Chapter 5

I gently lifted Heather's hand to disengage it from my sex, then pulled the lovely redhead onto me. Her face was pink and beaming with excitement.

"Was that alright?" she asked, nervously.

I laughed. "Better than alright," I said.

"I've never done that before," Heather said.

"Not even with your first lover?" I asked.

"We... did it together, I think," Heather confessed. "I think she... came... when she made me come. I've never done that for another girl."

"Well, you were great," I said, kissing her lips. "Just think, if you'd dawdled leaving the car, sexy little Anita could be reaping the benefits of your first seduction. I'm sure she'd be thrilled."

"I don't want to think about that," said Heather, with a frown, "and I'm glad it's you."

"So am I," I said. "And since you're stuck with me, I guess I should do the best that I can for you."

"Mmm," Heather said, nestling close. "And what does that mean?"

"Well, you liked what we did on Friday, right? Maybe we could build on that," I suggested.

Her shiver shook my body. "I liked what you did on Friday," she said. "I didn't do anything but shiver in pleasure, which I'd be happy to do again. How do you mean, build on it?"

I spilled her off me to roll onto her back. Then I lightly tweaked her nipple through her thin nightie. "Your boobs seem very sensitive," I said. "I thought I could give them some more focused attention than I did Friday."

Heather shivered as I ran my fingertip over her nipple. ""More focused? I'm going to be a wreck!" Then she straightened her back, her hands by her sides. "Do your worst!" she said.

"I intend to, beautiful," I murmured. Heather's eyebrows rose at the term. I grinned, then shuffled up beside her to sit on her right and began to touch.

Extending my middle finger, I lightly brushed it over the very tip of her nipple, then circled it around without increasing the pressure in the slightest. Her breast didn't even ripple at my touch. Still, I felt the soft nub swell slightly.

When it was becoming distinct under the fabric I closed my finger and thumb over it, again, barely touching, just enough that it moved slightly when I lifted my hand from her. The cloth slipped off, and I touched it again, lightly moving the fabric over the swelling nipple.

Heather lifted her head to watch how I touched her. I picked up a pillow and moved it under the back of her head. She smiled her thanks, and I reached for her breast again.

The swell of her nipple was more pronounced now. I pinched it very lightly, then rolled it between finger and thumb, just enough to give it a slight twist, still with very little pressure.

Heather's breathing was becoming faster. She was quiet, but I could tell by the shallow rise and fall of her chest.

Touching her nipple with the tip of my finger, I moved it from side to side. This time her breast did ripple slightly, and I felt the gentle return pressure against my finger as her nipple sought its central position.

Slithering my butt down the bed, I lay on my left elbow, so that my face was at her breast, then touched the tip of her nipple with my tongue. I could hear her breathing now, steady but quick, verging on excited. Her eyes fixed on my tongue as I poked her nipple with it.

Moving my face a little further over her, I closed my lips on her nipple, squeezed it softly, then parted my lips as I moved back, the nipple sliding over my lower lip. She let out a "Mmm," and a sharp intake of breath, then breathed silently again.

I lifted the hem of Heather's nightie, which was well down her thighs, but she raised her hips so that I could get it above her panties, then her shoulders, allowing me to slip it off. Her face pinked, or course, as her now-uncovered breasts quivered.

Licking my fingers, I caressed the tip of her right breast.She made a barely audible "Mmm" sound as she exhaled. I continued to touch her lightly, licking my fingertips again and circling them around her firm nipple.

Glancing across to her left breast I could see how different the shape of her other nipple was compared to the one I was playing with, which was narrow but long and hard, with a rounded tip.

Leaning my head forward I touched my tongue to the firm nub, slowly drawing it side to side. She made a hum of pleasure. "Hmm.... hmm..." Then I pushed my tongue out, lifting it to let her nipple spring back into place before pressing it to the side again. She exhaled sharply and made another soft sigh. "Ehhh..."

Parting my lips, I touched her nipple with my tongue,drawing it back as I closed my mouth on her before sucking very lightly. I let her go and repeated the action.

The sounds she made were becoming more constant, though still soft. "Mmm... mmm... mmm..."

Her breasts were beautifully shaped, slightly more pointy where mine seemed more rounded, but about the same size as mine. When her nipple sprang back the whole breast rippled, but for no more than a second.

Extending my tongue, I touched the nipple, then turned my head from side to side. Heather made another softly voiced exhalation. Her eyes seemed darker than they had been. She still watched everything I did intently.

