Chapter 2 - First Night

I saw Anita at work on Monday, and ate lunch with her as usual, after spending the weekend reliving our encounter. Picturing her body, naked, atop me, or her hair spread over my thighs... well, I guess it wasn't surprising that we'd share a few secret smiles over lunch, or that I felt a thrill of excitement when I saw her.

I knew that not getting too close to her was wise, and that Friday night couldn't happen again, but I was okay with that. Daydreaming wasn't off-limits. Besides, tonight's introduction might open a new world to me.

"Still planning to be at the club?" she asked, before we'd finished lunch.

"I am," I said.

"Do you want to arrive together?" she asked. "I can introduce you to some of the regulars."

"Sure. I'd probably have trouble finding people to talk to," I said.

Anita laughed. "On the contrary. You'll probably be overwhelmed by others wanting to get to know you," she said. "It's summer vacation. Most patrons will be locals, interns like me, or summer school students. Some students prefer to stay here. Some have been disowned by their parents and have nowhere to leave to." She grimaced. "Yeah, it happens more than you'd think. So it won't be as busy as it will next semester, and a new face will be a pleasant surprise. I'll set you up with someone who can act as a buffer for the curious."


When I arrived home I showered, then dressed in a sheer peach button-front top over a beige plunge bra. I freed my bun, remaking my hair with half braids, half down. The look was both subdued and sexy, the peach contrasting my dark hair and blue eyes, and it worked well with jeans and my cowboy boots. Then I drove to Gabby's. Its large parking lot was less than half full, which Anita's earlier comment explained.

Anita arrived just after me. She texted to let me know, so I waited and we entered together. Inside, she surprised me by taking my hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, and holding on as she led me through the area.

The club room was busier than I would have thought from the number of cars in the lot. The layout was unusual. It was split down the middle by a low wooden partition. Black gauze curtains hung down from the ceiling to meet the partition, dimming the light show from the dance floor on the far side, and, I assumed, darkening the bar's lighting within the dance area. It also worked surprisingly well at muting the dance music in the bar, so that patrons could converse normally.

The partition had a gap in the center, and there a lighter weight black gauze reached the floor, so that it was easy to traverse between the two areas. There were tables all along the bar side of the partition, so bar patrons could observe the dancers, and vice-versa.

Anita led me to the wall on the far side of the bar area, which was quiet and lighter, approaching a table at which two girls were sitting, talking to each other. They both smiled at her as we approached, then turned to me, still smiling, but frankly curious.

"May we join you?" Anita asked, "or are you looking for private time?"

"If we wanted quiet time, we'd have stayed home," said the shorter of the two, a dark-haired girl with an infectious smile.

"We're here to see friends," said the girl with golden-brown curls beside her, "which includes you, Anita, and I'm sure your friend too." She tilted her head toward me. "Sit!"

"Great," Anita replied. "Kayla, this is Emma and this is Tiff," indicating the golden-haired girl first, then the girl with the mischievous smile. "And this is Kayla, who's teaching me to be an engineer. She graduated last year, so you probably haven't seen her on campus. This is her first visit, and I wanted to find her a gatekeeper before the vultures start to circle."

"Vultures?" I asked. "You make the outlook sound grim."

"Hawks, then," Anita said. "Eagles. Sparrows. Seagulls. Some predatory bird. Or sharks. Sharks would be good."

"Shark-birds," offered Tiff. "Circling above, playing Jaws music." Then demonstrated, waving an arm around, singing, "Daaa-dum, daaa-dum..."

"The irony of asking me to be a gatekeeper," said Emma, ruefully.

Tiff snorted. "Right, Emma was the biggest shark-bird of all."

"Until I found true love," Emma agreed, then winced as Tiff elbowed her. She looked up at my friend. "You don't really need a gatekeeper," she said to me. "Everyone here is cool, and I'm sure you can look after yourself. But I'm happy to be your safe contact." Her eyes skimmed my body. "I just wish you'd been around a year ago. OW!" she yelped as Tiff elbowed her again, much harder.

Emma rubbed her side as Tiff grinned, then she turned to my friend. "She's in safe hands, Anita. Until she doesn't want to be. Go enjoy yourself."

