Hmm... about 20 minutes to summarize a week.

I guess I should start with the bad news. I was stopped for speeding on the drive home after Thanksgiving. If I'd been in my car, I probably wouldn't, even though I tend to drive faster... I stay more alert. Driving the SUV is numbing, it's easy to be doing almost 20 miles an hour over the limit and not notice.

So now I need to go to the court and sign up for a defensive driving class. It would probably be cheaper to pay the fine... in the short term. But when I start adding insurance costs up (and consider the 10% discount for taking defensive driving that the insurance company gives) it's much better to take that option. I'll make Brian sign up for the class, too.

I talked to Rob about Clarice. Not saying anything about my conversation with her, of course, but it's scary how alike the two are reacting. His worry is that he recognizes her... ummm, "free-spirited nature" might be a good euphemism, and doesn't think she'll be able to stay with him.

As much as they brag about being able to talk and argue with each other, it seems that they hide from important topics. I said as much. "Don't you guys ever talk to each other?"

Rob was taken aback, and I couldn't really say any more, but I did tell him he needed to talk his concerns over with Clarice.

Brian sprung a surprise on me after we returned home. Apparently he and Rob were talking a lot over the weekend about Brian going to work at Rob's startup. He's seriously considering it. We need to talk more about it, we've been too busy to make sense of anything this past week. Not before Christmas, certainly... he's not going to pass up the Christmas bonus.

If it happens this year.

What else? Oh, yeah, I'm working on a new story. Three ideas now temporarily shelved because I'm really liking the new concept.

We came in on schedule with the first version of our software last week. In spite of our agreement to get working software out fast, they want it prettied up. We had half-expected that, and have a much more user-friendly version ready, but it will take the rest of this week to integrate. Still, with the problems the hardware group is still having making everything work, we're looking good.

Next week's the office Christmas party. We'll see who survives this week :-)