Chapter 15 - Spirits

Link doesn't wear glasses. And I don't wear contacts, because I hate them. I can never forget that they're there, and the slow focus changes that happen when I blink annoy the hell out of me. But for the sake of verisimilitude, Link was wearing contacts on Halloween.

The headscarf / long cap looked better with my oil slick colors than it had when I'd first tried it on. Maybe not any more realistic, but the green of my scarf brought out the greens in my hair's dark rainbow streaks.

Link also doesn't drink, but I was taking an Uber to Gabby's so that I could do exactly that.

Because Halloween fell on a Monday, Gabby's suspended the usual weekly party in favor of an eighteen-plus event which would have alcohol. I wondered how they'd handle ID checking, but discovered it to be simple. I presented my ID at the door and received a green witch stamped on the back of my wrist. Anyone under twenty-one had a red toad stamp.

Halloween night was cold, and I wore my heavy coat. For a larger than normal event, the club had opened a cloakroom, so I traded my coat for a claim ticket. Carrying my plastic sword, I looked around for my friends. The club was crowded, both the lighted bar area and the darker dance area, where I found them. I accepted Tiff the fairy's praise for my costume. Since I was already wearing the harness, and couldn't add the sword without loosening it, I asked her to clip it into place on my back.

Emma was present with Tiff, of course, but unfortunately, neither Margot nor Heather would be there. The coffee shop was staying open late for Halloween, both for junior trick-or-treaters and costumed patrons of any age. Now that Cyndy was spending more time running the place, Heather had been taking more responsibility, so she was on last shift. Margot was there to support her.

Before I could sit, a short Grim Reaper took my arm to draw me close, and gave me a brief but surprisingly intense kiss on the lips as Tiff and Emma looked on in amusement.

"Hey, Anita," I said, smiling at the diminutive cloaked figure. "Don't worry, your black lipstick's fine."

"Good to know," Anita replied. Under her black cloak she wore a black high-necked crop-top, black skirt and black fishnet hose. She was dwarfed by the plastic scythe on her back. I hadn't seen a Grim Reaper in a crop-top before.

"I love your costume," she said, her eyes travelling the length of my body. "I'm a huge fan of 'Breath of the Wild,' but I've played most of the games. BOTW Link would be blue, of course."

"How long have we known each other for me not to know you were a Zelda fan?" I said, with a laugh. "You know there's a co-op mod now? We should try it together."

"I'd like that," Anita said. "Would you like to dance, later?"

"Sure," I said. "As long as your scythe doesn't get entangled with my sword."

"I don't kno-oww...." came Emma's sing-song voice. "That sounds like fun to me..."

I rolled my eyes. I'd somehow forgotten we weren't alone. "I'll find you later," I told Anita, with a smile.

"Hey, Kayla," said Emma. "We're going to go dance, so we'll probably lose the table. I'm sure we'll run into each other later."

"Sure," I said. "I'm going to get a drink and then I'll probably hang out on the dance floor. You two have a great night!"

On the way to the bar I paused for a while to watch the band. They were all cross-dress costumed, playing Halloween-themed covers. Their rendition of Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" was spot on. Especially after the previous week's unhappy sounds, it was good to experience a band who knew what they were doing.

A woman approached me from my left, surprising me by leaning her shoulder against mine. I turned to regard long, dark curls, a black cage dress with separate long sleeves, scarlet lipstick, and a red tattoo above significant cleavage. "Fi?" I asked. "I barely recognize you."

"Is that good, or bad?" she asked, with a smirk.

"Yes," I said. "Who are you?"

She grinned more broadly. "You don't recognize Lust?"

"I often recognize lust," I said, "but not as a person."

"She's from an anime," Fi said, taking my arm.

"That would explain it," I told her. "Corporate stooges don't have time for anime."

"Drone, not stooge. You want to dance?"

"I want to get a drink first," I said. "Join me?"

"Sure," Fi said.


There were printed menus for Halloween-themed drinks. The second bar was open, the one behind the dividing curtains, and Michelle was working there, with backup. She approached Fi and myself to take our order.

