It was at least twenty minutes before we could get out of the club. Three or four of those were due to collecting my wrap and Faye's jacket. The rest of the time we were stopping again to kiss.

How we kept our hands and lips in check in the taxi ride home, I don't know. Faye paid off the cab - she did insist that the date was on her - and we walked to the door. Then she turned to me. "So, are you going to come in for coffee?"

I grinned. "Since it's my coffee, I'm sure I am!"

"Is not," she said as she opened the door. "I got groceries last."

"Likely true," I said, taking her hand.


After we'd locked the house door, I started for the kitchen. Faye caught my wrist. "Forget the coffee," she breathed. "I want to taste you."

I didn't need persuading. I cupped her ass with my hands as she lifted her face to kiss me, her lips rising to meet mine. Her tongue touched mine, lips parting, then she moved to kiss beneath my chin and along my neck.

The tender touch of her lips against me made me shiver with pleasure. I kissed her behind her ear, and over her shoulders, feeling her shiver against me. As I leaned down to kiss her throat, my cheek grazed her uplifted breasts, and I felt them move with her excited breathing.

Our lips joined again, and I found Faye's excitement driving mine. My breasts itched against the dress's sewn in cups, the feeling making me want to press them harder against Faye's body. With a muttered apology I broke the kiss, taking Faye's shoulder for support as I bent down to unfastened each of my shoes, then plucked them off.

Our faces were close to level as I moved back in, which felt strange, since I was so used to Faye being around and being shorter than me. But the pressure of her body against mine felt perfect. I moved my hands to the her back and held her against me, affection for her warming my belly and making me seek even closer contact.

Faye began to move us towards the couch, and we shuffled across to it clumsily, a single creature with too many uncoordinated limbs. We finally made it, separating, then sitting down, arms around each other's backs. Faye kicked off her shoes. Her eyes carried the same excess of affection that I was feeling. "You okay?" she murmured.

I knew what she was asking. Was making out with my friend really not making me uncomfortable?

"Very okay," I replied, softly, and nipped at her earlobe. "You?"

Faye shivered and kissed my neck. "Yeah," she said. "I've missed being this close to someone."

I couldn't respond to that. I'd never been this close to anyone. I lifted my free hand and caressed her cheek with the back of my thumb. Then I drew it down, my thumb lightly gliding over her shoulder, then around her neckline, feeling the outline of her bra beneath the scaly discomfort of the sequins. I circled the side of her breast, still with the back of my thumb, then moved my fingers to her waist as she turned to face me.

Faye swivelled carefully around on her foot, off the couch, so that she was facing me, her knees beside mine, then tried to climb back up onto the couch. She winced as she tried to part her legs far enough in the tight dress, then tugged it up so that it would be less in the way as she settled into my lap.

I wrapped my arms around her waist to draw her closer. Her breasts brushed mine as our lips met, but her hips were too far from mine for my liking, and I couldn't move her near enough. I tried to slide myself forward to close the gap, but she wriggled uncomfortably.

Faye slid back from my legs to stand, then reached behind her. "Help me with this," she whispered after she'd unfastened her dress. She leaned forward, raising her hands, and I lifted the dress by its shoulder straps, pulling it over her head.

She took it from me, then carefully laid it over the arm of the couch, and climbed back into my lap, smiling at me as she eased herself forward in a low black bra and black lacy panties.

I moved my hands behind her back again, whispering into her ear, "This feels so much better."

"Yeah," she replied, and we resumed our kiss.

Our bodies were close, now. She sat on my thighs, her knees beside my hips. Since I was still sitting forward on the couch, her belly was close enough to touch mine lightly, a more solid pressure where her bra pushed against me through my dress's support. I groaned at the excitement I was feeling, and Faye slipped her hands around my neck, holding my face to hers, her breathing rapid. She moved as we kissed, the push of her breasts against me changing direction as her face moved, her hips repositioning her body with each shift.

The motion of Faye's body against mine was seriously arousing me. I found myself wondering how much further she'd want to go. Did she knew what she was doing to me?

My hands came up to her bra, stroking it lightly, fingers and thumbs squeezing with just enough force to feel the pliancy that it confined. Emboldened, I lightly squeezed both nipples, and Faye moaned softly into the kiss.

I moved my hands back to her waist. Faye's lips parted from mine and touched my ear. "Will you let me take your dress off?" she whispered.

