Chapter 5: Confessions

Day 9 - The Pod

Unusually, Alysson was awake before me and brought coffee. I smiled thanks, drank enough to begin to feel awake and headed to my bathroom to clean up.

"I had a lovely dream last night," I said, when I returned. "I dreamed that this gorgeous actress chick had snuck into my bed and was taking advantage of me."

"Oh yeah?" Alysson said, in a sardonic tone. "Any idea who?"

I shrugged and shook my head. "No idea who would do that. Your friend Ryan, maybe?"

"Hah!" she snorted. "She wouldn't dare."

"Well, whoever it was had an amazingly sexy body," I said.

Alysson wormed her head under my left arm and began to kiss my chest through my shirt. "You're such a slut," she said. "Making out with dream girls." Her lips closed around my nipple, and she ran her tongue against my tee shirt.

"Yeah, you know what?" I said. "I think I'm going to close my eyes and fantasize about her. Oww!" I yelped when she bit my nipple.

"Your job is to fantasize about me, babe," she said.

I slipped my fingers under her pajama top, feeling the taut muscles at her waist as I lifted her body over mine. "I don't need to fantasize about you," I said. "You're right here."

Her lips and tongue against my nipple were surprisingly arousing. I raised my left knee to press my thigh against her sex and rocked her against me, gripping her waist gently.

When I lifted Alysson's cami top, she raised her arms to let me take it off, then continued to suckle my left nipple through my tee shirt. I cupped her breasts and continued to slide her body against mine, her belly moving against my growing shaft.

Alysson lifted my shirt without taking it off, using her lips and tongue directly on my nipple, occasionally brushing her teeth against it.

"Damn," I said, my voice scratchy. "That's really turning me on."

"That's the idea, babe," she said, softly. Without releasing my nipple, she tugged at her pajama pants. After wriggling for a moment, she was naked against me, her sex wet and slick against my thigh.

I eased my underwear over my erection and tugged it down. Then I rolled Alysson onto her back. She pouted as I dislodged her from my chest, then parted her legs. Before I entered her she raised my shirt further. I let her lift it over my arms and toss it aside. Then I lowered the head of my cock to meet her.

Alysson took me into her slowly. I didn't push, letting her lift herself against me, then staying with her as she lowered herself back to the bed. Pretty soon I was all the way inside her. Her breathing became more pronounced with every inch of penetration.

Relaxing my body against hers, I felt her breasts squeeze against my chest, I caressed the edges, feeling the lovely suppleness, then drew my fingers over her waist and began to move.

Alysson groaned as I felt myself slide a little further into her. Then her legs moved around me, locking my body to hers, and she rocked against me.

My mouth sought Alysson's, and our kiss was instantly intense, until our lips parted, both of us breathless. Then I lifted myself on my elbows, giving more power to the press of my hips against her. Alysson gasped, her body lifting against mine with each stroke.

We bounced against the bed, Alysson's breasts slapping against my chest. This was our first time trying missionary sex, and since Alysson seemed to prefer being on top I was afraid that she might not find the position sufficiently stimulating. Her reaction now refuted that. Her face was flushed and eager, and her body met mine with enthusiasm. My only concern now was how long I could hold off my own climax. She was so tight around me, and her arousal so exciting.

Alysson began to moan. I brought my right arm up to her side, moving more weight onto my left elbow, so that I could grasp her nipple and pinch it hard. She cried out, and her body tensed against mine.

She didn't climax immediately, but seemed to teeter on the edge, groaning with need. Then I pinched her nipple again, and I felt her sex pulse hard around my cock. "Oh, God," she groaned. "Nate!"

Then her arms wrapped around my neck, dragging my face to hers, and the passion of her kiss drove me right up to the edge, and beyond. I pressed my body hard against hers as I exploded within her, my own groans joining hers in our kiss.

Her sex continued to pulse around my shaft as I relaxed against her. Then she threw herself back against the bed and grinned up at me. "Oh, baby," she breathed.


After we disengaged, I lay on my back. Alysson stretched out against me, and I toyed with the breast that rested against my chest.

"So, you said something yesterday," she said.

"I said a lot of things yesterday," I agreed. "Some of them were pretty dumb. Some less so."

"Not that," she said. "Not about you and me. About you. You said something about starting this pod was the biggest thing you've done. I thought you were just, like, the liaison guy."

