I'm published!

Check out the new webzine, Andy's Doghouse. Follow the button labeled "In Heat"... and there I am! With a new story, "Generations".

Eventually I'll add the story to my site, once Andy's exclusivity expires... but it's a free site, and I hope y'all will visit, not only for my story. It's a nice site. Andy's specializes in repairing broken relationships, especially where he screws up and she puts him in the doghouse...

Not everything works yet, and they're looking for new submissions. But check it out, and see how they progress.

Last few days has been cool in the morning, top-down convertible time in the afternoon. Nice. Today was raining this morning, just a little.


I've been thinking very hard about the new story I'm working on. It will be a break from what I've been doing recently, less romance, more sex... But the setup is getting away from me. There will be a lot happening, so I need to get there quickly, and I'm not doing it. Still, I'm excited about the story, and I'm sure I'll be able to crop the opening later.

Brian and Rob have their flight plans. They're heading for San José in two weeks, March 5 to April 1. Our release is scheduled for March 14, so I'll be busy until then anyway.


Almost the whole of the second half of February got away there... you might be forgiven for thinking that I'd decided to give up the diary in February after all. No such luck :-)

No, I've been working my tail off. Getting software ready for release in March has been hell. Brian hasn't been much better, trying to learn, design, and prepare for a trip out of town all at the same time. We've barely seen each other for two weeks. And he leaves on Sunday...

In my "spare time" I've been working on another story. It's pretty much done, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm just not sure how much I like the finished product. Is it okay as it is, or do I need to rewrite it? Or is it even good enough to warrant a rewrite?

I haven't decided. I'll give it a few days and look at it again. It's long, which is part of the problem. When I finish what ends up being a multi-part story I usually feel by the end that I've worked much harder than the story warranted, and that it's weak. Then when I go back after a time, I'm happy with it. Maybe that will happen in this case. I dunno.

I've mentioned that I've been trading email with Jill, Brian's sister. A few days ago, she asked how I felt about her visiting for Spring Break. She has a flight coupon that she needs to use, and wanted to take the opportunity for a short vacation here.

I warned her that Brian won't be here. Perhaps he can come back for a weekend, but they haven't decided yet. I told her I'd like to see her, though, if that's okay, and she thinks she's going to come, on the weekend of March 17-19.

The only real problem I see is any delay in release, which might keep me at work. In that case, I'll dump her on Clarice. Something tells me she and Clarice will get along just fine.

Clarice has been sick again. Not always in the morning. I'm guessing it's a combination of worry, hormone imbalances and probably job stress... but she's going to see the doctor later this week.