If she did, I'd be topless. After a moment's thought, I decided I was ready for that, but would she be? But she'd seen my dress. She had to know that it didn't hide a bra. The keyhole and sides made it clear that I wasn't wearing even a strapless. She knew what she was asking, and I nodded, my heart racing.

Faye slipped back off the couch, holding her hand out to help me stand. She kissed my neck when I did, our height difference now that she also had no heels leaving her lips level with my throat. I guided her hand to the catch, then as she freed it, I shrugged out of the shoulder bands and let the blue fabric slip to the floor. Unexpectedly, I felt my cheeks flaming as she drew back and looked at me.

"You like looking at naked women?" I asked, trying to mask my discomfiture.

She smiled. "Seems I like looking at this one," she replied. "But you're not quite naked."

"Right," I said, my voice unsteady.

"Are you cold?" she asked.

I shook my head.

Faye stretched up to touch her lips to mine. "Would you be more comfortable under the sheets?"

"You mean, we should go to bed?" I asked.

"I mean I want to go to bed with you," she whispered.

I took a deep breath, then smiled and took her hand. "Mine?" I asked. "It has more room."

"Okay," she said, as I led her to my room.


I lifted the bedsheets for Faye, then slipped in beside her, pulling the sheets back up to our shoulders. I still felt self-conscious about my bare breasts, but less so, even though both the feeling and the response were irrational. Faye could still see me clearly, there was no one else who could, and I certainly didn't mind if she looked.

Faye rolled towards me, and I faced her, turning on to my right side, slipping one leg between hers. As we fumbled closer, our lips meeting, her thigh pressed against my body. I caressed her waist. The stiff fabric of her bra pressed into my nipples, both tantalising and irritating. My left hand was on her waist, my right arm wedged between us, fingers caressing her neck as my tongue explored hers. We both made an excited moan at the same time, then our lips parted as we laughed.

I kissed the side of Faye's face, under her chin and along her shoulder. Then I continued lower, sliding down her body, moving my lips to the base of her throat, then the upper edge of her right breast. My left hand stole across her belly to her bra, fingers fanning out across the underside as my lips moved onto the exposed upper surface of her breast.

Squeezing the base of her bra, I pressed her breast against my lips as I explored, sucking lightly, my tongue rubbing against the smooth skin, pressing into the yielding surface. Faye's breathing was rapid and excited. She ran her hand through the hair beside my cheek.

Still exploring the creamy surface with my lips and tongue, I moved my hand from the underside of the bra around her back, feeling for the hooks. The band was wide, making it awkward to unfasten, especially one-handed, but I worked on it. Faye's breath caught. She seemed nervous, but didn't stop me, as I fiddled with each hook, until the last sprang free.

Drawing the band with me, I slid my hand back around to the front, easing the cup from her breast. Then I took her nipple into my mouth and suckled, returning my fingers to the underside of her breast to squeeze in time to the movements of my tongue.

"Ohhh," Faye breathed, the nervousness past. Her hips rocked towards me, pushing her against my leg, as her thigh pressed to me. Her nipples were small, pale and centered in her full breasts, but as I sucked I felt her right nipple swell to a firm core.

I liked my finger and thumb and lightly tweaked her nipple as I looked up into her eyes. "Do you like this?" I whispered.

"It's amazing," she whispered. "You're amazing."

I smiled. Still pinching her nipple lightly, I moved back up her body and fastened my lips to hers.

As exciting as our kisses had been earlier, there was a new depth to them now, an intensity that told me of Faye's arousal, and must have told her of mine. She groaned and pressed herself to me. I took hold of her right hand and moved it to my left breast. She just let it rest there for a time, her own breast touching it as we moved, then, at first hesitantly, she started to squeeze. When she pinched my nipple I moaned into her mouth and felt her shiver in response.

A little later she freed her lips to whisper, "May I kiss them?"

"Yeah," I replied, and slid up her body to move my boobs to her mouth. She took my left breast between my lips, and I curled forwards, my face against her dark hair as she worked. My free hand explored her arms and her rib cage, stroking the side of her breast.

"That feels so good, Faye," I said, as my nipple hardened to her touch.

"Thanks," she said around it. "To me, too."

"I hope you're not disappointed that they're so small."

"They're not," she objected. "They're just right. Can I kiss the other one, too?"

