That may be the shortest time ever for me from idea to uploading. (Maybe not, I recall some stories almost writing themselves. I'll have to look through my journal to see if I've made this claim before, but whatever, it's close to the shortest.)

The inspiration was the YouTube video I watched the other day. I said I wanted to write a "YouTube movie gets out of hand," and that's exactly what I've done. It's F/F for the subject matter - a makeout session between a guy and a girl isn't going to start life as a fake session. It will either be real, or won't happen at all.

I hope you enjoy reading Home Video as much as I enjoyed writing it. I've spent much longer polishing it than usual, for two reasons:

One: with the limited variety of petting interactions and the desire to continue foreplay for as long as possible (since the girls don't realize it's foreplay, as such) I had a lot of repetitive words and actions. I've tried to clean it up without losing the timing, and it wasn't easy.

Two: I liked the idea so much that I rushed writing the story, and found far more spelling / grammar / editing errors than I ever have before, I believe.

This is a theme I've used before and no doubt will use again as and when it fits an idea: A and B fool around without realizing (or without acknowledging) that they're at risk, and before they realize what's happening, they're in too deep with each other to back out.

It's an idea that I like in my fiction. Relatively harmless fun turns into need. Off-hand, I recall The Danger Zone, Mr. Right, The Wedding Reception, and of course Susan all have some variation of this idea.

I've had a vague idea for years of a couple thrown together in a hotel getting into some truly harmless fun together that transforms inexorably into a sexual encounter, but I've never found the right kind of fun or justification for it. The problem is with male-female encounters is that almost any personal interaction that involves having fun together becomes at least flirting very easily. So either you avoid it, because you don't want to get into romance / lust, or you don't avoid it, because you'd welcome the lust.

In Home Video the girls know they're getting into something erotic - they're even doing it because of that - making an erotic video - but they think they're safe from getting involved personally. After all, they're straight...

This is one of those times when I wish the twins knew about my writing. I would seriously not mind acting this story out with Laurel :)


I spent the fourth over at Barry's. He had Josh for the weekend, and the two cooked steaks (Josh insisted on helping) while I lounged around. Later, we all went out for the music and fireworks display.

When we arrived, there were clouds building up, but still, we weren't prepared for the deluge that happened about an hour later. There was a gust of wind, then lightning hit very close by with an ear-splitting BOOM!, and the rain started about twenty seconds later. Heavy, heavy, heavy rain.

Everyone ran for a nearby pavilion, but by the time we got there, I was soaked through. Josh didn't seem to care, and kept going back out into the rain, but Barry and I huddled in the tiny, crowded area.

The heaviest part of the storm was over in about fifteen minutes, but it looked like moderate rain was going to continue, and a lot of people left. In fact, it didn't; after another hour or so the rain fizzled out completely, and the fireworks were great, though I had to keep wiping away water that was running from my hair into my eyes.

Josh was tired enough to go straight to bed after we returned to Barry's. I was cold in the air-conditioned house, so I stripped to my underwear and dried off. Barry did the same, but I wouldn't let him dry himself. I did it for him, and after I'd towelled him briefly, I peeled off his shorts.

He hardened quickly as I rubbed him with the towel. I pushed him down to sit on the bed, holding his shaft through the towel, then I knelt to suck. I got him close to climax very quickly, then slowed down. I thought I could keep him on the edge for a long time - he loves that - but I guess I screwed up, or he didn't allow himself to wait, because suddenly he was spurting, and I was glad to have the towel to hand.

After that, of course, he was too limp to be inside me, but his eyes feasted on me when he finished undressing me. Soon he had his hand between my legs, and I was starting to feel pretty good - but we both started yawning. I realized after a while that I wasn't going to come, and that Barry's energy reserve was drained, so we gave up and went to sleep.

In the morning, Josh was up and around before we could resolve our amorous intentions, but on Saturday evening we had enough energy to try again, and this time everything worked out okay. Much better than okay :).

This morning I came back home. I'm hoping that the twins are coming over this evening.

As I predicted (and old forum link deleted John concurred, YouTube pulled the series of orgasm videos that I linked. If you missed them, go to Beautify Agony, watch the free previews, and subscribe.

I have copies that I'd downloaded, which I'm keeping for personal viewing :). I know I shouldn't, but I do plan to sign up.


I've mentioned my occasional "intimate messaging" sessions with Laurel. This is something we've been having fun with for about a year, now. In fact I think we started just after I moved in with Barry temporarily during the floods.

Of course, I have all of my friends' instant messenger screen names. Most of them use MSN, but I have a client that works with Yahoo!, AIM, etc. (It's Pidgin, and I highly recommend it, though I'm not using the latest version; if anyone's interested in why I'll be happy to whine on the forum :). Laurel and Yolanda are both MSN users.

We were talking about Barry - I guess it must have been about the time that I was starting to become annoyed at being dependent on him - when Laurel started flirting with me, telling me how she'd treat me if I'd go live with her and such.

That's all it was, just flirting, and for the most part, that's all it usually is. But once in a while...

It was a Friday afternoon, and I was complaining about a constant stream of visitors to my office to address issues that really shouldn't be dealt with so late in the week. Laurel started emoting actions, starting with an innocuous *hug*, but quickly getting into much more intimate areas (which is why IM = "intimate messaging" rather than instant messaging :).

I don't know what cybersex is like in general. I guess I just don't have any interest in virtual sex with a stranger. But when I know what Laurel can do to me with her tongue, for instance (just thinking about it gives me the tingles) then role playing that in a chat session is a massive turnon.

On that first day I'd have given a lot to have been able to get together with Laurel in person, or at least to have been alone. Instead I had to hope that my face wasn't flushed or my voice shaky, and I suffered the damp underwear and delicious heat in silence.

Fortunately, Barry wasn't late home from work. I don't think he knew what had hit him.

Since then I've been a little more prepared to enjoy the feelings without letting them get the better of me. We've only gotten to that level of virtual intimacy four or five times over the last year - about the same as physical intimacy - and they're still quite intense. I have to admit that I was feeling a little guilty about our sessions until Yolanda told me that she knew about them.


Yolanda can close her door at the office. As an artist, she likes to be able to work uninterrupted, and her colleagues know that the closed door means "do not disturb."

So, on Friday afternoon, which is our usual time for fooling around, I asked her to close her door and wear her headset. Then I sent her the orgasm video that I'd saved, without telling her what it was.

We ran into a technical hitch, since she didn't have a video player that would recognize that file type, but I directed her to one and helped her set it up. Then she watched the video.

I can quote her response after watching the entire video from memory:


Then I proceeded to tell her precisely in what ways the video reminded me of her, and imagined how she would react, and then what I'd do to get her to that state...

At that point she told me that we'd have to end the chat right there, because she urgently had to get home to shower and change.

I guess I have my vengeance for her frustrating me on a busy afternoon last year.

And I can't help but wonder if there's a story here, too...