Chapter 4: Additional Tests

Day 8 - Awakening

I woke to feel a soft body against my back, fingers caressing my arm. I reached behind me to touch the girl spooning me, letting her know I was waking up.

"Good morning," came Alysson's voice from behind me.

"Good morning," I rasped.

I felt her snuggle closer, then a hand stole around my hip and began to stroke the front of my shorts. After a moment I wriggled away from her.

"What's wrong?" Alysson asked.

"Think about the movie we saw, you'll understand," I said.

"Which one?" she asked.

"Justin and Mila," I said. "Back soon."


After I'd brushed my teeth and freshened up I returned to find Alysson sitting cross-legged on bed, her notebook on her lap.

"I figured it out," she said.

"By Googling?" I asked, smirking.

"No, idiot," she said. "By figuring it out. In other news, I'm emailing the health center. I want to know if we have to go the lab, or if the tests are mobile, like the Covid ones. If we have to go to the lab we will have to wait until we can leave the suite. I don't want to wait that long."

"Oh, right," I said. "Tell them we both want testing." I moved up behind her and held her waist. She finished the email and hit send.

When Alysson folded up her notebook, I took it out of her hands and set it down on the bed. Then I lay down, drawing her back with me, so she lay with her back to my chest, on my left side.

I moved both of my hands over the front of her cami top and cupped her breasts. She nestled closer against me. "That feels nice," she whispered.

"They do," I agreed, which made her chuckle.

Releasing her breasts, I lifted the hem of her cami, and fondled them again, without the silk between us. As wispy as the cami was, feeling the supple skin was more exciting, especially when she turned her head to kiss me.

The kiss was slow and tender. Alysson's lips moved slowly against mine, her face drawing back, then moving closer as her lips sought new ways to meet mine.

Releasing her right breast, I slid the fingers of my right hand down her body to her pajama shorts,then cupped her sex in my palm, the silk between my hand and her pussy. Her breathing grew heavier as I squeezed her sex and left breast together.

I found her pubic mound with the ball of my thumb, pressing firmly against it as I moved my hand in a circle. "Mmhh," she murmured into the kiss, her excitement rising. My fingers curled against her sex, feeling her pajama pants becoming damp. She was probably going to have to launder them again.

Alysson's hips began to rock against my groin. She broke the kiss, breathing hard, and I slipped my fingers inside her pants, drawing the sides of my fingers against her clit.

"Ohh..." she groaned, her hips moving further against me. I had grown hard inside my shorts, and every motion squeezed my erection.

"You... really like... touching me," she panted, "don't you?"

"Obviously," I said. "I love to feel you getting turned on," I said.

She groaned, her hips lifting further, then going back to the slow rhythm she'd developed. "Aahh..." she groaned. "You know just how..."

She broke off, panting. I flicked her clit lightly and her back rose several inches before she whimpered, pressing herself to me again.

I lifted my fingers from Alysson's sex, still squeezing her left breast. She settled back against me, but her breathing was still heavy, and her hips still rocked slowly. When she had relaxed some, I lowered my fingers again and gently teased her clit.

Alysson suddenly rolled off me and slipped off the bed to stand at the foot. She picked up the notebook from the bed, set it on the floor. Grasping my shorts, she tugged them over my erection, ignoring my yelp of pain, then pulled them down my legs and tossed them aside. She stalked over to my nightstand, tore open a condom packet and thrust the rubber at me. As I began to slip it on, she pushed her pajama pants down her thighs, letting them fall to the floor as she climbed back up to squat on my legs.

When the condom was in place, she grasped my shaft and fed it inside her. Her expression said that she was taking me in too quickly, hurting herself, but she didn't seem willing to slow down. Instead, she began to rock her hips even before I was fully inside her, and by the time she'd taken in my entire length, she was panting hard.

Alysson placed her hands on my chest for support, and bounced against me, her breasts swinging inside the lifted cami. Her face showed concentration rather than pleasure, but her panting spoke to the intensity of her excitement.