"Are the themed drinks different from the ones they're based on?" I asked.

"They're all different, but most aren't very different," she said.

"Death on the beach...?"

"Sex on the beach with coconut rum instead of vodka," she replied instantly.

"I'll try that. And whatever Fi wants," I said.

"I'll try it, too," Fi said.

Michelle checked our hand stamps and set to work.

"You know," I said to Fi, "I didn't even think about this, but I didn't know if you were over twenty-one."

"Not by much," she admitted. "I turned twenty-one just before we first met."

I paid for the cocktails, and we stayed at the bar to drink them. Death on the beach had a nice cool undertone from the coconut rum.

"Are you driving?" Fi asked.

"Not a chance," I replied. "You?"

Fi shook her head. "Got a ride with a friend. I'll do the same to get back, or, y'know, go home with a friend?" She waggled her brows suggestively.

"You're not meaning me, I hope?" I asked, with amusement. "You and I had our one night. Just dancing today."

"You said you'd like to get together again," Fi said, with a mock pout.

"I did," I agreed. "One day, maybe."

"Let's finish these and dance," Fi suggested, so we did. I consumed the last half of my drink as quickly as I could.


Dancing with Fi reminded me of my first day at the club. She did like dancing very close, and I was good with that. We'd danced for about a quarter hour when she leaned forward to speak to me.

"I was going to ask you to dance last week," she said, raising her voice to be heard above the music, "but I don't think you were aware of anyone but Val. The speed you got together, and then left..."

"You jealous?" I asked, with a grin. "Val and I had... unfinished business from the week before."

Fi's fingers drew over my side, before she rested her palms on either side of my waist. "Did you finish your business?"

"Oh, yeah," I said. "Several times."

A look flashed across Fi's face that was gone before I could identify it. She leaned in to me and kissed the base of my neck. "But I guess," she said, moving her lips to my ear, "if I'd had the chance to dance with you last week, I wouldn't have this great view today..."

"Like the dress, do you?" I asked.

"You know I do," she said. "I'd like even more to peel it off you."

My breath caught with the sudden arousal. "And you were complaining that I was too direct, last time?" I said.

Her hands began to caress my waist. "You said I was only the second girl you'd slept with," Fi breathed, directly into my ear. She'd leaned forward, her cage straps dimpling my neckline. "But I can't get that night out of my mind, and now you've had so many more partners, I just know you'd be even more amazing. Take me home later, Kayla?"

"I already said no, Fi," I said. "One day, maybe."

"Let me kiss you, at least?" Fi begged, her hands sliding around my back, then down to my butt.

"I don't think so, Fi," I said. "Not today." I lowered my hands to take her arms, levering them away from me. "I think I need to go get a drink." I stepped back, disengaging. Fi pouted again.

Leaving Fi behind, I hurried off the dance floor, quickly enough that's she'd understand that I wasn't looking for her to join me for another drink. What had gotten into her? She'd seemed the most reticent of any of the girls I'd shared a bed with lately. Even adorable Kennedy had been less reserved than Fi, and now she was trying to seduce me on the dance floor? That was weird, and weirdly uncomfortable.


At the bar, I saw someone walking away with a drink that smoked and glowed with a pale bluish white light. When the bartender, a guy about my age, reached me, I described it to him and asked what it was. And if the glow was entirely safe to drink.

"Jekyll and Gin," he responded, promptly. "The glow is just tonic. It glows under black light. It's gin, tonic, lemon, grenadine. Hardly any mutagenic ooze at all."

He said the last so deadpan that it took a moment for the statement to register. By the time I'd realized it was a joke, he'd already moved on. "Small cube of dry ice for the smoke. It's safe, but wait until the dry ice is gone, and there's no new smoke, before drinking. Would you like one?"

"Hell, yes," I said. "I've never had a mutagenic drink before."

After he'd mixed and poured the drink, he took it to a girl who wore heavy gloves and held long-handled tongs. She opened a cooler, taking a small piece of dry ice to drop in the drink. It seemed that was her sole task, as I saw Michelle approach her with another drink to treat. When the bartender returned to me, dry ice fog was already pouring over the sides.

