Oops again. I procrastinated, and procrastinated. I'm editing out an apology about another week going by. So, you see, I really did have this mostly written a week after the last, but it seems to get increasingly difficult to continue just one single episode. So I'm going to polish what I had, look over my notes one final time and post it.

After this I'm going to skip six months to current events. I'd already abandoned my intention of creating an entry for New Year's Eve, which I spent with Barry, and which would have been worth writing up. I did jot down notes, and I mostly remember the feelings, but recreating the activities after this time would be dry and stale. The only reasons I'm finishing this Christmas Party series are a) because I left it in the middle and b) I had most of the writing completed months ago, so I'm not having to dredge back in my memory other than to paper over gaps.

So, for one final time:

Continuing The Christmas Party.

After we'd pulled the bed back into shape and covered up with the sheets, Yolanda had wedged herself under me, on my left side, so that she could snuggle close against my back.

"Why did you call Laurel?" I asked.

She replied with a question. "Did it turn you on? Knowing that Laurel could hear everything we were doing?"

"Well, yeah," I said. "Yeah, it did. After I got over feeling embarrassed about it."

"You, embarrassed?" She laughed, making my body shake.

"Well, I was," I objected.

"And then turned on," she said.

"Well, yeah," I repeated.

"That's why."

"Don't you think it was unfair to her, being alone?"

"She loved it, Helen," she said. "She was with us all the way." Then she laughed again. "But, hey, if you don't want to leave her out, don't. You know it's what you really want."

"Hrm," I grumbled. "No, it isn't."

Pushing me further over onto my right, Yolanda kept herself pressed to my back, occasionally drawing her fingers over my belly and kissing my neck. It was a relaxing, warm, close feeling.

After a time she rolled me all the way over onto my stomach, straightening my arms against my side. I thought she was going to give me a massage, the way Laurel so often does, but she lay back down along me, pulling the sheets back to our necks.

My head was turned to the left, to breathe. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting comfortable."

"Well, I'm not," I objected. "You're heavy."

"No more than I would be if you were lying on your back," she argued, "and you wouldn't be complaining then, would you?"

"Yeah, I might," I said. "You've worn me out."

"I don't think so," she said, her fingernails exploring my waist. I felt myself respond when she made me wriggle, which I guess proved her point. She nibbled my ear, which didn't help me to relax, and I angled my face to the left to kiss her.

She fit her legs around my right leg, squeezing herself against my ass. I tilted my pelvis slightly to increase the pressure.

She pulled her head back, which was a relief, as my neck was hurting, then lay flat against me, but began to press her thighs against mine in a slow rhythm.

I rocked too, feeling the bones of my butt pressing against her pussy. After doing this for a couple of minutes, I could feel a moistness on my skin.

Yolanda gripped my shoulders, and, kissing my neck, started to grind against me in earnest. The thought of her getting herself off against me like that gave me a warm aroused feeling, and I found I had plenty of energy to return the pressure, bending my legs to press my ass against her.

She released my shoulders, scraping her fingernails down my ribs and waist, then slipped her left hand around to my stomach, and her right over my hips and down to my pussy.

Her finger slid inside me. She didn't press or move it, just left her hand wedged between me and the bed, so that when I moved my butt against her, I was also rocking against her finger. The stimulation it gave was gentle, though; tantalizing.

I could feel, more than hear, Yolanda panting as she bucked against my back. She bounced me on the bed, and against the finger pressed against the wall of my sex. I felt need growing in my belly, and began panting too as I thrust back against her.

It was a strange, uncoordinated ride that we were on, bouncing there like that. With her behind me, it was hard to stay synchronized with her movements. The only feedback I had to tell me if this was good for her was the quality of her breathing.

Since it was when I was not pressed against her that I got the most stimulation from her finger, it seemed that my own growing arousal was almost incidental, which was an intriguing feeling. She didn't move her hand or press it against me, but what began being gentle soon became a powerful sensation, and I rocked like a pendulum between her pleasure and mine as I squeezed myself against her hand.

And then, having a woman making her way to climax against your back, her vibrant body pressed against you, is enough of an erotic stimulus to overcome sloppy technique. That with the unusual sensations in my sex had me close to fulfillment very quickly.