"I will," Anita agreed, but she stayed to make small talk for another quarter hour, then excused herself to join a pair of girls standing by the bar counter.

I talked to Emma and Tiff for a while about college. I was envious of the freedom they had, but not of their situation, with two couples in an old, cramped three-bedroom apartment. I remembered those days, though at least they had live-in partners they were obviously comfortable with. There was something to be said for the ability to afford my own place, make car payments, buy groceries, and still be able to save rather than worry how I'd pay the next tuition bill.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder. "I think you owe me a dance."

The voice was musical, and amused. I grinned at the blonde who'd accosted me. She had olive skin, eyes between mid-brown and amber, and a cute turned-up nose. Her hair lay in untidy curls. "And you are?"

"Hey, Suse," said Emma. "Anita stole your girlfriend?"

"She's not my girlfriend," the blonde said, with the tones of someone who had made the denial a thousand times before. "But yeah."

The dark curtains and low lighting made it hard to see the dance floor, especially from the far side of the room, but I thought I could see Anita dancing with a tall dark-haired girl. I thought she was the one I'd seen with Suse and Anita beside the bar.

"I see," I said. Then I shrugged and grinned at the blonde. "Why not? I'll settle that debt right now. And I'm Kayla." I held out my hand.

"Suse," the girl said, taking it. Her grip was firm, though her skin was soft and warm. "And I'll answer to Susie, too. Just don't call me Susan unless you're my mom."

"I'm pretty sure I'm not," I said, as she released my hand, standing to follow her to the dance floor.

We danced for a few songs, then I thanked Suse and went back to my table. I wouldn't have minded spending more time with her, but I was navigating new waters, and I wasn't entirely sure about the girlfriend denial. I was fairly sure her holding me responsible for Anita taking away her friend was for comedic effect, or to serve as an excuse to introduce herself, but I wasn't completely certain. Also, I could picture Anita splitting the pair up to encourage Suse to seek me out. I didn't think she'd done that, but I didn't know the group well enough to know.

At the table, Tiff was rising to go get Emma and herself drinks. She asked if I'd like something, and suggested a lemon ginger mocktail when I asked what she'd recommend.

"Sure, I'll try that," I said.

Before she left for the bar, Tiff caught her girlfriend's eye, then pointed to her own eyes, then to me, then shook her head, before leaving.

"She does trust me," Emma confided when she was out of earshot. "She's not wrong about my past, but she's all I need, and we both know it."

"How did you meet?" I asked.

"We were roomies," Emma replied. "And she was straight." She grinned. "So she thought. She had a boyfriend, and everything." She turned to look for her partner, and I followed her line of sight. Tiff was talking to the bartender. A few feet from her was a dark-haired girl in a black tee and skirt. As my eyes lingered on her, she looked directly at me. I felt a jolt of adrenaline. Her eyes seemed pale from this distance, and challenging. She raised her glass to her lips, still studying me, and I looked away, my face feeling warm. Emma was watching me curiously, but I didn't comment. "And you?" she asked. "What's your story?"

"Not as straight as Tiff," I replied. "Though I had a boyfriend, too. I've known for the last couple of years that I was somewhere between the poles. But I've never liked rocking boats, so I stayed with him until staying together was more awkward than ending the relationship." I glanced up to see Tiff picking up the drinks. The dark girl locked gazes with me again, though I'd swear that her attention was elsewhere a moment before. I looked away, noticing Emma's quizzical expression again. Then I watched Tiff as she approached.

"No one since then?" Emma asked, as Tiff carefully set the drinks down.

"Couple of desultory dates with guys," I said, with a shrug.

"No girls?" Emma continued probing.

Shaking my head, I said, "None. No opportunity..." I shrugged again. "And I guess I'm kinda shy."

Emma raised her eyebrows, and Tiff, who'd set the drinks down, cocked her head.

"Really?" Tiff asked, sliding into her chair.

"Not quite the right word," I said, with a quick shrug. "More like... I like to get to know people, but putting in the mental effort before first meeting them can be tough. So I haven't been very social since Jason."

The brunette's eyes sparkled as she watched me intently.

