Chapter 4 - The Booby Prize

After several windy days in a row, the lake by the office was sprinkled with leaves. With fall only a couple of weeks away, some trees were starting to lose their leaves, and the wind had accelerated the process

The breeze was lighter today, but it still stirred the pond's leafy cover and caused ripples in the few open areas, making it hard to catch sight of the fish. I watched Anita looking out over the lake, constantly brushing errant strands of hair back behind her ear, her navy skirt flapping against her knees. She looked thoughtful. There were only three days of her internship left, and perhaps she was as disconsolate at our working relationship ending as was I.

I hadn't mentioned seeing her at Gabby's, and she hadn't asked how my evening went. She knew I was making myself at home at the club, and wouldn't pry.

I'd also not said anything about Ann's note, or my embarrassing attempt to recover it. I didn't care if she knew, and I might use it as an amusing story one day, but I didn't want her to feel that I was always looking to her for direction. Besides, she'd probably hear the whole story from Tiff.

After a time, she turned to face me, her pensive expression yielding to a smile. "I have good news."

"What's that?" I asked.

"My boss has been really pleased with my progress this summer, which is all thanks to you," she said. "She's going to have HR make me an offer next summer."

"Not really thanks to me," I objected. "I only showed you a few things I've learned. You're the one who writes the code."

Anita shrugged. "Equal parts, then. Maybe we'll work together next year."

I grinned. "That would be awesome," I said. "I just wish this wasn't your last week."

Anita nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But we'll see each other, and I do think I'll be back. It's too early to be certain, but I feel good about it."


Throughout the rest of the week I found myself contemplating Ann's note. After I'd copied her number to the phone I'd kept the original paper in my purse as a reminder to call - not that I'd be likely to forget.

As I said to Tiff, I'm not exactly shy, but I'm uncomfortable talking with someone until I've already done it. In programming terms, that's known as deadlock. To the rest of the world, I think it's a catch-22. It would be self-destructive if it induced any more than mild anxiety. Fortunately I am able to make myself open up enough for the discomfort to pass.

But it's stressful, and calling a girl out of the blue was up there with making first contact with someone.

Even though we'd danced together.

Even though she'd made the next move, with the note.

Even though I'd felt her finger lightly brush my skin when she dropped it between my breasts.

Waiting until I next saw her at Gabby's seemed cowardly, and she'd probably resent my not following up on her invitation, especially if we were interrupted again. So I had to call her. I wanted to call her, except for the part where I didn't.

Every day I decided I'd postpone the call until the next, until it was the weekend, and I was running out of time.

On Saturday morning, I drove over to the coffee shop. Cyndy and Heather were at the counter. They both greeted me warmly, and Heather, who was every bit as pretty as I'd remembered - stunning, really - introduced herself. Either Cyndy or Dylan had told her about meeting me the previous Monday, and she was clearly ready to accept me as a friend.

Cappuccino in hand, I left the shop to sit at an outdoor table, thumbed my phone on, then selected the number I'd entered and pressed call, forcing myself not to hit the cancel button.

The phone made a single ring sound before clicking. "Hello?"

"Hi, is this Ann?" I asked. "This is Kayla. From the club. You gave me your..." graze of finger against the surface of my breast... "Uh, you gave me your number. I wondered if you'd like to grab a coffee later."

"Oh, hey, I can't," she said. I felt a mixture of disappointment and relief. "And hi! Thanks for calling. I'm going to a party this evening..." Her voice trailed off. I hadn't noticed how deep her voice was. Surprisingly so, for her small frame.

"That's fine," I said. "Maybe another time?"

"I'm just thinking," Ann said, "do you want to come with? I have a plus one, but I'm going with my roomie, and she has her own invite. It's a tradition for the end of summer. Kinda sorority, but unofficial, since there's alcohol."

"Mmm," I said, dubious. "I don't know if I'm up for a frat party."

"No frats," Ann said instantly. "Boys can be plus ones, but no frat antics, monitors to prevent drink spiking, and a cash bar instead of kegs. It's a safe space, as much as it can be. Alex and I are Ubering. We can meet you there."

"Hmmm," I said, without the doubtful tone. "Okay. Why don't you let me pick you both up?" No need to pay for an Uber. I can be your DD."

"Well, sure, if you don't mind," she said. "And that way you'll have to come back with me..."

I chuckled. "Yeah, I'll bring you back, as long as you're not planning to stay past midnight."

"Nah, that would be fine," Ann said. "I'll text you my address."


I dressed in a short-sleeved pink tee shirt with a wide neck that was only moderately deep over my black plunge push-up bra. The shoulders of the tee created tension, framing my neck, the rest of my shoulders, and a couple of inches of upper breast, though the push-up bra shaped more of the tight top, black bra straps stark against bare skin. I tied my hair in a tail to keep it from obscuring my shoulders. It was a good look. Beige carpenter pants and low-heeled black shoes kept it casual. I could fit my phone and essentials into the pockets of the pants and leave my purse in the car.

Ann and another girl were descending the last of the stairs to their apartment when I pulled into a parking space. Ann wore a green tee and a short denim skirt. The other girl, presumably Alex, her roomie, towered over her by eight or nine inches. She had brown eyes and copper hair which flowed in waves to her shoulder blades. She was dressed in a navy button-front shirt, jeans, and heels. Ann took the passenger seat, while the tall girl sat behind her. Ann introduced her as Alex, as I'd expected. I gave her a quick smile, then began the drive to the party house.