I tipped the bartender well for the drink. He and all of the crew had a tough job tonight, and were handling it well. For good measure, I snapped a photo of the drink with my phone, too. I'd be disappointed when the fog faded. Except that then I'd be able to drink it, of course.

At a table by the dance floor were three of the Village People. I recognized Imani and Clare, though not the third member of the group. Her skin was as dark as Clare's, though with more of an olive hue. I headed for their table. "May I join you?" I asked Imani.

"Of course Kayla," she said. She frowned at my drink as I pulled out a chair. "I've seen those. What is it?"

I was explaining what the bartender had told me, when a voice came from behind my left shoulder. "Didn't know you were into Frankenjuice, Kayla?"

I looked over my shoulder and did a double take, though I thought I'd recognized the voice, especially the rising tone. "Alex? I wasn't expecting you to be here. Why aren't you at the campus party?"

"Too many kegs?" Alex replied. "Looked boring? This is where all the women are?"

Given Alex's vocal manner, I really didn't know if the final sentence was part of her answer to my question or a rhetorical question of her own. Across the table, the olive-skinned woman said, "Why do I suddenly have the strongest urge to sign up for an online dating account?'

"I knooow?" Alex replied. "I already had to fend off one over-zealous app user already?"

Her head turned to me. "Hey, what can I say?" I shrugged. "I have to push buttons." Then, before she could try to get me into more trouble, I said, "Alex, these are my friends Imani and Clare." I turned to the other girl. "I don't think we've ever met."

"Lyra," she said, with a wave.

"Orpheus's harp," said Alex.

Lyra's eyebrows shot up. "Huh. That's not where most people go. If they comment about the name, it's Lyra from The Golden Compass movie."

"Alex is short for Alexis," Alex said. "A few generations back, we were Greek, and I've read the myth. Not in Greek?" she added, hastily. "'Cause that's Greek to me."

Holding Alex's gaze, Lyra pointed at me. "Is she the only one allowed to push your buttons?"

Alex frowned. I picked up the implication before she did. "We're not together," I said. "Alex is a good friend."

Lyra touched the chair beside her. "Then come talk to me, Alexis," she said. "I promise not to swipe right. Yet."

Alex looked at me again. I shrugged. "Do you want a Frankendrink?" I asked, before she sat beside Lyra. When she responded yes, I took my drink back to the bar, to sip while waiting to get a second Jekyll and Gin.

After delivering Alex's smoking beacon, I stayed to talk to Imani, feeling a little buzzed when my glowing drink was gone. By then, Lyra seemed to have tuned out of the group, having turned her chair so that her thigh was pressed to Alex's, her hand on my friend's arm, as she said something that made Alex laugh. Apparently Alex was taking full advantage of abandoning her "token straight friend" label. And more power to her.

Since those two were temporarily in an alternate dimension, I asked Imani and Clare both to dance. I didn't want to leave either one behind, though I wasn't sure how well it would work. After we'd danced in a triangle for a while, Imani took my hand and Clare's both, turning us to face each other, while she danced off to the side. Then she turned us both back toward her and spun us around. She was a natural at taking the lead.

After several minutes, Imani turned Clare toward herself again, while twirling me to directly face a short Grim Reaper on the dance floor. Looking back, I saw Imani wink at me and shoo me away.

I took Anita's hand, and we swung our arms in sync. Then I drew her closer and spoke into her ear. "You and I have never danced together before, have we?"

She considered the question for a moment. "No, I don't think we have. Now's our chance to correct that."

"Well, great," I said. I drew back from her ear, but kept her close. The song the band was playing wasn't slow, but our steps and swaying movements were half tempo at best. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"How has your reaper been received?" I asked. "Has anyone said, 'You can take my soul anytime'?"

She quivered against me as she chuckled. "No, not yet. Has anyone said, 'It's dangerous to go alone! Take me!'?"

"I like that," I said, "but no."