"Anita told me about Gabby's, and it sounded like a place where I could be myself," I said. "Relax, have a good time without getting drunk, with people who aren't judgmental." I found myself glancing at the dark girl at the bar again, but this time she was watching the dancers through the veil of the curtain.

"And get laid," Emma said, her cheeky grin softening the blunt wording into an amused comment.

Returning her grin, I said, "Perhaps."

"It worked well enough for Emma," Tiff said, her tone between wry and amused. Emma grinned, with an affectionate glance at her. The way the two cared for each other warmed my heart.

"We need to set her up," she announced. "I mean, she's like, a virgin!"

"Uh, no," I said. "I'm not."

"But with girls you are!" Tiff announced.

"Uh, no," I repeated. "I'm not."

Tiff seemed confused. Emma looked amused as she leaned close to her partner and murmured, "Remember who brought her."

Tiff's eyes widened. "Ooh, yes. But we still need to set her up." She turned to scan the room as Emma rolled her eyes.

Nervous of Tiff's intentions, I looked up, away from the direction of her gaze. I saw the dark girl looking around. Perhaps she was wanting to join a group, or seeking a dance partner. The warmth of my new friends' affection drained away as I realized I wasn't going to make myself say hello to her.

"What's so interesting over there?" Emma's voice interrupted my thoughts, and I looked back to find both girls studying me.

"Nothing," I said, quickly. Under the weight of their almost identical scowls, I changed my answer. "Ok," I sighed. "Who's the girl at the bar all in black?"

They both turned. I was reminded of the two raptors in Jurassic Park turning together, which made me laugh nervously as they caught the dark girl in their joint stare.

"I don't know," said Tiff. "I've seen her before."

"That's Fi," Emma said, pronouncing it "Fee". "Fiala."

"What's she like?" asked Tiff.

"I don't know her well," Emma responded. "She's unusual, but in a good way, I think."

"No Monday night assignation?"

"She turned me down," Emma admitted.

"Yeah, she must be unusual," Tiff replied, then waved her arms in an extravagant beckoning motion. The girl at the bar tilted her head to one side, then began to move toward us.

I buried my face in my hands. "God! Shy, remember? Bad at meetings?"

Carrying only a single glass, the girl made quicker time to our table than Tiff had. She gave me a brief, quizzical smile, then turned to the others. "Hey, Emma. And... Tiffany, right?"

"Just Tiff," said Tiff. "I'm only ever Tiffany when I'm in trouble."

"Like now?" I grumbled, lowering my hands, my face hot. "Tiffany...."

"It's nice to meet you, Fi," Tiff said. "We wanted to introduce you to Kayla." She jabbed a thumb toward me. "She wanted to meet you too."

"Hello, Fi," I said, looking up. I still felt the warmth of a flush on my cheeks. Her eyes were as pale as they'd appeared from a distance. Gray, with no trace of color. Dark makeup accented the sharpness of her cheekbones in a heart-shaped face, her lip color a deep ruby. A small double silver hoop graced her left nostril. Her hair was darker than mine.

I'd seen a pattern on her black tee from a distance. Up close, it resolved into two skeletal hands gripping her full breasts. "I'm Kayla," I continued. "I apologize for my friends. I didn't say that." Then I held my hand out. "But it's true anyway."

Fi frowned at the slight formality, then squeezed my hand. "Good," she said, as she released it. "Let's dance."

"Oh." Of course I wanted to. I would have asked. Soon. I just wasn't expecting for Fi to make the first move. If that was what she was doing. "Yeah," I said, after a moment's stunned silence. "Right."

"That's okay?" Fi had turned to Emma.

Tiff chuckled as Emma said, "Of course. You're not breaking up the party."

Standing, I turned to face Fi, who grabbed my wrist and began to march toward the gap in the partition. As I was towed away, I looked back over my shoulder at my new friends. "Thanks, mom," I said. "Don't wait up for me."

I heard laughter from behind me as I allowed Fi to lead me to the dance floor.


We danced much more closely than I had earlier with Suse, and there was a playfulness in Fi's moves that I enjoyed. I had to dodge around her at times; at other times she danced close enough that her breasts brushed mine as she moved.