"'Just the liaison guy,'" I said. "Like, 'just the pizza guy?' 'Just the plumber?'"

She swatted me. "I didn't mean it as a negative," she said. "It's a big job. I know that. Jen made a big deal of your heroic efforts. Is that what you mean by starting the pod?"

I shook my head. "That's my main job," I said, "but the pod itself was my idea."

"No shit?" Alysson sounded startled.

"I came up with it in business class. I knew a little of the history of the old studio, and when everyone was getting into lockdowns and movie production was stalling, sports teams were considering franchise pods, and I thought maybe TV and movie studios could do the same. The old studio is something of a landmark around here, even though it was run down, and I realized that the complex would make a great production pod.

"I took the idea to my prof, and he put me in touch with the Center management group. They had the funding and it's their project now, but they hired me on for ideas - and to be the 'just the liaison guy' guy."

She swatted me again, with a laugh, but she sounded impressed. "Well, hell, I really didn't know. I may end up owing you my career."

"Nah," I said. "You'd succeed with or without the pod. You're that good."

"There's a lot of serendipity in the business," Alysson said. "If the series is successful I'll have plenty of opportunities. The movie role I'll be reading for wouldn't have been a possibility without the shooting we've already done. At best I'd be a year behind where I am now. Or I might never have landed a role with this visibility. So yeah, the pod could end up being my big break."

"So when you become an assassin, I have only myself to blame?" I suggested.

"Yeah, that too!" She grinned and snuggled close.

I pulled a sheet over us and held her to me.


A little while later, we returned to the kitchen where I made us each a small omelette. We ate in comfortable silence, then Alysson announced that she'd received a partial movie script and would be studying it. I needed to catch up on schoolwork anyway, since the previous day I'd been working on the studio remodel in the morning, and in bed with Alysson all afternoon.

"Since tonight's the end of our vacation," I said, "I'm going to try to make us something better for dinner. With the kitchen restrictions, I'm thinking a small steak maybe? Would that work?"

"Vacation?" Alysson remarked. "Yeah, right... But sure. That sounds good."


Day 9 - Dressing for Dinner

I heard Alysson's voice from her room on occasion. Whether she was on the phone or practising her lines, I didn't know. And I saw her briefly at lunch, of course.

In the morning, I placed a grocery order, including rib eye steaks. They would have to be pan-seared, but that would work okay. Fortunately, there was an extractor fan by the range, or we'd be suffering steak-scented rooms for the remainder of our stay.

The flowers I'd gotten for our date were only two days old and still looked and smelled perfect, so I moved them back to the table. I texted Alysson to ask how she liked her steak cooked. Medium-rare, as I'd guessed.

One thing I did forget. I didn't ask her how she was planning to dress. So I was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Alysson, when she appeared ... wasn't.

"Oh my God," I said, when I saw her.

She frowned.

"You're... I didn't think..." Eloquence was not Nate. Not that evening. "I'm so underdressed!"

She laughed pleasantly. "You're fine, babe," she said.

"Well, okay," I said, "but you're finer."

She wore a simple sundress in pale lilac. It had a square neck, inch-wide shoulder straps, and hugged her body down to mid-thigh. Her breasts were high, smooth curves within the neckline. Long, silver earrings glinted in the light. Her eyeshadow sparkled a light blue, emphasizing her bright blue eyes behind her silver-framed glasses. Her shoes were medium heeled silver sandals.

It wasn't the formal elegance of the burgundy dress she'd worn to the date, but my God, she was beautiful. And she clearly enjoyed the look of awe in my eyes.

"Well, damn," I said. Then I pulled her chair from the table, because it seemed like the thing to do, and watched the dress mold itself into a new shape as she sat.

"So, right," I said. "let me pick my jaw back up, so I can speak... there's salad, baked potato and the steaks. And cabernet. Nothing fancy."

"It sounds good, Nate," she said.

The salad was already on the table. I prepared a plate with steak and potato and set it before Alysson. There were precisely two steak knives. I guess if a family used the family suite, only the adults were expected to eat steak.

"Has that dress been with you all the time?" I asked.

Alysson grinned and shook her head. "No, I asked Ryan to get it again. The shoes are hers. I have a pair of lilac heels, but I decided to skip them."

"Did Ryan offer any comment this time?" I asked.

"Just a long string of emoji that included a few eggplant and peach symbols."

I laughed. "I see."