The party tradition had begun several years earlier, Ann said. A student's uncle had a place he rented out for parties and weddings, and the student talked him into letting her use it at cost, providing her own preparation and cleanup team. The sorority leadership had taken charge and the party was a success.

After that year the arrangements had remained in place, even after the owner's niece graduated. Maybe he liked the publicity, or the contacts. Maybe he just liked college girls.

The house on the property was old, probably dating from the early twentieth century, in huge grounds, well out of town. Arriving, we could hear a bass beat before opening the car doors.

The evening was pleasantly cool, and there were tables and chairs in front of the house. Inside was more seating, and a small tended bar. The music was coming from the back.

Poking my head through the door, I saw that the adjoining room was set up for dancing, with lighting and a tall girl with short-cropped hair doing DJ duty. There were already dancers on the floor; mostly girls, but a few couples.

Ann and Alex ordered spirits, while I chose a white wine, to drink slowly. The glasses were plastic, of course. Uncle Generous might have a good volunteer cleanup crew, but he didn't need to be paying for shattered crystal and the damage and injuries it could cause.

When Ann finished her drink and announced that it was dancing time, I was barely a third of the way through my wine, so I took it with me into the dance room, setting it on a window ledge that I could keep an eye on. The room might be monitored, but that was no reason to be reckless.

The floor had filled up some. Music and voices were loud. French doors in the back were wide open, letting fragrant cool air into the room. Dancing with both of them was fun, and took plenty of energy. When Ann stated that it was time for another drink, neither Alex nor I objected. I picked up my wine, joining them in the line for the bartender so that I could also get a soft drink.

We took our drinks back through the party room to the outdoors. There was still some dancing outside the French doors, but the quieter music and cooler air made the area also appealing for conversation.

Outside were more tables and a few benches. We found a table, the subdued sounds and lighting from the party room reminding me of evenings at the club. We talked for a while with a couple that Alex knew, then Ann went inside to pick up another drink. This time, Alex and I stayed at the table.

"I'm straight?" Alex said, after Ann had left. Her voice rose in pitch at the end, but I was fairly sure she wasn't asking a question. As a statement, it seemed almost out of the blue. "I mean, if I'd come with Ann, I mean, I came with Ann? but I'm not with Ann, if you see what I mean. I'm just saying. In case you need to know?"

I smiled at her. "Thank you," I said. She didn't seem nervous or unfriendly with the word salad. Just oversharing. Maybe she thought I'd assume that she was in competition with me for Ann's time. "Why didn't the two of you come together, though?" I asked. "I mean, you've paid for two tickets between you. You could have been her plus one, or vice-versa."

Alex shrugged. "I got my ticket before my boyfriend slept with the TA?" she said. "So I'm newly single. I honestly don't know whether Ann planned to bring someone. She's fun, but we're not that close."

I usually find the rising voice affectation annoying, but Alex didn't trigger my reflexive dislike. She spoke was if she were thinking through her comment as she said it. On her the habit seemed innocent, as if her boyfriend cheating on her was just something she casually dismissed - along with the boyfriend. "I see," I said. "Sorry to hear about your breakup."

She shrugged.

Ann returned, with a mixed drink. She danced by herself, plastic glass in hand, for a time, before coming over to us. Then she handed her glass to Alex and dragged me into the group of outdoor dancers. I barely managed to set my glass on the table in time to avoid spilling it.

Ann was clearly outgoing, but the drinks seemed to have wiped out what few inhibitions she had. She twerked and twirled before me, touching me, leaned in to brush my lips with hers, turned her head to eye me coquettishly, and generally did her best to arouse me, short of ripping her clothes off. Or mine. And it worked. When we returned to Alex, hand in hand, there was a pleasant warmth in my lower belly.

"Let's find somewhere quiet," Ann said, retrieving her drink from Alex. My own was almost done, so after I'd picked it up, I finished it, and tossed the glass into the trash.

"Go ahead," Alex said. "I'll be fine."

Ann shook her head, raising her eyebrows, and lifting her purse before the other girl, who said, "Ah, okay," and stood to follow her roomie.

We wandered through the grounds, There were benches scattered throughout. A guy and girl were making out pretty heavily on one. Ann raised a thumb to them, but I've no idea if they noticed.

Alex took Ann's arm for support, then stepped out of her heels. The ground was dry, but grassy and uneven. I think I'd have given up well before her. Without her heels, she was still taller than Ann, and maybe a little taller than me.

At the far end of the grounds was a small circular pavilion. It was large enough to fit a small wedding party, though the guests would have to remain outside. It had a bench around the inside wall, and was unoccupied. Ann stood back to let Alex enter first. She took a seat on the bench. I entered to sit beside her, then Ann beside me.

The seating was quite comfortable, with circular outdoor cushions, and an angled back,. Ann stretched, then opened her purse, taking out a baggie with a number of paper tubes and a lighter.