I parted my lips and moved down over her breast, closing them and gripping the firm narrow tip just enough to lift it slightly before it popped out of my mouth. Heather groaned. I held the nipple between my lips again and bobbed my head a fraction of an inch, not far enough for her to slide out, but enough to make her boob jiggle.

The sounds she made while exhaling became soft hisses on inhalation, too. "Uhh-HH ... uhh-HH ... hhh-HH ... ahh."

Releasing her, I licked against the tip rapidly but lightly, hearing Heather suck in a breath.

Moistening my fingers again, I held her nipple lightly and stretched it. Not far, just enough that her breast became more pointed, the nipple itself seeming to thin slightly. While it was taut I rolled it between my finger and thumb.

"Awwhh..." I heard as Heather exhaled. "Awwhh..."

With the nub held lightly, I tongued it again, pressing it against my finger with my thumb. Heather made another series of soft sounds. She was trying so hard to control the display of her arousal, but she seemed unable to stay quiet.

Covering her nipple with my mouth again I slowly raised and lowered my face, lightly letting her slide between my damp lips.

Each repetition turned her on further. "Mmm-hh ... mmm-hh," drifted from her. After another dozen strokes of my tongue it was "Awwh-hh ... awwh-hh," and I saw her belly tense and breasts rise every couple of seconds.

Slightly stretching her nipple in my finger again, I ran my tongue from the base of her aureole to the tip of the elongated bump, as though my tongue caressed her clit. She breathed in sharply, then began to pant. "Mmh! mmh! mmh! mmh!"

I especially liked that reaction, so I licked her stretched nipple again. Heather rewarded me with a rapid series of voiced breaths, "Ah! Ah! Ah!". She squirmed. Her hips rolled from side to side, and her belly rippled as muscles twitched. I drew my tongue up and down the lengthened nipple again, imagining myself slowly licking her clit.

It seemed to trigger a new stage in Heather's arousal. When I released her, she didn't return to her calm breathing. Each indrawn breath was sharply audible, and each exhale was accompanied by a "hhnhh" through parted lips. Her breasts quivered, even when I was not touching them, since the movements of her ribs were sharp.

Frequently her breath caught in a shudder as she exhaled, shaking her chest again. The sounds she made now were higher pitched and tense, as though under duress. If my touch made her squirm, the sound she made was more of a pained squeal than a cry.

Sliding my hand over her still twitching belly, I caressed her left breast, running my fingers around before focusing on her flaccid nipple. It didn't remain that way for long, almost instantly becoming the long, thin mirror of its counterpart. I flattened my palm and drew it over the top of her breast, barely in contact with her nipple, drawing a stronger reaction than I'd expected, as Heather moaned. Her now-normal panting was replaced by sharp gasps, "hahhh-unh, hahhh-unh, hahhh-unh"

Beginning to pinch and stretch my partner's left nipple, toying with it lightly, I suckled the right one again. Heather panted excitedly at the feel of my mouth on her. I rolled her stretched left nipple between my finger and thumb while I lapped against the right one.

She continued to pant, her chest lifting slightly with her voiced exhalations.

Rolling further onto Heather's belly allowed me to free my left hand. When I did, I brought it to her right breast, pinched her nipple lightly as I pulled it taut, and swept my tongue in firm strokes over it.

The signs of Heather's arousal kicked up another notch. Her hips were rolling and her belly tensing. "Uh-hu! Uh-hu! Uh-hu!" escaped her throat with each breath, about one per second. Still keeping her nipple taut I pressed my tongue firmly to her aureole and scrubbed.

After catching her breath and groaning, the sounds Heather made seemed tortured. Long, "nnnnggg" sounds were interspersed with her usual panting. I moved back from her right breast and gently rolled the right nipple between finger and thumb. Her breath caught, then shuddered before she whimpered again.

I slowly ran my tongue over her right nipple and the panting grew louder, with the frequent tortured whines growing in volume. With my right hand, I yielded to temptation and kneaded her left breast, feeling the soft, springy flesh yield to my touch, while I squeezed hard.

"Uh...uh... uhh...." Heather wailed between noisy breaths. I immediately released her left breast, and just lapped my tongue lightly against her right nipple. Both of her breasts quivered satisfyingly. Her breathing grew unsteady. Mostly she panted quickly, voicing short cries, but occasionally a long exhalation turned into a shuddering sob.

