Chapter 3: First Date

Day 7 - Suggestion

I woke up several times during the night. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable. A thought was weighing on me. Not about Alysson. I was happy to be sleeping beside her. If I'd attempted to explore her body, as apparently I'd started to do the previous night, I didn't remember it.

Waking eventually at a normal hour, I slid very carefully out of bed, trying not to disturb the sleeping girl, then left the bedroom and started coffee brewing. While the machine was beginning to make bubbling noises, I went to my bathroom to freshen up. When I was done, the coffee pot was dripping the last of the dark liquid into the filter.

Returning to Alysson's room, I set the coffee down on her nightstand, then took the other cup to my side of the bed.

My side didn't feel quite right. This was still Alysson's. Her life. I reached out to squeeze her shoulder. "Morning. There's coffee."

Alysson grunted something unintelligible, then struggled into a position where she could drink some coffee. After that she began to show signs of life.

"Morning," she said, working herself into a sitting position and picking up her coffee mug. "Or did I say that?"

"All I heard was urrblll," I replied. "I don't think it translates into human."

"Probably better that way," she said. "I might have been calling you a rude name for waking me up."

"You can sleep again if you want," I said.

"No," she replied, "thanks for waking me, And for the coffee. Would you like for me to make breakfast? If you tell me what to do."

"If you like," I said.

"Just something simple. We still have bacon?"

"And eggs," I said. "Bread for toast, You can make the eggs over easy. Okay?"

"Sure," she said.


Alysson managed to split the yolks of two out of the three eggs, and insisted on my taking the whole one. Other than that she had no problems.

She'd changed into a sky blue crop top and white shorts. After we'd sat at the table, I made a comment about how I'd gotten used to her being dressed in her PJs for breakfast.

"Yeah, well," Alysson replied. "They need to go back to the laundry today, don't they?"

"They do?" I was puzzled about the phrasing.

"Mmhmm," she said, slicing her streaky egg. "I'm not complaining, Nate. It's been so long since anyone made me feel like that."

Understanding dawned. She'd gotten wet when I was touching her. I hadn't noticed, but my fingers hadn't moved from her mound before she'd stopped the activity. "Ah," I said. "Yeah."

"Nate," she said, "should I stop pressuring you?"

"You mean abandon the flirting protocol?" I asked. "No way. Unless you want to, or you're frustrated with me."

"You're sure?"

"There's something I should tell you," I said in reply. "I'm going to break up with Mary. It's overdue."

"Are you sure?" Alysson asked, her expression showing concern.

"Yeah, I am," I replied. "I lost some sleep over it last night, trying to be sure. Even if I allow that I might be unfairly judging her choice to go back to her parents, there's... there's just nothing there, Ali. If there ever was, it was over before the pandemic."

"I don't want you to make a decision that you'll regret because I'm pressuring you," she said.

"I don't feel pressured," I replied. "I feel flattered. You've respected my boundaries. I'm still bemused that you'd be interested in me, but that has nothing to do with my future with Mary. Last night I may have given voice to my problems, but I realized that I've known it was coming for weeks, maybe months. That's what cost me sleep, more than dreading the phone call."

Alysson nodded. "At least you're not going to dump her by text," she said. "If you can't see her in person, you owe her a call."

"Yeah, I do," I said.

"Still... if I don't have to stop trying to tempt you, I want to invite you on a date," Alysson said.

"I don't think that's really an option, is it?" I asked, confused.

She waggled her right hand. "Yes and no. It could be an indoor date. Dress up, have dinner delivered instead of making it, the important thing would be for us to agree that it is a date, even if it's an evening like any other. Do you have anything other than tee shirts and shorts?"

"Here?" I said. "I have jeans - I have a suit in my normal room. It's a boring business suit, but I could ask Jack if he'd pick it up for me. I even have a tie and polished shoes."

"That would work," Alysson said, with a nod. "Yea or nay?"

"Oh, yea, definitely," I said. "Sounds like fun."

"Alright!" Alysson said, with a grin. "Then I'll clear up breakfast. I need to use the TV for a little while afterwards. Will you be doing schoolwork?"

"Yeah," I said, "I will."

"Perfect," Alysson said. "See you at lunch."


My preparations for the evening cost me some schoolwork time. Jack agreed to pick up the clothes I wanted. I promised him a case of the craft beer for all the help he'd been giving me. I'd have to buy a couple of cases on my tab.

I told him the suit was for a meeting, and had him bring my white shirt and rep tie, but I also asked him to bring a black shirt and my favorite non-work tie, a pinkish-grey silk necktie with dragons in bronze and gold.

And then I called Mary, which cost me the rest of my study time for the morning.

When that was done, I checked outside the door. Jack lad left my suit, extra shirt and tie and shoes hanging on a plastic laundry frame. Beside them was a plastic dress bag. Apparently Alysson had sent someone on an errand, too.

When our sandwiches arrived for lunch I found the furniture rearranged, with the kitchen table moved into the living room, the living room coffee table against a wall and the couch pushed back. Apparently the kitchen wasn't good enough for dinner. Which made sense. The living room was hardly the height of elegance, but it was a step up from the tiny, functional kitchen.