Taking one of the tubes, she dipped her head and flicked the lighter, puffing a few times, until the distinct, pungent, earthy scent of marijuana flavored the air. Sitting upright, she drew in a slow breath, then held the joint out to me as she began to exhale slowly. I shook my head. "Driving, remember?" and she nodded and passed the paper cylinder on to Alex.

"I should have asked if you were okay with it," Ann said, as Alex took a hit.

"No problem for me at all," I said. It wasn't illegal on the local level, but whether it met the policies of the organizers or the host I wouldn't want to ask. "If you were doing coke, I'd have run, but I've been around pot plenty, and I don't mind the smell."

Ann reached around me to recover the joint and inhaled again, letting her breath out slowly before leaning against me, one hand on my shoulder, as she returned it to Alex.

"How about taste?" she asked, cocking her head to the side to watch me.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

Leaning closer, she brushed her lips against mine, very slightly parted. "Does kissing someone who's smoking taste bad to you?"

"I... don't know," I said, honestly.

She parted her lips and pressed them back against mine. I returned her kiss, and did taste the slight bitterness, the ash, the oily undercurrent of the weed... but I also tasted her lipstick, and the girl-taste of breath on my tongue which was uniquely hers.

The arousal I'd felt since dancing ticked up. Maybe I should have felt uncomfortable with someone who was tipsy and probably beginning to feel the effects of cannabis coming onto me, but she wasn't out of control. And if I hadn't wanted to hook up with her, I wouldn't have called.

I met her lips with mine several times over the next few seconds, each touch speeding up my heart rate.

Ann drew back to reach for the joint again. "It's fine," I said.

"Just 'fine'?"

"You were asking about taste, nothing else," I said.

"It felt a lot better than fine to me," she said, after her next hit. "But maybe that was just the weed kicking in."

"I think it was more than that," I replied, with a grin.

Ann had leaned against me again. She rested her head on my shoulder. "I thought so, too," she said.

"Jesus, you two?" came Alex's voice from my other side. "Get a room!" She leaned around me to pick the joint out of her roomie's hand.

"You've only kissed boys," Ann responded. "You have no idea."

I felt Alex shrug beside me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her inhaling slowly.

"And oh my God, you've never had a view like this," Ann said.

Puzzled, I looked down to see what she was looking at, only to realize she'd turned her head and was peering into my neckline from less than six inches away. "Oh, God, really?" I sighed.

"Hey, I'm sure even Alex would admit this is a quality sight," she said. "Wouldn't you?"

The taller girl turned her head, made a few "Hmm," sounds, then said. "I might. At least, I see why you'd think that?"

"Kayla's boobs are the reason she's here," Ann said, then laughed as if she'd said something hilarious. That struck Alex as funny, too, and she joined in, before admitting that she had no idea what was funny.

Ann reached around me for the paper cylinder, without sitting up first. The motion pushed her head along my shoulder into my neck, and her arm lay against the front of my tee before Alex set the joint between her fingers. It was about a third gone.

After filling her lungs with smoke, Ann told a greatly-embellished tale of our failed attempts to connect at the club. Nothing was entirely untrue, but she played up the drama as though fate had conspired to keep us apart. Both girls were giggling at the story twists, and especially when Ann admitted to resorting to penning a love note and slipping it into my cleavage, hence the reason I'd called.

"You did not!" Alex said.

"I did!" Ann said. "In flowing script, on parchment..."

This set Alex giggling again. I raised my right hand, fingers spread about an inch apart. "The 'love note' was about this size, ripped out of a notebook," I objected. "It said, 'The bartender is straight.'"

They both giggled at that. They were clearly at the stage where everything was funny to them.

"And she felt me up while doing it," I added.

"Did not!" Ann said. Then, after a look from me, she said, "Well, maybe just a little." She reached around me again, holding the last third of the joint out to Alex, who took it, moving it to her lips. Ann didn't draw her hand back, instead placing it on my side. Using her hold, she turned me towards her and kissed me hard.

Responding to her hunger, I returned the kiss, with interest. We wrapped our arms around each other, and I took her tongue into my mouth, suckling it hard, feeling Ann groan before I broke the kiss and leaned back.

"Weed makes me so horny," Ann said.

"Me too?" Alex replied. "At least you have an outlet."

"You could too, if you weren't so choosy," Ann said. "There are plenty of unattached girls."

"That's no use to me," Alex said. She took another deep draw, then passed the remnant of the joint back to Ann. "Where are all the unattached guys?"

"You should give her a kiss, Kayla," Ann said. "Show her what she's missing."

"Nah," I said. "That's unfair."

"Yeah, unfair," said Alex. "She doesn't want to kiss someone who usually has her lips on boys?" She sounded amused, but there was a touch of frustration in there, too.

"On boys' what?" Ann asked, and they both giggled again.

"No, wait," I interrupted, facing Alex. I didn't want the girl to get the wrong idea. "I don't mean unfair to me. I mean unfair to you. I can't suddenly grow a dick or a five o'clock shadow or give you all the stats for this weekend's game."

They both laughed - well, okay, reverted to giggling again - at that. "Kissing doesn't need a dick," Ann stated. "Not at first."

"Five o'clock shadow's cool, though?" Alex added.

"And who gives a fuck about the game?" Ann said.

"I do, sometimes," Alex said, "but okay, I'll do it."

"Hold on," I said, " don't I get a vote?"