After several more minutes, during which we did separate, though still danced closely together, Anita asked if she could buy me a drink. Of course I agreed, so we made our way to the bar, holding hands.

I decided to try the Witches' Brew this time. It was a yellowy-green drink that didn't glow in the dark, but should have, since it was closer to mutagenic goo than the Frankenjekyll drink. Anita ordered a regular G and T, though the black light made the tonic glow anyway.

"I'm sticking to what I know," Anita said, raising her voice over the crowd and the music. "Mixing drinks gets me in trouble."

Maybe that would have make sense for me, too, but this was my third, all different, so it probably was too late for consideration.

We stood against the back wall, since there was no seating anywhere now, including at the bar. After we'd talked for a while, two girls in blue dresses approached us, holding hands. In clearly practiced unison, they said, "Come play with us, Anita, forever and ever."

Anita's eyes widened, but she grinned. "Nice job, you two." They both stood still, their faces expressionless, holding hands, their blank stares fixed on Anita. She sighed, and turned to me. "Looks like I'm being summoned, Kayla. I was hoping we could spend more time together, but this really isn't the place, I guess. If I don't see you later I'll text soon."

I nodded to her, still watching the girls. I wondered if one of them was the redhead that I kept seeing her with. The girls were wearing identical wigs, and I had never studied Anita's friend closely enough to know her face well, but I didn't think either of them was her.

"Why are you alone? Isn't that dangerous?" came a voice from my right, as I watched Anita being dragged away by the Grady twins.

I laughed. "You're only the second person to make that joke," I said, turning to see the origin of the voice. "Hi, Kennedy. Are you enjoying the evening?"

"I am," she said. "I just saw Anita leaving. I thought I'd see how you were doing. Sorry that my costume isn't up to your standards."

"I like it," I said. "No need to worry about that." She was wearing a plain black, long-sleeved tee that hugged her slender frame, with plain black tights. A skeleton was hand-painted on both garments. The color was a fluorescent green, which glowed brightly in the UV light.

"I don't have a lot of cash to spare," she confided, "so it's a cheap costume, but the painting is all mine."

I leaned close, my chest touching hers. "It hugs you so closely it reminds me of a certain night..." I whispered into her ear.

"I hope it's a good memory," she whispered back.

"It's a very good memory," I admitted. "How have you been?"

"Great," she said. "I'm here with someone tonight."

"Grace?" I asked.

Kennedy shook her head. "But I was two weeks ago. I really don't think I've thanked you enough for helping me to be with her. We might go out on a real date one day."

"You thanked me plenty," I said, but she shook her head and took my hand.

"Come with me," she whispered, and led me to the corner of the room. Turning to face me, she scooted back as closely as she could into the corner. "Stand in front of me," she said. "The skeleton on the back glows, too, and I don't want anyone to find me for a few minutes."

"Okay," I said, standing directly in front of her body, hiding the glowing paint from most of the room. "Why?"

"So that I can do this," she said, resting her hands on my hips, then sliding them up to my rib cage. Pulling me in, she unleashed a take-no-prisoners kiss.

As intense as it began, she deepened the kiss even further as I responded. When we broke apart, both of us were panting, our chests heaving. "I think that's saying thanks in the best way I know," she said. Then she mock-pouted, adding, "Well, there may be better ways, but I do have a date later..."

As I chuckled, she dipped her head and ran her tongue along my neckline, circling just above each nipple. Then she looked up, her eyes seeming black in the low light.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she kissed me again, so fiercely that my thighs strained to keep me upright against my raging arousal. I couldn't help myself. I cupped her left breast and squeezed it until she finally broke the kiss.

Gasping, Kennedy pushed me back. "Now I think I need to run some cold water over my face before heading back to my date, or she'll ask embarrassing questions."

"Alright, my pretty teen lover," I said to her. "I'll see you around."

Kennedy dashed off toward the restroom. Only three weeks, and she was already a different girl. Recognizing her own inner strength and beauty had changed her. But damn, did I need a cold shower now. Or a date of my own, maybe. The safest thing to do would be to head home and break out the suction vibe. Instead, I headed for the bar to get a drink to relax me. Which wasn't at all smart, given how buzzed I was already feeling.

