, those aren't the only two options."

He drew his left hand up the girl's body and slipped his thumb over her right nipple. It was soft - softer than the left, at least - and he began to circle.

"Mmhmm. There's dozens of positions. Hundreds, probably. Different penetration, different access, different commitment..."

Logan frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Like, doggy style. You're behind her, you can get good penetration, and you can reach around to play with her clit, or her boobs... but you can't kiss her. Exciting as hell for both of you, but hard to be affectionate, if that's important."

He felt her right nipple swelling to his touch, more quickly than the left did. "I see..."

"Or she lies on the bed. You stand beside it, lift her legs up your chest and get inside her. Amazing penetration, and she can just keep coming and coming... and you can see each other, which is more intimate, but you have to hold the kissing... unless she's very flexible."

Logan felt his cock stir slightly. Maybe it had just been long enough since the incident that it was recovering normally, and maybe the idea of the girl's position, body in full view, breasts quivering with their movement, was overcoming his fatigue.

"You should google them," Riley added. "I could show you, but what are you going to say to your girlfriend? 'My sister's best friend taught this when we were in bed together'?"

He laughed. "You could show me anyway. It isn't like I'd know what I was doing."

"Mmh." Riley made a soft sound. "Maybe later. I like this."

"What else do you..." Logan began. "I mean, what else does she... uh, what else will she like?"

The girl was silent for a moment. "Truth?" she said after a time. "My guess is pretty much all girls like being eaten out. Maybe not Carl's miss missionary. Go down on her. She loves it."

"Better than sex?" Both of her nipples were hard now. He stopped circling them and pinched them.

"Mmmh..." Riley responded. Her pelvis lifted, pressing against him momentarily. Then she relaxed, but he felt her fingers brush against his hips. "It isn't better than sex," she argued, "it is sex. Not all sex is about penetration, though you can do that too, with fingers. When you go down on her you have more control of how she feels. You can tease her, you can focus on her clit, frustrate her by avoiding her clit, take her to the edge and hold her there... " She broke off and took a sharp breath. Logan felt her pelvis rise again, pressing to him, before she made herself relax, then chuckled a little unsteadily. "Yeah, she probably likes it."

He cupped her breasts, thumbs pressed against her nipples, and squeezed lightly. "Teach me, O ancient one."

She narrowed her eyes and turned her head to give him her best side eye, then laughed. "Very good, my young apprentice," she said. "Be sure to tease her. It's a journey, not a race."

He nodded and began to slide his body down hers. After moving down a little, he parted his lips and closed them around Riley's left breast, using the back of his tongue to squeeze and toy with her nipple. He felt her squirm beneath him.

"I meant..." she began, "when you're working... but... mmhhh... that works, too."

Logan stayed where he was for a time, his hands on her bare waist, lips and tongue exploring her breast through the grey shirt. Riley's breathing quickened.

Sliding further down, he made his next port of call her navel, the occasional twitches of her belly letting him know she found the sensations pleasing.

He slid mostly off the bed to explore her thighs, lifting her legs to run tongue and teeth toward her shorts, slightly inside them. Riley made soft sounds in her throat, and her hips moved with his tongue. When he nosed against the leg of her shorts, she parted her thighs, giving him better access. His cock was responding, far from hard, yet, but no longer listless.

Logan ran his tongue lightly over the front of her shorts to the smooth skin of her belly against the waistband. His chin pressed against her as he circled his lips and tongue.

"Mmmh," murmured the girl.

"Is she ready?" he asked, quietly. "I wouldn't want her to get bored."

Riley's body quivered with a soft laugh. "She's most definitely not bored, Logan. But I think she's ready. I'm sure of it."

He drew his tongue down from her waistband, over the front of her pants. He didn't have much of a sense of what was under the folds of the fabric. "What feels good?" he asked.

"Gentle, gentle touch," she replied. "Where you touched earlier. Not inside, not yet."