"You already said you would," Ann argued. Which I hadn't. at all. I wasn't sure if she was deliberately misunderstanding, or if the pot and alcohol were letting her remember what she wanted to remember. "And look at her," she continued, waving the joint toward her roomie. "She's sexy as fuck."

"That's true," I admitted. "Alex is gorgeous. All those sexy curls..."

"And she's horny as fuck, too," Alex added, drawling her words. "Don't let me down now."

Well, why not. It was Ann who'd flirted with me, and whom I'd called, but I wasn't dating her, or beholden to her. I didn't need to ask her permission. Besides, she'd suggested it.

As I reached for Alex, I heard Ann taking a long puff. I was surprised that there was enough of the joint left.

Alex slipped willingly into my arms. Our faces moved close, and we began to kiss. It was awkward, because Alex didn't seem completely comfortable, while I could sense Ann behind me, high, and more than a little tipsy. Still, kissing Alex was exciting, especially knowing that she hadn't done this before, and after a minute or two she seemed to adapt to the idea. She shuffled closer, pressing in against me, and I had a sense that she was starting to feel the heat.

She broke the kiss, murmuring, "My God, you're so soft." Her voice sounded deeper than it had - especially while she had been giggling - and her eyes seemed black, though it was hard to tell, as the sky had rapidly darkened since they'd lit up.

"God, that's so hot," Ann groaned from behind me. "Don't stop."

"That's up to Alex," I said, quietly.

The copper-haired girl stared at me for a moment, then made a tiny nod of her head.

Lifting my hands, I ran my fingers through Alex's curls, spreading them out and stroking them back. Her eyes seemed to widen, though again, it was hard to tell. I slipped my glasses off with one hand, placing them on the narrow strip of wood where the sloping back of the bench was set off from the circular wooden wall. Then I slid my fingers around the back of her neck and drew her to me.

This time, I let my tongue drift through our joined lips, feeling Alex's breath catch as she felt it touch her own. She pressed hers to mine with a soft moan, and our faces moved, parting and rejoining as both of us began to breathe heavily. Her arms came around me, and she turned her body to face mine as much as possible, given the awkward angle of our bodies. I felt the pressure of her breasts against mine. My heart was thumping within me as I slid a hand down from her neck, shadowed from Ann's gaze by my body.

A moment later, my thumb was gliding over her breast. There was no bra beneath her shirt, and she was soft against my thumb. I circled my thumb over her nipple, feeling it harden to my touch, then drew my fingertips over the soft mound.

Alex moaned into the kiss, and I felt myself becoming wet. Then she broke away, slamming herself to the back of the bench, gasping.

"Oh, Jesus," she said. "Oh, Jesus."

"That was so hot," Ann said again. I leaned back, seeing her eyes flit between Alex and myself. There was no glow between her fingers, and she was holding another baggie. I assumed she'd extinguished the joint and had collected her trash. "Wasn't it?" She stared pointedly at Alex, waiting for her to answer.

The other girl turned, brushing back disheveled hair. "Jesus," she said. "I'm so turned on now...?"

"Come to the dark side," said Ann, then laughed. She wasn't over her attack of the giggles quite yet. Taking my arm, which was resting against Alex's thigh, she pulled me around to face her, then kissed me.

I responded willingly. With Ann, there was no pause to become comfortable with each other. We were both accustomed to making out with girls. We passed directly from familiarity into lust and need. Ann grasped my boob, her thumb inside my neckline, her fingers and palm squeezing the front of my bra.

We were both panting when she backed away. "God, I can't wait to get you home," she said, then locked her lips to mine again. A moment later, she broke away again. "I don't want to wait," she said. "Let's go for a walk."

I didn't agree immediately, not wanting to leave Alex alone, but she waved me away, watching Ann and me with interest. "Go," she said. "I'll be fine." I nodded and stood., grabbing my glasses.

Ann took my arm. I had no idea where she wanted to go. Neither did she, I suspected, but she headed further away from the house. A huge, square hedge loomed over us, a wall of black in the darkness, likely the backdrop for wedding portraits. We walked along it until it ended.

Behind the hedge was even darker. Before us was the vague shape of a tree. "There," Ann said, leading me to it.

We weren't hampered by Alex's heels or bare feet, but the ground was covered in twigs and leaves and maybe snakes and spiders, and bats ready to tangle in my hair... so our progress was slow.

When we arrived at the tree, Ann tried to push me against it, but being sober, it was easy for me to turn her around and back her up. She didn't seem to care. If the bark was sharp against her, she didn't complain, just wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss me as if she were starving for contact.

Moving as close as I could, I set my feet between Ann's and leaned against her, supporting myself with my left hand on the tree. My right hand moved immediately to her left breast, and she moaned as I squeezed, pressing her hips firmly against me.

Drawing both hands back, I lowered them to her skirt, feeling where the catch must be, then figuring out how it worked. It took half a minute, then her waistband was loose, and I slipped my left hand down inside her panties, pressing my palm against her, squeezing her pussy, which was already slippery with arousal. I found her clitoral hood with the ball of my thumb, putting weight behind it as a finger drifted between and just slightly inside her. Then I moved my hand in a tight circle. Ann moaned and began to pant into the kiss.