After lunch, Alysson vanished into her room and didn't come back out. I received email from her mid-afternoon asking me if I was okay with hibachi for dinner, giving me a menu link and sushi options. "Please don't look at prices," the email said. I agreed with her choice of hibachi, selecting a sushi sampler, with a steak and shrimp main course.

At six I received another email, asking me to stay in my room until food arrived and she was ready.

Then, a little before seven, there was a knock on my door. I stepped out into the tiny common hallway, and my jaw hit the floor.

Alysson's brown hair was in tight curls. Her eyelids had a slight sparkle, and her thin brows were well defined. She wasn't wearing her glasses. Since she was having no trouble focusing on me, I assumed she was wearing contacts, though clear ones, this time.

Gems at her ears glinted the same color as her eyes - aquamarine, as I'd decided before. Her lips were slightly redder and her face seemed even more sharply triangular than usual, due to the crispness of her makeup.

Her face was only part of the transformation. She wore a burgundy one-shoulder dress. On the left, the panel rose over her breast, connected to three straps that passed over her left shoulder. On the right, the dress fell away to expose about two inches of the top of her breast, the panel held in place by one of the straps which passed under her right arm.

There was a silver chain at her waist. Below that, the dress became gauzy, falling to just above her ankles at the back. In the front, it rose to the hem level of the opaque short skirt beneath it. Her long legs seemed even longer in burgundy heels.

I was sure I had never seen anyone or anything that looked better than Alysson did outside my door.

She grinned at my expression. "You like?" she said, then twirled in place. The dress flared out behind her. The back was deep, the other two shoulder straps supporting the panel above the skirt.

"I do," I said. My heart had sped up. She constructed this vision for me? "Oh, yeah," I added. "Uhh. I couldn't really pick up flowers for you, so..." I ducked back into my room, returning with a vase of white and pink lilies. "I had this delivered."

Alysson's eyes lit up at the sight of the flowers. She clearly hadn't expected them. I'd had them sent to myself so that hotel reception would contact me when they arrived. If they'd seen the sender they probably thought I was a sad case.

She took the vase from me. "Thank you, Nate," she said. "They smell lovely."

"Yeah," I said. "I'm glad about that. I wasn't sure if they would."

Alysson led the way to the table in the living room. The table was small, but small for a family was still big enough that she had been able to set it for two, with a pair of candles, which were the only source of light in the room, though the light in the hallway made it possible to see beyond their glow.

She rearranged the table so that the candles were on one side, the vase of lilies on the other. "Sit down, please," she said. "I'll serve the food in a moment, but I'll get our drinks first."

She stepped into the deeper darkness of the kitchen, returning with two glasses of clear bubbly liquid. She handed one to me, then said, "May the remainder of our quarantine be as much fun as the first two thirds have."

We both drank. "That's nice," I said, looking at the glass of champagne. Then I frowned. "Seven days down. It seems to have sped by, and now I don't feel like I want it to be over so soon."

Alysson nodded. "Just three more days. Less, really."

I raised my glass. "To the best quarantine partner I've ever had. May she not assassinate me before production is over."

She laughed and took a sip. "I'm not an assassin yet," she said. "I can't do the reading for another three days."

"Being trapped here for more than three more days might make you decide you need to practice," I said.

"Mmm, probably not," she replied, "but it might be smart to stay on my good side."

She took the plates through to the kitchen. This time she turned on the light, returning a couple of minutes later with my steak and shrimp and a small plate of sushi. The sauces were in the takeout plastic containers. There's a limit to how much sophistication you can attempt with a small hotel kitchen.

After she brought out her own food, she turned the kitchen light back off. We had the disposable chopsticks from the restaurant, so I broke mine apart and started with my sushi.

"I feel badly underdressed," I said. "I'm thinking that even if I'd been able to dress for a night on the town I'd feel drab. I'd need a real black tie and tux to even be seen in the same room as you."

"You look fine, Nate," she said. "I love the dragon tie. I'm... afraid Ryan knows about the date."

"Did you tell her?" I asked. I was merely curious. I hoped I didn't sound petulant.

"No," Alysson said. "I told her the dress was for a special project when i asked her to locate it for me, but she saw your suit and texted me some crude emoji."

I grinned ruefully. "Does she seem okay with the idea?"

"The emoji string ended with heart, heart, heart, so I think so," Alysson replied.

"Is the champagne in the fridge?" I asked. "Would you like more?"

"I'll get it," Alysson said. "I'm the host, remember?"

She took both of the glasses and returned with them filled. "There's an unopened bottle in the fridge," she said. "Since we don't have to drive home."

I smiled and lifted my glass to her.


Day 7 - Date Night

"So, Nate," Alysson began. We were both almost done with the main course. "May I ask how things went with Mary? Don't tell me if you don't want to."

"It's done," I said. "She seems pretty down about it, but she agreed there really wasn't much keeping us together. We should probably have broken up at the start of the pandemic."

"She said that?"

"She agreed with it," I said. "I'm sorry she isn't happy, but I think she understands that if there had been a spark between us she wouldn't have chosen to go back to her parents'. We talked for a long time. I don't know if we'll stay friends, or even if we want to, but I don't think she's angry with me."

"Are you with her?" she asked.

"No," I said, shaking my head. "No, I'm not. She did what she had to do. Maybe if there had been any passion between us, what she felt she had to do might have been different, but it is what it is."