"This steak is really good, Nate," Alysson said. She set her knife down to take a sip of the red wine.

"Thanks," I said. "I wish I could have grilled them, but that's not an option here."

"It was a nice thought for our last night," she said. "We won't have the same opportunities for private time after today, even when you've relocated to my room."

"Uh, right," I said.

"Hmm?" Alysson frowned at me. "Why the hesitation? Are you thinking of backing out again?"

"No," I said, "no, I want to, but there's something I guess I need to say. Maybe you won't be so enthusiastic." I glanced down at our food. Both of us were only half finished. "I was going to wait until later, but since the topic has come up, I should say it now." I set my silverware down and took a large sip of the cabernet.

"What is it, Nate?" Alysson seemed concerned, but it could easily shade into annoyance.

"I've really enjoyed this time with you," I said. "It hasn't been more than a few days, but I feel like we've become very close. I said the other day, I had feelings for you, and anything that happened between us could never just be casual." I looked at her and felt my heart lurch. "It's... more than that. Although we've only had a few days, it has been intense, and I think... I think I've fallen in love with you. You need to know, because if that creeps you out, I shouldn't move to your room."

"Why would it creep me out?" she asked, seeming genuinely puzzled.

"Well, I know you said you had feelings for me, too," I said, "but if you want to keep things light, and you know that about me, you'll probably be uncomfortable with me around your friends, and, well, around you, wanting more than you do."

"Why?" she asked again. "Would you be jealous? You don't seem to be a jealous person."

"I'm not," I said. "I don't think I am. But you wouldn't want me mooning around you."

"Is that what you've been doing, the last few days?" Alysson asked, her tone still curious. "Because I don't think I've seen that." She grinned. "Except maybe for when you first saw me this evening."

I shrugged helplessly. "Are you trying to trap with my words again?"

"No, I'm not," Alysson said. "But I am trying to pin down why you think there's a problem. You think you might have fallen in love with me?"

"Well, no," I admitted. "I have. There's no might."

She carved off a piece of steak, then another, without eating them. Then she looked up, her expression seeming amused. "Try saying the words, Nate."

"What do you mean?"

"Say the words. Tell me," she insisted.

"I... I love you," I said.

Alysson beamed at me. "See. It wasn't hard." Then her smile softened. "I love you too, you idiot."

"You do?" I blurted.

"I do," she said. She cut another piece of steak. "Eat, before your food is cold. It's my turn to say something."

"Alright," I said. I drank some more wine, then picked up my silverware.

Alysson took one of the pieces of steak she'd cut, popped it into her mouth, chewed for a while, then swallowed before speaking. "I didn't want to be the first to say it. I've been a bit harsh with you over some things you've said, and I didn't want you to feel pressured into believing something you hadn't understood for yourself."

She ate another piece before continuing. "I've known I was in love with you before we took our masks off. Flirting with you might have started as a fun game with someone I was attracted to, but it became more. Somewhere along the way, while I was sitting with you on the couch, while you were playing video games, I realized that being with you wasn't just sexy. It felt right."

I had stopped eating, and was staring at her, almost as dumbfounded as when I'd seen her in the lilac dress.

Alysson loved me.

She was not looking at me, but at her food. She still hadn't touched one of the pieces of steak she'd cut. "Now I have almost half of my steak left," she said, "and I don't want to eat any more, because all I can think about is taking you back to bed."

I think my mouth was hanging open. "I..." I began. Then, "Breakfast!" When Alysson looked up, I clarified. "Breakfast tomorrow. Steak and eggs. I'm done with it for now."

"Oh, right," Alysson said. "Good thinking. Let's get it into the fridge quickly, because suddenly I'm totally hot for you."

I picked up the plates and took them into the tiny kitchen. I tossed both remaining steaks onto a clean plate, put it in the fridge, then left everything else for the morning. Returning to the table, I moved Alysson's chair back as she stood, then set my hands on her hips and drew her close, seeking her lips with mine.

We kissed for only a few seconds - intense, erotically charged seconds - before Alysson broke free and gasped, "Bedroom! Now!"

She grabbed my hand and dragged me along behind her. "Don't think this is love," replied, hoarsely. "I think this is what they call lust."

"Both," Alysson said, opening her door.

We resumed the kiss standing beside Alysson's bed. My hands explored her waist, her hips and her ass. Then I explored the same area, seeking for a fastener. I found one, a long hidden zipper, and opened it.