After the first song, she leaned close enough to talk to me without shouting. My thin top was trapped against the skeletal hands of her tee. "What was that with Emma and Tiff? Are they playing matchmaker?"

"Possibly," I acknowledged. "Tiff seems the dangerous one of the pair, but Emma caught me watching you."

"So did I," she said. I could hear the grin in her voice, though her face was too close to my ear for me to see her expression. "Did you like what you saw?"

"I still do," I admitted.

"Huh," she said, her tone still amused. "How new? I'm pretty sure I've never seen you before."

"My first time," I agreed.

"Then welcome to the club," Fi said. "College?"

"I was last year," I said. "Software now."

"Corporate drone, you mean?" Fi asked.

Letting the comment pass, I said, "I work with Anita, if you know her. She brought me."

Fi moved back far enough that we could see each other. Her eyes narrowed. "She brought you, or..." She looked around, seeing Anita with the girl I assumed was Val, then shrugged.

"She brought me and dropped me off," I said. "She introduced me, I guess I should say. We're not together."

Fi nodded, satisfied.

"I think you owe me another dance for the interrogation," I said.

Smirking, Fi said, "I had no intention of leaving."

She backed away to resume dancing, firmly within my personal space. Her assertiveness was as enticing as it was refreshing, and my belly tingled at her proximity.

Eventually I needed to take a break from the energy, and headed back to Emma's table. Fi followed willingly. There was another girl at the table, leaving only one chair, so I motioned for Fi to take it, scouting around for a replacement. The girl stood, though. She was a short brunette with a friendly smile and sharp features. She introduced herself as Ann, and invited me back to the dance floor.

Shaking my head, I said, "I need five minutes, okay?"

The girl nodded, stepping back to let me take my original place. After I was seated, I leaned over to speak confidentially to Fi. "Listen, I don't know what the etiquette is, but I'd like to talk more with you. Should I avoid getting dragged away, or can we get back together?"

"I'll wait here," Fi said. "If I get dragged away too, I'll be back."

With a nod, I turned to the other two, offering to pick up drinks for the table. Tiff and Emma passed, still working on their drinks from earlier, but Fi chose a virgin daiquiri. I rose and left for the bar.

A group of two girls and a guy said hi with me as I waited for my drinks. I commented on how friendly everyone seemed.

"They are," said the guy. "I mean, there's occasional drama, but everyone has each other's backs." His companions nodded agreement.

When the drinks arrived, I wished them a good evening, and returned to the table. "Courtesy of the corporate stooge," I said, finally taking up the challenge she'd issued on the dance floor.

"Drone, not stooge," Fi corrected, as I passed the other two drinks to Tiff and Emma, and we argued politics for a while. She was eloquent and well-reasoned, and though she was quite combative, she wasn't rude or dismissive. In all fairness, our views weren't far apart, and perhaps we'd have clashed more if we had been, but I enjoyed sparring with her until Ann showed up to ask if I'd had a long enough break.

"Back in a while," I said to Fi, letting Ann know politely that she couldn't claim the remainder of the evening, then accompanied the brunette to the dance floor.

Before she relinquished me, Ann extracted a commitment to spend some time with her on a future visit, which was a promise I was happy to make. Back at the table, Fi and I resumed our debate, but were interrupted when a very earnest-sounding girl asked if she could take Fi away for a time.

"My turn," she said. "You'll wait for me, right?"

"I said I would," I agreed. "If I'm not at the table, I'll hurry back." I watched her follow the earnest girl to a mixed group by the exit. From the hand waving and serious expressions I guessed that they were talking about school, not socializing.

"I think I'm keeping the two of you from spending time together," I said, turning back to my new friends. "I'm sure I don't need gatekeeping, if you'd like to go dance."

Emma glanced at the group around Fi, then at me, shaking her head. "You'll be fine," she said, then stood, collecting her small purse. "We'll take our things. You don't need to hold the table." Tiff followed suit, taking her girlfriend's hand.

Almost immediately, I was gathered up by a pair of girls and taken back to the dance floor. They were the two with whom I'd chatted briefly at the bar, though the guy they were with was still at the bar, talking to another group. I spent the next fifteen minutes with them, each of us laughing as we tried to top one another's flirtatious moves and comments.

