Chapter 2 - The Promise

With a short school day on Wednesday, Sarah came home early. She seemed anxious. Finally she asked Aunt Eloise for the keys to the car, and left without telling me why.

I was disappointed. I wondered if she was upset with me. Why wouldn't she have taken me with her? Didn't she want me around?

Maybe she was doing something with her friends, and I'd have gotten in the way. Still, I wished she'd said something.

On the other hand, perhaps it was for the best. Another encounter like last night's would be frustrating to the point of pain. Surely she had to know what she was doing to me. If she had decided she didn't want me around that would be better for us both in the long term.

She was only gone a few minutes. When she returned, she seemed calm and contented. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at me, and I knew she hadn't decided to push me away. I was nervous - and excited.

After dinner, she turned to me. "Shall we light my fire tonight?" she asked. Her voice was all innocence, but the look in her eyes, which her parents couldn't see, gave the question a completely different meaning.

I cleared my throat. "Sure," I said, and went to bring in wood.

"I'll say goodnight now, Mom," she said when I returned. "We'll probably watch a video or something later."

Then she took me to her room, where I built up the fire, then went back to collect more wood to add to the spare stack. As I built up the fire I noticed that in the center of her mantelpiece was a little toy elf I'd given her when her family moved away.

We sat holding hands as the flames took hold. When the room began to warm, she took her sweater off, then leaned in to kiss me.

"God, Pix," I said, when she finally let me take a breath.

"Tell me you want to stop, and I'll leave you alone," she said. "But don't tell me we should stop. Tell me you want to stop, and I'll let you leave."

"Pix, I... I don't want to leave," I confessed.

She smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. "And do you want to stop?"

I shook my head, mutely.

"Good," she whispered, and as we kissed again, she started to unfasten the thick cotton shirt I was wearing. When she'd unbuttoned it, she ran her hands over my chest as we kissed. I slipped my shirt off, and held her close, caressing her back through her blouse.

"Your turn," she whispered.


She put her finger to my lips. "Remember," she murmured, "you don't want to stop. Not yet."

I relented, and we kissed again as I started working on her buttons. She didn't release my lips, just dropping her arms when I was finished to allow me to slip off her blouse.

Her skin was silky to my touch as we embraced, and God was I aroused. Her arms passed under mine and up, hands squeezing my shoulders as she drew me closer. If she didn't stop this soon... no, damn it, I could trust myself.

She stood and scampered over to the bed, to turn out the light. Then she knelt beside me, her body glowing by the light of the fire, and reached back to unfasten her bra.

"Pix!" I yelped. "Oh, please..."

Sarah deliberately misinterpreted me. "Begging for more, are you?" she whispered. "Well, just for you, Ben." And she slid the straps down her arms, revealing high, pointed breasts, golden in the firelight.

She took my hands, drawing me close as her lips met mine. Then she set them against her breasts, and I caressed, feeling her nipples harden.

I broke the kiss, and held her close, her breasts squeezed to my chest as I whispered in her ear, "Pixie, do you know what you're doing to me?"

"Uh-huh," she said. "If it feels even half as good as what you're doing to me, then I'm very happy to be doing it."

"But Pix..."

She put her finger on my lips. "Shh," she said. Then she kissed my ear, and whispered, "Your Pixie wants her first time to be with someone very special."

"Oh, God, Pix, we can't," I said, almost in tears. "You're my cousin."


"That's incest."

"No, it isn't," she said. "We're only second cousins. We could marry. We could make babies. We can make love, and I want to. Don't you want me?"

"Yes, Pix, I do. I've never wanted anyone or anything like I want you."

"Then it's time," she said. "I got rubbers this afternoon. Come to bed."

She held out her hand, and stood with me. She stepped out of her jeans and socks, and lay on top of the bed in her panties. I did the same, and clad in my underwear I took her in my arms. We kissed, wrapping ourselves up in each other, then I kissed her neck and her breasts, savoring the taste and sweet scent of her body.

I slid my hand into her panties and squeezed her pussy. "Is this really your first time?" I asked, as I ran my fingers around.

"Yes," she whispered.

"I'm no expert," I said, "but I think it can hurt, and I know you've gotten me too turned on to be able to get you beyond that point. So I'm going to do something else first, okay?"

I felt her nod against me. I got down off the bed and slipped off her panties. Moving to the foot of the bed, I held her waist and drew her towards me. Then I kissed her stomach, parting her legs.

Still running my lips and tongue over her stomach, I stroked her pussy with my right hand, slipping two fingers inside her. I circled my fingers around, exploring gently, finding her already wet,.