"Up or down?" I asked.

Alysson gave me a confused look for a beat, her wide, aroused pupils making her eyes dark. "Oh, up," she said when she realized what I was asking.

I held the dress at her hips and lifted it up her sides and over her arms when she raised them for me. She stood before me in black bikini panties and black bra which held her breasts confined in tightly-packed mounds. I handed her the dress to fold and she tossed it onto a chair, then grasped the hem of my tee shirt and tore it over my head.

Our kiss resumed as Alysson fumbled with my belt buckle. I unhooked her bra, interrupting her work as I drew the straps down her arms, then dropped my face to her chest and began to kiss her breasts.

She moaned, her nipples hardening between my lips and tongue. No longer able to reach my belt, she wrapped her hands around the back of my head, holding my face in place.

I squeezed her right breast hard as I suckled the left, lowering my right hand to her bikinis, prying them over her ass and down, noticing how wet they already were. I stroked the front of her sex, then pressed her pubic mound. She voiced a gentle, sobbing cry.

Pushing her backward, I drove her back onto the bed. I grasped her hips and lifted her into a sitting position, then pressed her down to the bed.

I finished the work she started, parting my belt, opening my jeans and dropping them to the floor. Then, without further preamble, I knelt between her legs and began to lick her pussy.

Alysson gasped with each touch of my tongue to her sex. Her excitement grew rapidly, her labia growing slick with arousal. It was all I could do to slow my motions and not grab her clit with my lips and suck until she exploded. Hell, it was obviously what she wanted.

Instead I squeezed her butt as I kissed her thighs, moving right up to her sex, then backing away when her hips tried to lift her pussy into my mouth. "God, Nate," she begged. "Oh, babe, take me!"

I began to caress her clit with my tongue. I stiffened my tongue into a tight curl, then touched the side of her clit, backing away when she held her breath and tried to force herself against me, until she exhaled sharply and panted.

Alysson's fingers grasped my hair and tried to force me back against her clit, but in spite of her fingers trying to tug my hair out by its roots I held my head back, only lightly tonguing her clit so that she groaned even as she readied herself for another attempt to take herself over the edge.

I backed away and slipped the first two fingers of my right hand into her., curling them forward in a come hither motion, my fingers finding the rough wall of her sex and caressing it, hard.

"OH!" Alysson yelped. "Oh, baby!" And a moment later, as I stroked her G-spot firmly, she pleaded again. "Nate! I need you! Oh God!"

Her fingers had released my scalp. I glanced up to see that she had grasped her breasts, squeezing her nipples hard against her palm so that her breasts were shaped more like triangles than circles.

Lowering my face back to her sex, I began to lick her clit in time to the movement of my fingers in side her.

Alysson's cries rose. "ngA! ngA! ngA! Aaaa! gnA! Nate! Babe! Finish it!"

And I did. I closed my lips around her clit and began to suckle. Alysson's hips tightened, then lifted her sex from the bed, further every moment, until she cried out. "NNGGGGGAAAA!"

Her hips bucked once, her arousal flooding my lips as her sex spasmed around my fingers, clit pulsing against my tongue.

Alysson made a long, sobbing moan, which devolved into soft cries for what must have been close to a minute, but felt like many more, before the quivering stopped.

Standing, I took Alysson's hips in my hands and turned her over, face down onto the bed. I lifted my boxers over my long, solid erection and dropped them to the floor. Then I lifted her again by her hips, positioned myself between her legs, and pressed my cock between her slick pussy lips.

Alysson seemed too enervated after her last climax to give me a lot of help, other than an occasional euphoric-sounding mumble, but I moved slowly, gently rocking as my penetration became deeper. She was so wet that there was very little resistance, and she didn't raise any objections, so I figured I was doing okay.

Once I was completely inside her, I lowered her hips. Her feet just touched the floor when her belly rested on the bed. She lifted herself to her elbows and I began to move, my grip on her hips allowing me to control the dept.

She started moaning almost immediately, and her hips began to rock. Maybe she'd recovered some vigor.

If I tilted my head to the side, I could see Alysson's breasts quivering beneath her. It was a very erotic sight. So, strangely, was the view of her earrings waving to and fro as her body moved forward against the bed, and back, against me.

As excited as I was, and as needful of release inside her, Alysson was so sensitive from her first climax that I could tell she was going to come again, and soon. I adjusted my pace until she seemed the most responsive, and soon she was panting. I felt her movements against me become unsteady, then she tensed and her sex began to quake around me, almost taking me with her.