My goal of getting into her panties accomplished, I raised my right hand back to her breast, squeezing as I drew my tongue along hers. She was wearing a bra, but I could feel the soft flesh within as I kneaded. Within a couple of minutes she was moaning constantly into the kiss. When she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I bit it lightly, and her whole body shivered.

Lowering my hand to the hem of her tee, I yanked it up over her bra, then pressed my fingers inside the cup, feeling her firm nipple against my palm. Ann's right ankle slipped behind me, pressing against the back of my thighs, her knee raised above my hip. I pressed my thigh between hers, rocking as my hand ground against her.

Ann broke the kiss and cried out. I felt for her face with my own, covering her lips again to muffle the sounds as she writhed against me. Her body quivered as he climaxed, and for a time I think my hand pressed to her clit was all that kept her upright. I didn't relax my grip or release her lips until her cries had subsided into soft moans. Then I stepped back and helped her fasten her skirt.


We headed back to the pavilion. "I am so exhausted now," Ann said, her hand tugging on my arm for support, before we arrived. "But in a good way. A ver' good way."

I could tell she was, because her words had started to slur. S-words had sounded wooly, even before we'd left the pavilion, but the tiredness made her sound more drunk. With support, she was steady enough on her feet, give or take the uneven ground.

Alex wasn't in the pavilion when we arrived, and there was a couple making out. It looked like the girl's clothing was in disarray, but it was too dark to be certain. She wasn't Alex, though. They didn't notice us. Ann pointed toward the house. I nodded in silence and we approached, the ground becoming easier to cross as the lights showed where we were stepping.

Alex was dancing, in what had now become quite a crowd outside. I didn't know where she'd found the guy she was dancing with, but since she was occupied, Ann decided she needed another drink. "Are you sure?" I asked. "You seem to be getting really tired."

"I need to come down," she replied. "Do you need any... thing?"

I shook my head and let her go, standing on the edge of the dancers. Ann returned after a time, holding her drink. She backed against me, rubbing her body against mine, until I grinned and joined her for a dance.

Alex joined us a few minutes later. She'd picked up what looked to be a soft drink rather than a cocktail. "Did you enjoy your walk?" she asked

"Better fuck'n... believe it," Ann slurred.

"Where did you find the guy?" I asked. "And where did he go?"

"Back to his girlfriend," Alex said, with a sigh. "He was just a loaner? I didn't even get to make out with him."

"Poor guy," I said. "He missed his chance with super-horny Alex."

"Fuckin' right?" she agreed.

We danced as a group again. This time Alex and I were mostly facing each other, as Ann was having trouble keeping up. Her eyes had glazed, and her movements were uncoordinated.

"Ver' tired," she said after a time. "Shouldn't have ashked for a double."

"Oh, shit, Ann," I said. "You must have known it would knock you out."

"Shtill feelin' really fuckin' good, though," she said. Then the glass slipped from her grip. There was only a half inch of icy drink in it at that point, and it had spilled harmlessly onto the grass, but Ann almost toppled when she tried to pick it up.

"I'll get it." Alex crouched to pick up the plastic glass, shoveling the largest chunks of ice into it before taking it to a trash can.

"What a washte," Ann mumbled.

"I think it's time to go," I said, "before Alex and I have to carry you to the car."

"You would do that?" Ann said. "How shweet."

Taking one arm each, Alex and I steered Ann to the car. We opened the back door for her, so that she could lie on the seat if she wanted. "You throw up in my car and I'm leaving you on the side of the road," I said.

"Said I feel good," she said. "Jusht tired."

I opened the passenger door for Alex, then went around to the driver's side, climbed in and started the engine. I was pleased to see that Ann was still upright. Lying down probably would have increased the risk of being sick.

I tried to take the return drive as smoothly as I could, and we arrived at their apartment with no mishaps. Alex and I held Ann upright between us until we reached their apartment door.

Inside, Ann said, "Take me to bed," in as good an imitation of a royal command as a falling-down drunk girl could manage.

"I think you mean, 'Put me to bed,'" I said.

"Yesh. That," she agreed.

Alex helped me get Ann to the door of her room, and I followed the smaller girl inside. She moved over to her bed and immediately began to strip, with no attempt at preserving her modesty. I couldn't help but think about what could have been - firm breasts, creamy skin, completely hairless pussy, and totally wanting me before the booze and weed had sapped her energy. She turned back the sheet and climbed in, stark naked. Then she held out a hand to me.

I thought she was trying to get me into bed with her, I took her hand just to reassure her, and would have left if she'd tried to draw me closer, but she just squeezed my hand and mumbled, "Shorry, Kay.... Kay..... Kaycie... Jush too tired."

"It's fine," I said. "Are you going to be okay?"

She nodded, releasing my hand. "Yesh. Right to shleep." She rolled onto her side, closing her eyes. I was pretty sure I could hear a soft snore when I opened the door.

"Would you like some tea?" Alex asked, when I reentered the tiny living room. "I could make coffee, too, but tea seems a little more soothing at this time of night?"

After a moment's thought, I nodded. "I'd like to check up on her in a few minutes. I'm sure she's fine. She's not blackout drunk, just enervated. She shouldn't have had the last drink, but I think she'd have been wiped out anyway." I frowned at Alex's questioning gaze. "Oh, yeah," I said. "Tea, please."