"I can't really tell what I'm doing unless I press hard," he complained. "If I'm gentle I can only feel the pants."

"You can press harder," Riley said. "Just be very gentle when it's real."

Logan ran his tongue around, then pressed his lips to the front of her pants, moving them as if kissing. It wasn't as easy as through the thin shirt. Pressing with his fingers helped locate the sensitive bud deep inside, but he seemed to get more response from her with his lips against her belly, so after a few moments he went back to kissing the skin right beside her waistband, making her quiver.

He looked up to see if Riley was watching him. She wasn't; her head was back on her pillow. The tight tee showed a perfect outline of her breasts, moving as she did. He wanted to reach up and push the tee back, uncovering them, but sighed and rubbed his tongue against her belly.

"What you're doing there..." she breathed. "Imagine doing it about two inches lower. Just exactly like that. No penetration."

"Alright," he replied, quietly. "Then you imagine it too. How does it feel?"

The girl shivered. "You seem to know just what to do with your tongue."

"Would you like it, do you think?"

"God, yes," Riley replied.

"Maybe you should let me do this part for real," Logan suggested. "Not through clothes."

"God, no!" Riley exclaimed.

"I'd get the practise, and you'd like the result."

"No!" she said again. She seemed a little less certain as she added, "That would be a bad idea."

"You could stop me at any point..." He brushed his teeth against her inner thigh.

She didn't object immediately, this time. After a moment, she said, "No... but the pants can go, if you think that will help. I keep my underwear."

It was a major concession, and he felt his cock uncurl further as he tugged on the drawstring and freed Riley's shorts. She wriggled to allow him to draw them down, revealing pale lilac bikini panties. Then he tossed the shorts aside and lowered his face.

Mindful of Riley's frequent advice, he delayed approaching her panties, and returned to teasing with his lips, tongue and fingertips, brushing his lips very close to the edge of her underwear and backing away. And whether it was the result of his getting closer to her sex, her excitement at the loss of the interfering pants, or Logan's own eagerness, the effect of his attentions seemed greater than before. Her breathing became louder, with sharp exhalations, and her thighs began to tense with each breath.

When Logan eventually drew his tongue over the front of the panties, she groaned softly, then lay back. The thin fabric was damp and slick as he ran his tongue over it, and the scent and taste were exciting, which wasn't what he'd expected. He could feel the shape of her sex as he explored. The place where she'd wanted his fingers was higher, he thought, and he pressed his tongue around, seeking a bulge, and believed he'd found it. He parted his lips just slightly, suckling with lips and tongue.

He was about to break off and ask Riley if he was working in the right place when she gasped, so he delayed a time, keeping up the effort. The girl began to pant softly, and her reaction made his cock press against his restraining underwear. Her body seemed to quiver with tension beneath him.

After a minute or so he varied the motion. He pressed firmly with his tongue flat against her, starting it lower and drawing it over the small bulge. Riley moaned as he repeated the movement, and continued to moan as he maintained the activity. He'd become quite hard by this time, re-energized by her excitement.

He looked up, without breaking his rhythm. The tight grey tee lowered slightly between the girl's erect nipples, and he could see her face above it. It was turned towards the ceiling, flushed, lips parted. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, partly obscuring his view. Her belly tensed and her hips rocked, forcing him to move his face to stay in contact.

He moved his left hand between her thighs, slid a finger over her panties and pressed it against her, just below where his tongue worked. Her breath caught, and she moaned again. Then he pressed his lips to her, around the sensitive mound, and began to suckle, air bubbling where his lips pressed to her panties, and his tongue pressing firmly and rubbing against her.

Riley gasped, then began a regular moaning. Her hand lifted, and he thought she was going to reach out to stop him. He didn't want to stop. He wasn't sure what would happen if she lost control, but she had to be close to it, and she clearly wanted this feeling, even if she somehow felt she had to prevent it going further.