I managed to resist, slowing my movements, but immediately began to piston my shaft into her again.

When Alysson began to groan, I released her hips, leaning forward to slide my hands around her, squeezing her breasts within my palms.

Using my hold on her breasts, I raised her, so that we were both partially standing, leaning forward against the side of the bed. I lowered my lips to her neck, kissing the base of her neck and running my tongue along it, turning my face so that I could kiss her beneath her chin.

That last pushed her close to the edge. I felt her body start to tense. Gripping her breasts, I thrust hard up into her, driving myself into orgasm just moments after I felt her yield to her own.

Alysson's hands covered mine as I spent myself inside her, and she turned her face to meet my lips and tongue with her own, and show me her feelings of passion.


Day 10 - Release

Alysson lay on her side, watching me. I drank more coffee, then set it down and turned to look at her. Her pajama-clad body was half hidden by a sheet. I stretched out a finger and caressed a nipple through the thin silk. She smiled.

"I'm just wondering why you're staring at me so intently today," I said.

"Everything changes today," she said, with a sigh. "Some good, some bad. I'm looking forward to having you in my room - in all senses of the word," she added, with a smirk. "But I won't be able to spend the morning ogling you, or making love to you. I'm looking forward to introducing you as my boyfriend, but not to having to share you with the rest of the world. Things like that."

"You won't have to share me with everyone," I replied. "Just cute girls. That's just how I am."

"Fuck you," she said, smiling. "If you even look at another girl, she's dead. It will just happen. You have the power of death in your eyes."

"I'll need to wear a visor," I said. "Like Cyclops. And if there's anyone I think is out of line, I raise my visor, and my assassin girlfriend stealthily ends them."

"Only if it's a cute girl," she said. "Your death gaze won't work on guys."

"Ryan?" I suggested.

"Especially Ryan," she said. "I may have to kill her multiple times each day."

"So bloodthirsty," I said. After a moment, I added, "What will we do when shooting ends?"

"Stay together," Alysson said. "That's what we both want, right?"

"Oh yeah," I agreed. "No question. But where? Do we have to do a long distance thing? Do I move to California?"

"Long distance sucks. It sucks even more during the pandemic," she said, "because I can't hop on a plane to see you every weekend. And I don't think I can quit Hollywood completely, but Covid will end one day, and maybe I won't have to be so central. You might like California. I'm sure there would be opportunities for you."

I pinched her nipple through the cloth. She made a low growl, and I felt her nipple swelling to my touch. "Right now, all I care about is that we're together. I'll be done with my MBA this year. I haven't talked to the Center directors about long-term plans. I'll make enough from this to be comfortable for a while, but I think they'd like me to stay on." I circled her nipple again. "If they grow contacts they've made from this venture, maybe they'll need someone on the West Coast."

"I know Jen's talking about coming back here if the series is renewed," Alysson said.

"Yeah?" I was a little surprised. "You know more than me. I know she's held it as a possibility. She has the option to renew, but we're talking to others, too. I got the impression that production wanted to go back to normal operations."

"Maybe I do know more than you," she said, smugly. "No one really thinks the situation will be back to normal next year. Everyone's hoping it will be better, but the pod is working well, they have the sets, the people, the contacts, the lower living costs that was the reason for the studio's existence here in the first place - what I heard from my agent is that the costs of the pod are very comparable to the costs of a normal season, even if we were to move to Toronto. Production's expecting to get word on renewal within a month of the release of episode one, and they would need to get talent contracts signed well before Christmas."

"If you're back in the pod next year, I'm here with you," I said. "Whatever happens in the meantime."

"Exactly," said Alison, beaming at me. "So if the series is renewed, it's over a year before we have to decide on long-term plans."

I pinched her nipple again and she groaned. "Stop distracting me," she said, her voice a little hoarse.

"Distracting you from thinking about a future with me to thinking about a now with me?" I asked.

"Well, yeah," Alysson said. "Let me fantasize a little. We have until this afternoon for reality. And I'm just a little bit sore after the last two days, too. No, it's not bad," she added, seeing the concern in my face. "In fact it feels pretty good, and it makes what you're doing turn me on more than it would. But I need to take it carefully."

"I see," I said. Her comment turned me on more than I had been. I pressed her left side, rolling her onto her back, and began to draw circles around her right nipple.