She nodded briskly, then motioned to the couch and headed over to the kitchen area. I sat where she'd indicated.

Raising her voice, Alex said, "She's coming down from summer finals? Blowing off steam after two weeks of stress is understandable, but I don't think she realized how run-down she is."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"Milk and sugar?" Alex asked.

"Milk, one sugar, please," I replied.

She brought two mugs back with her. They matched, though I noticed hers was chipped. She set them on the beaten up coffee table in front of me and sat to my right. I took a sip of the tea. It was far too hot, but tasted relaxing.

"I hope you didn't feel left out when we were smoking," Alex said.

Shaking my head, I said, "Not at all."

"I haven't gotten high in months," she said.

"I see the giggles have worn off," I observed.

She grinned. "Everything seemed so funny? Was it true? The story Ann told about how you came to call her?"

I returned the grin. "Let's say, the story was true, but the facts were not."

"How do you mean?"

"The way she presented everything," I said. "It was heavily fictionalized. But the first time we danced, I'd already asked another girl to wait for me. And she thought I was coming to see her last week, but it was someone else sitting close to her. I saw her scowl when she realized that. And the love note..."

I felt in my pockets until I found the torn piece of paper, then handed it to Alex.

She laughed. "It's exactly what you said. 'BTW, the bartender is straight.'"

"Yeah, Ann had seen me eying her," I said. "It was useful information, but not a love note. Just her number."

"She did leave it where she said?" Alex asked.

I touched my chest. "Right between them," I said. "And yes, I felt her touch me. It might have been an accident. Feeling me up was my own storytelling."

Alex smiled. Her cheeks might have colored slightly. I picked up my tea. It was still too hot, but I could tolerate it if I slurped.

"So the note, and you calling her, it's only like a booty call, right?" she asked. "You're not, like, dating? Or pre-dating, or anything?"

"Nope. Not at all," I said. "Definitely a one-time event."

Alex's eyebrow quirked up. "Well, is she gonna be pissed tomorrow."

I shrugged, with a small grin. "Maybe we'll get together another time. Who knows? Not soon, though."

We sat in silence for a little while. I blew on the tea and slurped some more.

"You don't need to rush," Alex said, when I winced at another too-hot sip. "It's been a day for you."

I sensed her glancing at me, reminding me of sitting beside her in the pavilion. Her eyes seemed to linger, but I didn't want to embarrass her, so I didn't turn. Instead, I nodded. "Thanks. You sure you don't need to throw me out?"

"I wouldn't have offered tea if I was about to check out, like Ann," she said, sounding amused. "No, take your time."

I smiled, set my mug down and leaned back on the couch. If Alex had been staring at me, the movement would give her plenty of warning, so I felt safe in turning toward her. She was looking at her own mug. After a moment, she set it down beside mine. She turned partway to face me.

"I'm sorry you had a disappointing time," she said.

"You know, I really didn't," I replied. "I enjoyed it. Especially with two very pretty girls getting high and horny."

Alex's cheeks colored. She picked up her tea again, and looked down at it . "I..." she began, then stopped. I waited as silence stretched for at least half a minute. She sipped her tea, then eventually continued. "I didn't hate it?"

"You didn't hate what?" I asked.

"I didn't hate making out with you," she said. "Not even a little bit."

I grinned. "Maybe I should try to be around the next time you get high," I said.

"Would you want that?" she asked.

"Well, yeah," I said. "I didn't hate it, either. On the other hand, maybe it's something you'll hate yourself for tomorrow. If that's true then I wouldn't want to be around. Stoned consent isn't consent."

"I won't," she said. "I knew what I was doing? I won't have any regrets. What I would regret, is..." She set her tea down, without taking a sip. "If I don't tell you now that I'm still a little high and still a lot turned on, and that if you feel like making out some more, I wouldn't hate that, either."

I raised my eyebrows. Alex seemed to have become more comfortable with me after the pavilion, but her admission surprised me - and changed my perspective. I had arranged to pick up Ann and Alex with the expectation that I'd have a chance to hook up with Ann. And I'd done that, even if it was cut short. I hadn't intended to seduce, or be intimate with, or make out with Alex.

The pavilion happened because all three of us thought it would be fun. But this very cute straight girl wanted to play, and I'd barely given her a thought. Because, well, straight.

"You want to make out?" I asked. "I mean..." I looked down at her hand, on the seat between us, and moved mine beside it, not quite touching. "I'm not about to turn down a girl I find sexy and attractive, but are you sure?"

"Yeah," she said. "I don't want to waste this feeling? And it's only making out, right?"

Picking up my mug, I took a sip of tea, which was manageable now. Alex did the same, and when we both set the mugs down, I held out my arms. She leaned right into them, and our lips met.

The first kisses were tentative, much as they had been earlier. It wasn't discomfort, though, more like feeling each other out.

Alex drew back a few inches. "I don't think I've ever tasted anyone else's lip gloss, before," she said.

"I'm surprised there's any left."

"You mean because Ann ate your face off when you went for your walk?" she teased.

"And you, before that," I agreed. "Does it bother you?"

She shook her head. "It makes it hard to forget I'm kissing a girl," she said. "But then, so does everything else about it, the taste, the smell, the... lack of beard stubble."

