I started thinking a week or two back that it has been almost ten years since my lovely fluffy tomcat, Selky, made his final trip to the vet's. (Ten years, and my eyes still sting as I write that.)

A couple of years ago, Laurel and Yolanda offered to look after a pet for me if I had to travel. I didn't take them up on it at the time, because I was still traveling so much that it seemed like too large an imposition on them. (And on a cat.) But things have calmed down since then, and I usually only go to the northwest every two or three months.

So last weekend I brought up the subject with Laurel, and she told me that they would be very happy to feed a pair of cats for me.

Next weekend I'm going to start looking. I'm really excited about the idea of getting another cat.


And I never did upload that entry. But the weekend has come and gone, and I got sidetracked with other things, and didn't go cat-shopping.

One of the things that sidetracked me was a concert on Saturday. Laurel called to ask if I'd like to go with them to a performance of Scheherazade. I love that music (doesn't everyone?) so of course I said yes.

There were four of us (with the twins plus Charles), and we were late getting tickets. The only ones available were fairly expensive, but the sound and view were worth the extra. Especially when it came to the solos, because the concertmaster was wonderful.

Yolanda elbowed me partway through and whispered, "Don't you think she looks like Laurel?" And she was right. She could have been Laurel's sister - or cousin, at least. Laurel claims to have some Russian ancestry, not Hungarian, so it's unlikely, but the resemblance was striking, especially as tall as she was.

There was more to this entry, but it's already a day late and I haven't finished, so I'm going to post what I have and add more tomorrow. (Today!)