A single seat at the bar became available while I was waiting to order, so I slipped into it. A minute later, Michelle appeared to take my order. I'd been studying the menu, so I already knew what I wanted. "A zombie, please, Michelle," I said, only slurring the Z slightly.

I finished the drink quickly, because I'd decided to get back on the dance floor before I left. I danced solo, except when Val turned me to face her for several minutes. God, she was the sexiest schoolgirl I'd ever seen, in that plunging blouse and microskirt. And It had only been a week since she'd been at my place, screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors. Remembering that encounter did nothing to stifle my arousal. My breath quickened and my chest rose higher. My nipples stiffened, pushing into the low bra.

Val leaned in to give me a peck on the lips, but fortunately she backed away before I could grab her and turn it into more. Then she left the dance floor, and ten minutes later I saw her with drink in hand talking to a tall blonde girl who definitely wasn't Suse.

Alex and Lyra were getting very cozy in one of the corners. Alex caught my eye at one point and gave me a huge thumbs up gesture behind her partner's back.

Hands wrapped around my waist from behind, and lips pressed to the base of my neck. I didn't even care who it was; I just leaned back into them. The kisses ran from my neck to the dress's shoulder straps, and my back arched slightly, pressing me against the girl behind me, as I felt my sex becoming damp within my panties.

"Let's get an Uber," Fi whispered in my ear, making me shiver. I nodded agreement. I'd like to say I recognized the dangers and the fact that I'd already told her no, but I was too turned on to care. I wasn't blitzed, but my buzz was far too solid for rational behavior. Fi was offering me exactly what my body had decided it needed. Fuck the vibrator. I chuckled at the mental image. Don't fuck the vibrator. Fuck the girl instead. God, yes, fuck the girl instead.


The ride took a long time to arrive, since it was Halloween. I'd picked up my coat, sexy Link and the dangerous neckline were under wraps, and my coat had a high neck, so Fi's attempts at nuzzling weren't very effective. Taking off my elf ears and nibbling my earlobe as we waited worked better, and I found myself tightening my thighs against the small thrills my aroused clit sparked out.

She had enough self-control to avoid PDAs on the drive. When we arrived at my apartment complex, she held my arm as we climbed the stairs up to my place.

Inside, I tossed our coats on the couch, and insisted on brewing coffee. After I'd grabbed mugs, I turned to Fi. "Why are you here?" I asked, not exactly sure what I meant by the question.

"Because you said it was okay," she said, beginning to kiss my neck. "Because I want you." I felt another jolt in my clit. "Because you want me."

"I do?" I asked. It was true, but I didn't think I'd said that. I'd been pretty adamant earlier that it would be a terrible idea, but now I didn't understand exactly why. Lust and four cocktails had overcome whatever was terrible about it. I should say lust, Lust, and cocktails. I chuckled at my own joke, but I somehow knew it wasn't good enough to repeat when Fi wanted to know what was funny.

Fi whispered into my ear, "take me to bed."

"I need coffee first," I said. "And water, to ease the hangover I'm going to have. Do you want some?"

"I want you to take me to bed," she replied, "but fine. Water is probably a good idea."

I filled two glasses with ice and water, then gave her one. The coffee was flowing out of the machine into the carafe. God, I had to get my contacts out. I dashed to the bathroom, fumbled with the lenses - how could anyone wear these everyday? - and finally got them into their case.

The coffee flow had slowed, but not stopped, when I returned to the kitchen. I poured both cups anyway, ignoring the coffee streaming onto the hot plate. With a spoon, I transferred some of the ice from my glass of water to the coffee cup, stirring until it melted. That cooled the coffee down until I could drink it immediately.

Fi mostly ignored her coffee in favor of the ice water. After swallowing a piece of ice, she dipped her head to lick the exposed surface of my breasts. The cold made my breath catch.

I drank about half of my coffee, then pointed at the bedroom door. Fi needed no encouragement. She led the way into the bedroom. As I set my coffee and water down, she was already unfastening my sword harness and belt.