Lifting both hands, I cupped her breasts, trapping both nipples between thumb and the knuckle of my forefinger. Then I gripped them firmly, squeezing the mound of her breasts as I pinched her nipples.

"Aww," Alysson cried. "Aww! Aww! Aww!"

She was stimulating me so much that I began to lose control of my own excitement, and my softer cries interleaved with hers as I felt myself driving quickly into the rise to orgasm.

Seconds later the feel of her sex moving around me pushed me into climax, and I groaned as I spent myself into the condom.

Alysson kept moving. I was determined to try to stay within her for as long as the condom would permit.

That turned out not to be difficult. My cock had barely stopped pulsing when I felt her passage grow tight around me. Then she climaxed, panting, her expression instantly changing from determination to pleasure.

Alysson collapsed onto me, kissing me fiercely before I had to slide out from under her, carefully holding the condom in place.


"What I mean is," Alysson said, "it's like it's not foreplay for you."

She'd glommed onto me as soon as I lay down after disposing of the condom. She lay on my left side, her left leg between mine, her left hand on my waist. She still wore her pajama top, disheveled as it was, without her pants. I'd slipped my shorts back on.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"When you finger me," she said. "It isn't like preparation for the main event. It is the main event. Then, when we make love, it's like a new event, except it also is foreplay, which makes it even better."

"That's the way it's supposed to work, I think?" I responded.

"I guess I'm not used to a lover who puts his own urges aside for so long," she said.

"Huh," I replied, a little surprised. "It's better for me if I do. I'm being selfish."

"Idiot," Alysson said. "No, you're not, but whatever your reason, I'll take it."

We lay together for a few minutes before I broached a different topic.

"You said you didn't want to wait for access to the lab," I said.

"Right, that would be a pain," Alysson agreed.

"If we can't get tested before then, is it something you want to do when we get out of quarantine?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she said. "Why?"

I felt a thrill as she said that. "Because, well, uh..."

She lifted her head to give me a puzzled look.

"A few days ago, not getting close to you wasn't about cheating," I said. "At least, I realized at the end that it wasn't. The whole thing with Mary was an excuse, something I was telling myself to try to keep from getting close to you."

Alysson was frowning now, her expression wary.

"That movie," I said. "The same one. They start having sex, and they're great. Then they start to have feelings for each other, and when they have sex it fucks everything up. If they'd been able to keep everything casual they'd have been fine. They could have hopped into bed whenever they wanted and enjoyed sex without things going wrong."

"Are you saying you want to keep things casual?" Alysson said.

"Actually not," I replied. "I'm saying it's too late for that, for me. It was too late before our day five tests. I already had non-casual feelings for you, and if we got involved it could end up being very painful and maybe uncomfortable for both of us until production's over." I gave her a wry smile. "And then I realized that even if it does end up going bad, I figured that I wanted to be with you enough that it would be worthwhile."

"So you think that I want to keep things casual," she said.

"The flirting protocol seemed very casual," I replied. "The date, not so much. And when we make love, that doesn't feel casual at all. So I don't know. But I figured we were good for the rest of quarantine. If you're thinking about visiting the health center next week, maybe you're expecting for us to be together after that, too."

Alysson's expression had become exasperated. "You really are an idiot," she said, with some feeling. "Are you always so insecure? Were you like this with your ex? Exes?" she corrected herself.

"No," I admitted. "Only with the hot, popular actresses I've dated."

"I feel like we've had this argument before," Alysson said. "I like you. Can you get that through your thick skull? If we're going to be in a relationship, I don't want to have to keep dealing with your feelings of inadequacy."

"That's the thing," I said. "The last time I doubted you we weren't in a relationship. I don't doubt you anymore. I just wasn't sure whether you wanted us to be in a relationship, or whether you just wanted something casual while we're cut off from society. It feels like we've gone beyond that, but I didn't know if I could allow myself to believe it."

She signed, seeming more resigned than annoyed. "Believe it or not, I wouldn't be wanting to have condom-free sex with a guy I'm going to dump at the first opportunity."

"That did occur to me," I admitted.

