Still under the weather here. Flu seems to have cleared up, but it has left me tired all day long. I'm getting to bed early and still oversleeping. That sounds like an excuse not to be writing, but I've discovered over the past couple of years that I don't really need an excuse.

Clarice and Rob have both come down with this bug, but the kids seem to have stayed free of it. Neither of them seems to have had this tiredness follow-on. Clarice was worn out after she recovered, but that seems to have been because she contracted it first, and was running around after Rob and the kids when it had run its course.

The twins made it to the party, and apparently they enjoyed it. Laurel called me over the weekend, and I got a text from Amy to wish me a speedy recovery.

I've been giving some thought to the story I mentioned in December that has been bouncing around for a while. Unfortunately, it needs some real research, and even so I know I'm going to get something wrong.

Laurel gave me an idea, though, that makes for a nice solution to a plot problem. I'm sure you'll recognize it if the story ever sees the light of day.


I seem to be over the dreaded sleeping sickness of last week, and I'm giving serious thought to new story. Yes, Serious Thought!

Went to the twins' yesterday for dinner with them and Charles. He is trying to talk me into a dance routine with Laurel. Just the two of us, not like the ones he's done with the twins before now. He borrowed Laurel to show me what he had in mind, and... well, it looks pretty hot. I don't know if I really want to go there. He wants me to lead, too. He also wants me to partner him in another showcase. That one I think I could sign up for.

Getting over to the twins' was miserable. Last night I heard it raining hard. Some time today the rain turned to snow, and it was staying. Driving through it was unnerving, especially since so many drivers were either going far too slowly or far too fast.

When I can barely negotiate the slightest bend without skidding across the street, I really don't appreciate a huge Ford pickup tailgating six feet behind my bumper.

I accepted Yolanda's offer of an Irish coffee to settle my nerves when I arrived.

Although the temperature didn't get above freezing, the road conditions improved over the afternoon, so getting back home was no trouble. Which didn't stop Yolanda telling me I should stay with them for my own safety. As if anyone would be safe around those two.