"My concern from a couple of days ago still stands," Alysson murmured. "How will you feel if the entertainment media starts linking me with hot actors? Will you trust me?"

Lightly circling my thumb and finger around her nipple, I replied "Yes," instantly.

"Will you trust me with love scenes?" she asked.

"Yes," I said again. I took a larger gulp of coffee, set my mug down, then stretched out under the sheet, against Alysson's right side, my face level with her chest. I circled my thumb and forefinger around her breast again, my eyes inches from the soft mound, watching the results of my play.

"What about paparazzi?" Alysson asked. "Especially if you're in California. They're everywhere. And believe me, you're enough of a hunk to have your privacy invaded on your own right, once they've taken our privacy."

"I think I can handle it," I said. "No walking around naked without the curtains closed. Check." I moved to press my nose against her nipple, circling my face, feeling it become firmer against me, so that my movements made her entire breast quiver.

"There's more than that," she said. "I promise it won't be easy. You'll probably even have your own groupies. Girls who try to take you aside at parties."

I closed my lips over Alysson's nipple and tugged until it popped out of my mouth. Her breath caught. "Awesome," I said.

"Not when I kill them all," she retorted. "And you."

I parted my lips. Covering her breast with my mouth, I began to hum, trying to find a pitch that I could feel against my lips.

"Oh,that's weird," Alysson said. Her belly tensed, and her voice sounded strange as the note I was humming blended with it.

I stopped humming and gently suckled her breast through the silk. Alysson exhaled sharply, then her fingers rested against my scalp and gently tousled my hair.

"Of course, the series might bomb, and I may never get my big break," she said. "Will you still love me if I'm not a hot assassin and not a space officer chick?"

"Of course I will," I said, speaking into her breast. "But I don't think the series will bomb, and even if it does, everyone will see how good you are in it." I lightly rubbed the back of my tongue over her nipple.

"Mmhh..." she sighed. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to turn me on."

Lightly, I ran a finger over her left breast, circling her nipple, as I sucked against the silk covering the right one. "Would I be so mean?" I asked.

"Yeah, you would," Alysson replied, softly.

I turned my face to look at her, resting my chin on her right arm. "I think I'm going to buy you some lingerie," I said. "I love the way you look in these PJs, and I love the way you look naked, but I think it would be really hot to see you in something that only I will see."

"Sure," she said, her voice husky.

I licked her right nipple. Both of her nipples were erect now, but her breasts also seemed firmer, tighter beneath the silk. When I licked her nipple again she shivered.

"If you like these PJs so much," she said, "why are you trying so hard to make me want to take them off?"

"You don't have to take them off," I said. "They're nice and thin. I can feel you through them."

"I can feel you through them," Alysson said, a rough edge to her voice, "and what you're doing is going straight downstairs."

My finger still circled Alysson's left breast. Now I moved my finger and thumb to her nipple. pinching it. Not hard, but without releasing it, as I kissed the right, tugging it with my lips.

Alysson's breathing was heavy, and her eyes watched me in fascination. The tight muscles of her belly tensed as she took each breath.

I took Alysson's left arm in my right hand. Then, turning on to my back, I used my grip to roll her over onto me. Then I shifted beneath her so that her body was all the way atop mine, my face still at the level of her chest.

Lifting her a few inches, I began to lick her left nipple through the silk, Then, parting my lips, I began to suckle.

"Ohh," sighed Alysson.Her face was on the pillow behind my head, her thighs parted around my belly, and only her left breast was raised, where I could slowly tease it with my lips and tongue.

Her hips shifted sometimes, pressing her sex against my belly for a time. Then, after several minutes of her breathing becoming more pronounced, her hips began to rock, slowly.

I lifted Alysson's shoulders again and moved her to my right, so that I could begin to suckle her right breast. When I did, she set her elbows on the bed, on either side of me, keeping her breasts lifted above me.

Freed from the need to hold her in place, my hands explored her waist and the back of her pajama shorts. I squeezed her to me as her hips pressed her sex to my belly, then released her as she relaxed the pressure.

Taking Alysson's left nipple into my mouth, I sucked it firmly. then shook my head from side to side.

"Ah!" Alysson groaned. The movement of her hips became more pronounced and quicker, drawing her sex against my belly. Her breathing was even but strong, at the same rate.