"Jesus, Nate," she said. "You have nude photos of me on your phone."

"Uh, right," I agreed, sheepishly.

"I was even thinking you might move into my room when we're out of here," she said. "Though if you can't see us staying together, maybe I'll reconsider that."

I ran my fingers through her hair, her curls in disarray after she'd put so much effort into them the previous day. "I can see us being together," I said. "It's what I want."

"You'd better," said Alysson. Then a moment later, she said, "Hey, Nate, go get your phone. I want to see how the photos came out. And you promised to show me your old beard."

"If I have any," I said.

I returned from my room a moment later, scrolling through last night's photos. "The ones with flash are good. The others... most of them aren't, but look at this one."

Alysson took the phone from me and stared at it. Her expression in the photo was sultry, and she glowed with the colored lights. "Oh, I like that," she said. She scrolled through. "Most of them are blurred," she said, "but this one's pretty good, too."

I took the phone from her and nodded. In it she was holding the tie and giving the camera an amused look. "Oh yeah, I like that."

"The flash ones are okay. My eyes aren't red. I like them," Alysson said. "Now show me the beard."

I scrolled rapidly through the index and found nothing. I tried a few search keywords, hoping the photo app would find something that I couldn't.

"Uh, there's one here, but it's not just me," I said.

"Give!" Alysson commanded, then looked at the photo. "You know, I think I prefer the current beard. But is that Mary? She's cute."

I shook my head. "That's Fi. I'm sure I have no photos of Mary, and certainly none of her with me."

"She's pretty," Alysson said. "I'm sorry things didn't work out."

"I was, too," I said, "but I'm not anymore."

Alysson smirked at me.

"Your turn," I said.

"You want to see my naked photos of you?" she asked.

"God, no," I retorted. "I want to see Ali with long hair."

"Oh, right," she said, and found her own phone.

"Oh, wow, you look so different," I said.

"Good different or bad?"

"I admit I like long hair," I said, "but mostly different, especially when you curl it like last night. And now," I said. "Your morning after curls are hot."

"I'm glad you think so," she said, sardonically. "You're the only one who gets to see that fashion statement. I want to let my hair get long again, but if we're renewed I might have to crop it again next year."

"You look lovely either way," I said.

"I'm glad you think so," she replied.


Alysson's grin became sly. "So, you claim you have feelings for me?"

"I do," I said. "I like being with you."

She slid up my body, centering herself over me. "I think you need to show me."

"Gladly," I agreed, sliding my hands under her pajama top and lifting it to uncover her breasts. Alysson repeated the process with my tee shirt, then pushed me down to the bed and kissed me.

Her breasts shivered against my chest as our kiss deepened. I caressed them, then squeezed her waist. She moved against me, clearly enjoying the experience, even without penetration.

Sliding down the bed, I lifted Alysson so that my lips touched her left nipple. As I began to suckle, I ran my right hand around the back of her thighs, extending my fingers until I could slide them into her, then pressed her sex against me as I let the movements of our bodies slide my finger in and out of her.

She groaned, her voice coming from above my head. I sucked her breast deep into my open mouth, rubbing it with my tongue. Her arms dug into the bed as she pushed herself more firmly against me. She closed her legs, trapping my hand between her thighs and panted.

Moments later, she shuddered and came, moaning softly. Her thighs released her grip on my hand, though I held my fingers in place until she relaxed.

Then she rolled off me and lay beside me. "Either my two year dry spell left me forgetting how good it is to be with someone, or you're addictive."

"Or both?" I suggested.

"Sure," she said. "Did I hear my phone ping while you were taking advantage of me there?"

"Hah!" I said. "Yeah, that's what happened."

She rolled away from me to pick up her phone. "Shit I thought it would be the health center. It's Ryan, asking me to rate last night."

"Are you going to tell her I took advantage of you?" I asked, sardonically.

"Of course," she said. She stabbed at the phone keyboard.

"What are you telling her?" I asked.

"Zero," she said,

"That's harsh," I replied. "Zero out of five or zero out of ten?"