When I noticed Fi detach herself from the group, I offered my excuses and headed back to the table. She met me there, but took my arm to steer me back through the veil. "Business school students," she said, with a sigh. "I hate bringing schoolwork here, but we have an assignment due."

"Summer classes?" I asked, surprised to learn that she was a business major.

She nodded. "Accelerated class. It's been tough."

The song was slow. To my surprise, Fi hooked her thumbs though my belt loops and drew me close. I rested my hands on her waist as we swayed.

Moving my lips close to her ear, I murmured, "Do you realize your boobs are glowing?"

Fi leaned back and glanced down at her tee. When the colored lights lowered, the skeletal wrists and fingers shone a very faint green. "Oh, black light. Yeah." She grinned at me.

Circling my thumbs against her waist, I said, "So, if someone's staring at your boobs, it's probably because of the glowy green fingers."

"Someone being you?" Fi asked.

"Someone could be jealous of that skeleton," I suggested.

"Are you saying it's time to leave?" she asked.

"Are you driving?" I asked in return.

Fi nodded.

"If you'd like to see how a corporate stooge lives, you're welcome to follow me home," I offered.

"Drone, not stooge," she said. "Text me your address."

"Let me say goodbye to Emma and Tiff, and I'll do that when we're back in the light," I agreed.

"Okay," said Fi, taking my hand in hers. Now that the evening's course was set, she was staking her claim. I understood her thinking, given all the interruptions.

I guided us to Emma, who was holding Tiff close, the shorter girl's head on her shoulder. From behind, I lightly touched her arm. "Thanks for looking after me," I said, leaning close enough for the two of them to hear. "I'm really happy that I met both of you. See you next week?"

"Sure thing," she replied, turning to offer me a smile without dislodging her girlfriend's hold. "Looks like the evening's ending well for you. Oh, for what could have been. OW!"

Whatever Tiff had done, it wasn't visible, but she sniggered as Emma laughed. I waved goodbye.


In the club section I asked Fi for her number, then texted her my address. She shouldn't lose me between here and there, but again, we weren't going to risk being diverted. At my apartment complex she turned into a space close to mine. The sky was almost dark, and before I left the car I told Siri to turn on some of the apartment lights; one-third brightness in the living room, and the lowest setting for my nightstand. Then I met Fi and led her inside.

"Your boobs are not glowing any more," I said, after I'd closed the door.

Fi glanced down. "No black light," she agreed, tugging her shirt a little tighter.

"Maybe I can make them glow," I suggested.

Fi raised one eyebrow in her mischievous smirk. "Oh yeah? How would you do that?"

"I'd start by replacing those cold hands," I said. Holding her gaze, I lifted my fingers to her breasts, giving her plenty of time to object or back away. When she didn't, I laid them over the skeleton ones. Her breasts were firm and high, springy against my thumbs, which lifted the underside of each. Her tee was tight over them, and when I caressed her nipples with my fingers they began to swell visibly. "Do you feel them starting to glow yet?" I asked.

"Mmm, maybe," Fi responded.

Lowering my face, I tongued her left nipple, my thumb and fingers stretching it toward my mouth. I could sense Fi's breathing deepen.

After a moment, I lowered my left hand to the hem of her tee, then slid it back up inside, cupping her smooth breast. Then I lowered my right hand, but this time I lifted the shirt until I could take her left nipple into my mouth. Fi made a soft groan.

My own excitement grew as I tasted her bare skin. Suckling, I lowered my hands to the waistband of her skirt, unhooked the catch, and let it drop to the floor, exposing a black thong and thigh-high lace-top stockings. Holding her hips, I drew her closer, still suckling. Fi gripped my shoulders for support.

She was panting softly when I lifted her shirt high. I stood upright as she raised her arms, then drew the shirt over her head. It joined the skirt on the floor and I lowered my face again. This time I took her right breast into my mouth, drawing a soft sound of pleasure from the girl.

Running my right hand down her belly, I found the thong, then pressed my fingers over the front, and began to slide them up and down. The fabric was dry, but Fi's breathing deepened further, and her chest pressed into my face as my lips and tongue worked against the rough surface of her erect nipple.