Looking up into her face as I kept stroking, I saw that she had moved a pillow down under her head and was watching me, a dreamy smile on her face. I returned her smile, feeling the muscles in her thighs twitch as I stimulated her.

I kept up the gentle motion until I felt her thighs suddenly tense. She started breathing heavily, her lips parted. I pressed my fingers against her, and she started moaning, then shook her hips against me.

Withdrawing my fingers, I gripped her thighs as I kissed her stomach again, trailing my tongue down to her pussy. I licked her labia, slowly getting my tongue inside her. Sliding my tongue rhythmically against her clit made her start to tense in sync with my movements, and soon she was rocking her hips against me.

I looked up into her face. It was flushed, her eyes closed, lips parted. Her body undulated with the motion of her hips, her arousal so apparent it seemed I could feel it, so much so that it turned me on, bringing me dangerously close to coming. I pulled back from her and tried to will myself not to explode in my underwear.

"Ben," she wailed, "why did you stop?"

"Just a moment," I said, finally controlling the urge. "Just a moment. I'll get back to it... how does it feel?"

"God," she said, "I didn't know it could... Wonderful."

Burying my face back in her pussy, I resumed my work, sucking against her clit as I moved my tongue. Sarah moaned as she moved her hips, the sounds of her pleasure becoming louder.

I kept up my tongue's movement, pressing it further inside, drawing it back more firmly against her clit. Sarah's rocking became more intense, frenzied. Her back arched. When I looked up, I could see her breasts standing out, but her face was hidden by the shape of her body. She arched back further, gasping noisily. I pressed my tongue hard against her clit, and she groaned.

Then I rubbed hard, and she yelped. Her whole body seemed to quiver, but in contrast to the power about to be released in her, her voice was soft. "Oh, God," she said in a strangled tone

She shook as she came, and I sucked on her clit, making her cry out in passion. She pushed her groin hard into my face. After a few seconds, she relaxed, then pushed hard again.

I let her go when she finally relaxed, and she sighed. "Oh, Ben," she said, "I didn't understand."

"Do you still want to go on?" I asked, leaning over her.

"More than ever," she breathed, and kissed me.

I picked up her purse and handed it to her, then climbed back up onto the bed. With shaking hands, she found the condoms and gave them to me. I put her purse back on the floor and opened the box. Then I pried my underwear over my erection, and opened one of the condoms.

"May I?" asked Sarah, and took it from me. She unrolled it over my shaft, running her fingers over it.

"You should be on top," I whispered. "Just take your time."

"Mmmm," she breathed, as she eased me inside her. She had to keep backing off, but I figured I would be able to hold back now, and I rocked gently to help her take me in.

Eventually I was completely inside. "Whooo," she murmured, "this feels strange. Should I lie down?"

"You don't have to," I said, "but I can't kiss you like this."

"Mmmm, then I'll lie down, if I can."

She lowered herself carefully to me, and her lips joined mine. We began to move slowly, and she sighed. Soon, she started pushing harder. I pulled my face from hers. "I'm not going to be able to do this for long," I said, "you're getting me too turned on."

"Good," she said, her voice gruff, "I think I'm nearly there."

I tried to keep from coming as long as I could, but as Sarah started to moan I couldn't keep control, and my climax erupted within her. I grabbed her breast with my mouth, sucking hard as I kept coming in powerful spasms, and Sarah shook herself against me, gasping "Oh, God, Ben it's happening," she said, then groaned still louder.

Releasing her breast, I fastened my lips to hers, stifling her cries, feeling her body shudder around mine. After a moment, she pulled back, then buried her face against my shoulder, her breasts shaking against my chest as she kept moving, her climax still twitching around my cock.

"Oh, Ben," she breathed, "Oh, Ben, I love you, Ben."

"My Pixie," I whispered. "My pretty Pixie."

I kept moving even after she had relaxed. "How do you feel?" I asked her.

"Complete," she said. "I love you, Ben."

"Sure, Pixie," I said, "I just hope you don't hate me in the morning."

"Why should I?" she asked. "I've always loved you. Why would going to bed with you change that?"

"Sex changes a lot of things, Pix," I said. Then I chuckled. "I'll never be able to love you as a sister again."

"Good," she whispered, "I can wait until you love me for me."

"I don't think you need to," I said. "I still love my precious Pixie."

"Mmmm," she said. Then, "Hey, are you trying to make it happen to me again?"

"You noticed?"

"I thought you were just bringing me down slowly. Oh, Ben!"

Lifting her slightly, I sucked hard on her breast, then squeezed her butt as she called my name. I felt her body stiffen, then shiver as she sighed.

"Every time you make it happen to me, I want you more," said Sarah. "I think I'm becoming a Ben-addict."