So before she could drag his face away or instruct him, he reached his right hand out for her nipples. But on a whim, instead of squeezing her tee, he slipped his fingers under the tee and up around the silken skin of her left breast, cupping and squeezing it.

"Oh!" Riley exclaimed. Her hand dropped back to her side, and she started to pant. "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Logan wrapped his fingers around the breast, and squeezed as his thumb and forefinger found her nipple. Then he pinched, hard.

"Nngh!" Riley groaned. Her back lifted from the bed, her face totally obscured now by the shirt, lifted by her breasts. "Ngh! Ngh!"

Her hand lifted again and shot across to his head, grabbing his hair painfully and lifting his face from her sex. Her back still arched, though. "Ngh.... ngh..." she groaned, her belly writhing.

He couldn't do more with his tongue, but he still held her nipple, so he pinched hard again. "AWWH!" Riley moaned, then exhaled sharply before panting again. Her back lowered to the bed, but her hips kept moving as she squirmed. She tilted her face forward, so that she could see him. Her lips were pulled back into a grimace, and he thought she was in pain, until her expression relaxed into a kind of chagrined excitement.

That was when he was certain of what had happened. "Did you just..."

The girl glared at him, but her eyes were soft. Hungry, maybe. "Bastard," she whispered, but her tone was amused.

He grinned as she released the grip on his hair. "I guess you did," he murmured.


Riley slid away from him, then turned onto her side, gradually getting herself under control. "I think I hate this girlfriend of yours," she muttered, her voice unsteady.

Her tone had been dry, but not annoyed. Logan didn't think she was angry with him for pushing her over the edge. He hoisted himself all the way onto the bed and lay down facing her. "Why?"

"Jealousy," the girl said. "I'll end up with another jerk like Carl, and she'll have a lover who can do... that."

She shivered, and he realized she wasn't being entirely flippant. The experience seemed to have surprised her. But he supposed that wasn't really unexpected. They'd been fooling around for a while now, and she'd been aroused for longer than that. He'd heard that more foreplay heightened pleasure. And reading between the lines of what she'd said, it didn't seem that Carl had been one for much foreplay.

"Not all guys are like Carl," he offered. "Just like not all girls are like Pam. You said it had been a long time since sexy goofing off. So there must have been some."

She tugged her shirt back into place. "True," she agreed.

"So there were guys you had fun with before Carl," he said.

She grinned. "One or two."

He chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't ask how many."

Riley may have looked slightly embarrassed at that. "Good."

"So it sounds like Carl was the exception."

She nodded slowly. "Yeah, you might be right." Then she pushed at his shoulder. "Lie down."

Logan complied, and centered himself on the bed as the girl slid on top of him again. He squeezed her butt casually as she lay with her chin on his chest. Then she lifted herself up onto her hands. "Take your shirt off. I want to see what she's getting."

"I will if you will," he said. She glared at him and shook her head. He sighed, then tugged up his shirt. "That's discrimination," he griped, as he pulled it over his head.

"Mmhmm," she agreed, as he lay back down. She looked him over before lowering her head back to his chest. "Nice muscles," she said.

"Do you think she's going to want me to have a hairy chest?" he asked. "I'll probably disappoint her if she does."

Riley shrugged. "It isn't likely to be make or break. And there's a little." She ran her fingers over the wispy hair towards the center of his chest, then out to his hairless nipple and circled her nail around. "How does that feel?"

"I like it," he said. A moment later he added, "But I don't think it has the same effect on me as it does on you."

The girl gave him a curious look. "Oh? Hmm." She lifted herself to her elbows and circled her tongue around his right nipple. After a moment she looked up and asked, "Does that turn you on?" then returned to her task.

Logan considered that for a moment. His erection had waned slightly since she'd moved out from under him. "Yeah, but I think it has more to do with having a hot girl on top of me."

She paused and looked up. "You think I'm hot?"

He rolled his eyes. "Well, duh. I thought that was obvious."