"Do you want to forget?" I asked.

"Nope," Alex said. "Not at all."

Then she leaned forward, and we kissed again. We shifted positions to press our bodies closer. I felt the gentle pressure of her breasts against mine, soft, without the reshaping stiffness of a bra.

After a moment, I straightened my right leg out behind Alex's legs. Then I moved my left hand to her waist, drawing her toward me, her left thigh sliding a few inches up my leg, bringing us closer. Her arms reached around my shoulders. The kiss was still slow and tender, though I could sense Alex's passion below the surface, while I held mine in check.

Lifting my right hand, I ran my fingers through her hair, brushing it back, then closed them around the back of her head, holding her face to mine as I probed between her lips with my tongue.

Alex met my tongue with her own, stroking it firmly. With the hold on the back of her head I held her back, her lips a slight distance from mine as I lapped at her tongue with my own. She groaned, and I felt her hands slide down over my shoulders to my back, holding me against her.

The sound signaled an uptick in the intensity of our kiss. Her breathing became heavier and the movement of her face against mine more pronounced. My right hand left the back of her neck as I slid my fingers down to her shoulders, then down the front of her shirt, moving back to give myself room. I lightly brushed her breast, then returned to circle her nipple with my thumb.

Alex moaned softly and attempted to devour my tongue. I circled her nipple a few more times, feeling it become firm to my touch, then backed away a little further, my lips still connected to hers, and slid my left hand over her right breast.

For several minutes my fingers caressed and lightly squeezed those soft but firm places within her shirt. Then I moved the fingers of both hands to her neck and began to unfasten the shirt's buttons, parting each one but leaving the fabric lying closed as I worked my way down. Only when the last button came free did I open the front of the shirt, moving both hands to fondle her breasts.

She groaned again as I cupped both breasts, then backed away, her eyes dark with desire, breathing heavily as she watched me. She didn't speak, and after a moment I leaned forward and pushed the shirt off her shoulders. Alex let it drop to the couch, and my eyes took in firm breasts, paler than the surrounding skin, with narrow, dark nipples.

I tugged her close, then lowered my face to her left breast. Her boobs were about the same size as mine, not huge, but with enough volume for me to squeeze the base while forming a narrow pyramid around the nipple.

As I sucked the tip of her breast into my mouth, Alex groaned and arched her back, pressing her chest against my face. She mumbled, "Oh, Jesus." Her excitement spurred my own heart to pounding.

After a minute, she breathed, "Kayla..."

"Alex..." I replied in the same tone, turning my face upward, arousal lacing my voice, too. "Should we... stop?"

She shook her head. "I think we should move?" she suggested.

"Yeah," I agreed, not wanting to spoil the moment with more words.

She took my hand - the one still around her breast - then stood, drawing me up, before pulling me across the room and into her bedroom.

We didn't make it to the bed. Alex turned to kiss me, wrapping her arms around my neck, her bare breasts against my top. She seemed desperate for the touch of my lips and tongue. When I sucked her tongue into my mouth she groaned. Then she grasped the hem of my tee, breaking the kiss with obvious reluctance, before tugging the shirt over my head and tossing it aside. A moment later, her heels were kicked off in about the same direction.

The bed thumped as Alex fell backward onto it. I started to follow her, then scowled as I felt the weight in the pockets of my bulky carpenter pants. There was no table, but I unloaded my phone and wallet onto her small dresser. The downside to not carrying a purse.

When Alex saw me opening the velcro on the next pocket, she said, "Take them off?" Then she added, "Look, I'll do the same," and I glanced over to see her unfastening the belt of her jeans.

Nodding, I left my phone and wallet where they were, and dropped my shorts and shoes at the foot of the dresser, then climbed onto the bed to cover her body with mine, lowering myself to my elbows.

Alex had to lift her face to kiss me. She groaned as our mouths met, and I rolled my face against hers, rocking forward and back on my elbows. My legs were outside hers, but as we kissed, I parted her thighs with my left leg, then moved my right between them too, and rested my body on hers. Then I lifted myself out of her reach, so she kept chasing my lips as our bodies slid against each other. I would let her catch my lips only to draw them away again, or I would catch her lower lip between mine, suckling it for a moment before releasing it.

My breasts weren't quite touching hers, though occasionally they brushed against her nipples. Each touch seemed to elicit a sound deep in Alex's throat. She was panting heavily with her arousal, her eyes holding mine as my face moved above her.

Wrapping her arms around my back, Alex tugged my body down to hers, then fumbled around, her fingers exploring the band of my bra. She struggled with the catch. I think she took longer than my first teenage boyfriend.

I drew back and chuckled. "You don't have a lot of experience removing another girl's bra, do you?" I asked, my voice husky to my ears.

"Hey, I managed," Alex said, as my bra slipped away. "Also, Ann was right about the view."

"The straight girl likes my cleavage," I said, as she tossed the bra to the side.

"I do," she said, her voice hoarse. Then she fitted each of her hands around a breast, and began to knead. Spikes of arousal shot through me as I continued to rock against her.

When Alex released my breasts, I lowered my body to hers, grasping her head as I kissed her hard, my breasts squashed to hers. My body still moved against hers, and her hips were rocking, pressing her sex firmly to mine.