Fi's thong started to slide freely against her as it became damp. I groaned softly with excitement, then drew back. My voice sounded rough to my ears, as I suggested we should get more comfortable. She nodded, and I took her hand to lead her to the bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, Fi kicked off her ankle boots, then lay back as I dropped my glasses onto the nightstand, tugged off my cowboy boots and peeled off my jeans. Then I positioned myself above her, my face over her right breast, then lowered myself to resume suckling.

My fingers found the front of her thong again. I pressed it firmly against her, circling it around. Fi's hands moved between us, unfastening my top, opening the front without removing it, so that she could play with my bra, squeezing my breasts and caressing the exposed skin with her thumbs.

Her breath rasped, and my excitement ratcheted higher. I pushed the sides of her thong down, then curled my fingers into her. Fi groaned and writhed beneath me. Her hands left my breasts and tangled in my hair as I suckled.

Pushing my fingers deep, I fitted my body between her thighs and began to rock. She picked up the rhythm, and we moved together. Her breathing became faster, with a soft grunt on each exhale.

When I felt Fi's thighs tighten around my hand, I slowed my pace slightly, letting her arousal grow. She lifted against me, demanding more, but I didn't give it to her, stopping my rocking completely for a time, then repositioning myself so that I could suck her left nipple.

After I resumed suckling, I began to move again. Fi's hips rolled against me, keeping pace, She made soft moans of pleasure as she lifted against me. Her hands left my hair to roam my back,

Catching her nipple between my teeth, I tugged on it, stretching it. Fi gasped, then moaned loudly, her hips lifting against me. I began to rock my wrist, adding to the movement of my body against hers, and she started to pant.

This time I didn't hold back. As her hips rose from the bed, pressing against me, I continued to move, rocking my wrist as I pressed my thigh against her, my fingers curled against the front of her sex.

"Kayla!" she groaned. "Oh, fuck.... yes.... yes.... Fuck, I'm going to come!"

Her sex tensed and erupted under my fingers. Her climax was warm and wet against me, her sex pulsing strongly around my hand, continuing as her body slowly drifted back down to the bed, soft moans of pleasure continuing. I kept rocking my wrist, lifting my face from her breast to see a warm, sated smile on her face.

When Fi drew me upward, then pressed her lips to mine, I found myself surprised to realize that we hadn't yet kissed. I helped her remedy that lack. My heart skipped as she caught my tongue in her mouth, sucking it hard, while her hands pulled my sleeves down my arm.

Raising my arms, I let her divest me of my shirt, my bra following mere seconds later. Rather than lower my arms again, I grasped the sides of her head, pressing her to me, deepening the kiss. As our mouths joined and parted, I could feel the movements of her body, amplified by the quaking of her breasts against mine, squashed together as they were. The sensation was surprisingly erotic, kindling an intense lust for the girl beneath me. An electric feeling in my clit surged, my thighs trembling as it swelled, becoming more sensitive. I groaned into her mouth.

Our shared passion rose. Fi showed me the pleasure still flowing though her body, while I let her feel the mounting desire within me. Our mutual need was still growing when Fi flipped us, tossing me onto my back.

She crouched over me, tugging my panties down. Her lace stockings had both lost their grip on her upper thighs, the tops now in disarray above her knees, though she'd pulled her thong back into place. In her black underclothes, her full breasts quivering and nipples standing to attention, she was a wanton siren, and I felt a fresh surge of arousal at the sight.

And then her mouth was on my breast, her hands exploring my waist. When they traveled to my ass I hooked a leg around her so that her movements slid her body against my sex. The top of a stocking brushed my ankle each time she slid against me.

My nipples were hard when she backed away. My chest thrummed with eagerness, which only grew when she covered both breasts with her hands, then kneaded hard, her hands supporting her weight against me as they wrung each breast, thumbing and stretching my nipples.

Fi's hands remained in place as she lowered herself back down to my body, lips against my navel. Then, after pinching and tugging each nipple, they slid down to my thighs, lifting and separating them, creating enough space for her fingers to reach my sex and slide inside. Her thumb grazed my clit as she began to piston her fingers inside me.