"Zero of her business," Alysson replied, with a laugh. "And zero chance of her stealing you."

"That's true," I agreed.

"Oh, wait, I have email too," Alysson said. "And... okay, the tests are portable. They intend to run them only in the health center, but since we're not able to head there they'll come up here this morning."

"Oh wow," I said. My belly tingled at the idea that our situation could be changing soon. "Do they say how long until we get results."

"Mmhmm," Alysson said. "This afternoon."

I yawned, then apologized for my rudeness. "I should go make breakfast," I said. "Maybe I'll take a nap after that. For some strange reason I feel drained."


Day 8 - Results

My nap had to be postponed. Not long after we'd finished eating, the health technician showed up. He wanted to see us separately this time.

I took the first shift. It involved a finger stick, and a swab that I had to use in the bathroom which was more than a little uncomfortable. But that was a small price to pay.

It was also time for our next antigen tests. Or would be this afternoon, but since he was coming up here anyway... in went the nasal swab.

Once I was done with that, I knocked on Alysson's door before returning to my bathroom to get a shower. After that I retired to my room for the remainder of the morning.

For the first time in a week I had a work-related problem to solve. Fleet HQ shooting was about to start, and the set designers had decided they needed a little more room even with green screen. Production had the support staff they needed to do the remodeling needed, but they needed permits and had left too little time to obtain them, so I spent the morning and most of the afternoon on the phone with Center admin and the city.

Since inspections weren't possible without compromising the pod I had the designers submit photos, and by three pm the Center's legal staff had acquired all of the approvals. Production would be delayed by two days total, which was better than we had hoped at the start of the process. Perhaps better than it would have been without the pod, because we'd have had to schedule around the onsite inspector.

I was about to contact production with the good news when my door flew open. Alysson stood in the doorway, wearing a peach button-up blouse, a short floral skirt, and a radiant expression.

"Oh, shit," she said. "I forgot to knock."

"It's okay," I said, "I'm not on a video call or naked."

She smirked. "Shame. Have you checked your mail?"

"I've been sending and receiving email all day," I said. "I haven't seen any... oh, look. Yeah, I received something." I clicked on the "new" icon. "Alright! All negative."

"Same," Alysson said. She moved behind my chair and lowered her face to my ear, her lips touching my earlobe as she whispered, "That's what I came to tell you."

"I need to take care of this summary email," I said. "I won't be long."

Alysson moved from leaning against the back of my chair to just inside my peripheral vision. "Take your time," she said. I could see that her hands were moving, and when I glanced at her I saw that she was unfastening the blouse.

I tried to ignore her while I composed my email to production. That was hard to do when she draped the blouse over my shoulders, and harder still when she set her skirt, carefully folded, by my notebook.

It became impossible when she sat in my lap, facing me, in a white demi-cup bra and white panties.

"If I don't get this email sent," I said, "I'll tell production that it's your fault the HQ sequence was pushed back another day."

Alysson laughed, then pushed against my legs so that the chair swiveled slightly to the right. "You can see to send your precious email," she said. But then, as I tried to type, she popped a bra strap over her shoulder.

"God!" I yelped. "Give me thirty seconds! Please?"

She laughed again, and stopped creating new distractions until I hit send. Then I looked up at her and grinned. "Now, I'm all yours."

"I know," Alysson said. She lifted my tee shirt. I raised my arms to let her pull it over my head.

Before my shirt was completely off, Alysson had lowered her face to my chest and gently ran her tongue over my left nipple. The first gentle touch made me shiver. I thought that I'd find it irritating, but as she kept it up I found myself breathing heavily, with a deep excitement in my belly.

I pushed her other bra strap over her shoulder and watched her breasts quiver as their confinement eased. Then I reached behind her and unhooked the bra, drawing it over her arms.

Alysson's tongue and lips were playing more strongly with my nipple, and it was exciting me. My cock was responding inside my shorts. I cupped her breasts and squeezed as my arousal grew.

She backed away from my nipple and stood. "Take your shorts off," she instructed, as she stepped out of her panties.