Returning my fingers to her left nipple, I began to rub it quickly between finger and thumb, flapping my tongue against the right. Heather's chest was rising further as she breathed. She turned her head back to look at the ceiling and gasped loudly.

When she eased herself back to the bed and continued to whimper, I didn't let up, tugging lightly on her left nipple as I lapped against the right. She became quiet, just a few high-pitched cries interrupted her panting.

I slowed my pace. My fingers grazed lightly over Heather's left breast, while I circled her right nipple with my tongue. She seemed to calm. The sobbing faded, and she sank back to the bed. Even her breathing seemed to relax, sounding less intense than it had been at any time since I'd licked her stretched nipple.

For a couple of minutes I caressed her lightly, hearing the almost-relaxed sound of her slower breaths. I could tell from the occasional twitching of her belly that she was still very turned on, but I was happy to hold her there for a time.

Then suddenly Heather yelped. Her breathing became suddenly sharp and labored. Her head rolled back on the pillow, her chest rising. She groaned, then lowered back to the bed as her heavy panting subsided, though now her breasts quivered as her chest twitched.

A few seconds later, she lifted from the bed again, head rolling back. I let all the tension of my fingers and tongue go, so that my touch was a feather on her skin, and she sank back down.

When her chest next rose, I stopped touching her left breast completely, my tongue stationary on her right nipple. Her chest shook softly before dropping back to the bed.

Flattening my right hand, I began to caress the very tip of her nipple with the lightest contact with my palm. I felt the merest touch against my hand as I circled, though I could sense it tilting and brushing against me. My left hand closed lightly around her right breast, and I licked her nipple slowly.

Her hips rose from the bed, and she grunted. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" The sharp indrawing and harsh grunts made her chest twitch, her breasts rippling sharply. I kept up the barely-present touch on her left nipple, and the tongue sliding over the right, as she remained in this position.

Maybe fifteen or twenty seconds passed before her breathing began to soften. Her hips began to lower. Then suddenly they rose again, higher than ever, defying Heather's apparent attempt to relax. Her head moved back on the pillow.

The muscles of her belly contracted, leaving her rib cage clearly visible, her breasts taut and high. "Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" she groaned. Then suddenly her body shook, and she cried out. "AWWH! AWWH! AWWH!"

Her head had fully rolled back on the pillow, so that she was staring at the headboard. Her back was bowed high, her breast pressed into my face.

As I kept licking, her hips lifted her in a series of waves. With each, she gasped, then stretched again. Even when she started to lower herself to the bed, another wave would hit her and push her chest into my face.

It must have been a minute or two before the final wave rolled through, and she lay back on the bed, panting now from sheer exertion.


"I didn't know that was even possible," Heather said, softly. "Without, you know, touching me down there." She chuckled, then added, unsteadily, "Of course I don't have much experience of what is possible."

"Maybe that's why it happened," I replied, with a grin. "Because you didn't know it couldn't. Or maybe your boobs are just so sensitive. Either way, it was a first for me, too, and I liked it."

"So did I," she admitted. "I liked it a lot."

"Shall we go to bed?" I asked her, quietly. "Under the sheets, I mean."

"You're not even undressed yet," Heather objected, with a soft chuckle. "Are you going to stay the night?"

Slipping out of my shorts, I said, "If you'll have me, yes."

She pulled back the sheet and began to get under it, waiting for me to join her.

"Of course I will," she said, with a smile.

My shirt joined my shorts, and I joined her. Heather was on her back, while I lay on her left, facing her, my body touching hers. I trailed my left hand down between her legs, and began to stroke her clitoral hood.

Actually, I began to stroke her anime girl panties, pressing her clitoral hood through them.

"You, uh, weren't very quiet," I murmured.

Heather's face was afire. "I know," she said. "I wasn't expecting to be so..."

Her voice trailed off, and I said, "I guess tomorrow we'll find out whether Erin really meant it when she said you can set your own boundaries."

"Don't be silly," Heather said. "They already suggested I'd be welcome to invite you to stay," she said. "They think you're good for me, and I'm pretty sure they know what we were doing on Friday. That's why I didn't want to disappoint them."

Heather was lying on her back. I rolled to face her, lying partway against her. "That's good," I said.

It took a moment for the rest of what she said to sink in, then I froze. "Oh, my God. So if they hadn't said anything, you wouldn't have worried about them giving you disappointed looks? You'd have invited Anita?"