The tips of Riley's hair swivelled as she shook her head. "You can respond to someone just because they're close. You don't have to find them attractive."

He shrugged. "Well, I always thought you were hot. Even when you were being an ass. Now you're hot and not an ass, so yeah." He lifted his hands and brushed his thumbs against the sides of her boobs. "But especially when you're close."

She kissed his nipple and he shivered slightly. "Well, I think you're hot, too. Though I have to admit I didn't realize it before today."

He laughed. "You are in so much trouble with Maddy."

She nipped at his nipple with her teeth. He winced. "Don't I know it," she said, then lay back down against his chest.

He kept stroking the sides of her breasts. "I still haven't figured which is more sensitive yet, have I?"

"Which..." she began, then, "Oh, right."

"Investigation is in order," he said.

The girl laughed, then lifted herself onto her hands. "You know, this won't help you know which she prefers."

He slid lower on the bed, then cupped her breasts in his hands. "It gives me a fifty percent chance!"

"But you..." she began. "Mmmhhh... well, I'm not going to complain."


Logan lightly pinched her nipples, then harder, before beginning to suckle. Her arousal didn't seem to have dropped since her orgasm. In fact, she seemed even more turned on, and began breathing heavily as he alternated between breasts. After a time she lowered herself onto him, left breast against his face, and he focused on that for a while as she kissed his neck, panting.

He switched again, having to lift her up and reposition himself. She kissed the other side of his neck. Her hips rocked slowly, pressing her body to his.

With his hands on her waist, he moved his head back to work on the base of her neck with lips and tongue. She shivered, then made a "Mmm," sound.

"It's the left, isn't it?" he whispered into her ear, making her shiver again.

"Maybe," she breathed, squeezing herself against him.

"No maybe about it," he murmured. He slid his right hand up her waist, into her shirt, and stroked the side of her left breast. "It's this one."

"You're being naughty," Riley said, but made no move to dislodge his hand.

He moved his left hand inside her tee and stroked the right breast. "Not this one."

"Still naughty," she said, softly. "And there isn't much difference."

He cupped her right breast, the beautifully smooth skin filling his palm. "So you like this too?"

"You're being very naughty," she said.

He cupped the left breast too and kneaded gently. Riley made an excited hum in her throat. Then he lifted her slightly and pushed the shirt up by lifting his wrist. He caught a glimpse of pale skin with a wide, hard, dark pink center. "But this is the best," he murmured, before closing his lips there, feeling the hard, textured surface of her exposed nipple.

"Oh god," Riley groaned, her hips slowly rocking.

He switched to her right breast, and the girl's groan made it clear her excitement wasn't focused solely in the left one. It seemed absolutely the case that there wasn't much difference in sensitivity. He moved his hands to her hips as he suckled, encouraging the motion of her body against his.

"Wait," she said, voice thick with arousal. Logan didn't stop suckling immediately, but eventually released her, thinking she meant to call a halt. Instead, she leaned back, said, "No more discrimination, okay?" and tugged her shirt over her head, tousling her hair.

Seeing her completely topless brought his erection to completion. Her pale breasts quivered, wide nipples swaying. She lay down quickly, wrapping her arms around his head as he returned to suckling her left breast. Her hips rocked, more rapidly now, and he heard her breath rasp against his ear.

Suddenly he found himself pushed roughly back to the bed, the girl's hands on his shoulders. She lifted herself and slid down a few inches, before dropping herself back onto him, her lips fastening to his.

Logan immediately knew that what he'd done with Marie hadn't been kissing. Or not in the same class as this, anyway. That had been baby steps. This was instant passion. He was as hungry for Riley as she was for him, and he felt his chest tighten as need coursed through him.

He lifted his hands to her breasts as her hips rocked against him, their tongues meeting and grinding together, just as her body ground against his.

After a time, she groaned into the kiss, then broke away. "Your pants," she grunted. "Make them gone."