"GNNN!!!" I groaned, my back arching at the spike of excitement. Then Fi's thumb drew back, and her face slid lower. I groaned again as her tongue slid over my clit.

My body was on fire, need prickling the skin of my arms and the back of my neck, and making my heart race. I thought Fi would tease me, but instead she gave my body what it craved, her tongue rubbing my clit until I couldn't avoid the onslaught. "Oh, Christ, Fi...." I managed to utter through a tight throat. "Christ... that feels... OHHH!"

My climax hit hard. My hips lifted from the bed, my feet pressing into the mattress as my knees parted and my thighs clenched. I panted, arousal crashing into me in waves.


"Are you always so direct?" Fi asked, nestling against me, after my body had quit pulsing with delight. She'd slid back up the bed and lay partly against me, her left breast resting on mine. I extended a finger to caress her nipple.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"If I remember correctly," she said, "you had your hands on my boobs about thirty seconds after I came inside, started undressing me within the minute, mouth on my nipple - and fuck, that felt good - and I was naked in your bed within five. Give or take a few seconds."

"Hah," I said. "You're wrong. I didn't get you naked. You're still not naked." I gestured down to her disheveled stockings.

She shrugged. It made her breast quiver against mine. "Point," she said, then reached down and pulled off her stockings and thong, her breast still pressed to mine as she wriggled.

"Aaand," I said, "We're on the bed, not in it."

Fi rolled her eyes.

"Is that too fast?" I asked. "I was ready to rip your clothes off on the dance floor, but I didn't think the club would appreciate that. Especially on my first visit."

Fi laughed. "Probably not, but it might have been worth it."

"But if I did push too soon, I'm sorry," I said. "I'm learning. This is only my second time." Fi's eyes went wide. "With a girl, I mean," I said.

She grinned. "Not too soon for me," she said.

I stroked her breast with two fingers, my thumb against her nipple, lightly pinching when my finger was close enough. Our bodies fit together well. Fi was a very similar build to me, her breasts a similar size. They had felt good squashed against my own.

"Second time, huh?" she mused.

I shrugged, then moved my fingers away from the firm feminine flesh, trailing it down to caress her pussy.

"To be fair, it's not much more for me," she said, as I circled her moist folds.

"Really?" I asked, surprised.

"More than two," she said. "But less than, uh, six." She thought for a moment. "Or maybe seven. Definitely less than ten, whatever criteria you use. And I've never ever gone to bed with a girl the day I met her, let alone five minutes after being alone with her."

My finger located her clit and I stroked it lightly. "I guess that's true for me, too," I said. "Not just with a girl, I mean, since there was only one. With anyone. I guess I just got lucky today."

Fi chuckled. "Guess I did, too. I don't usually go home with girls from the club. You just seemed different."

"Corporate stooge?" I suggested. I felt a tightening in her thighs.

"Drone," she said. "Not stooge. I told you. But nah, you just seemed more together. And cute as hell for a drone."

Feeling my cheeks warm, I said, "Thanks. But I think you're the one who looked good tonight. You and your doom dark outfit. I couldn't keep my eyes off you."

"I noticed," Fi said. "Don't go telling me I look cute though, or I'll lose all respect for you."

"If you say so," I said.

Fi's breathing was clearly heavier now, and her chest moved further against mine. She had relaxed, her head resting on my left shoulder, and she turned it far enough to hold my gaze. She was clearly aware of my touch, but other than an occasional tensing in her thighs, she didn't seem affected by it.

Her left arm had been draped over my stomach. She moved it to my breastbone, then settled in to relax again, her eyes still holding mine. There was desire there, but it was subdued.

Moving my head close, I kissed her cheekbone lightly. Fi smiled, so I did it again, then kissed her eyelid. I felt her chuckle. "Did you like that?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, so I did it again, letting my lips drift back down to her cheek. It was an affectionate gesture rather than a sexy one, and Fi treated it as such, kissing my shoulder, then grinning at me.

When I moved to kiss her cheek again, she turned, catching my lips with her own, and we kissed lightly. At this angle, our faces were almost at right angles when they met, but I managed to trap her upper lip with mine and closed them on it, sideways, then ran my tongue over it when she moved back.