Alysson reached across the table and squeezed my hand. "You'll be fine," she said.

She drew her hand back immediately, leaving the gesture one of empathy, not an attempt to take advantage of my changed situation.

Of course, the whole idea of a date could be seen as having that goal.

I grabbed the last chunk of steak with my chopsticks, dunked it in the sauce and ate it. When I was done, I said, "There is one thing."

"What's that?" Alysson looked at me curiously.

"There's nothing to stop me bragging about having slept with Alysson Eden now," I said. "Well, other than your agent will probably sue the pants off me."

Alysson laughed. "If that's what it takes to get your pants off, maybe I'll call him. I'll take your plate, if you're done. No, sit down," she added, when I tried to pick up her plate instead.

"Aye, aye, commander," I said. sitting back in my chair.

Alysson rolled her eyes at her character's title, and took our plates to the kitchen. She returned with the champagne. Refilling our glasses, she said, "I will take help moving the table and chairs back to the kitchen. Take the flowers and candles to the coffee table, then help me move it."

"Sure," I said, picking up the candles. "Are we moving the couch and coffee table back?"

"No," she replied. "That's our dance floor."

"Dance floor?" I asked.

"I brought this dress for the wrap party, which we may or may not have," Alysson said. "If I have a chance to wear it, I don't want to waste it doing nothing more than sitting behind a little wooden table." She moved to the side of the dark room and bent down. "Besides, I have some toys from FX."

She switched on a small unit I hadn't noticed in the candlelight, and patches of deep color began to move about the room. Then she moved to the other wall, beside the coffee table, and activated an identical unit, More color patches merged, forming new colors that changed constantly.

After turning off the hall light, she blew out the candles. Then she fumbled with the TV controller for a moment, turning the TV on, then selecting a channel with a live DJ.

The colors in the two LED devices began to pulse more brightly, spinning with the music, though never moving fast, and the colors of the TV added to the light in the room. The video moved between close ups of the DJ, the small crowd, and individual dancers, giving life to the small room.

"Hey, look at the flowers," I said.

Surprised, Alysson turned to see the vase on the coffee table. The white lilies seemed to have pale veins, and the pink lilies had touches of a glow in a darker color, close to the burgundy of Alysson's dress.

"There must be black light in the disco boxes," Alysson said. She grinned at me. "Look at your dragons. And your shirt."

The collar and center of the black shirt had white stitching, which glowed with a faint greenish hue. The solid background of the tie was more blue than pink, depending on how the light caught it, and each dragon outline was picked out in a slightly brighter green. "Oh, nice," I said.

"It looks like all I have is the belt," Alysson stated. It did have a very pale glow.

"Your eyes, the glitter has some green and pink," I said. "On the off-beats when your face is darker, I see the sparkles above your eyes and your chain. But then you glow in the colored lights."

"Groovy," Alysson said, with a chuckle. "Natanael, will you dance with me?"

I gave her a little bow. "I will, Alysson," I said.

With the party in progress on the TV it didn't seem as strange for just the two of us dancing as it would with just the music. We danced close together, mostly without touching, though occasionally one of us would take the other's hand to draw close or begin a slow three-sixty, turning back to back before facing each other again.

After a few minutes, Alysson took my hand and led me to the coffee table, where our drinks were. She brought the champagne from the fridge, topped up our glasses and left the bottle, since it was almost gone.

Leaning against the wall beside the coffee table, I sipped my champagne, finding I had a gentle buzz. Alysson picked up the TV remote and her glass, and came to stand on my left. She leaned back against my arm, my hand automatically finding her hip.

"I got the impression from a few of your moves that you might know some latin dances," Alysson said. "Am I right?"

"Mi nombre es Natanael Garcia," I said, continuing in my mother's accent, "what do you think, chica?"

"Just because you speak it doesn't mean you dance it," she objected. "I'm sure not every Texan can two step."

"True enough," I said. "I'm not good, but I know the basics of salsa, samba, rumba, umm, cha cha."

"I didn't find a good channel this morning," Alysson said, "but I bookmarked some videos." She switched apps on the TV, found her bookmarks and drank some of her champagne. She leaned across me to set her glass down, then spun away from me and tugged at my hand.

Setting my own glass down, I followed her back to the makeshift dance area. The TV didn't show a party this time. Alysson had turned the brightness down so that the static image didn't interfere with her disco lights, and we began the cha cha.

She was much better than me, but I knew more than I'd admitted to, and we were crossing over and turning out, Alysson's narrow hips seeming to move twice as quickly as her upper body. When she turned the dress would flare out dramatically behind her.

Maybe it was the effect of the champagne buzz, but I felt freer in my lead than I'd ever done during the classes I'd taken in college, or the few times I'd tried to dance after that. And of course having a partner far more capable than I meant she covered my missteps.

After a few minutes, I stepped back to take off my jacket, tossing it onto the arm of the couch, and unbuttoned my collar. When I moved back to the center of the living room, Alysson looped my tie around her hand, drawing me close as she continued to step to the music.

"It's totally not fair that you have a glowing shirt and dragons," she said. Her hands moved to the knot of my tie, widening the loop. Then she slipped it out of my collar and over my head.