"Really?" he croaked, but he didn't wait for confirmation. He tugged on his shorts, prying himself out of his underwear, barely noticing that she'd rolled to the side and was in the process of kicking off her panties.

Then she was on top of him again, his cock in her hand. "Don't move," she whispered. "Don't try to help."

He felt his cock pressing against something firm but yielding, then the tip entering a warmth. He wanted to push, but when he tried to move she shook her head. "Didn't expect you to be so big," she grunted, which shocked him. But he felt the warmth slipping back over him as she released him and slowly finished lowering her hips, supporting herself on her arms.

Then her body was against him again. She panted lightly for a moment, lying still, then turned her head and kissed him again.

He began to move with her, slowly. He wasn't sure if he was doing it right, but it seemed natural, and he followed her pacing until they were bouncing against the bed, which began to thump against the floor.

A new feeling slid into him from his hard cock. It was arousal and excitement, but something else, that he'd never felt before. Something that seemed almost physical, that drove him to want more. Something that began in the warm, firm passage that engulfed him.

The girl groaned into the kiss, her excitement clearly rising. She broke the kiss several times to gasp for breath, only to clamp her mouth back onto his, the magenta tips of her hair falling forward, in the edge of his vision.

He ran his hands over her body, feeling the smooth skin of her waist, running his fingers over her hips and squeezing her butt. She moaned into the kiss, her body seeming to vibrate with excitement.

After a particularly loud moan she broke the kiss, then lifted herself. In a hoarse whisper, she asked, "Can you reach my boob?"

It was a stretch, but he could, and he suckled hard, moving his left hand to her other breast and pinching.

"Oh god," she groaned. "Oh, god, yes.... yes...." Then louder, bouncing hard against him. "Yes! Yes! Oh.... AWWWW!"

He felt her body tense. The passage that held his cock seemed to feel different, sending ripples of pleasure along his shaft. Her cheeks formed the grimace he'd seen earlier, and he realized he was seeing her orgasm face as her whole body seemed to stiffen and arch back.

The girl made whimpering sounds above him. Gradually she seemed to recover focus, her eyes holding his. "Did you?" she asked.

"Did I?" He frowned for a moment. "Oh, did I come?" She nodded and he continued, "No... but I don't think I'm far from it."

"Okay," she breathed. "Next time. It won't be long."

"Really?" he asked.

"Mmhmm," she said, lying down along him. "As turned on as I am now... very soon."

She kissed him again, and for the first time he sensed something other than need or arousal. In a way it was more like kissing Marie had been, although way more intense. He'd kissed Marie because he liked her, even though she always cut him off before they'd gotten very far. He got the sense that Riley was kissing him now because she liked him rather than just liking the feelings that kissing led to.

It didn't last long, though. Soon enough she made a sound in her throat and started to rock her hips. Logan responded willingly enough. The bed springs creaked loudly, and soon the bed started to clatter again. He caressed her breasts, and she broke the kiss to moan against his neck.

He felt her start to tense, and he began to wonder if maybe he could hold back his own climax. Let her take as many as she could. The feeling of giving her pleasure was as exciting in its own way as that which flowed into him from the movement of her body around his cock.

"Oh, god," she groaned again, and her sex pressed hard to his. He felt her tighten around his shaft again, and knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out for another round.

"Aww..." the involuntary sound came from his own throat as he felt his cock tighten savagely, then explode into waves of pleasure that filled him deeply and that connected him intimately to the girl quivering in orgasm against his chest.

The feeling persisted even after the pulsing had died down. He felt his erection begin to fade almost immediately, but there was still a pleasant tingling.

He remained inside her for a while as she rested her head on his neck. Then she lifted her face to kiss him, and the movement pushed him out, his cock lying limply beneath her.

She made a sound of pleasure as they kissed, all the same, then backed away and smiled at him. "So. Are we friends, now?"

He laughed. "I hope so."