After I'd tossed the harness and sword aside, I ran my hands over Fi's arms, drawing her close to kiss her. She melted against me, and I felt around her back, finding the zipper, then opening her dress. There were no straps, and it began to slide down, baring her breasts.

Meanwhile, Fi had been working on a complementary goal, her hands behind my back, so that by the time we broke the kiss, both of our dresses had fallen to our hips. Fi immediately cupped my breasts through the low front-clasp bra, and squeezed firmly.

"That feels so fucking good," I breathed, then tugged Fi's dress over her hips, pushing her hose and panties down. This forced Fi to kick off her shoes and step out of her bundled clothes, or risk tripping over them.

She stood before me, naked but for a pair of long, black glass earrings and her sleeves, which I peeled down her arms even as she kept kneading my breasts through my bra. I pushed her backwards onto the bed. When I positioned my body over hers, Fi unsnapped my bra, pulling it loose and throwing it over the far side of the bed.

I slid my fingers down her body, finding her sex as wet as mine. Easily sliding two fingers into her, I curled them against the front of her sex, then pressed my hip into my hand and began to move, in a slow but firm roll. Fi's chest heaved when I reconnected the kiss, her head angling to match the movement of my face as I thrust against her.

My breasts pressed to Fi's, rolling up and down with the movement. She moaned into the kiss. I didn't try to finesse a sensual orgasm, just rocked my body against hers as her moans grew more desperate, then felt her explode beneath me.

When her spasms faded, I extracted my fingers, then turned around, crouching over her, my head above her pussy, while my sex hovered over her face. I parted her legs, while Fi drew mine together to drag my panties off. When they were gone, she pushed my knees apart. I couldn't support my body, so I sank down into her, my sex against her lips as I pushed my tongue into hers, lapping.

Fi went straight for my clit, suckling the firm nub, sensing my urgent need. I pressed my own tongue against Fi's clit and began to scrub.

Neither of us was interested in subtlety. I wanted to come, and I wanted my partner to come. Still turned on from her first climax, she soon did, noisily, the sounds she made muffled against my pussy. Her body thrashed beneath me, and she stopped licking me, which was frustrating, but the way she was losing control excited me, and I kept up my effort.

Eventually, Fi's composure returned, and she resumed suckling my clit. l relaxed into her work, gasping as the tingling in my sex grew, seeping into my whole body, my upper arms and my thighs especially prickling with desire. My thighs begin to tense as arousal surged within me.

I fell into pleasure, my body pulsing, Fi's lips and tongue holding me suspended, my climax raw and satisfying.

When our breathing had slowed to manageable levels, I rolled off Fi, grabbed the bottle of lube, then moved to sit on her thighs. Raising her left leg, I threaded my right under it, then slid forward until my sex pressed against hers. Seeing what I was doing, she lifted herself to her elbows, and our pussies slid together, fitting perfectly. She moaned as I smeared lube around her clit, circling my fingers around.

After applying lube to my own sex, I began to rock my hips, sliding my pussy against Fi's. Soon, Fi followed suit, in a counterpoint rhythm, our bodies sliding further against each other. I felt every movement in my clit. My heart raced, and my breathing became ragged.

"I've never done this before," Fi gasped, her own breathing heavy.

"Isn't that..." I panted, "why you wanted to fuck?" I had to catch my breath again. "To learn what... I've learned?"

My tone was surprisingly sarcastic to my ears. Either it didn't come across as such to Fi, or she chose to ignore it. "Yeah," she agreed.

Supporting myself on my right elbow, I reached out my left hand and grasped Fi's right nipple between finger and thumb. I pinched it, hard, then tugged it forward, the stretching of her breast drawing a deeply erotic moan from the girl. The strokes of her body against mine became further and faster, and I followed her motion, my need driving the contact between us higher.

Fi was gasping with each breath. Her left breast bounced against her chest, her right still firmly in my grip. I leaned a little further forward and squeezed her whole breast, flattening and twisting it. She began to cry out, and within a minute I felt her body grow rigid, and she yelled as she came. Probably not loud enough to wake the block, like Val, but I hoped my neighbor's TV volume was up.