I thought she was going to toss it onto my jacket. Instead, she pulled it over her own head. Now she had glowing dragons as we resumed our cha cha.

My forehead was damp with perspiration when Alysson took my hand and led me back to our champagne glasses. She divided the last of the first bottle between us, then brought the second from the kitchen.

"I'm amazed how you move in heels," I said, lifting my glass in a small salute.

"I've had practise," Alysson replied, "if not much lately. Though this isn't the best floor. The carpet pile is just deep enough to catch the heels. And you're better than you said."

"But not in heels," I commented.

Alysson tinkered with the TV control again, going back to her original app, but selecting a different stream, brightening the display. "Oh, this is different from this morning," she said. It was another party, with a DJ mixing trance. "I like this better."

We watched the show for a few minutes before moving back to the center of the room. This time I took the initiative. We danced close, her body occasionally brushing against mine, her eyelids and the dragon tie glowing faintly.

After a few minutes I took the tie in my hand, as she'd done a little earlier, and drew her to me. Then I lowered my face and kissed her.

Our lips met softly. hers pressing to mine, then moving as she sought new ways to express their joining. And as gentle as the kiss was, it was clear to me that we were both holding back passion that had been building between us for days. My suit pants and underwear instantly felt several sizes too small.

Releasing the tie, I slid my hands around to her back, bare but for the three straps, I caressed her silky skin, using just enough pressure to keep her chest pressed to mine, then dipped my hands inside the panel of her dress and over tight, thin panties, my fingers sliding over her firm buttocks.

The pressure of her lips on mine eased, then resumed, capturing my lower lip between hers. I sucked gently on her upper lip. As I did I felt her teeth gently scrape my lip, and I shivered.

Alysson moaned into the kiss, then broke it, moving her face to my neck. "God, Nate," she whispered. "I want..."

I waited for more. Her lips moved against my neck, and I realized she wasn't going to continue. I figured she didn't want to pressure me by telling me. She probably hadn't meant to say even as much as she had.

I drew my hands out from inside her dress, moving them back over the back of her skirt and squeezed her ass firmly, then using my hold to lift her against my body. As I did, her legs wrapped around me, and I raised her higher, where I could kiss her neck, then high enough for my lips to travel over the exposed upper edge of her breast.

Alysson shuddered in my arms as I held her to me. Then I lowered her back to the floor and caught her lips with mine. She moaned into the kiss.

I ran my hands to the side of her skirt, where it rose to the gauzy fringe of the front. My right hand found the hem, lifting it out of the way so that I could caress her thigh, then move my fingers to the front of her panties. She seemed to stagger slightly as I rubbed the mound of her sex, then began to pant as I worked my fingers inside her panties and stroked her lower lips.

She was already slick with arousal. I explored carefully, ready to back away if I caused her discomfort, but I found her clit easily, as hard as it was, and brushing my thumb against it drew a groan from her, not a hiss of displeasure.

Lowering my hand, I curled two fingers inside her. I couldn't get them deep inside without tearing her tight panties, but it didn't seem important, as she was already whimpering with need. I squeezed and released her sex, feeling her body press against me. Her arms wrapped around my neck for support as she panted, "Uh-hh, uh-hh, uh-hh." Then she said, "Wait, stop..." and I stopped squeezing. She didn't make me release her, though, and I realized she was stepping out of her heels.

I squeezed her sex firmly, my fingers inside her, and began to stroke her clit with my thumb. Alysson moaned, then drew my face down and fastened her lips to mine, her kiss frantic with passion, her breathing becoming ever more rapid and harsh.

Without releasing her lips, I moved my left hand around her back, to her left shoulder. One by one I eased the straps outward until they fell down her arm. Moving my hand between us I peeled back the panel over her right breast, cupped it in my left hand, and squeezed.

Her moans rose in pitch. I didn't even try to control the pace. Her need demanded an outlet, and I couldn't deny her. I kept moving my right hand against her until she grunted, the arms around my neck suddenly carrying more weight as her legs lost their support. I could feel her sex tightening in a series of shocks around my finger. I quickly released her breast and moved my left hand around her back, helping to keep her upright.

Gradually the strain on my neck eased as she found her footing. She drew her face back from mine.

"Nate," she whispered. "Please fuck me."

"Yes." I managed to squeeze the word out around my own excitement.


Day 7 - Crossing the Rubicon

Alysson's smile turned triumphant. "Wait right here," she said.

Picking up her shoes and grabbing the front of her dress to hold it to her chest, she tottered off unsteadily toward her bedroom.

When she returned, a moment later, she was walking more evenly. She pressed a box of condoms into my hand as she kissed my lips. Then she stepped back. She had tugged the straps roughly over her shoulder, though her dress looked a little uneven, especially over her right breast.

Swaying to the music, Alysson unfastened a hidden zipper at her hips, moving it down a few inches. Her eyes held mine as she swung her hips, latin dance-style. She made a show of raising her arms, tossing her short curls, then popping each strap over her arm, the dress hanging more loosely with each.

As the third strap slid down her arm, the panel began to peel away from her breasts. Alysson took the cloth at her hip, drawing it down, and the dress slid to the floor. She stood before me, her breasts and stomach reflecting the soft, random colors. Her nipples were wide and hard, my tie incongruously dangling between her breasts, dragon outlines glowing in the black light, as were her eyelids.