After gently licking Alysson's left nipple for a few minutes, I switched to the right one, tugging it between my lips.

This finally seemed too much for the girl's composure. She threw herself off me to lie to my left. Then she grasped her pajama shorts and wriggled out of them.

Taking the waistband of my underwear in her hand, she pulled it down. We were going to have to talk about that habit before she did some damage... but at least this time there was no lasting harm, just a sharp uncomfortable jerk, and then my erection was free, pointing skywards.

Alysson wasted no time climbing back to lie atop me and impaling herself with a speed I thought would have hurt. I squeezed her breasts with both hands, then rolled her nipples under my thumbs.

"Nhhh..." groaned Alysson, her breathing rapid.

My fingers grasped the hem of the cami and pulled it upwards, freeing her lovely breasts with their wide, erect nipples.

Extending my tongue, I bent my neck down as far as I could and licked each perfect nipple. Alysson groaned again, then arched her back, which thrust her breasts forward into reach, and I suckled them greedily as she gasped.

Her sex tensed around me as her hips rocked furiously. I felt myself start to lose control.

Then she erupted, moaning as her sex twitched wildly around me. Her thighs stopped moving, and I found myself denied the ability to come with her. So I took her hips in my hands and thrust myself against her, my own groans joining hers as my cock unloaded its spurting warmth inside her welcoming passage.

Alysson collapsed against me. She grasped my hair and tugged it, hard, until my face was towards hers, then she kissed me, fiercely.

I felt something damp against my nose as we kissed. I thought it must be perspiration. But when my girlfriend finally released my mouth, I saw that her pale blue eyes were swimming with tears.

"Oh God, Ali," I breathed. "What is it? Did I hurt you?'

"No," she snuffled, "though I think this is the last time we'll be making love today, because I'm really going to be sore now."

"What is it, cariño?" I asked. "Why are you crying?"

"They're good tears," she said. "It's okay." She drew back and smiled at me. "I've realized a couple of things in the past few days."

I stroked her hair. "What are they, Ali?"

"First, no one has ever fucked me like you do. Made love to me. Not Lewis. Not my one true loo. Not the boyfriends of my teens. And second, that Lewis was never a true love of any kind. Maybe I was in love. Maybe. But I've never felt for anyone what I feel for you. Even if you're a jerk and an asshole who gets his kicks from making me sore."

I grinned. "You could have said no," I said. "I'd have listened."

She wrapped her arms around my neck. "No fucking way," she said.


We parted, regretfully. I took a shower, then set to work making breakfast. Alysson took one last bath - alone - before giving up her whirlpool tub. She felt that it might help her recover more quickly. When we sat down to our steak and eggs, she admitted that she wasn't really very sore. If she didn't feel up to lovemaking later today, she was sure we could find a workaround.

I grinned and said I was okay with that.

"What did you call me earlier?" Alysson asked. "When you thought I was upset?"

"Cariño?" I asked.

"Yeah, that. What does it mean?"

"Dear, darling, love - someone you're very fond of," I said. "You've been calling me babe for a couple of days. I thought my girlfriend deserved her own pet name."

Alysson's cheeks colored. "Thank you, Nate. I like it. Will you keep using it?"

"¡Por supuesto, cariño!" I said.


The space-suited bane of our quarantine - and the savior of it - arrived not long after breakfast to give us our last scheduled antigen tests. They'd advanced the normal testing time to give us chance to leave the room. He'd be testing the other makeup artists early, too, but it was clear that none of us had been infected. Life in the pod would be back to normal. I had traded email with Jen, who said that Ellen hadn't developed symptoms, though she'd tested positive a number of times, and her mother had gotten quite sick, but never had to go to the hospital, and seemed to be recovering.

Jen was going to insist that Ellen isolated and tested negative for a full two weeks before she could return to work, but she'd be allowed to if she wished. If she wanted to take unpaid leave to look after her mother she could do that, too.

We packed our bags. In my case I had an extra suit bag. Alysson had two additional dress hangers and two LED enclosures from FX. Jack brought us extra carts for them all.

"You know what's really going to suck?" I asked Alysson.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Seeing you masked up all the time again," I said.

She shrugged. "Come to watch me work. I take my mask off for shooting." She smirked at me. "You're the one who has to stay covered."

"True," I said, with a sigh.

"But when you and I close the door to our room, the masks come off," she said. "And if you're very, very lucky, more than just the masks."