Brian called from the plane (first time I've ever talked to someone while they were still in the air). He wanted to know whether I could give Julie a ride home, too. I didn't really feel like sharing him when he'd just arrived, but I agreed.

We took her to eat, and though she and Brian seem to have become very comfortable with each other, joking at each other's expense, she didn't try to come between us. She seems pretty cool, nose-stud and all :-)

We slept this afternoon - and I mean slept :-) There was thunder in the area, and we had our fat storm cat wedged between us. I'm saving my energy for a real welcome home tonight.

I made Brian go through my taxes to see if there were any mistakes. It looks like I should get a few hundred dollar refund.


Time change day. I hate the change in this direction. Especially with as little sleep as I got last night :-)

I compensated by sleeping most of the day away.


Almost two weeks. Still, the good news first: Jill's here. On the site, that is. Jill's Site.

She only has one story so far, but there'll be more. I'm excited about it.

Other than that, I've been depressed. Not, like, serious clinical depression. More tired, not enthusiastic about anything, which isn't like me at all.

I don't really know why. I guess it started when Brian and I went over my tax return one last time, and discovered that I had screwed up my mortgage deductions. Instead of getting a couple of hundred dollars back, I now owe about four hundred.

Which isn't a problem, it isn't that I can't afford it, it's just that I was looking forward to getting the refund, now finding that I'm going to have a temporarily depleted bank account is disappointing.

Anyway, I guess that started it, even though it's irrational.

Work ground back to normal speed, Brian went back to his long hours, including working last weekend.

Then I got tickets for Scarborough Faire. Discount tickets at the company. I called Bev, she was planning to go this weekend (4/16), so I asked if we could tag along. In costume. She thought it was a great idea. So I signed us up.

Now Brian doesn't want to go. Last year he was really excited about going, and in costume. Now it looks like I'll be there without him. He says he has to catch up on work, could maybe make it another weekend, but I don't believe him, to be honest. I've done something wrong in setting this up without involving him.

So I guess I'll be going with Bev and friends. Because I am going to go on Sunday.