"Alysson..." I breathed.

She bent to pick up her dress, folding it before carefully lobbing it onto the couch. Then she approached me, her breasts quivering with each step, until her lips met mine.

Her kiss was savage with desire. I had a sudden insight into another aspect of her acting skill. Not only could she fake passion when she needed to, as with the first time I'd seen her, but she could use her ability to let her true feelings through; her genuine passion shining through the inferno of need that drove her now. I had no doubt at all that every ounce of lust she fed into the kiss was authentic, even though it was her acting skill that allowed her to show it.

She tugged my shirt free of my pants as her teeth closed on my tongue, I tried to grasp her breasts as her nails bit into my waist, but the touch seemed almost irrelevant to the fire that was flooding into me from her lips and fingers, and I wrapped my hands around her back instead, holding her close as she worked my belt buckle free.

In moments, my pants were sliding down to my feet, and Alysson was easing me down to the floor. Sitting, I pulled off my shoes without unfastening them, pushing my pants and socks aside as soon as I'd removed them.

Alison stood to peel off her sheer stockings, then eased her panties down her leg, revealing her cleanly shaved pussy.

"Are you going to take those off?" Alysson asked in an amused tone, ponting at my boxer briefs.

"I'm going to try," I said, only half joking. I was so hard at that point that I wasn't sure I could work the waistband over my erection without serious pain, and definitely too hard to reposition my cock lower to pull my underwear over it. After a moment's thought, I lifted the waistband higher, pressed my cock against my belly, and worked the undershorts over the tip, freeing them. "I thought I was going to need scissors," I said, with a sheepish grin as I drew them off and tossed them to the side.

"I see why," Alysson said, eyeing my hard shaft, her tone heavy with irony.

I worked the condom over my cock as Alysson squatted on my legs.

"It hasn't been two years for me," I said, as she shuffled forward to position herself over my hips, "but it has been long enough that I may not survive long without exploding."

The changing lights illuminated an amused smile. Her hands were on the floor as she slowly rocked her hips, gradually taking in a little more of my length. I closed my eyes and groaned softly at the feeling. "I told you the other day," she said, her own voice thick with arousal, "I want to ride you until you come."

"And that's the other thing," I said, trying hard not to move, letting Alysson take me in at her own pace. "I've spent so much of the last few days being turned on by you that I think it may all come crashing down."

Alysson chuckled, and I felt her settle on my hips, mission accomplished. "Just let it happen," she said. "We have a couple more distraction-free days to try again, if you aren't happy with the results."

She held my waist and began to rock her hips. I ran my hands over her thighs and matched her motion. Once we had settled into sync, she began to bounce further, sliding along my cock. My gaze focused on her breasts, bouncing above me, reflecting magenta and deep blue, and I reached up to squeeze them.

When I pinched her nipples I felt her passage tighten sharply around me. The sudden tension almost made me come, but I tried to relax until I felt the urge recede some. Alysson's face had flushed at the stimulation, and she was panting as she moved. I lowered my right hand, running it down her body, then traced a finger over her sex, finding the damp, hard nub of her clit. Then I held it in place, letting her own movements grind her against my fingertip.

She began to moan, and again, she tightened around me. It was harder to fend off my climax, this time. I stopped moving for a moment, at which Alysson gave me a puzzled look. I shook my head, then began to breathe more easily and rocked with her again.

Alysson didn't seem to be far from cresting, given her moaning. But I wanted to be more connected to her when she did. I reached up for the dragons around her neck, and pulled on the tie, drawing her down. I leaned upward until I could kiss her, both of us groaning into the kiss.

I didn't stay in that position, though. Gradually lying down and dragging her forward with the tie, I made her lower her body onto mine. Beyond a point she had to lift up slightly to stretch her legs out behind her. Then she was lying on me, her breasts squashed to my chest, our kisses fierce.

I ran my hands down her back and squeezed her ass. My right hand reached around her thigh, and I pressed my middle finger to the base of her sex, feeling my cock moving within her.

She groaned, then gasped suddenly, breaking the kiss and panting hard. "Oh God," she moaned. I moved my left hand to her neck and pulled her face back to mine. She made a strangled cry into our renewed kiss, and I felt her body tense, her sex gripping my shaft like a vice.

This time there was no escaping the sudden rise of arousal within me, and as Alysson began to quiver in orgasm, my own slammed into me, my hips jerking as I began to spurt into the condom. The pulsing of her sex encompassed the almost-painful spasms of my cock for maybe twenty seconds. Hers continued for several seconds after mine was finally over.

"God," I finally breathed, breaking the kiss.

"I know," Alysson agreed, lightly kissing my neck. "That was intense." She drew back a few inches and pouted. "You didn't let me make you come when I was riding you."

"You also said you really wanted to make me come while we were kissing," I said.

"I did." She laughed weakly, her breasts quivering above me. Then she dropped onto me and kissed me again until I felt my cock begin to deflate. I quickly grabbed the condom and eased myself out of her.


When I returned from disposing of the condom, Alysson was lying on her side, looking up at me. She lifted a hand to me. I gave her mine as I sat, and she twined her fingers into mine. I smiled at her.

"So,that happened," Alysson said. "I hope it means we can keep making love, and not just lust after each other again."