I nodded, then slipped off my shorts, carefully freeing myself from my underwear before taking them off. My cock sprang free.

Alysson settled back into my lap, facing me. She took my shaft, pressing it down as she moved close, then began to stroke her sex against it. Her hips rolled her slowly against me, and I could feel her sex becoming slick against the head of my cock.

After a couple of minutes, she lifted herself enough to push my cock into her. The sight and feeling of my erection beginning to slide into her without a condom made my heart race. And she felt so good, moving against me. With no barrier, I could feel the cool slippery sensation of her skin against mine, becoming a warm softness as she slowly enveloped my cock.

When she began to move against me, her lips found mine. I had to lift my face slightly to maintain the kiss, and I squeezed her breasts as I did. She groaned softly as we moved.

Alysson bounced in my lap, her breasts quivering in my hands. The castors on the armless desk chair began to move. I pushed backward until the chair rolled to the bed, which held it in place.

She broke the kiss, beginning to pant rapidly. Her breasts shook as her body bounced. Releasing them, I gripped her hips, lifting her enough to suck her left breast into my mouth. Alysson wrapped her arms around my back and held me against her, lifting herself so high against my cock that I was afraid I would slip out of her, but it didn't happen.

Then she grunted and grasped me to her. I felt her tense, then yield to her orgasm, her sex tightening hard around me.

When the pulsing had waned, I held her butt to me and stood. Her arms were still around my back, holding her body against mine. I moved a few steps, then rested her onto the bed.

Detaching her arms from around me, I pushed her backward, so that her head and back were resting on the sheet. Her thighs were parted around my belly, knees by my chest, as I held her sex against my groin, my shaft buried deep inside her. Gripping her hips, I began pistoning into her, moving back as far as I safely could, then thrusting deep.

She began to moan almost immediately. Her breasts jiggled against her chest. As firm as they were, her body was jolting sharply enough that they made soft sounds as they slapped against her.

Alysson cupped her own breasts, preventing their uncontrolled quaking. Her fingers and thumbs pinched her nipples as she held her breasts, and I felt her passage tighten around my cock.

"Ali," I groaned. "I'm going to come. I'm going to come inside you."

"Yes," she replied, excitement making her voice hoarse. "I want you to!"

I tried to hold back a little longer, hoping that Alysson would be able to join me in climax, but I lost the battle. My cock tensed, becoming like rock inside her, then began to spurt.

The warm, slippery sensation was something I had never felt before. I thought the sudden freedom of feeling of my cock inside her would make it hard for Alysson to follow me, but a few seconds later her back arched and I felt her sex pulsing around me as she cried my name.

Then I held her body tightly to mine until her breathing slowed. She eased herself away from me and moved higher up the bed. I moved up to lie beside her and she took my hand.

"So," I began, a few minutes later, when my breathing and pulse had returned to normal, "was it worth all the trouble and embarrassment of the testing?"

"Hell, yeah," Alysson said. "Not just for the experience, but for not needing to take a timeout along the way. And for not having to worry about the consequences of making a mistake."

"True," I said.

"Are we going to share my room when we're out of quarantine, Nate?" she asked.

"If that's an invitation, sure," I said. "Should I keep my room too?"

"Why?" she asked.

"For plausible deniability," I said. "If I give up my room it becomes very public. The whole crew will see us in a relationship."

"We are, aren't we?" Alysson asked. "Do we care who knows?"

"Your agent might," I said. "Casting directors might."

"Why would they care?" Alysson persisted. "Because I'm outed as straight?"

"Because you're with a nobody," I said. She tried to interrupt me, but I held up a hand placatingly. "No, wait, I'm not putting myself down. Because they expect to see you with a hot actor, if you're with anyone."

She shook her head. "That isn't a big deal. And they'll invent relationships for me anyway. That would be my main concern. How are you going to feel when you see me linked with my co-star or some new guy every month? Which I guess isn't affected by whether or not you keep your room, just a concern."

I turned my head to gawk at Alysson.