Fi's body had frozen, but that didn't stop me moving. I released her breast, rubbing my clit rapidly against her sex, until I also toppled over the edge, moaning as my body shook with pleasure.

Fi finally relaxed, and the pressure against my sex lessened. I slid off her, to sit watching her.

"I mean, that's not the only reason," Fi said, her breathing still rough, "but yeah. I'm sure you've gotten more comfortable with other girls. You and I were so good together, I knew it would be even more amazing."

"I guess we're both getting what we want, then," I said. "Do you have anything you want to share with the class?"

"Yeah, right," Fi said. "Since the number of times I've had sex since I was here last is less than one, hmm, I don't think so."

"Jesus, Fi, why?" So, okay, my dry spell before Anita had been six months, but Fi was surrounded by friends who would definitely appreciate being "with benefits" with Fi.

"I told you before. I hardly ever do hookups," she said, with a shrug.

"I guess I'm special," I said, the buzz of sarcasm still leaking into my words. "I get to show you what you've been missing. Feel free to stop me at any time, okay?"

"Urm, okay," Fi replied.

First, I gathered rope and cuffs. Like Anita's, the cuffs I'd bought could be used individually by opening the quick disconnects. Fi looked nervous as I fastened them to her wrists. "As I said, you can stop me at any time, and I'll untie you," I said. "Do you want me to stop?"

Fi shrugged, and I continued. I'd figured out that I could tie a rope to the ends of the bed's headboard, so I did that, with one single cord. From the right side, through the right cuff, with a loop to prevent the cuff from sliding, through the left cuff, and tied off to the left end of the headboard. The rope was loose, she would be able to slide at least two feet down from where I'd tied her, but she wouldn't be able to touch me or herself.

Then the feet, with a single rope for each foot, tied to the footboard, so that her legs were parted.

From the kitchen I brought a saucer holding a couple of my frozen lube balls. Setting the saucer on the bed beside me, I lowered myself into a sitting position on Fi's hips, my legs straight, feet to either side of her shoulders. Instead of grinding against her, I took an ice ball in each hand and began circling them around her nipples.

The shock of the cold made Fi's body jerk against me, and the ongoing chill and the gentle slippery movements against her nipples was making her belly twitch. After two - or was it three? Counting was for vampire Muppets and sober Kayla - orgasms already, Fi seemed to be finding my touch particularly erotic. Her chest moved further as she breathed, and I felt her hips begin to move slightly beneath me. Occasionally I would pinch and tug her nipples, and she'd moan softly.

As her arousal grew, I felt her hips push up against me, then lower, creating a rhythm. As much as she was able, while not having full control of her body, she began to buck against my butt. Soon enough, she was writhing, her whole body moving as my fingers circled.

I slid back onto Fi's thighs, then adjusted my position so that I could lean forward. I popped an ice ball into my mouth, then tongued each nipple. Fi squirmed, but she could no longer grind against me, so she groaned in frustration.

I alternated breasts, licking and suckling each while my fingers drew icy circles on the other. Fi's back was arching. The ropes were loose enough that she could do that easily, but little else. She couldn't touch her clit or her nipples to push herself ahead. She was entirely dependent on my lips and fingers.

For a time I toyed with her, backing away to frustrate her, then touching or licking. Fi begged for more, and eventually I gave it to her, sliding my body forward over her sex, then squeezing both breasts, my thumbs tightly tweaking her nipples. Her back arched again, and I saw the change in expression as she came hard, her body jerking against the ropes as she spasmed. Her eyes closed, her face anguished as she sobbed, trying to curl up to reduce the impact of her orgasm, but only succeeding in pulling all of the cords tight.

I wondered about assembling the harness, or using the heavy duty vibrator on her, but I was still woozy from drink, and was feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the way Fi had abused my trust after I'd said no to her. So I untied her, put the ropes away, then climbed into bed.