Fi responded to that by pressing her lips to the side of my mouth, then meeting my lips in the center. We both managed to angle our faces so that we were at a more normal angle for kissing. I was concerned that my finger against her clit would irritate her after so long, but I kept my touch very light, and she was still so wet that my fingertip glided around.

I felt a stirring in my chest as we continued to kiss. Fi's breathing was slow and rhythmic, but her breast seemed to be pressing more firmly to mine. Her fingers traced the edge of my right breast, then slowly moved to cup it.

There was no mistaking now that her breathing was becoming heavier, and I deepened the kiss, parting my lips further, darting my tongue out to lightly touch hers when I could find it. Now her breathing was not only deeper, but a little faster.

My left arm had been by my side, under Fi's body, but now I moved it to her hip and lifted. Without complaint, and without interrupting our kiss, she moved onto me, her left hand closing on my right breast. I eased her all the way on top of me, my left hand finding the smooth skin of her hips and waist, then sliding under her arm to cup her breast.

Fi panted gently. breaking the kiss as she made soft sounds with each breath. "Uh... uh... uh...." Then she joined her lips to mine again, and I felt the sounds in our shared breathing. Now her thighs were squeezing her sex to my fingers, and I pressed them against her clit and started to rub, gently but positively.

"Mmm... Mmm...." Fi moaned into my mouth. I pinched her nipple and her moans grew, her hips now rocking,

I drew my finger back from her sex. Fi groaned into the kiss, then broke away, frowning at me, her breathing heavy. Taking her hips, I slid her all the way onto me. Her thighs were between mine, and I raised my knees and wrapped my legs around hers, pressing down to force her sex against mine. Her frown faded as she felt me against her. Then she released my breast and lifted herself on her hands as I held her hips and rocked her against my body.

My breathing was heavy, too, my excitement climbing as her pussy rubbed mine, my clit swollen and sensitive beneath her.

The sounds she made fed my arousal. "Hh-hah hh-hah, hh-hah," unvoiced but clear, with occasional cries. "Hh-hah, hh-hahh... nnnnn, hh-hahh..." getting more intense with each breath. We kept up the pace for minutes. I stopped holding her hips. The powerful motion of her pelvis, the support of her arms, and my legs around her adding to the movement kept her body sliding against mine, while my hands caressed her waist.

My own cries were growing louder, which seemed to turn Fi on, but I wanted more. I hooked my hands under her shoulders, lifting her chest from the bed as I curled forward and opened my mouth wide, sucking in her upper breast, then pressing my face down further until her nipple was in range of my tongue. With lips and tongue I drew her in, then suckled hard.

"Oh fuck..." Fi groaned. "Oh, fuck, oh fuck.... Ahhh! Ahh! Fuck... kiss me!" she instructed between groans.

I needed no encouragement. I pulled back, letting her chest collapse against mine, then wrapped my arms around her as our mouths merged together. We both moaned into the kiss as we writhed. Then her moans rose. "MMm! Mmmm! MMMhhhh!" and I felt her body shudder. I slammed my sex against hers, feeling a surge of power flowing into me, driving me over the precipice, and I whimpered into the kiss as my senses dissolved into the spasms of my orgasm.

We held each other as our bodies continued to twitch. Then we collapsed together, and a minute later, Fi rolled off me, and muttered a worshipful "Fuuuck..."


We had to strip the bed to find my panties and Fi's thong and hose. I hadn't realized just how badly we'd messed it up. I collected my clothes, but made a neat pile of them, finding a light cami to wear. I caught Fi's disappointed glance as I slipped it on - not that it hid much, the way it clung to my swollen nipples.

We had to head to the living room to find the rest of her clothes. She shrugged into her tee shirt, then smiled at me. "We should do this again sometime," she said.

"I'd like that," I replied, my voice not entirely steady.

Anita's warning held true. I wouldn't sleep with Fi again... not soon, anyway. But eventually would be okay, wouldn't it? I'd enjoyed her, and she'd clearly enjoyed me, so why not?

Fi studied me before leaving, her eyes wandering over my revealing cami and long legs. Then she grinned at me, and left my apartment.