"What is it?" she asked, noticing the intensity of my stare.

"Where did that come from?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Alysson countered.

"That's not going to happen while we're here," I said. "Not quarantine. I mean the pod. You're talking about future movies and future news."

It seemed to take a moment for what I said to register. Then her face flushed. "Oh God, you're right," she said. "It was something I was thinking about earlier. I remembered the issues but not the scenario."

I stroked the back of the hand I was holding with my thumb. "You're really considering that we could be in a relationship beyond the pod duration?"

"Don't you?" Alysson asked, defensively. "You said you had feelings for me."

"I do," I said, "and I guess moving into your room would mean we'd be in a relationship, but I seriously hadn't thought about anything longer-term. I figured you'd be focusing on your career."

"You think I'll be able to turn off my feelings just because they're inconvenient?" Alysson asked. "From my experience, it doesn't work like that. Or I wouldn't have been in therapy since my break-up with Lew." After a pause, she added, "you seem to think I'm different from a normal girl. That I shouldn't be able to fall for a normal guy, and that I should be able to dump him at a time of my choosing?"

I started to reply in the negative, then caught myself. After a moment, I said, "I don't think that's quite right, but you may be nearer to the truth than I'm willing to admit to. You have so much control of your feelings when you're acting that I do see you as having that much control over the rest of your life. But I think mostly I hadn't allowed myself to think you might be willing to start something that might continue beyond the next few weeks."

If I thought that would mollify her, I was mistaken. Alysson disengaged her hand from mine, then rolled over onto her side to see me. She didn't make any attempt to draw back further or cover up, so I didn't take the action as rejection; at the same time, she was clearly irritated with me. "What I'm not willing to do is start something that doesn't have a chance of being more than casual sex. Not with you. Or haven't you figured out that I have feelings for you, too?"

"Uh, yeah, I did," I said.

"It doesn't feel like it," she said, harshly. "It feels like you think I want to fuck you and forget you. It's fucking insulting."

"I don't think that," I protested. "And I think you're being unfair. You only brought up the idea of a lengthy relationship five minutes ago. Or really, any relationship at all. I'm thrilled with the idea. I want that. But give me time to understand my thoughts."

"I guess," Alysson said, frowning.

"The thing is," I said. "The thing is, we've been thrown together so completely here, that it's hard to relate our situation to the outside world. Normally when you date someone, you see them, you go away and process your thoughts and deal with your feelings, then you see them again. We haven't really had that downtime, and that's not bad, but it's sudden and high pressure, and in a week I've gone from pretty much idolizing you to seeing you as a regular person, and a girl who seems to like me. It hasn't been a smooth change, and I'm sorry for that. I like you, too, and I want this to work."

Alysson's expression softened. "Do you think I'm being impatient?" she asked, then continued immediately, "No, don't answer that. I am being impatient. I think you're right. Being pushed together has been pretty awesome, but I've been greedy. I wanted to hook you in ten days, but I'm in no hurry to throw you back."

"I'm not saying we need to pause, or even to slow down," I said. "Just allow me to show a little surprise at my changing situation while I figure it out. Maybe you're right. I don't see you as greedy or impatient, but your life swivels on a dime. In six months you might be grinding out another TV series, or you might be Hollywood's hottest property. One reading next week might give you a breakout role and destroy your privacy forever. Everything changes for you, while the biggest thing I've done in twenty-four years is create the pod. I may be able to think of you as a normal girl, but your world isn't my world, which I guess is exactly what you were saying in the first place about the entertainment press."

Alysson reached out to take my left hand again, in her left hand, this time, since she was still on her side facing me. "Why don't you just promise to tell me if I am changing the rules too fast for you?" she said. "And I'll try to avoid assuming motivations."

"Sure," I agreed, squeezing her hand. "As long as you promise to tell me if I'm making you uncomfortable - including by dragging my feet."

She released my hand and sat up with a bounce. "Alright. Then I'm going to run a bath for us."