She stretched her body out along him. He absently played with the sides of her breasts as she wriggled into a comfortable position. "I don't think you should tell her about this."

"Maddy?" Logan replied. "Hell, no."

He felt her shake her head. "No, your future girlfriend."

"Oh... right. No, probably not. Uh... one thing..."

"Hmm?" she asked.

"We didn't use a condom. How likely is, um..."

She chuckled. "I don't have an infection, and I'm not going to get pregnant."

"I should have asked..."

"Be sure to ask your girlfriend," she suggested.

"Yeah... do you really think there'll be one?"

"Of course there will," she said. She shook against him as she laughed. "Most of the drill team, probably."


"Once word spreads, legs will spread." she added.

He moved the fingers of his right hand between her legs, finding the edge of her sex and caressing it. "I don't think I want to know if you're being serious."

"Mmmh," she murmured. "Move your fingers just a little further around.... Ooh, yeah, like that."

He moved his hand further still, judging his actions by her reactions. As long as his fingers were and as much as he'd moved her higher, he couldn't quite comfortably reach the sensitive mound at the front, so he moved his left hand to her hips, then worked it between them, feeling around for his goal. When he found it he began to circle his fingers around.

"Oh, yeah," Riley whispered, and began to move, her sex rocking against his fingers.

"Well, if you know all the gossip," he said, "maybe you could point out the drill team members who might want to be my groupies."

"Like that idea... mmm... do you?" Riley panted. "One hour ... a virgin, the next... he wants to seduce... the cheerleaders. Your fingers... put them inside."

He drew his right hand back slightly and slid a finger between the lips of her sex, feeling the warm, soft core. Moving his arm around a little more he found he could slide his fingers further inside, and began to feel his way deeper.

Riley moaned and nipped his ear with her teeth. Then she lifted her face over his, rubbed her nose against his, breathing heavily, then brushed her mouth against his.

Logan chased her lips with his. After a moment she let him catch them, and the kiss rapidly grew intense. The girl groaned as his tongue pressed against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and writhed against him. The bedsprings began creaking again, though without the thumps, and he felt her body stiffen against his. She shuddered without ending the kiss. After a moment she did break the kiss and relaxed against him, panting softly.


"I want to go down on you again," Logan murmured as she relaxed against him. "That's the right term, isn't it?"

He felt her teeth nip his ear. "Mmhmm," she agreed. "Very right."

She rolled off him, onto her back, shifting and lifting her knees to accommodate him as he positioned himself. He found that she was especially sensitive to his teasing, her thighs lifting and belly twisting as he tongued her navel and thighs. Her scent was exciting, and he was hard as he worked, trying to avoid smacking his re-forming erection against the bedframe. "Should I use my fingers?"

"Yeah," she croaked, and after a little fumbling around he got two fingers of his left hand inside her. They slid easily as he started to move them.

"Wait," she said as he lowered his face to her sex. "Push them higher... and forward.. around there. Curl them forward and press." She gasped as he did. "Do you feel a rough place?"

He wasn't sure if he did. He pushed his fingers against the inside of her sex. "Here?"

"Ohh..." she groaned. "Do that... if you can find her G-spot, she's going to be one happy lover."

"This is it?" asked Logan.

Riley gasped. "Nnh... Try tapping... like a woodpecker." Her hips jerked. "Now go down Just keep doing th... oh god," she groaned, as he began to track his tongue around. "Yes... do that..."

He gripped her hip and pressed his face to her sex, suckling the hood. His fingers kept banging at the wall of her sex as though he were hitting a piano key. Riley's hips rocked with her rapid breathing, and he extended his tongue, pushing it inside, feeling the core of the warm, hard nub of her sex.

The girl cried out as he lapped with his tongue. He felt her tighten around his fingers, and then begin to quiver inside as her hips pressed her hard against him.

She whimpered, her whole body seeming to go rigid other than her sex spasming around his fingers. After maybe twenty seconds she collapsed back to the bed. Her thighs still clenched every few seconds. "Oh, fuck..." he heard her whisper. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck."