"You want to wait to sober up before calling for a ride?" I asked.

Fi's expression seemed almost to be hero worship as she looked at me. "Yeah, I guess," she said. "I'll set an alarm for two hours?"


I woke from a golden dream. The hands of slave girls travelled over my body, beneath silken clothing. I was moaning softly as pleasure grew, even as the dream faded. The silks against my breasts became bedsheets, a dark-haired girl mostly covered by them, her lips against my belly as slick fingers ground against my clit. My back arched as my climax ripped through me.

I groaned as Fi's fingers caressed my clit, gently now, golden silks and slave girls drifting into dreamsmoke. My body thrummed, my breathing beginning to steady. "Good morning to you, too," I rasped.

"Morning, Kayla," Fi said, emerging from the covers to lie beside me.

Though I had to admit to enjoying Fi's method of off waking me, I felt queasy with the unanticipated exercise and the hangover. As soon as I could, I slipped out of bed, staggering naked into the kitchen, to drink a large glass of ice water and swallow a small handful of ibuprofen.

Fi's eyes followed me as I returned to the bedroom with another glass of water for her, plus the pill bottle. I headed to the bathroom as she drank.

When I slipped back into the untidy sheets, Fi was lying on her side, watching me. "You said, 'They're not slave girls, they're handmaidens.'"

"I did?"

"Just before you woke," she confirmed.

I supposed that was good. I didn't like to think I'd be comfortable with any kind of slavery, even asleep. Empress Kayla had faded away. "What happened to your alarm?"

"I may have forgotten to set it," she said.

I sighed. I was getting used to her machinations. "You mean you didn't set it because you wanted sex," I stated.

"Is that a bad thing?" Fi asked.

"You'd better get dressed," I said, not entirely without sympathy.

"I thought we might get breakfast," Fi suggested. "Or a coffee later? A movie? There's a new..."

"Hold on." I interrupted her. "You want a date? You know the rules."

"Not everyone follows them," Fi objected. "And you and I are good together."

"You decided that for both of us, did you?" I asked. "Yeah, we're good in bed, but I don't want to date you. If I've ever given you a different impression, I'm sorry."

"You won't even try?" Fi asked, in a whining tone.

"Is this why you've been pushing?" I asked. "The hard sell at the party? Hitting on me at a vulnerable time after I'd said no? Not leaving? Waking me up the way you did? You think manipulating me will make me want to date you? It makes me feel that this is why there are rules."

"I see." Fi's voice was icy.

"Look, I've enjoyed our time together and if I were looking for a relationship, I'd be tempted. You'll find someone who is." God, even now I didn't like disappointing her.

"Fine," Fi said. She slid out of bed, holding an arm over her breasts. She left the room, returning with her dress clutched to her chest, her face pale as she took her gathered clothing into the bathroom.

I grabbed clean underwear and a tee and shorts. When Fi emerged, I offered to drive her home but she waved her phone at me. "It's done." Then she strode though the door.

I collapsed into the bed, wondering what I could have done differently. Not had four cocktails. That would have been a good start. Not said I'd like to see her again after the first night. But it had been true, within the rules. That had probably been the biggest mistake on my part. But wanting to turn a casual, very enjoyable hookup into a relationship - well, that had blindsided me.

Had I lied to her, or misled her in some way? I didn't think so. And last night I'd definitely made it clear that I wasn't looking for more. I wasn't even looking for a hookup. Not with Fi - because hooking up again might give her the wrong idea. Yet she'd gotten the wrong idea anyway, and tried to entrap me within it. God, had anyone else felt the same?

I didn't think so. Kennedy had kissed me within an inch of my life... or at least, within an inch of losing myself in her... and then scampered off to her date, all the while excited about seeing her lavender-haired crush again. Val seemed amused to leave me aroused on the dance floor, when she could easily have persuaded me to bend the rules. Imani handed me off to Anita. I was pretty sure none of them would expect a night of passion to turn into a relationship.

Still, as much as Fi's attitude came out of left field, I couldn't help but feel guilty for having not headed off the problem before disappointing her.