"I want that too," I said. "This was a great idea, a wonderful date, and we both wanted what happened. We don't need the date and the champagne for it to happen again."

"We can use my bed from now on," she said. "You're going to have a backache tomorrow."

"Probably," I agreed. "It's worth it."

Her eyes burned into me the way they occasionally did, making me uncomfortable with their intensity. "What is it, Ali?" I asked.

"I want to fuck you without a condom," she said.

"God," I said, "I'd love that, but I don't think it's a good idea."

She shrugged. "The health center does STI testing, right? I am sure I saw that."

"Uh, yeah," I agreed. "Admin thought it would be smart," I said. "Given what we've heard of Hollywood. Present company excepted, that is."

"Yet it's present company that wants to get tested," she retorted. "We can schedule it tomorrow, right? I have an IUD. I've also been celibate for two years, so I know I'm clean, but I don't think you should take my word for that."

"Or mine," I agreed, "though I know I'm okay. God," I said, "it would be so great to be able to be with you like that. I've never done that before, with anyone."

"I wish I could say the same," Alysson said. "At least, thinking back on how lucky I was at fourteen to sixteen, it scares me. But with someone I trust? Yeah, that would be pretty amazing."

I squeezed her hand. "Should we go to bed?"

She nodded, returning the squeeze, then releasing my hand. "I need to hang my dress. The rest I'll gather up in the morning."

"Are you going to let me have my tie back?" I asked as I stood, then began to collect my suit jacket and pants.

Alysson glanced down, seeming surprised to find she was still wearing it. "Thanks for the loan," she said as she stood, then she loosened the tie to remove it.

"You look good wearing nothing but my tie," I said, reaching out to take it. "Maybe you should arrange a photo shoot like that."

She grinned as she handed the tie over. Then, as I tried to take it, she frowned and held on to it. "Wait. Go get your phone. It's a memory worth preserving, yeah?" Taking the tie back from me, she slipped it back over her head.

In my room, I laid out my suit on the spare bed, then grabbed my phone and returned to her, bringing up the camera and disabling the flash.

Alysson stood with her hips canted, one hand on her waist, the other by her side with fingers splayed. "If any of these appear on the Internet..." she said.

"I know," I replied. "Assassin time." I tried to judge moments when the lights were brighter and pushed the camera button several times. She made a kissy face, and I took a few more. Then she gripped the tie with one hand, the other on her hips, and I took several more.

"Let me take a few with flash, too, because I really don't know if the others are going to turn out," I said.

Alysson agreed, and posed a few more times. Then she took the tie off again. After she'd handed it to me, she turned off the TV with the remote. The room became silent, the party lights returning to their quiescent state, slowly changing deep colors creeping around the walls, giving barely enough light to see the small hallway.

I left my phone in my room, untied the dragon necktie and set it on my suit jacket. That gave me an idea, and I picked up the boring rep tie, taking it with me.

Alysson was hanging up her dress. It was the first time I'd had the chance to see her nude in the light. Apart from the first day on set, of course. The muscles of her back and butt were firm. Not overdeveloped, but she stayed in shape. She could be a convincing assassin, or action hero. She could certainly be the sexy rom-com lead. She could be whatever she chose to be.

Finishing with the dress, she turned around to see me watching. I didn't avert my eyes. I was perfectly okay with letting her know my interest in her body. She stepped forward, her hands behind her back. Her breasts were firm and high, wide nipples no longer erect.

Alysson's eyes traveled appraisingly over my body, too. Approvingly, too, if the look in her eyes was any indication. I felt a thrill at that.

"Turn around," Alysson said.

I set my hands on my hips and gave her a turn. "Are you objectifying me?"

"Mmhmm," she said. She slapped my butt.

"Good to know where we stand," I said, finishing the turn. She was grinning. "Do I pass muster?"

She glided over to her nightstand and picked up her phone.

I blinked as she pointed it at me. "Oh, God, really?"

"Only fair," she said. The phone flashed a few times. "Hands on hips," she said. "Superhero pose." I rolled my eyes and complied.

"Don't judge," she said, setting the phone down. "I have memories to preserve, too. Besides, you got to ogle me naked before you even met me."

"No, I didn't," I objected. "I got to see a silver-haired hard-eyed woman playing dominance games with a subordinate. This is the first time I've really seen you. You look so much better than the commander."

"Don't let the director hear you say that," Alysson said. "Or my agent." Then she frowned. "That's not the same tie," she said, accusingly.

"The other day you suggested you might want me to tie you up," I said.

Her eyes grew wide. "I said I might trust you to do it," she said. "I don't know if I want you to."

"It's up to you," I said. "But it's in all your photos, now. You might look back on them in years to come and be disappointed. Or you could let me try and tell me if it makes you uncomfortable."

"How would you tie me up?" Alysson asked.

"I think just hands behind your head," I said. "Just to stop you distracting me." When she continued to look dubious, I said, "Maybe it's too much for our first night together. We don't have to."

Alysson's tongue moistened her lip. "No, let's do it," she said. "Just free me if I don't like it."

"I promise," I said. I took her wrist in my fingers and led her to the bed, kissing her before she lay down on it. Our kiss grew intense very quickly, and we were both breathless and laughing when we parted.

