What a difference a few days makes to the weather in Texas. After warming up from freezing to tolerable last weekend it has become positively balmy. I've been leaving the bedroom window open since Monday and enjoying the fresh air on a night. It's screened, so it's safe for the kittens.

Speaking of which, I woke up this morning to find them both curled up beside me. They have been warming up to me, or at least not scurrying away when they see me, but it was a surprise to find that they'd sought me out.

They still spend most of the day fighting. Kitten-style play-fighting with very little hissing, though that happens when one of them is startled. Usually that's River, because Simon is stealthy. He sneaks around or lies in wait for her.

She, on the other hand, is much more openly aggressive. She'll see Simon and chase him down with no subtlety.

Both of them see their share of bangs and bruises. They'll chase each other so fast that the on in front runs into a wall or a door. They're especially funny on the vinyl floor of the kitchen, because they'll try to turn and keep sliding in the same direction or turn in a drifting move, all four legs scrabbling like crazy.

When one scares the other they'll both fluff out their tails and bound away.

I'm trying to come up with something to do this weekend that will give me a chance to introduce Craig to the twins. So far I haven't come up with anything. By the time I do they will probably have other plans.