He kept working on her sex with fingers and tongue, ignoring the lack of response from her body. Then after a minute or two, he felt her hips lift again. "Oh, god," she moaned, softly. A few tens of seconds more, then, "Stop... stop now..." she managed.

He lifted himself from her sex to learn what the trouble was, and saw Riley holding out her arms to him, so he slipped his hands out, moved back up her body and fell into her embrace. A moment later she had pressed herself to his cock, wrapping her feet around his thighs. He felt himself slide easily into her, and began to move as she did.

The bed thumped so hard against the floor that he felt it was in danger of collapsing, but he was past caring. Passion flowed into him, and, judging by her rising cries, into Riley.

He found her lips, then forced his tongue between them, plundering her with tongue and shaft, while she responded eagerly. Breaking the kiss, he whispered, "I'm going to come," and she nodded, her eyes afire as she cried out.

Gasping for breath, she wouldn't meet his mouth again. He felt her body stiffen, his body jolting into climax as he felt hers yield. Only then did her lips meet his, and she groaned loudly into the kiss as he spurted into her. He realized that he was groaning, too.


Logan was still inside her when their breathing slowed enough to be able to speak. He knew he couldn't stay there long, but it felt good. He caressed the sides of her breasts, and she looked up and kissed him, this time with tenderness.

He felt himself slide out of her, but she held the kiss for a while longer before relaxing against him.

"Say, Logan?" she said.


"How do you feel about older women?"

He gave her a curious look. "How much older?"


He gave her a horrified look. "What, like fifty or sixty?"

She snorted. "No, idiot. LIke high school seniors."

"Oh," he said. "I knew that! I guess that would be okay."

"What about... experienced women? Do you expect your girlfriend to be a virgin?"

He thought about that for a moment. "That would be hypocritical, wouldn't it, since I'm not anymore."

He felt her shrug. "Guys are. Some guys are."

"I'm sure I'm a hypocrite too, but not about that, I think."

"So you'd be okay with someone who's had a few intimate relationships?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Someone like me?" she asked.

Logan blinked at the naked girl lying along his body. "You mean like you, or you mean yourself? Am I being really dense today?"

She ran a finger down the center of his chest. "Maybe. Yes, I mean me. Do you like me? Could you like me?"

"Hell, yes, I could. I think I could. I mean, we've only known each other for a few hours, really, but... when we kissed earlier, it didn't feel like it was only about sex."

"It was mostly about sex," she said. "I'm not going to lie. Right now I just want to fuck you. But I have a feeling that if we spend as much time fucking as I think we both want, I might want to spend time with you out of bed, too."

"I'd like that," he replied, without hesitation.

She kissed him again, and he was sure he sensed affection in it. She smiled as she broke the kiss. "Tell you what," she said. "Do you know Kia?"

He thought for a moment. "She was in JV drill team, but she must be a junior now? Curly hair? Big.... smile?"

She laughed. "She's a friend of mine. If we decide not to start dating, I'll tell her a little about you. She'll be a senior when you join the team. You'll definitely have some girls interested, if she doesn't take you on herself." She lay down against his chest again. "Maybe I'll tell her anyway. Competition is healthy, right?"

He chuckled. "Let's survive this week, first. The way this bed clatters, if Maddy had come back she'd have heard us from the car."

"I think I can persuade her to stay at her boyfriend's for a few more days," she replied. "After we get back - well, we'll see how it goes. If it's good between us I might have to avoid her. Hmm... maybe I can find that note from the teacher first."

Logan laughed. "Christ, if Maddy knows about you and me, she's going to have way more blackmail material than a stupid magazine. And you know what? I don't care. I'll deal with it as it comes."

She bit his ear. "As long as you're ready to deal with me as I come," she whispered.

He caressed the sides of her breasts. "Oh, I think I will be."