"Cross your arms behind your head," I instructed Alysson, who was sitting on the sheets. I looped the necktie around her wrists, her elbows high above her and hands behind her neck. "Like this. It isn't tied yet. Could you move your hands in front of you?"

She shifted her arms experimentally. "Not easily. Maybe if I really needed to."

"Okay," I said. "You don't need to, so don't." After adding another turn, I tied the two ends of the tie together loosely. Then I helped her lie down. "Comfortable?"

"I'm okay," she said, still sounding uneasy.

Bringing my lips to Alysson's, I kissed her. She responded tentatively for a short time, but her anxiety seemed to fade as her excitement grew. I caressed her left breast; gently, at first, but more strongly as her breathing grew heavy. She made an excited grunt as I pinched her nipple.

Then I broke the kiss and slid down her body. I touched my closed lips to her right breast, my hand still cupping the left. Her nipple hardened against my lips, even before I began to kiss it.

Parting my lips slightly, I pecked at her nipple, moistening my lips, then just touching it to the side of the rapidly swelling center. She squirmed as I did. She seemed to be trying to move her arms, probably wanting to hold my head in place. Not being able to, she was trying to move her breast into my mouth. Her breathing was faster than usual, her lips parted, her face lifted to see what I was doing.

I released her left breast, sliding my hands down her body, finding her mound and beginning very gently to press against it, circling. "Mmm.." Alysson moaned, her hips lifting.

My lips parted, and I closed them around her now-firm nipple. Sucking it slightly, I drew back, lifting her breast, which rippled as it stretched. She moaned again, her breathing growing more excited.

Moving my right hand lower, I stroked her slickly moist lips, parting them slightly, then drawing my finger up to brush against her clit.

Alysson's breath rushed out in an "Uhhh!" and her hips lifted from the bed for a moment. I parted my lips further and began to suckle her nipple, now running my tongue over it. Her hips lifted again, trying to push her sex hard against my hand, and I eased off the pressure.

"Don't get impatient," I whispered around her nipple.

"God, Nate," she groaned. "Make me come!"

"Don't get impatient, I said," I retorted, then sucked more of her breast into my mouth and shook my head. She panted rapidly before subsiding, her belly tensing visibly.

Resting my finger against Alysson's clit, I moved to suckle her left breast. At this, she began to moan on each breath, her hips rocking against my hand in a slow cycle. When her thighs tensed against my hand, I drew my finger back. "Nate..." she whined. "Make me come!"

"All in due time," I replied, and she made a frustrated grunt.

I moved my hand from Alysson's clit, and raised my face to watch her. Her head was tilted forwards, blue eyes darker with desire than I ever remembered seeing them, and her lips were parted as she panted. The muscles in her lower arms tightened occasionally as she struggled to free her hands. I'm sure she wasn't putting much effort into breaking free, because she'd have been able to if she'd really wanted to, but she didn't seem able to ignore her bonds and relax her arms.

My hand slipped down between her thighs, then rose to her sex. I parted her slit with my index finger, caressing the inside of her sex, letting the finger move deeper on each stroke. Then I drew it out, and pushed it back in, this time with my second finger joining it.

Curling my fingers forward, I stroked the inner walls of her sex, sinking my hand inside her until stopped by my knuckles, then straightening and bending my fingers to rub the inside of her sex. Alysson's hips rose and fell, her breath rasping.

As her hips moved her back up, her breasts rose, fully erect nipples in my peripheral vision. I kept up the motion inside her sex until her breathing was heavy, then parted my lips and suckled her left breast hard.

"Oh God," Alysson groaned, her back rising from the bed.

I eased off the motion and stopped suckling her breast. After a moment, she whimpered, and her hips resumed rocking against my fingers.

Drawing my hand out of her, I moved from her side to squat between her legs. Then I lowered my face to kiss her navel, circling with my tongue before drawing my face lower and inexorably lower.

When my tongue touched Alysson's labia, she groaned. "Nnngh!" and panted harder. She hadn't begged for me to make her come for a while.

Pushing my tongue inside her, I curled it to fill as much of her passage as I could, then bobbed my head. Alysson's breasts rose from the bed as she writhed, her breath held, before she collapsed back to the bed and panted again.

I kept up that motion long enough for the sides of my tongue to begin to ache with the stress, then lifted my face away from her sex.

Extending my tongue, I lowered my face again, this time using it to caress her labia, moving it higher until I was licking her swollen clitoris. Alysson's back arched, and I continued to lick until she was moaning constantly, nearing her release. Then I drew back. Alysson wailed in frustration. "God, Nate," she cried. "Please..."

I slid two fingers inside her again, curling them forward to tap the wall of her sex. Alysson's thighs tightened around me as I did.

Lifting myself to my knees, I leaned down, supporting myself on my left hand, until I could suckle Alysson's left breast again. She was panting rapidly now, each exhalation a soft moan. My lips parted, drawing her breast deep into my mouth as I suckled, then drawing back so that I could flap my tongue against her sensitive nipple.

I almost lost her for a moment. Her back arched high, and she moaned loudly. I thought she'd managed to push herself close enough to climax that I wouldn't be able to prevent it, but after she'd held her breath for several seconds, she exhaled sharply, then tried to grip my hand between her thighs and grind herself to a crest.

