This has been a strange year, weather-wise. I meant to mention in my last entry that when I moved back into my house, a couple of weeks back, we'd just entered a new phase of flooding, after a fairly dry summer. It wasn't as bad as early June, but it was still very heavy at times.

I lost some sleep at that time, worrying that I'd wake up to more flooding, and when the heavens opened with a vengeance when I was at work, I was nervous heading home.

The new roof has held, of course. I'm just somewhat paranoid after the earlier problem. But it's strange still to be thinking of floods after all this time while we've been under drought restrictions for so long.

And today... more flooding, and heavy rain all day. Of course, the weather treated us kindly compared to the states to the north, with massive ice storms and power outages in Oklahoma.

It reminds me that I have nothing in the way of emergency heating and lighting. I might want to look into that.


Two more days of torrential rain and flooding.

Clarice and Rob have invited me to join them for Christmas. I had thought that maybe I'd ask the twins over, but they're going to be out of town. Yolanda told me to keep New Year's Eve free, but I don't yet know what she's planning.

The new story is coming together. I don't know how well it's working.

Well, let me rephrase that. I don't know how believable it is, but by my standards, which are, of course, different from a lot of other erotic writers, it's one of the sexiest stories I've ever written.

And if you're of the school of thought that thinks the more sex acts you can fit into the story, the sexier it is - boy, are you in for a disappointment.


Well, it's up, named Progression. Visit the forum and let me know what you think!