"That's fine with me," I whispered. "But right now you need to let me dispose of this condom, or there may be a little Ben in your future."

Reluctantly she let me withdraw, and I headed for the bathroom.

I returned to find her setting her alarm clock. "It isn't school tomorrow," I reminded her.

"Will you stay with me tonight, Ben?" she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Good. I need to send you back to your room before Mom might try to wake me up, so I'm setting the alarm for six."

"Okay," I said.

"I'm not ready for sleep yet, though," she said. "Let's sit by the fire."

So I added wood to the fire, and we sat together, wearing nothing but firelight.

"When did you decide you loved me?" I asked.

"It wasn't something I decided, it was something I realized," she said, "just after we moved, I guess. When you weren't around anymore, I lost part of my life."

"I missed you too, Pix," I said. "You always seemed more grown up than my friends of my age. I could talk to you about anything. But I was at college, losing touch with my friends from home anyway, I guess I didn't realize what I'd lost." I stroked her face. "I'm sorry."

"You've got me back now," she said.

"With a vengeance," I agreed.

"One thing that has always been special to me," she said, "is how you call me 'my' Pixie. I know it's only a game, but it makes me feel that I really am yours."

"And I've always felt you were a magical creature, Pix. So the name fits." I ran my fingertips over her cheeks, and around her narrow chin. Her face flickered gold, her hair a bright halo, her eyes blue fire. "Never more so than now."

Her voice was husky. "Never more yours than now, either."

Fingers still under her chin, I drew her face to mine, and our lips met. I stroked my fingers down, over her neck, tracing her breasts. Sarah's hands began their own exploration, over my arms, my stomach, finding that my erection was beginning to recover...

She stood, found the box of condoms, then returned to sit on my outstretched legs, facing me. She slid close, her breasts brushing my shoulders, my cock squeezed against her stomach as it continued to grow.

Cupping her left breast, I kissed it. Sarah ran her hands through my hair as I suckled. She leaned back, giving my tongue better access to her nipple, supporting herself with her hands behind my head. I took my hand from her breast, and ran both palms down her sides, kneading her butt, pulling her so close that I could feel her pussy nestled against the base of my cock. I rocked her gently against me.

"Now the other one," she whispered, cupping her right breast for me to take. I kissed and sucked it as it moved against my mouth, as her body swayed with mine.

"Mmm," she said, softly, "everything we do feels good now. But I think it would feel still better if you were inside me."

I nodded, leaning back. My cock was now completely hard. I opened a condom and handed it to Sarah, who unrolled it over me. Then she moved back, pushed me inside her, and slowly worked her way forwards.

Lifting my face, I kissed her ear and neck. "Does it feel better?" I whispered.

"Believe it," she replied, and met my lips with her own.

We rocked in place for an eternity, the touch of Sarah's tongue on mine and the small sounds she made telling me she was loving the experience. I ran my hands down her back, squeezed her butt, stroked her breasts, thrilling in the feel of her lithe body.

Her lips released mine, and moved to my ear. "This is amazing," she whispered. "I feel like I'm floating. It doesn't even matter if it happens to me again, this feels so good."

Lowering my face to her left breast, I circled the nipple with my tongue, then took it into my mouth. I flicked my tongue against her nipple, then over her whole breast, pushing and kneading with my lips and tongue.

"Awwwhh," Sarah moaned, "Oh!" She started panting, and moving faster against me. I sucked harder on her breast and she groaned. Then her movements grew frenzied, slamming her body against mine, her breath coming in loud gasps. I flicked my tongue hard on her nipple, shaking my face against her breast, and she cried out as her body convulsed.

"Shh!" I hissed, but she didn't seem able to be quiet, so I grasped her head in my hands and covered her mouth with mine, muffling her cries with a kiss. Her body continued to shudder around me as she slowly got her breathing under control, slowing to an occasional pulsing as I released her mouth and held her close.

"I thought you said you didn't want to come," I whispered.

"No, I said it didn't matter. But then you sucked my boob, and suddenly, it mattered."

"If we try for another, can you make less noise?"

"I don't know." She grinned. "I'll try."

We moved again, and she came almost immediately, apparently still aroused from her last orgasm. She groaned quietly as she crested, gripping me to her. Not long after that, I was ready to come, but I held off until she started to shake against me, and we came together, the quivering of her sex drawing out the power of my own climax.

Then we separated, climbing into bed after I'd dumped the condom, and slept in each other's arms.


Sarah woke me when her alarm went off at six. I was disoriented - waking next to a naked woman wasn't exactly a common experience for me - but when I remembered where I was, why, and who with, I smiled, and the lovely face with the disheveled hair returned my smile with her own.

I stumbled to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and returned to her arms.