Sitting back, I watched her squirm in frustration.

I let Alysson's breathing calm before I lowered my face to her sex again. This time I located her clit and licked it slowly, doing nothing else, until she rolled side to side, trying to press her sex against my tongue. Then I pushed my fingers back inside.

Instead of moving my fingers, this time I used my wrist, pushing my fingers deep, then drawing back, my fingertips pressing firmly to the front wall of her sex. My tongue kept pressure on her clit, the movement of my fingers within her and the rocking of her hips moving the sensitive nub against me.

Alysson gasped and began to pant, her breathing growing increasingly strained, her back lifting further from the bed. Then her thighs tightened hard around my hand. "Nngh! Nngh! Nngh!" she grunted with each breath.

Then her body went rigid, hips and back lifted high. I felt her passage compress my fingers as she teetered on the edge for several seconds, before beginning to pulse around them.

Alysson's hips and back remained lifted from the bed as she made whimpering sounds. Then they began to lower. As they did, her hips spasmed, thrusting her higher before she could relax. This kept happening, every few seconds. As it did, she would moan, then begin to lower herself back to the bed.

The spasms grew more gentle, then stopped completely, though I could still feel her sex twitch around my fingers for what must have been at least a minute

I lifted my face to study Alysson. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to glow. She had relaxed on the bed and her lips were turned up into a smile.

Lowering my face, I caressed her clit with my tongue, wondering whether there was any point in trying to coax a second orgasm out of her. I was about to stop, thinking that she was spent, when she said, "Oh, God," in a quiet, surprised tone. Soon she was panting again. I continued to lick her clit until she crested, moaning softly.

She might have been able to come again, but her excitement had stimulated my erection, and I thought she'd prefer to have me inside her.

Her eyes remained closed as I unrolled the condom over my shaft, and they opened in surprise as she felt me begin to slip inside her. "Oh, God, yes," she breathed.

Kneeling before her, I lifted Alysson's knees to my waist as I pushed myself home. I seemed to be slipping inside very easily, but I took care not to enter her too quickly.

Once I was buried deep inside her passage, I gripped her hips and began to thrust. I kept the pace moderate, using her reactions to guide me. After a few minutes, I moved two fingers to her pubic mound, pressing against her, causing her sex to tighten around my shaft, and her breathing to become excited.

I drew my hand back before she crested, gripping her hips to drive myself deep as she came. Her back rose as her cries mounted, and I felt her pulse around my cock - a far cry from the intensity of her first orgasm, but judging by her expression, still giving her a deep pleasure.

"Did you come, Nate?" Alysson asked, after she'd finally relaxed back onto the bed.

"Not yet," I said, "and I think you probably need a break."

"Fuck that," Alysson said. "Take this tie off me now. Please?"

"Sure," I agreed.


Day 7 - Aftermath

The knot had tightened to the point that I couldn't unfasten it easily, so I pulled a loop over one of Alysson's hands, then disentangled the now loose necktie from both of them. She sat up, rubbing her wrists, then instructed me to trade places with her.

Lying on my back, I watched as Alysson positioned herself between my legs, then leaned forward, taking the condom into her mouth.

She bobbed her head for several minutes, which felt great, but wasn't bringing me closer to coming. At least, that's the way it felt, until she began to drag her tongue along the underside of my cock, her hand wrapped around the base, sliding up and down. Suddenly my erection grew from firm to fully hard, and I felt a thrill growing in my belly.

Alysson kept moving her hand up and down the base of my shaft as her lips and tongue explored my balls. Then she went back to using her tongue, pressing it to the underside of my cock and rubbing, until she was back at the head.

Fastening her lips to the underside of the head of my cock, Alysson began to suckle. I felt her lips and tongue moving rapidly against me, and began to pant.

Then she returned to bobbing her head, her lips over the tip of my cock, her tongue working against it, and I grunted and began to spurt into the condom.

Alysson continued to suckle until I was spent, and I had to ask her to release me before the feeling turned to irritation. She gave me a sly grin as she drew back.


I felt completely enervated as I staggered to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. When I returned, still not entirely steady on my feet, Alysson was under the sheet, though it was only pulled up to her belly, leaving her breasts uncovered.

"You are going to spend the rest of the night with me, right?" she asked. Her tone may have had the slightest touch of uncertainty.

"I... kinda thought so, but I realize you haven't invited me. I should have asked."

She shook her head. "I want you here," she said. "This is our bed for the next three nights, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed, with a smile. "I'll be right back."

I returned to my room, slipped on a loose tee shirt and the shorts I'd been using as PJs, then returned to find Alysson pulling her cami pajama top over her head. A moment later she was back between the sheets, and I was settling beside her.

As soon as I was in bed, Alysson wrapped her arms and legs around me. "That was amazing, Nate," she said. "I knew we were going to be good together. I didn't realize just how good."

"It was pretty special," I agreed. Then I kissed her, which lasted longer than I'd intended, and left us both giggling as our arousal grew with no energy to do anything about it.

"Night, Ali," I said.

"Goodnight, Nate," Alysson replied.

I could tell from her tone that she was close to sleep herself. Within a couple of minutes, her breathing made it obvious that she'd fallen asleep on my shoulder, and soon enough I found myself starting to follow her into the land of dreams.