And another two weeks sneaks by...

But to be honest, there wasn't much to write about. I did manage to schedule a get-together on Saturday (Feb. 19, two days after my last entry), but it fell apart.

I took Craig to the nature museum that I've mentioned before, since it was such a beautiful day. We were going to walk for a couple of hours, then meet the twins for ice cream.

Partway through he got a phone call. His daughter was in town, and wanted to go to dinner with him. So we cut the walk short and he headed out to spend some time with her before the evening.

So the twins gave me a hard time about being there alone. But the ice cream was good compensation. It's gelato - whatever the difference is, I really don't know - and truly delicious.

Then last weekend, he was traveling until Saturday, and with one thing and another we just didn't get together at all.

I've started waking up covered in cats. It doesn't matter where they are when I go to sleep, after they've finished fighting and tearing the house to pieces, they decide that my bed is the place to sleep.

River wedges herself under me. It worries me a little, since she's so small. I don't want to roll over and squish her. So I haven't been sleeping particularly well lately. In the wee hours I can tell that she's there, and after that I keep waking up and checking for her. But she's fine.

Simon climbs up onto my side, and if I turn over he darts away, but then usually comes back.

Occasionally they move over to the other side of the bed and sleep in a little kitten bundle.

They're growing so fast, though. Already when I reach down to check if River's okay, she feels less like a tiny lump of fur and more like a cat.