Continuing The Christmas Party.

Oh dear. That was an embarrassing two week gap. Especially since I had this entry all written. It's the next part that I haven't done anything with. So let me continue with the events of over a month ago, now, and maybe I'll make some comments tomorrow before completing the entry.

Sitting up, Yolanda reached into the cup of ice on the nightstand one more time. My eyes widened as she took an ice cube, trailed it down my stomach, and then pushed it into me. The cold made me instantly tight; as sensitive as I still was, that sent an erotic pulse through my belly and made my breasts tingle almost painfully.

She grinned at the effect it had on me, then lowered herself down to squat against my thighs.

Lifting my knees, she adjusted her position until her sex was pressed to mine. Then she started bouncing gently, stroking herself against me.

As frenzied as she'd made me, it isn't surprising that she was also very aroused. Certainly she was already wet, and she slid sensuously against me, supporting herself with her hands on my hips. Her face glowed, and her round, firm breasts bounced as she moved. I wished my hands were free to caress and fondle them.

It wasn't long before her breathing was becoming labored.

"Are you good for another?" she asked me.

"I... uhh, I think I can rise to the occasion," I said. "Can't you tell?"

"Thought so," she grunted. "Need me to slow down until you're ready?"

"Love," I said, "as turned on as I am right now, I'm not sure I can wait for you."

She smiled and pressed harder against me. I'd been exaggerating; I knew I could come, but I thought I was good for a while. When she lowered her hands to the bed, though, flattening her sex against mine, she pressed against my swollen clit, and my urge became powerful.

Closing my eyes, I tried to relax, but my hips wanted to move, and I rocked against her, my heart racing.

I started to moan, softly, and that seemed to spur Yolanda on. She bucked against me, her breathing ragged and loud. I opened my eyes, and saw the look of erotic concentration on her face, her flushed breasts shaking over me... and I flashed on the first time I'd seen her like that, with Brian.

The memory of that night has always given me an erotic tingle, even when I was cut off from the Twins (due to a misunderstanding), and having it come to me at that moment pushed me over the edge.

I lost the battle for control, arching my back to press against her as I started to come.

Yolanda was getting close. The expression on her face, the sounds she was making, and the speed of her movement made that clear. But I wanted it to happen to her now, while it was still happening to me.

"Damn these knots," I panted. "Your breast. Let me suck."

She lifted herself to move her legs behind her and lay down, where she could thrust against me again. I managed to get my lips around her left breast, and sucked, tonguing for all my worth.

"Unh! Unh!" she panted, then froze in place. I kept sucking, and a few seconds later, "OHHHH! OHHHH!"

I felt her body quiver as she lifted her breast from my mouth and fastened her lips to mine. Our mutual need played through the intensity of our kiss, still moving our hips against each other.

Eventually, she reached out to the headboard and unfastened my wrists.

"Thanks," I said.

"So, mmm, are you all done?" came the slightly shaky voice from the phone.

"For now, maybe," I said, at the same time as Yolanda's "Oh, hell no."

Laurel sighed. "I wish I was there with you all."

"Yeah, well, maybe you need to work on you know who," grumped Yolanda.

"Oh, I expect I'll be working on her in my sleep tonight," Laurel replied.

"That won't help," said Yolanda.

"Mmm, yes, you know, I think it will. I feel... motivated. Good night, you two. I love you both."

Yolanda rolled off me and hung up the phone.