"I think they'd still have been disappointed," Heather said. "But it wouldn't have felt so immediate. So I think the odds would have gone up." After a pause, she added, softly, "Which I guess means yes."

I shivered. "Good God almighty," I breathed.

Heather gave me a weak smile. "That could be the reason, yes."

I gave my head a nervous shake. "So give extra thanks on my behalf," I suggested. My finger resumed circling, with a moderate pressure on her hood. "I'll give my thanks to Erin and Faye, even if I can never tell them why. If I buy them flowers, maybe they'll think they're for not stopping me from seducing their lodger, not for preventing someone else from doing so."

Heather grinned at me and kissed my neck.

I didn't think my touch was having much effect on her, but after a few minutes of caressing, her breathing seemed to deepen.

When her hips began to twitch I felt the shift in the mattress. Soon she was panting softly, and I slowed down, letting her excitement grow.

Heather smiled at me, her face flushed with arousal. I caressed her for a moment longer before drawing my hand away. She frowned in disappointment, but didn't say anything as I turned over to kill the light on my nightstand.

After she turned off her light, I scooped her up, positioning her on top of me. She chuckled, and we kissed tenderly in the darkness. Then I lifted her against me and slid down her body to suckle her breasts. Since I'd left her so turned on, she was soon moaning.

When I figured she was getting close to release, I moved her back down my body, fit my leg between hers, and began to move against her. Heather panted as I pressed my lips to hers.

Almost immediately she began to moan into the kiss. I felt her quiver against me as she crested..


"That was lovely," Heather murmured, a couple of minutes later. "I love feeling your body against me like that."

Reaching up with both hands, I brushed her hair to each side so that it formed a curtain around our faces. I could feel it surround me in the dark. Heather laughed. "If I grow my hair," I said, "will it get tied up in yours and make it impossible to get out of bed?"

"You say that like it's a bad thing," she said.

"True," I replied, with a laugh. "Would you like me to grow my hair out?"

"Why are you asking?" Heather replied. "Isn't it your decision?"

"Mmhmm," I agreed, "but I've never considered what anyone else thinks, and I've never thought I might be with a girl for long enough that she would care about the results. So what do you think?"

"Do it," she said. "If you change your mind in a month or two you've lost nothing."

I rolled Heather onto her back. The hair I'd teased out fell across her face, making her splutter. By the time I'd figured out that she was still pulling her hair into shape, I had already slid down her body and was tonguing her left breast. I had parted her legs and lay between them, my stomach pressed against her sex.

"You really like my boobs, don't you?" she asked.

"I do," I agreed. "Especially if they're sensitive enough to make you come. How does this feel?" I asked, before circling her nipple with my tongue.

"Nice," she said. "Not, like, what you were doing earlier."

"Not yet," I agreed. I felt her shiver under me as she considered the implications. I suckled lightly, moving a little against her sex, then switched to her right breast.

It was maybe five minutes before my oral exploration bore fruit. Heather made an excited sound in her throat. As I lightly tongued her right breast she began to pant softly. I felt my way to her left breast, pinched it lightly and stretched it. She squirmed under me.

I switched to kissing her left breast gently. After a minute or so she was making contented sounds. Not the intense moans of earlier, but she was moderately aroused, and becoming comfortable with it.

Pinching her nipple, I stretched it and ran my tongue over it slowly.

Heather's response escalated quickly. She began to pant, and I felt her hips move beneath me.

"I think this is my new favorite thing in the world," I said.

"God," Heather wailed. "that makes me so..."

I completed her sentence for her. "Horny?" I asked. I lapped my tongue against her stretched nipple.

"Awww!" she whined. "Margot! Please..."

I pressed my tongue against her again, drawing it up and down until her back began to arch. Then I released her, and moved up her body.

Heather groaned with pleasure as I fastened my lips to hers. I felt her breasts pressed tightly against mine, and threaded my leg between hers. My hands moved to her ass and I began to thrust my body against hers.

She breathed excitedly, echoing my motions. The bed creaked slightly. Not enough to carry, but we were bouncing hard enough to give the springs a workout.

After a minute, Heather began to whimper into the kiss. I knew I was excited enough to join her, so I pressed ahead until I felt her start to tense.

Letting myself go, I began my own final climb to climax. Heather bit my tongue hard as she toppled over the edge. I followed her seconds later, and we both groaned intensely into the shared kiss.

Our bodies continued to slide together until our breathing had subsided.