When she slipped her left hand down from my stomach to my pussy, squeezing my clit as she also pressed down with her finger inside me, I bounced maybe another two to three times before I writhed in orgasm. I lay quivering on the bed, gasping, no longer able to lift my pelvis to satisfy Yolanda. Still, it didn't seem to matter, because by the time I regained control, she was bearing down against me to keep her own orgasm alive. She might even have come before I did; I'm not sure.

This ends my story of Yolanda's Christmas Party. I have to confess that we passed the last couple of hours of Yolanda's ten hour "ownership" of me asleep. But we probably made up for that the next day before she left.


So, what do I have to say for myself after six months?

Not much, to be frank. Everything's ticking over about as it was. Fewer trips to the Northwest than I'd have expected, especially with the workload I have now. I've been doing more work here, and my assistant, Allen, has been doing a lot of the traveling.

I haven't mentioned Allen. I guess I haven't written much about work since the floods, but yes, I have an assistant project manager working under me. And no, pervs, when I say "under me," I don't mean literally.

Though if he ever leaves the company - or if I do - I might consider checking to see if he wants to review that status...

The story that I was two weeks from uploading in December - well, I'm probably about two weeks from uploading. Maybe even less.

I'm having a strange experience, sitting here outside the house.

I'm surrounded by fireflies, which I have to keep stopping to watch. It's very dark tonight, and cool. There is a fresh scent on the air, and being out here is quite lovely.

The strange part, though, is that the woodwork around me seems to act as a focus for a particular tree. A mockingbird has decided to use it for tonight's chorus, and with the focus effect, he's so loud that he's hurting my ears.

If it were anything other than the glorious trilling of a mockingbird, I might have to return indoors, but as it is I'm enjoying the concert.

The twins were here on Saturday. If I'm not with Barry, they usually make a point of visiting one evening over the weekend to use the spa. I feel like I've gotten a lot closer to them in the past few months.

I think they've given up on collecting my debt. They make occasional snide comments about it, but neither has seriously tried to persuade me to stay - or to let them stay, I suppose, since with the three of us sitting naked in the warmth, it would seem almost a given that they'd try to take Spa Nights in a different direction. But they don't. I guess they feel either that I'm a lost cause or that the pressure was beginning to offend me. Which it wasn't, at all.

That has to be a conscious effort on their part; something they've specifically discussed, since they were both pushing, and now neither is. I find myself slightly disappointed at that. I really do think that I might eventually like to join them, but without the prodding it probably won't happen. I have no good excuses anymore, I guess I'm still just nervous, and I doubt that I'll overcome my nervousness enough to volunteer.

It might be that they just don't want to do it, of course. I mean, I don't think that's the case, since I've had a couple of pleasant evenings with Laurel recently, and one with Yolanda since Christmas, but I can't be sure. Maybe my reservations have turned them off the idea. Maybe they think I'll be too neurotic or clingy. Again, I don't think so, but with my constant refusals, I've kinda painted myself into a corner, and I don't feel that I can ask.

Or maybe I can, if I can catch Laurel at the right time.


I'm sitting outside again. Tonight there are still a few fireflies, but the light show is different. To the south, the thunderstorms are so heavy that lightning is shooting through the sky and backlighting the clouds. An occasional ground strike is brilliant, but far enough away that the thunder is several seconds delayed, and just a dull rumble.

The mockingbird has left me. There's some cicada song, but instead of fireflies and a trilling soprano it's lightning flashes and dull rumbles of percussion. And occasional strong gusts of wind, but to this point only a very little rain, though I did have one burst arrived in a wind flurry, spraying my face. If the rain starts in earnest, I'll probably have to head inside. I can sit here during vertical rain, but the horizontal kind doesn't treat this location well.

Anyway, I came out here to work on my story, and that's what I'm going to do...


I'm close to finishing my latest story, and - wouldn't you know - our company ISP has gone down. Our phone and internet have the same source, and everything is out today. We have a customer group visiting, and the only connections we have to the outside world are individual cellphones.

Today is one of those days that I am very glad I'm not still in the IT group.

But for me, it's a nuisance. I have some time to kill, and I had uploaded the new story last night, but there's nothing I can do to review and update it. And since it has been a year (I think - since I can't get to my site, I can't even check that :) that I last posted a story, I've forgotten how to make a lot of the changes that I need.