In spite of the fact that we'd spent the last half hour lying side by side, stark naked, the idea of sharing the bath with Alysson caused my cock to begin to uncurl. If Alysson noticed, she made no comment, as she hopped out of bed and headed to her room.


Day 8 - Whirlpool

Alysson smirked as I entered the bathroom. "What's with that?" she asked, her eyes fixed to the towel around my waist.

"I know, I know," I said. "It's dumb, especially since I'm going to have to take it off to get into the bath, but I feel dumb walking around naked. If I had a robe I'd wear that."

I set my clothes in a tidy pile, then unwrapped the towel and set it down close to the tub. Alysson didn't glance away.

"Have I ever told you, you have a very intimidating look?" I asked, as I stepped into the bath.

"I work on it," Alysson said, with a grin. "But I think you were more intimidated by where I was looking, rather than how."

"True," I agreed. I settled on the ledge behind Alysson. She shifted back against me, her waist between my thighs.

"I told you," she said, "I'm greedy. I want to have my beefcake and eat it too."

"Oh, very droll," I said. "Beefcake? Really?"

"Mmhmm," Alysson replied, leaning back, her head on my chest.

I slipped my arms under hers and closed my hands on her breasts, squeezing them gently.

"Like them, do you?" she asked.

"You wouldn't believe how much I wanted to do this the last time we took a bath," I said.

"Yeah, actually, I think I would," she replied. "There were one or two times that your interest stuck out a mile."

"Oh, God, really?" I asked.

"Well, several inches," Alysson replied, with a laugh. "I found it quite flattering."

"God," I said again. "I was trying to keep that hidden."

"If you hadn't, it wouldn't have been flattering, it would have been harrassing," Alysson said. "I appreciated the fact that you were turned on and not trying to manipulate me. That told me I could trust you. And unless I miss my guess, your interest is showing again."

I sighed. "Yeah. Remembering how much I wanted you then makes it impossible to hide how much I want you now."

Alysson twisted her shoulders and neck to press her lips to mine. I pinched her nipples as we kissed, and she made a soft growl. Then she turned her face away again. "You don't really need to keep it hidden now, do you?"

"I guess not," I agreed. "Why don't you turn around?"

Alysson had to rise from the water to turn to face me. The last time we'd bathed together, that would have been a problem, since she was trying to remain hidden by bubbles, but today we had no restrictions. Water sheeted from her rounded breasts as her chest lifted from the tub. When she turned, her wide nipples were erect, a few bubbles clinging to them.

Drawing back, I closed my legs, lifting Alysson's knees so that she slid into my lap as she lowered herself back into the water. I parted her thighs, and her feet found the ledge on either side of me. Then I slid my backside forward, off the ledge, hooked my shoulders under her knees, and lifted her hips partially out of the water. She had to support herself with her hands extended to the ledge on the far side of the tub, but she was mostly floating, her breasts partially submerged in the warm water.

"Oh, mmm," she purred as I lifted her hips further, lowing my face to tongue her upper thighs, working my way upwards and inwards.

My tongue made an exploratory probe of Alysson's clit. She gasped, and I backed away, but slowly approached again, backing off when her reaction was too sharp, but after a couple of minutes her hips began to rock as my tongue circled the swelling nub.

Her breathing became more audible. "Hhh-uh - hhh-uh," as she breathed more deeply through parted lips.

Keeping the pace constant, I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue, only very gradually letting it move further against her. Her sighs grew deeper and her exhalations more pronounced as I stroked her over the space of several minutes.

Her breathing began to grow ragged. "Oh God, Nate..." she groaned as her excitement grew.

Alysson's breasts quivered in the water, forming ripples that spread to the side of the bath, two distinct centers of expanding circles. I watched them as I worked, firm nipples bouncing from side to side above the thin layer of bubbles. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted further as her breath caught in an occasional sob.

When I began to lap Alysson's clit rapidly her hips lifted further, pressing her sex to my face. She whimpered in need, and I knew that it was time for me to accommodate her. Closing my lips over her clit I bounced my face against her sex.