I lifted myself to give her access to my right breast, wrapping my arm around her head as she worked. It swelled almost instantly to her suckling. I felt my clitoris swell also, the sensitivity between my legs growing as her tongue sent waves of sensation through my body which seemed to focus into it. I could tell that I was becoming seriously wet there. I groaned.

"Is this okay?" she asked.

"You left okay in the dust," I chuckled. "But I want to kiss you again."

Faye made a contented sound and released me. I slid back down her body, but instead of moving my lips to hers immediately, I pushed her shoulder down so that she rolled onto her back, and I moved onto her.

Her arms wrapped around my back as our lips met. My hands caressed her waist and the side of her breasts. My nipples were pressed firmly to Faye's in this position, and it felt like that's where they belonged. My hips pressed my panties against hers.

Faye's small sounds of pleasure became more frequent, kindling my own excitement. My fingers continued to explore every inch of her that I could reach. Her hips moved slowly, increasing and relaxing the pressure between our bodies.

I stroked her hip with my left hand, then moved slightly so that my fingers could move inwards, over her belly and down. They drifted across her inner thigh, then over her black panties, which were as wet as mine must have been. My fingers glided over the slick surface as I felt the narrow valley in the center of the black cloth.

My eyes were open, and I saw Faye's widen as I stroked her sex. She gasped through her nose, not breaking the kiss, and her breathing rapidly became ragged and loud. She voiced quiet moans as she breathed, and her hips rocked in time with my fingers.

She pulled her mouth away from mine and pressed her face into my neck. The movement of her hips became more pronounced. I was still stroking gently, but her hips pressed her sex insistently to me, and I yielded to her silent demands, pressing my hand more firmly against her, speeding up its motion.

Faye gasped loudly as her hips lifted from the bed. Then she started to pant, but her lips travelled over my neck and shoulder, planting kisses as her breath grew louder, until her whole body quivered. She held herself against me, making small sobbing noises until she expelled her breath in a huge sigh and collapsed onto the bed.

I followed her down, moving my hand out from between us and pressing my sex to hers again, her breasts shaking against mine, kissing her neck, until her breathing began to return to normal.

I caressed her sides with my fingertips. Parting her thighs with my left leg, I pressed myself to her, feeling her against my sex. Then I began gently rocking my hips.

"Did you expect that to happen?" Faye asked.

"Did I know... that we'd make love? That you would come?" I asked.

"Did you know that you would make me c.. come so quickly? I guess that's what I'm asking," Faye said.

"Our bodies felt so good together," I said. "I knew how I was feeling, and I wanted to make you feel the same. Was it okay?"

She laughed. I felt her breasts shake against mine. "How can you ask if it was okay? It was incredible."

"No, I mean..." I said. I kissed her neck. "I mean, are you okay with it."

I saw her expression turn serious. "It seems to have been a short path from 'should we become closer?' to 'I want to keep making love to her', but that's where I am."

"So am I," I breathed into her ear. I gripped her hips and held her more tightly to me as I rocked against her.

"Erin," she whispered, "I really like kissing you. I didn't know it would be so..."

"Exciting?" I suggested.

"Yeah, but..." her cheeks were flushed. She turned her face to mine. "Erotic, I think is the word."

I smiled and joined my lips to hers.

Faye's arms moved around my back. Our kiss was leisurely - for a time. But the movement of our bodies, with my sex against her leg, wasn't going to let me relax for long. I tried to hold back what I was feeling, but when Faye began to pant, I wanted to experience the passion that she wanted me to have.

She mumbled something into the kiss.

"What was that?" I asked, drawing away from her.

"I need to kiss your breasts," she said.

Just the thought of it made me shiver. "Alright," I said.

I didn't want to shift higher and lose the pressure of her thigh against my sex - or mine against hers - so I arched my back, raising my breasts towards her. Faye lifted her head to them, wrapping her arms around me for support.

Her lips took in my left nipple. She panted through her nose as she suckled. I could tell from the sounds she made that she was close to finding another climax. I wanted to wait for her, but when she sucked, with her tongue against me, the sensations she gave me shot straight to my sensitive clitoris, and I felt my body start to stiffen. "Oh God, Faye," I murmured. "I'm going to come."

She didn't stop suckling. In fact her tongue moved harder against me. I cried out as my body teetered on the edge for a moment, then fell into delicious sensation, the feeling flowing from my pulsing sex throughout my body.

I moaned - then felt Faye stiffen beneath me. She released my breast, dragged me down against her body and kissed me hard, moaning with me into our kiss of shared pleasure.