I'm not entirely happy with the story - mainly because it has been so long since I started it that the beginning seems disconnected from the rest, but also because I'm having trouble thinking of a decent title and tagline for it. Those are important to me. This particular one started life with an imaginary location, became interesting to me with the addition of an idea from a different story (now abandoned), and I've just been thinking of it as "the rainforest story," which isn't helpful in choosing a title.

Anyway, the network outage has thrown something of a wrench in my plans. Perhaps I'll get the story finished and posted this weekend instead.

It's quite funny how we take communications for granted now. Even back when I started my journal, outages were quite frequent events. They were annoying, but we didn't depend on the net being available 24/7. Now we don't seem to know what to do when they happen.

For instance, I know that my site is inaccessible. I'm working offline. Yet, since I can do nothing else, and was thinking about the site, I found myself thinking "I should post that message about site recommendations to the forum." And I found myself opening my web browser to do just that.

A couple if hours back someone called a meeting - since no-one's on the phone or emailing it seemed like a good time to get together. Then we needed information from someone outside, and realized that we had no way to get in touch with him. So we huddled around a cellphone set to speaker.

And, lo! There was Internet. And it was good.

Time to go work on editing my story.


My first story in six months has seen the light of day. And I think I like it...

One of my inspirations when I created the site back in 1999 was a free erotic story website named "Erotica by Julie." Her style was some ways from mine, but she convinced me that it was possible to tell an erotically-charged story without a lot of mechanics, physicality and distracting words and behavior getting in the way.

I've said this before, I know, but I don't have problems with more "hard-core" fiction - in the sense that I'm offended by it. But it's hard to get romance and seduction into a story when the participants are yelling "fuck me harder" or "cumming in my face," etc. Yeah, sure, it can be very sexy, but it tends to put you outside. I want stories where you're involved, and that's hard to do with "in your face" (if you'll excuse the pun) action.

Julie did that well, and I always carried a link to her site - until I discovered that it had joined the list of great, significant and dead websites.

Well, I just discovered that The Wayback Machine has a good number of her stories still readable. Follow this link to the Erotica By Julie story archive from 1999. You'll be glad you did.

... and oddly enough... now that I re-read the stories (all but one are available on The Wayback Machine), I find that they're closer to the hard-core stories than I remember. I prefer those that I read a few days ago, Erotica Stories by Cyan, which I've added to the links page.

Still, they were an inspiration, even if a mixed one. Worth reading, and, Julie, if you're still around somewhere, I was sorry to see you shut down your site.

I won't add Julie's stories to the links page. The fact that the stories still exist doesn't mean she really wants them publicized.

Time to wrap up this entry. Tonight I have a date - with Charles. And the twins, which almost goes without saying, but we're going dancing as two couples rather than partying as a foursome.


The dance was excellent. Charles says that over the last few years I've really gotten a feel for ballroom dancing, and I think he's right. Some of it has been working with Dale. Western dancing is very different, but working on our showcase routines helped me be less rigid in accepting a lead, since they are so different.

Barry's occasional formal events have helped. Dancing with many partners, some of whom don't know what a dance step is, and some of whom have been polishing their skills their entire lives just for those functions; again, you have to relax and be ready for anything.

And then, Charles's lead is so perfect. Light and precise. I really don't have to think about what I'm doing, and I can just enjoy the dance instead. Not to mention that in spite of occasional disagreements, I still find him a very sexy guy. When he's in an up phase, that is.

His down times can make it tough to be around him. I don't know if he's bipolar, as such, since his long-lasting funks are usually created by events (which, in turn, he brings on himself), and his up times are energetic and enthusiastic but not what I'd think of as manic. Still, recently he's been avoiding those activities which cause the funks (i.e. overcommitting to arts projects and getting too involved) and he's been doing well.

Have I mentioned that he's lost a lot of hair at the front, and it looks good on him?

He wants to work on a routine with me. We'll talk about it more later this week.

I didn't get home until after 2 this morning. I'd left the spa warm in case we needed it, but at that time I just had Charles drop me at the door and went straight to bed. Yolanda asked if they could come over tonight, so we'll still have our gossip / soak / wine drinking evening.

I spent this morning poking around on YouTube. I was looking for something specific in the adult areas when I came across a couple of interesting videos that I'll share here.