Alex broke the kiss, panting hard. "Oh, Jesus..." she said, her voice strained. "I'm so fucking turned on right now...."

I kept moving. The bed started to bump against the floor as she ground herself against me. I was so close to climaxing, trying to force myself back from the ledge. It seemed that Alex was close, too, but I didn't want to come before her. I took my hands from her head, ran them down her lithe body, then grabbed her ass and held it hard against me as my sex rubbed hers through our panties.

Alex grunted, "Uh! Uh! Uh!" The sounds rose in volume with each breath. I was at the end of my control, feeling my sex tense and start to spasm. My orgasm was fierce, and I almost collapsed against her, but managed to keep enough presence of mind to grind hard against her, until she cried out, gasping moans of pleasure into my ear.

Erotic contractions sent waves of pleasure into me as I pressed myself to Alex, keeping both of us soaring for as long as I could. When I relaxed against her body, she murmured, "Holy shit, that was intense."

"Is that good or bad?" I asked. I doubt she could see my grin, but she probably heard it in my voice.

In reply she kissed me slowly, her arms wrapping around me. I would take it as good.


If Alex had acted tired or sated I'd have found my clothes and snuck out of her life at that point, but she still moved beneath me. Her arousal might have been triggered by the weed, but it had taken on a life of its own. Maybe, I considered, the unexpected discovery that she could be turned on by a girl was an opportunity she didn't want to squander. Tomorrow she'd be wanting to fuck a boy. Today she was experimenting, and it excited her.

It excited me, too. I was enjoying her, and as long as she was willing, I'd take advantage of her desire for me. And she did have a great body.

Still on top of her, I slid down, licking her neck and running my lips over her shoulders. I moved my hands to her breasts, kneading them both, to the feel of her heart pulsing rapidly in her chest and her fingertips drifting over my scalp.

Moving my hands closer to the base of her breasts, I rolled and shaped them, leaving the nipples clear. Sliding a few inches further down her body, I explored all around the tips of her breasts with lips and tongue, caressing and sucking. Alex's breathing was clearly audible, and when I glanced up, she was looking down at me.

I alternated breasts every few seconds, suckling the hard, dark nipple of her left breast, then moving to her right. The girl beneath me began to move slightly, a shallow, slow roll of her hips pressing her belly against my chest.

After several minutes of this, the rolling of Alex's hips grew more pronounced and her breathing was heavy. Lifting myself to my knees by her side for a moment, I pushed her thighs together, then eased her panties over her hips before sliding them all the way off. Once they were gone, I parted her thighs again and fitted myself back into my earlier position, feeling Alex's hips press her wet sex against my belly as I suckled again.

Releasing her right breast, I moved my left hand down to her sex and slowly worked two fingers into her. If she was going to balk at being fucked by a girl, this would be the point where she'd react, but all that happened was a moan, repeated when I started sliding my fingers in and out.

Emboldened, I lowered myself further down her body, leaving my right hand on her breast, but expanding my hand to take her nipple between thumb and forefinger, so that I could firmly pinch as I kneaded. Extending my tongue, I licked her belly, then suckled her navel. Alex's hips moved more powerfully now, and faster than they had, and I matched her rhythm with my fingers in her sex. An "Uhh... uhh..." sound accompanied every breath, and she was panting like a sprinter just after a race.

Time to seek the Holy Grail.

Without changing the motion of either hand, I wriggled lower. Extending my tongue, I drew it up her labia, parting and penetrating.

"Oh, fuck..." groaned Alex.

I grinned and kept licking, slowly letting my tongue roam higher. Alex writhed beneath me now. When I began to caress her clit with my tongue she moaned loudly as her back arched, then continued to cry out with each breath.

Her fingers found my hair, digging into it, her arms outstretched as I kept sliding my tongue along her clit. It had become firm, but I could feel the skin yielding to the motion of my tongue, as her back arched again.

Alex seemed almost in tears as she whimpered, "Oh, Jesus, oh, Jesus," which seemed her default utterance when overwhelmed by arousal. Then her thighs surged upward, pressing her clit against my lips, and her sex tensed and spasmed around my fingers.

Pressing the wall of her sex and gently tugging her nipple, I tried to prolong her quivering pleasure for as long as I could, then I slowly withdrew.

I slid off the bed. Clad only in my panties I moved to the side, then bent down to kiss Alex one last time. I didn't press, just let her decide how to react, and the kiss became languid, with some heat but little drive. Then I hunted down my bra, tee, shoes and pants, stuffing my pockets with my items before I finished dressing.

"I'll see myself out," I said. Alex grinned.

Before I left I checked on Ann. She was sleeping peacefully, still on her side. She'd pushed the sheet off. This time I felt slightly guilty to see her bare chest, since I really hadn't entered to spy on her, but I was glad to see that the pot and alcohol combination hadn't left her sick.


I considered the events of the day as I found my own bed. I was pretty exhausted by then, but my weakness was nothing, compared to Ann's. There were some aspects of college life that I didn't miss at all. Pressure and parties don't mix well.

And I'd fucked two girls in two hours. That didn't seem likely in the real world. But then, college had never really felt like the real world, even during the four years I'd been there.

It was as though I'd spent the day in an alternate reality. A fun one, for sure, but not one I could stay in for long.