Alysson cried out, then shuddered, her breath coming in gasps as the muscles of her belly tensed and twitched in release. It must have been over thirty seconds before her breathing calmed enough for her to groan, "Oh God, Nate. God!" Then she sank back down into the water.

A moment later her arms were wrapped around my neck and she was kissing me in joyful abandon before backing away from my lips long enough to say, "That was incredible."

I was rock hard by this point. The ferocity of her response was deeply arousing. I thought it would be better to leave the tub and continue in bed, but Alysson had other ideas.

I heard a sucking sound and realized that the water was draining from the bath, though we were still embracing in the water.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Trying something different," Alysson said, backing away from me.

She watched the remaining thin layer of bubbles on the surface of the water as the level dropped to my navel. Then down a little further, until I saw the shape of my erection through the bubbles.

"There," Alysson said. "That's close."

She squatted in the central well of the tub. Her position might have been uncomfortable except for being buoyed up by the water. But lowering her body into the well raised the water level, and she had to let a little more water out.

"That should do," she said. Then, carefully, she lowered her face to the water, sliding her lips around the head of my cock.

"Can you breathe?" I asked, concerned.

She drew back to answer me. "My nose is above the water, so yeah. You might want to sweep away any bubbles that get close."

"Okay," I said, as she lowered her chin back into the water. A moment later I felt a luscious warm liquid sensation in my cock.

I swished a hand through the water underneath Alysson's nose occasionally, clearing away the thin layer of bubbles. Of course, she couldn't explore far along my shaft without submerging her nose, so she worked only at the tip. But with the movement of the water around the sensitive head of my shaft, that didn't seem to matter.

"Oh, my God, Ali," I said. "That feels amazing."

She made no reply, but started bobbing her head, her lips and tongue sliding up and down my shaft, warm water swirling around. "Oh God," I said again.

The sensation was unlike anything I'd felt before, and I was not going to be able to hold off the consequences for long. Alysson seemed to sense that. Without interrupting her work, she grabbed a washcloth from the side of the tub, dunking it and holding it underwater.

With her other hand she held my cock, keeping it in place as her tongue swirled around the head.

I groaned. "Ali...I'm going to come..."

"I know," she muttered, the words muffled against the surface of the water as she drew back far enough to speak. Then she suckled the tip again, and my thighs jerked as my cock tensed.

Alysson moved away quickly, covering my cock with the warm, wet washcloth, which she gripped and began to pump. My cock began to spasm, fluid spurting into the washcloth, and I gasped as her fingers teased out my climax, my cock continuing to pulse until the feeling began to become irritating.

At that point I gently pushed Alysson's hand away. "God," I breathed, again. "That was... different."

Alysson lifted herself onto the ledge at the far side of the tub. With the height of the ledge and the lowered water level, the surface barely covered her thighs. "From the look on your face, I'm going to say good different."

"Shit, yeah," I agreed.

Alysson grinned. "What you did was pretty good, too," she said. "Now go get dry."

I heard the water slurping sound again and realized she'd pulled the plug again.

"Yes, Mommy," I said, climbing out of the bath and grabbing my towel.


In Alysson's room I checked my phone. I had email. "There's something from the health center," I said. "I hope they didn't screw something up."

Alysson looked at me in concern as I opened the mail.

"Oh!" I laughed. "PCR results from three days ago. Negative."

She'd grabbed her own phone while I was checking. "Same. It seems strange to be thinking about that, now," she said. "But that's still good news."

Exhausted as we both were by the day, I didn't attempt to cook. We shared food from a Chinese restaurant - shredded pork and a dangerously spicy chicken and cabbage dish that Alysson handled with no problem, but was a little outside my tolerance for spice.

That evening's movie was "Palm Springs," a recent romcom that was fun and weird.

I don't think either of us was disappointed that snuggling in bed didn't lead to more. I still felt spent, and Alysson fell asleep in my arms.

When Alysson's lips on my neck woke me sometime after midnight, we found that we'd recovered enough to make love again, Alysson lying on top of me, coaxing both of us to a release that was both peaceful and satisfying.