"Ben?" she whispered.


"I don't hate you. I just thought you should know." She grinned at me.

"That's a relief," I said.

"I do have a confession, though."

"Uh-oh," I responded.

"Gary - my ex-boyfriend? I was never in any danger of having sex with him. I mean, everything I told you about what he said was true, and he did hurt me when I dumped him. But I told you all that stuff to tell you other things. Like, I didn't love him, and didn't have any other guys I was interested in."

"And that you were a virgin."

She nodded. "That, especially."

"Do you have any regrets, Pix? That you're not, now?"

"After what we did?" she said. "Only one. That we can't do it all over again."

"Oh, I think we can do even more," I said, kissing her forehead. "Pix?"


"I want you to know, I really treasure what you've given me. And you may not be a virgin anymore, but you're still a pure Pixie."

She chuckled. "You'd better get to your own bed. Do you want to get a shower first?"


"I wish," she said. "But I really really don't think we'd fit."

"Okay," I said, disappointed. "What are we gonna do about your parents? Pretend that we're still just friends?"

"Yeah, I think that would be best. Though... they like you a lot. See, I think Gary is the reason you're here. Mom wanted for me to be able to see what a jerk he is. They know I like you. Just... not how much."

I hugged her. "That's cool. They're good people." Then I gave her a long kiss, and left for my room, holding my clothes to hide my erection. Inadequately, I figured, from Sarah's giggle.

After showering, I climbed into bed. I heard Sarah start the shower before I dozed. I was woken soon after by a body snuggling up to me.

"I thought the idea was we would be in our own rooms when your Mom wakes you up," I said.

"It was only a precaution," said Sarah. "She won't be waking me up today, there's no school."

"Okay," I said, putting my arm around slightly damp shoulders. "What do you suggest we do, since your parents will be wandering around the house, alert to the sounds of bedsprings and exuberance?"

"Are you trying to tell me I was too noisy?"

"I'm just saying that parents of teenage girls have an ear for such things."

"Do you think they'll hear if I kiss you?"

"I doubt it," I said, drawing her close. As we kissed, she trailed her fingers down my stomach and into my underwear. My cock grew instantly hard as she eased it out.

"Will they hear this?" she asked, running her fingertips over it.

"I don't think so," I said.

Releasing me, she grabbed a handful of tissues, then turned to whisper in my ear, "Then they probably won't hear this."

Then she turned around and slid head-first under the covers. I felt her fingers on my cock, then a moment later her tongue slid over it. My heart raced.

I rolled over onto my side as she worked, running my hands up her thighs. I stroked her pussy with my left hand, then worked too fingers of my right hand around her leg and inside her.

"Mmmm," came the sound from under the blankets as she licked the head of my cock.

Trying to ignore the burning arousal her tongue was causing, I worked rhythmically inside her. Then I countered the motion with my left hand, stroking and pressing her pussy as I circled the fingers of my right hand against her. I felt her thighs twitch a few times, then tighten involuntarily, trapping my right hand.

Pushing my fingers harder against her, I shook my right hand, squeezing her pussy with my left. She whimpered and gasped. Then her mouth closed around the head of my cock, and she sucked me inside, bobbing her head rapidly, gasping as she cannoned me towards climax. I didn't let up on my movements, and she groaned, not releasing my cock, "Mmm! Mmm! MMMMMM!" as her body twisted around my hand as she came.

She kept shaking her head, and suddenly I was up against the edge. "Stop now," I urged her, but she didn't, her lips and tongue still moving around me as I came hard. Then she backed away, wrapping the tissues around me, her own orgasm still keeping her pressed against my fingers.

Eventually she turned around. Her face was flushed, her eyes bright with passion. She dropped the wad of tissues to the floor.

"That was mean," she whispered as she lay against me.

"I tried to warn you," I said.

"No, not that. What you did with your fingers. I was trying to be quiet, and you made me go crazy."

"Well, your going crazy felt very good."

"Mmm, to me too," she said.

Footsteps came down the hall, passing my room. Then there was a knock on Sarah's door. "Sarah?" Aunt Eloise's voice called.

Sarah stiffened in my arms as her mom opened her door. "Sarah?" she called again.

A moment later the footsteps returned, and my aunt knocked on my door. "Ben?"

"Uh, don't come in," I called. "I'm not dressed."

"That's okay," said Aunt Eloise. "Have you heard Sarah about? Her alarm went off, so I figure she wants to get up."

"I heard the shower a moment ago," I called. "She's probably in the bathroom."

"Okay, I guess she's getting up, then."

The footsteps retreated, and Sarah shivered. "Thanks," she whispered.

I hugged her. "I love you, Pix," I said.