Most of what's there is little more than ads for the paid porn sites, which I've no interest in. Why would I pay to watch porn actors and actresses fake getting it on? If I'm going to watch simulated sex, I'd prefer it to have a story and some emotion. (Hmm, sounds familiar, I think.)

There are exceptions, though. This video, supposedly of schoolgirls making out is one. It's definitely staged for the camera - and there's someone there operating the camera - but it doesn't have the feel of glossy porn. The girls look natural, and seem to be enjoying what they're doing.

It's a long video, lots of kissing, lots of tongue, but the couple are sitting apart, hands mostly in "safe" positions, though they do wander a little. It seems affectionate. Then, towards the end, you can see them start to get involved, and they start making out in earnest, and the video ends at a frustrating point :).

It looks like a couple of straight girls who wanted to get a video on YouTube, but who got horny for each other on the way. Which is probably what it's designed to look like, but that doesn't make it any less effective.

But that gives me the idea. Whatever went on for this video, a "YouTube movie gets out of hand" could be an interesting story idea.

The other thing I came across that I thought was worth sharing may not be around for long. There are a series of orgasm videos that are very hot. They're quite real - there's no way that these are faked - and I'm pretty sure they must violate the YouTube terms of service, so I wouldn't expect these links to last long.

Each consists of a woman lying on her back, her face only in view of an overhead camera. They know about the camera - whether they're performing for it, or self-conscious about it I'm not certain, but they look at it constantly. Most are apparently naked, but we see nothing other than face and shoulders as they masturbate to climax. (The third, the French girl, obviously has help.)

The first is the hottest. I defy anyone of either sex to watch this video and claim that it doesn't turn them on. The girl reminds me a little of Laurel. Not in appearance, but in the way she gets into her pleasure. (Laurel doesn't look like she's in abject terror when she's aroused, though.)

The others in the series are 2 (who is deceptively calm to start), 3 (the French girl, who gets a helping hand), 4 (who is enthusiastic, but more camera-conscious than the others) and 5 (who is really cute, especially when she comes, and whose facial expressions remind me a lot of Yolanda, though she's a lot more laid back than Yolanda).

If these links don't work, then I'm afraid that YouTube pulled them. Right now they're still good.

Do not watch these at work! I shouldn't need to warn you, but seriously - not even in your private office with the door closed. Watch them at home, and if your Significant Other likes such things, watch them together. It will be worthwhile.

I'm going to show these to the twins, but not tonight. Not before a hot tub evening. Come to think of it, I should just email them... though that means I won't see their faces when they watch :).


I almost did something very stupid today.

As you can tell by the links at the top of the page, I've added a new section - "Mobile" stories, which are identical to the regular stories page, but with less formatting. That allows mobile devices (Palm, iPhone, Treo, etc.) to present the stories formatted more suitably for small screens.

(I also added content tags, to try to prevent this kind of thing from happening. If the search engines respect the tags, of course. If you see any problems with the site, please contact me. It's possible that adding tags broke some of my code.) (2020 note - I have deleted the link to the old forums, but I have no idea what "this kind of thing" was.)

Anyway, I want to check out the way the site looks on those devices. I've managed to do that for Palm, but I don't have an iPhone to view the site under its browser.

So I borrowed a co-worker's iPhone.

I was about to type the site URL into the browser when I realized that I didn't know if it kept a history of visited sites. And that if it does, I didn't know how to clear it.

Well, it does keep a history and I can't figure out how to clear it. Maybe it's possible, but I'm afraid I'd have returned the iPhone to my friend with "fantasiesofseduction.org" displayed prominently in the list of visited sites. And I don't have any good way to answer the questions that would result. (If she even asked, rather than just snickered or told other friends...)

God, I'm still sitting here feeling jittery about that.

Of course, I still don't know whether the iPhone renders the site well. As good as other pages look, I suspect that it doesn't even need the "Mobile" version of the stories. It should work with the normal display.

Please, if you have the chance to visit my site using an iPhone / iPod Touch, please let me know how it looks.

The twins were talking about vacation plans last night in the spa. They've decided that they want to go to Hawaii, and they want me to go with them. Maybe early next year.

I don't think I'll do it. They should have their vacations to themselves.